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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  September 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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welcome back and thanks for being with us at 6:00 a.m. on this september 10th. there is a live look downtown. we do have some weather in the area that you're going to want to be aware of, especially as you head throughout your saturday. you probably have a lot of things planned. kick back, relax, have an extra cup of coffee this morning. don't rush out the door because the weather is not going to who's been keeping an eye on those skies. and, michael, we did see some rain this morning depending on where you are. >> and that's exactly it. so if you're joining us right along, say, lake erie, you know exactly what we're talking about. if you're joining us and waking up with us down towards canton, you're saying, what rain? didn't see a drop, didn't hear a drop. this is what we're looking like outside as we speak. here's where we're tracking
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getting wet, mentor getting wet right now. right along, say, east and westbound on 90 towards leroy, seeing those showers and a couple of rumbles of thunder down towards orwell. again, all of this slowly but surely drifting up towards the northeast. i think we see a little lull in activity around lunchtime. it'll be very breezy and very windy. we could see wind gusts over 25 to 30 miles per hour, so hold on to your hats. by this afternoon temperatures in upper 80s, another round of showers and thunderstorms, though, on the way between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. we'll talk more about the timing and what you can expect if we should see any severe storms later on this afternoon around that time straight ahead. so, maureen, one of those days where i want folks to stay weather aware. >> michael, thanks so much. now to our top story, the heroin epidemic is causing so much strife and pain, last
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overdoses at one house. police suspected an overdose is to blame after a truck slid backwards after crashing and catching on fire. the incident happened at chapel hill mall around 6:15 p.m. on friday. after hitting the yellow post, the car rolled backward, crashed and then caught on fire. the driver inside was passed out and had to be pulled from the inferno. a few minutes away in the same city of akron, police say four adults overdosed at the same home. a 3-year-old child went missing from the homele was passed out. the child was recovered. now to a story that we've been following for you, the man who shot and killed a woman after a car crash in solan has been formally charged. matthew ryan dasha was in court yesterday and indicted on 16 counts ranging from aggravated murder and flownious assault. he remains in jail this morning on a $1 million bond. a battle is brewing between the social security administration office in downtown cleveland and its union. earlier this year a company
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krie, causing many of the office's employees to get sick. union representatives say they asked the office, that the office wait to apply the pesticides on a weekend so that the fumes would have time to clear. >> mr. told them verbally, there's also a large e-mail exchange. we absolutely requested no administration of the pesticides during the weekday. [ sirens ] >> union reps also say the visitors to the social security chemicals but never informed. bad news this morning for cavs player eman shumpert. the team has confirm he was arrested on suspicion of dui and marijuana possession. it happened one month ago outside of atlanta. the cavs said in a statement that they have discussed the situation with him and there will be mo further comments about the situation. it is possible that shumpert could land in the league's treatment policy and he could also face a suspension.
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set. ? ? hard to believe this sunday marks 15 years since the terror attacks on september 11th, 2001 that left thousands of people dead. yesterday people paused to remember the victims and reflect on one of the darkest days in the country's history. in new york city homeland security director jeh johnson marked the return of several federal agencies to lower manhattan now housed in 1 world trade center. in washington members of congress sang and prayed capitol steps. we all have our own ways of remembering the lives lost that day. this local man pays tribute in a couple of different ways. take a look. for the past five years bill saban has put this display in his front yard, one flag for every life lost and 50 firefighters' helmets for each state to honor first responders. >> if we can sit down at the end of the day an lay our head down and say, you know what? i did enough today to make
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then you did something. >> friday afternoon bill deliver pizza to the willowwick firehouse to show his appreciation. sunday night on channel 3 news after the football game, see bill's whole story and why he spent so much time with his display. well, a brunswick farm honors the cavs world championship with a 7-acre corn maze. mapleside farms in brunswick went all in this year. alyssa joins us now to see what they did. good mng love it. every year their corn maze is one of the best and the biggest in the midwest. this year they took it to a whole new level. for the past two weeks people have been visiting mapleside farms just to see this. there's no mistaking what it says and shows, home-grown hero complete with lebron's face and to the left you have believe land and over to the right there's the larry o'brien trophy. the owner of mapleside farms says his sons came up with the theme for the maze this year
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maze is a little easier, but since the home-grown hero one was created out of two fields, it might be for the more advanced maze enthusiast. general manager joshua schmidt says fall fun begins now. >> 311-foot super slide that takes you right down into our orchard. then, of course, we have our corn maze, and then the cow trains, pig trains, hay rides, of course. then we have our jump park and a number of other th. season is the billy goat bluff. you can watch these little guys climb up the mountain. mapleside farms is open from 10:00 to 10:00 tonight, and it's also princess and pirates weekend, dressing up is obviously highly encouraged. now, mo and michael, check this out. the the 311-foot super slide joshua was talking about. okay. who did it better? i'm obviously going to say myself. look at the hands up. michael, you're going straight
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by the way, is that they use armour-all on the slide to really get it going. >>reporter: i sprayed the whole thing down first before i went down, so that is my secret. they let me in on that and i totally took advantage of it. >> i don't know. i think it's a tie. i'm going to call it a tie on there. >> a little bit more speed, i think. i didn't have the armour-all at that point. >> you definitely had a little bit more flare. michaes the slide. have everyone else decide, so if you want to tweet us and let us know, and then maybe if it doesn't rain later or maybe if it does, i'll put some soap and try it again. >> don't make me separate you too. don't make me get in mom mode here. >> thanks, guys. well, the story of brunswick baby alive because of
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donation inspired so many of you when we first introduce you to tracy and brody teague nearly a year ago. now this mom's infectious attitude inspired producers of the t.b. jake show as well. channel 3's dawn kendrick has the story. >>reporter: five minutes after tracy had given baby brody life, she saved his life. >> we are motoring wheels up on our way to the cleveland clinic's main campus where brody will get his new liver, a sliver of my liver. >>reporter: 30 pshz of mama e liver gave brody's life-saving gift in a 10-hour surgery. after surgery, watch how he wiggled right through the sedation at the sound of her voice. >> you're doing so, so good. yes, you are. >>reporter: almost a medicinal dose of positive tracy energy that transforms. ? ? >>reporter: now 11 months later the teague's journey of
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tribers is going national. >> i'm happy to say he is a happy, healthy, hilarious, spunky little guy. [ applause ] >> beautiful. isn't that wonderful? >>reporter: featured on the new tv jake show next friday, september 16th at 3:00 p.m. right here on channel 3. >> how cool is this? we're here on national tv because wkyc helped us and educated and shared the good stuff. that's one of the hashtags that we use all the time is the good and all the incredible things that organ donation an, you know, the cleveland clinic have been able to do for us. >>reporter: i'm dawn kendrick, channel 3 news. >> you can catch the t.d. jakes show every weekday at 3:00 p.m. beginning this monday right here on channel 3. still ahead this morning, more trouble for samsung. the urgent call for users to stop using the newest phone model. and getting takeout on a busy evening may save time, but
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general motors is recalling about 4 million vehicles worldwide to fix an airbag software defect that's been linked to at least one death. gm says computers can go into test mode and the front airbags won't inflate in a crash. the seat belts also may not function. the recall includes a number of newer model vehicles. we have that full list at more trouble for samsung this morning. the consumer product safety commission is urging everyone who owns a samsung galaxy note 7 to power them down right now and stop using the devices. the warning comes amid recent
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fire. samsung halted sales of the phones last week. customers who have them can exchange it for another device. after-school activities are starting, and it's a busy time for many families which makes eating out even more convenient for some people. a registered dietician explains how much eating out is too much and how to avoid nightly takeout. haley hernandez has more. >>reporter: the american culture never tasted so good or has this little time to spare. so on average people in the unit three times a week. >> we tend to eat on the run because our lives are so busy. >>reporter: registered dietician carol wolland rakeland says it's because oftentimes we forgot to pack our lunch and in turn we're packing on pounds. >> at the end of the day we work a full day, we're tired, we're hungry, and we tend to make more impulsive food choices. >>reporter: she says that impulse to grab and go leads to eating twice the calories at a restaurant than you would eat
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her suggestion is to plan ahead, setting aside a day of the week to divide meals to store in the frig or freezer. >> but if you have three or four containers ready to go for the week that you grab and go in the morning, it's great. >>reporter: still not possible? she also recommends companies like home fresh and blue apron who deliver to your door. these give good portions, fresh ingredients, a calorie count and estimated prep time. and if all else fails, you still don't have to with places and snap kitchen. just ahead, it's a better than black friday deal. did you hear that voice behind me? that's matt granite. how you can score one of these laptops for less than the cost of the software that's in it. now here's michael with a check of that forecast. >> yeah. i'm, like, what is matt granite, our money man doing over here in the studio with us this morning? let me show you this, though. so almanac for today, 76 degrees our normal high, we'll
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severe storms later on this afternoon between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. this evening. more on the timing and when it moves into your back yard is
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the saying you get what you pay for may have something to do with the new list of nfl ticket prices. the browns are second cheapest the survey was done by go and the brown's average ticket price is $38.33. the average trip to a game including tickets, soft drinks, beer, hot dogs and parking averaged $133. only the cincinnati bengals came in cheaper. it's probably, you know, we have matt granite in here, and he he probably has a deal. matt, come on, it's like the
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>> come on over. don't try to stand in the green screen with your green on. >> it's just like monday through friday. >> i have shorts on. >> that's a special treat for us. >> yeah, it is. we love you too, matt. here's the thing, he kept the short ons for a good reason. temperatures this afternoon in the mid-80s, but the one thing i didn't see, matt, was your umbrella be umbrella later on today. we are expecting some scattered showers and thunderstorms and a few of those thunderstorms, by the way, that develop, especially between the hours of 3:00 and 10:00 could be strong and even severe at times. we'll watch that threat very carefully for you. it'll also be a windy day today. current temperatures in the upper 60s and low- to mid-70s. most of us nice and dry, not all of us dry, though. you'll notice up towards ashtabula county on the eastern
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heading right along 90 is where we're seeing some heavier showers that will roll right through ashtabula within, say, the next 10 to 50 minutes. so if you're heading out the door, grab the umbrellas there. that's round number one. round number two an the more potent round is right here. it's a cold front that's going to slip and slide through the buckeye state later on today, and as it does so, it is going to bring a line of heavy showers and heavy thunderstorms between 3:00 and 10 this evening. that's when i want you to be weather aware and make sure that you download our wkyc weather app because, again, it'll give you instantaneous alerts should intefer be issued and you can get an immediate look at the radar to see what things look like overhead. that clears by sunday, and on sunday, not only are we cooler, but we're much dryer. so more sunshine in store by the second half of your weekend. here's how things play out, those spotty showers this
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i think that right around lunchtime things look good with a mix of clouds and sun. let's stop the clock around 3:00 p.m. again, this is when i want you to be weather aware. not a whole lot going on 2:00 to 3:00, but right after 3:00, that's when we begin to see the flareup of those heavier showers, those heavier thunderstorms. our main threat from this will be damaging wind gusts by, say, the 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. hour. an i think by about 9:00 to 10:00 that's when as we lose the daytime heating the thunderstormgi and push on out of our region which is the good news, but in its wake, again, we can't rule out that chance for a couple of downed trees and power lines. in the meantime, sunday morning we'll wake up to a few more clouds, maybe an isolated sprinkle. sunday afternoon looks much better. here's what it looks like in terms of rainfall potential. i think we all see a good soaking rain. i think that over two-inch mark in downtown might be a little generous, but should you see a thunderstorm, that's certainly
6:23 am
mid-60s with your window nation seven day, showing you that by sunday, tomorrow, it looks so much better. and speaking about looking better, look at those temperatures. maureen, 73 degrees. mother nature turning up the a.c., saying hey, open up the windowses, let in that -- open up the windows, let in that nice cool breeze. i just love that part of summer where it's cool and calm -- excuse me. i was actually eating an apple. >> you're getting choked up about the forecast here. >> but what is it is by sunday we're in the lower 70s. it's going to feel so much better >> right. it's the time of year that a lot of people -- >> i need water. >> don't choke. we need you. thanks, michael. well, a deal many of you have been waiting for all summer just arrived. money man matt granite brings us laptop at better than black friday prices. >>reporter: great to be with you this weekend as i celebrate my favorite laptop deal,
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we're talking black friday prices right now as we begin september with a massive, massive bargain. now, on this particular laptop, i don't even know where to start. yes, it's lenovo, yes, it's got an intel processor, but there's been so much that's been poured into this deal that i'm going to show you. even something as simple as a webcam. the webcam on this particular laptop flips, so you can turn it around, a selfie mode of sorts. and this is one of the big items coming request. >> please do a deal on laptops soon cause i do my reading, math, an i even watch my videos on it, and i always borrow my dad's laptop, and so i hope you do a deal on laptops soon. thanks, matt. bye. >>reporter: lucy wasn't the only viewer to ask. we heard from parents and
6:25 am
wonderful people. the windows 10 professional operating system on this laptop is worth $200 on its own. if you are going to buy windows 10 pro, that's $199. the 4 gigabytes of ram says you can do basically any everyday task without an issue. it is fast and it has an intel processor. oh, yeah, and i first down the whole thing for $189. if you were to look at other retailers, you may see this price, but none of the systems have windows 10 pro. that's where the real savings are. again, windows 10 $199. i found a whole laptop for $189 with free delivery. now, i test all the websites, all the products, this is lejit. i will tell you if you're looking to double the laptop's capacity, perhaps you already have a laptop, a super fast, waterproof sleek and durable flash drive which works with both wiis and macs is at its lowest recorded price today, $14.98 on no companies pay us to talk about them.
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so you know exactly when your information is being transferred. on this particular computer which has two usb ports on one side, a third ubs port on one side. you get an hdmi slot, you get an sd card. i mean, you are already way ahead of the game. as i reached for this mac right over here, i want to point out this mac which is about the same size and $1,700, yes, it's a lot faster, but this only mac has one slot for and peripherals, one. this has four, just throwing that out there. this is $189 and this is more than $1,700. speed wise can you compare the two? no. but if you want the speed test or score this flash drive deal, head over to that's where we will meet. until then, happy savings. >> matt, thank you. good to see you. next the battle over bees, the city guidelines for
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>> good morning, maureen. we have something amazing for you this morning, a local farm is celebrating the cavs championship win. how you can join in on all the fun. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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thanks so much for being with us. 6:30 on this saturday, september 10th. we are showing you a live look downtown. looks like skies have cleared a little bit, but many of you getting a little bit of rain to start out your saturday. michael's been watching the storm system move through, and, of course, we're in for re surprises today, michael. >> yes, we are, maureen. so this morning, again, a couple of you might still need those umbrellas, especially towards ashtabula county. but the majority of us it looks decent to start. and i think through about lunchtime things look good. but, again, here's where we're tracking some wet weather, ashtabula county, and we'll take you right on into ashtabula. it's more of a light to moderate rain. no thunder or lightning being detected within this system, but the much bigger perspective
6:31 am
and 10:00 p.m. later on this afternoon, we're not only expecting showers, but perhaps even strong isolated severe thunderstorms in the mix, and one thing you'll notice immediately today are the winds. it is going to be a very windy saturday, so if you're thinking about heading out on lake erie or jumping into a boat, just keep in mind that those waves will be high, we will have a strong rip current risk. so watch for that. highs today in the mid- to upper 80s. of course everyone wa this afternoon's showers and thunderstorms. we've timed all of that out for you, and we'll make sure to bring that to you within the next couple of minutes in our next big weather hit. but, again, umbrellas definitely needed. and, maureen, just to throw it out there, your hair looks gorgeous this morning, of course, as always, but the wind out there the moment you step outside, and you walk back in, i mean, it's going to be, you know, i don't want to say a wreck or a mess because it
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>> it'll look wind blown >> i am staying indoors, that's it, michael. thank you. well, you can have amazing fun this weekend as mapleside farms opens its annual corn maze. michael checked it out yesterday. today alyssa's turn, and she joins us this morning to show us how they went all in this year. hi, alyssa. >>reporter: hi, maureen. and you're going to send me out while you stay inside. that's fine. look at this. this brunswick farm is honoring the cavs' historic dedicating its 7-acre corn maze to the team and its accomplishment. it can only be seen, really, from up high, though. check it out. there's no mistake whag it says and shows. to the right there's the larry o'brien trophy, home-grown hero, complete with lebron's face right in the middle, and over to the left you have believe land. the owner of mapleside farms says his son came up with the maze's theme this year, and we're told the believeland maze is a little easier, but since the home-grown hero one was
6:33 am
might be for the more advanced maze enthusiast. general manager joshua schmidt says fall fun begins now. >> every year we do put some sort of image in the maze, and after they won the championship we thought that would be a good way to honor our cavs. but, yeah, we designed it and we sent the design off to a company that comes out, and they have a gps and they cut it in the maze. >>reporter: mapleside farms is open from 10:00 to tonight, and it's princess and pirates weekend, dressing up is obviously highly encouraged. they have apple picking, pumpkin picking, and i can't even begin to describe to you how delicious their sweet treats are. one of the highlights from my visit there last year. and you'll see this huge slide in a few seconds. it's more than 300 feet long. i'm going to be going down there for the second year in a row, probably, if the storm holes out a little bit for us.
6:34 am
raining, we might throw some soap on it and get a slip and slide going. maureen, back to you. >> i love a good slip and slide. all right, allis, a thanks so much. well, right now the akron canton regional food bank's 24- hour operation orange is under way. more than 1,500 volunteers are expected at the food bank to assist in prepping donations for delivery to those in need. a lot of the food is locally sourced and will be delivered to the community next week. volunteers have been working through the night doing part to end hunger. it's been growing in popularity over the past several years, especially in urban and residential areas. the trouble is a lot of cities have no guidelines on keeping of the hives. in cuyahoga falls, city leaders are crafting new rules on the practice and it could cost one man his bees. photojournalist carl backtel has the story. >>reporter: cuyahoga falls,
6:35 am
there are bees. there are also a growing number of folks who raise bees, like bill torchkin. >> i have done so for 8 to 10 years. >>reporter: his home is located in one of the busiest places in town, but the bees don't mind. >> i wound up with 250 pounds of good spring honey. >>reporter: but the city might. new legislation may sting bill out of his honey hobby. >> i have to have a 62-foot lot in order to come requirements. >>reporter: his lot isn't big enough. some don't want to see hives in town. >> i feel like it could be a danger, sometimes a dog if it's not kept properly an all that fun stuff. >>reporter: others welcome the legislation. tara galagher's father keeps bees. his hives meet the new requirements already, but -- >> a few changes we'd like to see. there's a beekeeper on portage trail that might lose his hives completely because of the size of his lot. >>reporter: pending
6:36 am
comply. the retired cuyahoga falls firefighter hopes somehow he can be grandfathered in. >> in three years i'll be 87 and i don't know what my life is going to be like in three years, and i don't think they realize what they've done to me. >>reporter: the city didn't respond to our request for an interview, but bill is hoping for a sweet ending. >> absolutely. >>reporter: carl backtel, channel 3 news. >> all right, carl, thanks. cuyahoga falls, home of the blossom music there are blossoms, there are bees, but coming up we are going to talk about the indians. they kicked off a seven-game road trip in minnesota. we're going to have the game's highlights coming up next in
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hi, everyone. good morning. the tigers a winner last night, so the indians had to start their seven-game road trip in
6:40 am
six games up in the central. indians would get down early last night, trailing 2-0 in the 3rd. they had a big inning, though, lonnie, hero the other day, comes through with a double to left center. that brings in two runs to tie the game 2-2. in all it's a four-run inning for the tribe. naquinn brings home chiz and they lead 4-2, but nothing safe last night. salazar trying to continue his forward momentum with a quality start, but gives run hometory buckston. he would leave the game after four innings with forearm tightness. he threw 78 pitches with this pitch destroyed in the 5th by mike napoly, that's certainly a party. wow! 463 feet, longest homer by an indian this year. 5-4 tribe. they would win by that score and are now 24 games above .500, leading the tilingers, as i mentioned, by six, the magic number is 17 with 22 more to play, including tonight back in minnesota.
6:41 am
real in philadelphia. the eagles a 3 1/2-point favorite. sashi brown said yesterday the browns are not tanking this season and defended the youth movement, also saying rg-3 could be the long-term answer and not a stopgap. remember, they don't think carson wenttz was that answer. they traded their pick to philly and they drafted the qb, an, of course, in the book written by the browns, the next chapter has his first nfl start against cleveland. and the brown's defense which was terrible in they think they will be prepared tomorrow. >> may have a rare guy come in, guy who's capable of holing his own, you know, against top- quality opponents, and that's the way we have to prepare. we have to prepare like, you know, he's going to be a top quarterback, but we still are aware that he's a rookie. so, you know, we're going to put that in play. >> we can hold off on the indians tonight and the browns
6:42 am
they looked great last week, crushing bowling green. will we get more of that today? columbus? the buckeyes host tulsa 3:30 at the shoe. ohio state favorite by 28 1/2 points. both seems are 1-0. osu beat the falcons 77-10 one week ago today in the opener. osu moved up two spots in the a.p. poll to number four. j.t. barrett was named big ten offensive player of the week on monday. he threw six touchdown passes, rushed for another. is conversation? >> i wish i had three of j.t.'s caliber. does that put more pressure on a player? so be it. that's what happens at the next level, so i think he's such a leader, such a veteran, and i think he knows this is his show. >> wow! busy weekend because now we go over to the "q the. ufc2-3 there tonight.
6:43 am
ready for his heavyweight fight, weighing in at 246. the crowd loving him, giving him a huge pop. his opponent weighed in a 248.5, shaking hands, getting the stare in there. of course it's a pay-per-view fight late tonight, cleveland hosting ufc card for the first time ever this weekend. jessica eye also a clevelander taking a selfie with the crowd behind her. and check this out, oh, yeah, she doesn't want to wait for doing it yesterday in the weigh- in. she weighed in at 135, shoving her opponent. eye has lost three straight an four of her last five so looking to get back on track tonight. wow! that's going on at the "q" tonight. buckeyes at the shoe this afternoon. indians in minnesota tonight and the browns in phillies tomorrow. it is a locked and loaded weekend. and don't forget sports tonight, we'll wrap it all up
6:44 am
have a great weekend,
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6:46 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
6:47 am
every once in a while you need help from starbucks to wake up in the morning. and apparently we humans aren't the only ones. check out this video posted by the twinford canine unit. it shows canine yasso going on what we call a pupe chino run. he and his partner stopped by starbucks for a quick drink. just so you know, this drink who visit the coffee shop. it's called a a cup full of whipped cream. a pupachino. >> that is so adorable. i did not know that they did that. the next time i have a pooch along with me in the car, we'll get a pupachino for sure >> i don't know if there's any caffeine in there for sure, but, hey. >> that's it? >> that's it. the cup of whipped cream is a enough of a pick me up for a pup, i guess.
6:48 am
>> with ice cream underneath? yes, that's what i'm thinking. >> i'd be all for t. you know what? dog days of summer. of course we've been fighting through them. good news is that cooler days are ahead of us, but before we get to those cooler days, like tomorrow, we have to get through today. we're expecting scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be heavy and strong at times. and one thing that you'll also notice will be those winds out there. current temperatures upper 60s, low 70s, winds between, say, 5 to 15 miles per hour generally from the south. that will pick up and at times gust to near 25 to 30 miles per hour. so it's going to be a very windy day in northeast ohio. what we're tracking for you this morning are some dissipating showers and thunderstorms that we were seeing earlier. it's well off towards our west where we're tracking a cold front, and it's this cold front that promises to spark and ignite those second rounds of showers and thunderstorms
6:49 am
hour tonight. so that's the time that i want you to stay weather aware. that's the time i want you to make sure that you're glancing at our wkyc weather app just to make sure that things are going well in your neck of the woods because we're expecting for that line of showers and thunderstorms to quickly move off towards the east and through our region through the afternoon. by sunday, much cooler air. we're also going to be much dryer, so expect more sunshine by your here's what everything should look like through the morning hours, i think that a majority of us stays nice and dry. so down towards canton, canton, it looks wonderful. won't be until about the 3:00 hour, that's when things begin to fire right on up as that cold front begins its movement from the west towards the east, slicing right through cleveland between, say, the 5:00 to 6:00 hour. by 7:00 just east of cleveland, down towards akron canton, and
6:50 am
hour, that's when the system itself begins to clear, but notice that we're still tracking some clouds and some showers by first thing tomorrow morning on sunday. they will be very few and far between, but i think that by sunday afternoon most of the clouds begin to dissipate. we enjoy more sunshine. and, actually, sunday looking like a pretty good day. for today, though, we're partly to mostly cloudy with those scattered showers and thunderstorms, temperatures in the mid-80s. best timing is going to be between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. this evening for the storms. over into the upper 60s and low- to mid-70s with your window nation seven-day forecast showing you a much dryer trend by sunday. monday looking great with temperatures knocking on the door to 80. tuesday we're at 83 degrees with sunshine, so the first half of the week looking great. a couple of chances for showers and thunderstorms by wednesday and thursday and friday more rain, how about that? overnight lows in the low 50s. it'll feel like fall here in northeast ohio. >> yeah, great overnight
6:51 am
windows. michael, thanks so much. well, it's been more than seven years since the incident known as the miracle on the hudson. now that story is being retold on the big screen. rafiel setts has a look in this week's box office preview >> i'll never get over how beautiful it is up here. >> life is easier in the air. >>reporter: the miracle on the hudson becomes a battle in the board room in "sulley." tom hanks plays a real-life pilot that loses an engine and over an outpouring of praise, he is subject to a tough government inquiry that blames the crash on the pilot. "sulley" is rated pg-13. jazz sinclair is the hand that rocks the cradle in "when the bough breaks." she becomes a surrogate, when problems force the proxy mom to move in with the couple, she
6:52 am
session. pg-13. nothing goods coming from moving a creeky old house in the disappointment room. kate beckingsale discovers a ghost child and that leads to a door locked to keep the terrifying secrets from coming out. "the disappointment room" is rated "r." clothes make the man in "kicks." youngs brandon is pick on by friends and ignored by girls who thinks owning a pair of air jordans will be the solution to all his problem until they get rated r. that's the box office preview. >> could be the perfect day to take in a movie. after the break we're going to have a final check of your forecast. but we leave you with a look at
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
well, if you have any plans, you definitely need to prepare today for sure. michael has been keeping an eye on the forecast. >> yeah. i think grabbing an umbrella and watching our wkyc weather
6:56 am
although right now we're drying things out after that morning round of showers and thunderstorms, there is an enhanced risk that we'll see heavier rain, stronger thunderstorms, perhaps even a few severe thunderstorms through the afternoon, mainly between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. our main threat from that, by the way, with a strong-moving cold front will be damaging wind gusts. so, again, we're watching out for that very carefully. otherwise we're windy and warm at 86 degrees. and then look at the day tomorrow morning. >> yes. >> we're paying our es because it pays off tomorrow. 73 degrees, a sunny day, a great end to your weekend. and even monday and tuesday looking great, we're back in the low 80s by that point. for today, again, please stay weather aware between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. tonight. any questions, ask them on facebook >> thanks so much, michael. thanks for being with us.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning. on the attack. the war of words with hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up with some of the nasty jabs yet. >> she could walk into the rena right now and shoot somebody right in the middle of the heart and she would not be prosecuted. >> you could put them in the basket of deplorable. islamaphobic and xenophobic. you name it. >> and barbara streisand puts a


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