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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now herman crisis. a photo of a couple has gone by so they spiral an akron police say a toddler want it off alone as four adults overdose. plus fighting back how people with parkinson's disease are getting help . >> there are stories that are captivating america. a local woman donates a piece of her liver to save her baby. plus dramatic rescue a driver manages to escape after his suv is left dangling by wires on the side of a parking garage. it all started with a disturbing photo from the east liverpool police department
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overdoses as two adults are passed out with a small child in the back seat. tonight akron police responded to four overdoses at one house while a three-year-old wandered away from that home and down the street. channel threes billy goldstein is investigating heroin impact. she is live at chapel hill mall tonight were another incident took place earlier this evening. good evening. i think the tire marks will reveal a little bit of what truck flipped backwards after crashing and catching on fire pit police are staying they suspect a drug overdose is to blame. but we are showing you -- how this story is evolving around images. it is an epidemic that many say is just completely out of control. >> a former fire scene at capitol mall. a pickup truck drove backwards and caught on fire.
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from the inferno. >> a few minutes away in this city of akron police said four adults od at the same house. three-year-old child went missing everyone was passed out. this is what you are seeing and children unfortunately are one of the biggest victims. >> in this particular incident our biggest victim is very small . the four-year-old sitting out likely stunned any shouts he makes to try and wake his adults will not work. of od on heroine. >> the difference between how it played out to what could have happened. 70 could have been killed. >> if it were not for the off- duty officer the adults and child could be dead. he saw erratic driving and a near accident with a school bus. he got help and the peer our
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life is not always the outcome bill. across the nation heroin overdose has been on the rise. akron made national headlines in july when 15 people od in 10 hours. the statistics so much more personal with it is the one you love.>> i am just sad. i am sad. >> reporter: now to give you another statistic right here in summit county 40 people died from heroin overdose in 2012. from heroin overdose between 2002 and 2008. you can see this is a problem that rising -- that is rising. >> thanks hillary. >> changing directions bad news for cast player myron shumpert. the team confirmed that he was arrested on suspicion of dui but we are not talking about alcohol.
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not great news . >> bad news all around. certainly it happened almost a month ago today august 10 in fayette county georgia shumpert charged with they are to maintain lane and lane violation as well as marine -- marana -- marijuana possession. >> shumpert and his fiancie have a home near beyonci near where the arrest occurred. neither he nor the team have any additional comments while the matter progresses.>> it is possible he lands in a treatment policy and he could face a suspension. we have seen that with other players when something like this has happened. it is been and interesting off- season for him.
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video and has a song out there. so a lot going on off the court. hopefully he can just get back to playing. >> important for the team. people on social media reacting to the cavaliers off the court news tonight. as soon as he starts dating a kardashian and the curse hex. let the people talking about that. jan says he should hire a driver with all the money he makes and ryan says this is why we cannot have nice things. leave us a message on the facebook page or tweet us . >> the same sport that many believe contributes to parkinson's disease is helping those diagnosed to fight back. it is called rocksteady boxing. while participants never take a punch the training is getting them back their lives.
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gymnasium to show us how it works.>> reporter: michelle warman learns she has parkinson's disease 14 years ago. >> parkinson's have change every part of my life . >> at the beginning of the year she could not put on her own lipstick. there was no way she could sweep the floor in her kitchen. the disease robbed her of the ability to make a simple cup of coffee. she spent most of her days in a wheelchair. so how is it possible she can now do she hit the gym. four days a week it is push-ups and hitting the heavy bag and taking boxing . >> i could not believe this was the same person that was -- six months ago could not get out of a chair. >> reporter: parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease however research shows movement may reverse symptoms.
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minimize symptoms and in many cases for it while they can get better and better.>> not just any movement works. it is needed to exercise both the mind and body that is where boxing comes into play. >> seeing improvement like michelle's is what gives trainers out of bed. >> they are proud because they are not giving into diagnosis.>> reporter: and michelle is determined to keep fighting. >> i can just see the difference that he it has made.>> monica robbins channel 3 news. the eighth annual parkinson's boot camp takes place tomorrow from 9:30 am till 3 pm at the convention center.
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rocksteady boxing is just one of the many demonstrations that is planned. sunday marks 15 years since the terror attacks on september 11, 2011 -- that left thousands dead. people pause to remember the victims and reflect them one of the darkest days in the country's history. in new york city homeland security director dave johnson marked the return of several federal agencies manhattan. now housed in the one world trade center. in washington members of congress saying let's pray on the capital step. we all have our own way of remembering the loss in this local man pays tribute a couple days there's different ways. the past five years phil has put this display out in his front yard. one flag for every life lost and 50 firefighter helmets for
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responders . >> if we can lay our head down and say i did enough today to make someone proud and remember. you may remember brodie's good tribe tried. she gave a piece of her liver to save a life. now she is going on a national stage to share her story. we have rain in the weekend
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tonight. the consumer product safety commission is urging everyone who owns a samsung galaxy note 7 to power them down now and stop using the devices. the warning comes amid recent reports that the lithium battery inside the phone catches fire. samsung halted sale of the bone left the. customers can exchange the phone for another device. a scary situation unfolded in austin texas tonight. a driver plunged off a parking garage deck and was dangling from high tension wires . police say the driver managed to get out of his suv safely and back into the garage. firefighters used cables to attach to the car and get it safely down to the ground. >> the story every brunswick baby alive because of his mom's life-saving organ donation inspired so many of you when we
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now this mom's infectious attitude inspired the producers . we are here with the story. >> reporter: sarah you know nothing big love for this story since the second we met them. we brought you there story exclusively in november than in may went baby brodie's celebrated his first birthday. all the while this journey has inspired followers nearby -- worldwide. now they're good rolls on in a much deserved national spotlight. >> five months after tracy had given baby brodie's life she saved his life . >> we are motoring wheels up were brody will get his new liver. >> reporter: 30% of mama tracy's liver became brodie's life-saving gift. afterwords watch how he wiggles right to the sedation as he heard her voice .
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positive tracy energy that transforms. >> now 11 months later the journey is going national. >> i have to say he is a happy, healthy, hilarious little guy. >> beautiful. >> show friday on september friday on september 8. >> how cool is this. right on national tv because wk td helped us. we share this all the time about rebirth and all the incredible things that organ donation and
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>> that little inspirational man right there is behind all the good tribe vibes. >> you will be 16 months old next week and we all know that every day is truly a gift in this family. >> i post this a lot on social media. >> this is my badge of honor. it is quintessentially the good stuff. you can log on to for a link . >> it is td jake -- given out the good stuff. >> yes. >> well you can catch let's see if i can do it here.
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mondays. >> we don't want to go there yet . we just wanted to enjoy the weekend at this point. everybody has plans. everybody wants to know when the rain will come in and squash the plans but here is the thing i don't think it will squash a lot of plans. there is no washout tomorrow. clouds and a few showers for tomorrow to start. temperatures likely in the low 70s and then into midday we have temperatures going into the mid-80s and then scattered rain and storm chances will be around by the en and we probably see temperatures dating back to two scattered rain and thunder storm chances. there is a look at storm view. look at the big monitor we have scattered showers throughout indiana and then another round back towards the mississippi valley. what you are looking at is our one-two punch. these thunderstorms are currently in indiana and east
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area tomorrow morning. in the western side of things along the cold front itself will come too late day as this comes through we could see some of these storms impey up a little bit during the heat of the day. it is kind of but timing issue. that timing could provide a little more amp for the storms. hour by hour forecast. scattered showers chances in the early morning but by 7 am most of the brain will be moving out of the area. again this is t the storm just west of us. as we move toward midday temperature will days temperatures will heat up. 80 maybe 1:00. a mix of clouds and sun. look at these wind. it will be a windy day tomorrow. if you have any outdoor plans involving tens or some kind of patio umbrella or beach umbrella , be ready because it is going to be a bit risk out there. farmer markets you would be included.
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it looks like they are going to be coming during the evening. the storms do have a chance to be strong, possibly severe -- very heavy downpours coming with this but they will be moving through about nine here is the front itself and once it moves through the cooler air will come in and by sunday morning i think will be looking at partly cloudy skies and actually a kind of nice sunday. will hold onto cl clouds clear out and temperatures will be considerably cooler not only that it will feel better to. we start with the early morning rain chances try things out midday that is when the temperatures really heat up and that afternoon and evening will bring those next chances for showers and storms in. lake erie nearshore forecast plans will be flying throughout the weekend as wind changed from southwest. >> winter nation forecast
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sunday and then slowly next week will be warming. into the mid-80s by tuesday and another cold front comes through wednesday documents back into the 70s on thursday we are dry on friday. >> the indians started a seven- game road trip in minnesota tonight and fell behind the twins early. did they come back to improve the magic number? date is back with the answer.
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hello everyone the tigers are winners tonight and the indians had to start their seven-game road trip six-game up in the central. indians would get down early tonight trailing 2-0. in the third they have a big inning.
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2-2. nothing is safe tonight. danny salazar trying to continue his forward momentum gives up a two run homer in two byron buxton. salazar would leave the game after forearm tightness. he threw 78 pitches. look at this. that certainly is a party. longest home run by an indian this year. going on to win from this score. four 4-5 . >> brown to do it for real on sunday in philadelphia. eagles a favorite. tashi brown said the browns are not tanking this season and defended the youth movement.
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they traded their . for philly. the next chapter has his first nfl start against cleveland and the brown defense has been terrible in the preseason but they will be prepared. >> we may have a rare guy coming in. against a tough quality opponent -- that is the way we have to prepare. we need to prepare like he is going to be a tough quarterback is a rookie. >> week three of high school football and that means another round of game changers. 2-0 team salts ranked first. going 14 yards. gobbling them up.
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helping this guy score a touchdown thomas wilkes -- still defense shut them down in the second half.>> shaker heights at bedford shaker up 7- 6 at the half. answering on this one yard >> sam renard two varsity letters and a captain. also ohio national team shaker would answer with quarterback james finding william dunham junior on this 23 yard touchdown the on the kick trenton going, going, gone and bedford runs away with it. ohio state looked pretty good
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that tomorrow in columbus? the buckeyes host tulsa. both teams are 1-0. >> jt barrett was offensive player of the week. on monday he threw six touchdown passes. is the back in the heisman conversation? >> on a player? so be it. that is what happens at the next level. so -- i think he is such a leader, such a veteran and i think he knows this is his show. >> and a busy begin with the usc
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that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger.
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show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers because people don't like that. come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will. ? ? as you were mentioning dave tomorrow the queue will place the champions again days play the champions . >> yes. ready for the heavyweight fight against weight in at 246 today. he will take on alastair (. cleveland hosting the usc card for the first time ever this weekend. it is going to be exciting.>> we have met him. he is such a nice guy. he looks ready to go. >> have a great weekend. be
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader, mandy moore,


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