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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  September 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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thank you. like a scene out of charlie brown. where you and your family can help celebrate giant pumpkins >> from a station that sees it possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by the callv,tta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. now, channel 3 news at 7. good evening. i'm russ mitchell. right now euclid high school is remembering number 48, football player andre jackson at its homecoming game. jackson died last sunday after be game. carly morgan joins us live from euclid. >> reporter: good evening, russ. the game against strongville is about to start, but not before they do several things to honor and remember andre jackson. i'm going to step out of the way. they're just about to start. they'll read a memorial for andre, and they're
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this. this is a kid who was well known and much loved. the 17-year-old junior died sunday from injuries he received, and here comes the football team, entering the field now for the first time since their friend and team mate died on sunday. you can hear the crowd behind us, excited and trying to be happy for this this is their homecoming; but once begun -- outside line backer was number 48. but only because number 24 was already taken. his team mat,s here, they're wearing decals on their uniform, his favorite number, and the initials a.j.. we will have more for you from this game in euclid tonight at 11.
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with apologize for those technical problems, but what a site. betsy joins us for a soggy night. >> that's right. atmosphereically the rain has come during the afternoon. it's backed off. we have some mud ball it the's going to be happening tonight with those wet ball fields across northern ohio. we take a look at the radar, and you can see things are actually improving. that band of rain over the area for much of the afternoon is moving out. we will have additional showers moving overnight, but for now, i think most of the rain showers will corner of our area, and then extreme western sections of our area as well, out to the west of even willarrd. the rest of the area is kind of damp and cool and, well, soggy. we have the rain showers that will return late tonight. and we do have some scattered rain and maybe a few rumbles of thunderer in your forecast through the weekend. details on that coming up a
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make headlines. a woman said she was attacked by a person dressed as a clown, and that person made threats toward students and teachers. channel 3's drew haransky reports there have been sitings here as well. >> reporter: over the years, clowns have evolved from happy to hovering, leading to what is now a creepy epidemic. in recent weeks, reports of so- called clowning have been popping up across the country, a disturbing trend where clowns have been with weapons, playing sick jokes on passers by. at inman and johnston streets in akron, a woman claims two men swung a bat at her car, while rumors of a clown terrorizing fire stone high school -- it's clearly become the hot halloween costume, but they're also warning customers to be careful. >> we remind the parents to tuck to their kids about
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>> reporter: police are not laughing with many departments now warning of arrests on the grounds of inducing panic or disorderly conduct if you're caught. school districts are sending warnings, too, with kirtland sending a message to parents today, letting them know this is something they may be hearing more about from their kids. channel 3 news. the man accused of hitting and killing highway patrol trooper kenneth m,l,z tonight. josh what gaspar was back in court today where his bond was raised to $1 million. he's pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. he is due back in court on october 11th. and bond set at $2 million today for the man accused of kidnapping and raping a nine-year-old mass loan girl. dennis m,nety is now in the stark county jail. his preliminary hearing is set for october 7th. now at 7, a beachwood
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help others in need. what these owners are doing is making a big difference in their community and beyond. >> reporter: blending leaves to make that perfect cup of tea is is a skill paula hirschman helped -- to master. their work here at storehouse tea is about so much more. >> we are part ministry, part business. >> reporter: alice came to cleveland nearly five years ago with her sisters, brother, and mother. they were refu rwanda. >> everything is -- you have to wait for getting food from somebody. you don't have any place to work. >> reporter: that's not the case here. paula welcomed alice and her sister anima with open arms. >> and i always wanted to work with women in a mentoring-type situation.
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women who have, you know, just forged their way here in cleveland. >> reporter: and they're also helping forge the way for others in a similar situation. this life-lease organic and free trade tea business has teamed up with back to jerusalem to create the brand schoolhouse tea. paula says all of the proceeds support the construction and operation of a school for children at a refugee camp in north iraq. >> i believe that when you set good and right the money will come. >> and that was tiffany -- reporting. tonight, black friday news is starting to come out. staples said today it will be closed on thanksgiving day, but will open at 6:00 a.m. on black friday. customers who want to shop on thanksgiving will have to go online at, where the company promises to have some great deals. ohio's minimum wage will go up 5 cents beginning january 1st to adjust for
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wage at 8:15 an hour. tip workers will get a 3-cent increase to 4.08 an hour. there was no increase in the -- for this year. fall is here, and that can mean only one thing: pumpkins. this weekend in huntburg, gee august bay county is celebrating system of the biggest pumpkins around. karl bachtel takes us to the 57th annual pumpkin festival. >> reporter: at the intersection of 322 and 528 in gee august bay county, you hear this a lot in the fall. >> wow,. >> reporter: it's pumpkin festival weekend. all the staples like cotton candy and elephant ears. there are different categories of pumpkins. >> you have the field pumpkins, which are the small ones. then you have jerry's super size pumpkins that he has there. >> reporter: jerry is local vegetable whisperer jerry rose. he entered his first pumpkin at age ten.
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was 59-pounder p. year's entry is 1,284 pounds. . it's down to 7 or 8 pounds a day. i'm hoping to get 50 pounds next week. >> reporter: but he'll get picked next weekend, and hopefully he'll be on the news for bigger thing to come. >> reporter: now that's a confident smile. they not only grow big veggies in huntsburg; they grow big fun. >> basically it's pr community and nonprofit organizations, and hopefully more with our cardinal school district for the kids. >> reporter: reporting from huntsburg -- >> wow. >> reporter: -- karl bachtel, channel 3 news. >> one in huntsburg is going to a pittsburgh restaurant. but a bigger one, more than 2,000 pounds will weigh in at next weekend's world championships in canfield.
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announcement that he's back in rehab. >> and the innerbelt bridge, it's almost done, but you will not believe evaluate took to build that
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each us that beauty grows with age. they give us the air we breathe. and they can explode into colors we never thought possible. the nature of trees reminds us that there are bigger things in life than us. a lesson best learned in a 19 million acre land of giants. welcome to the woods, of pure michigan. your scenic route begins at the whole bridge project will not be done until late october, but drivers we talked to seem to like what's been done this far >> coming down 90, you're real good until you fete to west point -- and it's still congested there until they of up the other
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. >> i do. >> joining me is amanda mcfarland. thanks for coming in. great to here you in the studio. >> i appreciate it. >> odot breathing a sigh of relief? . >> yes. this innerbelt bridge project has been a very long time in coming. a the love our project staff has been working on it for decades. >> give us an idea when everything is going to be up and run >> gary: we expect to have all lanes open on both bridges -- that's 5 lanes in each direction -- by the end of october? what's been the reaction from . >> i think everyone is very excited to know that the end is in sight. we broke ground on this project in the spring of 2011, and i think then people thought that this project was going to go on forever when we told them it would be 2016 before it was complete. i feel like we blinked, and here we are, and ready to get those bridges open to traffic. >> i got here in january 2012. give us some perspective. why was it necessary? why was it important to do this? . >> the old innerbelt bridge was one that had lived
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it had exceeded its life expectancy. we knew it was time to replace it. we wanted to are place it in a way that made it sort of iconic to cleveland. that's the reason for the design and how we got here. >> let's talk about some fun stuff here. let me know, just what did it take to build this bridge? how much concrete are we talking about, bolts? like the one you brought today. this is pretty intense. what are we talking about? how much equipment are we talking about? . >> it took 750,000 of those to builth that's a lot of bolts. concrete-wise, it is over 180,000 cubic yards, and i dud a little math. that's enough to build three first energy stadiums. that's a lot of concrete to build two bridges. >> that is and awful lot of concrete. in terms of workers, how many workers are we talking about on a daily basis? . >> over the course of the project, there were upwards of 500 people on the project. day to day, it really varies depending on the nature of the work. one there were at least 500 people that got jobs and
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>> and the perspective of odot projects over the years, where does this range in terms of size? . >> yeah. this project, when you combine the two projects, it is overhalf a billion dollars. that is the single largest project in dot's history. we're so excited to have it here in cleveland. >> amanda, let's talk about some of the projects ahead. >> yeah. coming up, we've got -- that i think people are going to be excited about. we're going to be widening i- 271 on the south end of chi hoe bay county starting at to the county line. we're also going to be doing some widening work on interstate 77 between about the turn part-time north to just south of 82. so that's a pretty big project. i drive 77 every day, so i'll be excited for that one. >> amanda mcfar, land. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you so much. . closing shop. next at 7, why a famous deli known for its giant sandwiches is san diego to close its doors. >> and a wet start to the
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out took three years, some 10,000 research hours, and -- hospitals should have it by the end of the year. it's estimated that more than a million premature babies are born in the u.s. each year. new york city's most iconic deli, the carnegie deli is closing its flag ship location on seventh avenue at the end of the year. of course it's then for those giant pastrami sandwiches. the deli, which has been open since 1937, is closing so the worker -- owner can work on licenseing the brand. the shop's other locations will stay open. if you are a "saturday night live" -- and who is not? -- the season premier is tomorrow night. actress margot robby is hosting. will focus on the recent presidential debate, debit from last monday.
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kate mckinen revisits her role as hillary clinton. >> they have nothing -- nothing to spoof. >> that's right. no fodder at all for the snl people. it's going to be fun to watch, certainly. tell me it's not going to be a wash out all weekend. >> it is not going to be a wash out all weekend. this is good news it whole thing is everybody -- it's all about timing and location at any point in time, we can have rain this weekend. area? no. so if you have outdoor plans, download our app. it's got the radar on it. i'm telling you, it works. pop up the radar. you're going to know what you're doing, what you need to do let's take a look at how things are far,d. occasional showers will be us with. some rumbles are possible. there's not a whole lot happening now. we are in a dry slot. it's kind of that jelly roll effect. we go dry, wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, than kind of all wraps around together.
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showers off to the east in should be county, and also extreme western sections of huron county. the big picture shows we have more dry air that is off to the south, but we also have another line of showers. cake, jelly, cake, jelly. we are in the cake, jelly, and then back to cake. that's what i'm going to be having this weekend. little debby, come on down girlfriend. we're going to have a party. oh i love jelly rolls. any way, there's our circulation with this upper-level low. it's moving northward. the whole idea is basically this area is going to move northward as well, which will put us in more dry air, cake, jelly, rain. that is good news. let's take a look at your hour- by-hour forecast. we have standard rain that could be heavy at times coming through tonight. once we get into the start of the day tomorrow, dry periods are expected. we might even got to see some peaks of sun. by the time we're in the noon hour, temperatures are
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long way with these type of scenarios. we could get pop ups and scattered showers and maybe a few rumblers as we head in into the afternoon and evening. notice in widespread swaths of rain across the area. so far so good. but it's all timing and location. into the midnight hour, and we enter into sunday, and we're not done with this system yet. we still have rain expected on sunday. it will be scattered around the area. temperatures will only be in the 60s, and then ultimately by the time we get into just going to keep forwarding. temperatures are going to be up around 70 tomorrow. upper 60s than as we go sunday into monday with drying conditions, and mid-70s by the middle of next week. >> little debby on line one. >> yeah. have you ever had those? . >> oh my gosh. >> just the yellow cake and whipped creek and strawberries. >> i know what we're having for dinner tonight. . nutritious, delicious.
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gore don and his future with the term.
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super dave has more on the team's stance on their star wide receiver, hugh jackson talking to reporters today. >> pretty strong comments about hugh jackson today. looks like they're moving on. nothing official, but the josh gore don news came down yesterday.
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instead of talking about the game. so now we wait to see what decision the browns make. as i mentioned, nothing official from the organization. however, multiple rots say they will release gore don at some point. many browns players showed their support for gore don today. hugh jackson is 100% behind him, but he said they're moving on. gore don will not be with them. >> and our focus, and our attention to detail is right. so that's my main concern, and i think what to do is just close that -- close that chapter now, you know. he's doing what he needs to do, and we need to do what we need to do, which is continue to move forward. >> and what we need to do now is talk about college football. big day tomorrow. it's the wagon wheel on the line, akron at kent state, a 3:30 kickoff. kent state last to number-one al last week 48-0. i would say it's time to put that behind them.
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akron. the zips are 2-2. golden slashes 1-3. so they go from playing the number one team in the country to their rival. >> you forget about it. you wipe it clean, and then you get ready to go play your rival. so our guys will be excited. wherever you put it, again we criminal what we can control. that's something we don't control. so we just sit there and go. plus ohio state op rutg,rs, and they're favored by 38. >> wow. i remember when you told us last week that al was favored by 43. >> yeah. and they won 48-zip? . >> and they covered. it was final score 48 to, like, 42 and a half. >> all right, dave. thanks a lot. friday night, a lot of people want to go out, eat outside. not happening tonight? . >> i think actually it's dry for now. it's just damp and cool and stuff. but this weekend, i think you're going to find it's not going to be a wash out.
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but we also have a lot of dry periods also. so don't be afraid to do stuff outside. just keep in mind -- >> that's actually very encouraging. et is up indication.
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?? tonigh d and angie's divorce game changer. >> there are many things that can go wrong. >> the closed door deal made today and the new scandalous twist. who just hired the real-life olivia pope to take the upper hand. >> funny how that then julianne hough accused of body shaming. >> i actually feel a little uncomfortable. >> why the dancing judge is on the defensive today. >> plus -- >> the super bowl goes gaga. she's taking over the halftime show, but why we could still see beyonce there. and ben affleck opens up about his family life using his fame


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