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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  WKYC  September 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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mistakes you can easily avoid. from the station that sees it possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by universal windows direct. you'll be saying, "i love my windows." now channel 3 news at 7. >> it is back to the drawing board for cleveland schools and its teachers union. i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm sarah shookman. the sides seemed to finally reach an agreement on a new contract; but when it came to the teachers approval, they andrew haramsky live to explain tonight. >> reporter: this is certainly a close one. just over 100 teachers votes kept this from going through. so now the challenge is to draft a new contract that the majority can agree on. . it locked like the school district and teachers union had finally agreed on a new contract, one that could avoid a strike. well, now that plan is out the window. weeks ago, it seemed the sides had reached an agreement and all they needed
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educators to push it through. they never got it. and tonight some parents are frustrated. >> if the kids wasn't involved in it, i would understand. but, you know, with a strike and telling the kids they won't learn because you're not getting enough money is just unthinkable to me. i don't understand that. >> -- take care of. it's weighing heavily on the parents. >> reporter: a spokesman for the union tell us concerns over evaluations and salaries had been among their biggest sticking since april. and it is important to note no date has been set yet for any kind of a strike. the sides are expected to resume northbound anxiouses, russ and sarah, in the next few weeks. back to you. >> okay, andrew. thank you very much. and update on the fire at an historic school, which investigators say was deliberately set. two kids have been ordered to 150 hours of community service, counseling, and restitution for their role
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last month. it will also serve a year of probation, and admitted to breaking and entering and vandalism. a third juvenile is still awaiting charges, and two adults were also involved here, and charged with arson and vandalism. the suspects broke a window and unlocked a door to get inside. -- shot to death in pike county. we're learning new information about the case. the ohio attorney general and pike county sheriff's office released always say investigation, but those reports are heavily redacted, not showing the extent of the injuries or toxicology reports. still, officials say they released the reports for transparency through the investigation. big news for drivers who travel to downtown cleveland: a bridge six years in the making is finally ready. the eastbound innerbelt bridge will reopen for
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>> reporter: the innerbelt bridge just about completed, and there are some closings happen being week that you want to know about. 7:30 friday to 11:00 a.m. sunday, both the eastbound and westbound directions of i- 90 over the bridge will be closed. you can not cross the river over the innerbelt bridge. and that's because of the ceremony happening saturday morning. you'll be able to access that ceremony and the bridge from east 9th and carnegie. you'll be able to use the east ninth street exit ramps to get up and actually walk on to it to see the ceremonies and views of the city. during the closure this weekend, your best bet to get around it, the typical 490 to 77. that's your best way to get into downtown. with volume typically low over the weekend, expect that to add about 5 minutes to your commute into and out of downtown. at 11:00 on sunday, once the bridge does reopen for the first time, we'll be using both spans, eastbound and westbound, though not all lanes.
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october. >> greg day does everything: weather, traffic. >> he's happy all star. we have some health news for you now. nearly 6 and a half million children in the united states suffer from asthma. most use an inhaler to keep their air ways open. >> ninety percent of children make mistakes when they're using it. monica robbins has expert tips on how kids can get the most out of their inhaler. >> reporter: severe asthma threatened ten-year-old amanda gravel. her parents took her to several doctors, who kept writing more and more prescriptions. >> it was very frustrating. they just -- and none of it helped. >> she was afraid to go to sleep at night, because she was afraid she was going to die. >> reporter: finally the gravels found a specialist, and they learned amanda had the right medicine, but she was taking it the wrong way. >> we see children who just
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at all. so they take breaths in a totally different way that doesn't help get it into the lungs, which is where the medicine needs to go. >> reporter: experts say most children use inhalers incorrectly. the biggest mistake is not using a spacer. without it, about 80% of the medicine set unless the mouth and never gets into the lungs. also many children don't realize exhaling is just as important as inhale >> gary: take some normal breaths and a big have empty lungs to take a big breath to get all the medicine into the lungs. >> reporter: kids should substantial doubt up straight when using inhalers to get their head in a neutral position. close the lips tightly around the mouthpiece to keep medication from escaping. amanda perfected her inharrell use and is back to being herself. >> i feel like i don't have asthma anymore. i do, but feels like i don't. >> reporter: dr. planser says
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parents find the asthma is difficult to control or has changed. >> typically when these are prescribed, are folks given a list? here's how you do this? >> reporter: you know, i'm sure kids are shown, but cuds are cuds, and thaw don't necessarily remember. it's really important for parents to learn how to use those inhaleers directly. >> thanks, moni in a sad story today, rescued three kittens from a locked car while it was 82 degrees out. one woman was arrested for animal cruelty there. this all happened at saint gabrielle church in mentor. officers arrived to find an empty kia with an animal cage in direct sunlight in the parking lot. the kittens appeared to be suffering from seizures and foaming at the mouth. officers broke into the car and took the animals to
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one is in critical condition. well -- some gave all, and all gave some. many have come home from their service battered, bruised, and broken. and they have gone down a tough road, they've done it for us. >> now there's a new nonprofit group working with disabled vets, trying to give back. karl bactyl hooked up with them this afternoon on a fishing trip where they caught more than just fish. >> reporter: there's nothing like an afternoon of all. no one dezester that get away more than these guys. they're disabled veterans, helping men and women who served as the perry thomas doming foundation's mission. >> my dad was a veteran. he passed away last year. but this is what he wanted to give back to the veterans, something that puts a smile on their face, makes them feel great. >> it's a fish. he's jiggling. >> reporter: soon the fish worked their magic on everyone. there's healing going on here. >> they actually have one that
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does with this group. this is his recreation. otherwise he'll just sit at home. so now he's out in the outdoors, having a good time. all of them are having fun, the camaraderie. >> reporter: never ceases to amaze what the act of fishing can do. >> i see these guys right after and before their surgery. they're not laughing. when i come here and see them roof laughing, i they've moved on with their lives. >> reporter: mollet has a spot on the perch pond. >> great. i caught 15 fish. had a great time. probably been fishing 10 or 15 years. >> reporter: bob kalala and angela castle hosted the event at their farm. >> to hear that is incredibly heartwarming. >> it brings tears to your eyes. >> reporter: like i said, magic. in new london, ohio, karl bactyl, channel 3 news. coming up, do you trust your ub,r driver? the company is taking new
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safe. >> plus an incredible summer
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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nows new he's giving back tomorrow with the kyr i-e irving basketball challenge, benefiting best buddies ohio. joining us tonight is katie franco, soon your director of state operations. katie, quite a title. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> it's exciting. you know, tomorrow, this is going to make for a pretty fun saturday. where did this idea for the
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. >> going to be an amazing day. kyrie has been involved with us since he was in college. so he's -- we've always been his charity of choice. so now that he's back here in cleveland, he wanted to bring us to cleveland. we decided not to do our normal friendship walk, but we couldn't not do a basketballen which. going to be a real interesting fun day. >> yeah. tell us a little about best buddies for people that are not familiar with the organization. >> we're an organization really focused on providing social and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. so we help find friends and jobs for people who really need them. so we're global, but we've been -- in ohio. we've been here for about the last year. we have 13 chapters now through the state of ohio. >> wow, fabulous. and cleveland, obviously, new on your list, as you talked about. when you come out tomorrow, what is -- what do you do? what are you going to spend time doing? what are you going to see? . >> , first of all,, it's going to be an amazing day. going to be so much fun. everything from -- you know, we're going to walk for
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are, what we're about. we're going to come, have this great basketball game. we're going to have a kids zone, lot of food, food trucks. going to be a real festival atmosphere. . >> really great basketball game, she says. but i am playing in this. i'm not so sure about this. >> the biggest tip is just have fun and enjoy yourself. we definitely will have your shirts to wear tomorrow in the game. we're going to have some other fun stuff to do and wear. i'm sure kyri, will go oozy on you. >> so kyrie along with anthony shriv,r. >> our founder and ceo, who's in town as well. he's going to coach the other teams. we're going to get a little friendly competition. >> yeah. it's going to be interesting. i was telling katie before we started here, i was -- from the seventh grade basketball try outs. that's the last time i think i was out on the court. it really is about having fun, and also the support that this community can provide. best buddies and that name, it's really about kind
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about. so great. ohio has been such a great market for us. people have really been asking for us to be here, asking for our programs to grow. for kyrie to bring us to cleveland is so amazing. medals and trophies, and now best buddies >> very, very funnel. if people still want to sign up, how can they do that? . >> come join news the morning. if you don't have time to do that, come join us in the morning. we have registration times available right when you got there. >> give us a little idea of the time brea tomorrow. >> we open at 8:00. they'll be walking at 9, and the basketball game will start at 10. we'll be done and home by lunch. >> okay. sounds like fun. katie, thank you so much for coming in. looking forward to it. i'll put my shirt only, be ready to go. >> can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> it's going to be interesting. all right. back to you. >> i think you're a ringer. you're going to dunk all day long. >> they've been treating me how i got to make the game-winning shot. they're just egging me on. i'm like, all the pressure. i got to get some tips from kyrie on that.
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you, sarah. thanks. coming up, is your ub,r driver who he or she says they are? ub,r's new security features. . >> plus as the song goes, the
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welcome back. >> thank you. >> i think that was your line. >> thanks a lot for helping me out there. . ub,r is rolling out a new feature. >> new feature requires ubstr drivers to confirm their identities before they start their shift. uber said cognitive services to match drivers' photos with real- time selfies. this feature could help protect fraud and prevent drivers' accounts from being compromised. ups is testing the use of drones with delivery. the company has partnered with a robot maker to make commercial deliveries to remote locations. testing began yesterday. the drone -- to deliver inhalers. drone makers are working with regular tores to tweak
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can't go. happy meals will soon be part of mcdonald's breakfast minnesota ewe at a few locations. the fast food chain is testing happy meal breakfast meals in tulsa, oklahoma, starting monday. customers can choose between two mcgriddles or a new egg and cheese mcmuffin and two sides, aping slices or yogurt. the testing is successful, all- day breakfast happy meals could be rolled out nationwide next year. -- first official day of the middle of summer. >> it's been a nice one. but crisper temperatures are on the way, just in time for some october baseball. >> that's right. we call her mid-october. >> reporter: i suggest an upgrade to my usual title, but i'll tell you what. you know, a lot of folks streaming in here a little late at progressive field, because ninth street off ramp from 90 is closed. one of the guys passing by is luke here.
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. >> hi. >> reporter: where are you from? . >> amh,rst. >> reporter: you better get in there. cheer for the tribe. it's going to be a beautiful evening for this ball game. we are expecting temperatures to cool off as we go through the night. we'll be in the upper 0s and lo 6 0s as we start the day tomorrow. passing sprinkle chances will be around. otherwise, it's just partly to mostly cloudy skies. now, interestingly enough, we do have temperatures that are still pretty warm. what you don't see necessarily is the humidity, because it is muggy in downtown cleveland. 73 meanwhile, still 82 in dover. nice warm evening for our friends down that way. and the radar is definitely looking dry. we've seen a few spits and sprinkles around. but for the most part, those are not really been reaching the ground. we have those isolated sprinkle chances that remain through the evening as we continue to watch -- well, i guess feel the front that is moving through. interestingly enough, showers and storms in the northern plains are moving north. what goes up will come down, and we do have some
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moving southward over northern ohio this evening. now, there's a look at the temperatures. this is going to be kind of a big deal. 57 in marquet, 70 in do trout. that's where the cooler air is north of the lake. that will filter southward as we go through the night, and that will set us up for much cooler weather through the weekend. rally this is kind of a pattern shift that will stay with us for the days beyond. tonight east -- on the lake. i do think we will be on the verge advisory conditions especially late. the 1 to 3-footers expected saturday. those east to northeast winds can be a little tricky at times. akron marathon. it's going to be a muggy morning, but light breezes, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures generally in the low 60s. so it will feel a little close for our runners. and your window nation forecast will turn temperatures back into the low 70s for the afternoon tomorrow. keep in mind today we topped out at 88. it will be cooler tomorrow. it's still going to be a little on the humid side,
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sunday, which will set us up for beautiful weather, mid-70s, lot of surge. last home game of the regular season is sunday, and it's looking like it's going to be beautiful. monday, we will have another front coming through. that will help to boost temperatures in the upper 70s, bring shower and storm chances back. then kind of an unsettled pattern, very typical of fall sergeant up for the middle part of next week with starting off partly cloudy skies, and then we'll see more clouds showers as with get in the the temperatures are only going to be in the upper 60s. that will start to clear out as we head toward the next week. >> and you and sarah are going to be on sunday. >> reporter: we are. we're going to kick it off or i guess wrap it up, as far as the kids starting line up with the gang and sarah and i. i've been asking, you know, what happens during the postseason, do we get to come
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>> yikes. work your magic, betsy. >> thank you. dave tells us what this means for defensive back
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it looks like a new kicker is coming aboard. if you're a kicker and hurt your knee, it's not a good thing. joe hayden sat out practice. he's questionable after hurting his groin. hue jackson seems more on the positive side hayden likely will play on sunday. he had two kicks last week. isn't it amazing, new england suits up their 3rd string qb and they destroy a good houston team. that doesn't happen re defense. here's some advice: "don't hold on to the ball too long." . >> yeah. you don't want to hold on to the football. they create havoc in the back field, get up to quarterback, and that can lead to sack, sack fumbles, everything like that. be smart with the football. give your team the chance. >> okay. there you have it. the indians over at the ballpark now. they are down 2-0 bottom of the 1st.
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third string quarterback. they're comparing bill bell chick with vince lombardi. >> wow. >> this guy is unbelievable. he really is. to think he was here, and everyone hated him home run, but he's one of the west of all time. he's unbelievable. going to be an exciting weekend for the tribal; that's for sure. >> hopefully clinch this
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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?? ?? tonight, brad, angelina and the mid-flight fight that may have ended it all. audio from the cockpit "e.t." just uncovered. >> long flight. >> exactly. >> how brad is battling back >> why oldest son maddox is caught in the middle. >> maddox is the first baby i ever held. >> and does jen have a comment on all of that. >> can you comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> was jim carrey's girlfriend suicidal because he gave her stds? >> it's become extremely personal. >> a dancing exclusive with eye an lochte. >> we are going to cha cha.


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