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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 31, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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to break ground on a memorial by memorial day. that did not happen. they now think getting something in place by october could be a rollout -- reality. now the question is will that happen? the problem that they had before is the problem they are having now. finding the funds. some say the elaborate plans should be done away with in favor of a more modest memorial. >> they should just put something there. don't worry about the $400,000 thing you all want to put. put something nice with the money you have so we can have closure. >> reporter: closure is something that florence has been seeking. her daughter and niece were among the dead. they were taken by somebody many have called a monster. serial killer anthony sowell. they were two of 11 women tortured and killed. this once burial ground has set for more than seven years. i will take you back to february of this year.
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family members eyes. >> the condition of the property is deplorable. >> you answer me. what did you think? >> reporter: this is what it looks like today. the grass is high and there are weeds around. >> it would be fair to say that the biggest holdup has been fundraising. >> that is the holdup. ? on the phone was project leader robbie gates he says the project has been wanted. >> it's not like we picked up. it's what they keep saying. black lives don't matter. that's what it boils down to. it has been seven years and we don't have anything at. >> it's like getting stabbed over and over again. that's what another family member told me over the phone. she is so frustrating she told me she can't really believe progress will ever be made. i also spoke with councilman kim johnson he told me he will
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maintenance on the lot. a lot of family members are no longer holding their breath. they do not believe something will get done. down to a developing story. singer chris brown has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. it's charges come after a woman called 911 to report that brown pointed a gun at her inside his own. police served a search warrant at the home and some say e brown city social media to reclaim his innocent. dozens of dogs are in need of homes tonight. they were surrendered to the humane society of greater akron. these are just two of the 52 dogs up for adoption. the breeder was no longer able to take care of them. some of the dogs are still receiving medical care. still to come. communicating with your dog. a group of researchers says they have proof your dog can
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a woman is face to face with a bear. find out how she escaped. and free chipotle. how and when families can score free burritos through september. speaking of free how about a forecast that is free from a whole lot of ground cover -- cloud cover and rain showers. the best news do have a little chance of rain before the weekend starts.
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this is channel 3 news at 11:00. it is said that the election season does not really start until labor day. here we have news about how one political team is wasting no time in the buckeye state. >> reporter: the clinton lead in ohio is slipping a bit. donald trump has been here a lot. he has spent a lot of money in ohio at it appears to be working. it double-barreled pushback from the clinton team tonight as we learned that she and her vice president pick will be in cleveland for a rare appearance on monday. as cleveland residents tilt her head to the sky over lake erie
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downtown another labor day rite of passage kicks off. only this year when the parade launches it will become the center of the political world or at least half of it. and one of their rare joint appearances since she named senator tim kaine her running mate clinton or -- clinton and camera -- tim kaine will appear together. a new national survey poll shows she has a six point lead on trump a two point slipped from last week. >> what do you have to lose? >> reporter: trump will be in ohio himself. he's appearing in cincinnati on thursday. clinton will be there tomorrow. while the parades are for the most part limited to labor day the political parade will run through ohio a lot before labor day -- election day which is 10 weeks from tonight. elsewhere on the political be
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on the air tonight that donald trump is heading to mexico for a visit with that country's president. this is ahead of his big immigration speech which is slated for tomorrow night in arizona. >> that could be an interesting conversation. and other election news. we have learned that a secret top -- top-secret us intelligence group is investigating russia's alleged election hacking. they had tried to get into arizona's online registration system. the penetrated a similar system in illinois and copied some of the data. the fbi is looking into whether the russian hacks of the dnc were an attempt to help donald trump's campaign. it appears that dogs can actually understand the meaning behind human language. this is according to
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of ways using both familiar and unfamiliar words. brain scans showed that the dogs processed familiar words correctly. >> that's a good boy. >> the theory behind this research is that pooches actually understand words like good boy as a good thing when these words are said in a positive tone of voice. talk about close encounters. a florida woman was playing garage when she looked up she was staring right into the eyes of a bear. she sent a voter sure her son and sent a message that said helped me. when her 6 foot six son walked up behind her the bear ran off. >> i felt like if i did some kind of knee-jerk that might scare him and i did not know what his reaction may be. >> wildlife officers set a trap . they hope to catch the bear and move it back into the woods. chipotle is offering families a deal.
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you buy a burrito bowl, tacos, or solid kids will also get an activity book. chipotle continues to work hard to win back customers after several foodborne outbreaks last year. we are holding out for free pancakes. >> the ihop pancakes? >> pancake day -- you go there and it's on. >> let's go. which syrup do you want? let's see how things will shakeup. we have some showers that will be hanging out in the morning. we will continue to have the scattered rain and rumbles as we head through the afternoon. temperatures will start in the 60s and get up to the 80s. we were in the upper 80s this afternoon. can't help but notice the showers. a few rumbles coming into western sections of ohio.
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front will be dropping south as we get into the day tomorrow. that will high in the chances for showers and thunderstorms. we had this rain out to the west of us and he can see the further east it goes it really starts to peter out as we have had dry air in place today and that takes some time to get that error and have rain that actually reaches the ground. we will be in with traffic and weather in the morning to let you know what is i think a lot of us will stay mostly dry tomorrow in the heat of the day kids will be getting home from school. we will see embedded thunderstorms from time to time. through the evening it will start to spread south and the cooler and drier air will be filtered tomorrow night. it does not look like tomorrow is going to be a drought buster
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rain at all. several spots will get downpours. they will be firing up. we have three storms in the atlantic side. the hurricane gaston on the atlantic is not a problem. tropical depression eight is moving away from the carolina strengthening. he can see how it is starting to get a little bit closer to where the center of the storm system is. as of right now it still looks like a good consensus that the storm will head to the northeast in the big band of florida. the hurricane watches are inland as they purchase it -- anticipate the storm to carry
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went and upward -- upwards of 70 miles per hour. that's not the only game in town. we hop west out into the pacific and we have to hurricanes -- two hurricanes that will be very concerning for hawaii. the big island is under a hurricane warning and as we continue to move west it will brush by the big la going to be rushing by to the north with 85 mile-per-hour winds. variable winds are less than five and as far as your window nation forecast goes will be in the mid-70s. here comes the sun for the labor day holiday weekend we
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the airshow are going to the big game or if you are out and about there's a lot going on. sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. coming up. the indians bats finally came alive against the twins. were they able to win their
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the indians are in other one run winner. the beat the twins 4-5. minnesota has lost 12 games in a row. the starting pitcher did not last long in the game. the first pitch of the game it is hit up. 35th home run given up by tomlin this year. he went 1 2/3 of an inning and the indians were behind. the twins are up 2-0. the indians cut the lead in half
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they are down 4-1 when davis who had a big night hedda homered that tied the game for all. francisco lindor since one to deep center field right off the top of the wall. the indians take the lead and the bullpen did the rest as andrew miller closed it out with a loud last out. trevor cook right up against the wall and the indians when it 5-4. they will go sweep tomorrow against minnesota. everybody remember coco crisp he's coming back. it will become official tomorrow. tomorrow is the deadline if you get a player like this for him to be eligible -- in 2005 he almost got them into the playoffs.
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eligible to play in the postseason. scoreboard watching the tigers are at home against the white sox they laid 6-4. j.d. martinez put it away with a home run. the indians magic number is down one more. it's down to 27 according to it. they're going to have a pending -- putting -- putting team competition. they were go ahead with the punters that they acquired yesterday from carolina casey redford. the starters are going to play in that last preseason game. they been doing get on the big- play but not the long sustained
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>> that's what we try to do every time we go out there and play. the underneath place that can keep drives going and you have to be more consistent to allow us to do those things. >> josh gordon finally played in tampa and he had two big plays. right before halftime an amazing catch and a touchdown as he curled around the defense back. thursday n w game for a month as he is suspended and we will not see him >> we will obtain as much information as we can and will be here and makes sure i stay in shape and pick up where i
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>> terrible news for teddy bridgewater. the vikings exciting quarterback that led them to the playoffs last year he suffered a horrible injury. a dislocated knee and a complete tear on an acl on a noncontact drill. there was no nerve damage which was good and some are worried whether he will be able to play at all this year.
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hard to believe it but tomorrow is the last day of august. >> unbelievable. we will see you tomorrow at 4:30 for chipotle three news --
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breaking news tonight. hurricane watches and warnings just issued. a triple threat up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to hawaii, bracing for impact. also breaking, isis says a leader at the top of america's kill list is dead. did the u.s. out the major strategy it is at the top of so many attacks. and under fire for a profanity laced attack. and a case that grips the nation, reveals herself publicly for the first time. the mission she is on. and amazing rescue. a heart stopping pileup caught on camera. a woman trapped, her car engulfed in
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, i'm savannah guthrie in for lester tonight. make no mistake, we are in the fall throes of hurricane season now. and if you're looking at the u.s. weather map tonight, there's a lot to keep your eye on. three storms re coastline. parts of florida just placed under a hurricane watch braced for up to 10 inches of rain. a tropical storm warning for sections of south carolina. and hawaii gearing up for a possible one-two punch.
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>> reporter: massive hurricanes swirling across the grove. hurricane madeleine in the pacific, threatening hawaii, it's followed by hurricane lester, in the atlantic, hurricane gaston, not expected to affect the u.s. >> this storm is an uncertainty, but we are preparing for it. >> reporter: in florida, tropical depression number 9 is poised in the gulf. >> everybody has to be careful. we don't want anybody to be injured and we do life. >> reporter: in north carolina's outer banks, a tropical storm warning is in effect. rip current warnings, swimmers are pulled out to sea, in panic. >> rip currents are dangerous, they have taken three lives here in the outer banks just this past summer. >> reporter: young payton waller got caught up in one and
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other tourists are taking the offshore storms in stride. the storms closest to the eastern u.s. are expected to strengthen into major hurricanes, it has suddenly become a busy season in the tropics. >> don't focus so much on the strength or the category, because the water hazard ends up being the most dangerous. >> reporter: as florida prepares for flooding, there is dangerous rip currents up and down the eastern seaboard as far north as new england, possibly extending into the holiday weekend. >> thank you. lets turn to our meteorologist dylan dryer. >> that tropical depression 8 is taking it's turn to the north northeast. we still could see one to three inches of rain and gusty winds
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threat through tomorrow. now to the gulf, tropical depression 9 is forecast to become a strong tropical storm before it makes landfall. but the whole track has shifted a little bit farther north. now charleston, south carolina could see the effects of a strong tropical storm. we could see 10 to 15 inches of rain in and around tampa. out in the pacific, we have hurricanes, madeleine and lester. madeleine is going to stay to the south of hawaii while lester is going to stay to the north of hawaii but we still could see 10 to 15 inches of rain on the big island and that could lead to flooding and mudslides. a lot to keep an eye on. as voters go to the polls in some high profile primary races tonight, election
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has learned the u.s. intelligence community has now launched a top secret review. our justice correspondent pete williams with the details tonight. >> reporter: as the nation prepares to vote 69 days from now, nbc news has learneded that a top secret u.s. intelligence group has already been tasked with russia related hacking. today the fbi director suggested his agency >> those kinds of things are something we take very, very seriously. and work very, very hard to understand. so that we can equip the rest of our government with options for how to deal with it. >> reporter: u.s. officials say after trying and failing to get into arizona's online voter registration system russian hackers penetrated a similar system in illinois.
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be much harder for any outsider to hack into the completely separate individual devices that count the fall votes. >> if it's not on the internet and you're not voting via the internet, the only way to hack into anything would be machine by machine. >> reporter: states that use optical scanners still have the paper ballots as a backup. even so security experts warn that security systems with no paper backups still in use are much more vulnerable especially to an insider hack. negligence for a secretary of state anywhere in the country now not to have a paper trail for their votes, not to have some backup system because the risks are just too great in this cyber wild west. >> reporter: democrats in congress asked the fbi to look into whether russian hacks into the democratic national committee were an attempt to help donald trump's a campaign. tonight officials say they doubt the
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help trump, but they might might -- there are reports tonight that one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world has been killed. the brutal number two in command of isis, systemed of playing a role in one of the most vicious attacks in the u.s. we have seen. >> reporter: he's not a house hold name in the united states, but for isis su both the group's chief spokesmen, also its second in command. significantly it was al-adnani who called throughout the world for lone wolfs to carry out attacks around the world.


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