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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new information on the suspect responsible for the nine-year-old girl who was abducted in massillon. details coming up. it is part business and part ministry. coming up how a local company is giving back here to this community and beyond. beauty school shuts down. students are shocked when dozens of campuses suddenly close after 50 years. we're talking rain as you are waking up this thursday. september 29 and the weekend is almost year.
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weather over the next several days. not all of you are seeing rain at this time but have you a nice start your day. gravy umbrellas as you head out the door. 63 at 9 am. upper 60s for the high today. the rainmaker is making itself at home. we be talking about this through the week and here we are. everything is coming together. it looks like we're going to have through the day. it could impact lunchtime and evening drive. some of you are seeing what weather this morning. we have a few spotty showers to the west and many of you are dry now. in and around cleveland we see light rain and what was over parts of lake and ashtabula county is moving out over the lake park you get the general idea. it's going to be this sporadic
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we will get plenty of brakes as well. the rain is light on the east side right now. there is some wet roads associated with that and you can see the rain that moved through lake county. goods are going to be wet as well. as we track through the day we expect more of it. into the afternoon and evening things could be active. with that being said it impacts your drive. patients. >> here at 76 parkway dry roads here but we are here because will fledge parkway is closing over 76 today because of a bridge replacement project. it is closed through early summer 2017. here is the detour. crozier street to grant street. i've already tweeted this out
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great on the traffic map even though we see wet roads but so far no accidents or major delays. we are uncovering new information on the abduction of a nine-year-old massillon girl showing the suspect has a criminal past dating back over 15 years. >> will ujek is on the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: he was living in wyoming and 28 years old. dennis menefee is police arrested him back then for picking up a woman on the street sexual assaulting her and dropping her off on the side of the road during a frigid january night with wind chills at 40 below. she died of hypothermia entered have to be cindy dixon her son is one of the men convicted in the high-profile murder case of college student matthew shepard in 1998. he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 4-7 years in prison. now 17 years later he's made
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45 minutes south of canton. he presented to be a police officer in to get a nine-year- old girl into his truck. they scare the area looking for the ford f1 50 with school stickers until someone side and called police who arrested him yesterday. he is charged with assault and rape of that nine-year-old girl. he's also been convicted of marijuana possession as well. they know about his past but now lease are concentrating on putting the pieces together of his present. parents to be a look out for a man exposing himself to students. he was apparently driving near students walking on the third street bridge yesterday morning when he told the girl to get into the car. he's in his mid-30s with stocky build and a buzz haircut. he was driving gold or tan suv with stickers on the back and a broken beer passenger side window. police say they also received 2 similar reports.
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accused of killing his own daughter in their home will be in court today. jamal mansoor shot his 27-year- old daughter tahani mansoor in the home on vine court. his son called 911 to report the shooting. he was first charged with felony assault but later charged with murder after she died. his bond is $2 million. one local business owner is using her temporary storefront to help others in need. from legacy village with more. >> reporter: there is a grand opening today. it is a celebration of small business right here in the cleveland area and for some of these owners what they are doing here is making a difference in this community and beyond. blending leaves to make the perfect cup of tea is a skill, cushman helped 23-year-old alice master. but there work at storehouse t
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>> we are part ministry and part business. alice came to cleveland nearly 5 years ago with her sisters, brother and mother after being refugees in the want of. >> the refugee camp is not good life. everything is challenging. you have to wait for getting food from somebody. you don't have any place to work. >> reporter: that is not the case here. hollow welcomed alice sister with open arms. >> i always wanted to work with women in a mentoring type situation. >> i see them as amazing strong women who have forged there we there also helping forge the way for others in a similar situation. this looseleaf organic and free trade t business has teamed up with back to jerusalem to
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paula says all of the proceeds support the construction and operation of the school for children at a refugee camp in northern iraq. >> i believe that when you set out to do something good and right money will come. >> reporter: paul lowe says they raised about a few thousand dollars for the school but they still have a long way to go. our warehouse is a ohio city and products being sohr the only pop-up shop eating celebrated today. coming up we talk more about merchants market and what it means here for northeast ohio. the regency beauty institute has closed also be none locations including several here in northeast ohio. it posted information on its website for students encouraging them to continue in their education and also to times for students to pick up personal belongings and promised to mail out their
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information on our website cavaliers fans get ready. civil game tickets for the upcoming season go on sale today at noon. of course they will be tough to get this year there are 41 home games and home opener is august 25 against the next in the cavaliers raise the first-ever nba championship banner to the rafters at the q. from the coach would give us the rant about playoffs former nfl coach jim moore goes off again on the media who he is defending -- who he is defending this time in my gives the browns some hope. elementary school shooting. what police say the suspect it before opening fire on students and a teacher. we're tracking some rain. scattered rain showers for your
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the commute weather will be rough at times. it's an on and off thing today which means be prepared.
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school is canceled for the rest of the week and was sued is critical after a shooting at a middle school in townsville south carolina. another student and teacher were also shot but were released from the hospital. the teenage boy who is now in custody for the shooting went to the school after he shot and killed his father. police are not sure if the student and teacher were
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a government shutdown has been avoided. congress passed legislation to keep the government running through december 9. but still east pass a long-term spending bill. they also approved $1.1 billion to help fight the zika virus. no money for flint michigan. lawmaker said it will tackle separates spending bill for flint later this year. get ready for rain. on and all scattered over the xt those amounts will all very from location to location. we are right around 60 and upper 50s this morning. get out the umbrellas or have the rain boots. you will need them at times. we are boarding the range rain. it is going to be -- raintree
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6:13 now and we're taking a look at the next several hours which gives us a general trend of this on and off rain. we get some breaks and at times showers. 80 even some thunder as we plot you through some big dayparts. mid-60s at lunchtime. shower chances will be on the increase this afternoon and evening. upper 60s and seal where we should be for the high. this weather maker is parked over top of us and you can see the counterclockwise flow with continue with this effect over the next several days. as we zoom in this morning it is quiet for some others have had some showers already. we see them now next area of rain will move up toward the north and impacting those in
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in cleveland a few scattered showers in eastern suburbs around mayfield and richmond heights. it is quiet for much of lake county after showers passing through earlier. this is how it goes on future view. 10:30 this morning we see another area of rain move in and get a break from that. more into the afternoon and the evening commute it is going to be wet roads at times and this continues overnight while you are sleeping and into your tgif. showers on enough could impact football games friday night. the fields will be wet. here is the window nation seven- day. upper 60s with showers likely.
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same thing for monday. only a 30% chance of a shower. then we turn a corner and it looks beautiful tuesday into next week. wkyc traffic drop brought to my make massport. -- mike bass ford. a quiet commute this thursday morning. we only have rain to deal with right now. we see normal drivetimes. here is a picture 271 at mayfield road. wet roads but we look at the drivetimes between 422 and warrensville heights north it's a 12 minute commute and heading south 12 minutes. we are looking normal.
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losers today former nfl coach jim mora is defending a team known for losing. the same to of 20-3 start and he was active their season is over. here's another rant from the coach in this gives the browns some hope perhaps. >> what had the season is over that's the most negative statement i hear from fans and media ever. ever. and it bugs me. are 13 more games to play. 13 more games to play and you are saying the season is over? unbelievable >> statistically -- >> the season is not over. >> not over. you tell him coach. maybe the saints will make the playoffs?
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he went on for about three minutes. the show had to end. here are the biggest winners. orange high school marching band. there were invited to perform at the sugar bowl in new orleans. this'll be the band's first trip to new orleans and perform at the sugar bowl halftime show and the parade under the direction of brenda dougal -- brandon dougal. to nominate your champion or all-star send me the picture and story. >> i love that. he's 81 >> and he still talking like come on. washer morning. what one copy says could cause some of the machines to suddenly explode. how about a night of loss
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your chance to win a four pack of tickets to see amy schumer live at the q. we have blue jays buddies on your tv. thank you linda in garfield heights.
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another blow to samsung the company is talking with you a
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samsung admits in rare cases the machine can have issues watching heavy items like betting or water resistant material. the warning covers machines made between march 2011 and april of this year. you can check to see if you're washer is affected by searching the serial number on samsung's website. suffering from kidney stones? ride a roller coaster. a michigan urologist discovered from several of his patients returned from vacation to see parks to pass kidney stones after being jostled around on the roller coaster >> where you sit could make a difference. sitting in the back seems to be the most effective. >> how may times to spend millions of dollars on these studies would all you do is send people to the amusement
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we have needed rain all summer and are finally getting it. hopefully this storm system and the several days of rain we are expecting will be enough to put a dent in what many of you are still seeing as a drought. look at the latest drought monitor index. the darker colors for a elyria and ashland and those indicate moderate drought conditions. we have not been able to get out of this summer drought. ok every city in far right of the screen they are running deficits for the year. cleveland and akron canton is about 2 inches. mansfield it's a big deficit of almost 7 inches. you've missed 7 inches of rain so far the summer and that is starting to be felt around richland county. this area of low pressure spinning overhead is sitting
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the good news is there's a lot of deep tropical moisture getting involved. the gulf of mexico is getting pulled into the storm. and a good chunk of the atlantic ocean as well. all that pinned milling around the area of low pressure and will continue to get pulled in to the rest of the weekend ended up with this. potential rainfall totals. do not pay attention much to where this particular model is showing the heaviest rain. it's basically suggesting some of you could see as much as 2 inches of rain this week or into the weekend. it is very scattered and hit and miss. that is one of the things we will watch with the storm through the rest of the week. for more on the forecast let's go to holly. it is the pinned milling affects so it's going to be on and off. hopefully fingers crossed a lot of you are going to get the much-needed rain. this morning many of you are
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we're going to continue to track this throughout your commute. wet roads for sure and throughout today we will have opportunity for more where this is coming from. with a tropical moisture in place i think we're in for a good potential over the next several days. gravy umbrellas today. this is going to continue to be the story for the next few da they have each other. how you can help a local newlyweds who nearly lost everything to a fire days after their wedding. live nation ticket giveaway. here is your chance to win 4 tickets to see amy schumer live at the q october 6. be the
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welcome back. >> the forecast coming up but first cleveland police are investigating after another smash and grab this morning. this one at the new wave food market on west 127 in lorain county. the atm was not taken but you can see a bunch of damage.
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store. accused killer shawn grate will be in court today to be arraigned on federal charges. he pleaded not guilty to initial murder charges as the bodies of 2 women were found in a home and ashland. since his arrest he's been linked to death of three other women in nearby counties. fundraisers are underway for a couple who lost everything in a fire days after their wedding. we broke the story tuesday morning on west 112 heat and victoria daley were able to escape both had injuries. victory was released from the hospital yesterday but pete has burns over 20% of his body. more than 10,000 gofundme dollars have been raised in less than two days. we have information on how you can help at let's bring in holly to talk about the rain. even if you're not seeing
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quiet time. you will see more. we need the rain and of the course of the next several days we could pick up up to 2 inches. low 60s at 9 am and mid-60s lunchtime. highs in the upper 60s which is seasonal. take the umbrellas as you are leaving many of you are dry but we have this pattern in place with low pressure over top of us. it is really going to stay point as a result we will see this counterclockwise flow all across northeast ohio and that means plenty of moisture to work with. as of this morning some of you are dry and some of you not. as we zoom in we are seeing showers around shaker heights and mayfield and euclid and some rain for you. it is light at this time and as we look further to the east and southeast rain is moving back
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middlefield. we also have showers into southern ashtabula and parts of trumbull county. on future view this model forecast takes us to the next couple of days and tractor some of today. by 10 am we see more showers and into the afternoon it gets active. but even here some rumbles of thunder. but yes this will be the talk at the end of the work and school week. that means some slow down >> >> right now we are seeing and vincent on the east shoreway heading out of downtown. you see here the left lane is blocked as you're heading toward euclid. make sure you switch to the right because it could be an accident or some installed to the left. picture you are careful in that area that no delays because of that we are seeing slow traffic into downtown on 90 east and 71
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average speed. it's 7 miles per hour and there's the picture outside as you look at 71 here we go. 71 at west 25th you can see the stop and go traffic around the natural curve. that drivetime is still fairly normal at 10 minutes from i-for 80. -- for it zero. suspect in the abduction of a nine-year-old girl that shut the community. >> we have found the suspect has a criminal past dating back to 1999. will ujek is on the story and joins us with that information. >> reporter: back in 99 dennis menefee was only 28 years old. this took place in wyoming where he was arrested after he picked up woman on the street a sold her and dropped her off on the side of the road on a
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he pled guilty and sentenced to 4-7 years in prison. now 17 years later he's made his home in port washington ohio. police say he presented to be a police officer to the nine-year- old girl into his truck. the community scoured the community searching for the truck until someone solid and called police. he was arrested yesterday charged with assault and rape of a nine-year-old girl. 'v release he also got charged with marijuana possession and police are aware of his past but they are continuing to look into his presence and find out new details. several hundred protesters gathered for a second night in el cajon california. after tuesday's deadly shooting
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olango a ugandan refugee. he was acting erratically and do not follow orders to remove his hands from his pocket. when he pulled something out and pointed and police that is when they fired. it turned out to be a vpn. -- vape pen. more grilling on tap for wells fargo ceo. he has been under fire since ba nearly $200 million for opening unauthorized accounts last week he apologize to customers for the 2 million fake accounts opened in their names. today is national coffee day and to celebrate coffee fans heading to dunkin' donuts can purchase a medium hot coffee or $.66 in honor of the chain's 66 birthday and krispy kreme is offering a free small coffee and glazed doughnut to customers. a complete list of
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which megastar signed on to play donald trump. you can watch saturday night live free and any other tv channel if you're ready to cut the cord. all thanks to something that goes by the name magic. we consider you magic. the forecast which includes on and off rain showers and that will sum up the next several days. upper 60's for highs. the
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trending this morning a
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et online. she was snapped shopping in london. it is supposedly the first look at her growing baby bump. jackson's is found shopping for furniture and looking at baby strollers. it is a rare public appearance for her. she was in baggy sweats. you can't see much. last may was the first report she was expecting with that was -- that would mean she is due soon. if you have a need for speed these to rise on this cute. this thing will cost you $2.1 million. all 200 of the ferraris have been sold out. the supercar was sold out even before the public debut.
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highly sought after by collectors and has minor the horsepower reaches top speeds of 217 miles per hour. one collectors send in 19 dollar check to ferrari ceo and we found out he cannot get one. >> is there financing? >> no. saturday night live is bringing in a heavy hitter ahead of the election. alec baldwin has signed on to play na released the teaser video yesterday showing baldwin being transformed into the republican candidate. kate mckinnon place hillary clinton. baldwin assaulted the show 16 times and makes his debut as trump this weekend. it's going to be huge >> you know he's going to be good. 1990 was the first time alec
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we're taking over the most popular deal i've ever featured in the last few months. we will crash the website. find your key to free tv. it looks like a wanton goes by the name magic. this goes beyond your typi cord. average cost of the cable bill is over $100. today we take a stand and can still watch channel 3 and your other favorite shows. this is the magic stick. a way to enjoy your tv channels including our station and way to get free hdtv similar to an antenna but this poll stevie signals using fractal technology like your smartphone. the new version of the product
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long cable plug and play into the back of your tv. a two pack of us upgraded version with free delivery. if you want more than 100 free tv and movie channels you can find out how on our website amazon has the older version of the magic stick which is cheaper to not perform as well and does not include the two pack with a the 24th co-ax cable. i found the lower price on the adam im showcasing is steeper. a stand against cable and satellite providers. >> you are magic. >> i like that. his agenda is to save us money. what a great thing. hello. i hope your day is starting off great we have rain in the forecast. if you're thinking about going out grab the umbrella and put
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upper 50s to around 60 degrees right now. we will top out today in the upper 60s. the possibility of rain for the next several days. and we need it so that is the great part. it looks like it will be on and off so not steady all day by any stretch. this w here and there. and not all of you will see at once. over the next 12 hours we get some showers and storms. we have low pressure parked over top of us and this is going to stick around. the counterclockwise flow is going to be more showers out
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we have seen some this morning and a lot of it has moved back over the lake. we are seeing more now move into parts of geauga county as we track and get closer. those of you in middlefield are seeing rain. trumbull county and ashtabula you have some showers coming down. they are light to moderate. our computer model forecast shows -- the moral of the story is notice how it is on a lot going on and at other times it slows down. that is the theme. is tricky to say which one of you will see rain when. but i can assure you you will have it in the next several days. this is midnight into our friday with more wet weather. this will have an impact on friday night football tomorrow and we will bot over the next couple of days closely for you.
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this and could amount to a few inches. which is a good thing. considering we are down in so many locations. here is the window nation seven- day forecast. upper 60s into the weekend with the showers on and off. it becomes more isolated chances sunday into next week and then we turn the corner and back to sunshine and low 70s next this is deemed. he's a sweet guy with a heart as big as his giant paws. he has not experienced much of northeast ohio yet including winter but he's in for a hopefully fun snow we time. he's get the self cool all summer by taking tips in the pond. kim sent in the picture.
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and all the things they are doing at the plum brook station in sandusky. this is the orion service module. it's a spacecraft that nasa is designing to take people beyond earth's orbit. first they will go to the moon. we've not been there in 40 years in the spacecraft will be used to take us further than that. maybe even mars. they have been testing this thing shaking it around on the shake table in this picture vertically and zo all of the shakespeare there also doing other tests like this huge acoustic chamber. these are speaker horns and put the service module in this room and blast it at 180 db. simulating passage through different mock levels as the rocket launches into space to make sure the computers work. the start of the facility is this year the central dome at
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conditions in a room 120 feet tall and check this out. it takes 6.5 hours to pull out all of the air except -- 90 minutes except 1 tablespoon and takes another six and half hours to pull out the last tablespoon of air molecules in this room temperature inside drops to almost 270 degrees below zero. next time long. a new merchant market is opening at legacy village in lyndhurst. we let you know what it means
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welcome back. new information on the suspect in the abduction of the nine- year-old girl. he back 17 years. he assaulted a woman in minnesota many years ago and left her to die on the side of the road. 17 years letter he's made it home made his home in ohio and earlier this week he presented to be a police officer to get a nine-year-old girl. he was arrested yesterday.
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investigating another overnight smash and grab this in the new wave food market. atm was not taken but you can see there's a lot of damage. bridges a beauty institute closed all 79 locations suddenly and putting several in northeast ohio. who's information on its website encouraging students to continue their education. also with the times were students to pick up personal items. we have a link to single game tickets for the cavaliers upcoming season go until today at noon. they will be harder to get this year. home opener october 25 against new york knicks when the cavaliers raise the first-ever nba championship banner to the rafters in the queue. a celebration and grand opening for new pop-up shop at
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merchant market features about 20 different local businesses and artist and one of them rebecca what is a mean for local business? >> this is an absolute opportunity to have complete -- find your operating hours 60s we. it's not just going to be another business coming in and putting of a product or five hours. but having -- >> they will be here through the end of december. if you're heading out the biggest problem spot is the east shoreway. we reports of multiple cars spinning out near 185 street. watch on both sides of the highway. incident stop and go traffic headed into downtown this is typically a 10-11 minute commute now it's 31 minutes. we been telling people to watch out for the wet roads. >> they make it select.
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bring that patients today because we will have periodic rain and some thunderstorms. upper 60s for highs as you get ready this morning. this is the pattern that stays in place through the weekend. i think today and tomorrow and saturday are all very similar with occasional rain showers and upper 60s for highs. sunday we back off and chances a little an isolated monday and then sunshine with highs in today you're going to steal free live tv 100 channels for your smartphone. we show you how to cut the cord and get the channels for your tv and the boy still is a smartphone and tablet and everything else on tomorrow we uncover a leaking culprit in your home costing you huge.
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>> i'm guessing we don't know about. >> i hope not. otherwise i would be out of a
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good morning. breaking overnight. the 14-year-old suspect in that terrifying elementary school shooting in north carolina questioned by police. the teenageroo the murder of his father. >> it's just a lie. a lie to protect him. >> the results are in. today's poll of voters say hillary clinton won as sources within the trump campaign now tell nbc news he will prepare more for the next one, possibly bringing in a debate consultant. their next showdown in nine days. justice denied arc mother who accused her former boyfriend


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