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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now big milestones for ohio and medical marijuana. coming up what is legal starting today and what is not. from ohio to new york city
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the candidates face. she has the fight a career this saturday night. local mma fighter jessica evil eye is my guest co-anchor for the hour. good morning everyone. lena's office weeks aware bringing in guest co-anchors. here is jessica evil eye. >> i am good. good morning >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> i've never been in a fight so there you go. we have something >> i cannot wait to talk about the fight and your training and will do some news and weather and traffic. sounds great. no fighting in the studio today. nothing but sunshine as we look ahead. it's going to be hot. we plan on similar to yesterday
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we will be close to that at 9 am. low 80s lunchtime and many people are probably packing lunches for the kids now. we will be around 89 to 90 at 5 pm. we start off in the 60s. humidity is comfortable but that will be on the increase. it is all about the heat as we get into our tuesday and middle of the week. not a lot of change. we are tracking showers and storms to the north and west and this is where things are organized. we cannot will not an isolated shower or storm popping up. but i think it would be very spotty. partly cloudy this morning into the afternoon we see some hit and miss showers. it's only a 20% chance today.
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you can see we have normal drive times and for those of you who hate 11th street and get onto 30 westbound in canton be aware that ramp will be closed until next tuesday. it will close at 6 am and remain closed until 6 am next tuesday. the detour to get around it is cherry avenue st. to 77 south to 30 westbound. here is 77 at us 30. traffic is moving fine so so far we've had normal drive. ohio takes huge steps towards legalizing medical marijuana. today it becomes legal to travel to the state and bring it back to use. it will take months for the seductress system to catch up. >> alyssa raymond joins us to
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starting today you can go out- of-state and get it and bring it back to use it. if you have a prescription. and then starting thursday ohio doctors can prescribe it. but here's where the delay comes in. the dispensaries grow sites rules and regulations have not been finalized yet. the deadline for the rules and regulations is next may. a 13 personalities to be selected to oversee it and so experts say the ohioans will not be marijuana until 2017 at the earliest. this is frustrating for some. carrieann wigle's daughter service will brain disorder that stumped developing and causes seizures. she said she feels so close yet so far away. >> we could say it is legal and we could actually get it will we cannot get it. because of the hoops we're jumping through.
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until doctors connection to give me a piece of paper or the license that says i can have it. there's nothing i can do. and she will struggle every day. >> reporter: some stipulations came with the legalization such as you can only use edibles are oils and cannot smoke it and you have to have specific qualifications and conditions to qualify such as her daughter who suffers from seizures. and the operation probably will not go into effect entirety until fall of 2018. today is the -- labor day is the unofficial kickoff to the campaign season and the candidates are focusing again on ohio. >> tiffany joins us from downtown. >> reporter: we know that trump and clinton now are getting ready for a forum that will air
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new york city. they will answer questions about national security, veterans issues and things like that. during the extended labor day weekend the topic was all about labor and they made that push right here in northeast ohio. both planes on the tarmac next to cleveland hopkins a donald trump visited with ready-made mike pence. that meeting continued at goody's family restaurant well. hillary clinton and tim kaine rallied at luke easter park talking about manufacturing and backing a higher minimum wage. >> note rolling back like to bargaining know to unfair trade deals. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: you heard a little
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she a constant cough as she went through her speech in the rally. donald trump in his visit and brought park he would onto youngstown. congress returns today after several week recess. lawmakers have along to do list when they come back. it's unclear of much of it will get done. items include funding for the government coming up with money to fight zika virus and confirmation of a new supreme court justice. politics will hover over all of business lawmakers wfe washington again to go home and campaign. a 19-year-old in court charged with leaving the scene of a crash that killed a maple heights woman. brian burns is accused of aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of shirley duncan- barnes. he drove through a red light in a stolen car on the road. he then hit her vehicle forcing it into a building killing her as
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a euclid man accused of egging a former neighbor's home numerous times will be sentenced today. jason kozan through eggs of you quit home on his old street more than twice a week for an entire year he pleaded guilty last week to a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic and police have not provided a motive for the crime. big delays and long lines how do like him. which is affecting airports worldwide might not be able to keep up with demand. we are tracking your commute
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welcome back. a glitch is impacting travelers around the world this morning. tens of thousands of british airways passengers experienced delays it lasted hours. passengers at san francisco international airport with more than two hours to check in there were also long lines at airports in atlanta seattle and phoenix. an unspecified problem affected the airline check-in system. the housing market is moving now. but homebuilder cannot find enough workers to keep up with the new numbers. this about 200,000 unfilled construction jobs now. a 1% from the last two years. labor cost are also up.
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entry-level homes. the voice if you're joining us is ufc fighter jessica evil eye. she is our guest anchor today >> this is amazing to be doing this. i condone you for what you do. >> this is easy. >> you think it's easy what i do? >> both of us are masters of our art. >> thank you for saying. let's talk more about the fight . i'm curious about yo training. >> this fight is important fight for me. i feel like i'm down three have to come back and win the championship belt. >> i like that here in your hometown. let's checking to get the weather and then we'll talk more about the fica >> i thought matt was in studio b putting a ring together now.
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>> just making sure. we have your bus stop forecast with temperatures in the 60s and it is going to be a great day. hope you had a great holiday weekend. there is no way around it. we have storm chances to the sky and half-and-half weather weekend. 69 now. we will be close to by 9 am. 77 is normal. low 80s it lunchtime and upper 80s to around 90 is possible today. we hit 89 yesterday. over the next 12 hours lots of partly cloudy skies. cannot let an isolated pop-up shower or storm but chances are only 20%. and when we see the bulk of organized showers and storms is
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we will track this later in the week and that's when we will start see the chances on the increase. we are looking uneventful for now. through the day this is 9:30 this morning. partly cloudy skies and dry. this afternoon we see a few spots of green. i will not rule out and say it is impossible to have any kind of rain today. chances are small. up. tomorrow is a near similar day. storms increase on thursday. and then again we see higher chances on saturday as the front moves through. and to cool down behind that with highs in the 70s sunday and monday.
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go. there are no problems as far as the drive times on the traffic map. there is one accident 140th st. south of 90 on the west side. use caution if this is your commute. no road closures because of it. here is the picture on 90. traffic is moving fine for those of you who and 83. drive times are good. it's now for our biggest winners and losers today in sports. and that's only two winners today with jessica here. i think you are a fan of great effort >> i am. >> going all-out and giving it
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>> a play from oakland. a's and angels and a pop smash going to go foul but check out the dive by the ball boy. he does not come up with it and then the pitcher starts giving them hard time. i'm not sure that was fair but we get another look at the replay. the ball boy comes close . i have to give him credit. >> that was amazing. a great effort and we like that. our biggest winners are from broadview heights. this is 40 and/or tennis team. they went on a chevy chip and there competing in the usta missed west sectionals against the top team from indiana michigan and illinois. congratulations to the team and
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sending in the picture. >> nominate your champion or all-star send me the picture and story. i saw the video of the ball boy and thought you would appreciate that because he went all out. >> he did. i'm sure he was more embarrassed than anything. he wanted to say that ball so badly. but that puts a lot of pressure for a boy. he did a good job going out. >> i preached you will be the biggest winner on friday >> i'm super excited. it is throughout the first pitch >> i do well at the air show so i think they are doing a good job helping me. it is 6:18.
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cleveland today. details coming up.
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day after celebrating one day off from labor comes a new statistics of how much labor you are giving. it's tougher now to find a 40 hour workweek. according to cnnmoney the average worker is in the office from 44 hours per week in the average salaried worker is there for 49 hours per week. this is not include work you might do at home on the weekend.
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only developed countries that are required by law to give vacation days. >> i wonder if she trains for 40 hours a week? it's probably more. my guest co-anchor is jessica evil eye. good morning. it's great to have you here >> it's wonderful to be in the studio and this is an early morning. i cannot be more excited to do business at hand. the big fight this weekend and your fighting at the q. what is it like? >> it's amazing. cleveland has been on the net for so many things. politics and sports and what it's a great time to be a clevelander. >> in the summer just does not stop with the great events. tell me about your training. what is a typical day like? >> every day is different but i would say on average my training days are about seven
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does not stop when i leave the gym. it's when i'm at home and eating food and out and about representing as a young lady. only when i'm sleeping as when i'm not training. >> you bring up food. what is your must absolute have we have to have a treat or something what do you -- >> chocolate. i'm a big chocolate fan. that's my treat. >> also you've done some modeling. you are the one fighter to be in cosmopolitan magazine. >> that was amazing. it was is not going into cosmopolitan as a model but i was going to talk about women's body shaming and a different body types all of us have every woman is different but we're all beautiful of how we are
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and confidence. it was an amazing experience and i was the first time i felt like i was a complete superstar model. before and move on i want you to give a shout out for the charity work you've been doing. >> we started i believe it's been many years and i started i believe for the everyday person. someone who is struggles in school are finding a job or trying to strive for something bigger. i started and i believe clothing line and it's available on my website now. you can go but 50% of sales go to susan g komen cancer center. i want to help families that are struggling to believe there will be a cure i want to give back so everyone get the t-
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back in one to keep it going. how people to believe there is a purpose and we can all help. >> you're the example we fight on and keep fighting a mater watch. i'm sorry about your loss and hope you sell a lot of t-shirts and continue the fight against cancer. in the big fight is this saturday. and jessica will when. best of luck to you on the fight. thank you. everyone says a on james is the king but every town needs the queen so i'm ready to take that win for all of us. we have so much to talk about. thank you queen jessica. i'm buying a t-shirt. 76 degrees at 9 am. 60s now as you wake up. low 80s lunchtime and close to
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on the travel map mainly clear to partly cloudy skies.
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welcome back. lena's office week so we have special guest anchors and this morning i am joined by ufc
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it's fun to learn about the big fight in cleveland this weekend but also we talked out the t-shirt you are selling for charity for the fight against cancer. >> i believe he will do great by selling these t-shirts and helping people. >> we will have a link on our social media pages. let's talk about the weather. >> i love this weather because helps to make it easier weight cut. after the fight i'm okay with a cooling down. then a cool down. >> i planned this just for you. it's going to get hot today. it is tuesday and great when you realize we're already today's into the week. -- two days into the week. we're well above normal high today. upper 80s to near 90 later and partly cloudy skies. as far as a pop-up shower or
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most of you in the 60s and downtown 77 degrees. and it's going to be all about the heat as we get into the day. we are planning on upper 80s to near 90. and see what happens as far as the showers and storms go into the rest of the week. so far things are looking good on the traffic map. normal drive times but we're starting to see the typical slowing on 71 n. before the inner belt bridge. we're not seeing stop and go traffic at west 25th. traffic is moving just fine. it slows down because of the one lane before the inner belt but that drivetime on 71 n. is a nine minute commute so still moving well.
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partners 1100 total traffic. starting today patients with prescriptions medical marijuana can travels with her state to get it and can legally bring it back to ohio to use. >> alyssa raymond joins us this morning with more on the milestone for the state. >> reporter: good morning. is a huge week for ohio as the state prepares to legalize medical marijuana to happen know before you can just go out and buy it and start using it. a 13 person panel must still be appointed and that panel will then work with state boards and agencies to draft regulations such as how and where to grow process and sell it. cities can also block marijuana businesses but they can block
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month hold on startup such as lakewood. the deadline for rules and regulations is next may and we know this will ohio patients will not be able to smoke weed. they can only use edibles and oil >> experts say the ohioans likely will not be able to buy medical marijuana until 2017 at the earliest. and for the whole situation to be implemented in its entirety that will not be until the of 2018. also besides being able to go across state lines and bring it back to use starting this thursday doctors in ohio will be able to prescribe it. we're learning more about the shooting in twinsburg that had swat officers at home for hours. police were called to idlewood drive before 6 pm where the jerry robinson had suffered gunshot wounds.
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hours of negotiating the swat team entered the home and found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. robinson later died at the hospital. during the standoff please evacuated nearby residents to the senior center. a unique high school is opening in cleveland. it's teaming up with metrohealth medical center. the goal is to give students an early path to the medical field. students will shadow hospital staff and take classes at high school. it's funded by a carnegie corporation of new york and metrohealth. northeast ohioans said goodbye to wildwater kingdom yesterday who close to stores permanently. >> that was the last part of geauga lake park kept open to the public. the hope of the veltman the land but so far there are not any definitive plans. workers say they will miss it.
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very emotional because this was a relaxing place to come. and a beautiful place. we feel down. >> we were talking to people yesterday and some of them were crying because they have a lot of emotional -- attachment to the place. >> it is disappointing. >> it's the only water park close to us where we left. and there's not really much down here and ve slides and the pools. >> it was featured 100 fall ocean thunder falls which was hundred feet tall. it was the highest water complex in ohio. strong winds from hermine comlicated efforts to fight a massive fire that broke out at a lined beach house. the fire started around 8 to 30 last night and you can see the wind as it pushed the flames
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no one was home at the time of the fire and no word on how it started. president barack obama has become the first sitting president to visit isolated southeast asian nation of laos. us is committing $99 a three years to help the country here unexploded bombs the us dropped on the country during the vietnam war. he arrived monday for a three- day visit. $1100 worth of work stolen from him and the client took off without paying after being frustrated with the tattoo. it took almost 8 hours to complete. the shop owner said surveillance video shows the client get angry after nitpicking a few details that could have been fixed. he was hope the community of artist will help track down the suspect. dairy queen is celebrating unofficial end of summer with a giveaway today. at participating locations you
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it's the ultimate treat is a combination of coffee ice and oreo cookie pieces blended with vanilla softserve. matt granite has today's waste is a bargain. best laptop deal ever. i just beat black friday prices. good morning. jessica evil eye at the weather wall. i'm going to let you take over. 76 at 9 am. 83 at noon and a whopping 89 at
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it's your heath.
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welcome back. it is time for today's what is trending. jessica evil eye is our guest anchor to help with the segment. i'm excited. we have learned comedian chevy chase has checked himself into rehab. >> his representative is calling this an alcohol-related to now. the at the actor wants to be the best he can be in the 17 -- 72-year-old was three busy -- previously treated at the betty ford center. he was shooting film dog years starring burt reynolds. the unsay is taking some time off and information tour
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shall perform tomorrow night in the show will resume october 7. no other concerts have been rescheduled. that is her job so you got to step back the workout -- many people talking about lebron james and his new workout partner mark wahlberg. >> lebron share the photograph of their time in the gym on instagram and captured it was quote with this great dude coming soon. also included a few hashtags including truly appreciate the gift there's all of these mysteries. no cooler with the gift might be or why they work together the sides working out. >> that's got to be a tough workout. some of you are saying -- nancy thinks it's funny when a
6:44 am
>> amanda watters if they worked out in cleveland. and there hope they are planning a movie together after his success in trainwreck. thank you for sharing your thoughts on our facebook page mark wahlberg is huge. i'm a big fan so maybe lebron can do some mma. celebrities follow this >> yes i'm hearing the shark tank guys will be at >> matt granite should go. >> that would be awesome. pick the person with zero upper arm strength and upper torso of a 12-year-old boy. good morning everyone. this deal is stronger than i will ever be. best laptop deal of the year. i just beat black friday prices. it comes in by fewer request.
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soon. because i do my reading and math . i watch my videos on it. and i always borrow my dad's laptop. and so i hope you do a deal on laptops soon. >> for lucy and all of our other parents and viewers and back-to- school kids watching a new lenovo laptop with windows when does temper national is worth $200 on its own. i found a whole laptop for $10 lessen the price of windows 10. one dollar -- 108 nine dollars. if you fight any other laptop by lenovo at this price it's not have windows 10. slake and waterproof flash
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for the highest rated drives on the market. and i want to point out the drive is great because if you exit we keep in your pocket and wash it data is protected. the became this will sell out and it's on our website. don't let them fool you. he is we have cameras rolling he can wear my pink boxing gloves. >> that is awesome. maybe i will sign them for you. >> >> i would be honored. i will
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>> let's look at -- i'm excited about this. the bus stop forecast we're getting at the sunglasses. it's going to be a super hot day. we are planning on a lot of heat through the next couple of days. it is feeling like monday but it is already tuesday. late weak storm chances and the half-and-half weekend which i will explain. today it's going to heat up fast. next 80s to near 90. cannot rule out a pop-up shower or storm although most of you should be dry. it's already very mild. more organized showers and storms to the west and northwest and that's the area we are tracking and watching closely as we get into the next couple of days. by thursday be a better opportunity of seeing some wet weather.
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around here high-pressure continues to dominate. and that was the case all weekend. i hope you were able to take advantage and get outside. we see a few green -- hints of green here and there like popcorn showers. most of you probably will not see it. partly cloudy skies this evening and it should be another partly cloudy night. it's going to be a warm one as temperatures fall into the 70s overnight. 90 again mo have temperatures the upper 80s with scattered showers on thursday. better opportunities saturday again and then a cool down behind the front so 70s next week. penny with doggone weather. three months old and loves the
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jim sent in the picture. >> you have a new dog? >> i have a baby should sue --
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welcome back. holly has the forecast coming up and daniel has another check on the roads. we're talking about ohio and medical marijuana starting today people who have a prescription can go out-of-state and buy it bring the back and use it. and is starting on thursday ohio doctors can prescribe it. some people think we are still a far we often are frustrated. of 13 person, still be appointed and they will then work with boards and agencies to draft regulations such as how and where to grow process and salad. the deadline for regulations is
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ohio patients will not be able to smoke it and only can use edibles and oils. experts say ohioans will not likely be able to buy it here in ohio until 2017 at the earliest. with just over 60 days to go before the election the candidates are making the fiddle push for the election and the start of everything out this fall season here and northeast ohio. we know the hillary clinton made a in cleveland and donald trump made his way to brook park's to meet with the mayor as well as you and leaders. now they're getting ready for up for him that will air tomorrow night on nbc starting at 8 pm veterans be the ones asking questions of both candidates. they will be taking the stage back to back talking about various issues.
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charged with leaving the scene of a crash that killed a maple heights woman. ryan burns junior is accused of aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of shirley duncan- barnes. he drove through a red light in a stolen car on the road near cleveland's southeast side and hit her vehicle forcing it into a building. a euclid man accused of egging a former neighbor's home numerous times will be sentenced today. jason kozan through or than twice a week for an entire year. he pretty guilty last week to a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic. police have not provided a motive for his crime. we have an accident reported 90 east coming into downtown from the west side. at w. 44th st. it's off to the right shoulder so moved to the left. it's a 3-five-minute delay into downtown because of this.
6:55 am
on for 80 east and 77. also a three-minute delay on state route 8 approaching stevens wrote. it's going to be a hot one. upper 80s to near 90 today with partly cloudy skies a slight chance of a pop-up shower. and then close to 90 through the middle of the week and thursday scattered showers and storms and a better chance on saturday. best deal of the year. the first iphone seven related deal coming up. >> and the first deal of get -- today is getting you on the set >> jessica i would be honored if you would sign my pink boxing gloves. absolutely.
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and i even put some evil on there so you can punch harder. you did an excellent job and thank you for joining us today. good luck on saturday. >> this was amazing and a great start to my amazing weekend. rain is good luck.
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well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time.
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good morning. homestretch. clinton and trump kick their campaigns into high gear. >> hillary clinton would be a disaster. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> clinton up six points overall in our new poll but the electoral map shs climb. with just 63 days to go can he turn things around? not over yet. hermine churning up more high winds and dangerous whip currents. warnings still in effect. beaches in new york closed for a third day. glitch in the system. overnight a major airline's glitch in the check in system.


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