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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:07am-4:38am EDT

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trump with an eight-page draft script for an interview with the pastor. the times also revealed the tam pain's right to approve the session's final edit. a trump staffer said they would not edit the interview. it highlights the sensitivity of the event and the pitfalls waiting for the republican nominee and the clinton campaign had a statement thatay outreach to african americans cannot be scripted. trump is expected to speak directly to the congregation. he will also go on a walking tour with detroit native ben carson. hillary clinton has her best fund raising month nabbing $143 million in august and it highlights how scarce clinton has been on the trail focusing on fund raisers rather than public appearances on the trump.
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events in the last two weeks. and new this morning the state department says clinton's official schedules from her time as the country's top diplomat will be released before election today. several schedules were already the basis of a damning report who says that those clinton met with were al her foundation. >> reporter: vice president biden has been out campaigning for her in ohio is being asked about those ties between the state department and the clinton foundation and whether or not the way they were handled by the foundation was ethical. >> has the clinton foundation always been unearth.
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>> i think she's going to change and adjust to the realities of how complicated it's all become. >> and is she clearing herself up enough with that? should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now? >> i think you'll see them stop taking foreign donations. >> reporter: new this morning we have learned that clinton will start traveling on her press plane. on monday she's been criticized for not giving enough access to the press. she's not had one news conference all year long. press to answer some of those questions enroute. >> we'll see what those questions are. thank you. nbc and msnbc along with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america will host the first ever commander in chief forum with both clinton and trump. the event will be moderated by "today's" matt lauer.
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against news outlets claiming they made inflammatory statements about her involvement in an escort service. one is retracting its story saying quote, the article did not intend to suggest that these allegations are true. nor did it intend to state or suggest that mrs. trump ever worked as an escort or in the sex business. just ahead, the incredible space x launch pad explosion. what went wrong? with more on hermine. >> well, the damage yet to come will most likely come from heavy rains expected eastern areas of south carolina. storm surge is over with for the most part in florida but we'll also have to watch during the day today in north carolina, south carolina and georgia. here's a closer look at the day ahead. well, we are going to continue to watch temperatures dropping
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some cool air wrapping in behind our hurricane. the worst of the weather is in northern georgia and southern florida and that will transfer to south carolina during the day today. and take a look at this. this is a ring of fire. time lapse video of a partial solar eclipse. how cool is that? it's caused by the moon moving between the sun and the earth. it lasted about three minutes. it takes place about once every 18 months. "early today" backtw people love clean sheets. take one of those pillows and take a big smell. they smell really fresh. oooh, this is hot! what if we told you we washed these sheets 7 days ago. really? no way are you serious? oh! no way! downy? uh. gimme! downy fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll change your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant for your clothes.
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think about this for a second. how do you tote a helicopter when it breaks down? this chopper was experiencing mechanical issues and they had to land in that muddy field. so in comes a chinook to give it a lift back for repairs.
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video for you that's lead the news in ohio. it shows the rescue of a father and son overdosed on heroin along a busy highway. >> come on, buddy. come on. >> state troopers arrived on the scene to find the two men unresponsive. they were joined by a nurse passing by just at the right time with narcan on hand. multiple doses were administered with both men eventually coming around. emergency crews transported them to a local hospital. the driver was later drug possession and driving under the influence. this morning officials at space x are trying to figure out what went wrong during a test of an unmanned rocket that caused it to suddenly explode on the launch pad in cape canaveral. the blast started in the upper stage oxygen tank. it significantly damaged the launch pad. the rocket was scheduled to launch an israeli communications
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beam internet access to remote parts of the world. protests are expected outside the santa clara jail where brock turner is scheduled to be released. he served just 90 days of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting a woman on campus. the judge's lenient sentence stirred national outrage. and mother teresa will be cannonized by pope francis 19 years after her death. the ceremony is hundreds of thousands to st. peter's square. and tribute to the late gene wilder by playing two of his beloved films. that's willy wonka and the chocolate factory and "blazing saddles." you're watching "early today." " you're watching "early today." tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ? tomorrow, tomorrow... ?
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little movement on wall street as investors are anxiously awaiting today's job we're joined now from london with a preview. what can we expect today? >> hey, good morning. so essentially what we know right now of course is that the fed signaling last week that whatever is released in this jobs report later today will have a major impact on whether or not they decide to hike rates by the end of the month. analysts saying that somewhere over 200,000 could push the fed forward at the rate hike at the end of september. we're expecting that report just
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walmart has decided to shed some 7,000 jobs if they switch over to automated cash counting and bookkeeping. it's how it's changing the face of u.s. retailers. the company said for them this is only less than 1% of their total u.s. work force but they said they are offering jobs in other parts of the stores and another story is south korea's shipping line, they've said they're going bankrupt and that theseps unable to get their products to market. this is causing a ripple effect also to u.s. retailers. they're worried about getting that prestock for christmas into ports. a big question on how negative this will impact the u.s. economy. >> a lot to watch and thank you. just ahead, the world's most decorated olympian plays egg russian roulette, plus a
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all right. movie time this weekend. in theaters this light between oceans star ago real life couple. and there's also morgan, a science fiction thriller so that
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weekend. >> a little thing called hermine. michael phelps stopd by the tonight show to play russian roulette. >> oh, man, i'm nervous. >> i love seeing michael phelps nervous. this is great. come on, buddy. do it. go for it. >> >> you've got to do the whole thing. >> just try it. trust me. >> slap it. >> man, come on. >> oh, that one's red. >> what's up dude? >> nothing, this is awesome. >> think it's set up a little bit? >> the goggles daytona all. >> how about being a wimp about it.
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>> own it. go big or go home. >> the residents of el salvador survived a dangerous celebration. every year on the last day of august young men make homemade fireballs an gasoline soaked rags. don't take the kids to this one. yeah, that's not highly recommended. all right. this honors a volcanic eruption that forced all the resident to evacuate and i think i like the tomato throwing festival. yesterday as far as what we covered but this is crazy and they always say there are few incidents of people getting hurt from this. >> gasoline and fire and throwing. that kind of -- >> they've mastered i guess over the years, but anyway, this is "early today." why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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