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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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a major clue in the abduction and attack on the nine-year-old girl and ss -- in massillon. it was not a head injury that caused -- the death of ice good for player. where couple had to leave the country for a controversial fertility procedure. september 28 wednesday and we are tracking rain. we've been talking about it through the week and today is when we start to see the wet
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and that continue into tonight. it will be different day by day as far as who gets what. first let's check the traffic. right now we are green except into spots. 77 n. and 271 n. on 77 n. stop and go traffic between 70 and 62. you can see traffic is slowing. a 10-15 minute delay right now at 602. also slowing onto 71 n. as you approach 480. here is the picture at broadway avenue. i called bedford heights police but not receive an answer about what mike going on.
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back open after a crash with three people to the hospital. an suv had a pole and rolled into the middle of the street. three people were taken to metrohealth medical center in serious condition. part of the road was shutdown while crews removed the pole. parents and massillon are on edge afa home from the library. >> tiffany tarpley joins us from fbi headquarters with more. >> reporter: the pictures show a pickup truck they are calling a vehicle of interest. will show you those coming up. it's also important to note why we are out in front of the fbi headquarters. they say they are keeping a close eye on this case but
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it's related to other abductions we have seen. back to the pickup truck. this is surveillance images they are releasing of a ford f1 50 within the extended cab stickers on the side and back. one that might say ohio. massillon police say around 6 pm monday evening the girl left the library at the intersection of the second and sharing and walked about five blocks in the direction of st mary's church. a man then drove driving a black pickup truck stopped her. after learning about the abduction are staying vigilant. >> i got off of work today and drove around the neighborhood looking for a pickup truck with skulls on it. first thing i would've done was called police but i found nothing. >> reporter: police say the girl was taken to the hospital and was taken there in stable
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please send an ambulance. >> where was she shot? >> in her room. >> that she should herself -- >> my father shot her. >> a father has been charged with murder after police say he shot his 27-year-old daughter inside their rocky river home. his son call 911 and reported the shooting. a judge set his bail at $1.5 million. il new details of the death of a cleveland heights football player. the medical examiner says andre jackson died because of a tear in his intestine caused by a hit he took friday night. he was taken to the hospital after the injury and was released saturday but taken back to the hospital sunday where he died. with a the election weeks away things are getting
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patricia ackerman lives in richmond heights and received disturbing voicemail from someone saying he was bob from american united. all because she supports hillary clinton. >> you are an educator. you are retired. it's really strange that someone with your knowledge or expertise would ever want to support hillary? your social security number been compromised. >> reporter: the most disturbing thing of all is that it was the correct social security number. >> she has identity theft protection and all of her accounts are intact. the officer investigating says he does not know of any other calls like this but if you do you're asked to call police. angry crowds gathered outside san diego area
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cause he was acting erratically. they fired shots only after the man failed to comply to demands but they never explained why they felt he was a threat. witness video shows the man did not have his arms in the air and was pointing something at them. they are asking for peace as they investigate. in response to a medical -- a nine-year-old girl in charlotte made an emotional plea in front of city council. speaking from her heart. >> our fathers and mothers are killed and we cannot even see them anymore. they say we have to go to the graveyard and bury them. and we have -- we need our fathers and mothers. to be by our sites. >> she spoke during the public
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speakers called on the mayor and police chief to resign after the handling of the after the shooting of keith scott. a healthy baby boy was born using the controversial three parent technique. this was done to help prevent a severe neurological disease from other that has already lost 2 children and has 4 miscarriages because of this. healthy dna from a donor was put into the of which was then fertilized. the baby inherited dna from both parents and the egg donor. the procedure was done by new york doctor in mexico because it does not have fda approval. situs plan to make a full presentation on the procedure next month. this is still under testing and fda regulations before it becomes legal here in the states. wedding proposal gone bad
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he was ready to propose when he lost the ring.
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tyson foods is recalling 132,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because they could be contaminated with hard plastic. the recall involves 5 pound bags of tyson fully cooked panko chicken nuggets with the best in use i date of july 18 july 18, 2017. as well as 20 pound bulk packaging. you should throw away the product or return it to the place you bought it. there holding a casting audition for moving's -- a movie starring oprah and reese witherspoon for a wrinkle in time. auditions are by appointment only so to find out how to sign up go to our website and you could be a star. hollywood about you and
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>> speaking of kids this is my he sleeps the bed every night. with my husband and i. he is here because we're getting a flu shot. >> we'll talk about the importance of that coming up. >> you can buyer -- borrow mine. this is an event. we are in the 50s and a few upper 40s inland. we have rain on the way and plenty to talk about. a wet weather pattern moving in and showers west today but the rain chances will go into the weekend. that means several days we go
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increase especially into the late afternoon. a lot of overcast in the meantime and seasonal. warming into the 60 today and it is dry as you wake up but you better have the umbrella. by the time we're coming home some of these showers that are on the left-hand side of your screen will be making their with that once we see the low on top of us it is really going to just stick around. you can pick up the counterclockwise circulation and low pressure has been impacting the the north and west for several days and we will have that same rainy pattern for the rest of the week. by 10:30 this morning sandusky into mansfield could see some
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and akron. for the afternoon we will see more scattered showers but it is going to be widely scattered. and into the evening into tomorrow on and off rain. this is about 5:30 tomorrow morning. we have rain showers wet roads and it looks like a good chance of wet weather throughout thursday. you can repeat what i said for tomorrow into friday. and for that saturday. we have chances for rain. they should wind down as we head into early next week with more sunshine and even some milder weather. in the meantime think of it as liquid sunshine.
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brook park police say holly go to shut down westbound because of the water main break. it suspected to reopen after 8 am. if you to get around this take so be a drive or snow road as detour options and five road has construction in that area so avoid that as a detour option. you see like construction is going on the right lane is blocked we can stop and go traffic brake lights of your running late might want to take northfield instead. unto 71 between macedonia and bedford heights 14 minute commute which is about 510 minute delay. watch that stretch of 271 n. between broadway and 480. biggest winners and losers today.
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i know what you're thinking. but yes. thanks to some of those fans disaster was avoided by a nice couple. >> at the yankees game this fan was ready to propose to his girlfriend was even on the big scoreboard when he dropped the ring and could not find it. 29-year-old andrew fox started to cry he was panicked because he thought it was gone forever. th looking for it and said we will find it and they did. five minutes later they found it in the cup of his -- cuff of his bell bottom jeans. he got the no one the proposed and she said yes. a happy ending and i'm going to give credit to those new york yankee fans for saving the day.
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coming off of a huge weekend of hockey. the cleveland lady parents played in the harvest classic tournament it's no big deal. they have over 200 teams in this tournament. and the lady parents finished a perfect 6-0. they are bringing this banner home and will probably hang it thanks to proud mom for sending this in and her daughter pages number 21. great job winning that in canada. to nominate your champion or all-star send me the picture and story. >> then she has already saved him. won't be the first time. good luck to that couple.
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bottle in northeast ohio. why you might not want to put on a viral story about brad pitt. this is an auto crocus in bloom. beautiful. thank you for sharing the
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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cleveland police are on the scene of another smash and grab this about one hour ago at the rite aid on broadview road.
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to smash into the store is still there. our crew on the scene says the atm was taken. august ohio is making a name for itself in the craft beer industry. is not just the beer is that is bringing money >> there is a trickle-down effect allowing everyone from farmers to butter street the benefits. maureen explains. people are getting in the grow hops which is the key ingredient in beer because of prohibition and the great depression they stopped an industry moved west. others revival thanks to our moving craft beer industry. ginning a. and her husband started growing hops three years ago. this was the first year the vines produce enough to make the pallet to see that will be the main ingredient in market
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me demand is growing and it could mean big money for ohio. >> about $4 million goes out-of- state when brewers need to acquire the raw materials. if we could keep it here that is good for ohio. >> reporter: the all ohio beer will debut in cleveland beer week with starts october 14. every ingredient comes from right here and brood here in the malt is just in downtown cleveland and bottled here. will have more on this process and the st morning. this is a preview. everything is right here. we've seen with winds being made here and now craft beer. it's great. i'm thankful because so many of you are part of the 2016 please let heart walk coming up 1 from this saturday coming up 1 from this saturday, october 8. take you for all that have
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general. and i cannot wait to see you. we still need more of you involved because this is a disease that has to end. mall c saturday, october 8. to get more information. i will tweet out links on social media as well. we have a dry start but it's going to get ra it will be west today but then we get into the rest of the week and on the travel map you can see showers -- that area over illinois and indiana is
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welcome back. the forecast coming up in just a minute but first investigating after a teenager led them on a chase driving a stolen car. it was reported missing tuesday morning. and police found it the driver led them on a chase and crashed into a tree and then ran away. the 16-year-old was arrested by police they believe there was a second person involved. the teenager says he and a friend stole items from several cars before taking the car to get back home. a second man convicted for
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uniontown teacher is about to get out of prison. brett lahr is one of 4 young men who dropped a 5 pound rock from an overpass onto the turnpike it hit sharon budd who was left with severe brain damage. he served the minimum 18 months of his 20 year sentence and could be released monday. 2 others are still serving sentences. american greetings is ready to show off its new creative studios world headquarters. employees go moved from brooklyn to the cleveland five- story complex in westlake. it features an art gallery is open to the public which will exhibit from local artists. good morning.
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now as you wake up. the rain will have an impact on the second part of our day. scattered and best chance is west. 50s now and 60s for the highs. this is going to be a good student day. showers -- are prevalent to the west and northwest already but it is dry right now in northeast ohio. we might even see some su wet weather pattern is going to situate itself through the next several days. it does appear it will indeed be here for a while. through this morning we stay dry . 10:00 and 12 we see showers west. i 3 pm we see some scattered showers east but it's primarily west because this is moving west to east.
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of us we have a better opportunity for rain everywhere and that will be more tonight and tomorrow and the next several days. the full forecast coming up. traffic is picking up. we have construction on 271 n. traffic is picking up. we have construction on 271 n. a bit of slow traffic as you past broadway to get to 480. but it's clearing now. earlier but now it's a little slow only about a 10 minute delay. again a 20 minute delay so give yourself extra time. we see slow traffic getting off it -- and 71 n. into the innerbelt bridge those delays are about three minutes so
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the search is on for the band who abducted and attacked a nine-year-old girl in massillon. >> tiffany tarpley has more. >> reporter: police want this guf happens again. especially -- special agent says is likely this is not related to the other abductions we've heard about in northeast ohio. they are still keeping a close eye on this. here are some pictures important in the case. these are images of the pickup truck that massillon police are looking for. ford f1 50 between
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skulls on the back passenger seat window and stickers on the back one that might say ohio. the abduction happened as the girl was walking home from the library around 6:00 monday evening. coming up we have a description of the person police are looking for. we are getting a rare inside look into the life of a suspected ashland serial killer shawn grate. he was considered homeless when he was arrested earlier this month and now our rt a look inside the last place he called home. he lived in a one room apartment in mansfield for two years before getting kicked out for not paying rent. there is no kitchen or bathroom and he made custom wood sides to make money. he is charged with the murders of 2 women any could be connected to as many as three others. four people were killed and
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the island. was required up to 1 miles an hour emerging crews are about landslides and flooding. or than a dozen people were evacuated. offices apologize petition are closed and flights have been canceled. most halloween decorations are little creepy but home depot was pulling one because it is just too creepy. look at this tv -- look at this image. it's a man with his hands cuffed around his face as e home depot took a lot of complaints that it makes light of voyeurism. mentioned much of this was in canada but the decoration is still available in options on home depot website. different variations. this is in the us so not clear if it's being pulled from us shelves are fit starting in canada. i think everyone is in agreement
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>> it is $30 if you look at the reviews someone gave it five stars. >> it creeped me out. i thought someone was peeping in my house. >> the realistic face looks just like a real man. >> don't bite into your wallet this holiday season. i have a few other surprises in store that you don't -- stores don't want me to share. we have a look at what's going to be a wet weather pattern.
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way. keep the umbrellas handy.
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breaking news. cleveland police are on the scene of another smash and grab this is at the rite aid on broadview road. the red van was used to smash into the store which is being towed away. accrue on the scene said the atm was taken but no word on any suspects. here is maureen with what is trending. if you're surfing facebook or twitter you might see this
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committed suicide. this is a scam. it's going viral and you click on it your computer is in trouble. it looks like a legitimate news story and has a fox news better but is all a hoax. to read it you have to click on it and then enter personal information. this is malware. do not click on this. if you already have make sure you change your facebook password immediately. over here i googled amy schumer and i really should she has one of the most dangerous celebrities to google online. intel secretly the 10th annual list. amy schumer thompson and justin bieber and carson daly. searches for these famous are most likely to land you on websites that carry viruses or malware. miley cyrus and selena gomez are others on this list.
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positioning is causing this picture to go viral. the writers cup golf club -- alternate starts this week. they were taking the team picture and tiger is not playing. he's a vice captain. a doctor tells them to move and he goes over to the other side but then the doctor says no get out of the photo completely. it's only for the players. and captain davis love iii. he laughs it of we are seeing the mighty fall. for tiger woods. >> the photo is tradition but is the fact that it's tiger woods. it makes this awkward >> and you can see >> bubba watson is one of the assistants.
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favorite mode of transportation. i am writing an early black friday holiday deal. this is not only on our website but i've also shared a secret that stores do not want you to hear. why in the world are we seeing scooter price drops and other surprises? stores are testing price points. they want to see high you respond and they can figure out this is how stock in the warehouse. helps them calculate and so they don't want some idiot on television to expose the plan. but hello. i'm on your side and not the retailers. every time they criticize -- they have price drops i will expose it. >> i'm picking up speed and will stop and that was very
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instance. i love this thing. one of the most popular items. 220 pound weight capacity black friday pricing today. it's popular because unlike hoverboards this does not do what some of those do. w and you'll find the rest of the upcoming tests the i'm proud to expose. sock monkey will be doing the weather and coming over with us as we get our flu shots in a few moments. we're going to get through this this morning. we're going to get our flu shot this morning with no big deal. temperatures are mainly 50s and
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the way. headlines include the wet weather pattern we've been talking about. the have is shower chances today will be to the west. rain chances through the weekend we decided to think about with the plans we have coming up. as we look ahead we are dry this morning and at noon i be a shower west. it's more later today upper 60s and seasonal so we are good the for sunshine to transition to overcast skies and shower chances will be more west today because of the track of this upper-level low. it will sit and spin on top of us once it arrives. we have the dry weather in place now which is great for the commute but then you see this low pressure and it's going to situate itself over northeast ohio and this pattern
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football included friday night. and i think into saturday and sunday. you'll notice today it is more scattered until late afternoon. tonight the same thing into thursday we have some areas of decent rainfall coming down. it's going to be on and off but i think at times a soaker which means umbrellas handy and patients because we will have wet roads. window nation seven-day forecast the weekend. into next week we should finally break the pattern and see sunshine and temperatures back in the 70s. doggone weather time. this is friday enjoying the summer breeze. thank you for that and we're now
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i brought your chair over. >> i'm not going to lie i get sweaty palms. lena and i are going to get our flu shot live on the air. but this is important >> doctor christine alexander is here from metrohealth medical center. thank you your the chair of family medicine. we do this every year. what's different about this year? >> i think there are subtle differences. the flu shot changes every year because at different combinations. we try to metro we give you is what will be the prominent virus that your so what's different is the components. second we don't have the flumist. it was not very effective and it's all shots this year. >> and we will continue to check. talk about when kids have fear.
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>> there's a lot of that that exists. adults have as well. what i tried to do is get the kids prepped not too far in advance. it's earlier that day we can do a couple things. waiting in the waiting room ice the arm. >> i just don't want to look at the needle. >> i'm glove on. -- struggling to get the glove on. relax. all done. >> like we are out of time. >> right now lena.
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aid. >> we will do this during the break.
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we start your morning rush with the search for a child of doctor. police in massillon need to help to track this guy down.
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with into medium build a scruffy beard and brown hair. last seen driving a black pickup truck with skulls on the side and the word ohio written on the back window. the nine-year-old victim was treated at the hospital and police say she was walking home from the library around 6 pm monday when this happens. is not likely this case if any two other abductions in the area. after classes at three people to the hospital near brooklawn. an suv hit a pullback and rolled into the middle of the street. three people were taken a mental health in serious condition. heart of the bird was shut down while the crews removed that pole. new details in the death of euclid heights football player. the medical examiner says andre jackson died a cause of a tear
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that they are was caused by a hit he talk on friday night's game. he was taken to university hospital after he is really saturday but then taken back to the hospital sunday where he died. for the indians ace corey kluber it's not great but it could be worse. he has a strained quad and into the mr yesterday. indians are telling us he's out for the next 7-10 days. they are hopeful he will be ready to start the postseason but there is concern you could maybe miss we're continuing to monitor the traffic on 271 n. we are seeing about a 10 minute delay 82 through conway. give yourself extra time and we see slowing into downtown on 90 east and 71 n. and 77 n. those are five-minute delays. if you travel in brook park be
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because of a water main break. we are checking out the forecast which includes mainly cloudy skies and then in for some showers this afternoon through the next several days. they will increase west to east and heavy showers today will be west. upper 60 for the highs. you all do have wet weather starting tomorrow through the weekend. have umbrellas ready to go. we dry out next week. five hottest holiday items on including state's scooter deal. tomorrow how to get your favorite channels for free including channel 3 with a trick no cable or satellite provider wants you to see. you to our brave so i got you some hostess zingers. and because i've not seen these things in like 20 years.
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machine. >> we survived the flu shot.
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no.
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t you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. good morning. breaking news. shimon peres, israel's former prime minister, has died. leaders from around the world paying tribute to his visionary leadership and his unrelenting drive for peace in the middle east. victory donald trump and hillary clinton both claiming wins in the most-watched debate ever. >> one down, two to go. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. >> as the former miss universe who was thrust into the showdown steps forward in an interview with nbc news. >> what were the names that he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating


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