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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it is 90 minutes long, no breaks. both microbes open at the time. going for a quarter million dollars. with a super bowl like atmosphere, here are three things to watch for. >> number one, can clinton get under trump's skin and reinforce what is his gig guest weakness. his term temperament. >> trump's style is wh him this far. demeaning nicknames worked well in the primary, is this job interview time to pivot and become more presidential. if you don't hear this. >> crooked hillary. crooked hillary clinton. if he avoids taking the bit it may short circuit clinton. >> donald trump presents himself as a calm, national leader, that will throw hillary clinton off her game.
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appear gracious and likable. showing people her heart, her humor. >> she has a history of stiffening and appearing on attack. the problem is she doesn't know which trump will emerge, she is preparing for both by ways of drills and mock debates. trump is reviewing videotape of her past performances but not mock did he ts matter most. twitter and facebook provide instant analysis, if the pendulum swings his way it may be possible for her to turn it back l is an old rule that may be worth keeping in back of your mind. >> why you can't win an election in a debate, can you certainly lose one. >> and remember trump's worse did he bit was the one against the only female in the
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carly fiorina, this is trump's 12th get. this is clinton's 39th. this is his first one on one. the first time the two have seen each other since trump's wedding. watch for the body language. there is actually a betting line on whether they will shake hands and embrace, how they will address each other, everything will be combed through about three hours from now. >> the preparation style is much different . it is. she is kind of going bull boar, she has someone playing trump in a surrogate tradition. and trump is is saying i'm best off the cuff, let's roll the dice. >> three hours away. well with more than 100 million people expected to tune in it will be one of the most watched tv events in u.s. history. super bowl xlix sets the all time mark with more than 115 million viewers.
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viewers. 31million people turned in to watch the cavs win game 7 of the nba finals. most watched presidential debate that was the carter reagan debit with 81 million viewers. you can watch the debate live here on channel. 3. if you are away from your tv watch it on or on channel 3's facebook page beginning tonight at 9:00. we have continuing coverage of a tragedy field. andre jackson died after being hit in friday night's game. tonight we learned jackson was sent home from the hospital after being treated. andrew, good evening. >> good evening, to you, andre jackson had any kind of underlying health concerns they were not enough to be keeping him off of the football field, he was a happy, healthy 17-year- old which makes what happen
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at euclid high school, students huddled off the field for number 48, junior andre jackson was a full back, outside linebacker for the panthers who were playing friday night when jackson was injured going for the ball. he was either kicked or kneed. it did not appear to be a head injury. >> it was a completely normal play. it was just a very strange situation. sad situation. >> today university that jackson went to a medical center night for treatment and released saturday morning. but something wean right. because the next day he was taken by ems to another uh facility, rainbow babies and childrens hospital where he died. the hospital isn't saying how but promises a full review of jackson's care and a meeting with his family. while the medical examiners
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they are investigating, too. meantime back at euclid it was supposed to be a big week with homecoming now just days away. and though the game will go on against strongsville, number 48 will continue to be on many minds, a promising young player with a heart of gold who loved math and whose life has ended far too soon. >> and the game will begin at 7:00 p.m., russ, after what we are told will be a moment of >> very sad. new developments that are sure to raise questions into the crash that killed a a state trooper two weeks ago. the motorist accused of being high on drugs says he was only using a prescription medication. investigators tom meijer has the exclusive drug tests to prove it. >> i was absolutely not high. >> jason burnett, a former heroin addict was prescribed methadone to kick the habit
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able to be a productive member of society. >> it also worked for joshua gasper the driver accused of killing the trooper kenneth very he on i 90. he was prescribed methadone. >> josh is clean, josh is sober, josh got into an accident and that could happen to anybody. >> channel 3 news contained medical report showing he was not intoxicated. we shun have to prove him innocent. >> for the record. >> gasper has guilty. his attorney saysgasper was once addicted to pain meds, he was prescribed methadone as part of a successful recovery. >> josh had a drug test once a week for all three years, all tests were negative. >> gasper was drug tested a day after the crash, that test showed gasper was negative for all drugs of abuse. denny wilson has been helping addicts for 20 years, he familiar with methadone.
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work on some of the other areas in their life affected by their drug or alcohol use. >> according to his lawyer he was avoiding another car when he struck the trooper. >> our hearts go out to the trooper, it's not right to nothing more than a tragic accident. >> gas per's attorney is expected to present the drug test evidence in court tomorrow asking the judge to lower his half million dollars bond. facing 11 convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide. state investigators have declined comment, sarah. >> thank you, tom, we'll be watching this one. into the back field. giving and covering up on the football side. and into the end zone. touchdown dolphins and they win in overtime. >> well, we were so close to
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sometimes it feels like it's never men to be. the voice of the browns jim donovan is here. how are you feeling? >> the browns through the years have deserved to lose football games. they just haven't played well. i thought they deserved to win that game yesterday if you consider the circumstances of the game. rid he willed with injuries, starting a rookie quarterback. they brought in a new kicker and that didn't work out so well. they had all kinds of young players playing on defense and down with a groin injury. and they were right there to win the game but they don't know how to win yet. so they lose. but things swung late in the ball game. corrie forces a sac and a fumble, he recovers an they have a chance to win it in regulation time. cody missed this field goal. and two others he was three for six on the day and the game
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and out the second possession for miami they scored on that score by agie, the browns lose it in overtime 30-24, they go 0- 3 of the year. the coach wants the losing to stop right now. >> i will be first to tell you i don't like our young player get experienced in losing. i don't like taking l's because that is what they start understanding and why want that in our building. so, it's a fight and we gotta fight the fight to hump. but, i don't want anybody ever to think i'm discouraged by what is going on. i see, i know exactly what is going on. >> i think is he right about that. have you to watch out for young players getting used to losing, they lost every game in the preseason, some people don't keep score. now they lost three games and could have won two of them. so quick answers to you, are they going to keep their kicker? yes for now.
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kessler again, they have to, the other guys are wearing slings. austin pastor it looks like they'll do that, too, we'll attack all of this. >> parkee was a pro bowler a few years ago. >> he scored 150 points that is a rookie record. he had and giras last year. he had only been with the team basically maybe 15 hours before he went do toes kicks. but, you gotta make them . that's tough. >> tough position to be in. >> thank, jimmy. i bought one ticket, $5 that is a lot of money to me. >> it was her first time playing but queen of hearts has been crowned, meet northeast ohio's newest millionaire, hi, betsy. hi there, russ. we had a big one come through ohio, plenty more changes, it
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to feel like fall. the big picture forecast for ahead. we will reveal the bright side of morning sickness when channel 3 news at 6:00 returns
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ahead for us tonight, we are live at hofstr university.
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trump are set to collide. a gunman randomly opening fire on cars and paying tribute to the king we'll remember arnold palmer when we see you back here. it's the first showdown between the presidential debate. >> safety in the palm of your
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has died. he served as a judge since 2013, prior to that he was a city prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer, served in the military, judge ed wade was 69 years old. some encouraging news for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, nauseated mornings are actually a good thing. researchers say the nausea and vomiting are signs the pregnancy is going well and that the mother is less likely to miss y. experiencing morning sickness, doctors say don't worry. lady luck finally made a pit stop in gay etisville sunday after weeks and weeks of no winners in the queen of hearts raffle. >> we have a new millionaire. >> it was in this kitchen when terry received the phone call of a lifetime, she purchased one $5 ticket, wrote the number
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yelling, i could hardly hold the phone i was shaking so hard. >> shaking over news she won the big jackpot. terry won more than $3 million. thanks to one ticket. and a little bit of luck. >> one ticket friday night on a fluke. >> this retired grandmother of fire chose the number 5 card. >> because it fit on the ticket quite nicely. >> two days after boying that lucky ticket she picked up the phone to find aaron king on the other end of the line. >> are about to turn over your card number 5. >> and he turned it over and he goes and it's the queen of hearts and the crowd started roaring and i said what does that mean. >> you won $3.4 million . i ran next door screaming, my daughter-in-law scared her to death. >> so what is she going to do now that she is a millionaire. terry says revitalizing her community was something her
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>> i want to invest in revitalizing the village and making it a community for my children and grand children. >> now that she has won $3 million, spending quality time with family will be more important than it was before. reporting from the akron camp i'm jasmine monroe. >> wow, good for her. i would go ballistic as well. >> yeah. >> what a lucky grand kids, too. >> i don't know, maybe not. you never know. maybe she is like i for this. >> travel maybe. >> sorry, junior. >> grandma is hitting the road. today out and about we had some rain that came down, much needed rain this morning. now things are starting to clear out a little bit. and as we take a look at the numbers, we did pick up over a quarter inch of rain at hopkins, 300ths of and canton. but look at those temperatures upper 60s to around 70 that is all we did today. this is seasonable, 70 degrees
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time of year. but we are dealing with a few isolated rain showers and sprinkles still even though we've had the clearing coming in, most are sprinkles that are drifting off to the northeast, we've seen them show up in areas to the west of us. so just something to keep in mind you may run into a raindrop or two. but the bigger pictures shows this huge swirl going on. this is a phenomenal type of a satellite picture the dry air rolls in, well kind of rolls in and keeps going north, into this storm system and you get this wrapping effect going around a central area of cold air in the upper part of the atmosphere. that is a huge deal in our forecast for the week ahead and the reason is the jet stream. the jet stream kind of moves northward over areas of the rockies and swoops south over the ohio valleyment once it gets to new england there is a little bit a bump, that bump even though it's little is very
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to lock things up and rather than this swirl, which the upper level low as we call it, moving out it's going to head south and as it heads south that brings a lot of in stability in our forecast. there you could see it, see it coming southward. and then retrogridding back toward indiana. this is saturday. so we are dealing with this pattern all -- retrograding back toward indiana. this is saturday. so we pattern all week. we will start with sun and end with rain every day. now as far as the lake goes, it has been a little bumpee out there. west, southwest winds tomorrow. gusts over 33, 3-6 footers will be a problem. there is a lock at window nation forecast and i mentioned it will be unsettled, yeah, we'll start with sun, end with rain every day, even on friday we may have hail, thunder,
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thunderstorms. overall the shift has happened. i mean we were -- we finally started ought um last week officially and made it to the upper 80th, this the best fall ever. >> great run. >> beautiful weekend. >> yeah. >> reality check. >> okay. >> thanks, betsy. coming up the indians hit the road tonight with a magic number at one. >> a series with the tigers is just what the doctor ordered. what the indians are saying
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jimmy is back, not a victory monday for the try or for the browns. >> yes, more on that. >> optimistic for today. >> you and betsy are involved in what happen to the indians yesterday. >> involved? >> i don't know if we want to take credit for that. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> trying to divert my attention from what happen in miami yesterday. >> we gotta deal with it. browns lose in overtime, they are 0 be 3 and that the third time they've been 0-3. but you talk about a guy that multitasks yesterday, how about terrell prior, a little bit of quarterback and he did very well. he threw the ball well, going back to his ohio state day.
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main job is as a receiver and he was well doing that. he caught 144 yards worth of passes yesterday. he was amazing. but he was just testify stated the fact that the browns are not -- devastated the fact that the browns are not winning. >> i don't care about the stats, just -- just gotta help us win, i will be happy to talk, the most important one we have to get to the some stuff in the win column. >> the browns are going to keep their kicker, keep cody kessler, they go to washington to face the red skins, we'll do you have into this coming up on channel 3 news at 7:00. indians and tigers to night we try to do it all over again. just win tonight and the central division belongs to the indians. as the indians take on the tigers in this game this evening. indians are 13-2 in detroit,
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detroit. so all they have to do is win this evening. okay be, and then that is no more drama boys. wrap it up tonight. >> something we would have loved to have done in front of the home crowd. we still have two sears a week left and we are talking about punching already. it is just is what it is. >> it is. but when you have going on the mound. it would be his second sy young, is he 3-0 against the tigers this year. we'll have coverage from detroit after the game coming tonight. the magic number, well remember when it was like 27, 28? when betsy and i were going through this night by night, now it's down to 1, the indians are a game and a half behind the red sox and if they open up against boston in the playoffs,
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not. cavaliers are back to work. some points to go through, there was a mob scene with the world champs today, jr smith was not there. still feel they can get a deal done with him, mo williams is retiring. his agent called the cav this is morning and gave them the news. i think there is a problem with his knee. lebron said we are hungry to repeat. >> you know, we can shortcut anything. this is a know, we are defending champions that means absolutely nothing right now because this a new season and we have to recalibrate get back to the fund amals and the basis of the game. >> back to the sarah betsy thing, i sent them over there yesterday, yes, to introduce the kids before the game. to clinch this thing and wrap it up. i expected cigars and champagne when i got back from miami. >> they had one job. >> that was it.
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did my part. >> we tried, we really tried. bet see gave us an awesome day. >> we're in. >> jimmy is -- back at 7:00. >> nbc nightly news is minutes
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tonight this is it. donald trump is hillary clinton meeting face to face in their first presidential debate, a live 90-minute showdown between two very different candidates with everything on the line. the critical question. can the two most unpopular people ever to run ange some minds tonight? a record audience of over 100 million expected to tune in. who will walk away the winner in this first crucial contest? "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight and reporting from the campus of hofstra university, savannah guthrie. and good evening.


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