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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 4, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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in akron, channel 3 news. >> less than 24 hours from now, the vice president candidates will square off in a debate for the first time. preparations under way at longwood university. tim kaine of virginia will go head to head with republican indiana governor mike pence. cbs correspondent will moderate the debate. the on l time the vice presidential candidates will face off. american journalist will moderate a national debate. and a series of murders. that span several counties. we have reported that shawn grade has been charged with two counts of murder and has confessed to another. now, police released a sketch of a new woman. he reportedly confessed to
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remember her name. police also say great sold them, the woman sold his mother a magazine subscription and he got angry and killed the woman when the mother did not get the magazine she ordered. also this evening, just how effective are federal reforms for local police departments for using excessive force? the investigator tom myer is back with a story he broke >> reporter: it began in l. a. in the wake of rodney king beating by white cops. department of justice or d. o. j. information and police use of excessive and deadly force. since then, few big city police departments have escaped federal scrutiny often results in mandatory reforms that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. it's better to manage it on the
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off, 16 cities have reached agreements with the feds. one analysis last year, found the federal interventions don't always work. >> we try talking to you. you got to fight. >> d. o. j. finished a 4 year probe of learanie police. found "problems regarding the use of force" but two years following the d. o. j. probe, this incident was caught on camera. causing critics these are effective. police found slamming his face into a windshield, system shattering the glass. >> it doesn't appear the training and recommendations made in the letter have been followed very closely by the city. >> reporter: we tried repeatedly to question the police chief about the video and the lawsuit connected with it. it was only after we aired the video twice that he called a news conference. he announced the county
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case. something the victim's attorney says should have been done a long time ago. >> to avoid any appearance of inpropriety or conflict of interest, it would be prudent to bring in a special prosecutors. >> reporter: while federal investigators found abuse cases had declined since 2008, they were especially critical of lorain police brass. the feds called ifor the city to "investigate and remedy fi use of excessive force." d. o. j. criticized lorain police for allow minor infractions to escalate. critics say it happened again in the case of smith who was initially. sod -- stopped by police for jay walking. >> there's nothing that i see in this video that would justify them slamming that guy's face into the windshield. >> county prosecutor could have reviewed this case soon after it happened. but he never did.
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request. will has yet to return our phone call. >> thanks, tom. watch out for this fugitive of the week. wanted for parole violations after being charged with kidnapping and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. timmy bailey jr. is 21 years old. about 5-foot 11 and ways about 160 pounds. believed to be hiding in cleveland. if you have any information on him, you can call your screen. tips can stay anonymous and there is reward money available. coming up tonight, sitings around the country. when does dressing like a clown become illegal. we take a look at cases including here in northeast ohio. >> and see what customers can start ordering tomorrow. >> and hurricane matthew, hear how millions from florida and up the eastern sea board are preparing for the category 4 storm. >> tough one. it definitely is.
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our tribes forecast, late weekend, could be impacted by that storm. as well as a cold front that comes into our weekend forecast. lots going on. i'll tell you about it in your full forecast.
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menu. the team announced chirzo will hit the menus tomorrow. the restaurants website says it consistent of spicy chicken and pork sausage blended with toasted cumin. chipotle pepper and three variations of paprik, a. what has become known as "clowning" has been a hot topic this fall. >> it sounds funny. but police say this it too far. carlee found out when dressing up as a clown becomes illegal. >> reporter: we're not talking about doing the normal halloween thing, trick or treating or going to a party with friends. but if you're purposely trying to scare someone specific or the public at large. even if you never touch them or talk to them, you could end up facing a fine or even jail time. >> the people behind the masks, think they're hilarious. but not everyone is laughing. reports of clowning popping up
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including here in ohio. people dressed at clowns. sometimes holding weapons. intending to scare whoever sees them. >> there's been a lot of intention on clown sitings and such. they think, maybe this would be funny. >> east lake police dealt with it today. clown threats on instagram naming east lake middle school. according to global intelligence company, it's similar to a bomb threat at a school. >> these kind of threats in our day and age need to be taken the school shooting that have occurred until proven otherwise. >> reporter: the east lake threats turned out to be from three six grade girls. they'll likely face the city's diversion program but others could get a hasher funnel. charges could include inducing panic, aggravated menacing. and trespassing. they can be elevated to felons in some cases.
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use valuable resources. >> reporter: the chief says all case is different. whether you're actually arrested could depend on your intent, what's implied, the time of day, and what's said or transmitted. even people who sell the clown costumes know you shouldn't be a bozo when it comes to clowning. >> think before you act. dress up in a scary clown. menacing others will get someone in deep trouble. >> if there are clown sitings in your community, photo, get a description of the person or vehicle, note which way they travel and call 911. >> at this hour, hurricane matthew makes its way across the caribbean. packing winds of more than 140 miles an hour. it's already causing issues in the islands and later this week, could impact the east coast. the water is already knee deep in jamaica. and more in the way. haiti and aruba also feeling
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definitive track. >> the destruction could be catastrophic. think about it. we have something like in a long time. >> and governor scott declared a state of emergency for every county in florida. matthew already blamed for four deaths. >> and you have been watching this closely. we could see of impact here -- see some impact here. >> i think that direct impact will be well to the east of it's going to be the pushing force. that will impact us. that starts our weekend off. i want to remind everybody, when governor's declare states of emergency, all that does is open up funding and opportunities. it does mean the storm is imminent and coming. >> not the same as an evacuation order. >> exactly. >> but first, we have a dense fog advisories issued here. >> quite the other end of the spectrum.
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as temperatures pushing into the 70s. there's where that dense fog advisories kicks off. all of the counties see there highlighted in grey. i guess, low lighted in grey with the exceptions being, lake shore, the areas north of 90 and also carol counties. here's how the visibilities expected to go tonight. you can see where we get these darker colors. that's where things get little merky. remember fogs come and god. what you leave may not be what you encounter. so just keep that in mind. you may want to check in with them. maybe adding a couple extra minutes in the morning. just to be safe. rather than sorry. the dense fog, seemingly going to be spread across the area. and i think a lot of us will have the light fog with area of dense fog possible. but by 10:00 a.m. most of the fog should be mixed out. and we shouldn't have any problems with that. high pressure is in control.
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dealt with last week is out of here. thankfully, took the rain, took the clouds with it. and now as we look to the west, we are keeping an eye on a storm system that is pretty canada impressive. as far as the satellite and radar picture, this is going to trips its way across the country. late friday into early saturday. just about the time, this front comes through northeast ohio, we will have a pretty good idea as to where matthew will be along the ea this is the hurricane that everyone has been talking about. big hurricane. it's a beast as i have been saying 145-mile an hour winds now. moving to the north at 7 miles per hour. expected to kind of snake its way past haiti and cuba. but causing devastating effects there. going to spend quite some time in the bahamas. forecast tracks have shifted west slightly. throughout the day today. and then the storm is expected to kind of hug the east coast. could take an easterly turn.
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but here's the thing. as that storm is expected it to come off of the east coast. our front is coming in and that will trap a lot of moisture being slung around by the hurricane. so by sunday, with the front just in to boston. and a potential masty storm off shore. our time could get soaked with the red sox. so we'll see what's going on with that. and that could definitely be a gig story for the weekend. window nation forecast has us in the 70s and don't forget, the sunny skies would certainly be nice. the fog will be with us in the morning. up around 80 and by saturday, here comes the front with cooler weather. >> all right. thank you. coming up, just three days away now from the baseball playoffs. round one, between the indians and the redd red sox. jimmy has the schedule, the game times, and a preview of the series next in sports.
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she's going to talk about her new book. and hey haley bennett stops by
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here we go. off we go to game one of the american league divisional
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indians. indians and red sox game. game one of the best of five. third pitch, thursday night at 8:08. inside the series. the red sox won the season series. four games to two. hear in cleveland and twice in boston. more wins on the road than any other team in the american lead. they had 46. but the indians had more wins by 1. overall in the season 94 winds to 93. but really, short series, or any series. it comes down to pitching and really, it comes down to young, trevor bower. here's jenson lewis. >> it stepped up so much better. i think trevor bower is pitching at home instead of fenway park. even if josh tomlin goes out there and lays a clunker, i don't think he'll do that. you have the advantage in a short series. you don't need a four starter.
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may make the roster. to be able to add some length. but that sort -- shortening the game. >> but it's about the starters right away. game one thursday night. rick will go for the red sox. a young award candidates he had 22 wins on't year and you go against trevor bowerrer. and then kluven going in game two. friday afternoon, that could put them in a great position to try and get to three wins. monday the blown browns win and again, they were in position to win the game yesterday in washington. but they cannot get over the top. and i think it's because they're missing that big play maker. both on offense and on defense. somebody, that when things go wrong, when you fumble or throw an interception, the world doesn't cave in. you have a guy that goes, listen, i'll get us through this p follow me. they don't have that guy right now. so they're 0-4. which is
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this difficult. it's tough. but we are -- i'm seeing a lot of young guys improve. we just not seeing what i want to see. >> it's crazy how, so many times we're up and we're in the game and beat -- and something goes wrong. >> yeah. he's right about that. >> and a tough break for this young man. austin rider. to play for the broncs and plays really well waved today by the browns. eligible to. coback after a four game suspension. he's still facing further suspension from the nfl and the browns say bye bye to him. cavs today back at practice and they're first preseason game. comes up in a couple days. on wednesday, lebron james did not play yesterday in the wine and gold scrimmage. he just sat and as you can see, he just kind of took it easy. how much does he need to play. they'll play him lightly.
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>> i don't know. i haven't actualed talked to coach about preseason schedule. i'm okay, either or. i'm talking plays. doesn't want me to play or whatever. it doesn't mean anything. >> i would agree with him about that the. they signed a buddy of his today to point guard. he played with him in miami. he gets a chance to make the team out of training camp. still no deal with j. r. smith. >> and still no win on -- i don't know if i for the browns yet. >> you may have pointed that out.
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tonight, monster hurricane. matthew blasts the caribbean. the deadly category 4 storm bringing historical rain, flash floods, and potentially krat strofic wind. tonight, the growing threat it will strike the u.s. swarm of 200 small quakes triggering an unprecedented warning. new worries that the big one may be coming. trump's taxes. trump boasts he's used taxes to his benefit, after a bombshell report alleges he may not have paid anything for two decades. mystery illness. growing concerns that a virus which may cause paralysis in children is making a
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a celebrity robbed of jewels at gunpoint by masked men in her own home. could it have been an inside job? "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. hurricane matthew, the most powerful atlantic storm in nearly a decade is taking aim at cuba and haiti at this hour, on a slow and deadly march that could impact the united states by the end of the week florida's governor has already declared a state of emergency. but the immediate concern right now, are the caribbean islands where the category 4 storm is expected to drop rain amounts measured in feet, triggering floods and mudslides. this view of the monster storm is captured from the international space station. the eye clearly visible as sustained winds up to 140 miles per hour swirl around it. already there have been three storm-related deaths. our gabe gutierrez is
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latest. >> reporter: tonight hurricane matthew is pounding the most vulnerable, lashing southwestern haiti, as it slowly churns up the caribbean. threatening jamaica and millions in its path. this child nearly pulled out to sea. eastern cuba bracing for a direct hit, so is the bahamas. even the u.s. east coast is preparing for the storm's impact. >> right now the projected path is a little off the coast. it could change at a moment's we'll not have a lot of time to get ready 37. >> reporter: matthew is already blamed for three deaths, including a fisherman in haiti. the last time a category 4 storm hit the country, thousands were killed and hundreds were washed away. the nation still struggling to recover from a catastrophic earthquake six years ago. >> this storm could be highly devastating for haiti, particularly the rainfall. >> reporter: up to 40 inches are rain are possible in some
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through the rugged mountains, worsened by massive deforestation in this impoverished country and leaving thousands in danger. known as the promise land, it's where more than 200,000 people settled after the earthquake. now they're facing yet another disaster. we have nowhere else to go, this woman says. tonight children will ride out matthew under tin roofs, protected only by stra cinder blocks. the government is urging residents, especially in mountain areas, to take cover. but many are refusing to leave their homes, trying to protect what little they have. lester? >> all right, gabe in haiti starting us off. al roker, where is this storm headed? >> the models are starting to say the southeastern united states.
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on 225 miles southwest of port-au-prince. it's picked up forward speed north at 7 miles per hour. by tuesday it's making its way to the bahamas. thursday, it's making a mess of the bahamas, but look what happens by saturday afternoon. 105-mile-per-hour winds. and the cone of uncertainty, 350 miles wide. everyone in that cone has to watch. the u.s., the euro and the national hurricane center, all are fairly close, one is faster than the other and continues to keep them along the coastline. so we'll have to watch it right into the weekend. >> we'll check for your update tomorrow morning on "today." thank you. to president politics now and donald trump late today coming out swinging over his taxes after a bombshell report claimed he may not have paid any for 18 years. trump still has not released his tax returns, but did boast
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we get more from nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden. >> the unfairness of the tax laws and unbelievable. >> reporter: he's based much of his candidacy on being a successful businessman. but tonight, donald trump defending why he lost nearly a billion dollars in 1995. >> i was able to use the tax laws of this country, and my business acue men to dig out of the estate mess upon i have brilliantly used those laws. >> reporter: trump has refused to release his taxes, but three pages of his 1995 returns have been published by "the new york times." how did they come to you? >> it was a friday afternoon, i was walking by my mailbox, and i looked in, and there was a manila envelope from the trump tower. i opened it up and there was three pages of donald trump's tax returns there.
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>> reporter: at issue, a totally legal tax loophole that may have made it possible for trump to use the nearly billion dollar loss to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. >> what would be the effect of having nearly a billion dollars in losses? >> you could have about nearly a billion dollars of income in the next 15 years and not pay tax on them because you could just use the losses to wipe it out. >> reporter: but nothing illegal about doing it? >> well, it's not illegal to be a bonehead. it's n use $916 million. it's stupid, embarrassing, but it's not illegal. >> reporter: the massive loss may have come as a result of deep trouble in multiple trump businesses in the late 1980s and '90s. >> donald trump's businesses, a lot of them hit the rocks. casinos filing for bankruptcy. the plaza filing for bankruptcy. a lot of red ink out of these companies. people lost their jobs.
3:37 am
he could use to his advantage. saying tonight, it all-adds to his qualification to be president. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why i am one who can truly fix them. i'm working for you now, i'm not working for trump. >> reporter: but tax experts tell us mr. trump's published tax plans wouldn't eliminate any of these provisions, it would make it more favorable for real estate developers like himself. >> cynthia mcfadden, thank you. also under fire, the trump foundation. new york's attorney general ordering to cease and desist fundraising in the state because it's not properly registered. it has 15 days to comply. something trump on said to veterans about vrtss has many outraged by hillary clinton takes new aim over his taxes. we have it all covered starting with nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: donald trump's foundation ordered to cease and desist by the new york attorney general.


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