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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 7, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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government announced last month it would not allow the school to enroll new students because of the allegations. they got a -- an e-mailing of the school closing and a link about transferring credits which they tell us is nearly impossible. >> they gave us a list of schools tied to the e-mail.
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>> students have -- who have a -- have taken out federal loans may have already taken part of -- in a program allowing them to pay it back. a washington man is fed up with a man steeling his donald trump signs. he set up security cameras to stop the thieves. he's fighting back by electrifying the signs. >> it the -- if the parents did the job, i wouldn't have to be taking care of it now. >> police say he's right as long as no one gets injured, he has a rights to pre tectonic -- protect what is his.
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being investigated. some schools were required to sign contracts stating they wouldn't buy competing items. that could be in violation of law. two insiders say the company pays no more than $30 to make the epipen. mylan came came under scrutiny recently for price to $600. anyone are a -- afraid of needles at home will have to get the needles. the spray isn't working. it's been the flu choice more -- for many years the mist. now kids should not get it this year. a pack of experiments found the spray has not been effective the past three seasons.
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>> it's still a mystery, but we can't go on giving a vaccine that's ineffective. >> instead all kids over six months should ge get -- get the flu shot. if you get infected after vaccination it's far less like -- likely you'll have a an emergency room. this is a serious infection. >> kids we talk to say they will tough enfor -- up for the shot this year. public health officials will continue to review data on the spray. it's possible the mist could be back for next season. >> doctors say getting the vaccine now should offer protection through the spring. kids under eight years need two
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never had the vaccine before. melt away the fat, see the noninvasive way to get rid of the unwanted pounds. a single mom takes her son to a school event. watch country superstar carrie wood perform the theme song. potential record seateding highs tomorrow and 90-plus. that's coming up.
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summer may be over but there is year-round pressure to beach bochltd a neuro non-surgical procedure promises to zap the fat. vanquish takes the fat. the first procedure tight ans the love handles. >> we'll start with the first treatment. we'll heat the fat cells up to
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>> doctors say the final step is following a low-carb diet. they say you'll see results in six weeks. four treatments with the system will run about 2000 -- twee thousand dollars. in texas a man -- mom rocks a muss attach -- much -- many of the ash. the single mom says her son and put a chainoon -- chain on her pocket. she said she wanted to fill in for her son's father. >> it's important to teach our kids not to have any excuses or feel bad for themselves because they don't have a father or mother. just -- i've been alone for a while doing with my kids. it hasn't been easy but it's a blessing. >> teachers cheered the mom's
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it's opening week in the nfl with nbc broadcasting prime time games thursday and sunday. the tradition continues with carrie underwood singing the theme. the new show opening you will see and hear. [ singing ] stand up and cheer. nbc sunday night about to happen. >> feel really great with the new song. it's a new energy in the building today. >> it's an exciting time to get a chance to hear her voice and as powerful as it is, it gets you fired up. >> people can't wait. it's a tradition. people love her. she's fitting in so perfectly >> i never understood how
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issa -- and how many take it's -- it -- take it's requires. it was great. >> was great to see the guys and interact. it is a lot of found to dot open -- do the open. >> i've watched sunday night football my whole entire life. to be a part of it, it's >> you know the guys know sunday night football, it's the number one show on tell valuations -- television. >> he's going deep down field. he's in for the touchdown. >> sunday night is football night. >> and it's coming so soon but it doesn't feel like football rather -- weather. it definitely stent. -- sdvenlt it's very open. you come to the studio every
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the background. >> sports guy. close enough. >> let's look at what's going on with the forecast. we're still firmly in the dog days of stumper. it feels that way. 2790-degree days. that doesn't include today's high of 94. in case you missed it, let's look at a comparison. in 2012 we had 2890-degree plus we'll be stomping down the fourth 90 plus summer tomorrow. 1988 is the year we set the all-time record high of 104 degrees. 3690-plus degrees days then in 9055 and 19 -- 1952. it has been toast yichlt we have another day coming toppling of niebt -- 90 plus. --. it starts in the 70s. very warm and muggy.
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isolated storm chances start to pop up. lot of stormy weather is off to the north. there's better support farther north in the atmosphere. we have a lot of heat and humidity. you need the came -- same kind of ingredients. you see the thunderstorms start to curve. it kind of takes the sauce out of the storms. that's been something to eye on. we could see more -- month -- more of the pop-up showers. you can see all that have rain is really firing along the cold front. it isn't moving very quickly. temperatures sill -- still in the 80s in chicago. 70s off to the north in minneapolis. temperatures start in the mid 70s tomorrow partly cloudy skies and possibility of patchy fog.
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the haft day. isolated storm chances lingering in the evening. 70s and partly cloudy. chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms. right at aped of the school day temperature -- end of the school day temperatures in the 90s. winds are keeping things rather warm. but there's a breeze tomorrow and the storms and showers chance we'll see them during the heat of and maybe leftovers from any storms father -- farther phot -- to the north of us. now it's look like that's not going to happen but we have better chances for thursday and for -- friday. and 91 the ipodate -- anticipated high at hawkins. we're right back in the record territory. 94 is the record high. we should be 91.
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90s will continue thursday. cool off friday. pops back out saturday with thunderstorm chances and finally we start to clear out and cool off early next week. >> nice if we goth got a little rain from all that. the indians fell behind early. could they rally and bring the magic back? the highlights straight ahead.
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the indians have hit a little bump in the road. the astros beat them for the second night in a row. 4-3 is the final. usually and it's since early july since kluber pitches they win. second inning no score, gonzalez puts one into the right field seats. three-run homer. the indians come back in the eighth. santana hits a home run. it's power -- 4-2. ninth inning, 4-2. crisp will steal second base
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out field. 4-3. all the -- they need is a base hit. with two outs little check swing. that's the last out. astros win 4-3. they have taken the first two games of the series. let's scoreboard watch right now and peek in on the tigers in chicago taking on the white sox. second ning --nn the white sox go ahead and stay ahead and beat the tigers tonight. the indians lead remains at four and a half games. the majoric number is 21. the indians will then win the central division. now to the browns. they open up for real sunday against the eagles in philadelphia.
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the top pick the wide receiver out of baylor had a a very up and down preseason. early on just before the games got go, he was very g. he had a hamstring issue then. he played the last two games but not well. he looked lost at times and the offense, that must change by sunday. >> they drafted me in the first round so they expect a lot of -- out of me and i expect a lot out they will coach me hard so i can be prepared for big-time games sunday. you talk about gig big -- big time games. carson wentz is named the starting quarterback for the eagles. he's got history. he's -- he was the number two overall pick. philadelphia got pick by pulling off the trade with the browns.
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philly grabbed him instead. after -- he got came was the starting quarterback while he was hunting in iowa. >> i know i was ready. i was getting the mental reps. i fell -- felt very confident and felt i developed at a fast face -- pace. it's here. i'm confident in myself and the team. i'm excited for it. cavs news for you. three whishings away from training camp. this happened tonight. richard jefferson put this out on snapchat. i'll show you. it could be a defiction of the rings. the cavs are not confirming what the ring looks like.
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it made bushings tsy cough. free agent shooting guard from the nets bring him to training camp an see if he can make the roster. exciting time of year. >> i think that's the ring. >> do you like the design? >> i do.
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well at least everybody has a short week t. looks like it will be a hot one. >> it will be one of the weeks you want to stay in the office maybe. >> in the air conditioning. well, thanks for watching. be sure to tune in for channel 3
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breaking news tonight. one of america's most infamous cold case mysteries solved, a little boy vanished without a trace. a cold case that gripped the nation, now answers for his grieving family. and donald trump said hillary clinton presidential look. $20 million settlement in a sexual harassment case that rocked fox news and triggered the downfall of its leader roger ailes. fighting the flu, a big change from doctors. and national outrageous, a treasure that stood for a million years is destroyed in seconds, a hunt for the vandals caught on camera. "nightly news" begins
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>> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt" reporting tonight from washington. good evening. a stunning cold case confession today in minnesota appears to bring a 27-year-old murder mystery that gripped the nation to an end, as a family that has lived with decades of anguish and uncertainty, finally learn what happened to their little boy. jacob just a little boy when he disappeared and was killed. what you're about to hear is disturbing. nbc's stephanie gosk has the story. >> jacob, i'm so sorry, it's incredibly painful to know his last days. >> reporter: today after 27 years, patty wetterling finally learned what happened
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disappeared when he was just 11 years old. leaving their small town in minnesota shell shocked and the country horrified. >> just one more day of agony. >> reporter: danny heinrich destroibed in detail how he sexually abused the young boy. heinrich told the judge, i was driving on a dead end road, i noticed two boys with >> he told us to put our bikes in the ditch and lay down. >> reporter: heinrich said he drove away from jacob, hand cuffing him. jacob asking what did i do wrong? investigators did question heinrich at the time, but there was never an arrest. it would take nearly three decades for a
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heinrich's dna found on another victim. >> after almost 27 years, dany heinrich was ready to talk and we had to grab the moment. >> reporter: the 53-year-old told police where he buried jacob's body in exchange for not being charged with the murder. heinrich faces 20 more year in prison. alive until we found him. >> reporter: now they have excruciating answers to the tragedy that has consumed their lives, along with fresh grief, even after all this time. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. in chicago, tonight, a tragic milestone as that city has reached 500 homicide so far this year, that more than all of last year, in fact august was chicago's deadliest
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far outpaced than larger city, as even violent crime has fallen in other parts of the country in the mast two decades. >> reporter: even for a city sadly accustomed to violence, the bloodshed was staggering. shooting after shooting, mostly on chicago's south and west side. 31 people shot since monday morning, 13 killed over labor day weekend. >> like any they manic and grab chair children. >> reporter: the city hitting a grim milestone, the 500 homicides are morning new york and los angeles combined. crime rates are lower than they were 25 years ago, so why is chicago different? poor and segregated neighborhoods prone to gang violence. and repeat offenders who lack sentencing. the penalty for having
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chicago is one year, while in new york it's three years. well known activist father michael sleigher says that chicago is a war zone that needs federal help. >> call for a state of emergency and get some federal resources to come in. >> reporter: caught in the cross fire children, a 10-year-old was killed while sitting on a porch with his twin sister, a bullet is w back. >> when it hits home, that's when you really got to wake up, like everyone has to wake up. like these are our babies that's not being able to grow up anymore. >> reporter: she is one of many family members keeping vigil at this hospital. mayor rahm emanuel's office declined to comment and it will be two weeks before he will detail his plans to combat crime by
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politics now, as the 2016 race. we have got it all covered including some brand-new poll numbers. let's begin with nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: lester, tonight some democrats tell me they're privately concerned about some polls that show a tighteninging race, the clinton campaign downplaying those jitters. the strategy now, clinton more accessible and getting back on offense. hillary clinton entering the final fall sprint with an advantage. the new nbc news battleground map shows clinton today would likely have the 270 electoral votes to win the white house and a poll of likely voters out today has donald trump out by two points. no she's sharpening
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something to hide, we don't know exactly what it is, but we're getting better guesses about what it probably is. >> reporter: clinton taking trump to task for saying this about releasing his taxes. >> i think people don't care. >> i just think he's dead wrong. >> reporter: but democrats are wondering why after a summer in which trump saw two campaign shake-ups and was largely under fire, she wasn't running a away with the race. >> not just tearing down donald trump but selling herself to t >> reporter: michelle obama, chelsea clinton and vice president biden gearing up to help clinton make her case on the trail. biden offering this advice. >> let them see your heart a little bit more. >> reporter: the house oversight committee asking the u.s. attorney to review evidence about whether secretary clinton and her employees


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