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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  September 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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medical marijuana will soon become legal. plus there's plenty of things to do this wed. we're live from burke lakeft air show. plus what keeps people coming br more. channel 3 news this morning starts right now. . a live look at downtown
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man, look at that. a lot going on this weekend and we're going to bring it all down to let you know where you can go. it's going to be that beautiful blue sky and the sun shining. >> yes, you can bet all the way through the labor day weekend. nice cool nights, and then a lot of sunshine each day. >> that's perfect. >> let's show you what's happening right now. 66 degrees, and that is eight degrees warm are than saw just a couple hours ago. so that sun really warming things up quickly. and if you're going to be headed off to the lake today, it's going to be a very nice day today. and again, cool nights, warm days, loads of sunshine. the lake will see one to two foot waves, northeasterly
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so all in all, not a bay bad day to do at the beach. temperaturewise, 63, downtown 66. i'll be along with the complete forecast for you in a few minutes. and again, no big changes here for the next few days. >> we'll shortly. . the east coast isn't out of the woods yet at tropical storm hermine has a chance to regain hurricane strength as it passes north carolina and into the atlantic ocean. the system could hit coastal areas as far as north as connecticut and rhode island. in hawaii one has passed through without much damage while lester is expected
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medical marijuana here in ohio is expected to become legal next thursday. no marijuana is being grown or sold in ohio yet. a 13-member panel still has to be chosen to write pot industry rules. patients are not getting prescriptions just yet. after debra pearl was shot and was hit when someone ran a red light. then he walked over to the woman and shot her several times. the local ncaap chapter wants people to get a background check before they purchase guns. the wild water kingdom, monday will be the park's final day. it's owned by cedar fair. the land will be sold and developed.
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year because they fly within inches of each other, the cleveland national air show with more of the blue angels later this afternoon. melissa, do you feel the need for speed? >> reporter: you know we feel the need for speed especially now that we're so close to these aircraft. people are starting to come in and days of this. remember, it's all the labor day weekend for today, tomorrow as well as monday. they're expecting between 60,000 and 100,000 visitors at this year's air show. we have lucky with the cleveland -- kelly with the cleveland air show. what's new this year? >> people will be able to see the 22f raptor.
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year they'll be able to see the complete demonstration. it will be in the historic flight today. the raptor will be flying with the f-35 lightning and mustang. it's the first time ever that these three will be flying together. it's showcasing how far aviation has come. so it's going to be incredible. also for all those tv fans of the batman tv original bat coptor and bat mobile. >> reporter: what else is so cool, you can take your attention off of them, you know what i'm talking about. >> of course, the u.s. navy blue angels. they're celebrating their 70th anniversary this year and they landed in cleveland 70 years to the day that they were in our national air races in
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special for us to have them back here again. >> reporter: we want everyone to know that the gates close at 3:00 today but the air show goes until 4:00. let me tell you, you need these today to be cool and to protect yourself from the sun. back to you in the studio. >> looking good there. i got to ask you, i don't know if you're old enough to remember, you need to find out if you were around er if the name actually comes up like wham or pop or bam. find that out for me. >> reporter: i'll do some investigating. tough assignment, but i'll try. there's many other events going around north east ohio. hilary has a look. >> reporter: we start in baria where oktoberfest is underway. you'll find food and oh, yeah, some great beer.
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moving to the west side of cleveland where the festival is celebrating 102 years, congratulations. the tents are all coming up this afternoon and people are filling in now for the fun. and the knot so typical, which includes the annual grease bowl competition. moving further east where a fair is underway in burton. that's where you can sink your teeth for some c or go -- corn on the cob. sfoerz last night's first pitch might beat them all. . he was ten months old when
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after months of kimmo, and a loss of kidney, he is cancer free. his family says it's still very important to them to stay in the fight. >> the cancer is not fun at all. it's really bad. >> it really is. >> yeah. >> how you holding up? good. i shave my head every year because not everyone is as >> the more dollars we raise and the more outcome we get. that's why we do it. >> st. paul raises the most money for cancer. much of that money coming from their shaven head campaign. great event every yearment a lot of fun down there. coming up, more backlash over collin kaepernick's
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national anthem. >> and a dog has been rescued after spending more than nine days. we have the amazing rescue coming up.
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. welcome back at 9:11. collin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem could lead to a lack of security during the games.
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this season. the union sent the 49ers sent a letter saying they are upset about how officers murder minorities. >> i'm already hearing it this week that next monday some officers aren't going to work. >> the 49ers are standing by their statement. it respects kaepernick's right to freedom of expression not to participate in the national ohio is a freeman this morning. brock turner served three months of his six-month sentence in a california jail. he was released early due to good behavior. it made a lot of people angry. he could have faced 14 years in prison, instead he's on three-years' probation and is a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. >> he's gone from our custody and should never have been here in the first place.
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>> 2 million people signed petitions for the victim. it calls for removing the judge from the bunch. nfl dash player is -- taylor drove his bentley into a motorhome when switching lanes early friday evening. this isn't taylor's first the law. he won two super bowls with the new york giants. anti-bacterial soaps, plain old soap and water will do the job. that's what fda is saying this friday. it bans more than a dozen ingredients. >> reporter: anti-bacterial soap
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millions. but the fda band 19 chemicals used in many of those soaps forcing them off the market within a year. >> it's not a ban because they said this was bad. it's just more of like a ban because it's just no good. >> reporter: infectious disease specialist says warm water and soap is enough. >> it's busting open bacteria extremely well. so it's difficult to say why d anything else. >> reporter: soap companies produce no evidence including the most common ones were effective. some research suggest over time they could spread bacteria or interfere with normal hormones. >> what the fda is saying is that the companies have not shown it. >> reporter: the american cleaning institute differs with
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the effectiveness of the banned ingredients. other companies now have a year to comply with the ban. mark barger, nbc news. president obama arrived in y . he traveled there from hawaii where he made a brief stopover. the president expected to announce that china and the u.s. are joining the global climate last year in paris. firefighters pulled a dog from a rubble of a building that collapsed in italy's earthquake nine days earlier. firefighters were accompanying a couple to their house when they heard a dog barking. it's back to school, labor
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some backpack deals. we'll have a check of the weather. >> we have a fabulous forecast. lots of sunshine, pleasant temperatures. i'll tell you about it coming up in a couple
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. 9:19. welcome back. when is a hit not a hit
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question swirling around this summer's hollywood films. revenues are up from last year, but some of the biggest block busters fail because they cost so much to produce. >> things are better. >> reporter: x men is one of the the same can be said for the ghostbusters. there's no gray area with ben herr making it one of the biggest flops of the season. alice through the looking down followed by war craft and the independence day. on the positive side finding
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swimmer, but the big catch of the year. others including the angry birds movie. marvel continued its dominance with civil war along with suicide squad. horror movies were strong scaring up $100 million. made original budget. comedies made serious coins with central intelligence and sausage parties. that's the box office wrap. it's always interesting to see what draws people out and what doesn't. if you're going to see a movie tonight, what system do you use?
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it's got to be something that makes you think. >> i like a lot of critics scores but one thing i don't like is when they show me too much. just give me one sentence, this is what the movie is about. >> a lot of times in comedy they show you the best bids. >> yeah, sometimes it's actor rides. i can see one actor and i'll want to e see it. nice weather east coast not so much. >> not the weekend to go see a movie right? beautiful outside. right now, 66 degrees. sunny skies and it will remain mostly sunny all the way through this labor day weekend. dew point at 53 degrees. easterly winds at 8 miles an hour. we are going to have an absolutely picture
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on the cool side, market 59. and as we take a look at our satellite pictures, there is a big hole in the clouds right here. however, there's aing big hole there -- there's a big hole there and tropical storm hermine is tracking off to the northeast at 21 miles an hour. it probably won't make land fall again, however, it could spool up to hurricane strength in the next couple days as it tracks on that north easterly direction. andho affecting that eastern sea board all the way up to new england. and tropical storms watches and warnings. calm winds to light winds here across the area, and we will continue with these light breezes out of the east, northeast during the next couple days. temperaturewise right now, 66 downtown. mansfield 60
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day. as we move through time 4:30 this afternoon, we'll see the upper 70s, low 80s. lots and lots of sunshine. fair skies and comfortable temperatures overnight. tomorrow afternoon we'll see those low 80s across the area. beautiful day to be outside no matter what you want to do. golf, have a cookout, perfect weather. and to get you started memorial labor day, we're talking 63 there in cleveland. morning, don'ter, a ver good start to your labor day weekend. over night tonight leave those windows open. don't need the air conditioner. 56 for a low temperature. for sunday, 80. lots of sunshine, comfortable h0
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chance for thunderstorm on thursday, but cooler and dryer on friday. >> we appreciate all your hard work there. >> any time. best tech backpacks are all half price. granite has your bargains for work and back to school. >> great to be with you this weekend. back in july you may deals. i put a wine glass in front to show you it could protect your techs. i did a test with the light bulb. you're going to see this is a very breakable light bulb. i dropped it on the floor and it did break. i am now, before i show you these amazing backpack deals, i'm going to call on my good friend intern casey and
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test. >> we are going to put this light bulb to the test. >> and i am going to drop this wood brick that's really a wood brick on top of the backpack. we're going to do this in one take, no tricks. all right show them the light bulb is in. >> front zipper. >> this works with all of the backpacks. cody you ready? drop in the brick. >> it's stiln if you're not yet convinced, let's drop it right on the light bulb. here's the brick, let's go. bam. and let's see if this works. this actually works, i will be -- oh, my. what? >> i was amazed to be honest on that last test. at under $50 you're going to find items like this backpack with free shipping
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backpacks. all of these are exclusive models. if you believe you find it lower price some when else that's not possible on these models. i don't care whether or not you buy them. this is the e bag's laptop protective case. this did survive our light bulb test while i still have glass everywhere. and the swiss gear backpack that has an technology that has that breathe breatheability. it will be protective like that light bulb. even some of the bad boys like this, for 45 bucks you're doing really well. i know it's labor day weekend and a lot of us are thinking about travel, this is a great way to not take a carryon
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quite a bit into here other than your tech. you want to watch our full demonstrations, it would be my honor to hook you up. that's where --, that's where i have the others. good morning, put your eyes to the sky if you're around downtown cleveland. the cleveland national air show has officially gun thisab weekend. we're live from burke
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. welcome back. we're going inform check in with -- we're going to check in with melissa here. and you know, this is the weekend and historically a lot of things going on and they're all outside. so this is good news. >> you know, if iou rich man this weekend because it's all good. we're going to have comfortable temperatures, lots of sunshine. and it couldn't be any better for anything you want to do outside. right now a perfect start to the day. 66 and sunny skies. easterly winds at 8 miles an hour. next few days, cool nights and warm days and lots and lots of sunshine. it will warm up by the middle of next week. winds out of the east,
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water quality, the latest report, it's good. downtown in euclid, the beach is an okay place to be. lots of sunshine as well. those temperatures a little bit on the cool side to get you started, but things are going to warm up very rapidly during the course of the day today. you can see the absence of clouds for a long stretch here away from us. but when you head to the east coast, it is tropical storm hermine. where is it headed? i'll be along with all minutes. he talked about things heating up, things will be heating up on the political front very soon here as we get ready for the presidential election. hilary clinton and tim kaine will be here on monday for the parade and picnic. we'll start earlier than normal
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for a rally. clinton and trump expected to be frequent visitors in ohio during the next two months. the f.b.i. released more documents related to clinton's private e-mail use server. she does not remember getting any classified material training and that former secretary of state colin powell advised her to be very careful. nbc edward lawrence told the f.b.i. she never asked for permission to use the s redacted document the f.b.i. released its summary notes from the interview about whether she mishandled classified material on her personal e-mail server. the f.b.i. told clinton told them she never deleted nor did she instruct anyone to delete her e-mail to avoid complying with the federal records act. but tens of thousands of e-mails were deleted, some of them
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f.b.i. she relied on career enforcer guidance. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very highly classified information. >> reporter: trump rein forces clinton's bad honesty. he then headed to philadelphia meeting with african-american religious and civic leaders. some critics call this just lip service saying trump is actually talking to his base of predominantly white voters. >> it sort of takes that speak of him being a racist off. he can go and say i'm not a racist, i talked in a black church. >> reporter: trump is the only candidate making campaign stops in multiple states. clinton has only made two public appearances
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edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. you can see them in the sky overhead here in downtown cleveland. it's the blue angels. and they are one of the main attractions at this weekend's cleveland air show. the gates just opened. alyssa, tell us what's going on down there. >>ep gates just opened at 9:00 and people were lined up to get in. they're checking out all the planes here. i've been checking out the planes with kelly lucky this morning. come on in kelly. we're going to use our sunglassr this. we're just trying to be as cool as the pilots here. aren't we? >> we got our aif quiet or.
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here? we're going to have over 30 displays, ground displays for people to check out and about 20 planes actually in the air today. so just another important reminder that not everything at the air show is in the air. we have a lot to see on the ground. >> these first official air shows that we're going to see, what time and what is it? >> so one of the first things we'll see today is the u.s. army golden knights. they're a parachute team. it's incredible. you won't believe theri do in the air. >> reporter: how about that bat mobile? >> we can't get enough of the bat mobile and the bat coptor. you won't want to miss it. >> reporter: it's $23 at the gate. >> and $16 for children and kids 5 and under are free. >> reporter: we do want to let everyone know that the gates close at 3:00. so if you miss that cutoff, you can come back tomorrow or monday. we're going
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there's my plane. got to go now. >> i'm going to wave from here . i expect you to wave back. meanwhile just next door, the rock and roll hall of fame celebrating its 21st birthday this weekend. they'll throw a big 90s stall birthday barb -- style birthday bash. it's well domd 10 million visit drove in $2 billion into the area's economy. a local veteran is getting a home. their mission is building for america's bravest. don kendrick shows the story of the home that comes with keys to independence who stepped up to serve. >> reporter: there is plenty of energy in the north hampton
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there's not much that works physically now in this house for the father of five. joshua stall served two tours of duty injured by an ied in afghanistan in 2011. >> i can see my leg still. it was 60 pounds of explosives. >> reporter: it was 60 pounds of equipment that another father of five, new york firefighter stephen grabbed out of his car on september 11, 2001. off >> ran the two miles through the brooklyn battery tunnel to the world trade center where he was not seen again. >> reporter: this year a record 30,000 plus will follow in fuller's foot steps. >> the family wanted people to never forget what our country experienced on 9/11. >> reporter: they built more
9:38 am
latest technology to make life easier with things like countertops and cabinets that lower. >> i'm looking forward to a lot because here i have to climb up onto the counter to get into the cabinets. >> reporter: almost 50 of them are if in ishd or under -- finished or under construction nationwide. this year on september 11. look at this, josh stall in new york right beside the hero who doesn't want to be called a hero rolls now. t to t rolls around the world. >> what i did was what i chose to do, so i can't call the sacrifice. >> reporter: they do. >> i know. >> reporter: $70 million says they do believe that you all have done something very -- >> i know. that's why i smile.
9:39 am
they do good. stephen could never fathom just how far reaching that let us do good reflex would have been. the instinct to save lives to carry it on. that's why this one we think has to grow straight to the good stuff file. if you want to be part of it lamar odoming on to -- log on to night fun at progressive field. dave has the highlights next in sports. plus labor day weekend is here, people all over the country, what you need to know to keep your family safe on the
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. indians and marlins again. tonight last night a great way for the tribes to s month of september and the first of 17 straight games as they beat the marlins in the game you saw right here on channel 3. welcome back coco crisp, he did not play last night. things went the indians way, andrew caster, bases loaded and they score three in the first. they score on the field.
9:43 am
double to give the indians a 6-0 lead. all indians last night, the big reason why he had his stuff going. seven in the third, shut out inning, gets his tenth win of the year. indians win 6-2, their fourth straight win. matching a season high 21 games above 500. >> let's talk about the browns now, today after finishing the preseason 0-4 on thursday night. today's the day. they have to get it down to 53 by 4:00. reportedly 2016 round pick, charles gains has been cut. the browns cut the 2014 fourth round draft pick. he spent the past two seasons as corner back. it did not work out.
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in columbus, ohio state opens its season against bowling green at noon. no program in the country returns fewer starters from last season. but still some think they can win it all. i like their odds today. the buck ice have been 60 -- the buckeyes. >> it's a great way to come out of the season. going to be riled up. it's going to be a lot of nervous guys on the field. but when it comes down to it after the first couple plays, you play the game that you love. >> join me at 6:00. it's going to be a busy day. we have a crew down in columbus. we'll have reaction from the buckeyes and the falcons plus all of the brown's cuts plus we'll preview
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. 9:47. an earthquake has rattled planes to north texas. here's a twitter picture of the some of the damage in oklahoma. you can see the building has been pushed down. this was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.
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oklahoma. people in missouri, arkansas, nebraska as well as texas felt this quake. we are hearing this is tying the largest magnitude earthquake hitting this state. we're also tracking tropical storms kerry as well. people getting hit with rarity here today. >> i've never been in an earthquake that strong, but i would assume with blocks coming probably be pretty scared in that. >> absolutely if you're not used to that. we were discussing this a little bit, you've been saying they were hit from small kind of blips, so they may be new to this. >> some people think it's tied to fracking over there, the hydraulic getting the oil out of the ground. so yeah, they're getting quite a few of them. but this is a big one. >> let's show you what's
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talking a beautiful start to the day. 66 degrees in sunny skies. it is going to turn out to be a really nice day. we've got the tropical storm off to the east. earthquake off to the west. but right here, it is going to turn out to be a terrific weekend. temperature wise on the mild side. we saw a low temperature of 58 degrees and then up into the mid 60s. high pressure is going to be with us through the weekend. that's going to give us cool nights, warm days and lots of sunshine. sunshine not much of it on the east coast. we're talking about tropical storm hermine moving to the east, northeast out to the atlantic about 21 miles an hour. sustained winds and tropical storm watches and warnings in effect all up and down the eastern sea board.
9:50 am
again briefly, but it should stay out in the atlantic and not make any more land fall. generally out of an easterly direction we'll remain that way. and the temperatures very, very pleasant to get you going. as we move through time, those temperatures will bump up into wears on and then we'll drop back into the pleasant range back up into the 50s again. 80 for tomorrow. and on monday we'll have a nice start to the day. mild. we'll probably only see the 60sr sunday night and then up into the mid 80s on labor day. let's show you the forecast and it really is a good one. no matter what you want to
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perfection weatherwise. you can leave those windows open once again and enjoy that free air-conditioning. 56 for low temperature. a lot of sunshine and your window nation seven-day forecast. temperature bumping up to 85 and 90 on thursday. a lot of people are out
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they think this is happening. first because of the economy. the safety also surveyed more than 1,000 teenage driver. 35% admit to using social media and 21% admit to using video chat while driving. this report is coming out just as regulators and automakers to debate what rules and regulations should be required for vehicles. but most of all as you're planning that trip over the weekend, b >> a look at some of the beautiful scenery of the cuyahoga national park. the national park service celebrates 100 years.
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. 2016 marks the 100-year birds day of the national park -- birthday of the national park service. photo journalist carl back are put together a photo of sorts. enjoy. >> reporter: food and drink is not all. there is this spiritual. in some, it is only a germ. but the germ will grow. everybody needs beauty as well d . places to play in and pray in. where nate you are may
9:56 am
strength to body and sole. here in ohio we have cuyahoga valley. >> happy birthday, national park. >> reporter: reporting from the akron/canton newsroom. >> dear to my heart. i hik >> anything interesting that you ever saw? >> just a lot of different things. a lot of wildlife, a lot of mushrooms and flowers. it changes over time though. never the same thing twice. >> thanks for stopping in this morning. make sure you stay tune at 6:00 p.m. coming up
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