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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 6, 2016 3:07am-3:38am EDT

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for a president. >> the kinds of bluster and wild claims he makes about everybody and everything, do not stand up to any screen the -- scrutiny. >> reporter: her problems race more press -- questions by trump backers about her fitness to lead. >> the political face-off to sorts -- of sorts today as the other contender made a stop in northeast ohio. donald trump's plane, mike pence is quite -- plane, and clinton's plane all on the same thymic. trump met with union leaders today. >> reporter: according to a new usa today poll hillary clinton and donald trump are tied at 44% as to who would be a better candidate to provide new jobs. it's no surprise trump came to ohio to meet with new -- union
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notice that a vip was coming but they had no idea who. they were a bit surprised when donald trump walked in shaking hands and sitting down to business. >> he was having a meeting with the mayor and we are assuming it had more to do with the economy in the area. there were some union leaders here. tarmac after eight years gabriela -- >> reporter: after eight years gabriela is the senior on staff and waited on them. >> i was a little nervous but he is just like everybody else. >> reporter: the family did not charged from for the meal that he and the secret service insisted on paying. many found it strange that trump did not inform all local media that he was coming especially considering clinton's team had done so. no doubt trump is aware that no republican has ever won the white house without winning
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it is a big week in ohio as the state prepares for legal medical marijuana. it all starts tomorrow. that's when patient to have prescriptions from the doctors can travel to other states where marijuana is legal and can bring it back to ohio to use. on thursday it will be legal for doctors here to prescribe it, even though medical marijuana is legal this week it will still take months for the state to set up rules for anyone who wants to grow or dispense it. able to buy medical marijuana here until 2017 at the earliest. though it is just now a tropical cyclone what was once hurricane hermine wreaked havoc. while it didn't make landfall it still managed to ruin the labor day holiday at popular beaches. >> reporter: hermine is covering 200 miles off the east coast generating powerful
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this boat was washed ashore by the storm swells. beaches in several states were closed for labor day keeping tourists away. >> we don't put money over lives. >> reporter: at open beaches fears about waves and rip currents kept nearly everyone out of the water. >> i don't plan on going past my knees so it should not be a big deal. >> reporter: a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of massachusetts. some theories canceled trips. >> we do when it's in the 40 not area we will cancel it. >> reporter: while the storm may have ruined holiday plans residents are happy it stayed offshore. >> i thought relieved early this morning. >> reporter: hermine is expected to weaken but may stay off the northeastern seaboard until wednesday.
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he will be playing in the nfl so what johnny manziel has elected to do next. the costume settlements got two people kicked out of a pop- culture convention. why so many people are upset. big brother to the rescue. a teen is being hailed a hero tonight. today is the unofficial end of summer and as we work and school it will get
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johnny manziel is back tonight. this time as a student at texas a and m. several news ou are reporting that the browns qb is enrolled in classes and his name is listed in the student directory on the university website. his major is listed as recreation parks and tourism sciences. with 90 credit hours under his belt use is scheduled to be back in court in dallas on domestic violence charges. now to a story that's getting a lot of attention on social media. someone snapped a picture of
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scene from 911. september 11, 2001. this picture shows the people in costume as two burning buildings with stalls posed like they were jumping -- stalls posed like they were jumping out of windows. a spokesman for the event said that they were tasteless and inappropriate. security tried to get them out but they had already left on their own. as you can imagine the images spurring a lot of anger. say on our facebook page. that is a terrible photo and they should be ashamed of themselves. karen says she is glad the event organizers tried to get them out. lauren said not funny at all. how disrespectful can you get. karen said this makes me really mad. that is incredibly's -- insensitive to those who lost their lives and their families. you can weigh in as well just leave a comment on her face --
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a story of a big brother turned hero. kyle's mom made him take a class on cpr never dreaming he would use the skills to save his little sister's life. days after he took the class the family went on an outing to their local ice cream stand. on the way home his little sister camden started choking on her come. his instincts kicked in. >> i said i got this. i pulled my sister out of her seat and gave her the heimlich ne she was crying really hard and squeezing him. >> the 20 minute class was free and was given by paramedics and the hometown in missouri. it's easy to find these classes locally with the american red cross. the cleveland air show wrapped up today but someone must a special member of their family and we are hoping that the power of social media can reunite them. stephanie found a stuffed
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she posted this photo of the stuffed animal on her facebook page. the post has been shared more than 3700 times but nobody has claimed this little guy yet. now the end of an era. water kingdom at geauga lake is closed for good. the water park made its final splash today. cedar fair owns the park and announced it would be shut down. many are sad to see the be used for something equally as fund -- fun. >> it's fun to come down and get into the water and have some fun. >> i can hear a lot and when i heard about it i was really sad but i'm glad i got to come here for a long time. >> officials say there are plans for future development on the property. nothing to official yet but it could happen -- possibly include a movie studio
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i have a little breaking news of my own tonight. i am engaged. we talked about it a little bit at 6:00 and i am super excited. angelo difranco is my fianci now. i know he is excited was how sparkly it looks appear with all the lights. i have to keep it clean so it stays that way. >> you waited for that so congratulations. >> been friends for a while and really connected and fell in love over the last year. i was super surprised. it has been an incredible summer. we have been a little busy and i never expected it to be happening but we just spent a week celebrating in cabo so i have a nice tan. i'm ready to hit the ground running for fall. >> you have lots of planning to do. let's look at what is
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we will start off with sunglasses. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s we will be well into the 80s for the evening rush. it will be sunny and hot. we should be close to 90 degrees. the big picture does not show a lot happening over northern ohio. we have high pressure in control that low pressure is what's left of what was hurricane hermine. it is spinning off the jersey shore. it will do a loop the loop and head back out to the sea. this is our next weather maker but it's not moving anywhere soon. the energy is moving everything to the northeast and it's not moving it from west to east. we want end up seeing much of the rain and thunderstorms going -- they will be going north from us until a push comes in and kicks this thing to us when we get to thursday or friday. here is a look at the hour by hour forecast.
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clouds will start to spread over the area in the afternoon. we will be up around 90 degrees . i'm not thinking we will end up with the scattered rain showers. it's less than a 10% chance. it looks like it will be a pretty nice afternoon. the northwest wind will be looking for us. the south to west wins for a good part of the day on the nearshore waters. the waves are at two feet or less chances will stay with us but temperatures will be well into the 80s through the evening we get ready to head into the day on wednesday it looks like calm conditions. tomorrow's planning forecast as we mentioned lots of sunshine with mild temperatures in the morning and heating up quickly to the mid-80s by noon. mostly sunny and hot and it will be 89 degrees. i think in your window nation forecast we will make it up to
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that 90 will be day number 27 this summer with 90+ degrees. interestingly enough that's not where it ends. we have 91 on wednesday and 90 on thursday. the front gets a friday so it will still be warm and sticky but better rain chances coming late friday and lingering into saturday. we really need this rain. late saturday into sunday we will see the rain chances clearing out. we go mostly sunny for sund and monday. you can see the temperatures clear off nicely. the big news here is for a short work and school week it looks like a pretty toasty one across northern ohio. all these details are available for you at . coming up the red-hot indians looking to remain perfect on the current
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the indians continue their 10 game homestand tonight a welcome the houston astro's they entered the game writing a six-game winning streak. the astros leaving 1-0 and they two- run home run to give the astros
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we had to the fifth and the astros are now up 3-1. mike napoli hit a solo home run off the foul pole. he ties a career-high with his 30th home run of the season. that was the closest the indians would get. the astros win six-to snapping the six-game winning streak. to consumer news now. summer is barely overut kick it into high gear for the next holiday. some are gearing up for halloween and the holiday season after that. stores are also ready to cash in on this. >> reporter: as scary as it may be to already see halloween merchandise on store shelves. did you notice the shopping phenomenon known as christmas creep got going this year even
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walmart kicked off its christmas layaway campaign last friday to get consumers in a buying mood. >> over the past few years we have seen a trend where we have to write gifts all year long. >> reporter: christmas creep gets earlier and earlier because that's what consumers want. >> because things might not be in stock are readily available during the holiday. >> reporter: people buying what will be guest's three months from now. certainly not everyone buys into christmas creeping into september. they really won't like the black friday ads some retailers are planting the day after
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right now is a good time to check the health of your tires. you will get rebates on your sets of tires. winter is never too far away. you may want to make sure your tires have enough tread for icy conditions. over lincoln's head when he's. penny in. an important back-to-school supply that many parents forget this time of year. many parents are forgetting about dinner. the survey revealed only 57% of parents sit down and their kids to eat every night. at the same time 71% of parents say in their ideal world they would eat with their children every night.
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septembers national family meals month movement by
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finally tonight check out the lebron james was working out with over the weekend. can you recognize from the federal tax that is mark wahlberg. james share th time in the gym and he captioned it with the quote with this great dude coming soon. he also included hashtags. like by the way truly appreciate the gift. no clue what the gift may be or why they were together but i will go on the record and save my guess is new movie. coming soon. do you think marky mark in space jam?
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tonight, holiday storm warnings. millions still at risk as powerful winds and life threatening rip currents from hermine close beaches on much of the east coast. and the new hurricane threat forming tonight. close encounter, donald trump and hillary clinton's planes within yards of blitz a key battle ground and kick off a new homestretch of the campaign. speaking out. the parents of a toddler speaking out after their child was killed at disney world. president obama warns of a potential arms race amid allegations russian hackers are trying to undermine the u.s.
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summer, one last thrill ride on the world's fastest wooden roller coaster. "nightly news" begins next. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, i'm kate snow in for lester. for millions up and down the east coast, the holiday not what they expected. high winds from hermine closed down beaches and forced a lot of people to leave the water on this labor day. the effect on businesses that rely on summer tourist dollars are still being tallied. gabe gutierrez is on new york's long island. >> reporter: tonight the stubborn storn is off the east coast, bringing fierce waves and rip currents. >> the winds's coming
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beach, it's hard to keep your head up and look. >> reporter: the storm is two miles offshore, but a tropical storm is under effect. >> i had taken the 9:30 ferry over and it was cancelled. >> reporter: after hermine made landfall in florida on friday, it's been blamed for two deaths, hundreds of thousands of people are left without power. >> o personally, the cruz ship anthem of the seas rocked by hermine's waves. >> i ate in the restaurant, dishes going all over the place, it was pretty whiting. >> reporter: the choppy water kept people out of the water. >> when they start giving out the warnings, but montock people are different, they go out anyway.
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hotel on this last summer holiday weekend. >> this is our last hurrah, so to speak s this is our last big weekend to really make lasting memories. >> reporter: some in seaside heights say their business was slashed in half. >> everybody was on stand by, going back to their home and stay in town and it hurt business a whole lot. >> reporter: this breath of hermine's tower. treacherous rip currents are expected along with beach erosion in the next few days. >> meteorologist dillon dryer is joining us with more on where this stubborn storm is going next and the new hurricane that's out there now. >> let's start with hermine which has been producing some heavier bands of rain across southeastern massachusetts. it still has winds right now of 70 miles
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it will take a turn to the northeast tomorrow. we are looking at sustained winds across eastern long island and nantucket. tomorrow sustained winds around 30 miles an hour with even higher gusts, that will lead to more coastal flooding around high tide and beach erosion and those dangerous rip currents. out in the pacific, we making landfall along baja california tomorrow. to presidential politics now, neither candidate took today off with labor day the unofficial homestretch of the race, as donald trump and hillary clinton blitzed ohio today, their planes were parked just across from each other on the tarmac. >> reporter: good evening, kate. hillary clinton flying
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press corps for the first time since she first ran for the white house eight years ago, answering questions about that fbi interview and the e-mail controversy that's been shadowing her for the last 16 months. tonight hillary clinton finally boarding an official campaign plane and coming face to face with reporters. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. i was just waiting for this moment. >> reporter: on the plane, clinton blasting russia and vladimir putin after national security officials raised concerns about cer attacks and possibly interference with the u.s. elections. >> when putin was asked about it, he could barely muster the energy to deny it. >> reporter: she was also asked about her e-mails and the fbi. does that to critics indicate a casual attitude towards classification and towards the way secrets were kept and protected when you were secretary of state. >> i take classifications seriously, the fact
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meetings whether or not they had occurred doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i have and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> reporter: clinton kicking off labor day in the final stretch of the campaign, with a rally in battle ground ohio and a near encounter with donald trump on the tarmac, their campaign planes parked only 100 yards apart. her surrogates go all out y. like they're not we're equal, i'm sick of it. >> reporter: bill clinton at a labor day parade in detroit. and for the first time in a solo rally for clinton, former rival bernie sanders in ohio. >> hill clinton is the superior candidate, hands down. >> reporter: and from ohio on to illinois, to the border with iowa, another clinton
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than ready for a mad dash to the finish line. >> reporter: i'm katie tur, two months left and both candidates are trying to one up the other, today their battleground was battle ground ohio. on board his 757 trump obliged a long standing media request to fly with him. but while his democratic rival has vowed to travel full-time with reporters, the trump ticket was just a one way affair. on the ground, trump grazed through the buckeye state, both at a state fair outside of youngston and with union workers in cleveland, where he put on a good face. citing a poll nbc news could not identify. >> i was just handed this. the polls just out, ohio, trump is leading 46-43. >> reporter: in almost every doesn't poll, trump is still trailing.


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