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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 26, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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move. inside the reported $12 million malibu rental. and why brad hasn't seen the kids since the split. >> that could be a reason why brad has not seen the >> and, britney backstage inside the iheart music festival. and the grammy winner who just got engaged. >> i'm super happy. >> plus, as the royals take canada, why is mark wahlberg invading buckingham palace? >> yeah, all the time. >> and you've seen them burn up the dance floor. >> now see the dancing couple
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wow. now, for september 26th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it's been exactly one week since angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. >> angelina just keeping him from the kids or is it because of the child abuse allegations? >> so many new rumors surfaced this weekend. let's sort it all out. >> brad is in the middle of a child abuse investigation by d so that would allow in some circumstances angelina to call the shots on whether or not he can see the children. what would typically happen is, the child's case worker would be interviewing the children, asking the children about what goes on on a daily basis. they'll be asked if they've ever been harmed by their father, either physically or emotionally of course. it would be up to a judge to determine in the interim whether
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from brad. >> today a source tells us brad will see the family in the next few days. there's rumors he's holed up at the hotel bel air. but there are no sightings of him there, or anywhere. what we've seen are a ton of headlines. which ones do we believe and which ones could be a little questionable? one report claims angelina asked for an open marriage and that she wants to move the family to britain where she can be the next princess diana. >> actually opening up tonight. >> open marriage. let's boil that down to just a juicy headline. it could be clicky. as for politics, what we're told today is that angelina's global ambitions are just part of the couple's current problems. as u.n. special envoy for refugees for the past four years, angelina has her things that she does want to do and no one is saying that that is wrong. would she move to england? that could be one of the possible reasons why she filed for sole physical custody.
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brad's texts and calls, and that he was willing to take a lie detector test to prove he didn't have an affair. >> there's no real way to know this is true unless you're brad or angelina. this divorce is already heated. it will just get worse if they don't settle this privately and quietly, and let it get into a custody bamt for their children. and that will get nasty. >> how about this one. angelina's being consoled by johnny depp. >> i th about because the two were co-stars in the tourist, and it's a great headline. but they do have the same high-powered divorce lawyer, laura wasser. >> the next roomer, did angelina just move out of the couple's l.a. home? it's possible. these moving trucked were snapped saturday entering the gated community. pitt bought the compound 22 years ago. also, we spotted what looks like extra security outside.
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here in malibu. the five-bedroom property rents for $95,000 a month. of course, the jolie-pitts own a lot of real estate. 12 properties in all. and a lot of people are wondering if they had a prenup. >> what we can see from the divorce filing is that they probably did. however, there are still some questions about the property they got after the two of them got married. >> here are the couple's key real estate holdings. chataeu. and in italy, worth $41 million. a $16 million hoeth in west london, $5.6 million mansion in new orleans and a 12,000-acre wildlife preserve in cambodia. >> i think the property division is going to be really straightforward. the custody battle i think be prepared for a nightmare. >> and one more rumor. is the fbi really investigating brad? well, the agency has told us
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about an alleged incident that took place between brad and his son maddox while the family was flying home from europe. >> the fbi would be looking into whether or not an assault took place. >> the incident does fall in the agency's jurisdiction but a retired fbi agent downplayed their involvement. >> in this case the fbi is probably deferring at this point to the department of family welfare. it's my belief the fbi hasn't even opened a case ye department of child and family services whether or not to move forward on a limited scope of whether an assault took place on that flight. hanging out in front of buckingham palace. he's showing his family the royal way of life. meanwhile, will and kate and the kids are all the rage. as the duke and duchess of cambridge exited their plane in
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attention first. this scene only her third public appearance. it was prince george that perhaps needed a little lesson on being a royal. he's got the wave down. but when in public, a windsor never scratches. when the prime minister tried to give george a high five, the 3-year-old waste going to go there. >> as any parent who travels with children knows, it's a whole different experience when you bring your family with you. >> meanwhile, mark brought his family with him to london, posing in family home buckingham palace. mark building a palace of his own near los angeles, 30,000 square feet. but the brits have him beat. buckingham palace is almost 830,000 square feet. the wahlbergs actually got a tour from princess eugene. >> a couple of days with your daughter, london and paris? >> yep. i'm excited. >> and mark's daughter, ella, a
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star dad. >> not ted? >> he was watching. >> at 13, i think she's a still a little bit young to see ted. this weekend, the iheart radio music festival rocks in the city. and no one has the craziness covered like we did. miley's mashup mayhem. miley belted it out with billy idol. and back street. and britney really got to work to missy elliott. we got exclusive access backstage with national radio host duran of the z-100 morning show getting celeb presenters to break the news. newly engaged, a rock reported
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>> i went through a lot of stuff. new beginnings. yeah. it feels good. >> reporter: she ran into her "glee" daughter, and we ran into leah's co-star. >> american television. i think jacob's been yesterday. >> how about this team? jesse and mariah, set for multiple thanksgiving weeks in hawaii. mainly with mariah, but i'll be there, too. one night only. sold out in a couple of hours. now we're doing three shows. >> this concert two bachelor couples made iheart another double date night. >> we had dinner. >> they all got together in the upcoming show. but since then rejected jo jo, we're thinking it was a little awkward. >> whenever you sit down with
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going to be a little bit awkward. >> i have found somebody. we're both super happy. we're just rejoicing in that together. >> one thing both ladies agree on? country star sam hunt. someone even britney fans drool over. >> i can't wait to see him perform. >> your name was number one on her list. >> that's awesome. >> okay. >> ooh, he is one fine young >> yeah. >> just released the annual list of the highest paid men in tv. "the big bang theory" cast, they own the top four spots. jim parsons is number one. clocking $25.5 million annually. followed by johnny galecki, simon helberg, and kunal nayyar. thankfully they all have a sense of humor about their big bucks. >> you have your own car? >> you don't have to brag about how rich you are because you
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>> you have 19 horses. >> enough. >> johnny's spilling secrets about onscreen life kaley cuoco. and melissa rauch is trying to keep a secret of her own. >> how did you think you were going to hide your pregnancy? >> i had a plan. i kept leaving dove bars around to explain any weight gains. >> where did you get empty dove bar wrappers? >> they're dove bars i ate. i'm pregnant! try to keep up! i'm sorry, i have to go find out if my boss knows. >> it looks like kaley's penny spilled the beans. >> oh, my god. i didn't mean to. it just slipped out in front of my assistant one day. >> that show is so much fun. here's big cbs news. jane pauley is taking over as host of cbs sunday morning.
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years. jane's first show will air october 9th. up next, on the ball room to burning the rubber. hench cliff and charna hit the racetrack. >> is this crazy? the most awesome experience. >> now she knows how i feel before and after an event. >> then -- >> it just feels right. >> -- is there a "will & grace" reunion in the works. >> plus, the olsen twins uncovered. inside their five-star france. and amy schumer caught on the kiss cam.
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emotions ran high last night at the concert. i hosted the event. 200 musical acts performed
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tom is flying solo on "dancing with the stars." erin andrews taking time off to
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he's dealing with a death in the family. and she left to be by his side. >> supporting her man. tonight on the show, it is face-off night. locking head-to-head with james henchcliff. cleefg the competition in the dust. from dancing to passo dobla to riding in the passenger seat. james' partner becomes the student getting schooled on the track. >> i'm hoping that she's as nervous now monday. >> the indycar driver and his partner go for a grand tour, reaching speeds of 165 miles per hour. >> my legs feel like jelly. that was amazing. wow. >> well? >> that was fast. you have no idea how fast you're
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that car. and you just look out in front of you, and you're like, james, brake, brake, brake! >> what was that like for you, that experience? >> it was amazing. it was the craziest, most amazing experience. i was terrified before it. and afterwards i was on an adrenaline high. >> now she knows how i feel before and after an event. exactly the same thing. >> hopefully he gets that rush tonight when still ahead -- >> i got good news. >> "will & grace" nearly 20 years later. we have reunion news. plus, respectable. respectable. ariana's date night confession. >> why is that the first thing that came to mind? closed captioning
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sfx: door shatters
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the comedian proved she doesn't mind a little tba. sunday she was sitting between her father and boyfriend, ben, when the camera landed on her. the 35-year-old freaked out. giving her dad a sweet kiss on the cheek before going in for a hilarious over-the-top smooch with ben. a few famous friends were there including sarah and jessica seinfeld. she documented the fun on instagram. before hitting decided to try her hand at golf. >> respectable. respectable. >> i guess that's how you start a sunday fun day. >> a respectable start, amy. there is a huge debate tonight. you know, amy's debate against real housewives of new york city, taking place after the other debate. catch all on watch what happens live on bravo. we have big "will & grace" news
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megan mullally all back together. "e.t." was there when the groundbreaking show debuted in 1998. the new pic looked like they were taken on a set. debra messing tweeting, i feel like something big is going to happen tomorrow. >> crazy! or a tv movie? how many an i love lucy parody. the cast posted these images with character names from the iconic comedy and logo for a project. they also put out the cryptic video with red letters signaling "will & grace" is back. >> i've got big news. >> "will & grace" was celebrated for its portrayal of openly gay characters. debra's grace was as interior
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apartment with eric mccormack's will. >> just feels right. she was laughing at me, i was laughing at her. >> each of the stars earned individual acting emmys. >> i'm speechless. >> ladies and gentlemen, glen koes! >> famous for his stunt cast, kevin bacon, britney spears, madonna, jennifer lopez, and matt damon all made family crisis. his mother -- okay, i tried, it backfired. >> by the deadline, we called all their reps but nobody was giving up any secrets. >> wow. with my fashion sense and your freakish upper body strength, we could take over the world. >> before there was "will & grace," there were the olsen twins. i mean, come on, how cute were they. they built a $1 billion empire on their full house fame.
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got the chance to see them out having fun. in the south of france, elusive twins having fun in the sun. we hardly ever see them showing off their bikini bods. but mary kate in a simple two-pete and ashley looked amazing. the ladies were in on tv last week attending a wedding. but they also had some down time with mary kate's 47-year-old french baker olivier sarkozy. ashley was recently linked to 59-year-old artist george condo. claiming their lunch together in new york last month was looking romantic. but ashley's rep previously denied they had anything more than a business relationship. it's worth noting that condo worked with twins on their new
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of course, we all met the twins when they were just 9 months old on full house. they built a billion-dollar fashion empire. they got the latest reviews at fashion week. all the more reason to go on vacation. the twins are getting in vacation time. their former uncle jessie is getting right back to work. that's right. john stamos is telling us about his new tv gig. >> why don't we try to show some butt in this show? >> is the 63-year-old hunk stripping down for primetime? plus, backstage after the stars face off in the ball room. and already plotting a prank war against newbie -- >> i will find out.
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role. it's all at travel considerations
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ariana grande's appearance at the iheart music festival this weekend was a warm-up to her tour kicking off in phoenix. >> maybe her boyfriend will join her on the road. they have the hip song. ariana hit with a pop quiz. >> check it out. we'll see you tomorrow. >> what's your favorite part about being in love? >> every day is like super exciting. waking up and being like, hell, yeah. absolutely. it's great. >> the favorite part of your tour life. >> the favorite part of my tour life is seeing my fans on a daily basis and getting to meet and see them.
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audience, and afterwards, it's a very exciting thing for us. also letting them kind of be a part of the creation of this tour. >> your favorite smell? >> ari and sweet candy. >> what's your favorite kind of date night? >> like going on drives to like friends', looking for pokemon, going to cute movies, making music. >> looking for pokemon? that is good. >> that's the first thing that >> that's the first thing that came to mind.
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your scenic route begins at . w?: ? it's a new dawn ? ? it's a new day ? ? it's a new life for me ? miley: i was very nervous at first to be in the chair. i was more nervous about pushing the button. [ cheering ] you don't really know what to expect when you turn around. yes! wow. ? and i'm feeling goo-o-o-o-d ? alicia: i think the coolest thing is when you turn around and you see the person. it's such an amazing feeling ah! daly: with the debut of alicia keys and miley cyrus... i love you. daly: ..."the voice" returned bigger and better than ever. you are the future of music. oh, my god. and you have just got to pick miley. let's go get 'em! daly: our new coaches wasted no time getting down to business. [ laughter ] -i pick alicia. -yeah! alicia: i have five artists on my team, and it's time for me to be very selective. it's hard because i don't know what else is gonna come.


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