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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. parades, parties and politics. the stang is set here on this -- the stage is set here on this labor day. coming up how both presidential candidates are working for your vote in ohio today. john? >> a standoff ends with a deadly outcome in twinsburg. details. what we are finding out from police. this morning. >> and a final ride in the sky for the holiday weekend. when you can check out the cleveland air show. for the last and the bat mobile is there. >> yes, it is. >> we will take that for a spin. >> the bat-copter is there as well. a lot going on. >> i will live there today. good morning, everyone. nice to have you with us. i'm john anderson. michael is here. thank you for being here. >> oh, i was going to say my pleasure to be here. >> how about i do the weather. >> here is the clicker if you want to give it a try. >> no, no, no. >> are you headed to the air show later on today. you will have a ton of fun and
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absolutely love it and the weather holds up nicely and break down the forecast just for you, this is a special forecast for you, and cleveland national air show -- >> whoa, there she go. >> yes, not only the thunderbirds but the blue angels absolutely amazing. from the 9:00 hour to lunchtime, we warm from the 70s to the 80s, and top off in the mid-80s with a whole lot of sunshine out there, so again, sun screen, and grab bottle of water. i think you will need it. this morning, it is almost deceiving. we are kind of cool in some spots. elyria, 57 degrees. and only 51 degrees with a touch of fog in wooster. and rain will not be an issue, just yet. you will notice that off towards our west into places like minnesota, minneapolis, and tracking some showers and thunderstorms in winds. we will talk about when that
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couple of minutes. new overnight, part of west 6th in cleveland's wearhouse district was shut down after 2:00 a.m. as the bars were closing, police made a routine traffic stop. involving a pick-up truck. the driver got out of the truck and ran from the area and left the truck in the middle of the street. at the same time, a large crowd of people were leaving the bars, and several officers were called to help clear out the large crowd. the road was shut down between lakeside and superior. it is back open this morning. also elderly man was rescued from an apartment fire on cleveland's east side. the fire started on the second floor of the building that is located on kinsman near east 130th. officials say the man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. we will keep you updated on this, both on air and also at a suspect is dead after a s.w.a.t. incident last night in twinsburg. now, this was the scene of the five-hour standoff at the ridge
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drive. one victim was taken to the hospital after being shot outside. and the suspect barricaded himself inside one of the condos. police evacuated nearby residents to the city's senior city. during the incident. they all safely returned home. no word on the condition of the victim or the identity of the suspect. again, we will keep you updated on this story, at time right now is 5:03. hillary clinton and do back in ohio today. one candidate scheduled an appearance and the other remains off the radar for now. channel 3 alisa raymond has more on what the candidates have planned for this labor day. >> reporter: we are here in cleveland this morning, tents, a stage, and flags are all set. because there is this meet and greet taking place in the park following the labor day parade. hillary clinton and tim kaine
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this afternoon. the the latest quinnipiac poll of ohio voters showed that clinton had a modest lead over trump. and both candidates keep making appearances here, it comes as no sur price. and clinton -- surprise. and clinton and kaine will be in the park today following the parade. it starts a little earlier around 10:00. meanwhile it appears trump will also be in ohio today. our youngstown, spoke with the director of aviation who says trump is scheduled to fly into that airport today. the trump campaign has not confirmed this visit yet. but we are told there have been some preparations made and security sweeps done there at the fairgrounds. these stops in ohio come exactly three weeks from the first presidential debate. which will be moderated by nbc's lester holt. at hofstra university. that is all for now here, we
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and the security sweeps, as well as the people that keem trickling in, and -- keep trickling in as soon as the sun comes up. back to you in the studio, john. >> thank you. a sad story involving a woman leaving her high school reunion. police say a driver slammed into her and kept going. she is now dead. the crash happened early sunday morning. at the intersection of lee road and clover side avenue on cleveland's east side. and police say a man driving a stolen 2005 chrysler well above the 25 mile-an-hour speed limit, that's what happened barnes from maple heights. the 49-year-old woman was leaving a class reunion party for jane adams' business career center when that crash happened. police are still searching for the the driver. the second trial for a woman accused of killing her husband has once again ended in a hung jury. jurors can't decide if colleen mckernan acted in self-defense or committed murder when she shot her husband on new years eve back in 2014.
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now, here are the options. a third trial could happen, dismissal of the murder charge. or a plea agreement to manslaughter. when the the sun sets tonight, it will be the last time ever for summer swimming, sliding, and splashing at wild water kingdom. because the park is closing for good. we got the good news last month. the sister park cedar point announced a water park and developed. aurora's mayor says the lot may eventually include retail, commercial, and residential development. the bill barber award for show man ship. >> the cleveland national air show, the roar over the shore, has been flying high over the city for the past two days. and today is the last chance to
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they leave for the next generations. the show is from 10:30 to 4:00 this afternoon. but remember, the gates close at 3:00. so you have to be there before 3:00 if you want to see the end of the show. the salvation army's adult rehabilitation center in cleveland is hosting their fourth annual labor day party today. there will be plenty of activities for families including games, prizes, food, bounce house, obstacle courses. they have a lot more for you. it will srupb from 1:00 to 5:00 -- it will run from 1:00 0 p.m. in the 5,000 block of euclid avenue. everyone is invited to sustained. adults and children a-- to attend. adults and children alike. if you want to find something to do to say farewell to summer, check out our digital team has put together a list of 11 thingses you can do across northeast ohio, today on labor day. it is almost 5:08. topping the morning news feed, senator bernie sanders will campaign today for democratic
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clinton. the former democratic presidential candidate will hold his first solo campaign event for his former rival, this will happen in new hampshire. and senator sanders will speak at lebanon high school where he is expected to talk about clinton's economic plan. the vermont senator will highlight clinton's plan to build an economy that works for all americans, and not just the wealthy. florida governor rick scott toured some of the most damaged areas of southwest florida during his his visit, he said pasco county suffered the worst flooding from hurricane hermine, and made land fall near tallahassee. and 744 homes were forced under mandatory evacuation and 15 people are now in a shelter. they say at least five roads are still closed in the area. and a nebraska family struck by tragedy in june, was surrounded by hundreds of supporters, friends, neighbors and strangers gathered to
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would have been his third birthday. the young boy was killed by an alligator during a family vacation to disneyworld a few months ago. and the family wanted to keep things positive by honoring lane, and releasing balloon, each donated by an anonymous donor. a trip to the hospital sent several people to the -- a trip it to the fair landed several people in the hospital, computer function changed and the operator panicked and released the safety restraints before the ride came to a stop. 14 people were thrown from the ride when it was moving and the story was retracted saying no one was thrown. and shoppers have their minds on christmas during the
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the way. >> the new exhibit opened at the national history hume. we will tell you what you can see at the wildlife center, and there is always something to see. good morning, michael. >> good morning, that otter has a great idea, jumping in the water. it would be a great day to do so. here is what it looks like if you're celebrating your labor day and heading out tonight to the indians game, progressive field, at 7:10, and of course, taking on the houston astro, first pitch. 81 degrees. 73 by the 9th inning. and we will break down when 90s return to e that and more in a couple of
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light new at 5:13. a new champion for the best hummus in the area. the hummus master at the middle eastern festival during the
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contest entering samples of the hummus. the wildlife center opened over the weekend. the wildlife center and wood garden is home to a variety of animals and plants, including river otters. they came from rescue or rehab centers and they couldn't survive on their own in the wild, so they are taking care of them here, and you can check out the wildlife, from 10:00 a good place. so many things to do today. >> michael, we need at least 36 hours just for today to fit them all in. >> yes, i completely agree. and are you saying, are you going to the air show of course, later on today? i would love to check out the otters swimming around in the water. >> yes. >> there are a number of things to get done. and one i had a chance to do this past weekend which is absolutely amazing if you
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city and go to the observation deck where you can see the entire city. i watched the air show with my family from there yesterday. john, it was incredible. and today, if you plan on heading to the air show for your labor day, it will look equally as nice. here is what your labor day forecast looks like. and of course, let's be honest. most of us, are looking forward to the food, we are looking forward to the hamburgers hot dogs, all the trimming and fixings and it is an awesome day for it. mid-80s and sunshine. that is what we are forecasting here on your monday. can't believe how many boats i saw, out on the water, watching the air show, so if you're going to be one of them later on today, winds from the south at 5 knots, and waves less than two feet. and long story short, a picture perfect day on lake erie. temperatures this morning, 57 in elyria, good morning, to our friends down to mansfield at 58 degrees. and ashtabula, just a little cooler at 54. you might need a light jacket if you're running out to
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couple of days. warser, notice the vis -- wooster, notice the visibility is down to a mile and a third. so be aware of that. and high pressure, keeping us nice and dry, on the left end of the system, it is a nice return of return airflow so today and tomorrow and into wednesday, we are very warm. notice we are tracking an area of low pressure, with a cold front. i think that this begins to move it will fall apart some but certainly increase our chances for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. as we head toward your midweek. and now, through lunchtime though, it it is going to be perfect. if you want to get out and about. maybe go to your favorite restaurant for lunch. through the afternoon and evening. it will be great to fire up the grill. and if you're out later on tonight, not to worry. it is a picture-perfect evening for us. by tomorrow, a lot of you returning back to work. tomorrow morning, it looks good.
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and yes, i think we could see a stray sprinkle. that is what that 10% chance for that shower is in there for, i think most of us stay dry. and john, look what happens, by wednesday, are you ready for this? 91 degrees, and lots of humidity. so those ac's, getting a good workout, even after labor day. >> am i ready for this? we have had 30 days already. wow, it >> no, it won't. >> and i'm not complaining about it because i know what is ahead of us. >> perhaps a cool winter. >> no 90s in december. >> no. >> not at all. >> all right, michael, thank you. we are not even through the labor day holiday but some shoppers are already planning for the next holiday and especially after -- for the holiday season after that. chris clackum reports on all of
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halloween merchandise on store shelves, two months before the night of trick-or-treating, did you notice the shopping phenomenon, known as christmas creep, it got going this year, even before we got through labor day? walmart kicked off its christmas lay away campaign last friday to get consumers in a buying mood. >> over the past few years, we have seen a trend where consumers tend to buy gifts all year long. and other retail experts say christmas creep gets earlier and earlier because that's what many consumers want. >> they are taking advantage of seasonal sales, maybe when certain things are in stock, and they might not be in stock, or not as ready available, during the holiday. >> he says the current summer clearance sales are a perfect example. people buying what will be gifts three months from now. but certainly not everyone buys
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into september. and really won't like the black friday ads some retailers are planning the day after halloween. >> trick or treat. >> chris clackum, nbc news. time right now is 5:19. fall is on the way. and that means home repairs will give you some tips how to finance. that that is coming up at 5:21. >> and look what is here on a holiday. >> who else? >> the deals. >> working for you. coming up after the break, how do capacity, for $15. it is coming up, right after
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for some, fall is a good time for home repair but never cheap. so to help you figure out how to finance your fixer-upper, elizabeth, from nca financial is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about our options.
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options. first is cash. but if you don't have the cash saved up, then there are three. and looking at credit cards, and using a home equity line of credit or a loan, or refinancing your mortgage, and taking a lump sum of equity out to pay for those expenses. >> what do we need to consider, the pros and cons for each? >> yes, there are a few things to consider with each of the options. the first is the interest rate. so you know, is it a fixed or variable rate. and so with the credit card, usually they're higher but a zero percent option. and the home equity line when and when you refinance the mortgage, you can be fixed or variable depending on the mortgage type you go with. >> you worry about it affecting your credit. >> yes, but if you have a strong credit score, heading into this, you are going to be able to get some good rates and at the same time, making solid payments can help your credit score. so there have pros and cons in that regard. >> some construction companies offer payment plan, and i mean is that a smart option? >> it can be a choice. however, when we're look at the
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in mind the interest that you're paying pay tax deductible where the loans from construction companies typically are not. >> great advice, elizabeth, thank you. >> thank you. there you go. vacation this week for elizabeth. >> and she is not in the newsroom and is anti-social. >> we wanted to do celebrity co coast starting tomorrow. >> i wanted you to do it all week. >> and a lot of the people who are in charge of censorship and sponsorship, didn't think that might have been the best idea for me to do it as well. but i'm excited for tomorrow. >> they are okay with you with two minutes of time and now i'm eating into your time. >> no, it is all good. >> we are talking storage. >> we are. >> and this is storage that is not like the spring cleaning type storage where a lot of people search for that this time of the year as well. we are talking technical storage. one of the favorite ways today
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laptop, and water proof and take a look. this is the way to save, labor day deal drop, super fast, waterproof, sleek and durable. this is windows an mac compatible. the reason i'm excited about this deal, hugely well rated. usually at $40. i found it for $14.9. i get 32 gigs of really fast storage. and away at college, and we sent one to our intern amy who put it to the >> we will plug this product in. and within seconds, it starts lighting up, letting you know that it is ready to be used. and you can save stuff safely on it. >> well, other than the fact that it is lightup, it means you know what is going on with this. it is no wondering. does it transfer the data? no, does it register? no, it shows you on the front.
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day deals on if you want to check it out. this laptop, 400 pounds. $189 will get you a much faster unit. >> i like it. is it because school is starting and we got to move computers? >> getting them off the store shelves to make wear for the holidays. >> thank you. >> you want to go to michael. >> oh, sure. >> and now i would like to pass this along to michael. >> hey, thank you. >> you should be here all week. >> i appreciate that and that was really cool. i was looking at that green lightup thing and where are all of the wires and where are all of the circuits, and nothing this there. really cool. 32 gigs. man. here is what it looks like heading out and about. and i want to bring your attention to the center part of the country. denver colorado, to st. louis missouri, and dallas/forth worth texas, in the 90s. all of this is moving into the midwest, meaning it is moving
5:27 am
mid-80s, today, because it is about to get a lot more warm, and notice the scattered showers and thunderstorms to the west. that is all moving into our neck of the woods as well. and we are going to be timing out exactly when the wet weather gets here, and when you can expect 90-degree heat, and that and more is a few minutes
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m day monday. i'm meteorologist michael for your morning rush. temperatures outside in the low to mid-50s and a few low 60s in akron-canton, and we are nice and dry right now, and that is the way we stay, here, on your labor day. through morning temperatures in the 70s eventually. and i think by lunchtime, we are at 83 degrees. and end of the evening hours, temperatures eventually topping out in the mid-80s. we are tracking a chance for showers and thunderstorms, with 90-degree heat by midweek.
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right now the polls show donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in ohio. both are expected to be back on our battle ground soil today. channel 3 alisa raymond joins us live now with more information, and what we are following this morning on this labor day. hi. >> reporter: good morning, labor day festivities usually involve some sort of parade. while the big one, in easter park. and this is where hillary clinton and tim kaine will be later this afternoon. and we just confirmed that donald trump, as well as mike pence will also be in cleveland today. and no word yet on where exactly will be, but we are working to get that information, as well as what time they are expected to arrive. but clinton and kaine, this is confirmed, they will be a part of a meet and greet, right after the 45th annual
5:32 am
and picnic. the parade is starting earlier than usual, because of this. so it will start around 10:00, and so clinton can go to this rally by 2:00 this afternoon. and political pundits say the visit is in an effort to court black voters and kaine will also be coming from a stop in pittsburgh. and then clinton will head to illinois, right after this afternoon stop in cleveland. meanwhile, as we said, trump will also be in ohio. we first learned about his visit to actu our sister station, wfmj, they confirmed from the director of aviation that trump was scheduled to fly in to youngstown at some point today. there wasn't a time that they were saying about that visit. and his campaign didn't confirm that, or release a time either. so we will be looking to get that information for you, as the day goes on. we will be here, setting up, right now, media is in the area, you can see all of the tents are set up as well p and
5:33 am
have all of this for you later this evening channel 3 news. back to you in the studio. >> quickly being thrown together. law enforcement is reminding us to drive sober or get pulled over on this labor day. and you will see officers in force on the highways. in 2014, 40% of the crashes involved drunk drives. and that is the highest percentage over five years and the task force in cuyahoga hawn has been out all weekend as well. >> ohio's largest annual outdoor festival, will conclude today at the fairgrounds in berea from noon to 8:00 p.m. at the cuyahoga county fairgrounds. there will be of course plenty of food, polka dancing, live music and of course, beer. tickets will cost you $10 online. and $12 at the door. down in summit county, the old-fashioned labor day parade
5:34 am
on 19th street northwest and go to st. augustine church near lake anna. area law enforcement, and marching bands and drill teams and much more will all be part of the celebration. topping the morning news feed, here at 5:34. people on cape cod, are waiting to see what the remnants of hurricane hermine bring to the new england coast. and many people packed the beaches for one last day before calling it a vai ition ka. and preparing -- a vacation and preparing for the storm. tropical storm warnings have beent was expected to make its way into the area during the overnight hours. the forecasters are predicting wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. more than two inches of rain is expected as well. people on board cruise ships this weekend are already feeling the wrath of this storm. rocky waters and strong winds, cruise lines are taking some extra precautions. traveling back from a trip to the bahamas, the carnival pride crew brought the ship to
5:35 am
some of the ships still charting the atlantic ocean and crews are keeping the water out and the people safe on the slippery floors. as the long labor day weekend comes to an end, 36% of travelers will be returning home today. this is according to a survey from trip advisor. most people spent the weekend at the beach or in a big city and labor day travel was up with 37% of americans enjoying a weekend away. a wing king was crowned on a spicy sunday in upstate new york. 15th annual national chicken wing festival was held in buffalo. more than 70,000 wing lovers from across the world came out to see this two-day event. the national wing-eating championship of course was yesterday afternoon and we know this name. defending champion joey chestnut came away with the victory for the third straight year. he is also the hot dog guy on
5:36 am
ranked eat ner the world. he ate -- eater in the world. he ate 188 wings in just 12 minutes. wow. time right now is 5:36. 64 days now, until the presidential election. and nbc's tracie potts will join us with a live report coming up with the latest poll numbers. and the nfl season starts this week but it may have some big shoes to fill. yes, the 1/2 is king in this cun -- the nfl is king in this country but college football may have stolen the spotlight.
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welcome back. 5:39 on this labor day morning. beautiful picture right there, with the american flags. and michael, as we take a look at this, they are barely moving. >> yes, i was going to say, there is not even a real breeze out there. there is a breeze though right on the lake. i felt it as i was coming in. but at the hillary clinton evth set to speak around the 2:00 p.m. hour, a beautiful background. there and what a beautiful setting here on the table as well. i feel like a lot of folks will be digging in hard to your labor day meals. it is the hamburger, the hot dogs, the sodas, and everything else. and 9:00 this morning, we are in the low 70s. by lunchtime, in the 80s. i think that we top out in the mid-80s with. a whole lot of sunshine. and also a lot of folks heading
5:40 am
of course, maybe you want to enjoy the air show. and i had a chance yesterday to head out to the lakeview cemetery. a popular spot to watch the air show as well. winds from the south from the lake at 5 knots. less than two foot waves meaning a great day on the water. the water temperatures by the way in the 70s. and actual temperatures in the lower 50s in wooster. and low 60s if you're waking up with us down to akron and canton and wayne county. tracking some fog, not only there but ashtabula. so if yo door there, take your time. no need to rush. especially if it is a day off for you. and nice and dry right now. compliments of high pressure. notice that on the western edge of that high pressure center, it is a south it to north flow. and that is what is helping to pump in not only the heat, but also a subtle increase in that humidity. you will really begin to feel it into your wednesday, and that is when we are expecting this area of low pressure, with this cold front that is attached to it, to begin to
5:41 am
midwest, including michigan, and wisconsin, down towards say indiana, and illinois. and eventually, by wednesday, evening, into thursday, make it here into northeast hero. so a slow-moving system. but boy, when it arrives, it is coming in quick, with a whole lot of humidity, and again, a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. in the meantime, through this morning, if you have brunch plans, if you have lunch plans, it is going outside. through the afternoon, it will be warm. temperatures in the mid-80s. tonight, if you're thinking about doing dinner, perhaps on the back patio, firing up the grill, it will be an excellent night for it. and first thing tomorrow, what you will begin to notice on tuesday, a few more passing clouds, and there is a suggestion that we could see a stray shower, or two, and not putting a whole lot of confidence in that. but one thing i am confident is
5:42 am
91-degrees at least as we cruise into wednesday. dog days of summer haven't gone anywhere. and speak of the dog days of summer. check out this photo from avon like. i like this. this is freddy and duncan. trying to stay cool on a90- degree dog day of summer day here, and john, i realize what they're doing, they're just sitting back and relaxing on the couch. just hanging out. that is a great way to spent a labor day if you ask me. >> that's what theyshould a holiday. >> amen. >> and maybe every day. >> thank you. >> michael, thank you. 5:42. the presidential candidate is not stopping this labor day. so we have confirmed now donald trump is heading our way today. hillary clinton has already planned an event for here today. and nbc's tracie potts has more now on washington, as these campaigns, now a day closer to election day. hi. >> reporter: hey, just over two months now, good morning, everyone, and are you going to see a lot of action, a lot of candidates, and surrogates, in
5:43 am
other battle ground states, today the democrats have bill clinton, hillary clinton, vice president biden, tim kaine and bernie sanders out campaign today in his home turn, new hampshire. the the clintons are in the battleground states including bernie sanders going solo for the first time on her behalf. >> there is no question in my mind that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate. >> how are you? >> bill clinton is in ohio today, and so is tim kaine. he is pennsylvania. defending clinton, e-mailing classified information. >> when she received the e- mail, the material was classified. which is supposed to be flagged. and identified as classified. and in many instances, it was improper labeled. >> clinton's poll numbers are dropping but trump is not gaining and just lost another republican. >> we cannot, for the future, of the party, be associated with this kind of message and
5:44 am
>> trump's surrogates are having a hard time explaining what we do with 11 million law abiding immigrants here illegally. >> maybe some have to be thrown out but not necessarily all of them. >> he has been consistent on this. >> and mike pence promises to release tax returns and believes trump at some point will, too. >> we don't know if he will do it before the election. >> thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow. sports at 5: with a ninth inning thriller with what happened in the top half. andrew miller gave up two runs. we have been spoiled with his great outings but they got to him yesterday. marlins had a 5-3 lead. indians came back with three in the bottom of the 9th. a game-winning hit. it seems like it is always someone different. they never give up. that's why they could be so dangerous in post season. indians win 6-5 and keep the lead over detroit and houston
5:45 am
college football. and i watched plenty of it. all or part of five games and that was just saturday. then you had the incredible finish between texas and notre dame last night in double overtime. texas winning 50-47. and i think college football has done something that is very tough to do. and it asks the question. how does the nfl top this? this was advertised as the best opening weekend in college football history. and they delivered. i felt like they stole a page out of the ncaa basketball all we needed was johnson doing the announcing. blowouts like ohio state and michigan and alabama, who by the way looked very good saturday night. you had surprise and cinderellas. oklahoma losing to a good houston team. and the big 10 getting respect when unranked wisconsin beat lsu. and incredible finishes, including that double overtime game last night. i give college football a lot of credit. they are finally getting it right by scheduling top teams
5:46 am
the season. how big disohio state oklahoma look in two weeks? don't get me wrong. i love the nfl. it is the best league in america. but it will be tough to top what i watched this weekend. tweet me your thoughts at john @ wkyc. >> did you see the finish to truck racing in ontario? this is wild. cole custer trying to keep up the lead into the wall and given the win. and cole custer was not happy about it. and custer went after him. and this might be the best tacklingof the weekend. even with all of the college football. the two drivers had to be separated. and we will see what race officials do with these two but nemechek is declared the winner of the race. wow. a massive recall is under way forbe the new sam sung galaxy note 7s.
5:47 am
greg has the latest this morning. and time for your geek fix. we will start out with a very important story. the galaxy note 7. i got one. if you did, too, it is being recalled. and i need you to take it back. 35 out of the 2 1/2 million that were sold exploded into flames and samsung is not having it. they are taking every single phone back. and they are going to replace it with a new one. do not chance it flame and cause a big fire. don't think that it is not your phone that is not affected. second big story this week, the iphone 7. it is coming out. it is headed this way. and the announcement is happening on wednesday. here is what we think we know so far, about the new phone. first of all, new chip, the a10 chip is going to make it a little bit faster but many are saying if have you an iphone 6 or 6s, you won't notice the
5:48 am
of storage. big deal. apple is the last ones to do this. but finally, you will have storage for your pictures. and five color options. between the models. and including one called piano black. a shiny black phone. only the larger capacities may be available in that color. improved water resistance. you won't be able to take it under water like a galaxy note 7 maybe but it will be splash resistant. and similar to the apple watch. and no pressure sensitive home button, no more clicking, and maybe a better display, including two cameras, on the larger model. we will find out on wednesday what apple actually really thinks. that's your monday morning geek fix. 5:48. and coming up, ways to save. that means it is time for matt granite. >> i am excited to bring you labor day door busters. how good are they really? if you need a laptop, a
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a little money news here. so michael is showing us his forecast, and it it -- still has a 91 in it but starbucks has turned to fall with the pumpkin spice latte craze. mcdonald's, starbucks, dunkin' donuts, all selling them now and i can see why, since introducing it in 2003, 200 mill starbucks. and some retailers are thinking about christmas. the toy industry could see the biggest gain in nearly two decades and walmart is banking on a couple of old favorites. star wars and barbie expected to top the list. and last year sales were up 7% just because of star wars. the numbers are predicted to be even better this year. speaking of toys, before
5:53 am
when you bring in 40 toys and you just let kids play to see what works. >> absolutely. >> we will do that. >> believe it or not, with the holidays approaching, they all come in, in three weeks, to start doing it. >> not surprised. >> this past friday, we had dominique, an amazing young lady testing scooters for the holidays as well. >> today, we talking last big deals until black friday. >> this sur last chance. because columbus day is not known for >> and maybe cars. >> a little bit. >> that's actually true then and true now. >> yes. >> true dat, people. [ laughter ] >> that's true. >> labor day as john just mentioned is really the last big sale day before black friday and there are countless huge door busters and deals on right now. the key is knowing what to buy and what not to buy and i want to settle that record. the items i would not buy apple watch and iphone. you just heard greg talking
5:54 am
for apple. don't buy these items right now. not a good idea. blue tooth ear pieces, those drop september 20. they will have them. wi-fi stereos, september 30. i would not buy a tv today despite the sales listed by your favorite retailer. wait until late october and anything holiday related is a bad purchase. and best buys, and outdoor camping gear items and vehicles, a great buy today, and locally. and other items, which do have my eye, surveillance system so some of the best ip cameras like the one i had tested that you just saw, $60 down from $160. a huge savings at and you remember this past week, we had those backpack tests where we put a light bulb in one and smashed it and the light bulb stayed fine. 75% off. swiss gear. not just for back to school. great for college and work and other big deals dropping as we
5:55 am
so the stores are thinking they bought them for school, and now you can get a great deal. clearance time, people. make it happen. >> i like it. it is 5:55. today's top stories straight ahead. right now let's check in with alisa. >> good morning, john. the first presidential debate is exactly three weeks away. and so as you can imagine, neither candidate are taking today off. how they're both putting in work in ohio today. john? new overnight, a collision we will tell you how it happened and how passengers reacted. plus, speaking on behalf of hillary clinton. find out where bernie sanders will campaign for clinton. and how he plans to tout clinton's economic plan. michael? >> john, good morning. happy labor day to you as well. temperatures outside feeling good in the neighborhood. all in the 50s to get things going. a light jacket if you are about to run out the door. a look at the numbers. 55 in elyria. 57 in mansfield. and 51 in wooster.
5:56 am
have labor day day, progressive field later on this afternoon, and we have the indians taking on the houston astros at 7:10, and first pitch, at 81, and 73 degrees, by the ninth inning, and your full forecast, it is
5:57 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. right now, at 6:00, parades, parties, and politics. the stage is set on this labor day. coming up, how both presidential candidates are working fo today. john? >> all right, a man rescued from his home after an overnight fire on cleveland's east side, the latest on this new overnight. and it is the end of an era, what is next for wild water kingdom, open for the final day. now let's see what the weather is like for this labor day. good morning, michael. >> hey, good morning to you as well. and if you're doing anything out by the water today, take your time. because we are plenty warm later on this afternoon.
6:00 am
of us still need to work, right? temperatures up and out the door, in the 50s. with lots of sunshine through your morning and as we were mentioning through the afternoon, we are nice and warm, an temperatures back in the 80s. if you're waking up with us this morning, in worcester, an look how close we are to the upper 40s and that's what we woke up to yesterday, an low 50s this morning, and we might need a light jacket, before you head out the door, and let it be an easy on/easy off jacket. because into the afternoon, you n leave them in the car. especially if you plan to be out and about. perhaps you're going to cedar point. america's roller coast. and sandusky, a great looking day. and down to mansfield, akron- canton, looking wonderful. but as you very well know, estimates are between 60 to 100,000 people expected for the 2016 cleveland national air show. and by the 9:00 hour, this


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