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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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couple is stunned after a hospital lost their stillborn baby's remains. what the hospital is saying this morning. the next chapter the east cleveland merger unfolding now as we look ahead. east cleveland now from pairs for another run at annexation. we have the details coming up. can they stop a strike? latest on negotiations between cleveland teach hers and district as -- teachers as the clock ticks >> hollie, good morning. great tuesday to you. look at this tuesday ahead. this is a snapshot of what to expect. it's warm and sun filled. going to break it down here. we are expecting a cool, comfortable morning, very beautiful. lots of sunshine. up a few minutes by 7:00. most of you 50s and 60s. hopefully wiping the sleep out
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86 degrees at 5:00. further inland like dover or philadelphia, upperle 20s to near -- upper 80s to near 90. feeling quite comfortable. a lot of clear skies. can't help but notice showers to our west. we are expecting sunshine today. there's rain in our near future. i'll let you know when it arrivings coming up. see how things move on the so far. good morning. >> good morning everyone as you're waking up. right now we're still -- we have an accident-free commute as well as normal drive times. there's a water main break. watch for high water as you are commuting. here's the picture on 71 at state route 82. no problems. we are green and clean this morning. a mother and father are
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morning after a local hospital lost their baby girl >> tiffany joins us from lorain you spoke exclusively with the parents. >> this is one of those stories that makes you think, how could something like this happen? first this couple goes through the pain of having a still birth. they want to give their daughter a proper memorial. it's what did or didn't happen here at hospi stunned. >> where's my baby at? >> a question this mother and father may never get answered. whitfield was six months pregnant when she gave forth her stillborn baby girl in lorain. an emotional time for anyone, but that's not all they had to endure. afterwards the funeral director was given the run around when he
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six days after the still birth, they learned their daughter was missing. >> i was shocked. are you serious? the couple says they were told her remains were disposed of. >> they believe they were sent to laundry department. they were sending the investigative team over to search the place. >> numb, unsure how to feel. all they had left of their baby was in her name, named after her father who passed weeks before. >> i reached out to representatives with mercy hospital. they tell me they're deeply sorry. they regret this happened. that's part of their statement. in the next hour hour, what they plan to do in the future to prevent this from happening
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heartbreaking. >> thank you a cleveland police officer rushed to the hospital late last night. ems confirms an officer was injured and taken to the hospital. a court hearing will be held to determine if a 15-year-old girl will be tried as an adult or child for killing meadows shot her in the -- shot him in the head last month. prosecutors have not decided whether or not to send the case to a grand jury. deb pearl's family came
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harley davidson just after 7:00 saturday morning when matthew desha crash into her in solone and then got out and shot her with a shotgun. she's charged with murder, held on $1 million bond. he's due in court tomorrow. the battle continues over the annexation in east cleveland after the council held an emergency meeting to vote once again to enter negotiations with there's been a will the of heat over the list from east cleveland in the first proposal. >> 4 last week's proposal rejected by cleveland leaders after city council president kevin kelly said it's a quote, non starter. east cleveland city council clarified saying those were not demands but talking points.
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with cleveland passing ordnance and remove the list of items that received a backlash. the new ordnance is forwarded to east city council little tax space, no economic development. even though members voted to begin negotiations once more last night, not everyone thinks merging with cleveland is the only way out. >> stop making this -- i need east cleveland to go, come back. individual leading the city. >> one council person did tell us he thinks they really need to look at all options jo in case cleveland does still continue to deny this annexation, this merger. they need options on the table. they suggest looking at state or other levels. coming up the next half hour, what gary had to say about last month's meeting. we'll see you then.
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teacher strike in cleveland. we understand the biggest issue in contract talks is the way teachers evaluated which impacts how they get paid. cleveland the only district in the state which experience and education do not count. student test scores play a big role. in akron, teachers are paid on seniority and education. teachers could be walking the picket on the political front, hillary clinton coming back to campaign in cleveland. she'll distress a labor day crowd at the 11th district congressional parade and picnic. clinton's top aid has announced she will separate from her husband, form her congressman weaner after he was once again
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texts to a woman. he was shirtless below the waste. one picture the 4-year-old son was laying next to him. this is weaner's third sexting scandal. it is his biggest tv ad by yet. the spot will run ine polls. he's expected to make a major announcement tomorrow in arizona. libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson will be on the november ballot in ohio. he'll appear as an independent candidate. yesterday the must supreme court denied an emergency request to lift johnson with the party's label. libertarians are not recognized
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law three years ago. time is 5:09. voters hacked. who's behind the breach in state voter edge -- voter edge ration. and what one is doing to show his love to the nation. good morning to you. ready for an awesome tuesday? mostly sunny skies, mid 80s for highs. nice warm afternoon pleasant morning. waking up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 61 at hopkins, 5:09. beautiful visibility in downtown cleveland. rain to track. i'll let you know when that moves in this week in just
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time. did you see his big old feet? look.
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. welcome back. celebrity fans remember the iconic gene wilder this morning. >> right away we start thinking of all the movies. >> all the the moments this is man made us laugh. that's what people are rememberer. wilder was a two time oscar winner and best roles in willy wonka in the and young franken stein. wilder's nephew citizen he died from comp include died -- complications from alzheimer's. hackers tried to reach state databases twice now. this fields concern since the
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to interfere with the presidential election. the fbi earlier this month asked election officials to be on the lookout for any unusual activity. north carolina's outer banks is on high alert after forecasters say they expect a tropical depression to hit shore. it's just outside cape hatteras. it's not the only one threatening the u.s. a second tropical depression is brewing in the gulf in honolulu, the hurricane center issued a watch for the island. it's a category 3 expected to weaken by later today. new york governor, andrew cuomo and his brother chris are in hot water after this picture was posted on social media. the two were on a fishing expedition when they caught a 154-pound thrasher shark.
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animal lovers criticized the brothers. the sharks aren't endangered but considered a vulnerable species. chris cuomo's instagram had more detail to his fate. his most says they ended up grilling the shark, he added with a nice mediterranean rub. don't laugh. people were upset about this he even added they had a stomach. >> did he list the sides they had to go with hit. >> that post was enough to get conservationists up in arms. >> do you think because who they are? people post fishing pictures all the time. >> it's because they're held to a higher standard. governor and cnn anchor, they're public figures. >> not endangered but
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endangered. okay. >> thank you. >> a nice mediterranean rub. all right. >> we can't make this up. 5:16 now. this is a beautiful shot in downtown cleveland. nice and clear it seems. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. unbelievable. another beauty. yesterday was a stunner. today back to sunshine. temperatures 50s and 60s at the bus stop. smiles and big waves. going to be a great school. we continue to share back to school pictures. this is travis with his back to school smile. how cute are you? keep posting on instagram we would love to see them. back to school three, the hashtag. >> a terrific tuesday. schools continue to go back this week. we know you'll have a great one. nice long labor day weekend coming up. late week, we're talking about a cool down we'll get to.
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weather and that, there will be warmer rain. 81 by noon, 86 or so for the high today. lots of sunny blue skies initially. part will you to mostly sunny as we get to the afternoon. over in next several hours, track ago bun dance of sun. 6:52 today. we'll climb well into the 80s this afternoon. a lot of 60s and 70s as we zoom in 50s and 60s this morning. feels pleasant a great sleeping night for sure. now getting up and ready for sun. we are going to have a lot of it today across the region. to the west, we see scattered showers and thunderstorms. that is what we are tracking as we head into your wednesday. as we put motion here on future view, this is 1:30 this afternoon. clear as can be, clear getting
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practice. this evening looking fine. can't rule out showers west this evening and tonight. most of that stays well west of cleveland and west side of cleveland for that matter. as we get into your wednesday, we start to see scattered showers. there will be the possibility of thunderstorms. better chance of rain tomorrow will be later. even a few showers earlier on can't be ruled out. 86 the high today mostly sunny, tuesday skies. grab those sun glasses. no question about it. upper 70s, thunderstorms, a 60% chance. a left over shower is 20% for thursday. otherwise partly sunny. then we're going to really look forward to a beautiful, long labor day weekend. a lot of you have off mobbed. maybe some of you are friday and monday. weather looks terrific for cleveland air show going on and all other things happening across town. 5:18, here's a check of your
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. >> so far it's a great commute this morning. hope you're having a great start to your day. we look at the traffic map. to the south all green, no problems, no accidents. the same picture to the north. no problems on 271, 77, 480. here's a picture on i-90 in rocky river, i-90 detroit. traffic is moving just fine. not too many out the drive time on i-890 downtown from the west, von to -- avon to downtown. we are a-okay. don't forget when you hit the roads, tune in to our partners, 1100 total traffic. they'll have updates every ten minutes. >> our city is rising from the cavs championship to international spotlight of rnc
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success. so have many of you we begin a series tonight at 7:00 p.m. during the 7:00 p.m. news for "rising ." i introduce you to an akron family that learned to embrace and recover from their daughter's devastating diagnoses. they say morgan riley is an inspiration to them and everyone they met. they're ready to share their story and pass on lessons to help others in our community. >> i know this project has been a passion of yours for time. it shows in the story. >> yes. i've been pulling double duty. i report traffic, but everybody has light traffic where we run into accidents and detours to try to find our way around them. we're hoping to start something great to pass onto other people, inspiration throughout our city. >> we are rising. it's a great concept. you're sharing their story in a different way. we're all looking forward to seeing this.
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you this. watch rising every tuesday at 7:00 p.m. right here on channel 3. of course, we want you to be involved. if you or someone you know has a compelling story to share with pus about a personal triumph in the face of adversity, share on social media using hashtag rising or e-mail us >> we hear it a lot. it's out there, but you only cover bad stories. there's no good news. no. this is all about rising and people have come from nowhere. >> people don't like -- they don't want to just put a band aid on everything. we got into negative things and how they decide, i'm not going to let this get me down. i'm going to overcome. what a trip of a lifetime and a cleveland sports fan is doing to show the nation his
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. it's 5:25. look at this. a cleveland fan is sharing his love of cavs with people across the nation. meet wes state prison -- weston. he is upping his game. this october, rid cross the country leading a cavs parade to cleveland. he's got the map out. the parade will stop in different cities and end in cleveland the night of the cavs home opener. there he is. >> yep. he's encouraging everybody to join him too. love it. it is closing time for one akron bar that got national attention for its struggle to keep it in business. one year ago, travelers tavern
5:26 am
now the owner has decided to close the doors for good. a good-bye party will be held this friday. now to some information on how to help fight hunger here in northeast ohio. >> the ninth annual taste of pro football hall of fame is tonight in canton. enjoy food and beverages from local restaurants. tickets can be purchased /taste. all right. 5:26 now. hollie says we have a beautiful day in store. you are tracking changes. >> not today. it's a total stunner of a tuesday. lots of sunshine on the way. sun up a few minutes before 7:00. it's pleasant feeling now. temperatures 50s and 60s to perhaps little light sweatshirt at the bus stop. you won't need it for long. 86 for the high.
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above on the travel map, we see rain to our west. scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll be talking about them. i'll let you know when. forecast high across the country. labor day weekend is coming up. we'll see if it lasts. refusing to serve the fire storm now following one server's decision to not serve a
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. we start your morning rush with a local couple's search for answers after they say a hospital lost their stillborn's remains.
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a call from the hospital saying the remains were disposed of. we reached out to respectives from mercy hospital. they said they're continuing to investigate all aspects of this matter. it does not alleviate the pain, they have processes to prevent a reoccurrence. the couple was hoping to give their baby a proper it. akron police say this canton man broke into a home and stood over two women sleeping. andrew hayes is charged with burglary. he went in a home friday morning, tapped one of the women on the shoulder, waking both up then ran out the book door. he was caught running through backyards a few blocks away. the women were not hurt. a north ridgefield man is
5:32 am
he shot and killed a woman in so lone saturday. he ran a red light and hit the car. debdeborah's suv flipped several times. he got and killed her. he will be in court tomorrow. his family and deborah's family is expected to be there tomorrow. the saga continues after the meeting last night they voted to pass the orde lift with the first passed by cleveland and passing for three members to join the committee toe get this back going. now back to cleveland. they'll look at it and continue to negotiate. gary norton issued a statement saying quote, i commend members of city council for public input, doing what is right. it's my hope discussion wills move forward the spirit of cooperation between the two cities. coming up from the public, what
5:33 am
night's meeting. here's hollie. >> 79, normal high on this day 6:52 is weapon the sun comes up. we'll end up well into the 80s. still summer and absolutely going to feel like it too. lots of sunshine. 70 at 8:00, 81 at noon. 86 86 by this evening. 50s and 60s as you're waking up getting ready lunches packed, breakfast on the table. it's 5:33. reality check is sunshine again today. we do have lots of showers and scattered thunderstorms to our west. that's the next thing to track. looks like we stay clear of that today. as we transition into this evening and tonight, you start to see green to the west. tomorrow is the day to watch. i'll track it hour by hour coming up.
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now. how are things so far? >> so far great on the roads. i did speak to the dispatch in that area. pearl road water main break between whitney and sprague. it is not passed but dispatch says watch for high water. use caution. if worried about traffic on 71, here's the picture at i-4308 near the airport. traffic getting by just fine on of the highway. your drive time seven minutes which is normal. normal drive times throughout the region. i'm not tracking any accidents. coming up in 15 minutes, i'll let you know what you can expect for work to clear in akron near the interchange. maureen, back to you. thanks. topping your news feed, dozens of activists are expected to
5:35 am
epipen price hike mylan increased the price of the pens 400%. petitioning groups will call for reforms to stop price gouging. yesterday the company announced a generic version that would cost half the price, $300. crit ins argue that's still not enough. heavy rain acr people had to be rescued from high water as flooding damaged homes and cars. there was so much hail, snowplows had to clear the streets. that's hail there, not snow. storm drains were clogged with hail and leaves which flooded the streets leaving drivers stranded. a restaurant employee in florida is out of a job after refusing to serve a police officer in uniform. a fellow officers posted on facebook where it's been shared
5:36 am
the former employee says he was in a bad mood when the officers walk into the tropical smoothie cafe. he says the store was getting ready to close so he didn't want to serve them the officers think they were directly targeted. a new beer goes on sale in seattle area next week. it's called legacy logger from dog tag brewing. all proceeds from 3,000 cases go to foundations establish b killed in iraq or afghanistan. this is only available in washington state. it will have the name hometown, date of birth and death date of each service member. proceeds go to scholarship funds in those soldier's names. one family said they were hoping it would go toward a scholarship for kids heading to college. >> all right. thank you.
5:37 am
reeling from a scandal this morning. we check in with tracey pots with a live report from washington. here's a new one for the browns. how one player messed up for lack of effort, got heated words from the head coach on the sidelines. his situation looks better this morning. why punter andy lee should be celebrating. that's next in sports. . >> it's a reward.
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5:40 am
. it is election day, not the big one, but today we'll see primaries for several politicians affected by the presidential campaign. >> tracey pots says more on that and a tweet from a trump supporter some might find offensive. good morning tracey. >> yeah, good morning. we'll show you that tweet moment. there's challenges on both sides, trump and clinton. and other politicians have been affected by their race. >> debbie schultz and marco rubio in florida and john mccain in arizona all fighting for re-election. >> people judge me on john mccain. >> all affected by the fallout
5:41 am
donald trump's preparing to lay out specifics in tomorrow's immigration speech. aids say he'll call clinton's plan guaranteed amnesty. he's going after black voters with a supportive pastor, apologizing for tweeting this photo of hillary clinton in black face. clinton's team have troubles too. >> i have forgiven him. >> and top aid is splitting with her husband after allegations of sexting. >> she's family, not to hillary clinton, but that whole campaign. >> trump called clinton's ties to the couple bad judgment and suggested without proof, weiner could have e-mailed classified information. >> she's a key figure in the investigation of clinton's e-mails also. >> a federal judge tells the state department they've got to
5:42 am
to abadine working outside the department when she was an employee there. those have to be turned in by mid october. there's influence the russian government may be trying to influence the election. >> they've had issues with voter registration, hacking, that the government and fbi thinks from russia. they think the russian government is trying to have influence in arizona, fail add tempt in illinois -- failed attempt in illinois. they gained information but couldn't access anything. in this case, it was voter registration, not the actual vote counting systems. the thought here seems to be
5:43 am
if come november this concern about whether or not they're tryings -- trying to have some influence on election results. >> thank you. time is 543:67:89 live look outside. >> very pretty. sounds like a beautiful day. >> going to be fabulous. we're an hour away from the sun coming up. it will be sun filled. grab the sun glasses. think ant that. that maybe a light jacket this morning. well into the 80s but a cool down, a pleasant one later in the wreak. we bring rain in here. not a drop today. look at this forecast. i'll talk you through in case you're flipping the pancakes now. 70 at 9:00, 81 at lunch, 86 at hopkins. upper 80s further south like canton and akron. it's 63 degrees now at the airport. going to have a stretch of
5:44 am
morning and afternoon. more partly cloudy skies later today but still sun-filled. right now feeling good. a lot of 60s and 70s zooming closer in. temperatures 50s and 60s this morning. it's delightful. you barely need any kind of a jacket. if you want a sleeve at the bus stop for the kids, a light sweatshirt is fine. throw it in their book bag. will not need it later today. we are forecasting a sunshine. we have showers showing up to the west and thunderstorms. that's the next item on the menu here. as we get to next 24 hours, we'll start to see changes. today not so much. notice to the west, we have shower chances. especially as we get into this evening, small. overnight, little more cloud cover, more of a partly cloudy sky. tomorrow could have passing showers early. this is 5:30 tomorrow morning. hits and miss showers. looks like our better
5:45 am
tomorrow later in the day. 86 mostly sunny, tuesday skies. enjoy every moment of it. here's a look at the window nation seven day. scattered showers and storms tomorrow. not going to be an all day rain or soaker. could see a left over chanter thursday. then we've got a beautiful labor day weekend to look forward to. absolutely stunning and pleasant too. great for the air show and cookouts and things you've planned. all right. dog gone weather time. buster reynolds from fairview park getting ready to step out in the summer weather to attend rnc in cleveland when this was taken. looking handsome. patty sent the picture in. thank you so much patty. look at personality on that one. >> i think he's voting for cleveland. i'm voting for cleveland too. >> here we go. beautiful picture 76 arlington
5:46 am
traffic moving just fine in this area. again, watch for construction because 76 eastbound work started over this weekend. 76 east reduced to two lanes between innovation way. it's expected to clear out this evening. until then, that ramp of 76 eastbound innovation way to 76 eastbound ramp is closed. you can enter the highway at state route 18 east market street. that's expected to clear out this evening. other than that, times on our highways. i'm not tracking any accidents. back to you. >> cleveland back to you. cleveland cavaliers guard jr smith is welcoming the newest addition to his family. he made the announcement online. take a look. >> a lot of people hide their kids i'm not going to hide mine. i want y'all to meet my new son. >> there he is.
5:47 am
puppy. smith said it was an exciting summer after celebrating the cavs championship in june and recently getting married earlier this month. now cowboy joins smith's other doing dallas. can you tell he's a cowboys fan? >> he will cover steph curry. >> there you go little league world champions returned home. team from new york celebrated their victory with a their honor. the main little leaders had a 24-0 record 2-1 in the title game. thousands attended the celebration. this is the first time in five years since the team from the u.s. wop the series -- won the series. >> great story. let's hope we have another in sports. the offense couldn't scratch the run. good thing they played 10 innings to start the home stand.
5:48 am
bounce before it heads to right field. let's take another look at this. great make helps keep the game scoreless until the bottom of the 10th. that's when kidnap is at the plate. you know it, he's going to get the game winning hit. he'll put hit out to left center. indians beat the twins 1-0. great celebration when they won it. first they avoided the mob then got him. worried he was going to get hurt inside the celebration. indians keep the lead over the tigers. josh tomlin starts tonight against the twins. browns started making moves to get their roster down to final 53. seems like budgeter 53 was given a break on that -- like he was given a break on that one. hughes heard "you've been traded
5:49 am
round pick in return. kruger was cut he has a meeting with the saints today. >> jim harbaugh commented on actions of kaepernick. harbaugh said about kaepernick sitting through the national anthem, he acknowledges his right to do it but doesn't respect the action. harbaugh later tweeted clarify, he support's colin's action. kaepernick says he will continue to sit during the national anthem. we're still waiting to see how the 49ers handle this. plain -- will the 49ers cut him for downward play and huge contract or keep him? that's what we're waiting to see
5:50 am
they will not keep kaepernick >> oh. so then maybe he'll go to dallas. they won't take him after -- >> will they take a chance on him? >> not america's team. 5:50 now. coming up, let's say hello to matt. >> good morning. i have your key to a smart phone. what could be my favorite deal of the entire summer is in my hands. control your half home with a remoor
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it's preregistered and connected to the remote. this is a three prong plug. from here, i take what i want to power with the remote and plug it in. this is now control bid this remote. -- controlled by this remote. off, on, off. on, off, on he, off. it is addictive. it's hugely well you get a 100-foot rate that works through walls. you get five outlets, two remotes. the most insane -- like seriously $22.99? you get a money back guarantee. you will not want to trade these in. doesn't get easier than this. comes working outer of the box. >> very nice.
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>> i don't know where you find this stuff. >> i have no life, thank you. >> thank you matt. it's 5:56 today's top stories are straight ahead >> let's check with tiffany. >> reporter: we're searching for answers this morning after a local hospital says a hospital lost their stillborn baby's remains. the annexation of south cleveland took a step to once again try to merger with cleveland. thanks. tropical weather about to hit several areas of the u.s. we'll tell you which popular destinations are preparing for the worst. new fit bit tracker. there's a long time complaint. >> after 6:00 a.m., i'll get you the drive times to downtown cleveland.
5:57 am
look at that forecast, nothing but sunshine for your tuesday. going to be a warm, summery tuesday. planning on highs well into the 80s. this morning as you wake up, get the coffee going, gets kids ready for the day, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's pleasant, comfortable. we've got rain to track. then we've got a cool down to tell you about. we'll let you know when that happens just ahead.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. right now at 6:00, a local couple stunned now that their stillborby missing. coming up, what hospital represent did i haves did i -- representatives are saying. >> problems for east cleveland continues as city council votes again to try to merge with cleveland. what's the next step? details coming up john. no more columbus day. one city votes to change the name of the holiday. here's hollie. . >> we're talking nine. welcome to tuesday. it's not up yet.


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