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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 10, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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those diagnosed to fight back. it is called rocksteady boxing. while participants never take a punch the training is getting them back their lives. monica robbins takes us to the gymnasium to show us how it works.>> reporter: michelle warman learns she has parkinson's disease 14 years ago. >> parkinson's have change every part of my life . >> at the beginning of the year she could not put on her own lipstick. there was no way she could sweep the the disease robbed her of the ability to make a simple cup of coffee. she spent most of her days in a wheelchair. so how is it possible she can now do this? she hit the gym. four days a week it is push-ups and hitting the heavy bag and taking boxing . >> i could not believe this was
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a chair. >> reporter: parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease however research shows movement may reverse symptoms. >> continuing exercise they can minimize symptoms and in many cases for it while they can get better and better.>> not just any movement works. it is needed to exercise both the mind and body that is where boxing comes into play. michelle's is what gives trainers out of bed. >> they are proud because they are not giving into a diagnosis.>> reporter: and michelle is determined to keep fighting. >> i can just see the difference that he it has made.>> monica robbins channel
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place tomorrow from 9:30 am till 3 pm at the convention center. more than 800 people are expected to attend. rocksteady boxing is just one of the many demonstrations that is planned. sunday marks 15 years since the terror attacks on september 11, 2011 -- that left thousands dead. people pae victims and reflect them one of the darkest days in the country's history. in new york city homeland security director dave johnson marked the return of several federal agencies to lower manhattan. now housed in the one world trade center. in washington members of congress saying let's pray on the capital step. we all have our own way of remembering the loss in this local man pays tribute a couple
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the past five years phil has put this display out in his front yard. one flag for every life lost and 50 firefighter helmets for each states to honor first responders . >> if we can lay our head down and say i did enough today to make someone proud and remember. you may remember brodie's good
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to save a life. now she is going on a national stage to share her story. we have rain in the weekend forecast but it will not be a
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more trouble for samsung tonight. the consumer product safety commission is urging everyone who owns a samsung galaxy note 7 to power them down now and stop using the devices. the warning comes amid recent reports that the lithium battery inside the phone catches fire. samsung halted sale of the bone left the. customers can exchange the phone for another device. in austin texas tonight. a driver plunged off a parking garage deck and was left dangling from high tension wires . police say the driver managed to get out of his suv safely and back into the garage. firefighters used cables to attach to the car and get it safely down to the ground. >> the story every brunswick
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life-saving organ donation inspired so many of you when we first introduce you to tracy m rose -- brody team a year ago. now this mom's infectious attitude inspired the producers . we are here with the story. >> reporter: sarah you know nothing big love for this story since the second we met them. we brought you there story exclusively in november than in may went baby brodie's celebrated his first birthday. all the while this journey has inspired worldwide. now they're good stuff snowball rolls on in a much deserved national spotlight. >> five months after tracy had given baby brodie's life she saved his life . >> we are motoring wheels up were brody will get his new liver. >> reporter: 30% of mama tracy's liver became brodie's
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right to the sedation as he heard her voice . >> almost a medicinal dose of positive tracy energy that transforms. >> now 11 months later the journey is going national. >> healthy, hilarious little guy. >> beautiful. >> featured on the new td jake show friday on september friday on september 8. >> how cool is this. right on national tv because wk td helped us.
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rebirth and all the incredible things that organ donation and the people's clinic haven't been able -- has been able to do for us . >> that little inspirational man right there is behind all the good tribe vibes. >> you will be 16 months old next week and we all know that every day is truly a gift in this family. >> i post this a lot on social media. >> this is my badge of honor. it is quintessentially the good stuff. you can log on to for a link . >> i cannot get it out. it is td jake -- given out the good stuff. >> yes. >> well you can catch let's see if i can do it here.
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mondays. >> we don't want to go there yet . we just wanted to enjoy the weekend at this point. everybody has plans. everybody wants to know when the rain will come in and squash the plans but here is the thing i don't think it will squash a lot of plans. there is no washout tomorrow. clouds and a few showers for tomorrow to start. temperatures likely in the low 70s and then into midday we have temperatures going into the mid-80s and rain and storm chances will be around by the end of the day and we probably see temperatures dating back to two scattered rain and thunder storm chances. there is a look at storm view. look at the big monitor we have scattered showers throughout indiana and then another round back towards the mississippi valley. what you are looking at is our one-two punch.
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area tomorrow morning. in the western side of things along the cold front itself will come too late day as this comes through we could see some of these storms impey up a little bit during the heat of the day. it is kind of but timing issue. that timing could provide a little more amp for the storms. hour by scattered showers chances in the early morning but by 7 am most of the brain will be moving out of the area. again this is the left over of the storm just west of us. as we move toward midday temperature will days temperatures will heat up. 80 maybe 1:00. a mix of clouds and sun. look at these wind. it will be a windy day tomorrow. if you have any outdoor plans involving tens or some kind of patio umbrella or beach umbrella , be ready because it is going to be a bit risk out there.
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included. there is your heart temperatures for the afternoon. it looks like they are going to be coming during the evening. the storms do have a chance to be strong, possibly severe -- very heavy downpours coming with this but they will be moving through about nine here is the front itself and once it moves through the cooler air will come in and by at partly cloudy skies and actually a kind of nice sunday. will hold onto clouds by sunday morning but by the afternoon clouds clear out and temperatures will be considerably cooler not only that it will feel better to. we start with the early morning rain chances try things out midday that is when the temperatures really heat up and that afternoon and evening will bring those next chances for showers and storms in. lake erie nearshore forecast plans will be flying throughout the weekend as wind changed from southwest.
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trying out cooling off put sunday and then slowly next week will be warming. into the mid-80s by tuesday and another cold front comes through wednesday documents back into the 70s on thursday we are dry on friday. >> the indians started a seven- game road trip in minnesota tonight and fell behind the twins early.
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hello everyone the tigers are winners tonight and the indians had to start their seven-game road trip six-game up in the central. indians would get down early tonight trailing 2-0. in the third they have a big inning. two run station tie game at two 2-2. danny salazar trying to continue his forward momentum gives up a two run homer in two byron buxton. salazar would leave the game after forearm tightness. he threw 78 pitches. look at this. that certainly is a party. 463 feet. longest home run by an indian this year.
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>> brown to do it for real on sunday in philadelphia. eagles a favorite. tashi brown said the browns are not tanking this season and defended the youth movement. remember they don't think carson was that answer. they traded their . for philly. the next chapter has his t the brown defense has been terrible in the preseason but they will be prepared. >> we may have a rare guy coming in. against a tough quality opponent -- that is the way we have to prepare. we need to prepare like he is going to be a tough quarterback but we still are aware that he is a rookie.
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football and that means another round of game changers. 2-0 team salts ranked first. going 14 yards. gobbling them up. state farm will lead 7-0. helping this guy score a touchdown thomas wilkes -- still defense shut them down in the second half.>> shaker heights at bedford shaker up 7- 6 at the half. answering on this one yard run -- 12-7 bedford.
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letters and a captain. also ohio national team shaker would answer with quarterback james finding william dunham junior on this 23 yard touchdown the on the kick trenton going, going, gone and bedford runs away with it. ohio state looked pretty good last week. will we get more of that tomorrow in columbus? the buckeyes host tulsa teams are 1-0. >> jt barrett was offensive player of the week. on monday he threw six touchdown passes. is the back in the heisman conversation? >> does that put more pressure on a player? so be it. that is what happens at the
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leader, such a veteran and i think he knows this is his
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as you were mentioning dave tomorrow the queue will place the champions again days play the champions . >> yes. ready for the heavyweight fight against weight in at 246 today. he will take on alir cleveland hosting the usc card for the first time ever this weekend. it is going to be exciting.>> we have met him. he is such a nice guy. he looks ready to go. >> have a great weekend. be sure to tune in tomorrow at 5
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breaking news tonight. urgent warning amid reports of smartphones bursting into flames. users o one popular phone are being told to stop using it. nuclear alarm as north korea tests its most powerful bomb yet. hour close is their capability of hitting the u.s.? shocking photos. exploding drug epidemic in ohio. adults overdosed in an suv. a child in the back seat. nbc news exclusive. who killed jonbenet ramsey? new revelations from the 911 operator. what she heard when patsy ramsey thought she had hung up the call. and 11 words. my conversation with a man who whispered in president bush's ear on 9/11. how he told him that america was under attack.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we start tonight with two urgent government warnings about the fire risk from samsung's new he is smartphone which is already under recall. the latest came this afternoon from a the consumer product safety commission and from samsung itself, warning owners of galaxy note 7 phones to stop using them after a series of fires linked to the phone's batteries. the alert comes on the heels of a warning from the faa against using the samsung phones on board planes, where the consequences of a burning or exploding phone could be catastrophic. tom costello with what consumers need to know. >> reporter: with 2.5 million phones under
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turn off their phones and don't use them. >> this happened with my note 7. >> reporter: the lithium ion batteries can explode and catch fire. the owners of this jeep say the fire started when they left the phone charging inside. tonight's new warning from the consumer products safety commission: power them down, stop charging or using them. quote, when these batteries overheat and burst, the results can be serious. the new alert coming less than 24 hours after the faa warned anyone who flies, keep the phone turned off in flight, don't put it in a checked bag. >> the fear is that this thing may catch fire. and trying to put out a lithium battery fire on an aircraft is very, very difficult. >> reporter: this faa test demonstrated how quickly a lithium ion fire can spread. responsible for a cat traffic fire on board a cargo plane in philadelphia and the loss of another ups plane and crew if dubai. last year, hoverboards were banned on planes
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lithium ion batteries are everywhere, from correctly phones to laptops to tablets. >> there are more batteries. there has to be a rising risk here. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission is working to elevate the recall. when that happens, the faa would go one step further and actually ban the galaxy note 7 on all commercial planes. samsung insists safety is a top priority. it's rushing replacement phones to market. lester? >> tom, thank you. gh condemnation and concern around the world as north korea claims it just conducted its most powerful nuclear test yet. moving toward its goal of developing a long range nuclear warhead, perhaps capable of hitting the u.s. nbc's bill neely has details on the test and the swift reaction. >> reporter: he's done it again. kim jong un has carried out his second nuclear test in eight months. this one the strongest ever, triggering a 5.3 earthquake, drawing
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there's anger at the u.n. >> i condemn in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: and fear in the u.s. that he's edging towards a nuclear missile that can hit america. >> probably by the end of the first term of the person we're electing this november, they are going to have the ability to put nuclear warheads on missiles that can reach the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: so how can the u.s. respond? directly attacking the underground nuclear sites is risky and unlikely. option. tougher sanctions are possible too. but they didn't stop this test. more isolation? north korea is already isolated. only allied china could punish it more. but south korea says it shows he's mentally under control, struggling to keep control, executing dozens of generals. >> the nuclear program is all about power and regime stability. with the purges that
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regime doesn't feel fully secure. >> reporter: president obama says there must be serious consequences for this test. but kim jong un seems not to care, projecting power, provoking, and so far paying no price. bill neely, nbc news. there's breaking news tonight from geneva where the u.s. and russia are announcing a plan to reduce the violence in syria. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is there at the talks. richard, tis what can you tell us? >> reporter: good evening, lester. secretary kerry called it a possible turning point in the five-year war in syria. he along with his russian counterpart made this announcement here in geneva. and he said that syrians are now facing a choice between war and peace. specifically, he called starting on september 12th for all sides in the syrian conflict to adhere to a nationwide cease-fire. he said the russians
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would stop their indiscriminate bombings on civilian areas, and the united states would work with opposition groups to prevent them from attacking regime forces. that this cease-fire nationwide, if it were to last for a test period of seven days, secretary kerry said it would lead to even closer russian coordination with the u.s. and russia fighting against isis and an al qaeda affiliate together, lester. >> richard eel geneva, thank you. now to shocking photos released by an ohio police department that show the impact of the exploding heroin epidemic on children. earlier this week we told you about hundreds of overdoses in a couple of weeks in the cincinnati area. now these photos from the other side of the state. adults unconscious and incoherent in the front seat with a child in the back. nbc's blake mccoy has details. >> reporter: the images are horrifying and heartbreaking.
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overdose, while the woman's 4-year-old grandson sits helpless in the back seat. officers in east liverpool, ohio, want the photos to be a wake-up call. >> when you see that, the shock factor, you get that lump in the throat. it's sad, especially when you have children of your own. >> reporter: james accord and rhonda pacic have been arrested. the child taken i >> when you see something like that, you put a face to it. it's just an addiction. it's terrible. >> reporter: all across ohio, heroin overdoses are spiking. over the past two days in cincinnati alone, 76 overdoses. every month, 92 on average, double the rate from last year. nan francs has been an addiction specialist for four years. why ohio? >> we have a long


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