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tv   Ch 3 News Politics and People  NBC  September 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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safety. and try to go get the corner. >> mike: gangi with the keeper. brought down. on second down. 3:40 to go. a 36-point game. mention gangi played in college last year at ventura colleg school. inside and jaxson kincaide goes to the goalline and is in for the touchdown. flag comes down the end of this one. you see how it's pulled down. with the horse collar. the linebacker from notre dame pulled him down, martini. >> referee: horse collar tackle
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penalty enforced on the kickoff. result of the play is a touchdown. >> doug: finished it off getting into the end zone. at this point got to hold on for dear life. you're going to do whatever it takes. >> mike: very glad to see the nfl adjusted also by the name plate above the numbers. if you pull the guy down by that it's a horse collar in well. evident there. they'll be tacked onto the kickoff. brent zuzo on for the extra point. and it is a 29-point game. 39-10 with 3:19 to go. that's a career memory for jaxson kincaide on the carry. and he scored a touchdown at
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nbc sn. racing from richmond is currently on nbcsn. check that out as we get close to the chase there. soccer fans were up early this morning, manchester derby was outstanding. 2-1 terrific match won by city and pep guardiola. continues with the sprint cup racing in primetime tonight. >> doug: but dale jr. is done for the season so i'm out. in the chase. come on, doug. invest. five plays and 86 yards there in 2:14. and the kickoff will come from mid-field after the penalty. on martini. brent zuzo who played soccer for a good part of his high school
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high school in canton. couple hours drive away from michigan. will go to the touchback. the irish will have the ball with 3:19 to go. primetime next saturday night speaking of the state of michigan. michigan state, the spartans come calling. lost this week getting ready. cannot wait next saturday night right here on nbc. one college series over the years. going back to 1897. memorable meetings of late. spartans a playoff team a year ago. of course if you speak of michigan state and notre dame and you have any college football history in your background, you think of the 10-10 tie, the classic a half century ago. these two great institutions renew their football rivalry right here on nbc one week from tonight.
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astrofi of some sort. and the in part of the megaphone. >> doug: that's a trophy? >> mike: yes, it is. >> doug: we had the stanley cup here. but that's history. i know. i'm messing with you. >> mike: i was saying i need to get back to you on that. >> doug: i love the nostalgia and history of it. it's amazing. you you feel that when you walk on this campus. >> doug: and if their kid wins the little league title and they give him a megaphone -- >> mike: that's a cool trophy, doug. if somebody was in that conference, many, many different. from the wisconsin battles over the years. so many trophies. but no matter what it is, if
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>> doug: absolutely. how about the fact that michigan state struggled with furman. they had more first downs through three quarters of that game than michigan state. >> mike: after that michigan state game we're back here. both of those teams losing this week. just destroyed syracuse. nc state lost today to east carolina. then back here, stanford, miami. five of the next seven games here on nbc. and the toughest games that notre dame has the next couple of months are going to be here in south bend. >> doug: you love being at home for the big games. the lack of travel gives extra preparation time. hearing your own crowd behind you. it's such a positive and such an advantage. and michigan state, however, coming into the game next week
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they've had two weeks to prepare for notre dame. >> doug: rested and ready. we can say one thing. we know that mark dantonio wasn't working on the irish last night because he was in springfield, massachusetts, at the basketball hall of fame where one of the great basketball coaches of all time tom izzo was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. so congratulations to coach izzo as notre dame gets its first down. ready to close this one out, doug, it will of confidence to take out of this week. >> doug: a lot of young players got the opportunity to perform and play. got their feet wet. now you're gearing towards a rivalry, an important game. so they've got to turn it up a notch from what they did today. positive aspect. the defense almost pitching a shutout tonight through three quarters. making a lot of big plays
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it just is a confidence booster for those young players. >> mike: josh anderson to close it out. notre dame 444 yards of offense and a 29-point win to get win one of this 2016 season. brian polian and the wolf pack head back to reno 1-1. kathryn is with coach kelly. >> kathryn: thank you very much. coach, after the loss to texas dwlerpss about the defense. did you get those answers today? >> we played much better, obviously. you know, got a lot of young guys in in the second half. their first time out here. but i was pleased in the first half, obviously, playing an offense that has a lot of things that they got to be worried about. much more disciplined. we tackles better. and you hope to see that improvement week one to week
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we have to step our game up another notch. >> kathryn: what do you have to take from this your first win of the season into next weekend? >> again, playing a physical football team. we have to continue to show the improvement. i thought we played better in the back end. you know, nick coleman got a chance to go in there and do some things to make up for last week. so we gained some confidence. that was a good thing. and did enough on the offensive side of the ball to win the game. >> kathryn: coach, thank you mike? >> mike: all right, kathryn. strong game from kizer. notre dame 39, nevada 10. on the board with a win. want to hear more from brian kelly and press conference available for you on primetime next saturday night here on nbc. cannot wait. we'll have it for you under the lights 7:30 eastern time. tonight starting at 8:00/7:00 central it's "america's got
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and the rest of our nbc team, mike tirico thanks for joining
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today on politics and people, donald trump, hillary clinton continue to make northeast ohio one of their major battle fields. what we learned about the candidates as they came to town once more this week. >> and frustration for those needing medical marijuana. what the recent medical pot legislation lacks as it becomes law in ohio. >> and plus, no debates, a slew of congressional races on the ballot. but few debates to go with
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those affected. "between the lines" starts right now. well, welcome. it is time for our weekly look between the lines as problems, progress, in the political landscape in northeast ohio. with congressional candidate and cleveland entrepreneur graham beesy and conservative talk show host bob france. greetings, guys. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> great. let's get going here. northeast ohio, a home away from home for presidential candidates, a hot bed in swing state ohio. labor day starts the campaigns beginning of the end. we saw hillary clinton and donald trump make stops here. clinton in cleveland. trump in brook park. and clinton fighting a nasty cough. stkpwraoeted by union and
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backers as she checked all of the labor day boxes. job creation, equal pay, union rights. donald trump with a surprise appearance with a park community leaders and later in canfield. trump talking charter schools at a stop at the african- american community, the day after the commander in chief forum, where they took questions about america's world, helping veterans and defeating isis. clinton's cyber security shraod mere putin, vladimir puten. >> if he says great things about me, i will say great things about him. he has strong control of his country. it is a very different type of system and i don't happen to hraoeubgt system, but certainly in that system, he has been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader. >> director comby said while they have no proof, we assess that it is possible that
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secretary clinton's personal e- mail accounts. >> there is no evidence. of course, anything is possible. but what is factual is the state department system was hacked. >> the first presidential debate is on september 26th. all right, well, my goodness, the sound and the fury won't go away here. the candidates keep coming and keep coming. >> so can donald trump pivot and refocus and reinvent himself for the last seven weeks of the campaign, seven eight weeks of the campaign, do something he hasn't done for the last 16 months? >> not with the comments where he still has the affection for putin and just flat out lies with regards to his stance on iraq. the guy still is unstable. and unfit for any potential consideration to the office of the presidency. >> bob, can he do a 180 here? >> i don't think he need to do a 180. if you look at the national polls the last couple of week,
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much, including in the battle ground states. i can see why he is here with the battle ground states where hillary clinton had a double digit lead for most of the summer, it is gone. and what he is doing is resonating with people. and what graham said with donald trump being unfit for the office or command ner chief, i would say the exact same thing, but substitute hillary clinton's name in it. >> she is not calling for affectionate putin ties. she does not have any ki adversaries in russia, and then you've got donald trump saying that he will continue to show affection to putin, if putin likes him. it is crazy. >> he didn't say affection. he said he took the man's endorse not. not endorsement. he took his -- >> he might as well. >> give him an endorsement. >> putin called him brilliant. >> and i will take the compliment if he wants to call me brilliant. >> ho is the most commander in chief worthy? >> it is hillary. look at her command of the
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that besides matt lauer dropping the ball with any substantive follow-up questions to trump -- >> really? >> you had hillary talking to the issues and that's what matters. >> hillary clinton told the fbi, and we found this out on friday, told the fbi that she thought the little c on brackets on all of the documents she got was alphabetical order. even though there is no a, b, d, or e, she is lying or completely incompetent, and no business being commander in chief. >> and trump has had big rallies and now a couple of little pocket-size events, and kind of hastily organized and media, not the entire media, not invited to run. no audience. what do you think about that approach? >> hastily organized is right but i think that is broader issues of his campaign. he is getting on message more. but as we saw this week, with the commander in chief forum, when he didn't have the teleprompter, in front of him, he made multiple stumbles.
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>> the bottom line, matt lauer did what he did, he took seven of the 30 minutes talking about the defining thing, hillary clinton cannot be trusted, she put national security in jeopardy. she put our class fyked information at risk from hacking from bad actors all over the world and we may not know what happens when she takes office. >> and then you have more -- >> the race is very close. and a nonstop parade for the remainedder. >> it sure will. >> with all of the sound and
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is. history made on thursday. it is now legal to use medical marijuana products in ohio. the problem is, it is not being grown or sold here yet. so patients like willoughby's josey weigle with a medical condition that could be helped can't get it legally and most states where it is legal won't sell to nonresidents. a 14 member panel must be picked and work with the commerce department and medical and pharmacy boards to come up growing and selling pot. doctors not ready to prescribe this for patients. >> it is very difficult. very rare. to find a doctor that is willing to stick their neck out and recommend medical marijuana. >> we could say that it is legal and we could actually get it, but we can't really get it. and she will struggle every single day. >> so you don't know when the day is going to get here but it can't get here soon enough. >> it can't get here soon enough. that is the best way to say it. >> well, bottom line, the first rules are due late next spring.
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before ohio's legal pot business is all in place. all right, we certainly can understand the frustration of people that have conditions that might benefit from this, that are legally able to get it but practically out of luck. >> it is a very difficult thing. because i 100% oppose recreational marijuana but i absolutely support medicinal marijuana. the problem is, as we see it, and we have seen it in california, it becomes so loose. the regulations are not tight enough. and doctors will write anything that somebody says i have a hangnail, here is a script for weed and a lot of people using it recreationally. the state needs to do the right thing. they need to get the board together and they need to step on the gas a little bit because other states states are leap frogging the state of ohio. >> and pennsylvania legalized the same time ohio did and they already have their first draft of regulations done. and the patients here, in need of it, they say why are they in the high speed lane and we're
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i think some of them think that there is is a deliberate foot dragging here but i think ohio officials are saying we would rather do it right than do it fast. >> john kasich needs to act. you look at that heart-breaking footage and it his customer department with the majority of the appointees to the 14 person board are gubernatorial appointees and when the buck stops somewhere, it is john kasich to blame, and when you see someone like that young woman who needs it for di and it is one person to blame. >> obviously it is a difficult transition when something is illegal and suddenly legal and a big transition for law enforcement, and it is going to be a big transition for cities. i know some communities try to put a moratorium on when businesses can be reviewed to start up. and the rocky river is actually among the communities i believe that wants to say we don't want any marijuana businesses period. >> right. >> and that's their right to say certainly. and graham is right to an extent as far as governor
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am not going to say that he is the blame for a woman suffering and he can't say hurry up and let's do that and later on say we didn't think this through how we make sure what the scripts have to say and what conditions are worthy of medical marijuana, et cetera. >> it shouldn't be hastily done. >> right. >> it should be regulatory issues taken care of. >> let's speed it up but not hasty. >> there needs to be a accountability. >> there is a middle ground. >> as quick as we can, and as long as it take, somewhere in the middle. >> there you go. coming up, russ mitchell looks at congressman lewis stokes' long awaited auto biography. i'm tom baris. hope to see you back next week for another look at "between
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people will say to me, but laura, you're the only woman in the room. and i say but i'm the word. >> good year's chief financial officer laura thompson feels comfortable in this room. really anywhere in this building. >> what i am most proud of is where you're sitting right now. this building. this campus. it is a great thing for goodyear. and it is great thing for our community. >> as thompson was breaking glass ceilings, she was building glass walls.
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cemented goodyear's face in akron for the next century. goodyear is her second generation family business. her dad worked there first. >> my father mentioned to me that right here in our backyard was this wonderful company that had endless opportunities. and of course, you know, being a 17-year-old, and in college, i thought he was crazy. but it turns out, you know, he was exactly right. >> and if dad could see her we. >> what was your first job here at goodyear? >> while i was going to the university of akron to get my accounting degree i hired into the mail room. and without e-mail, and a great experience to understand how the company really worked. >> in 32 years since, she has focused on learning and finding new experiences, riding the wing foot to the top. >> those experiences are very uncomfortable at first. and you have to weather through that. and stick it out.
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be uncomfortable. you know, each day, it gets a little bit better and i think if you keep doing that, really good things can happen from it. but i never necessarily said i'm doing all this because i want to be the cfo some day. >> what is important to you? >> first and foremost, it is my family. period. >> laura says her support system starts with her husband mark, who she met at goodyear when he was an engineer for 20 years. her mother and mother-in-law help her with the il young son. >> it is very important to me that things get done. sometimes i can't be involved in them. and that's okay. >> and for a woman, who lives in numbers, she says keep it simple. >> don't get preoccupied, i think, with this perfect mathematical equation of work/life balance. find what is important to you and to focus on that, and
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