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tv   Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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jonbenet. good morning. breaking news. north korea conducts its largest ever nuclear test overnight. the explosion registering as a magnitude 5 earthquake. the white house already vowing there will be serious consequence donald trump's running mate mike pence doubles down on trump's controversial comments about russia's leader. hillary clinton appalled. >> that is not just unpatriotic, it's not just insulting, it is scary. it is dangerous. >> as new questions emerge about just what happened when trump
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officials. cloud of controversy. despite a public outcry spraying for zika carrying mosquitos begins in miami beach this morning as a new report shows 84 pregnant women in florida have now tested positive for that virus. and super showdown. the nfl season kicks off with a super bowl rematch between the broncos and the panthers that came down to the wire. >> and the kick >> and a shocker on the court. serena williams is out of the u.s. open, "today," friday, september 9, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. something tells me our television sets were tuned to
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>> that's right. i was watching the serena match. what a shocker. you were watching the home shopping network again? >> again. there's the tennis match right there. boy, the end of that football game was exciting. we'll talk more about both of those things. but on this friday morning, we've got to start with this breaking news. north korea conducting what it calls a higher level nuclear test overnight and it's triggering swift the administration. >> it was powerful and provocative. north korea's fifth and largest nuclear test. kim jong-un moving closer to a missile that could reach the u.s. watched with pride in its
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it was powerful enough to cause an earthquake measuring 5.3. south korea's president called it an act of fanatic recklessness but this test was aimed at projecting power. the timing deliberate. today is north korea's july 4th, the anniversary of the founding of its state. its leaders meeting and boasting that this test proves they can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium north korea's leader has order a test in missiles this year. the bigger concern that he's aiming for a nuclear missile that is capable of reaching the u.s. west coast. president obama said the world had to ensure provocative actions are met with serious consequences. but the question is how? what can the world do?
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year and they were already anticipating this next one. no state on earth is more sanctioned but all those tougher sanctions and diplomatic pressure have no affect at all in preventing this test. matt, savannah? >> bill neely in london. thank you. to new controversies and attacks in the presidential race. we're now 60 days out from the election. so let's get to this state of the race today. hillary clinton hosting a meeting here in new york city with a security experts and of course one item on that agenda, the fight against isis. >> as for donald trump, he's making two stops today. first in washington, d.c. and then a rally in florida where a new poll shows trump and clinton are now tied. >> that same polling shows the two presidential hopefuls are locked in extremely tight races in three other crucial battlegrounds. in ohio, trump holding a one-point lead. 46% to 45% in that poll.
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carolina by four points, 47-43 and up five points in the all-important state of pennsylvania. the table is set. let's get to national correspondent peter alexander starting our decision 2016 coverage this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: this weekend the nation will pause to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11. you can see 1 world trade center there behind me in the distance. this morning hillary clinton is looking to sharpen that contrast between herself and specifically on national security bringing together that team of experts including david petraeus as donald trump is facing new scrutiny about his praise for vladimir putin. on this 9/11 anniversary weekend, hillary clinton is attacking her rival on national security. >> we have never been threatened as much by a single candidate running for president as we have been in this election. >> reporter: the former
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convening national security experts. >> i was opposed to the war from the beginning. >> reporter: on iraq trump is doubling down. >> i opposed going in. i did oppose it. despite the media saying, yes, no. i opposed going in. >> reporter: the evidence shows he's rewriting history. here he is in 2002 six months before the war. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: trump again pointing to anti-war comments in an interview to "esquire" magazine. >> reporter: that article was published 18 months after the war began. >> if that system he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and
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president. >> reporter: mike pence is defending trump. >> it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in our country than barack obama has been in our country. >> reporter: new fallout over trump's characterization of the intelligence officials that briefed him. >> i'm good with the body language. i could tell they were not anticipate. >> reporter: today two intel officials with knowledge of the meeting say retired general michael flynn repeatedly interrupted before governor chris christie intervened. christie called that untrue and flynn blast the report as bs telling them they are unanimous sources and they're lying. and this morning nbc news learned that senator tim kaine, hillary clinton's running mate, received his first classified intelligence briefing here in new york yesterday. governor mike pence will get a similar briefing later today. >> thank you. let's bring in nicole wallace and mark halperin for analysis.
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battleground polls. it's just one poll but they show donald trump closing in so for those that left his candidacy for dead, are you saying this morning maybe not so fast? >> he's still behind. he now has a path to victory. the four states he showed the polls from, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, north carolina, they hold the key to a chance for trump to win and the race is near. the clinton folks can say all they want this thing is over. it is not over. >> let me ask you about the comments that donald trump and now mike pence vladimir putin being complimentary or derogatory toward president obama. paul ryan was asked about it and said simply i'm not going there. how would you like to walk a mile in paul ryan's shoes now? >> he made his bed. he's going to have to lie in it. they were chasing republican members of congress around the capitol yesterday to get them to comment on this.
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one of the most staunt anti-putin voices. he said thug. to the degree that the modern gop has stood for anything, it has to do against vladimir putin. >> what's the strategy here? >> there is no strategy with donald trump. i called one of his advisers and said what's the deal? he said it's not that he thinks he's good. hehi well, that's not what he's saying. >> now you have mike pence doubling down. >> his role in some of these controversies has been to walk back a little bit. i can't find a trump adviser who explains this or even defends it. usually if trump does something controversial, they'll say he believes it, there's an upside. he'll win people in the united states that support vladimir
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wednesday night from both candidates, what do they have to do differently in the first debate that you're obsessed with? >> hillary clinton has to change. she started talking to the press more often and had to get on offense with comments that trump made to you on the generals and on putin and trump is buoyed by the bump in the polls. >> trump's style will be the same as the other night. her style will change a little bit. she wants to show people she's ready to go president. there's controversy spraying for zika carrying mosquitos is under way in miami beach. a lot of people were opposed to this as health officials say dozens of pregnant women have now been infected with the virus. nbc's tammy leitner has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. just about 90 minutes ago they completed the first round of
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a plane flying 300 feet offshore blanketed parts of south beach with the insecticide. they were originally scheduled to spray on thursday but it got pushed back because of angry protests and this all comes as the number of zika cases continues to increase. for months florida officials have been aggressively spraying mosquitos on the ground and now for the first time in miami beach they're spraying from the sky in an effort to reduce the florida residents worry the chemical being used will be dangerous to their health. officials confirming 84 pregnant women in the state have contracted the virus. the number of travel related infections confirmed in the state has swelled to 604 and there are an additional 56 locally acquired cases. the majority of those in miami-dade. on thursday scientists and doctors held a forum to share the latest information on
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>> there continues to be local transmission and pregnant women will be infected in our community. >> reporter: the meeting coming just one day after baby born to a zika infected mother was found to have microcephaly. a defect causing issues. florida congressman david jolly holding up a jar of mosquitos on the house floor >> they are not active carriers. they could be. >> can you imagine colleagues, the fear and anxiety in this chamber that these mosquitos were outside this jar and not inside this jar. this is the fear of floridians right here. >> reporter: another round of aerial spraying is set for sunday morning. matt? >> tammy, thank you very much. to an extraordinary warning from the faa to tell you about. airline passengers being urged
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nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us at reagan national this morning. tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're talking about the galaxy note 7 phone from samsung. as you know, it has propensity if some cases to catch fire. that could be a very dangerous situation inside a passenger plane. samsung already recalling 2.5 million of these because some passengers, some customers, have said that the phone has actually caught fire burning their hands an case, actually burning a car as well. the faa not citing any specific incident as it issues this warning but strongly urging passengers do not use the phone in flight, do not charge batteries in flight and do not put the phone in a checked bag. airlines have been cracking down on lithium ion batteries because of the risk to aircraft. it's illegal to shift lithium
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commercial passenger plane in bulk. now the faa urging all note 7 owners to keep the phone off when they are traveling. do not charge it in flight and do not check it in a checked bag. guys, back to you. >> tom costello, thank you. now a major rescue operation in the french alps overnight. dozens of tourists were trapped when the cable cars they were riding in suddenly stopped working. nbc's keir simmons has more on that ordeal. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt. this nightmare. look at this dramatic video. a helicopter hovering above the cable cars and look how high that is. french officials say 30 folks spent the night up there. they have only just been rescued. the terrifying rescue reaching tourists to helicopters high above the french alps hampered by poor visibility. more than 100 people including a child stranded in cable cars
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the final tourists brought to safety this morning. overnight many others facing a frightening descent by rope including these women from michigan. >> they tried to take us with the helicopter but the fog came in so the two rescuers stayed with us and then after we decided there was no other way to get down and thank they were able to help us. >> reporter: americans trapped for ten hours. >> it was just before midnight. it was quite an experience. >> tired and wanted to get out of there. >> reporter: the high altitude operation. rescue services from france, switzerland and italy fighting to free the tourists and climbing to the cable cars with blankets, warm clothing and food for the night. reports say strong winds may have caused the breakdown.
7:16 am
loosening cables finally freeing the last of those trapped. their ordeal over. tears of relief to be back on safe ground. when rescuers realized they wouldn't get everybody down, they sent people to every one of those cable cars to spend the night there and reassure them. i've been on those cable cars. it's cramped and very, very high and not the place you want to spend the night. >> ten hours is a very long time. keir simmons, thank you. of the show, big night in sports. tale of two tv sets. let's start with tennis. top seeded serena williams in the women's semifinal of the u.s. open. that bid fell short last night when she double faulted on match point. now let's talk about
7:17 am
night right here on nbc with a rematch of super bowl 50. the defending champion broncos and the carolina panthers. newly retired quarterback peyton manning surprised the bronco fans. entered the stadium with the vince lombardi trophy in his hand during the national anthem. brandon marshall took a knee following in the footsteps of quarter colin kaepernick. the first start at for siemian. broncos take the lead in the fourth quarter. panthers had a chance to win nine seconds left. that 50-yard field goal sails wide left. denver wins 21-20. >> a lot of composure by a new quarterback replacing of all people peyton manning. >> i think he had taken one snap last year and comes in to replace manning and going
7:18 am
>> dylan in for al this morning. what do we have this weekend? >> the weekend will be nice for most areas. right now we have some heavier rain moving through wichita, kansas, through kansas city, missouri. we had up to five inches of rain in wichita itself yesterday alone so that's why we do still have flash flood warnings in effect this morning because of the heavy rain and the rain that's still falling. a very summertime setup here. warm, moist, humid air moving in from the south combined more storms as we go into this afternoon as this cold front slowly moves eastward. a break through tomorrow morning and then another round of storms more in the ohio river valley as we go into saturday afternoon. i want to point out where we have the best chance of stronger storms today right in through this area. des moines including wichita des moines including wichita down into springfield we could
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. >> and that's your latest
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just ahead, as we approach 20 years now since the murder of jonbenet ramsey speaks out for the first time. and a major bank under fire this morning for allegedly opening fake credit cards and accounts for customers without their consent.
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it is 7:30. that's a happy crowd. september 9th, 2016. we'll have a live performance on the get ready to rock. let's get the headlines of the morning. overnight just hours after unusual seismic activity was detected in the area, north korea claimed it successfully conducted the largest nuclear test yet. the white house says the president was briefed on the situation as he returned to washington from a trip to asia and says he'll ensure provocative actions from north korea are met with serious consequences.
7:31 am
passengers who use samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones not to turn them on or charge them on planes or stow them in checked bags. samsung recalled the devices after finding that the batteries exploded or caught fire. hillary clinton took several shots at donald trump while speaking at the national baptist convention referring to her rival's efforts to court african-american today's cam moment. the political flood that ricochetted across the web. gary johnson stumped on live tv when asked about the crisis. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. aleppo is in syria.
7:32 am
>> okay. got it. >> in later interviews johnson explained he thought aleppo was an acronym but said he has to get smarter. now to a case that has captured worldwide attention for two decades. this december marks 20 years since the murder of 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey. her body found in the basement of her boulder, colorado, home e now her brother is finally opening up about the case. natalie has more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. burke ramsey is now 29 years old, and he's speaking publicly for the very first time with dr. phil about his sister's murder and what it's been like to live under a crowd of suspicion for the last 20 years. >> the first thing i remember is my mom bursting in my room really frantic saying, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
7:33 am
for jonbenet. >> burke ramsey speaking for the first time about his sister jonbenet and the day after chris chrismas in 1996. >> he's a software engineer. he works remote. he doesn't go into work every day. for 20 years he has been off the grid. my impression is he's socially awkward. people are going to be very interested in his demeanor. and they're going to find his demeanor atypical. we might be talking about some pretty dark aspects of this story and smiling while he's talking about that. >> next thing i remember is a police officer coming into my room and shining a flashlight. >> how long after she came in before the police officer came
7:34 am
>> so she comes in and were you asleep when she came in? did she wake you up? >> she woke me up. >> 6-year-old jonbenet would soon be discovered in her family's basement. they focused on her parents and even 9-year-old burke was the subject of tabloid rumors. >> they remain under an umbrella of su >> the ramseys always maintained their innocence. >> i did not kill my daughter, jonbenet. >> i did not have anything to do with it. >> even though a grand jury voted to indict them in 1999, they were never charged with jonbenet's murder and in 2008 two years after patsy ramsey died of ovarian cancer, the district attorney announced that new dna evidence cleared the ramsey.
7:35 am
law enforcement and experts involved in the case. >> he's aware that his parents are suspects. he's aware that he's a suspect. this has had an affect on him over the last 20 years. this is first time you've seen, it right? >> dr. phil referred interrogation tapes with burke. here he's 9 years old being asked to draw a picture of his family. >> do you remember that? psychologist. >> did you consciencely not draw jonbenet. >> he feels the case was mishandled by the boulder police and hopes someone will be held accountable. >> 20th anniversary and a lot of
7:36 am
>> dr. phil told me he asked burke directly if he killed jonbenet or if he thinks his parents had anything to do with her murder. his answers to shows questions and many others will air in a three-part series on dr. phil. it all begins on monday. guys? >> all right, thank you very much. we should also mention that "dateline" has a two-hour special on the murder of jonbenet ramsey that airs to know? >> i wanted to know everything that happened that night. there was nothing at that point. >> except a dead little girl. >> and that's the tragedy of the whole thing is that you want to solve it for this baby. >> how about the theory that this was an accident? >> going down the wrong path, buddy. i didn't do it. john ramsey didn't do it and we didn't have a clue of anybody that did do it. >> the idea when you do that is to sort of get a rise out of her and get her to maybe say
7:37 am
say. something spontaneous. >> you can see that "dateline" special who killed jonbenet tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. >> dr. phil will be here on monday with more of his interview with burke ramsey. right now, let's get a check of the weather with dylan who is in for al. >> it's hot and getting hotter. in the northeast we could break records later on this afternoon. we have this area of high pressure ahead of the dip in the jet stream. a little bit chilly across the summertime heat and humidity across the southeast. look at memphis. 93 today. it will feel like 102. in washington, d.c., the high of 96 will feel like 101. you go back through bismarck and into billings and temperatures will be ten degrees below average. we'll see things cool off eventually especially by the end of the weekend. in new york, we'll go from 90 on saturday to 79 on monday. even down into virginia we're looking at 89 on saturday but a high of 80 degrees on monday. even though it's going to warm
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>> it's hard to believe but we are already talking about "sunday night football" night in america. 8:30 sunday night. very hot out in glendale. 102 degrees. i'll leave my patriots commentary to a minimum. you can catch that matchup
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we're back at 7:44. a consumer alert for anyone that banks with wells fargo. >> $80 million in fines after thousands of employees were caught setting up fake accounts and credit cards. nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest on this. good morning. bank accounts opened without customer knowledge now being brought to light a lot of wells fargo customers wondering if they were duped into paying for fees and services they never asked for. credit card accounts opened without authorization. late fees charge on accounts customers never knew they had. those were findings into a massive investigation into wells
7:45 am
at once. these are accounts i never opened. >> reporter: wells fargo employees opening 1.5 million bank accounts and more than half a million credit cards that were never requested by customers. >> i would have these accounts and i would have a $10 fee, a $5 fee each month on each account. it adds up. >> a lawsuit against wells fargo by the city of los angeles alleging in some cases money was moved between accounts without customers knowledge. >> their bank and no bank should take advantage of their customers. >> well fargo ordered to pay $105 million in fines and this week saying the bank has fired over 5,300 employees over the last five years for their involvement in the scam. in a statement, the bank saying we regret and take responsibility for any instances where the customers may have received a product that they did not request.
7:46 am
were pressured to sell account add-ons to customers to meet what they say were unattainable sales goals. wells fargo ordered to pay back customers in full. >> may use fraudulent e-mail addresses or pins is shocking conduct. >> a case shaking trust in the world's largest bank. the customer you just heard from says he's still awaiting reimbursement. account holders are directed to wells fargo website for information and customers should file complaints if they feel they may have been victimized. matt and savannah? >> gadi, thank you very much. just ahead, hollywood's most dangerous man. why based on his roles we should probably never travel with tom hanks. >> and it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a
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we're back at 7:30. carson is in the orange room talking two things he loves, drones and burritos. >> students at virginia tech no longer have to walk to get their chipotle fix. they are going to begin delivering burritos to stu via drone. this is really happen. it's part of a drone delivery project that the company has been working on for years and what better to test out than drop massive burritos to college students. one of the first of its kind to be approved by the faa. they chose the mexican cuisine because it will help them to learn to deliver special cargo.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, game on. hoda keeps up her bucket list tour and gives one very deserving man with an incredible story the surprise of a lifetime. plus, we have a space ships to planes, why the oscar winner's travel track record on screen has fans laughing out loud. and from pompeii to the plaza, pop star bastille have a new album and new hit song and they're getting set to rock our
8:01 am
>> we're from texas. we love bastille. ? if you close your eyes ? >> we came all of the way from the uk to see bastille on the "today" show. >> all of the way from florida here to see bastille. >> we >> all right. we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning. it is a muggy, sticky, muggy, sticky morning here. >> hard to breathe out here. >> a little thick. we have a concert. a crowd ready to hear bastille in a few moments. >> before we go any farther, could we please bring in a
8:02 am
from rio to 30 rock. the most decorated woman in u.s. track and field history. how are you doing? >> good morning. >> you've been back for a little while from rio. have you been able to put your performance there in perspective? >> it's still kind of soaking in. it was such an amazing time. happy to be home and feel so much love now. >> you're involved with something called run, jump, throw. it's important to you. what's going on with that? >> today we'll be at an elementary school in central park. we just want to introduce young kids to our sport. let them know that this sport exists past the olympics and just introduce them to all of the different aspects of it. >> and you're throwing out the first pitch at yankee stadium. does that make you nervous? >> a little bit. i'm ready to go and excited about it for sure. >> you have your fellow athletes in the bronx tonight? >> we're all together. we're excited. it's going to be a good time.
8:03 am
in other words, throw above the catcher's head and then it will come down and actually be a strike. >> i'm going to take that advice. >> athletic tips to allyson felix? >> i'll take it. >> where are your medals? >> they are here in new york. they're here with me. when people want to see them, i'm bringing them out. >> i just want to say seriously, one of my favorite athletes from the rio games. we adore you. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> good to see you. the news at 8:00. >> we begin with a race for the white house. hillary clinton trying to flex her foreign policy muscle. she's convening a bipartisan meeting of national security experts here in new york today including ousted cia director david petraeus to discuss the strategy to fight isis. she's also unveiling a new strategy trying to project strength while also showing off her softer side. trying to counter high negatives
8:04 am
getting personal talking about her faith at a baptist church in missouri thursday night. >> i happy to be born and raised methodist but i've been married to a southern baptist for more than 40 years. >> reporter: clinton didn't miss a chance to take a swipe at donald trump. >> we're facing a candidate with a long history of racial discrimination in his business. traffics in toxic conspiracy theories. >> reporter: the softeran a sharp contrast to earlier in the day when the gloves were off for both candidates. >> she put the country and i mean the entire country at risk. >> it is scary. it is dangerous. >> reporter: while campaigning in north carolina, clinton slammed trump. >> he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> that's not just unpatriotic.
8:05 am
to the office and the man who holds the office. >> reporter: later while talking to larry king on a russian funded news channel, the gop presidential candidate downplayed accusations that russia hacked into the dnc intentionally meddling into the election. trump sunday fire for say during the nbc forum he opposed the iraq war from the start despite saying in 00 supported it. in cleveland thursday, trump doubled down. >> i opposed going in. i did oppose it. >> reporter: clinton's new strategy to showcase her more personal side also on display in a new york blog post called humans of new york. clinton writes about the pressure she felt as one of the only young women taking a law admissions test at harvard university and there she learned to control her emotions writing
8:06 am
as aloof or cold or unemotional and if i create that perception, than i take responsibility." all this as the polls are getting a lot tighter. matt, savannah? >> all right. kristen, thank you very much. the white house is threatening serious consequences now over north korea claim that it tested a powerful nuclear warhead overnight. state tv said it will advance the goal of building a warhead small enough to be mounted on the missile. the underground explosion 5.3 earthquake. on monday north korea test fired several medium range muscles while president obama was in neighboring china for the g20 summit. first round of aerial spraying happened in florida. officials confirmed on thursday that 84 pregnant women in florida have contracted zika which can cause severe brain development issues in babies.
8:07 am
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we're back now. 8:10 with what's "trending" today. hoda back here with us. we have to hear about this meeting we have at 3:00 today. is there anything worse than looking at your schedule and seeing you have a meeting scheduled for a late afternoon on friday? it's your weekend. now a growing number of companies are setting aside one day of the week where you're not allowed to have any mees all. one company, has thinking thursday. the idea is to give employees a break. sparing them at least for one day the constant sit downs they felt were becoming disruptive. other companies are jumping onboard hoping the downtime helps spur creativity. you can do it whatever day of the week we want. >> you see brown bag lunch
8:12 am
meeting. >> startups rely so heavily on -- they meet all day every day for ideas. you have to give employees a break. >> kathie lee and i have two glasses of wine and then we start our show. >> it makes us feel good. might make you more attractive to others but can dancing also make you a better person? yes. >> i'm having a long . >> yes. according to scientific studies researchers found that certain dance moves can be emotionally sensitive to others and makes us more aware of how they're feeling. they don't actually mean the kind of dancing that we do. it's like ballet. >> the stuff we can't do. >> not twerking.
8:13 am
>> no shaquille o'neal. >> 7'1", 340 pounds, how big is that? it's 7'1", 340 pounds. take a look at this hall of fame jacket. that's enormous. almost as big as the guy holding it. the former center for the houston rockets was also inducted into the thursday. >> come on. >> nobody could reach high enough to put the coat on. you know what's funny? when you love basketball, and i do, and you meet some of the players you'll always loved in person, you forget how big they are. >> is there a hanger that fits that jacket? >> it would slip off my hanger. >> aircraft hangar.
8:14 am
>> lady gaga was busy overnight. the song is described as modern ecstasy which is why i describe burritos being dropped by drones is another story. the fifth studio album. we don't know the name or release. grab your tissues. the next story is a tear jerker. ellen talked to a survivor of the orlando nightclub shooting huge inspiration for him. >> the lyrics for that song so powerful. every word in that song is just powerful. i embraced it. my boyfriend is annoyed already by the song. i play it and play it. it's beautiful. >> it is a beautiful song. have you met katy yet or no? do you want to meet katy?
8:15 am
katy getting emotional meeting tony. tony told katy that listening to that song helped him recover while he was in the hospital and doctors call his survival a miracle. surprises did not end there. tony wants to go to film school. she offered to pay for his first year. pretty awesome. and tom hanks, one of the nicest guys in hollywood but think twice about traveling with him or his characters. his latest movie is about the hudson river but "the washington post" says think about other movies that involved travel. "apollo 13." and then there's "captain phillips" where the ship is taken over by pirates. the list goes on. maybe you could take a train with tom hanks?
8:16 am
have a good weekend. >> cute. thank you, carson. >> how about a check of the weather? >> dylan? do you want to try it? >> we're talking about the heat and heat advisories especially in and around philadelphia today where not only the high temperatures but combine that with humidity and it will feel very, very uncomfortable. temperatures today could break some records or at least come close to breaking records. in new york the record is 94. i think we'll fall just shy of in philadelphia, the record is 94. we should hit 95 today. we should tie a record through washington and also at laguardia we're going to most likely break the record there. not central park. we'll appointed out tropics right now. nothing really going on but a couple tropical waves that we're watching. it's this one just off the coast of africa that has a 70% chance of developing into something
8:17 am
the good news is that all of the computer models are basically taking it away from land. even bermuda should not seen effects from this >> we want to mention a special event happening tonight. the standup to cancer telecast will feature some of hollywood's biggest stars including ben
8:18 am
vice president joe biden. >> sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. >> this morning we're remembering that day and the people that lived through it. >> my name is lauren manning. on the morning of 9/11, i was in the north tower at 8:46 when the first plane hit. >> i'm firefighter john with ladder company 10 of the fdny directly across the street from the south tower of the world trade center. >> i was in middle school a few blocks away from the world trade center. >> my name is jamie. >> my name is nicole and we lost our dad on 9/11. >> i was heading to my office
8:19 am
and partner. a wall of fire exploded outside of an elevator bank filling probably half of the lobby on the north side. i was engulfed in the flames. >> there was debris falling from the tower. pitch black outside because the smoke blocked out the sunlight. >> a teacher whispered in our teacher's ear and he came back to the front of the class and he said they've bombed the world trade center. >> i was 2 years old when i lost my dad. >> i was not born yet. >> from pictures and videos that i have of him and with him from when he was alive. >> people started screaming and running and saying run for your life. don't look. just run. and so we started to run and run and what was happening was the tower was collapsing. >> i was actually in the building when the lights went out and then the building collapsed.
8:20 am
my prayers. i laid on the floor and i really just waited for the beam to hit me. waited for whatever was going to crush me to crush me. >> i opened the staircase door and my grandma was there standing in the door of her apartment on the phone, and she started screaming. she's alive. she's alive. she's here. because up until that point everyone thought i was dead. >> that was the beginning of my battle that day, which would continue on for many months more, three months in the icu. three months in a and then three more months in a rehab hospital. >> a lot of the time something small will happen or we'll be somewhere and my mom or whoever i'm with will bring up that he used to have a certain quirk that something we did reminded them of him or we'll be somewhere that he loved so we feel like we can know him better. >> you know, a lot of time teenagers who have been through trauma will act out their trauma and that's when i started
8:21 am
alcohol poisoning four times before i graduated college. >> like many firefighters that did go down to the trade center that dug afterwards and spent months there i've come down with ailments that prevent me from fighting fires. in 2012, the new york city fire department retired me with a disability pension. >> the last piece of the puzzle was getting sober and, you know, being in recovery. i was finally able to sort of not only put myself back learn to look for the good in the world instead of the bad and that's what led me to this career in journalism. i also co-founded a site dedicated to positive stories and inspiring stories about people working to help social issues. it's called headlines for the hopeful. >> i have a small startup company. when we get situated, i have one of two locations in mind. perhaps a spot in the new world
8:22 am
spot where people tried to take so much away from us seems like it might be a good idea. >> my first born son unfortunately right after birth he had a traumatic brain injury and he suffers from cerebral palsy and needs constant care. i have two other typical children. lots of fun. running around. causing mischief. no medical problems whatsoever. i believe that day god hands over me and he protected me and he said not today. today is not your time. he protected me and i survived because it was necessary for me to raise my son, rocco, to share in the joy and the hardship of raising a child with such a damaging disease. he's a perfect soul. >> my mom got remarried and now nicole and i have two other
8:23 am
happy to see that we have come so far in life. >> my message to people is we will all be touched by adversity or wounded at some point in our lives but we can refuse to be held by it. i think that's why i survived. >> whatever it is, you just can't give up. there's always, always hope for a new beginning if we work for it. >> 15 years later i think this city is now better than it e never give up. never give up on your dreams. never give up on your count countrymen. never give up in pride. >> i remember talking to them in the immediate aftermath of all this. 15 years, first of all, it seems impossible. it's a morning nobody will ever forget especially when we were broadcasting and covering it here on this show.
8:24 am
journeys that people go on because, yes, they survived but what they had to contend with after that is just unimaginable. >> they all ended on a hopeful note. it was so nice to see that at the end. >> to see the tower and the beautiful blue sky again and i love what lauren said about, you know, rising again. how fitting it would be to have her new company start there. >> my son is in school today and about the heroism here in new york city. >> it's nice when you said that. we all talked about the darkness of that day and yet in that darkness we met so many people who shined the light. and inspired us in really tough times. >> we should mention that they have books out. if you want to learn more about them, go to our website,
8:25 am
more on a friday morning. first your local news and a
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
8:29 am
it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
8:30 am
we're back. it's 8:30. it's friday, september 9th. great crowd. it's going to get hot when bastille takes our stage in just >> already hot. how would you like to be holding charlie right now? we're going to do another great surprise for you. >> it is game on. we pulled off a biggy. we pulled it off at the u.s. open. we'll talk about that in a sec.
8:31 am
>> let's get a check of the weather. >> two of my favorite people. let's look at what's going on this weekend. actually going to be pretty nice for most of the middle of the country and out west. temperatures will start to cool off a bit dropping down into the 70s after being hot and humid. all that rain in the northeast, those are late day showers and thunderstorms. typical pop-up showers and storms and it will certainly cool things down after that cold front passes. so we'll start to see temperatures cool off a bit on sunday. morning.
8:32 am
now to a final installment in our tear jerking series. >> it's been a week of surprises for deserving viewers from monster trucks to celebrity chefs. how do you wrap things up? >> i don't want this one to end, you guys. after the show yesterday, i he john mcenroe was playing a legends match in front of a huge crowd so we surprised a man whose life story will blow you away. >> my dad is amazing. he's the most giving, caring person. >> my father's philosophy of life is happiness.
8:33 am
through it. >> when les was just 6 years old, the nazis sent his entire family to a concentration camp. as a little boy, he cheated death time and time again. sent to the gas chambers but on that day they ran out of gas. >> my father's entire life was a series of horrors with a series of amazing people that went out of their way to help him. >> when squad, an old man pushed him down and took the bullet instead. >> my father always focused not on the people shooting but the man that saved him. >> les came to america with nothing. he had a third grade education and learned english from comic books. >> we decided he's here for a purpose in life. helping people taking care of his family.
8:34 am
person i know. walks around the house singing. and he loves his sports. >> tennis is one of the constants in my father's life. every morning on his way to work he'll stop by the tennis courts and do a couple pickup games. >> he's not bad either. he was kicked out of a ur for being too good. >> john mcenroy is one of my dad's favorites. >> when john mcenroy plays, he's watching. >> giving your all and leaving nothing behind. that's how my father plays every game, every volley and having him celebrated on the court of the u.s. open, i can't imagine anything more fitting. >> to surprise les, we
8:35 am
we hide cameras and his family out of sight. son, aaron, is our accomplice. the match is under way and les has no idea that all of the cameras in the stadium are trained on him. with a win for mcenroy, it's game on for us. >> let's do it. let's do it. come on. >> hi, everybody. there is one person in audience who we are going to honor today. the person is standing among us. and this person has no idea. take a look up there at those monitors. at first it seems les has an important call to make. >> it's hard to believe. >> but then he gets it. >> my dad is amazing.
8:36 am
>> within moments, his story wins over the crowd. >> a big round of applause for les. come on down. meet john mcenroe. >> i think you just saw my match. i got a little left in the tank so i'm thinking we should go out and play a cou >> this will be just something special for him to remember. and it's part of his bucket list, you know. >> mcenroe has his moves but les has some shots of his own. a few good rallies and he ends
8:37 am
>> everything he did was absolute inspiration. >> i can't believe you did that. >> afterwards he was getting swarmed by people on the court. it was really great. >> my gosh. he did well. >> he was amazing. it's a terrific, terrific family. i love them. >> good news. we just ordered up 20 more of those segments. you're going to be busy. thank you. a first look inside the smithsonian's long awaited new museum. first, on a friday morning, this
8:39 am
8:39. we're back with a first look inside a very special place that's been decades in the making. >> we're talking about the smithsonian national museum of
8:40 am
look who is here. lester holt. you got a sneak peek. >> really great place. congressman john lewis spent 25 years trying to get a bill passed that would make the african-american museum a reality. finally in 2003, president george bush signed it into law. 13 years later, the doors are about to open. the african-american story is the american story and the museum has been a dream for at least a hundred years. >> this is an opportunity to fulfill the dreams of many generations to something on the mall that helps all americans understand how all of us have been shaped in profound ways by the african-american experience. >> i think a lot of people probably wonder to themselves what took so long. >> i think part of it was that candidly in order to tell this story, with very to be comfortable looking at america and all its faults. i'm not always sure americans are ready for that. >> the starting point in this
8:41 am
how do you tell the story without making it all about slavery and oppression? >> i think what you want to do is find tension between moments that will make you ponder the pain of slavery and segregation and moments where you find joy in the community. >> a history that intertwines those moments where you can celebrate the first african-american president while trying to understand today's racial tensions. this is not >> there's no way this is a simple march to progress. >> construction began 4 1/2 years ago on the 85,000 square foot museum. visitors will walk through 12 exhibits and see over 3,000 objects gathered by curators traveling the country. >> it's almost as if people were waiting for this museum to be able to say these stories are important. let me share them with the nation. >> the incredible african-american influence on sports, music and culture is seen throughout the museum.
8:42 am
muhammad ali's headgear. >> we have earth, wind and fire items. >> how do you recognize bill cosby? >> it was important to recognize that allegations have damaged his legacy so that's what we wanted to do. >> you included that down here in the last sentence. >> his career was severely damaged. >> a complex history for african-americans that curators americans. >> by helping people wrestle with the unvarnished truth, maybe we can find healing over the issues that have divided us over our history. >> all 28,500 tickets sold out for opening weekend in less than an hour. the museum will host a festival all weekend long headlined by the roots. >> looks like it was worth the wait. >> it really was.
8:43 am
still under cover. what an incredible experience it's going to be. >> feels like you could spend a couple days there. >> i think it's going to be one of those that you're not going to want to pop in for an hour. you'll have to devote some hours to it. >> good to see you. >> this is the morning. remember it? >> i try to sit right here and mr. lauer was -- >> thank you so much. coming up next, a guy that science cool.
8:44 am
i have a sore throat, fever and cough, is it the flu? (phone)symptoms consistent with... (phone)spontaneous combustion that doesn't sound right. (phone)hysterical pregnancy (phone)disco fever what? (phone)maybe make an appointment at summa health? yeah, let's do that. don't trust internet diagnoses. trust the physicians at summa health.
8:45 am
n it together. we're back now. 8:45 with a superstar of science. the director of the hayden planetarium here in new york city. in his spare time, he hosts the show "star talk" tackling the mysteries of the universe. take a look. >> i want to see, you know,
8:46 am
looks a little bit like me. whose behind is bigger and whose chest is on the floor but when superpowers kick in, whoo. she can slap a whole nation of people on the way to taking care of business. >> just your typical science show. >> i'm laughing again. i'm sorry. why did you show that to me? >> in the first few episodes you tackle walkers and marijuana. >> there's science in everything. the science is fundamentally part of it. and so a lot of smokers out there. we bring in an expert on hallucinogenic drugs so the show looks at the science that infuses it. >> i watched the show. what i always think when i'm watching you host it is you go into the meeting and say you
8:47 am
it. it's great. seriously. >> it's a celebration of all of the nuances that science touches our life no matter your profession. >> you have always said this is not for ph.d.s. this is for every day people. one of the way you communicate the magic of science is through a sense of humor. >> if you can't smile while you're learning, i don't how you learn anything. the universe is a hilarious place. >> that's what we've always said. >> knee slapping. >> a couple headlines relating to science recently. we just discovered a rocky planet orbiting our closest -- >> yes. it's the closest star system to the sun. it's a multiple star system. we found an earth-like planet orbiting that star.
8:48 am
>> it's a golilocks zone for that star. it's a cooler, redder star than our sun. that's not what's interesting. what's interesting is that it is an earth-like planet around the closest star. if you're going to have an inventory of what planets to visit first, that would be at the top of the list. however, the fastest thing we ever sent anywhere would take 35,000 years. 1,000 generations just to get there. >> you need to send a colony of really fertile people. >> in the few seconds i have left, i said to you in the commercial break, it was a difficult month for commercial travel into space with the spacex rocket explosion and you differed with that. >> if you're on the frontier, stuff goes wrong. they're trying to get us to space cheaper than anyone has ever done it before. when i see this, i say, okay,
8:49 am
experimental results of what not to do the next time. if you think about it that way -- if you're an entity that never makes mistakes, you are not on the frontier. >> that's a good way to put it as the way you put all these things relating to science which you are so passionate about. nice to see you. >> thank you. a pleasure. >> and you can catch the new season of "star talk" monday, september 19th on the national geographic channel. i love it it up next, a live
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> bastille burst on the scene and now album called "wild world." the gang is all here. they're ready to play. good morning. this is album release day for you. is the second album different from the first? >> it's a bit of an evolution. we're just super proud of it and excited for people to hear it. >> you had a hit with pompeii. it's a bit of a blessing and
8:52 am
>> we try to ignore that and have fun making a record that we're proud of. it's different but still very much us, i think. >> you're going on tour in north america? >> we're going back to venues we first played when he came to the states. >> it's a return. you guys came here before. >> this is so nice to be back here. thank you for having us. >> so happy to have you. steamy. what are you going to play right now? >> "good grief." >> so what would you little maniacs like to do first? ? watching through my fingers watching through my fingers ? ? shut my eyes and count to ten it goes in one ear out the
8:53 am
end ? ? now you'll be missing from the photographs, missing from the photographs ? ? watching through my fingers ? ? watching through my fingers ? ? in my thoughts you're far away and you are whistling a melody, whistling a melody ? ? crystallizing clear as day ? ? oh i can picture you so easil ? what's going to be left of the world if you're not in it ? ? what's going to be left of the world ? ? every minute and every hour i miss you, i miss you i miss you more ? ? every stumble and each misfire i miss you, i miss you i miss you more ? ? watching through my fingers ?
8:54 am
? caught off guard by your favorite song ? ? i'll be dancing at a funeral, dancing at a funeral ? ? sleeping in the clothes you love ? ? it's such a shame we had to see them burn, shame we had to see them burn ? ? what's going to be left of the world if you're not it ? ? what's going to be left of the world ? ? every minute ofry ? i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more ? ? every stumble and each misfire, i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more ? ? you might have to excuse me ? ? i've lost control of all my
8:55 am
me ? ? i've lost control of all my words ? ? so get drunk ? ? call me a fool ? ? put me in my place, put me in my place ? ? pick me up off the floor ? ? put me in my place put me in my place ? ? every minute of every hour ? ? i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more ? ? every stumble and each misfire, i miss you, i miss you, i miss you more ? ? watching through my fingers ? ? watching through my fingers ? ? cause every minute and every hour ? ? i miss you, i miss you, i miss
8:56 am
>> thank you. >> bastille. thank you so much. the new album out today. they'll be back to perform their big hit "pompeii" in just a bit.
8:57 am
8:58 am
it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it's freebie friday. wait until you see the surprise we're giving away and then you won't believe your eyes. mind bending tricks from a master magician. and we're throwing the ultimate tailgate party. the big football weekend. all that and more coming up now. >> annocer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, september 9th, 2016. al is gone. >> he's gone. >> tamron is here. >> he's away. i believe college visits and
9:01 am
has interesting choices to make in life. >> nice to have a choice. i didn't have a choice. this is pretty much where you're going to go. ended up being just fine. >> i waited until the last minute and went to temple university. it was a nail biter. very proud of that school. what did you do last night? >> went to the u.s. open and i sadly had to see serea williams lose. she lost to the 10th seed 6-2, 7-6. >> she lost last year in the semifinals. >> yes. a little italian player and afterwards she was so cute the crowd fell for her after being
9:02 am
she was number one. loses the number one ranking. the thing is that what was upsetting is it seemed to me that serena was defeated from the beginning. i don't think she had it in here. the crowd tried desperately to buoy her. moments where she would do that thing with her bust. come on. we can do this. she even looked at her opponent and said come on. and the crowd got behind her. and then she double fault. >> amazin she played so hard and then to see her -- >> she has a bum knee. bad knee and what do you think about the outfit? so fashionable. >> i wore the same outfit when i played andy murray but it didn't look like me. my version is the white one. she has black with the sleeves. i'm going to her fashion show next week. new york fashion week and her
9:03 am
right now. maybe that's a distraction. the sleeves. i was wondering. it's so hot in there. >> listen, you can be the best and still sometimes fall short. it just happens. it happens. >> there was this thing where you have this great device. went with hoda last night and her boyfriend, joel. this little device that you can listen to the broadcasters from espn while you -- >> cute. you wore red pants? what are those? >> shorts. it's hot in there. all chris everett would call about was the fact that serena wasn't using a towel in the middle of the game. kept wiping her hands on both sides. >> strange observation. >> see. >> i think you're overthinking it. she be the absolute best as i said and upsets happen. that's why it's exciting to watch tennis. interesting this is the second year in a row. let me tell you, every tennis
9:04 am
serena williams, you are mortified. >> she needs one more grand slam title to break the hold. she needs one more. she's got to do it somewhere that's the record. heard gaga's new tune? do you think it's about him? >> i think it's about taylor. gaga released her new solo song in almost three years. it's called "perfect illusion." she and tay a together. i believe that they might get back together. i don't know. listen to the song. tell me what you think. listen. ?? >> it wasn't love. it was a perfect illusion. i felt love when i saw it. >> i feel love when i look at the picture of them.
9:05 am
the couple i would watch. i said it to her because she likes my crime show. she was terrified. >> remember the photo they did nude lying on a canvas on each other and they were naked. who does that? that's so sexy. i got to say, my wife literally said to my face, if he showed up at the door and he was, you know -- >> look how good they look together. that's the thing about the perfect illusion. you can look at a couple like that. we've all done it. you say, together and then another example of this. bruce and demi moore. when they broke up, i felt like my parents had broken up. i didn't even know them. i thought what's wrong. am i reading too many magazines i got caught up in their marriage? >> such a happy pair. such a beautiful family.
9:06 am
house. >> bruce and demi? >> no taylor and gaga came to my house after a charity ski event. he's terrific. he's not a good skier. went down and got a terrible raspberry. >> why are you trying to find fault on him because he's so good looking? >> i got a compliment coming. just hang in there. he goes down. has a ski accident. he gets this raspberry on his abdominals which are very nice abdominals. i said let me see. i looked at it and then so that night my wife, who thinks he's cute, we're at the house. i said taylor, taylor, come here. sidney, come here. taylor had a terrible accident. will you show my wife what happened. he pulls up the shirt to show the abs. i could hear her go my god. there are those phenomenal abs with a raspberry. she was dutiful. >> let me rub it.
9:07 am
it wasn't a perfect illusion. >> how did you feel inside watching that. >> watching them together? gaga is in my kitchen. that's all i could think about. >> taylor being comforted by a gift. >> they need to make more of you. check out this picture. okay. i know this is going to sound horrible but i want -- if i were young enough, i would do that. >> you wouldr it's underboots. you don't go over. you go under. >> you were looking at the shorts. >> put it up quick one more time. the kids are at school. >> let's see the graphic one more time. >> we can't show it again? family program. google it. and it's this new thing. i'm conflicted about it because
9:08 am
the girls are all doing it. what do you think? >> it seems that it has run its course. i don't know. i just hope my daughters don't do that. >> you can't do it as a daughter. anyway, moving on. cam newton, this is an interesting sight. last night marking the kickoff of the 2016 football season, between the carolina panthers and denver broncos, he wasn't he wasn't throwing practice throws or talking to the coach, getting plays. what was he doing? >> flossing his teeth? why not? those orange slices are so nasty. they get in your teeth. why not floss? by the way, he has fabulous teeth. >> the most beautiful teeth other than "dwayne "the rock"
9:09 am
we talk into this meeting in different looking clothes than we have now. all casual. >> even when it's casual, it's fabulous. i look forward to see what you arrive in as much as i look forward to seeing what you wear when we sit down here. >> two things happen when we see each other in the morning. he says something about my outfit and then says what happened last night? >> the hair was standing up in the back. i thought that maybe it was the cab as >> okay. we've got more things to talk about. >> coming up, the "family feud" moment that made host steve harvey do a double take and something happens in an elevator i know will bring a large smile across your face. it's after this. ?? when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need.
9:10 am
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9:13 am
themselves in a sticky situation. it's fashion week. so much going on. >> models everywhere. dropping from the sky. >> so with their buddies they got stuck in an elevator and of course snapchated the whole thing. they snapchated. take a look. >> i'm stuck in an elevator in real life. i never thought this would actually happen. i'm genuinely so hungry. >> my worst nightmare just happened. we are stuck in an elevator. >> if that's your worst nightmare? >> i don't believe it's real. >> they said in real life we're stuck in an elevator. it is real. >> that's why you don't say actually in real life we're stuck -- who talks like that. i say actually a lot. we often say in real life?
9:14 am
there? >> their show. >> i watched an episode once. i think it was kourtney buying a house and a mouse showed up in this brand new mansion. that mouse is chubby. he looks nothing like the mice i see in new york. it was a staged mouse. it was from central casting. let's put in a cute mouse and they went through the mansion screaming. they were only in there for 20 minutes and they were rescued by the fdny. look at that handsome guy. >> wait a minute. if i was stuck in the elevator, that's not the face i would see picking me up. that looks like a firefighter from the show at that taylor is on. i'm not believing this. look at how -- if those are real new york firefighters, call me
9:15 am
my number is -- >> i think he opened the door and went oh gosh. >> hold on. >> do you see how handsome those firefighters are? it's staged. our live studio audience of three are saying they called stage. look at those. look at those smiles. >> this needs to be real. this is my worst nightmare ever in real life. kardashian clan which we love around here and obsess about. black china revealed the wedding day. we have an idea for them. >> when is it? >> it is coming up soon. and you said that you could help rob out. >> i mean, they revealed who may be in the bridal party. >> we have a date picked out. obviously wanted to do it when i
9:16 am
up so we have a date so far and we haven't started planning the wedding yet. >> is everybody invited to the wedding? anybody not invited and who will be bridesmaids? >> that's up to china. i don't have no friends. and all of the guys in my family keep disappearing. i don't know. a bunch of kardashian sisters. >> china, would you put any of your sisters up there? >> no. for sure i would. >> i thought she was saying no. >> a couple things, rob says he doesn't have any friends and he's subtly referred to -- have you heard of the kardashian curse? things come into their life and
9:17 am
rob has no friends. you are formerly of hollywood now of new york. you still have heavy contact in hollywood. help him out. >> i would be a groomsmen for rob. i would be honored to stand next to rob in that moment right there. >> what advice would you give him? >> him? i don't know if i can be honest advice. >> we'll think about it and reveal it later. >> run! >> run! >> steve harvey may have finally met his match on feud." steve comes face to face with his face. take a look. >> i love what i do but every single day of my life people come up to me and call me steve harvey. and i don't even have your money. i mean, i think i should get compensated or something. >> you look like me. damn. i'm looking at you going
9:18 am
this but i'm an honest guy. you actually a little better looking than i am. >> that's a pastor from north carolina. he's handsome man. >> i love that. >> 16 years a pastor. very handsome man and now dylan has a check of the weather. >> hey, guys. we are talking about some heat especially across the eastern half of the country. and then eventually a cooldown not only hot but very humid, too, and that's sparking the fact that we have heat advisories near philadelphia and we could be close to record highs today. washington, d.c. it will feel like 101 today. as we go through the weekend eventually we'll drop back down
9:19 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. >> up next, it's christmas in september. we're a t our fans out on the plaza with our fans out on the plaza with something bie spent summer bing. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
the family favorite. yoplait. >> so excited. today we are kicking off something special for people that come down to the plaza. that could be you on any friday. it's called freebie friday. giving away free stuff. >> yesterday i showed you breakfast with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.
9:23 am
phone is ringing off the hook. everyone wants me to cook pancakes for them. shawn keeps calling me. really? the concert sold out at madison square garden. is that him? no. in less than five minutes. you have a pair. i have a pair. out to the plaza we go. >> they don't know we're coming out by the way because this is our first freebie friday. people will get the hang of it now. >> someone must have told them. >> maybe se watching saying hey, tamron and billy are headed to the plaza with free stuff. we'll randomly pick people. there they are. >> you know what? i'm not giving you anything.
9:24 am
>> good morning! >> this is so hard. >> you go first. you go first. >> who is the biggest shawn fan? >> that was stup >> i'm 16 but she's my mom. >> i can't give them to a 16 year old. >> shawn mendez. >> i don't know what just happened. if you didn't win these tickets, don't worry, shawn will be performing live on "today" friday, september 23rd. the same day his album -- >> friday, september 23rd, shawn
9:25 am
>> we love to see you and guess what? if you don't win something, you'll at least get a hug from us. go to for more details. >> some consolation that is. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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9:27 am
9:28 am
9:30 am
>> hope you're sitting down here. we have more mind bending magic. >> adam is a world renowned magician known for his slight of hand tricks and right now he's on tour in the u.s. good to see you. >> good >> you guys want to see something kind of fun here? >> you're backing up. >> don't back up. this is going to be fun. this is going to be great. i have this kind of stack of note cards here. there's one of them that has a a little drawing on it. we'll show it to the camera right there. billy, you know what that is? >> it's a wave. >> it's a wave. that's exactly right. it's missing a fish. i'll have you take this marker and draw a goldfish really big across that whole ocean.
9:31 am
nice shot of the goldfish on the camera. fill it in all the way. fill it in all the way. >> you mean the color? >> color it in. >> that's a terrible drawing. >> that's great. i love it actually. that's fantastic. >> that's a decent fish. >> that's a good fish. >> under pressure. >> that's perfect enough. hold on for a minute. we have billy's goldfish in the ocean. >> don't judge. >> we'll put this inside the stack. we'lliv onto. face up like this. put your hand on top of it. other hand on top. put your hand on top as well. like that. loosen up a little bit, billy. don't move. i'll see if i can find your goldfish card. i have. >> did you have a finger on it the whole time? take the goldfish. give it a shake.
9:32 am
like that. now the deck of cards get stiff and feel like it is cold and hard. goldfish goes back in the deck. lift it up. take a look. >> what! >> show it for the camera. >> you have to see this. what is happening? >> a little fish in there. >> we found the goldfish. >> that's a miracle. >> that's incredible. >> >> he was so excited to beat billy bush and tamron. >> you guys remember these things? dvds. we don't use them a lot anymore. but they were popular back in the day. we use them a bit. i'll have you go ahead and sign your name. we're not going to do it on the
9:33 am
sign your name nice and big across that. >> reggie jackson said when you sign your name, make sure people can read it. >> let's see. can we read it? i think we can read it. we'll put it inside the dvd case like this. close it up and tamron will hold it up. i have some movie tickets that i saw back in the day. this is "star wars." way back in the day right there. "toy story." grab one out. grab one out. perfect. >> "kill bill." >> have you seen it? >> yes.
9:34 am
>> okay. i snap my fingers and on the dvd case in your hands the entire time. watch this. i open it up. the dvd is now encoded with "kill bill" on it. >> how do we know it? >> take it home and watch it. thank you. that's it. if you don't believe me turn it over and show it to the camera. it take a look at this. i prefer to keep my dvds in the case. that's for you. that's your signature. >> that's mind bending magic right there. >> adam, i'm scared to touch your hand to give you a high five. magic powers are there. this is crazy. we found abraham. >> we found abraham. where did he get the name from?
9:35 am
>> up next, stick around if you like football. football is big this weekend. you have to have food. we have the ultimate munchies for your tailgating bash.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
>> football season kicked off last night here on nbc. this weekend the new england patriots, the arizona cardinals square off on "sunday night football" which means it's tailgating time. >> it is indeed. that will hit the spot. matt jennings, executive chef and owner, got a round of applause from dylan over there. ryan clark is a cardinal fan and executive chef in tucson, arizona. hello, fellas. are you ready for some football? >> ready to get your tailgate on? >> i am. >> you're handling this one. >> this is a contest.
9:40 am
chicken wings. we're doing a grilled chicken wing. you can still tailgate but keep it healthier. why not. beautiful chicken wings here. we have ingredients in front here. we have black peppercorn. juniper berry. salt, garlic and fresh herbs. >> you have to like the people you're tailgating with for this because it's special. >> it takes time. it shows love and care. >> here for 24 hours. dry them off. make sure they're dry. we'll put them in a marinade that has flakseed oil. honey. maple syrup and seasoning. you have to get in here and help me. here you go. >> let's pass it over right on the grill. >> i'll bring them over. make sure you get --
9:41 am
>> okay. >> game time. arizona cardinals. no fans are more excited than cardinal fans right now. this is a hot dog from the southwest. so we've got some bacon. that's what makes it the best. >> bacon wrapped hot dogs? >> they go on the grill. we have scallions. we let them cook. let the bacon get crispy. >> steamed buns. >> you can use a roll here. i have some mayo, jalapeno salsa. >> bacon and hot dog, why not do mayo as well. >> pinto beans are the key. cheese. some freshness. >> awesome. >> and mustard. > that's a lot of meat. >> wings come off the grill.
9:42 am
we have a little bit of maple syrup to finish them off. we have fresh cilantro. salt. cracked pepper. toss them together. this is what we end up with up here. squeeze lime on that for me. you have to finish it with lime and then we have our beautiful luxurious nachos here. we did a lobster nacho. when in new england on the north shore, lobster. you can use other things. cod, we finish it with avocado and roasted corn salsa beautiful stuff. >> we have guacamole. i like to use the shells. close this sucker up and for your guest at your tailgate, have a bunch of garnishes. i have bacon. i have pineapple. crispy corn. >> okay.
9:43 am
i'll come over. >> i think we'll have to swap a bit and share. >> i'm going to eat a hot wing. the nachos are just amazing. i never wings taste like this in my life. i'm going to have to roll with my man. >> there's no way that you can get around what this man has done with bacon wrapped hot dogs. it's too good. trophy has to go to split this trophy in half. >> matt was talking trash about the cowboys. >> matt burned a bridge.
9:44 am
>> i forgot to say go pats. huge >> beautiful. thank you very much. coming up, a trip to pompeii when bastille performs their biggest hit on our plaza. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
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that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> all right. today is a big day for bastille because the guys are out with a brand new album called "wild world." celebrating with a performance on our plaza. >> the band is best known for their hit, pompeii, and they saved it just for us.
9:49 am
?? ? i was left to my own devices ? ? many days fell away with nothing to show ? ? and the wal down in the city that we love ? ? great crowds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above ? ? but if you close your eyes ? ? does it almost feel like nothing changed at all ? ? if you close your eyes does it
9:50 am
here before ? ? how am i going to be an optimist without this ? ? how am i going to be an optimist without this ? ? we were caught up and lost in all of our vices ? ? in your pose as the dust settled around us ? ? and the calls kept tumbling down in the city that we love ? great clouds roll over the hills ? ? bringing darkness from above ? ? but if you close your eyes ? ? does it almost feel like like nothing changed at all ? ? and if your close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before ? ? how am i going to be an
9:51 am
optimist about this ? ? if you close your eyes ? ?? . >> how are you guys doing? thank you so much for coming to check us out. >> and the walls kept tumbling down oh where do we begin ? ? in the city that we love the rubble of our sins ? ? great crowds roll over the hills oh where do we begin ? ? bringing darkness from above the rubble of our sins ?
9:52 am
nothing changed at all ? ? and if you close your eyes does it almost feel like you've been here before ? ? how am i going to be an optimist about this ? ? how am i going to be an optimist about this ? ? if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing changed al ?? >> bastille. thank you very much. and i have to take this opportunity to clarify something we said earlier. shawn mendez will perform on the "today" show friday september 23rd. he will not be out on the plaza.
9:53 am
he's inside. a note i missed there. >> he's live. and we're back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> we talked about the nfl on sunday. we got the giants and cowboys. the nfl will pay tribute for the 15th anniversary of 9/11 like they always do with a special moment. i look forward to that. of awareness like so many young kids of what happened and the heroism that day and what it means to be an american. we obviously are thinking of all of the families on that day. >> i love to hear that by the way. coming up, kathie lee is out and
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 a >> it is try day, friday, september, 9th. kathie lee is off today. billy bush has kindly agreed to fill in. what are you doing? >> for anyone who watched the last hour, i would like for them to feel like they are getting something different. >> this is what? >> this is billy's twin brother,


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