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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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not to say there's no more rain, at -- the overall trend is to get a break from the steady rain showers even though there's more rain through the south. look over to west virginia, the bands will start northwards as you go through the evening. upper level low centered over western kentucky and will list northwards and that will keep bring in -- rain in the weekend forecast. it doesn't look like a washout. temperatures will be fading from the upper 60s to mid 60s and low 60s by the time we pass the midnight hour. winds will be coming and going. if it's not raining it will be damp -- damped and -- it will be damp and still cool. sixty set in with the breezy conditions. hour by hour for the weekend forecast and keep an eye on what's going on with her -- hurricane matthew in the caribbean.
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right out of the scene, scary movie, there are reports of what police called creepy clown sightings coming with threats of violence, causing. in parts of the nation and in ohio. in k aga false. >> it is a trend that cause -- across some schools around cincinnati to actually close down today police officers form to take notes around, wearing one of these a wrong way could get you arrested. >> clowns in hollywood have gone from happy to horrifying. making them one of the most popular things to be at halloween. it has mesh size . >> check out mr. fun in cuyahoga falls. people will want to do it. >> some going to far with
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creepy epidemic workloads have been seen often at night and with weapons playing sick tricks on passersby. that at inman and jackson street, -- rumors of a clown terrorizing firestone high schools. triggered an investigation this week. in cincinnati today, some schools closed after a woman claimed she was attacked at a man in a clown suit. tonight police are not laughing with the departments across the state including in wilmington, ohio, warning of an arrest in the grounds of inducing panic and disorderly conduct . >> districts are sending out warnings, they sent message to parents letting them know that they might hear more from this kids about this trend. homecoming at the high school this weekend will be a somber one.
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ago. nucleoside withheld number 48 will be remembered tonight. with evening, the game against strongsville is about to start in a little less than an hour, this is the first time that panthers are picking up those without their friends -- the frenzen teammate doing several things to remember andrew jackson. the kiddo was -- kid who was -- kiddo was well known and much loved. the 17-year-old junior died sunday today. the cause of death foul less -- bowel lacerations as an apple -- result of a blunt impact to his abdomen. they will be released balloons prior -- release balloons prior to kickoff. students will be wearing black, black out to honor jackson. a full back and on outside linebacker was a number 48 because 24 was taken. the panthers world -- will wear decals on helmets and patches
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they have this -- the power -- this towels made for him to remember and honor him, tonight we will be well using these in -- using these in the stands to remember andre jackson. we will have more for you as the game underway but at seven at seven and 11. a somber homecoming for that school. the town of mass been working to find a way to support a nine- year-old girl who was abducted masculine police department announced it's asking for crowdsourcing funds to send the growth of -- to disney world, the suspect dennis menefee is accused of luring the girl by telling her shoot he was a police officer and she was reported missing. he remained in jail tonight up on a 1 million-dollar bond. which she -- worcester township.
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the man accused of -- we are learning more about the lorraine police officer accused of smashing the suspect had into a car windchill. tom myers show that -- children's exclusive videos of the violence last week and breaking details on this follow- up report. officers asked internet is the one who grabs drug suspect peli smith. according to civil rights lawsuit, sarah next plans smit windshield without provocation. we are losing trust in law enforcement because even if they were wrong, they won't admit it. they are wrong. according to personal -- personnel south -- files saranac has 20 use of force -- he justified using force on smith's claiming -- smith claiming the suspect is what police called active
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physically resisting an attempt to control by direct of over to the collection. police acknowledged smith never tried to pick a police officer. he was not resisting at all. >> mrs. handcuffed behind his back as he is escorted of the police -- the police cruiser. the british should be treated that way nobody. specially when they are complying. nina turner said she's bringing that -- the incident to the attention of the channel. the group is establishing police use of force standards statewide. according to the lawsuit and naacp the other three officers involved in this are also to blame. the other police officers they cover up -- they cover up i put polonius assault. the police union argues that the video that is not tell the whole story and that smith
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writes many more citation in the average lorraine police officer has received three letters of reprimand for violating the policy and standard of conduct, he has been singled out for having exceptional performance 17 -- seven different times. we will take a federal policies and -- look at the federal policy and reforms in lorraine if they -- if they are effective. the man accused of ki vales remains behind bars tonight, they said a -- set a $1 million bond forecast for, he was accused of driving under the influence of drugs during the crash. they uncovered doctors report that found no illegal drugs and the art it -- the lower -- it will lower bail. several students were taken to the hospital this morning after the school bus was involved in a crash with a -- smi track to
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the driver of the semi will not stop sign and hit the school bus the bus spun around to the middle of the road and hit up concrete median. no word on the condition as of yet. looks like cuyahoga county is becoming a hotspot -- hot spot for visitors. we broke the record for visitors coming to see us. 17.6 million travelers stopped in cuyahoga county the sitters had an $8.1 billion economic impact. more than 65,000 jobs also -- also impressive. the potential to get your
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you can see the big course only
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we have seen many protest in the past several months including in cleveland and this one is there was a group of mental -- men protesting circumcision. monica robert has the story. they call themselves a bloodstained man and a one your attention. we discovered was that outfit which is shocking and get people up attention and get the conversation going . it's about -- about circumcision the nonprofit group race in california is traveling from chicago to new york trying to convince people not to do it for you it's unnecessary surgery and
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the right of -- having control of their bodies. bloodstained man consider it cool. it destroys as sexually sensitive part of the. it is destroyed when a circumcision -- the circumcision takes place. the american academy of pediatrics find the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision. the decision should be made by parents, with include bleeding, swelling and botched procedures. benefits include prevention of urinary tract infection, -- including hiv. while the group are gaining support, some are not ready to get -- hear the
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for whatever reason, -- two -- to us. it was men, women and children at the protest, at least cap or from our area. the circumcision rate among newborns is on the decline -- , bottom line, this is the position that is left up to parents. your homework and find the information from reputable sources and talk to your pediatrician and ob. this is a protest probably like never seen before . something completely different, 80s rock band cinderella is coming home to the rock hall, some of the bands -- band's -- bands memorabilia, tom keefer was on hand to donate items today, double net guitars and outfits will be on the display.
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memory. when they see it and they think of the time on -- when they were like it was a cool thing all -- of performance that they remembered and a good memories. the facts will be added to the heavy metal exhibit exhibit. you can check it out in northfield tonight. gilmore girlfriends can get their fix of the show before it returns this november. a local coffee shop is transforming into the diner area and in octobe with that netflix's partner with the diner. you can enjoy free coffee and other surprises from 7:00 a.m. to noon. the revival is coming on netflix and thanksgiving. the city of book participating -- we are -- there with this display more than 860 to rods straight along the snow
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bring awareness, but to bring early detection, this is the seventh year for the show of support. i see the smile. it came out of my mouth i caught -- i caught it right away. enjoy that moment. that's what you were thinking. you were quoted eddie that work -- not work christmas. >> let's get take a look, 68 -- to escape the high temperature, 64 cool degrees. mansfield 64, we picked up over an inch million inch and a half of rain. almost an inch of cleveland, only so far 15 hundredths of an inch for mansell, the area that needed it the most -- most
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the radar, a band sitting northern ohio is shifting northward spinning around the area of low pressure. that fitting over kentucky -- sitting over kentucky right now. they have like a martyr and rain shower coming down a solid hour of waiting for the county and ashtabula rain showers coming north towards -- northwards your way in the next hour or two. southern portions of cuyahoga county, portage county drying out, got a call from the asking if they should cancel the homecoming parade area i don't tell anybody to cancel , but i get guidance that it looks like it will be some rain showers and they will be saving. hopefully they are kicking off as football fan. the big picture shows area of low pressure. release of energy and little jelly -- jellyroll that. the fact. the cold air is coming
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hours, we traced -- the trees along that, at stake area of dry air that will come northward . this means better news for the weekend , but we still have rain chances. i will air to the side of caution keep rain on the forecast for saturday, but it will be a lot less brainy than expected. 9:30 p.m. dealing with a few isolated showers and other web layer of jellyroll coming in some rain showers in the overnight hours, tecumseh dry air, a few pics of some tomorrow. temperatures 50s to start, by midday looking dry. it will feel -- feel damp and breezy and of the day goes on we will continue to have scattered rain child chances, he will get up to 70 degrees from know what northern ohio,
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sign of low pressure that is lifting by saturday evening looking pretty good. we don't have as much rain of -- as -- is expected. when she -- once you get to sunday we will bring another wave -- we will bring another wave of rain in the morning and think should settle down in the afternoon scattered rain showers -- scattered rain showers for latter-day. and those will face on monday and done with the same. it will be bumpy and small craft advisory tonight to get with rain chances fading away. -- hurricane matthew in the caribbean expected to take a northward train trend is to jamaica and cuba and hanging offshore of florida next week. after that it's anybody's guess, -- it's anybody's guess, looks like it will pop the east coast sure as we go through next week area if you travel plans -- if you travel
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dominican republic, in a coming five days keep -- the coming five days keep a close eye. seventy tomorrow. scattered rain and storms not a washout, best chance on sunday. sunshine 70 -- 76 weeks. her can't even we are in the stick of it , we are getting to the tail end. they don't expect -- a beast of a storm. he will help to -- have to keep
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and now the window nation sports report. davis here with the josh ward -- that josh gordon back. not be talking about josh gordon and -- anymore , but anyway life without court in again as we had a chance to talk to the browns yesterday, gordon decided to enter into an inpatient rehab facility. the week to see what decision -- way to see what position the browns may, you jackson said they support him 100% that moving on. they will not be with them. he did not want to spend much time on the topic. rounds have not made official mode, a vote -- they will
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any player supporting gordon today, andrew hawkins said he has seen firsthand what addiction can do. me personally, i had a lost a sister a sister to wind heroine ever does, it opens her eyes to what addiction it's like and -- is like and it's not a black-and-white situation. it's not cut and dry it's complex. it's important for charge to take this -- josh to take this step and try to figure it out, it's a rd not important right now. to the game, bronstein oh practice of the week today on the washington, to see if they can get the first win against the redskins. the team that has had the drop share of -- drop share of grapes drama in the past. trying to win a second straight game they came back to beat the giants, 29 -- 27, the browns have come close to victory.
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place away from being too and one who knows they could be three and zero. i feel -- see a very talented defense and a guy cook -- who could play hard and take together they play inspired and they will bring and you better -- it and you better be ready. . and indians begin the final series of the season, in kansas city. they have to play in -- the central division chance fighting for home field and to get rest and rotation -- annotation set to make his first mlb start tonight on what will be a bullpen game. our stars tomorrow, con when on sunday. the race for home field, you see the three match up blue jays red sox -- blue jays red sox and rangers and ambience and royals in the -- and the red sox are two back from the rangers and half-game behind the red sox and the rangers and red sox on -- own the tiebreaker versus the indians.
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creation happening every year they impact -- empathetic dress- up, you have have a full year of serving time opening date cannot dress-up with a very entertaining outfits looks like the guys have a lot of fun. caps off back at it, training camp in and dependence, lebron james in a stand on the jr smith situation, this is -- has done is part on and off the court and the cavs need to get the deal done they miss he is a big piece and david griffin pedal monday that they made aggressive offered to help, but lebron wants it done, he doesn't like that it happened for a -- it happened for a second straight season. they will brian -- making cleveland a hold -- check cleveland casino today to get up close and get a picture with the trophy that's -- that's a
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lebron want some things that happened. we are coming tonight coming back tonight at -- in at 7:00. yes, we are. >> lester is next in new york. we will see you in 33 minutes.
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tonight, trump's tirade. donald trump lashes out in a middle of the night rant, attacking a former beauty queen again with sex tape allegations. now she and hillary clinton are firing back. crash cause. the ntsb begins questioning crew members in the aftermath of that tr black box is pulled from the twisted wreckage. caught on camera. police release video showing a fatal officer encounter with an unarmed man. sex abuse scandal. dozens of disturbing allegations against the doctor who treated top olympic athletes. and hurricane threat. matthew strengthens to a powerful category 4 in the caribbean.


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