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tv   Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. the thirsty thursday. >> yes it is. >> september 29th. the very last, next to the last day, tomorrow is the last day of september, unbelievable. that's gavin degrau. >> we're so excited. we have a big star today, huge. >> yes, we do. samuel l. jackson starring in "miss pellegrine's home for
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>> he's not peculiar, he's weird. >> everybody takes selfies but samuel l. jackson -- >> does it in his own way. then what else, hoda? >> a two-time emmy winner holland taylor who played charlie sheen's mom in "two and a half men." she's up to something new. and a very special edition of "ambush" today. one of our makeover ladies wrote to tell us she was nervous about her daer she's going to be seeing family she hasn't seen in 20 years. the other is attending her high school reunion. you always want to look good for that. >> yeah. >> both of them asked for beauty help and both are getting what they're asking for. we're excited to see them. >> we have some ladies until the back who are going to be part of the segment a little later. they're all friends of mine, all part of pink power. >> hi, ladies. >> hey. >> you're beautiful.
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>> if you're celebrating the family and friends, we're cooking up a delicious feast to help you ring in the jewish new year. we have alon over there. >> getting ready to cook. >> i'm hard at work over here. >> what are you making for us today? >> we're going to make some braised short ribs, it's like brisket's better looking half. >> good. this is to celebrate the jewish new year, right? >> for >> it's also national coffee day, another reason to celebrate. we have lots of coffee deals out there. krispy kreme is offering a small coffee and the original glazed doughnut for free today. >> duncan done nupts is offering a medium hot coffee for 66 cents because it's their 66th anniversary. >> we have a cocktail here made from recipes from route coffee
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>> oh, my god. wow, that is bourbon, lemon juice, orange, simple syrup and bitter. >> i have the nutty roman. >> that's weird. >> it's espresso, vanilla vodka, frangelico. >> frangelico. >> half and half and simple syrup. they're all on the this is what you instagram with little lattes in a chocolate-encased cone. apparently the coffee is supposed to last in the cone for ten minutes. it was created in south africa. >> it took longer than that to get here from south africa. >> let's try a sip. wait, look at this one, it's already empty. >> it's empty. >> we waited too long. it's all soaked up in here. >> how is that? what is that?
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>> no, no, no. it's not for me. you know. >> you know what it is? mocha. it's like chocolate -- >> who's surprised that hoda loves it? >> you've been working for four hours already this morning. >> really delicious. >> they're inspired recipes from the grind coffee company in johannesburg, south africa. >> ours is good too. >> so we have dolly parton history, talking about top 20 tips on the country song charts every decade since the '60s. 60 years of music. we're so proud of her. it's thanks to her latest remake the "jolene." >> that is such an awesome verse. >> that's the one that put her on the top. debuted at number 18 on the top country charts.
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? jolene don't take him just because you can ? >> don't take him just because you can. >> great line. >> the other thing, dolly parton, it's the video called "forever country." >> this is beautiful. >> this is the part where carrie underwood is singing. it's a mash-up of this song. country roads take me home. and willie nelson. >> that's number 21 on the bill board platinum >> "usa today" said forever country is the number two download. >> i'm not surprised. are you? fantastic. okay. a great television pioneer and legend has passed away. agnes nixon is -- maybe you don't know the name so much but she was the queen of soaps. she passed away yesterday. 93 years old. died from pneumonia resulting from parkinson's disease. really classy lady.
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light." best known for "all my children." which ran for 41 years. and "one life to live." 43 years. >> there would be no erica cane without her. >> she posted a tribute saying i adored her and i'm forever grateful to her. this is an interesting story we just learned. she just finished writing her memoir and the memoir is called "my life to live." she just finished it this past sunday. >> can you imagine? >> she checked into a physi rehabilitation center because she wanted to get strong for her planned book tour. >> this was a woman who wasn't ready to give up. >> that's when she passed away. many celebrates got their big break on her soaps. bryan cranston, amazing actor, got his start on "loving." >> here he is. >> oh, my gosh, look at him. >> since she'd been your private secretary and had access -- >> i know, i just want to watch it.
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he said nothing. he didn't even have a line. i love the guy who did this -- >> this was his acting. look. >> oh, he is talking. didn't hear. because i was. i'm sorry, i thought it was over. he tweeted, talented and kind, she gave me my start 33 years ago on "loving." sweet passage, dear one. >> other actors who got their start from her. josh dumle. tommy lee jones. felicia rashad. sarah michelle gellar. so many people. >> all right, let's do a little country, shall we? >> there's a good chance i might even like it if it's country. >> it's a song about the south. it's by leonard skynard. old school, let's do it. ? big wheels keep on turning ? >> this is driving down the street windows down. >> "sweet home alabama."
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>> exactly. ? i miss alabamy once again ? ? and i think it's a sin yes ? >> everybody, come on. >> i love the guitar. ?? finally. it's a miracle. ? well, sing about her ? ? i heard old neil put her remember ? >> all right, here we go ? a southern man don't need him around anyhow ? ? sweet home alabama ? ? where the skies are so blue ? >> yeah, everybody's grooving to it. ? sweet home alabama ? >> i'm proud of you. >> this is my staple.
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apple music any time you want. >> any time you want. >> you can find us on sirius xm 108 and you can find hoda there every monday and wednesday for the hottest, hottest -- it is, the hottest thing in talk radio. if there's a movie made in hollywood, he's probably in it. >> samuel l. jackson talks to us about his new villainous role. >> plus tim burton play. anne gorgeous. >> coffee from the bottom? look at it. >> special edition of "ambush listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99%
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he's been called one of the hardest working actors in show business. he's certainly one of the best. stars in more than 165 movies and tv series including some of hollywood's biggest blockbusters. >> we're talking about the great samuel l. jackson. >> his memorable roles were fi 1994's cult classic pulp fiction. and more marvel comic movies we can count including the avengers. >> now the villain in tim burton's film based on best selling novel business paragrin's home for peculiar children. he stopped by this week to tell us all about it.
10:14 am
you you don't want to be here when he arrives. >> okay, i can't -- i can't even. that is some kind of creepy. >> when you're playing a role like that -- first of all, obviously, you get the script, then you know that tim's going to have his impact. do you picture what that guy's going to look like? are you involved with the process with him, to find this particular look about the character? >> well, this is my first burton effort. so, you know, he sent me a picture what he looked like. they already had -- he already had a rendering. he just sent me a photograph. i was like, okay. i can work with this. >> tim, he wanted you, just you, for that role. there wasn't anyone else he was choosing. >> really? no fight? >> no fight, baby, just you all the way. >> i know i didn't have to audition. but, you know, it was -- like i said, i was shooting.
10:15 am
movie. i'm like, tim burton, really, okay. >> how close to the book is this movie? >> pretty close. >> yeah? >> yeah, yeah. >> it is? >> well, my character's not specifically african-american in this thing. he's just black in a tim burton world. that was a little kerr fluffle about that for a moment. >> do you ever have to audition for anything anymore? >> i don't know i call it audition. >> take a meeting maybe? >> yeah, i take meetings with people. talk about either doing something different with the role or explaining where i think the movie kind of goes off the rails and if i'm going to do it, i think we should go in this direction. i spend a lot of time watching movies. and i have -- >> you know you're getting good at it too. >> getting good at watching them, yeah. >> by the way, if anyone has snapchat and you want to get involved in this movie, it's kind of funny because they've got these filters.
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see that one. >> oh, i like that. >> they have one specifically for the movie. which are kind of fun. so kids will have a chance to play around before it even comes out. >> now, you're supposed to be the king, right? >> not really. >> that's what we were told. >> people like my selfies. there are a lot of people who, you know, ridiculously think i have no idea what i'm doing but most people have now that's kind of like my signature style of taking a selfie. >> will you show us your signature? >> my signature style is basically just whoever i'm with -- >> where are you? >> eye in the corner. >> oh. >> you just take your eyes, that's it? >> me taking a selfie is saying this is where i am and this is what i'm doing and this is what's interesting. i mean, you know what i look like. but to make sure they know i
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nobody's taking a picture for me and just posting my stuff. i stick my eye in it. so now everybody knows, yeah, that's him, that's his eye. >> we want everybody to know -- >> i have tons of those. >> yeah, you do. >> you are still the reigning box office king. >> that's right, that's right. >> no matter what harrison ford says, you are the guy. >> you're number one. >> yeah, i'm back on top. >> that's where you belong. >> like i said, i got a couple more movies coming out. even though he's got "star wars" and he's doing a "blade runner" and he's doing -- >> a little movie. >> -- another "indiana jones," i'm doing another "incredibles." "incredibles 2" is coming. >> in the meantime, he's got miss paragrin's home for peculiar children. special reveal of ambush
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it is time bobbie's buzz. new technology is making expensive spa treatments a thing of the past. >> you can fight wrinkles. even airbrush your own makeup. >> what? >> yes, hoda. from the comfort of your own home. >> here with the high-tech tools is "today" style editor bobbie. >> there's always something new. >> there are so many tools.
10:22 am
somewhat reach. where you can invest in the pool at home and really reduce the cost over time. >> it's going to seem like a big item in the beginning but it's over long term. when you start seeing the results, you don't care. >> yes. the first category is something i talk about a lot. exfoliate. exfoliating can help remove dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. if you're going to exfoliate, you should avoid this if you already have psoriasis or are using sensitive. but diamond buff is a manual tool. it sold out in minutes on hsn. this is something that's really simple. made with crushed diamonds. >> crushed diamonds. >> you can wear it on your hands too. >> there's a more powerful version you can find, dermaflash. which actually had an edge, a blade, and vibrations to help
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>> you have to put some kind of cream or lotion on before. >> exactly. these are powerful tools. even though it's at hope, you have to be careful with them. some anti-aging tools. want you to pick up the tria, both of you. you turn it on. you push the button. you can try it on your hand first. this really zaps. you can find the jump. you can do it around your eyes. >> oh, wow. they're like little stings. what it will do -- >> starting to like it. >> the micro -- >> i can get used to it. >> so the microscopic lasers are actually -- >> how are you doing that? >> very easily. >> you are -- you can take pain. >> two minutes a day. >> all right, what's the other one. >> up to eight weeks. you want to do it four times a
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for your face. this mini vacuum for your face will suck. it's like little kisses. it kind of pulls the skin. it's a workout for your face. be careful if you have rocia with this one. it's increasing the blood flow and circulation. >> -- in a movie or something -- >> by the way, everyone here at home, i have a pocket tool you put on your skin. it will read everything from your moisture level to your uv exposure. these are buzzing tools. 15,000 pulses per minute been it's the color me and the airbrush. >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand that one. >> this, you put your foundation on and it has better blending.
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this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> it's 10:30 here on the east coast, 7:30 out west. this is an nbc news special report. there's y unfolding right now in hoboken, new jersey. a new jersey transit train crashing into the terminal there. at least three people confirmed dead, more than 100 others injured. we're told that a number of them are critically injured. >> this of course happened at the height of rush hour earlier this morning. we're already seeing images of terrible destruction. witnesses are speaking out this morning and sharing stories of chaos and panic. >> everything was typical.
10:31 am
everyone to get into the first car, so fortunately i was stuck in the middle. myself and about six other people were in between the cars. we approached the station, and the train just felt like it never stopped. it didn't slow down. it didn't -- it didn't brake. i mean, i don't know for sure if it didn't brake or what was happening. so as soon as the train just kept going, there was -- the lights shut off. people started yelling. and the people that were standing in between on the other side, on the second -- in the second car, getting ready to come out of that door, were thrown on to our side. a young lady actually that was thrown from that, her legs caught between the doors just as soon as it was about to make that full stop. but we were able to pull her up fortunately, and the gentleman
10:32 am
people, but he had a gash in his forehead. he hadn't known he was bleeding. i didn't fall, fortunately, because there were people in front of me. >> you can hear the fear in her voice. one of the survivors. at least three dead, 100 injured in this train crash this morning. >> and that view from above gives you a really good idea of what this situation is. this isn't a through station. this is a terminal. these tracks come to an end at that specific point in hoboken. if a train comes in and does not stop, it gs track, in this case right into the terminal building. >> while we're already hearing these differing accounts of how much, if any, the train had slowed, let's go to our correspondent rehema ellis, our correspondent. what are you hearing? >> good morning. we're standing in what police are calling a staging area. i can see the waiting room of the terminal where that train crashed into. there are emergency vehicles everywhere, emergency first
10:33 am
trying to secure this area in terms of getting the injured away from the area. as you've pointed out, witnesses, some of them, passengers on this train were able to walk away, others were not. i spoke to one woman in the third car of the train. she said it happened really fast. she said everybody in the third car was jolted. some people were standing because they were about to get off the train. and she said it was crazy. people were bleeding and and crying. and she said she was able to brace herself because she was still sitting, so she put her hands on the backseat of the seat in front of her, and she was jolted in place. she was able to walk away from this. her concern, she said, is that so many other people may not have been able to walk away. the first thing she did when she got out of the car, she said she called her loved ones to let them know she was okay.
10:34 am
able to walk away from this, savannah. as she pointed out, so many others were not. we are still waiting for a press briefing here. we're told a short time from now, officials will give us more information on the extent of this accident. we don't know how fast the train was going, but we do know that it was approaching this terminal because this is the last stop, as matt was saying. this is where people are to get off. some of them were standing, and that made it even worse. this young woman said she felt front car -- remember, she was in the third car. she felt that people in the front car may have taken the biggest of the burden in terms of the injuries. savannah? >> and there may have been people on the platform as well right there. rehema, thank you very much. >> tom costello going to look at the investigation side. obviously first they take care of the injured, then figure out what happened.
10:35 am
would be to talk to that person. >> that's absolutely right. what was he or she doing? were they paying attention? what did they see? was the equipment operating normally? i got to tell you, i've ridden this train many times. i used to live in new jersey and took that train into manhattan. to come in that fast into hoboken station i find to be rather strange because normally you crawl into hoboken station. it's a very slow snail's pace. so why was this train traveling so fast that it literally rammed right into the station and caused such terrible structural damage and of course so many people injured and potentially killed. we do also know that this line on new jersey transit does not have that automatic braking system called positive train control. that's been a big issue, as you know, for the last dozen years or so following major train crashes, really, from california to new york. but on the new jersey transit line n that stretch anyway, no
10:36 am
so clearly this will probably ramp up the discussion about whether that should have been in place. but you have to wonder, why would the engineer be realizing as he or she was coming into that station and having presumably done this many times before, that you've got to slow down. there are many warning signs and speed signs. >> and by the way, nobody on the platform that we've heard from -- we heard from a witness a second ago -- said there was any horn blaring or warning from that train. >> as tt priority would be to speak to the engineer, if that is possible. also, these trains have what is referred to as a black box, don't they, tom? >> they absolutely do. on many of these trains -- now, i cannot speak to specifically what equipment was on this particular train. but many trains do have the equivalent of a black box that allow them to immediately know the speed, whether there were any brakes applied, what the speed was coming out or going into a turn, all of that is going to be critically
10:37 am
tom costello, as always, thank you very much. the ntsb has officially launched a go team to get to that scene. >> so once again, a chaotic scene in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from new york city. three dead, perhaps as many as a hundred injured. we'll return you to "today." we'll return you to "today." keep wand so we're now using 10% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups. long live chicken! ahh...still sick, huh? i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. (kids laughing) what's going on?
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of those moments... what? there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? this is ridiculous! this is ridiculous! from car insurance... to car loans. state farm is here to help life go right. this sunday at sundown marks the beginning of the jewish new
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pretty amazing food. >> our "today" team called in alon shaya. owner of the new orleans restaurant shaya. he's putting his own spin on a traditional rosh hashanah meal. >> that's a great restaurant. >> yes, it's been going really well. israeli food. >> israel is the culinary destination in the world today. >> there's so much great food being cooked out there. what chechs are doing all around the world right now is incredible. >> we're going to make some briskets. a different kind, right? >> rosh hashana, it's the jewish new year. brisket. super traditional. >> often too dried out. >> sometimes dry. i don't want to get anybody's bubby in trouble but i'm going to say i've had a lot of bad brisket in my life. here is one way to skirt that issue. we have short ribs. it comes from the same cow just
10:42 am
belly right on the ribs. >> don't ruin it for me, all right. >> listen, look, look at that beautiful marbling. >> that means it's going to be flavorful. >> is that kosher salt? >> it is, yes. it's going to be flavorful and really juicy. >> it seems like a lot of salt but it's really not. >> you're not bribrining, you'r not doing all that stuff? >> just rub it down with salt a little bit and put it into this pan. >> what kind of oil do you >> just canola oil. you say, oh, well, short rib might have more fat and i want things to be leaner. we're going to render this fat. it's going to start to company out of the short rib. we're going to use that to cook our vegetables. after this gets all golden brown, it's going to look like this. you can see it's much smaller and tighter now. a lot of that fat has come out. well, now, we can take all of these beautiful vegetables. we have sweet potato.
10:43 am
beets. onions. empty out your fridge at this point. you can put whatever you want in there. feel free to substitute. >> don't get a knife near hoda, please. >> i'm not good with knifes. >> what about a vegetable peeler? >> i'm good with that. >> what is that? >> it's a yellow beet. >> yeah. >> i've never seen it. >> they're in the grocery store between the pink beets, the red beets. >> okay, that was fun. >> we can do a lot with this. >> how long do you cook it for? >> you just put it all into this grease, right. start to caramelize. once they turn golden brown. perfect. see, you're a pro. >> well, not really. >> a little like a red wine. >> i can make that happen. >> i can't. i'm not allowed to show it. >> we're going to take some
10:44 am
>> we want to get to the -- >> raisins, spices. all the vegetables. beautiful and golden. >> you didn't talk about the nutmeg. >> the nutmeg. we put spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, all that goes in there. >> it's all -- >> it's all on the website. >> this is so good. >> look how beautiful and juicy that is. all the vegetables. you see the raisins. of course for want it to be a sweet new year so the raisins are symbolic. >> so moist. it is. they're all on emmy-winning actress holland taylor is here. >> don't forget about the honey cake with apples. >> honey cake with apples.
10:45 am
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taylor has been a very busy over the years appearing in over 100 films and tv films. >> back in 1980 she starred alongside tom hanks in the hit comedy "bosom buddies." and then her role as judge roberta which earned her an emmy on "the practice." >> and playing the mother on "two and a half men." now she is returning to the stage. where she pretty much started out too. in the broadway front page." what a cast. >> she played mrs. grant, the soon to be mother-in-law of hildy johnson played by "mad men's" john slatterty. >> it is nathan lane, john slattery are the headlines. you have 25 other classics. this a great classic from 1928 which tom says is the greatest american comedy. i think he says that because not only is it brilliant construction, which you see as
10:51 am
it's mayhem. but it has real depth to it which a great comedy must have. so it's very much about the human condition and it's -- but 20, like, just 25. and every person -- >> you don't see a cast like that unless it's "the lion king" or something, yeah. >> you know every face. as each person comes through the door. oh, my gosh, he's in it? >> when does that settle down and you start to enjoy the show? >> the third act because there's still -- >> it's three it's as current as today. it's about the news game. >> not much has changed. >> not much has changed. it's about a hot shot race horse reporter and his unscrupulous producer who's played by -- not producer -- >> editor. >> publisher. >> publisher. drives him to get either story he can, lie, truth, doesn't matter. >> which one is he, is that nathan?
10:52 am
play? >> the race horse reporter. very different kinds of actors. one is incredibly charming and smooth and very naturalistic. that's john. and nathan is hugely theatrical and bombastic and just brilliant. they're together like -- >> yin and yang. >> how does everyone get along with -- >> they cast everybody in the show as a team player. and a lot of people are playing parts they wouldn't nory ensemble. >> directed by jack o'brien. >> directed by jack o'brien who most of us have worked for. >> such a great producer. >> only scott rudin would have the guts to do a play that costs this much to produce. >> it was also a limited run. >> 19 weeks. >> it was fun on the emmys watching your shout-out from
10:53 am
different parts in five year, been nominated for everyone of them. for marcia clark, she has to win or the earth is going to tilt on its freaking axle. then she shouted out to me. i didn't know she was going to do that. the thing about sara, long before she's a brilliant actress, which she is, she's a real wonderful stand-up person, great quality, and she stands on the right side of history. >> wow. well, thank you. >> we are excited about this. previews. are you missing a line or two along the way? >> i was slow to say one of them. >> that's what previews are for, honey. >> i haven't actually missed one. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> it opens here in new york on october 20th. >> we'll be back in a moment but
10:54 am
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10:57 am
it is time for okay, not okay. we were asked whether it's okay to wear super short daisy dukes. >> celebrities like hilary duff, lady gaga, have all worn the famous short shorts. >> sure it's okay, hoda, but just be prepared for the backlash of criticism you're going to get. >> i say yes, it's okay. if you can should wear 'em. >> i think i said this. >> excess we don't rock 'em. >> we don't. >> no, we don't. >> okay. so tomorrow, john cena stops by. >> plus a performance by country singer brett eldridge. >> we're giving a viewer's husband an image makeover. >> and two lovely people in our studio hanging out, carly's mom and grandma. all right, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody.
10:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> it's going to be too great. ?? now, here's wendy! ?? >> wendy: come on! welcome to my show!


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