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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 2, 2016 3:37am-4:08am EDT

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and being extremely careful. >> reporter: today's explosion appears to have significantly damaged the spacex launchpad potentially serious setback for spacex as the company works through a backlog of satellite launch dates and upcoming resupply missions to the space station. tom costello, thank you. to presidential politics and big backlash for donald trump from some of his biggest latino supporters who say now they feel misled and indicated he was perhaps softening on some of his immigration stances only to come out swinging last night, calling for a major immigration crackdown. katy tur tonight with the reaction. >> reporter: until today jacob monte was a member of donald trump's national hispanic council. >> i'm not going to be a hispanic prop like the mexican president was. so i resigned. >> reporter: bowing out after trump's fiery immigration speech last night.
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immigrants already in this country a pipe dream. >> you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by illegally entering our country. >> reporter: disregarding his counsel's advice. >> i argued and most did for a softer tone than he decided on. >> reporter: instead trump stuck to the hardline immigration approach that won him the primary. >> we're going to tr i.c.e. deportation offices. i am going to create a new special deportation task force. >> reporter: even after he seemed open to compromise with the mexican president earlier that day. >> we didn't discuss who pays for the wall. >> reporter: that's not true according to enrique pena nieto who retweeted that mexico would not pay for the
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his pace and appeal to moderate voters. >> there certainly can be a softening. i've had people say it's a hardening, actually. i think you'll see there's really quite a bit of softening. >> reporter: but it may be too late as some republicans like jasmine monroy has already made up her minds. >> you are going to get the hispanic vote? no. that's being fake and a hypocrite. >> i think the latino community is completely unavailable to donald trump because of his language not just on this issue but he does speak a language of intolerance. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news trump will get his second security briefing in new york city. this as his wife melania files a $150 million lawsuit against an american blogger and the daily mail for what she says are false stories claiming that she was once an escort. hillary clinton's campaign meanwhile announced that it smashed a fund-raising record in the month of august. while clinton has been shaking hands with
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closed doors, the roll of attack dog has been largely left to her supporters and surrogates andrea mitchell with the story. >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton off the trail relying on joe biden to attack trump. >> this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he's choking on because his foot's in his mouth along with the spoon. >> reporter: and tim contain on the morning shows. >> i think this is kind of a diplomatic amateur hour by donald trump. >> reporter: but biden raising eyebroot leaping to defend the clinton foundation to nbc's casey hunt. >> has the clinton foundation always been 100% ethical in your view? >> i think the clinton foundation like all foundations have found themselves in a position where things are changing, and i think she's going to change. >> reporter: the candidate herself only two public events in two weeks. when she does appear, ducking questions. what do you think of donald trump's new hires? >> thank you so much. we're having a great time here in
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time making her case to donors in private. the haul $143 million in august. 62 million for her campaign, the rest for the democratic party. >> every day donald trump is out there is good for the clinton campaign. every day hillary clinton is not distracting from the attention donald trump is getting is also good for the campaign. >> reporter: tonight clinton once again out of sight after driving off to practice for her debate against trump. likely to be the make or break moment of the campaign. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. authorities in found zika in infected mosquitoes for the first time in the continental u.s. officials say that development is disappointing but not surprising after dozens of nontravel-related zika infections in people in miami-dade county. but until now they hadn't been able to find mosquitoes with the virus. in a major announcement today georgetown university, the oldest jesuit institution in the u.s., says it will start making amends
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history by allowing descendants of people it bought and sold as slaves to get the same treatment as its most elite alumni. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: it was news maxine crump and michelle harrington could have never imagined. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: earlier this year the sisters learned they're the direct descendants of a group of slaves sold to louisiana in 1838 to save georgetown university from bankruptcy. today another stunning revelation. the descendants of all 272 slaves sold and anyone who helped build the university will now get preferential treatment in admission process, like the children of alumni. >> we belong as part of the georgetown family. >> it makes us. >> that's right. >> reporter: the news monumental for lauren crump. >> it makes me want to consider georgetown.
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have publicly recognized their ties to slavery, but today georgetown went a step further. >> i want to recognize the descendents of the enslaved children, women and men. >> reporter: georgetown will seek to alter the physical imprint of its legacy, renaming two buildings which once paid tribute to college presidents involved in the 1838 slave sale. it all started last fall when students of all races started demanding justice. >> today brings a overwhelming joy. >> reporter: what do you say to critics who would argue this is an important step but it doesn't go far enough? >> well, they're right. but we got to make the first step. >> reporter: a journey that began with 272 forgotten souls now on a path toward atonement and forgiveness. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. still ahead tonight, pain relief without the pills. so many alternative treatments out there, but which ones actually work?
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revealing. also a scary mix-up in the sky. why a mother says she
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we're back with new hope in the battle against the rising epidemic of opioid addiction in this country. a new study is revealing which alternative treatments can relief pain with fewer prescription pills and possibly without pills at all.
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explains. >> reporter: judy, a lawyer in new york, has suffered neck pain for three years. >> it's very, very debilitating. almost some days unsustainable in terms of tolerating it. >> reporter: after trying almost everything, she found relief with acupuncture, which stimulates certain nerve endings. >> it can cause you to feel pain differently. >> reporter: and it works for a lot of americans. according to one of the most comprehensive studies of alternative today the national institutes of health reviewing findings from more than 16,000 patients reported on what works and what doesn't. for those with arthritic knee pain acupuncture and tai chi had the best results. for neck pain, massage therapy, and back pain it's acupuncture and yoga. not so effective natural supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin. at the cleveland clinic connie powell is using a combination
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meditation to reduce high doses of painkillers. >> i'd given up on life. i didn't feel there was any way out. >> reporter: judy swears by acupuncture. does it hurt? >> no, it does not hurt. you know that someone's touching you, but it's not like getting a shot. >> reporter: insurance companies don't always pay for these therapies. pain experts hope this study proves they do work and should be covered. dr. john torres, nbc news, new york. we're back in a
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stunning images in the night sky over africa to the delight of star gazers. a ring of fire eclipse as the moon passed between the sun and the earth without completely blocking out the sun, hence the ring you see, a ring of sunlight around the moon, and it's beautiful. tonight, calls for the federal government to investigate a
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to get on the wrong flights last month. today one mother described her moments of sheer panic. here's anne thompson. >> reporter: 5-year-old andy martinez waved good buy for what should have been a flight from the dominican republic to new york's kennedy airport. flying alone for the first time, his mom maribel paid the airline an extra $100 exemployee get him on and off the flight. but through a translator she says he wasn't there. >> translator: i was given another boy, and they asked me it was the first time, is this your son? and i said, this is not my son. >> reporter: that child had her son's passport. andy landed in boston, the other boy mistakenly sent to jfk. jetblue put andy on the next flight to new york and, after what she says were more than three terrifying
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son back. >> i then had him in my hands, thank god. >> reporter: but when asked if it was the two boys that switched the passports causing the confusion, the mother's lawyer jumped in. >> we're not going to speculate. >> reporter: in a statement the airline said the children were always under the care of jetblue crew members. jetblue apologized, refunded the flights and offered the families credit on future flights. as for andy, he's back in the dominican republic with his dad, but flying airline. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. when we come back tonight, an update on a girl whose story has
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and final tonight the new chapter in an amazing story we first brought you this past spring. today was back to school day for a remarkable girl who had struggled with so much at such a young age. well now her future looks much brighter thanks to a teacher's incredible gift. here's nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: the first day of school. time for friends old
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extra special. because 8-year-old natasha fuller and teacher jody schmidt share a bond that goes far beyond the school yard. since birth natasha has battled kidney disease, struggling to stay alive. until the third grade teacher down the hall surprised natasha's grandmother, she would share one of her kidneys. we were with them just before the operation. going to get scared, because i'm scared, too. >> we'll be scared together, but we're going to be okay. >> yep. >> yeah. >> reporter: that was just five months ago. natasha has regained her color and strength and remains as precocious as ever. >> she's worked hard at school. she's worked hard with dialysis. she's worked hard at being a friend and a granddaughter. i'm not surprised that she's recovered as well as she has. >> reporter: she's even done some things
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is -- >> chocolate! and chocolate m&ms, and kit-kats and fries, and oh, burritos. >> reporter: i'm getting hungry. >> don't mess with that little one. >> reporter: natasha's grandmother says nothing will hold this little sparkplug back. you think she's going to grab it by the horns? >> she already has. she did the day after she woke up from her surgery. >> reporter: this is my world? >> you >> reporter: a lifelong friendship thanks to the gift of life. >> give me a hug. >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, wisconsin. aren't they amazing? that's going to do it for us on a thursday night. i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching, and have a
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it is here now. we can we build a home, we can rebuild a business. we cannot rebuild your life. >> hermine slams florida. three states declare a s emergency. we've got team coverage. thousands take to the streets many complaining they are hungry as venezuela looks for stability. >> kaep nick continues his anthem protest. and it's this comment from msnbc that set the twitter on
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following this explosive set back in the space race. and a warning for parents of kids who take school buses and a whole lot more on a business friday, "early today" starts right now. good to be with you this morning. hurricane hermine is pounding florida's gulf coast after making landfall just hours ago. the category one hurricane is the state's first in over a decade bearing down with torrential rain, threatening storm surges. the gulf coast is standing as new jersey braces for hermine. weave got coverage tracking the storm. hermine is expected to barrel across georgia later today so how is the state prepared? >> reporter: yeah, weaver got schools closed across this region. 54 counties right now declared states of emergencies as the
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we're starting to see light but steady rain, the wind starting to pick up just a bit. nothing like we expect to see the next few hours here. there is a big concern about tornados along the leading edge of this system as well as power outages. we know the strong winds have brought down trees and caused inland flooding already. that is what they're prepared for this morning. they are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best here through the southeast here, but up and along the east coast and i know bill is going to talk more about that. here, what we do expect to see is some more of that low area flooding, power outages are going to be a concern and again, a lot of businesses packing up and closing down yesterday saying not worth taking the chance with this storm moving in. >> a long day and even a long weekend, holiday weekend. thank you so much. now we turn to bill karins
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run down the track for us. >> all through the southeast over the next few days. cedar creek florida had a storm surge of 6 feet. that's a record for them. significant damage from the storm surge right where the storm made landfall just to the east of there. the storm is now crossing into georgia. the strongest winds are in southern georgia and that's where power is going out this morning, that's the most likely spot. heading to the east and it should be north of savannah as we by this evening it should be located to the north of charleston. should be tropical storm force, minor power outages likely with that. then the storm saturday morning, the winds are down to 50 miles per hour. and some good news for the northeast. the storm track a little further off the coast. may avoid the very heavy rains but the surf will be rough with rip currents right through the holiday weekend.
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thousands upon thousands of venezuelans who filled the streets demanding a recall election to remove their president from power. surging crime and staggering inflation, people are hungry. military and police forces were in full force with their president accusing organizers of planning a coup. opposition leaders say this wl push for a referendum. colin kaepernick isn't backing down. the 49ers quarterback chose to protest during the national anthem and this time he wasn't alone. teammate took a knee next to him many the silent protest. the pair was met with booing from the crowd and apparently
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during the anthem. he says he won't stand up to show pride for a country who oppresses black people and people of color. donald trump makes a complete reversal after wednesday's hard line immigration speech. >> so what happens is this. we're going to strengthen the border, make it really, really strong. we're going to build the wall. we're going to get rid of all of the bad players that are here, the gang members, the gang leaders, the drug le going to sit back, we're going to assess the situation. we're going to see where we are because we'll have people in the country that, you know that have come in illegally. we're going to sit back, we're going to assess the situation, we're going to make a decision at that time. >> trump the decision comes as some hispanic leaders who once backed the billionaire find themselves dazed and confused after his immigration softening turned out to be anything but. >> there was nothing probusiness
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after i heard that, there was no way i could continue to be part of a prop apparatus for mr. trump. >> but trump says critics simply didn't understand his immigration speech. and new this morning critics are pouncing after the founder of latinos for trump made this head snapping comment on msnbc. >> what is he talking about. >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and i if you don't do something about it you're going to have taco trucks every corner. >> wait a minute. i'm sorry. hold on a second. i have to let -- i don't even know what that means and i'm afraid to ask. >> i'm offended. >> it all comes as trump is set to hold his first intercity event. and the new york times is now reporting on the extent to which campaign staffers have
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trump with an eight-page draft script for an interview with the pastor. the times also revealed the tam pain's right to approve the session's final edit. a trump staffer said they would not edit the interview. it highlights the sensitivity of the event and the pitfalls waiting for the republican nominee and the clinton campaign had a statement thatay outreach to african americans cannot be scripted. trump is expected to speak directly to the congregation. he will also go on a walking tour with detroit native ben carson. hillary clinton has her best fund raising month nabbing $143 million in august and it highlights how scarce clinton has been on the trail focusing on fund raisers rather than public appearances on the trump.


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