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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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this is "e.t." >> are you ready for this? >> ready or not -- >> hello! >> -- "e.t." has all the surprises youdi >> i've been here before. >> from a-list red carpet collisions -- >> maybe if you grab him. >> oh! >> -- to the backstage tears. >> i love you. >> that will get you every time. >> we're celebrating the people versus o.j.'s big night. >> i'm going to take my shoes off. >> the allnight parties, the jaw-dropping fashion. >> the underwear? >> where was beyonce.
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>> i'd like to dedicate this to my father who passed away on friday. julia louis-dreyfus after he historic win, and the emmy's most talked-about moments. >> i love it. >> now, for september 19th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> tv's biggest night lives up to its billing with major surprises. here's the moments and record-setting victories. >> let'sar night's biggest winners, the people versus o.j. simpson. stars that took home the emmys for the first time. >> the emmy goes to "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> emmy's emmy date. she hugged the o.j. prosecutor. >> i know you've gotten to know per a lot better. >> a good friend, yeah.
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you imagined. >> the more i learned about the real marcia clark, i had been superficial and careless in my judgment. i'm glad to be able to stand here and say i'm sorry. >> a very, very deep complicated woman she is. it became a very different picture. >> we're going to look at the evidence. >> marcia joined sarah at the emmy engraving station. it was all a bit surreal. >> hi, maa. you, right? are you rooting for o.j. to win this time? >> john travolta didn't win for his portrayal of robert shapiro, but he did pick up an emmy for one of the producers of the series. did you fly yourself here? you flew yourself here. you'll fly home. will you strap the emmy or put it up in the cockpit with you? >> i'm going to take it with me. i have to. they're rarified. >> to the woman that rocked my
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this one is for you, girl! >> courtney b. vance played johnny cochran. backstage he got lots of love from the couple's 10-year-old twins. >> hi, daddy! >> did you see it? >> daddy, i love you! >> i love you, too. let me go now. okay. >> we love you. >> that will get you every time. that almost got me. that almost got me. >> the larger lesson was win, lose or draw, i'm a winner. they're like, okay, daddy. >> more love for courtney, before the awards from an unlikely admirer. >> this guy right here is up for the same award that i'm up for. >> maybe if you grab him and, you know -- >> like, you know, he'll be okay. yeah. >> a little goose? >> yeah, like a little goose. like a little goose. oh!
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>> sterling k. brown won an emmy for his portrayal of christopher darden. the actor paid tribute to his late father. >> sterling brown jr., i changed what people called me when i turned 16. i love you, daddy. i felt like i instantly began the float above like looking down on myself. and it happened. it was surreal. >> so touching. but the most emotional spoke about her father. the audience didn't know he passed away just two days before the ser money. and you could see her hands shake when she accepted her fifth emmy in a row. she made history with her sixth award. none of us were prepared when she shared her tragic loss. >> i'd like to dedicate this to
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who passed away on friday. and i'm so glad that he liked me, because his opinion was the one that really married. >> william louis-dreyfus was 84 years old. when we met him in 2014, the proud dad told us julia was a very special little girl. >> she was heavenly. she was funny, smart, loving. she was just plain wonderful. >> it's clear where julia got her comic timing when her dad joked about her husband, brad hall. >> he was asking for julia's hand in marriage. i told him i'd make my mind up shortly. >> we know daddy's smiling from heaven. the actor honor went to jeffrey tambourg. that's two years in a row.
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>> they were like get off, get off, get off. and i forgot to thank my wife. she's the only reason i'm standing here. >> well, thank you. >> i am so glad he cleaned that up. kerry washington was come natd twice for "confirmation." her real prize arrives in a o o couple of months, her second child. how did you pick out >> this was made for me, obviously. i didn't go into a mall and buy this. brandon maxwell made this dress for me. i'm such a fan of his. i love what he does. with the first lady recently, i'm really honored that he made this dress. >> backstage tony goldwyn, it was beautiful to see kerri's husband escorting her on the
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for the second time. >> it changes when you have two. are you ready? >> i don't know. i'm an only. so every time the family grows, it gives me a little bit of anxiety. >> everybody's like, mama, who's in there? >> i don't know myself. >> no? >> no. >> you're keeping it a secret? >> we don't know. yeah. >> you want to have a little boy? >> i'm open. honestly, healthy, happy baby, that's what we want. >> that is all that matters. meanwhile, rega her second straight emmy for american crime. on the carpet before the show, regina's mom told me she knew this day was coming. >> all i can remember is how she was practicing, when she was little. >> did she? >> oh, my god. >> talk about making your dreams come true. well, beyonce being a no-show, she was nominated for directing
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>> my name is beyonce. >> it's happening. >> i think i'm lemonading right. >> stars were working their own looks. the mere mention of queen bee -- >> i know you're looking for her. >> -- yeah, got the beehive buzzing. >> she's on her way, right? >> major clues were there. we saw her card. she was on the west coast outside san francisco the night before. what are you going to do? you're the biggest beyonce fan. -p>> i don't know. >> the emmy goes to -- >> but the absent mrs. carter lost -- >> she hasn't turned up. so this is nice. but this evening generally has a sense of loss in it for me. >> emmy producers say she was ill and canceled last minute. but late night, still hopeful. >> i want to hear your pitch to
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>> we were up for an emmy against her last week. and we won it. i hope that doesn't set us back at all. i'll do anything she wants. >> oh, come on, beyonce, you've got to do it. beyonce missed out last night because there were so many unbelievable momentssat the emmys. we'll show you more, starting with james cordon's ridiculous prered carpet workout. >> this is me today. i was cheerleading with the l.a. rams. >> can you do and america ferrero worked up a pre-emmy sweat. >> stop. >> i got a massage this morning so my feet could fit in the high heels. >> what has been your most unbelievable moment today? >> sharing the day with my husband. honestly, he makes sure that i have champagne, that i'm well taken care of. >> also being called out -- >> she's massaging your butt. >> get ahold of a cheek in case
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>> and an unbelievable time backstage in the i believe i can't believe it's not butter photo booth. and the pics before getting this epic burn, courtesy of his own mother. >> what's been your craziest moment so far? >> i dropped a tear during the commercial break. and i'm not sure what it was from. >> what was it for? >> leave it up to mama. now we knowwh sense of humor. >> we're inside the emmy after-parties. who was getting a little flirtatious, and where we found two of taylor swift's exes. >> and the fashions, best and worst. >> what is the biggest secret you have going on with your dress? >> looking this goo takessa lot of work. the stars tell all about their revealing looks.
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memorable moments from the red carpet platforms.
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come on, can you imagine the stories right there? john mayer? >> on the wall with that one. >> they were both out on emmy night. >> that's the thing about the emmys, win or lose, after the show, it's the after-parties. >> for most of the winners, the governor's ball. the emmy's official after-party and where the statuettes get engraved. while "the voice" winner performed, we spotted mr. robot who won outstanding actor drama with a gorgeous blond. he said, i'll call you before heading out.
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hanging with kevin spacey. gabby hoffman ditched her red carpet dress for jeans. but the most star-studded bash of the night was by far the hbo party. >> what's the plan when you get inside? >> go and find everyone, and watch them get progressively drunker. >> the "game of thrones" cast won for the second year in a row, breaking the record for the 38. >> i'm here now. >> also here, john mayer, straight from rocking out with the emmy orchestra. tom was all smiles greeting fans and posing for pics. amy schumer didn't win any of her six categories last night but nailed it in every party photo. she hit up the hbo party in flip-flops with boyfriend ben and sister kim.
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she couldn't wait to get home and get out of her dress. >> in honor of amy. thank you, amy. >> saw a lot of that at the hbo party. we've got a lot more from the emmys still ahead, including show secrets you haven't heard. what was really inside the lunch bags from jimmy kimmel's mom. >> emmy's looks that make us say wow, whoa, and watch out.
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you are looking at our pic for the best-dressed emmy star. absolutely pure elegance in a mermaid gown by zach posen. we've got the stars that share the secrets behind our most
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what's the biggest secret you have going on with your dress? >> with my dress, seven different layers of corsets. >> not used to the corsets? >> oh, yes, i am. breathing is so overrated. >> give me the heidi pose. >> stretch it out. boom. hi. that was my pose. >> action in the back? let me see. this is the secret. whoa, whoa, whoa! that's what i'm talking about now! >> i walk backwards, so everyone can see. >> oh, the emmy fashions. these ladies definitely had the lemonade theme going on. and this pretty much sums up the shape in a versace.
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dress all the way. >> i'm free as a bird. i do what i want. it's my little princess moment today. >> you've got a secret about your dress? >> what's going on down there? i don't know, guys. it's a mess. velvet doesn't breathe. >> i sketched a picture of a dress on notebook paper years ago. this year, christian syriano brought it to life. corner. my kids like to pick sequins off things, and this would have been dangerous. >> jim accidently used the dress train as a walkway. >> i can be blamed for it. it's literally a duvet. i've lived in apartments smaller
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>> i just had my second baby seven weeks ago, so everything is kind of running amok still. so we needed to come up with something chic. >> and the modern family co-star -- >> i like it a lot. i don't care what anybody else thinks. >> how long did it take you to get ready? >> hours. two hours. >> how many dresses? >> just one. favorite accessory? >> earrings. >> sucking it in? >> just zipped. >> sucking it in this time. >> tucking it in. >> the first thing you're going to eat when the night is over? >> i wouldn't mind some chocolate and fries. >> first thing you are going to eat? >> wine, taco bell, and in-and-out. i've been on the protein and veggies diet. and now i'm going to reward myself. >> can i go with you?
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>> did you notice sarah didn't mention a craving for a peanut butter and gel ri sandwich? that's because she got her fill during the show. and all the best emmy moments starting with matt damon, absolutely dor meanting jimmy. >> always fun to give gemmy a little -- >> i missed the last category. did you win? >> matt showed up onstage in a cameo after jimmy lost the outstanding talk show. >> this is so humiliating. >> i'm sorry. i mean, you lost, and now you've got to stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody. >> the gag started 13 years ago and it's grown to epic proportions. >> backstage all night every night. i have a few moments where i get to get back at him a little bit. >> and the emmy goes to kate mckinnon.
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co-star won. the first cast member to win in that category. ?? >> we're just happy to sse she's still tweeting after being hacked three weeks ago. she addressed the incident publicly for the first time when she appeared with the mild mannered accountant. >> i've got a job for you. my twitter account. [ cheers and applause ] >> put that in the vault! >> my mother made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. >> the peanut butter on the inside of each slice, and the jelly between them, so it doesn't leak through the bread. >> nothing says love like a pb & j like kimmel's mom. >> there you go, amy. that's for y'all.
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inside the bag, a juice box, apple, cookie and hand-written note from mama kimmel. >> you ate your note. >> i was hungry. >> his mom was really making the sandwiches. >> for real. they were amazing. >> we actually got our hands on one of the notes from jimmy's mom. it was in the bag. it said, have fun tonight, win or lose. your mom will always love you. don't get drunk.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. it's all at this is absolutely a perfect
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here's a look at what's ahead. >> bye, everybody. >> oh, hi! >> all this week on "e.t." -- >> i have my daddy all to myself. >> kate hudson tells what it's like co-starring with her dad, kurt russell. somebody's dead. >> following up the "frozen" smash hit. >> we're with tim allen, celebrating home improvement's anniversary. improvement's anniversary. this week on "e.t."
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. woman: "the voice" is a huge opportunity for me. stuff like this doesn't just happen to people here. jason: can't do anything but let the singing do the talking. riley: i've only been singing for like two years, so i have a whole lot to learn still. woman #2: "the voice" gives you the opportunity to work with some of the greatest artists in the industry. "the voice" is back, along with our two winningest coaches -- grammy award-winning front man of maroon 5 and three-time "voice" champion, adam levine. my heart still pounds when i push the button. there's just no way to ever know what is gonna happen. daly: country music superstar with 16 consecutive number-one songs, four-time winning coach, blake shelton.


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