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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. right now at 6:00, a local couple stunned now that their stillborby missing. coming up, what hospital represent did i haves did i -- representatives are saying. >> problems for east cleveland continues as city council votes again to try to merge with cleveland. what's the next step? details coming up john. no more columbus day. one city votes to change the name of the holiday. here's hollie. . >> we're talking nine. welcome to tuesday. it's not up yet.
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6:52 sunrise time today. it's going to be sun-filled. a lot to look forward to as you wake up and get ready. how's it going? hopefully nice and easy. everything is calm. we are going to have a summer feel today. we're in our last couple weeks here. looks like we're going to enjoy every moment of it. 70 at 9:00. low 80s at lunch. that's where we should be for highs. 79 the normal high for this day. 86 or so is what on. further inland, 80s to near 90 degrees. getting warm at school this week. 50s and 6s 0 this 6 -- and 60s this morning. we've got a lot of sunshine. planning on scattered showers and storms before the week is through. when that front pushes through, a bit of a cool down i'll let you know when rain arrives and the cool down we're
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tuesday morning. >> i cannot wait for that cool down. it's been hot. in terms of traffic, we start in strongsville, one incident to tell you about. a water main break on pearl road. high water is in the area. you can pass. use caution. no need to take a detour. a number of you, your destination is downtown cleveland for the morning. we'll talk about the drive times and looking at the shore way. normal drive times from the west into 490 on 71 jennings all normal drive times. 77 north to downtown 480, six minute commute no problems. seven minutes headed out of downtown. if you take the east shore way to dead man's curve, your normal 10 minute commute. in fact, seeing green on the traffic map, normal drive times and no accidents. back to you. a mother and father searching for answers this morning after a local hospital lost their baby girl.
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lorain this morning. you spoke exclusively with the parent. >> lynne that and john, this is -- lynna and john, this is one of those stories that makes you think how could this happen? first the couple goes through a pain of still birth then want to give their baby a proper memorial. it's what happened or didn't happen here that has left them stunned. >> where's my baby at? >> a and father may never get answered. whitfield was six months pregnant when she gave birth to her stillborn baby girl in lorain. an emotional time for any family. that's not all she and robinson had to endure. afterwards t funeral director was given the run around when he went to pick up the remains.
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they learned their daughter was missing. >> i was shocked. are you serious? >> the couple says they were told her remains were disposed of. >> they believed they were sent to their laundry department. they were senting the investigative team over there to search the place. >> numb, unsure how to feel. all they had left of their baby was in this box. her name janay father who passed weeks before. >> reporter: i reached out to representatives with mercy hospital. they sent me a statement saying they're deeply soil that's part of the statement. you wonder is this enough for this couple? they want to give their daughter a proper memorial. >> understandably. thank you. a cleveland police officer was rushed to the hospital after
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it happened at east ninth and euclid last night. ems confirms an office per was injured and taken to metro. no word on what caused the crash or if the officer was seriously injured. a court hearing held today to determine if a 15-year-old girl will be tried as a child or adult for killing her father. warren police say meadows shot her father jonathan once in the head last month. the teen's family says the father abused her and the girl's mom police detective in the violence unit. prosecutors haven't decided whether or not to send to a grand jury. the woman shot and killed a car accident in solone was remembered at a vigil. deb pearl's family and friends came together on cleveland's east side. she was on her way to southeast harley davidson after 7:00 saturday morning when police say matthew ran his car into her in solone then got out
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rifle. he's been charged with murder. he's held on $1 million bond and due in court tomorrow. battle continues over annexation of east cleveland after council held an emergency meeting to vote once again to go to negotiations with cleveland. >> will is on the story this morning. looking into it. there's been a lot of heat over this list of east cleveland in the first proposal. >> that's right. last week, cleveland rejected the proposal. the city cleveland president called it a non starter because of conditions outlined the east cleveland city council tried to clarify that saying these were not demands but talking points. they voted again last night to enter into annexation negotiations with cleveland passing ordnance to appoint three members and remove items that received backlash.
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cleveland city council. little tax space, almost no economic development and a drop in local services. members voted to begin negotiations once more last night. not everyone thinks merging with cleveland is the way out. >> stop making this -- i need east cleveland to go. east cleveland can't come back. you don't have the creative individual leading the city. >> despite this moving forward now in the hands of cleveland one east cleveland council member told us they really need cleveland could still deny this. they need something else lined up if that's the case. coming up at 6:50, we'll hear from -- i'll give you the response from east cleveland mayor gary norton who issued a statement after last night's emergency meeting. >> we'll see you then. now we're days from a possible teacher strike in cleveland. we understand the biggest issue in contract are talks are the
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evaluated. student test scores play a big role n. akron, teachers are paid based on seniority and education f. a deal is not reached, teachers could be walking the picket line on friday. now here's maureen with your morning news feed. >> thanks. u.s. faces an unusual trip kal tropical threat. officials are warning of flooding today in low lying areas of north banks. forecasters say they expect a tropical depression to hit storms. it's just outside cape hatteras. a tropical depression is in the gulf of mexico headed for key west, florida in honolulu, the hurricane center issued a watch for the island. right now a category 3 expected to weak afternoon later today. the state funeral has been set for victims of earthquake in
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host an italian state funeral for 200 of 292 victims the tent is build on grounds of catholic retreat for elderly. this follows the national day of morning after last week's deadly earthquake. tim tebow set to show off baseball skills later today in los angeles. he's been training several months in scottsdale, arizona. he last played baseball school in 2004. 30 major league teams have been notified about the show case. since leaving the nfl, tebow has been a broadcaster with heps -- with espn. >> i swam in grade school. i'll see you in tokyo in 20 >> you have time. >> don't give up on your dream. notify the employees here. >> i'm there. very good. >> word is 20 teams could be
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gets picked up. maybe we could see him here. who knows. >> who knows. >> thank you. 6:10 now. >> voter data breach. who the fbi says is behind the hacking of election systems in two states. no more columbus day. what is up with this? one city will -- how one city will now celebrate instead. hollie? >> lynna, thanks. a great looking tuesday. feeling pleasant as you're waking 50s and 60s, good morning to you. tracking a lot of sun. looks like warm this afternoon. mid to upper 80s for highs. normally 79. record high is 96. we'll be far from that too. in the meantime, you're grabbing sunglasses. look at this sunrise about to happen in about 40 minutes from now. that sky is a stunner. hopefully you're feeling great
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. 6:14 now. the fbi is warning state officials to boost their election security after they discovered that russian hackers were able to breach data systems in two states. as many as 200,000 voter records in illinois were breached earlier this summer. their state board of election sa compromised. arizona election website was also hacked. they include so much personal information all in one place. a pennsylvania drug company lost a trial of a zika vac zone in puerto rico. -- zack zone in puerto rico. they're testing a new dna vaccine of 160 volunteers. the company would meet with regulators next year to talk
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the same company has done trials in the u.s. and canada. >> we were seeing a beautiful sunrise in progress. so hollie, is that a sign for the day to come? >> going to be a nice day. sunrise officially 6:52. skies get brighter and brighter here as we approach. going to be amazing. welcome back to school for a lot of you this week. by the end of this week, we're all back in the morning. bus stop kids are raring to go. make sure you're looking at their smiles every day. 50s and 60s this morning. a terrific looking tuesday. there's no way around that. we are going to warm up. it is officially summer. we've got labor day weekend approaching. obviously a few weeks from the official start of autumn. we're going to start to see cool downs. this is typical of this time of
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them. honestly, we warm back up. we're up and down. today on the upside of the thermometer. 70 at 9:00, 81 at noon. 86 or so at 5:00. beautiful sunshine. totally blue, sunny sky this is morning. more of a partly cloudy sky this afternoon. the skies looking great. going to work and school, you're going to have easy, easy commutes from it is comfortable. temperatures feel great. 50s and 60s as we wake up across northeast ohio. we'll warm up to the afternoon. we're going to see sunshine into the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms to our west and northwest. that is the next thing to track. as we do that here on future view, everything stays dry today. you'll notice later in the day, at least small shower chances to our west and northwest
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any rain tonight. tomorrow, could see showers close to the lake shore. even better chances for rape -- for rain tomorrow. here's a look at what's happening. 86 today. let's injoy it. tomorrow we've got scattered -- let's enjoy it. tomorrow we've got scattered showers and rain chances. this is picture perfect. 70s, high, 50s lows. heading into labor day weekend, air s weather so nice for that should be around 80 as we head into the end of this labor day weekend. so many of you have a long one to look forward top 6:17, let's check your drive. . >> good morning to you. so far, your commute is easy peasy. i was tracking slow traffic 71
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that the has all cleared out. here's the picture on 71 at 76. everyone getting by just fine as temperature sun is is creeping up there. looking forward to sunshine. when you hit the roads, tune in to our partners. updates her ten minutes. i am always updating you on social media, facebook, twitter, instagram at dani wkyc. what's new new on wkyc, cleveland is a championship city. we want you to meet local champions rising above and beyond to make our city great. tonight we begin a series called "rising" join me at 7:00 p.m. i introduce you to an akron family who's little girl was born with a rare disease that claimed her life. we want to show you how they managed to turn around this tragedy and inspiring others to
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if someone you know have a personal triumph, share with us on social media using the hashtag rising or e-mail us. watch rising every tuesday at 7:00 p.m. here on channel 3. john, biggest win senator. >> can't wait to see that. thank you. time now for biggest winners and losers today. biggest winners and biggest effort. too bad this goal didn't count. it's just a great play. look at this. this game colorado. >> look at the flip over. then he scores the goal. he had a flip, twist, scores the goal the watch this in motion. he was called for off sides. goal doesn't count. he's behind the defenders. he can't do that in soccer. it's no goal. that's a great effort there. if this was the olympics, that flip and twist could be worth
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great effort. he kept going. >> wow. >> turns around and scores the goal. >> here's my other biggest winner. this is olivia from solone. she was chose ton represent cleveland and u.s.a. in the -- chose ton represent cleveland and u.s.a. in the international goals. she won in 800-meters with a personal best time. she's congratulations olivia. your best in the world. you're also my biggest winner. congratulations. you'd like to nominate your champion or all star, send your picture in and tell me so i can tell all our viewers. tweet them to me pat john wkyc. great pictures wrapping up the summer season getting ready for fall. we'll have the big winners
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>> yeah. it would be great if it were chocolate. >> that's in switzerland. time is 6:21. a new feature for your fit bit. >> how the fitness tracker will fix a long standing complaint. hollie? >> thank you john and lynna. time is 6:21. looks at this picture captured from jim in sharp don taken in the morning around sunrise. what essentially happened here wa the atmosphere. a lot of times when clouds are present, the little ice crystals reflect the light of the sun. you can get all kinds of beautiful phenomenal. heard about rain around the moon and everything else. that's what happened here. jim, i thank you for capturing and sharing with us. that's absolutely stunning.
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. 6:25 now. fit bit unveiled a fitness tracker. for the first time, it can track swimming. flex 2 is update to the cheapest device, the flex. it recognizes when you swim and measures your laps. it also tracks steps and sleep the devices preorder. they're not going to send out until this fall. the city in washington is latest to do away with celebration of columbus day. this spokane city council voted to change the name columbus day to indigenous people's day. there's a high population of american indians.
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other cities have passed similar resolutions. the story is getting a lot of response on social media. >> chris says city of spokane can call pit what they want, it's columbus day to me. >> melanie, he never stepped foot here in north america. we know this now. what are we honoring him going to bahamas, south america? join in on our conversation on our facebook page. 6:26. beautiful day in store. >> ing close to that sunrise -- getting close to that sunrise f. going to be a stunner. middle and upper 80s this afternoon. cool and comfy. 50s and 60s at the moment. travel map looks fine today. rain to our west. lots in the tropics going on.
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coast. we'll talk about when we've got our next best chance of rain. it's before this week is through. channel 3 news is back just
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. right now at 6:30, welcome back. i'm john. >> i'm lynna. first, the stories we're
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morning charged with murder after he shot and killed a woman in solone saturday. he shot and killed the woman after he hit her car. his suv flipped several times, then he got out of his suv and killed pearl. he'll be in court again. his family and pearl's family are expected to be there as well. this canton man broke into a home and stood over twoen andrew hayes is charged with burglary. he went in a home friday morning, tapped one of them on the shoulder and then ran out the back door. the women were not hurt. cleveland cavaliers guard jr smith is welcoming the newest edition to his family, cowboy. smith's new bulldog puppy. he made the announcement yesterday posting this online.
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summer after celebrating the cavs championship in june and recently getting married earlier this month. cowboy joined big brother dallas, another bulldog. you think he's a cowboys fan? >> with two dog, we need two trophies. let's with hollie and get the latest with the forecast. >> award winning. like seriously. talk about what a day ahead of skies getting bright as we speak. we have been so clear overnight while you've been sleep. 50s and 60s now. 70:00 by 9:00, 70s by 9:00, mid to upper 80s for highs. it is summer. you better believe it's going to feel like it today. currently 55 degrees in elyria. low 60s akron canton.
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ravenna 355. ashtabula 55 degrees. -- ravenna 55 degrees. ashtabula 55 degrees. today is going to be a sun-filled beautiful tuesday. i think we hold off on any rain until tomorrow. keep those umbrellas at home. we track hour by hour, this is 3:00. a lot of you grabbing the kids. maybe afterschool activities looks good into the evening. this is a perfect night for doing something on the grill again and embracing summertime. we all know as months continue here, we'll have cooler weather danielle, not so much today. it's really going to feel great. >> not too cool. we don't want that to come. >> right now the biggest thing we're tracking is in summit county. an accident has your right lane blocked. seeing stop and go traffic in that area. as you can see, stop and go traffic on four miles of the highway. we look at drive time on 77 north between 21 and 480.
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we're seeing about a delay between 5 and 10 minutes. also seeing slow traffic into downtown 718 north about a -- 71 north and about a minute delay. two minute delay on 490 east. first they lost their baby girl. then a local hospital lost her remains. >> tiffany tarply is live from mercy hospitals in -- hospital >> lynna and john, they say they're sending their sincerest condolences to this family. i reached out to a representative with the hospital and she says they're deeply sorry for additional dispress rising from this incident. for this couple here in lorain, they want answers. they want to know where their baby's remains are they also want to know why proper procedures weren't
6:35 am
tell them their baby's remains were quote, disposed of. coming up at 6:50, what the hospital and what they're doing now to try and keep something like this from happening again. >> all right. very upsetting. you'll stay on top of it. thanks tiffany. now to decision 2016 coverage. hillary clinton is coming back to campaign in cleveland. she'll address the crowd at the congressional parade and picnic. she's picnic. on the republican side, donald trump announced he's buying $10 million of key advertisements in battleground states including ohio. the spot will run in nine states where he's currently trailing in the polls. a poll released this morning shows hillary clinton's lead has narrowed slightly to six points. she led by eight last week.
6:36 am
nominee gary johnson will be on the november ballot in ohio. however, he'll appear as an independent candidate along with his running mate. the u.s. supreme court yesterday denied an energy request by ohio libertarian to list johnson with a party's label. libertarians are not recognized after a change in ohio law three years ago. here's maureen with your morning news feed. thanks. a colorado man after admitting he tried to kill his young son in a car accident. the 29-year-old told police he intentionally left his 2.5-year-old unbuckled and slammed into another car going 75 miles per hour. the reason he gave police is that he didn't want to be a father. little isaiah suffered numerous broken bones and is now recovering. the white house makes good
6:37 am
10,000 refugees from syria as part of president obama's plan to increase the number of humanitarian emissions from the war torn country. the white house says it's been strict in checking refugees with u.n.'s refugees agency. hollie, comedy fans remember the iconic gene wilder this morning. wilder was a two time oscar winner b and producers willy wonka and chocolate factory and also young franken stein. gene wilder one of the truly great talents of our time, he blessed every film with his imagine speck blessed me with his microphone -- his magic andlessed --
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his friendship. his nephew said he died from alzheimer's complications. proceedings from 3,000 case go to foundations established by family members. it will have the home, date of birth and name of each soldier. great way to honor them. great way for us here in ohio. we have a lot of breweries. >> time is 6:38. the day's top trending storying ahead. >> first, let's check with matt. what's up? >> i'm going to make your whole home smart for $23. this stow stealer in my hands. first, always a show stealer, hi hollie. >> love you matt. sunny forecast ahead of us. beautiful sunshine on the way coming up in minutes. we expect a warm day. highs mid to upper 80s.
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labor day weekend getting close guys. i'll let you know if weather cooperates. >> hollie we'll look forward to that she missed the mtv awards. now we know why. why swift spent part of her day
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6:42. breaking news involving apple. ireland is to collect $14.5 billion in back taxes from the tech giant. eu says ireland gave apple undue tax benefits that violated laws. ireland has been ordered to collect the back taxes plus interest that amount could be reduced. new york governor andrew cuomo and his brother are in hot water after a picture was posted
6:43 am
trending story this is morning. >> right. they meant for this to be something fun. now it's turn into something controversial. the two are on a fishing expedition in long island when they caught a 154-pound shark. take a look at the picture. as soon as the governor posted it, backlash came in. conservation groups were upset. animal lovers criticized the brothers the sharks aren't endangered but cuomo's post said they grilled the shark with a nice mediterranean rub and had a feast. this is one of the most stories on wkyc right now. one year after a rescue bar came in to help a struggling traveler, the akron bar is closing for good. it opened in 2013 and is owned by tim ripper owens. owens is an akron native.
6:44 am
could, but the bar will lose doors for good september 3rd. super star taylor swift is like everyone else and proving it by showing up for jury duty in nashville. she was called for service in december but had to defer probably because she was on tour in australia. swift arrived in the criminal courthouse with her security detail. when prosecutorred asked what her profession was, she calmly said, i'm >> needless to say, she was dismissed from duty on that. other potential jurors apparently took pictures with taylor swift. at least they got the moment with her. >> i'm sure that the court didn't want to deal with the security details. >> order, order in the court. >> right. >> all right. >> that's cool. >> thanks moe. oh, you know what that means. >> it's the sound of savings.
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in my hands probably my favorite deal of the month. a way to control all outlets. no more army crawling under furniture, come christmas time, a way to control the tree. five smart outlets for $23. if you're wondering, insulation tookless than 23 set up is easiest thing to make plugs smart it's preregistered and attached to the remote. i take what i want to power with the remote and plug it in. this circuit is controlled by this remote. off, on, off. >> here we are, on, off, on,
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demonstration. i'll tell you the wireless remote system is hugely well rated. works from 100 feet away through walls and r dos. five outlets, two remotes. energy efficient savings. no more wondering what's being powered when you have the ability to turn it off. again, $23. no company talks about them. this thing is so awesome. i'm going to impart a salig website. >> very good. >> going fast. off, on. doesn't work on spouses. >> i'm just kidding. >> jackie wishes i had an off button she could hit permanently. >> we just lost one viewer. >> here's hollie with the weather. >> wouldn't that be great lynna -- seriously? >> it's too late now. >> what if you could turn the remote off?
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ding. i was just watching sports center, not anymore. we've got a look at your bus stop forecast. it's beautifully pleasant waking up today. these are all new. new kids, the whole batch, you'll see over the next several weeks. 6:47, 60s. beautiful girls. warm and going to feel summery as it should. it's smell summertime approaching labor day weekend. we have a cool down and microphone rain to today looks nothing but superb. 6:52 the sun comes up. 62 hopkins. mostly sunny, bright blue skies. take those sun glasses. lots of glare for the drive. we'll transition to mainly sunny and partly sunny sky this is afternoon. mid to upper 80s for highs. going to be warm but not extreme. not talking 90s. record highs today 96. won't have to worry about that
6:48 am
several hours. appreciate every moment of this we've got really good weather to look forward to as we get to the longer weekend too. lots of 60s and 70s from a big picture. as we zoom in, several of you in the 50s now. this is really a very nice, refreshing kind of morning. we'll get to that warmer weather later today. we've got the sunshine to look forward to. we've got rain showing up to our west. i think by tomorrow even at this time, we could see rolling by. it's quiet today. 10:00 this morning, how clear it is. we'll continue with clear skies in the afternoon. you'll grab your precious sweethearts from school or after school activities or practices. weather looks great this evening. make it look easy. don't worry about putting that oven on. it's warmer today. dry into this evening as well. tomorrow as i mentioned, we could start to see a few spotty
6:49 am
the possibility will be there. chances are even better later tomorrow. that's reflected here on the window nation seven day. 50 to 60% chance of scattered showers and storms for our wednesday weather. maybe a sprinkle left over thursday. it will be cooler. 70s for highs. pleasant cool. perfect cool into labor day weekend. we warm up towards the end of it. many of you off monday. many friday and monday too. the weather should be lucky is who you see there. this is a little bit of a tear jerker. as fun as this photo is. true story of who rescued who. lucky is a precious boy with a huge heart that loves everyone he meets. he's got cancer. his owners leslie and sean have a bucket list for him. this is his first time out on a .com in lake erie. -- on a boat in lake erie.
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this morning. >> thanks. >> state's exhibit that -- isn't that sweet? >> we're thinking of them. all the infee you need before walking out -- info you need to know before walking out. >> a local company says a hospital lost their stillborn baby's remains. coming up, what representatives from the hospital say is going to change
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. we start your morning rush with a local couple's search for answers after they say a hospital lost their stillborn baby's remains the baby was born august 20th to whitfield and robinson. they say it wasn't until six days later that the mother received a call from the hospital saying the remains were disposed of. representatives with mercy in lorain sent us a statement at wkyc saying in part, we are continuing tonv aspects of this matter. it does not alleviate the pain of this incident. we have implemented revised processions to prevent reoccurrence. they also apologized for the incident. the annexation of east cleveland into cleveland took another step as they held a emergency meeting voted to once again try the merger with the city. they tried that last week, and it was rejected by city leaders.
6:54 am
because of conditions outlined in it. the cleveland council said those weren't demands but talking points. east cleveland mayor norton says he commends the members for admitting a mistake. now it goes to cleveland to see the next move. john? a cleveland police officer was rushed to the hospital after an accident late last night. ems confirms an injured and -- officer was injured and transported to the hospital. no word on injuries to the officer. we're days from a possible teacher strike in cleveland. the biggest issue, contract talks, the way teachers are evaluated which indicates how they get paid. student test scores play a big
6:55 am
line friday. >> thank you so much. you're running late, avoid 77 north between fair lawn and richfield. we have an accident at 271 blocking your right lane. you're only getting by using the left lane. you have to move to the left. look at this drive time between 21 and 480 57 minutes. that's a typically a 19 minute commute. also slowing to 271 on route 8 about a five minute i'm updating everyone on twitter. >> sounds good. patience on the commute. at least it's a nice weather day. it helps. take time and appreciate the beauty around you. mostly sunny skies, sun is up. warm this afternoon. we'll end up near 86 or so for the high today. tomorrow we've got scattered showers, possible thunderstorms and cooler weather as we get into the first part of this labor day weekend m. we're seeing labor day weekend in the low 80s towards the end of it. looks great.
6:56 am
>> labor day camping deal times two. still on our website, almost sold out. >> almost sold out, key words there thank you. we'll sigh you throughout the morning -- we'll see you throughout the morning on "the today" show.
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good morning. weiner's woes. anthony weiner dumped from two dumped from two jobs on the same day his wife announces she's leaving him. the question now could this lead to a new investigation. two big storms churning in the atlantic, both expected to intensify today. why she's opening up now, what she thinks about owen labrie's sentence and the cam she hopes will bring good from her painful


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