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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the bronze shoes size of like, but it's not enough. the first is five team to cash, there are million live in this northeast ohio town and thousands are stepping out as we speak
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claim all. and greg will lay it all out for us for couple of forecast. break thanks so much for being with us northeast ohio town with about 2300 people and today we have a population explosion. it's really irresistible, including our own callings with morgan. and we understand the drawing will happen at any moment. >> and it's live mode music
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and probably more than tripled here, this is the fifth year weekly drawing. more than 2 million bucks is now up for grabs with this weeks drawing happening right now. it's the game of chance, if the board of a deck of cards facedown. thrd the bowling alley sells raffle tickets and people by a ticket and right in number of it where they think that queen of hearts is hiding on the board for it one raffle ticket gets held each week. and if they are present, they win 90% of the prize. if not, they are only getting 50%. that's like thousands of people
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the drive. >> it's like an hour together, huge crowd, we will have fun and ranking. >> it's lots of fun. i'm enjoying it. >> we are finding out right now if it's worth >> to now, we have to get to the browns. this stadium as the side of the heartbreaker today. they let at 20 you slip away, and the browser driving. last day just but we have david
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that. >> what i'm digesting is how it may not in carrots of the washing the browns game. but the thing is, the browns have to play it perfect game to win and they did not do that today. last week it was a snap over the quarterbacks heads, today was the extra point and you give up the lead. the browns won the first quarter today. the other three quarters is the problem. they start the season zero-two years. early on it looked like we would he talking about a win. rj three is out, just mckellan hooked up with them twice. they come back all the way to 25, there were three field goals and it was 25-20. the account to prove fire has set at ten. they have two penalties, and
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flipping the ball. they go back to the third your headline and it, the second intersection of the day, and the brown lewis 25-20. ravens win for the is time in their last nine tries. for more, as the voice of the browns. >> from first energy stadium at the home opener, it started off with a big bang. it was the first glimpse of hugh jackson having an explosive offense browns. they raced out for a 20-nothing lead. that 20-nothing lead surely but surely was whittled away by the from the time-tested and playoff tested baltimore ravens led by cornerback joe flacco and the radiant eventually came back and beat the browns, 25-20. did they get the fare shake of the officiating? it doesn't look like that. the officials realized that and
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with a lot of calls. couple of taunting calls. one on the ricky korey coleman and one on the end of the game to tyrell pryor. and, if i tried to leave that out of it, if i'm so worried about the officials than that will mess up my game. i hope for the best but sometimes, it is what it is. you have to control what you are going to standings and on the road for the next two weeks. it looks like physically it's up costly loss as well. they left in an e-mail and ambulance although it some kind of serious back issue. josh mckellan, it's amazing mckellan was afraid and walking. the band to watch that took an
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from first energy stadium, i'm jim donovan. >> they tried to take things right on sports after the late news. playing more from jim, and they will wrap up the series with the indians and tigers coming up in sports. back to the browns, abc joe many interviews with joe haden after the browns lost. the thing now, is the quarterback. he left the field and came back with the shoulder issue and we will see how that plays out this week. now it's off to miami. >> should have more details on that after the game. >> anyone who may have been trying to beat the crap out of
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and the spokesman said, he was taken to metrohealth, we don't have any word on his health or exactly how this happened. we will have four and how that happened. everything was back on track before the game actually did. >> it happened in the next version early new plus an answer elizabeth warren was keeping surrogate celeb in the spotlight because of the lead. >> we will play where they are
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welcome back. the nation is watching several situations that are climax of terror or investigated as such. the total of 29 people were hurt, and 1000 police and all tier troops will fan out across the city this week. deblasio and the governor andrew cuomo will say so far there is no evidence of to international terrorist groups but it's still early in the investigation promoted safety incident was an act of terror. they haven't linked this incident to ape discovered in new jersey. and in minnesota, isis claims the man who stabbed eight at the mall was a soldier for the
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offender. it still not clear if isis actually plant of that attack or if they even knew about it before hand. the day after bernie sanders toward summit, something more for, and and she was not alone. actor john go who has northeastern times has an important she's not wildly charismatic, she said tremendous candidate
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presence. and, and, donald trump is back in ohio on with day for an event tour toledo. greg has all the answers for
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>> weather is a topic that we always want to guess who get to at this point, no surprise there. but that you minutes humanity has always been a problem and,
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problems with the air -- >> late september, you think can patches are showing up or corn mazes, it doesn't feel like that weather yet. we are tracking summertime storms this evening and there will be a little bit of relief at least in the humidity department in the last couple days we did see some isolated pop ups this afternoon, just where we said they would be. south and east of cleveland for most of yond over toward ashtabula and portage county, north of downtown akron and the north side of akron, looking at some areas of heavy rain. none of this by the way of severe and we are not expecting to be severe for any of these showers and storms. downpours toward stark county and minerva, over toward salem, i did see the couple of
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there, too. we did see it couple more there towards evening so i'm not expecting as much in heavy rainfall. look at the akron, canton airport. the aspect humidity is still there. two points in the mid- 60's, but look at la area, there's no humidity and lorain county. they are just on the edge of drier air back up to the west and they will be on this slide for the next 24 hours or so. folks oust better than folks to the east and i think down downtown cleveland will be stuck in that humid weather pattern. more clouds and clear skies and any of those left over showers will die down as we go through the evening hours. they felt the very large area of low pressure and moisture flowing in from the west and southwest, low pressure down towards northern arkansas.
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off the southeast coast and those providing moisture, too. another area of low pressure towards canada going to the quibec area, i don't think this will impact us. it is just two weeks. .we will deal with is lots of sunshine back to the west and that sunshine will lead to these nice couple days. warm thereto, and that will go into the 70s and 80's. low 80's back at it for the day on monday, and temperatures actually stay in the 80's all week although the humidity will be lower, until we get to about friday with the humidity coming up as we head into the weekend.
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browns. that is a disappointing defeatdefeat, right after the
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>> of >> the browns were hoping to win their third straight home opener and it looked good early.
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browns win instead but it's another brown's loss. josh responded to the end zone, and during exposition, we call this a quick strike. 85yards, second-longest play, and the crow with 133 yards on the and, 10-yard touchdown, the browns are 20-nothing. and, that's it 13-point and is 20-nine, 20-12 for the secondary and, black go with
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and we go back to the 30-yard line, no chance. and, the concept was being all david state for >> they go in the grind. i have two little boys that are playing football now and they get it and banged up and they try to teach them of toughness needs. and, they understand it.
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break. >> and it sits at the southeast andrews of the stadium. and it, ben roethlisberger is up to his old tricks. cincinnati, they can get done. the steelers stay undefeated, they are two-zero. up next for the browns, the miami dolphins taking on the day. he left in the sick second quarter they right shoulder injury. he won 31-24 so it the battle of zero-two teams next week. the indians going for a sweep of the tigers and knock the magic number down to more but
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downtown cleveland. today was not a good day but they start strong. two-nothing, and the indians are up to-one. eric i bar, two run single after trevor broward, and upton wins. and they put it away in the three-one tom homer. 86-63, 17 is up on the tigers, and, after party yesterday, after we all screamed and yelled hip hooray, the magic
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and, they crush the sooners in oklahoma 45-24. zero question, and never in question, jt barrett, no brown cut them all. he tied the school record, the buckeyes have the bye and they host workers on october first. are they that good and are they that bad it? sports night coming up after football night in america. more from jim donovan and more from the brown locker room. we will wrap up the locker room and it could be lots of fun tonight even on a down day. it's much like the weather. some days it sunny and some days of rain. >> it was like the third- largest lead to blunt for the
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nothing. >> thank you for joining us with nbc nightly news. that's coming your way next. you can find more on our weather and sports on our website. will see you back here after the game, have at an excellent
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on this sunday night, active terrorism. the search for who is behind a powerful explosion in new york and a potential bomb found just blocks away hours after another blast on the jersey shore. tonight new clues into a possible terror connection. mall attack. goes on a stabbing spree in minnesota. witnesses say he asked the victims if they were muslim. inside aleppo. as the ceasefire unravels in syria, our bill neely on the ground inside the war-torn city. running on empty. gas stations across the south running out of fuel, others raising prices as a pipeline shutdown forces a state of emergency that could last into


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