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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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could new york city have an active terrorist cell? we will tell you what authorities are investigating at this me explosion in new jersey overnight. >> lena? >> maureen, police say they had no choice. the latest on an officer- involved shooting that left a suspect dead. >> and another heartbreaker for the browns. the team blows a 0-point lead. and may -- 20 point lead and may have lost another quarterback. hollie? >> we are going to get through this, lena. >> okay. >> it is monday. sunshine on the way. we have some fog, too. and once that burns off, i think we are in for mostly
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highs end up in the low 80s. you are waking up to 60s as you're getting the kids ready for bus stop. know there could be some fog and watch out for the little ones this morning, especially inland, most reports, and akron- canton, and wooster and visibility reduced in elyria right now, and decent downtown, would he have 10 miles visibility -- we have 10 miles visibility and it has been trending that way, so it really depends on location and the visibilities do fluctuate, literally, as continues do. so we you this morning. the moral of the story is, a little extra patience as you leave as some spots will take a little longer. a lot of sun on the way. and high pressure building in. not just today. we are talking sunshine into the majority of the week. work and school week, that is. then we get to the weekend and we will chat but this is later on today. and it is clear as can be. as the sunsets this evening and we have a really great night ahead of us and more clear skies for our tuesday. and the commute forecast, a
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this morning, as danny talks about the drive so far and we have been tracking it together. >> yes, we are. 6:01. today is not the day to multitask on the road. so don't do your makeup while driving. 277 at waterloo road. take a look here. low visibility. this is just east of the kenmoore leg. we were tracking slow traffic on pop of the ken moore lake. 77 south. that has cleared out. no accidents because of the fog yet but use caution as you are the west. in fact, we're all green. rocky river, and that picture is so different than summit county. a look at the drive time on 90 between route 83 and avon and 490 and downtown cleveland and that drive time is 16 minutes, heading east, and 17 minutes headed west, so we still have normal drive times but just use caution. lena, back to you. >> thank you. we begin with breaking
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smash and grab robberies. four of them happened within a 30 minute time frame. it all started around 4:00 this morning. and this is a look at one of the locations, at east 73rd and superior. in cleveland, and we know two of the locations are family dollar stores and a walgreen's was hit at eddie road and saint clare and our crews are live at another smash and grab in euclid. this is at sharden road and euclid avenue. you can see the huge hole left in the the atm is still laying on the ground outside. police are still investigating this one. we are still waiting for more details but we will continue to follow. it meanwhile more breaking news. another device exploded early this morning in new jersey. as authorities there continue to investigate separate bombings across the area. maureen kyle is in the newsroom with us this morning following the overnight developments. maureen? >> the latest bomb was discovered in elizabeth, new jersey, near a transit station.
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found in a backpack when it blew up. because it was in a controlled situation, no one was hurt luckily but the mayor of elizabeth says if people were in the area, they could have been severely hurt. since the bomb blast in the chelsea area of manhattan saturday night, investigators have questioned five people of interest. but haven't arrested anyone at this point. and the fbi and other agencies are trying to find the man that they have seen on surveillance video at both bombing locations, and determine if new york city has >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism. but it is not linked to number terrorism. in other words we find no isis connection, et cetera. >> we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> the governor is ordering 1,000 national guard troops to new york city for extra security. we have also learned that all
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released from the hospital and are doing okay this morning. much more on this as it develops. >> maureen, thank you. back here at home, a man is dead, after a police-involved shooting in akron. the officer says the suspect reached for an assault rifle. jasmine monroe is live in akron and has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, police say they had no other choice. it happened around 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. when police responded to on florida avenue. and stating that a victim said a 61-year-old neighbor slammed his arm in side of a car door and the victim called police and paramedics and when officers arrived on the scene, they check the perimeter of the apartment building and officers approached the suspect in the back of the parking lot of an apartment building and the 61- year-old male started walking toward the van, parked in the parking lot, when the suspect
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assault rifle and the officers gave him a loud verbal command to not touch it, but he still did. >> instead, he refused to follow the commands and reasoned in the car and pulled the assault rifle out. the officer had nothing -- there was nothing else he could do but fire shots at the suspect. >> the officer has been on paid administrative leave. as for that suspect, he did die at 5:00 kron general cleveland clinic. this officer has been a veteran here at the akron police department for two years and following this story throughout the morning, to fin latest. back to you. >> thank you for the update. now to ashland county. a man accused of two murders and holding a third victim hostage will appear in court today. shawn grate is expected to be arraigned and enter a please. he was arrested on tuesday after a woman he was holding hostage was able to get his cell phone and call 911. once police arrived they found two bodies. they say he then led them to a third body in richland county. he faces two charges of murder
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and investigators have also reopened the investigation into the death of an ashland county woman. our partners at the mansfield news journal say rebecca lacey's body was found in a wooded area in march of last year. at the time, the cause of death was ruled a drug overdose and police are not saying if the cases could be linked. the rta is investigating an dispipt on the tracks near -- an incident on the tracks near the muni service on the water front line by the south harbor station during the browns station yesterday. a 24-year-old man was injured on or near the metro tracks and take tongue the medical center. service os on the water front line was suspended for more than an hour but everything is back to normal. and here we go. the browns quarterback josh mccown will have an mri on the nonthrowing shoulder, it was a heart breaking loss in the browns home opener and arguably
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notice final minutes. the browns scored three touchdowns in the first quarter. but that was it for the browns. the ravens come back and score 25 unanswered points. 25-20 with less than 30 seconds left. the browns in ravens territory. terrell prior, at the 10-yard line, and he is called for taunting. for flipping the ball. and the team goes back to the 30-yard line. and mccown tosses to the air. he is pi o time. game over. browns lose 25-20. now barring a midweek trade, rookie quarterback cody kessler may get the call if mccown can't play. 6:08 right now. a warning out of a popular tourist destination in florida. the beach where three shark bites were reported in a matter of hours. >> another ride sharing service
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cars. hollie? >> that's interesting. what the? [ laughter ] >> and we have the forecast, really sunny, once we get past some of the fog and i got to tell you, more reports across the area. fog reported in lorain county, and elyria, and akron-canton, and wooster. visibilities are reduced to less than a quarter of a mile. calm winds. and dew points pretty much equivalent to the air temperature right now. there is a lot of moisture in the low not feeling anything like fall.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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6:12 right now. minnesota police say they are continuing to investigate a stabbing inside a mall as an act of terrorism. maureen kyle is following that story in our morning news feed.
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atmosphere is just high charged this weekend. and investigators still are not identifying the suspect who stabbed nine people inside the mall. but family members tell "usa today" he was tahir adone, a former state university student and islamic university claims he was a soldier for the extremist group but authorities are still investigating what his motive may have been. one of the victims claims he was asked if he was muslim before the suspect stabbed him. the suspect was shot off-duty police officer at the cross roads mall on saturday. central florida beach-goers are on edge after three shark bites were reported on sunday. officials say all of the shark bites happened in the same area, just south of the new smyrna beach jetty. the first two bites happened be with 30 minutes of each other when one surfer was bitten ott lower leg and the other bitten on both hands. you a three victims are expected to survive. ride hailing app lyft says
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self driving cars in a matter of five years. it comes from a blog post written by john zimmer and if you contact lyft for a ride by 2021, you may see a self driving car show up and predicting a personal car ownership that will come to the end in major cities by 2025. and zimmer also says to start self driving cars at low speeds, they will start around 25 miles an hour and in limited areas and bad weather, they won't test it out. >> first lake effect day, let them loose. >> that's right. >> and i think that's when everybody wants a self driving car. i don't like driving in the snow. >> thanks, maureen. fortunately, we don't have to worry about that this week. >> , no no, no. some fog though. that is kind of causing a few problems inland. most of you, closer to the lakeshore, are great with visibility. we are looking at the bus stop, an awesome week at school.
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everybody. temperatures in the 60s. mild. it should be 50s this time of the day. warm. but seasonable temperatures back to this week. and we should be in the 50s. and 64 in hopkins. 6:15. patchy fog fades this morning. we transition to sunshine. pretty evident here as we take a look at the stretch and the warmup over the next 12 hours. it is supe now winds are really calm. this in combination with the air temperatures and really lose to our dew points, and lots of moisture in those low levels, and that's the reason we are seeing the fog, here is the current visibilities, and still the same problem area, akron-canton, wooster, elyria, mansfield, just over a mild, and it is not as bad for you and 10 miles downtown though. so the visibility has been holding pretty nice. at least through the city. as we get a look at what is happening on satellite and
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sunshine and high pressure in control, than is really going to be our forecast over the next several days. plus the warmup. through the week. we are looking very late summery. as we approach fall. ironically. this week. and notice into tonight, it is clear and we have another really nice night ahead. and another beautiful day for tomorrow. we will warm back into the 80s for your tuesday afternoon. and it looks pretty similar on wednesday. not a drop of rain in the forecast. for the next several days. and in fact, i really will really take until the weekend with small chances return. warm with sunshine. and heads up for the patchy fog, areas of fog around this morning. and 81 degrees today. and 58 mostly clear skies tonight and then we are taking a look at the window nation seven-day forecast. which includes more 80s. and a lot of sunshine. and tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, beautiful. friday, a little more partly sunny but still nice. and then we will be in the 70s, and a little more seasonable, for this weekend.
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hi there. so far, it is an accident and delay free ride throughout the region. however, hollie has been telling you about the fog we are seeing. patchy fog in the area. i have been tracking the cameras and it is mostly in summit county, around 76, 277 and 77. here is the picture, 76 and 277 meet at the bottom here. and you can see traveling. we are also seeing fog, on 77, where it meets 480 and independence. so the three tips, pretty much slowdown, and do not multitask while driving, and again, no bright lights. so keep your lights regular. back to you. >> great advice. thanks. john is off today. but he did leave one of the biggest wins. and this morning, it is a record-setting soccer player.
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the 113th goal of her career. that gives her the all-time girls scoring lead for lorain county. she is also 23rd on the all time state-scoring lead. and she has more games to go this season. so watch out. our thanks to peter, the athletic director, for sending in this photo. love it. hey, if you would like to nominate your champion or all- star, send us chair picture and their story. e-mail them to morning show @ wkyc or tweet them to john @ john wkkyc. is it a terror cell? the fbi investigates after a weekend of bomb blasts in new york and new jersey. we will have an update in a live report. >> tso. that's right. it is the sound of the season.
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to the new years eve performance of the transsiberian orchestra. hollie? >> here is the thing. we are not that far from all of this. >> stop it. >> i keep feeling like it is a year from now. no. >> weather out your window, this picture is from katie in medina. she snapped it back in early september. a brewing thunderstorm. it is quite the photo there. that was farm country in medina. and you can really see it there, katie.
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6:22 right now. new jersey is is on high alert. after suspicious devices were found in a backpack overnight. it exploded near the new jersey transit station and police are trying to find out if there are any links between that explosion and two others in new york over the weekend.
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nbc's chris palone live in new york. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, and since we last spoke, we have new developments. we understand that the fbi is conducting some sort of raid at a residence not far from where that device was discovered and where it exploded in elizabeth, new jersey. so we will have to see what that search revealed, as the day goes on here. also, the fbi is questioning five people who were pulled over on what the fbi is calling a car of interest lat last going over a major bridge between stalled and bloomberg. so -- brooklyn. so all of this needless to say, the bombs going off in the jersey shore and then in new york city and one in new jersey last night, leaving police and people on edge. >> in new jersey, overnight, another bomb. placed in a crash can at the elizabeth train station and exploded as a bomb robot tried to disarm it. a man hunt under way to find the bomber.
6:24 am
york city and an additional 1,000 state troopers and national guard soldiers desending on manhattan, a visible show of support after a bomb exploded saturday that left 29 injured and countless others rattled. >> i rushed out there within seconds of the bomb. my ears were still ringing. and i noticed screaming, running, glass everywhere. >> the bomb exploded in the kelsey neighborhood and many injured were hit with shrapnel. all have been released from the the blast turned the heavy dump steff it was placed next to into a mangled pile of metal and blew it 100 feet away. >> when you see the amount of damage, we were lucky that will were no fatalities at the time. >> it might have been part of a coordinated attack. four blocks a way, police discovered a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. that device has been dismantled and the fbi is combing it for clues. law enforcement officers say the same man appears to be spotted near surveillance videos near both devices and
6:25 am
at all remain mystery. >> we have a lot more work to do to discover what kind of motivation was behind this. >> and investigators are looking at the surveillance videos and bomb segments hoping they lead them to the bomber. >> and security was already going to be very ramped up here in new york city, today, with the united nations general assembly getting under way in midtown. president obama arrived here in new york last night and he is speaking before the general assembly tomorrow. live in new york city, back to >> chris, thank you for the update. time now is 6:25. and let's send it over to hollie with a little bit of fog, but gosh, once that is gone, we are talking just beautiful bright skies and on a monday, that is key. and travel maps, that is what we're checking out, and it is very evident, i mean clear skies building in regionally for us, and that is our weather over the next several days. showers to our east. from that slow-moving front
6:26 am
weekend and what we are seeing is sunshine west of us. chicago, detroit and st. louis, and look at these warm temperature. i mean summer at its best. right? who would know fall is around the corner. we will see when we start to feel like it it, because it is happening this week, lena. >> thanks, hollie. 6:26 right now. school threat. how a local school plans to protect studentses after threats of a columbine style attack. and travel warning over? what miami officials ar zika virus in a popular tourist
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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good morning, 6:30 right now. john is off today. hollie has your forecast coming up in just a minute. but first, maureen is following breaking news. mo? >> overnight, another bomb explodes in new jersey. this time, in elizabeth, new jersey. we have leshed just a few moments -- learned just a few moments ago, authorities are conducting a raid residence as we speak. here is what happened. around 1:00 this morning, a bomb squad robot was examining a backpack that appeared to have pipe bombs inside of it it near a transit station. authorities on the scene say the robot was cutting into the device when it happened and the explosion happened around 1:00 this morning and the device was found in a backpack that contained as many as five explosives and the pack was found in a garbage can by two men who thought it contained valuables but when they saw what was inside they called
6:31 am
the once found -- ones found in new york over the weekend. we know both used flip phones. new york's governor has ordered a thousand national guard troops to provide extra security in the new york city area. we will be following this. >> all right, maureen, thank you. and more breaking news. police are investigating at least five smash and grabs this morning. this is live pictures of gas usa in university circle. across from university police dispatch, officers say they heard several booms and looked out to see a vehicle ramming the building. the suspects did not get the atm. this is one of the other smash and grabs we are following this morning. this one at east 73rd and superior in cleveland. we know two of the locations, a family dollar stores, and also a walgreen's was hit at eddie road and saint clare. now to lakewood where there will be extra police patrols inside and outside lakewood
6:32 am
police called a vague threat written on a bath room stall. it made reference to the columbine shootings. classes will resume as usual today. however, the school says parents can keep their kids at home today, as an excused absence. and lakewood police say there will be extra officers before and during and after school. let's check in with hollie and a little fog this morning. >> that's probably our biggest issue at the moment, lena. fog has formed inland and clea shall the moral of the story is, where the fog is and where skies are clear, we are expecting highs in the 80s. so although fall arrives on thursday, it is going to continue to feel like summer time around here. and 81 degrees, by 5:00, today. and fog burning off, mid to late morning. if you're dealing with it. and believe me, it is reducing visibility. so caution on those drives. and taking a look at some visibles right now. up to 9 miles in elyria. a huge improvement from last check. but now down to just over a
6:33 am
low. for akron-canton, and wooster and mansfield. about a mile and a half. and downtown, it has been fine. you never know we are dealing with it. it is all about location. and once it burns off, we are in for a lot of sunshine today. it is going to be a fabulous monday. and start to your work and school week. it keeps on coming. as we head through the day, you can see how clear it is. 3:00 this afternoon. into this evening, as you're coming home from work, maybe a little night out, with a dinner, because you can totally do that tonight. it is that mite mild. and overnight, we are clear and tomorrow, more sunshine, for your tuesday and we will see how long the stretch lasts and the biggest thing this morning, is that fog possible for your commute and danny, we have been seeing a lot on the maps. >> here is the picture. 77 at 13th street and canton. when you see the fog here, traffic moving by, just fine. and i haven't been tracking any accidents because of the fog. so that is great news. but again, here is the yellow on the map.
6:34 am
north, that typical slow traffic, just before the inner belt bridge. here is a picture of the inner belt. i-90 at kennelworth. we look at the drive time, between 408 and 490, an 11- minute commute. a micro delay of one minute. and don't forget when you hit the roads, turn to our partners at 11:00 a.m. total traffic. they will have updates ev minutes. back to you. a man is dead after a police-involved shooting in akron. the officer says the suspect reached for an assault rifle. and let's get the latest now from jasmine monroe live in akron. >> akron pd says they were left with no choice, on florida avenue yesterday. around 3:30 p.m., when police responded to a call of a victim, stating that his 61- year-old neighbor slammed his arm into a car.
6:35 am
back of a building. and they say the man walked toward the van and reached inside for an assault rifle. that's when an officer says they gave him a verbal command not to touch the weapon and step away from. it police say the victim refused and the officer had no choice but to fire several shots, he was hit in his torso and later died at 5:00 kron cleveland clinic general hospital. the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy on this case. as for the officer, placed on administrative leave which is standard protocol in situations like this. jasmine monroe, channel 3 news. >> thank you for the update. a 19-year-old robbery suspect faces a judge today. he was with 13-year-old tyree king when the boy was shot and killed by columbus police. demetrius braxton told the dispatch that king had a bb gun and wanted to rob someone for money. police say an officer opened
6:36 am
looking gun from his waistband. a demonstration is planned at columbus city hall. the king family is calling for an independent investigate. now here is maureen with the morning news feed. >> and serious fragile cease fire continues to unravel this morning. nbc news was in aleppo yesterday where gunfire and hours of explosions were heard. both rebels and government forces report dozens of violations of the temporary truce. the u.s. says russia needs to get to the opposition. florida officials are expected to declare the winwood section of miami zika free, it ends a two-week period where the popular tourist area suffered under a travel warning. there is a cdc press conference and where they are expected to make the announcement. several cases of zika were spread locally by mosquitoes and the cdc likely won't lift the travel warning in miami beach where active transmissions are still being found.
6:37 am
across the southeast has drivers anxious. in alabama, there was a leak in the people line and it forced workers to shut down part of the pipeline. some gas stations stations have one out of gas and those stations that have gas there could be 25 cents more than dollars more than usual. >> could you imagine driving up to the pump and you see bags and bags and bags. >> drivers must be in a magic. >> right. d trickle down effect it will have for the rest of the country. >> higher prices here. we will keep an eye on it. >> appreciate it it. and 6:37. still ahead the top trending stories still ahead. but first we will check in with matt granite and live and in person. >> ready to rock. today, survival savings. anything you would need to survive any emergency trapped in a palm-sized device. i will show you for $21 after the break. hollie, what's going on weather- wise? >> it is so great to see your face.
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a look at the forecast, right over my shoulder, exhibit a, fog, and yes, then sunshine. some of you are not dealing with the fog. this is mainly inland. we will pinpoint exactly. but mid morning, it is burning off, 9:00, fading facility and what a day. warm, highs in the low 80s. we should be 73 for the high this time of the year. sun is up at 7:12 by the way. and it is the sound of the holiday season. as we talk summer. your chance, tis to see the transsiberian orchestra live, on new years eve at the q, december 31. and be the third caller 216-567-
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here we go. a look at some of the trending
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annual emmy awards. >> one lots of people are talking about, is the drama about ox j simpson's murder trial -- oj simpson's murder trial. the people versus oj simpson had 22 nominations and five awards. game of thrones best drama series for the second year in a row. and veep also made its two wins in a row taking home the best comedy series and also the voice for best reality competition starting tonight by the way. the new season of the voice, right 8:00. and of course the fashions are always the talk on social media. let's look at some of the fashions that ruled the red carpet. okay, kristin bell, the "today" show is giving kristin bell best dressed with her gorgeous fairy tale princess dread. hollie, one of your favorites. dazzling in red.
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skirt over the pants. kind of like yoga pants. >> i'm sure they're much more expensive. >> exactly. >> clare dane looking like the emmy herself, dazzling in gold and teraji henson, a fan favorite, and cookie, in her yellow number. gorgeous. we will talk to kevin phaser live on lakeside and we will get their opinions. and i love hearing their opinions. it is all got fashion. today is international talk like a pirate y. locations are celebrating once again. they are giving away free doughnuts. speak like a buccaneer and it will score you one free original glazed doughnut but if you dress like a pirate, you will walk out with a free dozen or you can even use a custom krispy kreme snap chat pirate filter to digital nally dress like a pirate. show the snap chat image and
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tablassed doughnuts. >> they're free. >> for a free doughnut, let's hear. >> you i'm waiting for the theme song to be finished so i can be heard on my own. >> and a reflexargh? >> tortured animal. >> and i will not do your pirate sounds anymore because they're authentic and wonderful. [ laughter ] >> good morning, today i have an awesome grab. and you can use it in a blackout before or emergency. it is survival savings. sos mode flashlight that will charge all of your tech. and it has a built-in solar panel. it is highly durable and fulfills every possible major thing you could ask for in an emergency and even has a compass. take a look at what has me fired up today. they are flying off store shelves. a bright flashlight. a clip for backpack attaching, outdoors, hiking.
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i like this. >> so cute. >> and at the bus stop, in the 60s. watch out for some patchy fog. we have been talking about. it is not advisory worthy. we don't have any of that to worry about. but we are seeing some inland. sunny days ahead. warm and summery this week. despite the fact that fall arrives officially on thursday. hard to believe we are at that time of the year. 68 at noon. and 77 at noon. and 81 at 5:00. and lots of sunshine. once any fog that forms off. it will happen pretty fast and those inland are showing most of it and i will show you, the stretch is all sunshine over the next several hours, but what we are really noticing this morning is a very calm wind. like almost nonexistent. and so that in combination with a lot of moisture in the low levels and high dew points, fog. we have literally cloud cover. that is forming at the surface. and vincibilities are at their lowest inland. and akron-canton, really impacted here, for the past couple of hours now. along with wooster.
6:47 am
some really low visibility. compared to a good 10 miles downtown. and so there is no issues there. and the high pressure building in. and which is going to mean a lot of sunshine. as we head through today. and the week in general. on future view, look at this warmup. this is by 11:00 a.m., today, we are already above where we should be for highs this time of the year. and which is around 73. and then we are in the 80s this afternoon. and it looks phenomenal. as you are coming home from work, you will need the sunglasses for your commute, on today, from school, and tomorrow is another beauty, and we will warm back into the 80s, after starting off in the 50s and 60s. and clear skies even into the middle of the week. so this is not going anywhere. we've got really great weather to brag about. warm, sunshine, patchy fog, burns off this morning, and 81 degrees. and looking ahead to tonight's weather, upper 50s and clear skies. and more 80s and sun, through
6:48 am
friday looks good. and we talk seasonal weather as we get into the weekend. a front moves in, but at this point, it is not that impressive with the rain chances ust just about 30%. on saturday. we could be changing that throughout the week. so here we go. with carlo gambino. uh-huh. there, in all his glory. how cute is this dog? and hinckley is where he resides. he dislikes thunderstorms but beds. tina tells us all of this. so karlo gambino is going to be in sunshine heaven this week. >> yes. >> look at that face. >> love it. >> so cute. >> thank you, hollie. >> you bet. all of the information you need to know before you head out the door next in the morning rush. let's check in with maureen. >> thanks. we have learned a raid is unway as authorities try to find who is responsible for leaving a backpack full of pipe bombs in elizabeth, new jersey. we will be back with the
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6:51. time for the morning rush. hollie has the forecast coming up. dani has a check of the roads and reporters are standing by. let's start with maureen. >> thanks. another device has exploded overnight. this one in elizabeth, new jersey. the latest one was discovered in a backpack, near a transit station. and now there is new video that captured the explosion. take a look. a bomb squad robot was cutting into one of the five pipe bombs in the backpack when it blew up. two mend found the back package
6:52 am
it contained valuables and when they saw what was inside, they called police and since it was a controlled situation, luckily no one was hurt. we know now that police are raiding a nearby residence as we speak. this comes as authoritieds continue to investigate separate bombings across the area with. more on the investigation in the weekend explosion in new york city, here is richard engel. >> reporter: city officials have ordered a massive increase of security here in manhattan, with the governor saying that a thousand more state police are being sent to security at airports, bus terminal, and the subway, and this, after three, what seemed to be explosive devices, were found or detonated here in new york, and in new jersey. and investigators are now trying to determine are there connections and who was responsible. i will have many more details coming up on the "today" show. police responded to a fight call on florida avenue yesterday afternoon around 3:30
6:53 am
complained about his 61-year- old neighbor smashing his arm inside of a car door. when officers arrived, they approached the suspect in the back of the building, and that's when they walked toward the van and reached inside with the rifle. and that's when they gave him a loud verbal comment saying not to touch the rifle but the suspect did. police say the suspect refused and the officer had no choice but to fire several shots. now, that suspect later died at 5:00 ron general cleveland clinic. and this officer now is placed on administrative leave. now to ashland county, a man accused of two murders and holding a third victim hostage will appear in court today. shawn grate is expected to enter a plea, he was rested on tuesday, after a woman he was holding hostage was able to get his cell phone and call 911. once police arrived they found two bodies. they say grate then led them to a third body in rich land county. he faces two charges of murder.
6:54 am
and investigators have also reopened the investigation into the death of an ashland county woman. our partners at the mansfield news journal say rebba leasey's body was found in a wooded area in march of last year. at the time the cause of death was ruled a drug overdose. police are not saying if the case could be linked to shawn grate. cleveland police are investigating at least five smash and grab robberies overnight. four of them happened within a 30-minute time fr morning. this is a look at one of the locations. east 73rd and superior. in cleveland. and we know two family stores were hit along with a wall green's and a gas station. >> traffic is beginning to pick up at 6:55. and state route 8, southbound, and northbound, stop and go traffic between seasons road and 303. about a 5 to 10 minute delay and also slowing into downtown on 77 north, about a five-
6:55 am
about a five minute delay and 71 north in downtown at west 25th, the brake lights there, about a five minute delay. >> thanks 6:55. and warm with sunshine today. in the low 80s. patchy fog. burping off. 58 degrees. -- burning off. 58 degrees. clear tonight. here is a look at the next several days. which includes beautiful weather. i mean fall arrives thursday. whatever. [ laughter ] >> mid-80s. all the way through the work and school week. and good 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. and 70s for and matt is back live and in person today. >> hooray? a cord cutting deal. 10:00 a.m. social media. if you follow me, you will see it everywhere. the solar savings that will also back up your tech and backup batteries on tomorrow, hands free calling. tied to an in genius contraption. it is indeanous and -- in genius and i will have it. >> ingenius. >> yes. >> it is there.
6:56 am
throughout the "today" show. and in the meantime, hope you
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good morning. breaking news. multiple pipe bombs found near a commuter train station in new jersey. one of the devices exploding as a police robot tried to disarm it. police now searching a nearby apartment building as the fbi detains five people in connection with the weekend bombing in new york city that injured 29. are the incidents connected, and is there an active terror cell at work? the politics of terror, as donald trump and hillary clinton head back on the campaign trail today. new questions over how each responded to those bombings. was trump too quick to judge? was clinton too cautious? how their reactions could impact the way voters view their


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