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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 3, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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sooner." and "my life is so different now." it's amazing. >> but for people -- now, we're at the end, here. obviously, somebody's watching this, they're a denture wearer, maybe they're afraid of the dentist... >> i say come in. you owe it to yourself to come in and see what we can do for you, how we can help you. you'll get to meet me. we'll do the ct scan. we'll do the imaging. and you and i will talk specifically about your specific situation and how we can best help you to get rid of that denture once and for all. >> r show. great stuff. great info. you've been watching "the wellness hour." i'm randy alvarez. for now, i wish you good health. >> thanks for watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news, with your host, randy alvarez, the authority on
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. on this sunday night, staggering loss, donald trump's $900 million tax deductions newly revealed by the surprise closure of one of his tax returns. tonight, trump on defense as democratic pounce and hurricane
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floods and prompting new warnings of catastrophic damage. deadly train disaster for the first time and we hear from the engineer that killed a by stander and injured more than 100 others. and last call of the final play by play of his career, the one only, vince scalia signed off after almost a decade. "nightly news" begins now. this is nbc's "nightly news" on kate snow. good evening, it happened on the first day of october that maybe the surprise that shakes up the presidential race. donald trump refused to make his tax returns public, someone mailed the new york times several pages of trump's 1995 tax records, those documents
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reported a mass sif loss. democrats jumped on the news and the trump campaign went on defense today, we begin with katy tur. three pages of a 1995 tax returns showing trump declared 915, 329, 293 lost. >>. >> so is this a big deal? >> not really a big deal. i think it is a big deal because no one has seen the tax returns. so, all of a sudden, they're getting a snippet of the operation loss but if you are a familiar with that, it is not a
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>> do you pay for federal income tax now? >> trump refusing to say yes or no then. not denying the content or conclusion of the new york times bomb shell now instead of tweeting, i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who's running for president and i am the only one that can fix them >> the reality is, he's a genius. there is no one who shows their ge around the test code. >> don't hate the player, hate the game. >> hillary clinton calling him out on the first debate. >> they showed he did not pay any federal income tax >> that makes me smart. >> now, daring him to release his returns to show how smart he really is. trump is making a street of gaming the system one year ago.
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can i say that? i am not a politician. >> from hedge funders from other billionaires like himself like regular americans. americans are gearing up to decide if trump will fight as hard to lower their taxes as he may have done on his own. >> the trump campaign did not deny he paid no federal income tax instead of releasing a statement times." although the statement also says the fiduciary's responsibility to pay business no more than legally required. kate, these are his personal tax returns and not his business tax returns. >> katy tur for us tonight. thanks so much. as you imagine, hillary clinton's backers waited no time today jumping on that. clinton herself focused on other
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from kelly o'donell >> a laugh with staffers on her campaign plane. hillary clinton's allies made a comment on trump. >> billionaires like donald trump able to manipulate the tax systems so they avoid of paying affordable income tax. >> today the protest of shooting in california continues and black lives matter graffiti appeared in trump's hotel in washington dc. >> clinton visited a church in charlotte followed the police shooting death there two weeks ago. >> my worries are not the same as black grandmothers who have different and deeper fears about the world that their
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today busath night in pennsylvania he acted out a stumble to mock her on her illness last month. >> she cannot march 15 feet to her car, give me a break. trump's campaign accused clinton of mocking. clinton's campaign reflecting the frustrations she learned about on the campaign trail. kelly o'donell, nbc news, washington. >> for more now on tp political impact of this whole trump tax disclosures. we turn to our "meet the press," moderator, chuck todd. >> on one hand, i think the trump's response that hey, he knows the tax code inside and out and this is his way of
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type of thinking. the people that are already with him, that's among the reasons they are with him. this is a guy that they think has taken advantage of the system and therefore can blow the system up. we are thinking it hurts trump is that he still needs to add for his vote totals. he needs 46% or 47%. that last slight of voters, these are the people that are not with him yet, what is he these stories of not paying for federal income taxes based on business losses are not a way to add votes to his vote totals. in that respect, it again provides long-term damage just on that part of it. whether it dislodges voters from him, i don't think it will do that. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. now to the other major story, hurricane mathew, a powerful and deadly storm that demonstrated
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barrels through the caribbean. much of the region is on high alerts, including jamaica. tonight after slamming the coast of columbia, one of the most powerful atlantic hurricane in nearly a decade heading towards to jamaica and haiti and cuba. it is now a violent category four hurricane triggering deadly oo and roads and bridges. >> lashing out and lighting up aruba, the monster surf had officials pleading for locals to stay away from the beach. not everyone is heating the warning. >> in jamaica, millions are braising. >> how worry are you about this one? >> a run-on supply, lumber and groceries and gas. >> it is all in god's hand. there is no point in worrying
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you have to be -- you would be foolish if you did not prepared for it. >> jamaica is not the only country that's feeling mathew's wrath. >> mathew is expected to have a catastrophic impact. these huts cannot withstand the powerful hurricane and many areas are struggling to recover. mathew is expected to dump up to 40 inches of rain in some area and that could life-threatening floods and mud slides. >> this is kerri sanders in cuba, they are preparing for a direct hit. more than 500,000 people are patching down and others are heading in land. the u.s. navy has a base their
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back in jamaica up to 20 inches of rain could quickly fall. winds like this, people are hunkering down for impact. >> reporter: with beaches closed and shelters opened, we are beginning to see the first rainfall connected to this hurricane hitting jamaica. it will intensify over the next several hours and over night. the prime minister here says there is nothing more than this country can do but except braise for the brunt of this storm. for more of the potential impact of the united states, lets turn to our meteorologist, dylan briar. >> we are seeing winds currently up to 145 miles per hour. it is not moving all that much right now. it is going to basically thread its way between haiti and cuba. tomorrow, we'll see the effects even in jamaica even though the
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east, tonight, we are looking at outer band making their way into jamaica and haiti. that's the heavier rain ahead of the storm. tomorrow, storm surging to 7 to 10 feet up to 40 inches of rain possible. jamaica could see 20 inches of rain, eastern cuba could end up 25 inches of rain. after that, that's where there is a lot of question marks what's going to happen for the the american models is a lot faster than the european model. they take it right along the coast out to see them. we are going to see this continuing to move to the east, this is still about a week away. there is a lot of time to iron out this part of the forecast, we'll be watching it closely in the meantime >> it looks like the carolinas need to pay close attention. dylan dreyer, thank you very
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was shot has died. jacob family says he showed them how to laugh and smile. there are new developments tonight in the new jersey commuter crash that killed a by stander and injured more than 100 other people. federal safety officials revealed of some of what the engineers had to say about that crash. tammy more details. >> reporter: yes, he told us he was well rested, the train seemed to be working fine that night and he tested the brakes before leaving the station. he says that he was going about ten miles an hour when he headed into the station, according to the ntsb, he says he had no memory of the crash and he woke up on the floor of the train.
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unanswered questions of what caused thursday's crash that injured 100 people and killed one. the black box that was recovered, that was manufactured in 1995 and it was not operational. they're hope thag the black box which is in the front car will be newer and was working. they have not been able to recover that yet because that front car is covered with debris. they started removing that debris yesterday, they're going clock. but, as you can imagine, it is a tedious process. everything they bring out of there is a piece of evidence. now, at this point tonight, it is still unclear if the brakes were applied as that train is headed into the station or an automated breaking system called positive train control could have prevented this accident.
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thank you very much. the disaster in north korea is only now being revealed. historic floodings killed more than 600 people and left more than half a million people in need of help in that country. nbc's bill nealy went to that area. a place that we believe no one has been to since the korean war. >> nor marched to rebuild and ordered in like tens or thousands more, fighting kim jong-un to battle north korea's battle. a paradise. >> the floods destroyed every home in these villages and
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>> it is worst than 100 years. >> people are still digging on. >> these are already some of the poorest people in the world. now, they got absolutely nothing. >> except a primitive shelter for a family of five and a promise. >> our leader kim jong-un promised us that he will provide us new houses for the winter so we believed him. >> they certainly believed the killed hundreds and left half a million indeed of urgent help. the work here is back breaking. teenage girls joining work gangs to haul stones. >> reporter: officials say the 8,000 people working on this site have orders to finished five story apartment blocks in just four weeks. they are working around the clock.
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music, one man is missing the dear leader, kim jong-un has not once visited his country's catastrophic. his land is devastated. nbc news, north korea. still ahead tonight, one
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we are back with an unusual journey for one american family that's taken shapes from two continents and showing how their spirits can be. they are from kentucky, a one in a million chance paid off.
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>> no, we have to take two cars, we don't fit. >> they have special needs children adopted from china. >> they need time and love. >> then something extraordinary happens. lisa just browsing on facebook saw a picture of a 13-year-old orphan who looked just like their 12-year-old daughter aubrey. >> they wonder could she have a sister. the orphange agreed -- looks like we are going to china again. >> they decided to bring the girls together who for years
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never knew they were sisters. they have to act quickly. avery's birthday is just months away. >> you are talking about a process that normally happens in two and a half years, you were going to fast track it in five months? >> and it was the most stressful thing. >> with help from officials and friends in the united states and china and more than $50,000 raised through a go-fund me campaign, they did it. adoption papers in record time >> there was just no way not going to do it. >> jean set out to bring avery home. >> back in kentucky, a homecoming and a new start. >> in our wildest dreams, did you think you had a sister? >> no. >> but, now a sister and a new life and a loving family. >> i mean half way on the other side of the world, you know? >> my kids and now they're all
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>> rahema ellis. georgetown. >> those smiles.
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i mean this man unfit to be commander in chief. >> wrong. >> he's a bully. >> shut up. >> he further the birther movement. >> you did. >> live from new york, the presidential campaign in the season premier of "saturday night live." going to toe with the show's
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baldwin. >> and a spectacular show in the sky this weekend of hot air balloons of the fest ta. it features more than 500
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the most extraordinaries in baseball. vince skully calling games for the dodgers back when harry truman were president. today is his final play-by-play, here is joe friar. >> ben skully makes it feel like art. >> ballpark poetry with the last line now written.
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of et. skully have been the dodgers' broadcaster for 67 seasons. >> i got bobble heads. >> skully's voice became a soothing city fixture. >> he's one of the greatest dodgers ever. he's by far the greatest. >> can you imagine dodgers baseball without him? >> i am shuttering. >> if you have a sombreo, throw it to the sky. >> the game winning home run in the 88 world series. in a year that has been so improble has happened. >> the lord has blessed me.
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me to do it in 67 years. what am i going to say? darn it, i didn't get number 68. >> she's gone! at age 88, skully called his final game in san francisco today, exactly 80 years to the day he recalls falling in love with baseball, just as baseball fell in love with him. >> joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. >> and that's our nbc's ht news" for sunday night, lester holt will be back here tomorrow. i am kate snow reporting in new
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? ? hurricane matthew unleashing winds up to 145 miles per hour. packing torrential rainfall and unleashing devastating flooding. late breaking details just ahead. and more details about donald trump's mp he mocks hillary clinton's past pneumonia. >> and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. >> breaking overnight. reports that kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint right inside her paris hotel room. plus "saturday night live" with a ratings smash as the new season kicks off with a bang.


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