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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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in the line of duty. unrest continues in charlotte. one person is dead and a state of emergency is declared overnight. cancer-causing toxins in the water. the latest on the investigation and what means for your drinking water. great thursday morning to you. fall arrives today and we are forecasting more sunshine and more summer heat. it will not feel like autumn. looking at the planner just a beautiful morning. highs in the mid-80s later on and it's going to be a fast climb. 80 at lunchtime. this morning it is clear. partly to mostly sunny we could see some cloud cover but just a great-looking day. there is a cold front that is
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any impact on our weather eventually. it has stalled out so we will look at the timing and what kind of impact it might have on your weekend. those details coming up. we're looking good around northeast ohio. no reports of accidents so far the a few spots popping down to 50 miles per hour -- and it was down to 50 miles per hour. there are cars on the road but i do not see any disabled vehicles were accidents on the 480 bridge acrid mainly good on the roads. here is i-77 it to 71 all clear.
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are minimal. hundreds will say goodbye to a state trooper killed in the line of duty. >> tiffany tarpley joins us from lorain county community college. >> reporter: the service starts at 10 am. troopers from across the country and many people will gather at the ewing center to say final respects to trooper the less. -- kenneth he was a trooper and father of three and friend and more. already we've seen it to menace outpouring of support for his family and fellow troopers. he was killed after investigators say a driver high on drugs crashed into him. people lined up outside the ewing center wednesday for the visitation and those who knew him and those who did not including law enforcement families who know all too well the dangers of the job. >> i don't even sleep at night
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is about >> i saw him last month. were talking at a birthday party and i came to pay my respects. >> reporter: that officer you just heard from was from florida 80 came here to illyria for the visitation. we're told the services are expected to last about one -- one hour 15 minutes at the college and from there there will be a procession to the cemetery. coming up we will let you know the route so if you want to attend or be along that route there ask you line up safely and we will tell you how to do that. one man is dead after he was shot during protests in charlotte last night. those protests causing the governor to declare a state of emergency. >> this is the second night of
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the latest. >> reporter: the unrest continues. a second night of violent protest brings up police in riot gear using flash grenades teargas and bullets to disperse the crowds. hundreds took with signs protesting the death of keith scott killed tuesday by police. overnight loud booms send demonstrators running for cover. police was shot. they say the gunman was not a police officer the violence continued with several people injured including officers. it followed similar clashes tuesday night. demonstrators shutting down interstate and setting fires and throwing rocks injuring 16 officers near the scene where keith scott was
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justified the shooting saying he ignored officers commands to drop his weapon despite witnesses saying he did not have a gun but instead was holding a book and was shot while waiting for his son to get off the school bus. meanwhile an evening beginning with a peaceful candlelight vigil was soon overshadowed with display of violence. national guard and highway patrol will be in charlotte to help police with any unrest the officer who shot keith scott is on paid leave another on the investigation should threatening graffiti at lakewood high school. police arrested a lakewood middle school student and to park high school students. -- 2 high school students. a threat was written on the back. that reference to columbine shooting. another student was arrested for bringing a pocket knife
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middle school student for making a threat that mentioned high school graffiti. police are still looking for the person he hide the graffiti. new water or receptor dangerous levels of the cancer- causing toxin were found in the tapwater and 200 million americans drink. chromium six was found in all but one of northeast ohio water systems. the water in cleveland had the 15th highest concentration when compared to other across the country. officials put the statement online saying they meet and exceed all water standards. chromium six is the same toxin made famous by environmental activist aaron brockovich. right now the epa does not have a limit as to how much chromium six is allowed in drinking water. of the water systems northeast ohio, only streets protesting negative for this. you can see the results for
5:07 am we are four days away from the first big showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. they will have the first debate on monday. right before they will face- off, a new poll out by nbc news and the wall street journal shows clinton leading trump by seven points. this poll taken after clinton fell ill with mo >> i am running to be president for all americans. every single one. >> donald trump wrapped up a day of events in ohio yesterday and spent the morning talking to voters inside a cleveland heights church he tried to cut with african-american voters. faith leaders inside the event called him a unifier and not a divider. but outside hillary clinton supporters accused trump again
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this completed his ohio toward visiting a factory in dayton. he met with local business leaders for a roundtable discussion centered on trade and regulations and the cost of the affordable care act. present us both trump and clinton campaigns will be back in ohio for the 12th annual great lakes restoration conference at cedar point. the conference will discuss ways to keep dripping water from the lakes safe and how the next president plans to keep the momentum for federal funding going provides drinking water to more than 30 million people. drug-resistant superbugs. what scientists are saying about the danger they say could become then cancer. new flights and low fares. a major airline making its way to cleveland. it is friday knocking on your door. happy thursday and hello to auto.
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weather on the way.
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the fbi is released an image of two men investigators want to speak with a connection with a bomb in new york and new jersey. the agency says the men were seen saturday night removing the bomb that did not explode in new york city. they removed it from a piece of luggage and then leaving the device behind while taking the suitcase. investigators say the men are being sought as witnesses and
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model humming with planting a bomb in new jersey and 2 in new york city. days after those bombs were found a suspicious package was found underneath an overpass in the bronx. probably part of a major expressway to be closed for a brief time. the suspicious package was a pressure cooker but no wires or cell phone were found in it. all clear was given by police a short time later. a new warning over dr morning. scientists predict more people will die from an operatic resistance superbugs then from cancer by the year 2050. at the united nations general assembly meetings were held to discuss a plan to battle back against them. the battle against superbugs lies with the military at the walter reed army institute of research. a highly secured military lab is a nation's leading surveillance system looking for
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife said they would give 99% of their facebook stock to charitable causes. they are putting a large chunk of that money to work. they have announced plans to spend $3 billion over the next decade to care prevent and manage diseases. coming up savannah guthrie will sit down and talk with them about this initiative. does it look like autumn? >> some of the trees in my neighborhood are starting to turn. >> okay. >> but the trees just might be really drive. >> i do not want to go there. >> i like the way you went with the fall. it is a great season and it
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sleeves. it is feeling like summer. 60s as we start the day ended up in the 80s again. fall starts 10:21 this morning. we get more seasonal in the seven-day forecast. but today it is going to feel like summer. upper 60s at 9 am. 80 at lunch and 85 for the high. record high today in the low 90s so we will terrific once again. and transitioning into a perfect warm afternoon. it has been a treat this week to get outside. sunshine and lots of sunny smiles across northeast ohio. the warm weather continues and it looks like through the week. we said monday this entire week we would have temperatures 10+ degrees above normal and it is
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the cold front to the west will have an impact on our weather but i don't think in the rain factor as much as the temperature drop which will end up turning us more seasonal this weekend. you can see the rain to the north and west and most of the energy with this is further north. we plan on all sunshine today and no worries. as we track on future view is the is clear through the day. and 80 tonight as well. he or putting something on the grill in general. tomorrow we have more cloud cover and partly sunny feeling and still holding onto warm weather. but what will happen is we start to see more of the cloud cover and perhaps a passing sprinkle but chances will be at a minimum. and we will be great for football friday night. window nation seven-day forecast
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we had more cloud cover a 20% chance of a passing shower. same thing on saturday. low 70s so you're hitting the pumpkin patch perhaps or drinking some apple cider and it will feel more like it should. 75 sunday and 70s to near 80 next week. we have the heart walk coming up which is october 8 american heart association and cleveland heart walk. let's just be honest. heart disease is something that impacts many of us. we want to give -- get rid of this disease. is the leading cause of death for americans. i'm going to post a link to everything with my team and the heart walk in general on facebook twitter instagram. i would love to see you out october 8 and of course we have the health expo which is directly after the walk so you
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-- mosey on into that. i would love to be on that team. nice thing this morning the traffic is looking nice. in cuyahoga county no reports of accidents. volume is increasing on the local roads no major impact to the larger throwaways. weather 90 or the shoreway oath are looking good. -- both are looking good. i-271 looking good. down to the south in medina
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a few cars on the road but no reports of delays. if you are looking for a job, soccer park in westlake is hosting a small job fair today. the stores have more than 200 full-time and part-time and temporary holiday jobs to fill from sales associate to management. any businesses will be interviews on the spot -- have apart and bring resumes. it runs from 4 pm-7 pm on a new market square behind gap. topics returned to his acting roots in cleveland for upcoming fundraiser for the greater cleveland film commission. he started his professional acting career at what is now the great lakes theater in the 70s. the fundraiser called behind the camera feature him in a 90 minute interview and discussion with our own russ mitchell. it is december 2 and tickets are available it is december 2 and tickets are
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show? >> we will take up a collection. the holiday rush is about to start. matt granite joins us with tips on how to help you stay big
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just in time for winter vacation planning, allegiant air announced a move airport. you can fly from cleveland to tampa, orlando fort lauderdale and savannah and myrtle beach. they also bring in new flight destinations and low fares to places like jacksonville, austin new orleans and phoenix. black friday deals stocking stuffers begin tomorrow. stores are preparing for the holiday rush beyond belief >> i'm glad we have you to
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>> thank you for saying that. will hold the stores accountable and not let them ruin thanksgiving as they do every year. stores are starting early and i started in may. i'm going to make sure we show you today just a few of the big items coming in that i will find deals on. but look at your reminder that the holiday creep you will see does bring pressure. you will hear more about leah ways and stores trying to get you in early. the truth is there is absolutely no reason to ruin your thanksgiving and nothing to sit just this year will be any bigger than last year. it's cyber monday to keep an eye on. i want to remind you i'm going to be looking up with every major door buster in the country well ahead of time. i figured today we will look at the three most requested items to help you time them. first scooters.
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phone. they explode. >> i have the new one. >> for now maybe. they are being replaced by scooters. the first square deal will drop next week and i will have to here second amazon with the echo and alexa products have found a way to get it now for under $50. there will be many holiday bundles. we're going to you. and then finally the most prevalent television request 16 5 inches. these drop end of october and i will be testing these and share every deal with you early. greg lattanzi them and i will be here. we're going to make this a black friday for the record books. >> my living room is a great place to test these especially on sundays. >> that would be great.
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game. >> you are going after everyone today. >> we're going to get something. we have a lot of sunshine today. 85 for the high and feeling like summer on this first day of fall. it arrives at 10:21 this morning. we're holding onto summer across the country. 826 in chicago today. 85 in denver. vegas in the 80s. 90 in florida with scattered storms. we're going to talk about cooler weather eventually those details coming up. remembering a trooper killed in the line of duty. we have details on today's service as people from across
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well, you are gonna need a whole new roof. so, the next thing is, i'm gonna make you out an estimate with no real details on it at all. then, you're gonna give me a whole lot of money up front. and, then i'm gonna skip town without even doing a lick of work. alright? so, go ahead and get out your checkbook and make the check out to me, because there's nothing suspicious about that. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families
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thousands will pay respects to an ohio state trooper killed in the line of duty. services will be here at lorain county community college for trooper kenneth velez. we want to show you the procession that will follow after the services. he will be buried at calvary cemetery. here is the route to travel north on eddy road down to 54 make the way to broadway and then and up and n. ridge road. that is where calvary cemetery is located. it is important to note the burial is private so you can lineup along the route as long as you do so safely. the funeral services again here
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looking at the forecast on what will be the start of autumn in a few hours. 10:21. 63 degrees waking up to another lovely morning. look at the day ahead. it is summertime. we will forecast highs well into the 80s again with pluggable sunshine partly to mostly sunny skies. upper 60s at hopkins and further inland a could be upper 80s. and lovely as can be. sun is a few minutes after seven. many of you have been tweeting and facebook and me about the time change is not until early november. i think november 3. we have a ways to go before that happens.
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west. it has stalled out so this will have an impact on our weather into the weekend. i'm craving a pumpkin patch or something like that. >> too bad it does not feel like it. >> i feel like i am out of character. >> the last day with a record 90 degrees or higher in cleveland october 6. it could still get warm into october. let's look at the roads. we are all good around cuyahoga county. in the south toward summit county they are looking good northbound. in the bedford area this is i- 271 at state route 14. traffic is picking up but there are no reports of accidents or stalled vehicles. from the westside lorain county looking good. drivetime 71 to state route 8 is 18 minutes.
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assaulting people in police custody on the camera footage shows sergeant james truckey assaulting the pair after they let -- led authorities on a tv chase this month. he also allegedly falsified his report of the incident. the driver of the atv is also facing charges. an update on the case of a suspected serial killer shawn grate. they believe he is tied to the death of five women in ashland richland and marion counties. bci is looking into evidence police seized the car during the search warrant this week at apartment to the deck for two years. landlord from the department said police also took several trunks and large plastic containers away from the property. topping the morning newsfeed it was another night of violent protest in charlotte north carolina. one person is in critical condition this morning he was shot during the protest.
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man had died but we now know he is still on life support. officials say that shooting not involved a police officer. several arrests were made after protesters blocked a highway. north carolina governor pat mccrory has declared a state of emergency. a vigil was held in oklahoma in response to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed african-american man last week. terrence crutcher was shot by police friday while his hands were up. the shooting was justified but new video is sparking outrage. pulse religious leaders say they are trying to channel the emotions of the community into a peaceful expression of frustration. new information in the weekend bombing in new york and new jersey. reports say the wife of the suspected bomber ahmad rahami is returning to the us. she was questioned by american officials in the united arab emirates. the fbi says he left pakistan
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she was granted entry into the us with their baby is a permanent resident. heavy at tried to use and navigation app only to lose service going through a tunnel? the navigation app ways is hoping to eliminate that by installing low cost battery- powered beacons. they will transmit navigation to smart phones and tablets in tunnels that are -- the covers about 7500 miles around th the beacons can maintain that connections as long as drivers turn on bluetooth signal. planning a trip can become time-consuming. a new at this helping you gather all your information into one easy place. drake has the details in this morning's heat index. this is a perfect time for the holiday season. many of you will start to plan trips whether it's thanksgiving holiday season later in the year keeping the information
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difficult. there is a new app from google that will start to change everything. it's called google trips. you have to use gmail to get your reservation information once you do all you do is install google trips and the trips that you have booked and all of the information just pops up into the app. you can either start planning a trip yourself by searching for a place like a couple of trips planned in october and all my information automatically from my email is transferred to the google trips app from reservations to things to do and places and day trips. click on the reservation section and it gives you your flights where you are staying food reservations car reservations. the actual confirmation numbers are all in here you can pull up the hotel reservation and check
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email it came from and reservation confirmation and then starts to plan things to do for you. let's i'm going in vegas and the top spots for you baby places that are free of charge how about places outside of vegas. you can do that as well. slip things like comic shows or upscale shopping. it keeps everything organized within the app to get off of the strip you can as well. there are day trips the app pre- plans for you. to go to red rock canyon or it gives you including stops and directions to make the day worthwhile and some interesting points along the way one of my favorite features it gives you things like health and emergency numbers in the location you're going and i think the biggest benefit to this is all of this information can be downloaded to the app so you can then access it without having a data connection. if you are traveling overseas all you do is open google trips
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have to worry about being connected to a data plan. that is a port for those that travel overseas. >> what a great idea. >> it is all automated and done for you through gmail >> not do my packing as well? >> that is the next step. google suitcase. >> the nfl says it is getting tougher when it comes to head- to-head hits. really? i think the league is more concerned with nonsense like the dancing in the end zone.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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in politics hillary clinton and donald trump are weighing in on the protests in charlotte >> trademonster is live with more. >> reporter: -- tracie potts has more. >> reporter: trump is in pennsylvania giving energy speech. that he has a rally and hillary clinton is off of the campaign trail studying up for the debate monday. but they are both commenting on the unrest in charlotte. candidates are reacting to the violence in north carolina. a battleground state and the police shooting of an unarmed
5:42 am
>> it is unbearable. it needs to become intolerable. >> donald trump says to stop inner-city crime -- >> i would do stop and frisk. >> reporter: democrats point out the federal court has declared it unconstitutional. trump argues democrats have turned their back. >> they look for the votes of people living in the inner cities and then they say we will see you later in four years. >> reporter: he is down seven points on likely voters in the six in a four-way race heading into tuesday's debate clinton seems that she's practicing and not sure which trump will show up. she's out with new web video hitting trump on not releasing his taxes yet. >> it's almost something wrong -- and using his charity money to pay off legal settlements. in the meantime trump is aligning himself with former
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internet. the top democrat on capitol hill is calling for the iris to investigate trump's foundation. how they are spending the money and the irs is already taking a look at pay for play allegations with the clinton foundation. >> how many words can be used to describe it? >> we could keep going. and it is a lovely morning again. 63 degrees now. it's going to be a great start to fall today. it arrives after 10:00 this morning officially. the autumnal equinox. it's going to feel like summer. we transition back to more
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coming up. the weather this weekend might feel more like paul. 85 today so it is still be summer feeling. and partly to mostly sunny to go with it. looking lovely through the morning and afternoon. this is great for lunch outside we put emojis on the map you better believe it's going to be thank you greg dee for putting these into the system. we have a cool front to the west and this one is not packing much of a punch but it will be our transition into the weekend. it has stalled out and what that means is friday into saturday is one we will start to see more cloud cover and then by saturday highs will end
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sounds monumental but since we are so warm it's going to bring us back to a seasonal feeling. here is 10 am this morning. in the 70s and pretty as can be. this afternoon partly to mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid-80s. tonight looking great as well. we have tomorrow you can see we start to notice the cloud cover especially along the lake shore as the front begins to move through. a passing sprinkle cannot be ruled out but the chances are very low. it's going to change the numbers into the low 70s by saturday. friday and saturday 20% chance of a shower. 70 for the weekend. sunday looks pleasant and the next week mid-to upper 70s. small rain chances but nothing
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what's really big is snickers. his hobbies are swimming, running visiting the cows and other dogs down the road. he is a loyal loving entertaining dog. i don't have a name of who sent snickers and but he lives in montville with a beautiful family that adopted him. look at that face. >> i love it. looking good on the roads. if you're going to the lake or have the day off and want to hang out on a day like this why not. generally looking good this morning around cleveland. east 89th on hugh avenue there is a breakdown but no reports of delays. further south toward 71 and 76 looking good.
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90 as well. eastside drive's from ashtabula toward lake county 65 mile-per- hour speeds. on 71 to 480 you're driving 65. the week -- the way co could start postseason today but we have to wait longer. indians magic number is five. the royals scored early runs in that he got locked in. look at this nasty pitch for the strike out. he's now 18 and nine making a serious bid to win another cy young. the bullpen gave up one run but that was it. indians officially eliminate the defending world champions eating the royals 4-3. they have 88 wins in texas has
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worse for the browns. cody kessler will have one less target sunday. corey coleman broke his hand during practice. his playing future is now up in the air when he could play or how effective could he could be with a broken hand. we don't know and the browns of lost 2 quarterbacks a center a defenseman now a receiver. and it is week three. jackson about the illegal hits and how the nfl treats them. from the link that says it is cracking down on these hits. jackson said he could not comment and leave that up to the nfl. is that the problem? my take is the league is really concerned with this than roger goodell would step up. for example let's go to opening- night. cam newton took. shots to the head at least 4 helmet to helmet hits from the broncos. brandon marshall was fined
5:49 am
contract. derian stored was fined $18,000 of his $4 million. these guys don't even feel these fines not like cam newton felt those shots to the head. in my opinion if the nfl really wanted to crack down on these hits, a one-game suspension or more would send a better message to these guys guilty of illegal hits. remember this? antonio brown scored this touchdown that he got a $21,000 fine for dancing in the end zone and wearing the wrong shoes. but for $18,000 you can take a shot that could end a player's career. commissioner caddell, that does not seem right. tweet me your thoughts. coming up it is ways to save. i'm going to turn your smartphone into a fully
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out navigate your way to the
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sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. phone. the nra political victory fund
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first velcro and now these. kids never have to learn to tie shoes. in the new speaker that can place it self. it's called the hyper adapt 1.0 uses a cable system of fishing line and a pressure sensor to tighten against the foot. there are batteries that have to be charged but on the airville at the end of november but no price given. >> they are trying to figure the price out. tired of the extra fees from the airlines? the ceo of a first airlines. idea of talking to a travel website to the airline is looking for new ways to boost revenue and one thought was to charge passengers a fee to sit with family members.
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pay for it. he did say children under the age of 2 would be exempt from the fee so your three-year-old could see next to a stranger. unless you pay up to $40 fee. >> those passengers not want to sit next to my children. your kids are delightful. today we turn your smartphone full gps to $14. >> the the primary source of navigation. and the primary source of most safety issues in the car. how many times are you sitting next to someone conduct at the smart phone or its sliding all over. the days of unsafe gps units are coming to an end things to a cool item that finished testing. this is the the way to finally use your smartphone as a gps
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charges apple and android of all sizes. it has a built-in charger that works with both of them which is amazing and it is best most recorded price i found if you don't want users are phone it's a great charger. >> as you can see it works for apple and android. which is especially great for my family because my mom and i are definitely samsung fans android fans while my brother and my dad are apple fans. >> direct your attention to the desk here. i want to show you how slippery this desk is. this works with any dashboard i tap this in the box goes flying down going to show you this can be on any dashboard watch what happens as i push.
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>> but you are. >> this is not moving. this material passes my test. to check out this great unit. yesterday he tested a product by starting fires. >> coming up in two weeks. >> thank you matt. today we say goodbye to a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty. we let you know what we know about disturbances -- the services for kenneth velez. a massive data breach. 200 million people might be affected by a breach of yahoo email server. the roadways are looking
5:57 am
we're saying hello to autumn this thursday. it arrives this morning at
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of friends state trooper. we let you know how kenneth velez will be numbered today. peaceful protests turn violent in charlotte. a state of emergency is issued and what we're learning overnight both campaigns are back in ohio today talking about something we use every day but don't even think about. whitewater is on the agenda.


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