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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? (foot steps) ?? (crickets chirping) ??
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(heart beat) ?? (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ?? >> mike: if you're a fan of the spartans, you're thinking december 5th would be nice. when they had a big ten championship over iowa. 22-play, 9-minute drive. they don't need all that. they need to keep the clock and
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that guy, l.j. scott. and scott has about four yards, on first down. isaac rochell the tackle. 5:44 on that clock. >> doug: we talked about in commercial break. a fullback in the flat. make it look like the same play you just ran. looks like it's going up inside. and reas make a nice safe pass play out of it. >> mike: the spartans bring in terry in at quarterback. they will send tyler o'connor out to a receiver spot. terry, more of a runner. and he will do the designed run here. 5:07 to go. it's about to get loud. >> doug: there's no deception here. you see number 6 in the ball game. it's a run. great job by nyles morgan.
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rochell, chasing it down from the backside. puts a tough third down situation now. so much more difficult, to throw the ball, and convert on third and five, than a second down, play-action. >> mike: to get to the 40. back. >> doug: a defense that could not get off the field, in the entire second and third quarter, all of a sudden, with back-to-backstops. >> mike: michigan state went into protect made. and sometimes it's hard to put that new disc back in and re-ignite. and they can't find it now.
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playing softer. tyler got his confidence rolling. >> mike: hartbarger is now with space. he just did. from the 23. sanders. hemmed in. and brought down, right around the 30 yard line. 4:18 to go. kizer coming out on the field. let's look at the last drive, doug. >> doug: when they needed it, kizer was pump faking. wanted it down the field. get answe 50/50 down the field. the key to this drive, is offensive line play. kizer was not this clean, early in the game. he was getting hit on every throw. now, he is standing cleanly. throwing the ball. delivering. and the offensive line has picked up their game. kizer, with a double-move to the tight end. stick nod down the middle of the field, threw a touchdown to his big tight end. >> mike: irish, down 29 tonight.
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can the irish get back to force overtime here? kizer, trying to throw it underneath. and too hard behind, as his intended receiver, c.j. sanders, was blanketed. >> doug: it's a four-man rush, to allow kizer to deliver the ball. there, he went through progression and got hit as he threw. but in general, a much better execution by the offensive line. >> mike: folston is the back for this key drive, he helped try to block malik mcdowell. and that pass is complete. caught by equanimeous st. brown. fourth catch of the night for st. brown. >> doug: kizer stood tall on the back foot and delivered. third down converses, look for a kizer run. >> mike: so often, that first first down of the drive, the hardest one to get when the pressure is on.
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trying to take off. can't get away. brought down. williams, the redshirt freshman from chicago. biggest defensive play so far. forty and seven. 3:37 to go. going to take time-out here to make the decision. >> doug: there wasn't a lot there. i was looking downfield for a route. looked if kizer thought to talk off, he might have had a crease. but things closed up quickly. the coverage today looked solid. right off the line, maybe c.j. sanders has it quick. other than that, it was good conch on that play. >> mike: the spartan before the snap. chris frye went back to the middle of the field safety. they did a good job of keeping everything covered.
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3:37. do you trust your defense enough to punt it away and hope you get the ball back? that's what ryan kelly is going to do, knowing a couple of first downs and you don't get back on the field. >> doug: if i'm kizer, i'm lobbying to go for it. i'm feeling good right now. we've been moving the football. an i don't trust anybody's defense anyway. >> mike: said by a quarterback. tyler newsome will come on to kick it away. great kick. newsome does his job to make it a lock field, with 3:30 remaining. >> doug: i'm not saying it's the best percentage move. but offensively, michigan state has gone a little conservative. and tyler o'connor, a couple of series ago, on the rollout.
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and got a tack. on the last drive, he might the able to stick that completion in for the first down. but a defensive back was breaking on the ball. he threw it low and away and played it safe. he played it a little too safe the last couple possessions and they end up three and out. >> mike: scott will be the running back for this drive. 3:30 left. notre dame two time-outs. to the left side. >> mike: starting to look that way. gain a yard of two. second down, coming up. >> doug: you feel the kickout
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tighter. and bunching people up. it's not gashing for seven or eight. it's a push for two or three. >> mike: that is difference. and the defense was on the ropes a lot. basing the third quarter onslaught, as michigan state scored 31. second and eight, leading all the play clock. and scott has to get to the outside. can he get there? no. a good job on the edge. and avery sebastian, who did a good job in the second half, notre dame uses its second time-out, with 2:36 to go in regulations. >> doug: what a job by onwualu. he closes this down. he is coming from the left side of the screen. takes a shoulder and keeps it tight inside. when scott tries to bounce it, he still has leverage and comes out, makes a play. great job on taking on a fullback block. and then, what bill belichick would say, setting the edge to turn it up. scott tried to bounce it. onwualu kept a free arm on the
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>> mike: he was a wide receiver. bounced around and found his way on this side of the ball with a captain. >> doug: when that's happening, you're not expecting a guy that is going to become a captain of your football team. and he's been resilient. a bigar starter. and there, a huge play on second down. creating another third down opportunity. >> mike: he said i wanted to be the hammer, not the nail. he moved over to defense. and now, they find a way to make a play here. or it may be a case for the irish, in terms of the comeback. third and seven. the spartans need to get to the
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will fire. wide-open at the 35 yard line for the first down. donnie corley jr. huge first down gain of 28 for michigan state. >> doug: cole luke is playing the top third of the field. he gets his eyes inside. and looking up the the seam route. and all of a sudden, leaves his man. and the ball thrown outside. >> mike: those are the basics that hurt him in the game at texas. basic coverage busts. 2:04. michigan state close to closing this out. and kelly will use the final time-out he has. and maybe a couple of seconds back on the clock.
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brian kelly, disbelief in what happened in his secondary. van grodin's defense in coverage. >> doug: it wouldn't have been thrown if he were sitting in it a at third. he was trying to make a play by eyeing a guy coming up the seam. thinking he might be able drifting, left his responsibility. big conversion for michigan state. >> mike: 1:57 left, out of time-outs. you're almost in a scenario where the best michigan state runs the ball twice, the best you can do is probably get the ball back with a half minute left.
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notre dame will play duke here. the bigger picture of this comeback that might fall a drive start, as kelly tries to get the answers from his defensive coordinator. notre dame is going to lose two of the first three. and you can recover from an early loss to get back in the playoff picture. you can recover from early loss, especially when you're in a conference. the stated goal of being part of a college football playoffs, like the spartans were last year, is slipping out of the grass for the irish here. unless they can make something special happen. second and five for msu. holmes is stopped. spartans snap it with 1:10 left for third down. the spartans next week, play wisconsin.
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illinois. they get the wolverines and the buckeyes coming to their place. wisconsin is ranked number nine. but they had one with georgia state earlier today. >> doug: iowa wasn't too happy, talking big ten. >> mike: losing to north carolina state, the bison. spartans get this one, they close it out. r.j. shelton on the edge. steals this down to the 25 yard line. and the spartans go back winners here tonight. >> doug: this has been the play that's killed notre dame all night long. shelton, running tough. holding the offensive line. getting on the corner. big guys on little guys. getting outside. broken tackle. once he got to the secondary, i'm thinking, let him score.
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defensively. he can take that all the way to the end zone and be down two scores. >> mike: i'm thinking that shelton can go down there. and michigan state will come in here, 500 total yards of offense. they lose one here on the kneeldown. how about tyler o'connor. you have started two -- get that ball back, tyler. absolutely. i hope they give it to you because your two road starts at number two ohio state, as an ohio native. and you won as a kid who came here to south bend and watch the you're one game played at notre dame stadium, the second road start, you get a win, as well. nice story to tell for a fifth year senior. >> doug: phenomenal effort. phenomenal effort. ran with the ball. key completions. even towards the end of the game, he was conservative with the ball towards the end of the game. but it played out. he knew what kind of defense he has. he knew he could run the football at times. and he's not a manager of the
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offense. >> mike: he rubs a balanced offense tonight. >> kathryn: you let off a sigh of relief. describe what it is like coaching tonight. >> it was tight. great comeback by notre dame. i thought our guys played really well. but you know, filed it away at the end. a great run by r.j. shelton gets it in the bank. >> kathryn:ot interesting there at the end of the game. how did you manage to hold them off? >> deshone kizer, he started to hit his plays. went downfield a little bit. has great poise. you saw them do that against texas, as well. got a great football team. you know, they're never going to be out of the football game. that's the way it is. they did a great job coming back. >> kathryn: what does the win mean for the season? >> a big win. has v to get ready for wisconsin next week.
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>> kathryn: mike? >> mike: thanks, kathryn. the winner in south bend. the players listen to the anthem. ?? ?? >> mike: with the joy that has been played the last seven games here, as notre dame sees a seven-game home winning streak snapped. and the spartans will enjoy their song and their trip back
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36-28, our final score in south bend. brian kelly's press conference, available for you, coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news. packers/vikings on sunday night. and the irish next saturday, take on duke. nbcsn, the notre dame postgame show, with doug flutie, kathryn tappen, our great tirico, good night from south bend. thanks for watching notre dame
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>> i love the cabs. i love the rounds. the indians have always had my heart and it would be awesome. >> now at 11:00, tribe fever sweeping across the city. another thrilling win and ever shrinking magic number. plus, bernie sanders stumping for hillary clinton. is his message enough to move voters on the fence about the democratic nominee? >> new information as a community honors a ll trooper. will your rally for the browns game keep you up and running in the moving? we'll keep you moving if not. >> channel 3 news at 11:00. >> we have breaking news right now in new york city. 25 hurt in a terrorism task force investigating what looks like an explosion in new york city's chelsea neighborhood. the team was called in as a precaution. none of the injuries are believed to be serious right
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tweeted that her whole high- rise building shook. another image surfaced of a dumpster or trash bin blown apart. earlier today, one state over, three bundled pipe bombs were found inseed a trash can -- inside a trash can. it was alongside a marine corps race route. >> 2-2 up the middle and the indians win! >> the cleveland indians in control of their own destiny. good evening to all of you. the tribe here or living under a rock, they have won. cleveland feeling so good about it, but there is still a bitter pill to wall joe. -- swallow. to break it all down, dave who is up first. what does this mean in terms of that playoff push day? >> it doesn't help. indians will have to piece it together. this is a team that has kind of fought adversity all year and they still come out ahead injury after injury. brantley, gomes, salazar and now carrasco, but they are
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through it as first it was danny salazar. now carlos carrasco is injured as the indians second starting pitcher in what we consider the second best starting rotation. versus the tigers, this happens off the bat of ian kinsler. a slot to carrasco's pitching hand, his right hand drilled. carlos was in obvious pain and left the game. later, we learned his hand was fractured. terry francona said after the game carrasco is out season including the postseason. it's his second injury of the season. both suffered playing against the tigers and now the indians move on with what was the strength of their team starting pitching suffering another major blow. >> it's tough, man. it's tough. the good thing is we have a lost guys here that are going to go out there and compete and they are going to help us. unfortunately, we can't make up
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the way the bullpen today stepped up is huge. it was one of my favorite games so far in the season. >> it was a great win. let's take another look at it. no score, bottom of 10. mr. clutch jose ramirez. bases-loaded single to bring in the run. indians are now 13-1 against the tigers this season. they are eight games up on detroit now. walkoff win drops the magic number down to 7-1 -- seven baseball in cleveland. >> that was a fun game and a fun situation to be a part of it. kind of had a playoff-type vibe. it seemed like two teams are really fighting to figure out who is going to win and i think we showed a lot of what we got inside of us coming through. >> there's two ways to look at this. number one, you can look at the negative and the indians strength is their starting pitching and it's a lot better than a lot of teams in the postseason. now you've lost the second and
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rotation. that's a major blow. another way you can look at this is this team has overcome everything like i told you. they are really good at home. they can still overcome this. last year at this time i may say they are done, but the cavs taught us a lesson. it's never over. this team has just something going over at progressive field. while i would say it's a concern, let's not totally freak out. >> you can find that special spark to compensate for the loss. >> sometimes you have to especially at home. if in the first series, anything can happen. on the road, it will be much more difficult task. >> see you in sports. >> of course, the folks mostexcited to see the indians getting back to their winning ways are the fans. they are thrilled to see the oldest franchise among cleveland's pro sports teams anyway in hot pursuit of a playoff run. we have morgan live. a lot of excitement, carly. >> yeah, after 10 innings,
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indians one game closer to the playoffs and fans that much more psyched about it. >> most cleveland sports fans don't hold back their passion. >> go, tribe! >> you do it. >> no. >> ok, so this guy is a little shy. his grandparents were his age the last time the indians won the world series. >> we have a chance to win two championships this year in the same year. we've never won one since i were born. >> the cavs corrected what some viewed as a decade's long curse. >> the indians are coming back and having a fantastic season. can't explain it. let's go, tribe. >> i think it would be good for the city. >> a taste of success this year in basketball and now baseball even has the dog pound salivating. >> the browns do any good this year, then we're going to be completely ecstatic.
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alive. >> it's fantastic. finally in cleveland, there are good things happening here and we are on the rise. >> the indians play the tigers again here tomorrow at 1:10 in the afternoon. reporting live in downtown cleveland, carly flynn morgan, channel 3 news. >> so cool to be among these. thank you so much, carly. new tonight, we have just learned when funeral arrangements for trooper kenneth velez will be held. funeral arrangements set for thursday at morning. the memorial is at the lorain viewing her in. he was killed along i-90 by a driver allegedly high on drugs. visitation for velez will be held on wednesday at lorain high school from 3:00-8:00. the man charged with killing troop velez faced a judge earlier today. 30-year-old joshua gaspar bail is set at half a million
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he is expected in court again a week from tuesday. >> common sense suggests that we should make it easier, not harder, for young people to get all of the education that they need. is that right? [ applause ] >> all right. >> the pitch pretty transparent there. bernie sanders talking directly to young voters who don't plan to vote for donald hillary clinton. the appearance from clinton's primary race rival comes as she is sliding in recent polls behind donald trump. a recent "new york times" cbs poll found a third of voters under 30 plan to vote bernie sanders. did he persuade those on the fence about hillary? >> truly, i think this is one of the most important and historical elections in our
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people who don't have health care or people in debt, they are the ones who need our help. >> tomorrow senator elizabethwarren will be in town. she'll be here in cleveland on the is csu campus where she will focus on clinton's policy. >> making her way back to our swing state on wednesday, he'll be at the toledo theater for a rally there. last time he was in toledo, trump was saying he wanted to put an end international trade dell and said ohio's economy was floundering because of democratic influence. still ahead a-shutdown on the -- a shutdown on the rapid lineeffecting travel today. >> hi, greg. scattered showers.


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