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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  October 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. now at 6:00. millions of dollars in potential today and donald trump has a slight lead here in the buckeye state, he's opening an endorsement today will widen that lead. state of emergency, the u.s. braces for hurricane matthew as the strongest storm in a decade slam it is caribbean. right now let's bring in holly who's not only tracking that storm but also our weather. >> yes, and we will start locally. we will give you the latest
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minutes but it is a foggy start for as lot of you across northeast ohio. dense fog advisory for all of you. we will go from fog to sunshine. 7:28 the sun rise, and it is a mild, warm day for october 4th. we are up to 74. we should normally end up about 67 the high. in the meantime you are all under the dense fog advisory through 9:00 a.m. it is not only areas around cleveland. it is south of the akron canton and visibili spots. it has been pretty consistent through lorain and worcester, dover is now down in visibility from last check. it has been fine downtown cleveland and east over into ashtabula. far matter, akron/canton at three miles but it can all change really fast. that's why we're tracking your drive really closely and have a look at the roads. good morning to you.
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we look at the traffic map and you can see we're still green which means normal drive times but we're keeping our eyes on how the fog will impact the commute. so far i am seeing the heaviest, 71, 76, also seeing a little fog, just a little bit on 77 at 480 in independentment here a picture where you can see it is not really impacking your commute too bad. no accident, no major delays but if you take 14, streetsboro, remember it is closed between diagonal and pike because the bridge is closed due to unsafe conditions. your detour you need to take, you can take 303 to 44 or take 43 to 59 to pick up 14. back to you. all right. thank you. >> some breaking news this morning, this is a live picture of the damage from another smash and grab robty attempt at a metro pcs store.
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you can see the damage to the buildings pretty severe but there's an atm still inside. wear told that two vans were used to break into this building, including a handicap transportation van. but they are no longer on the scene. police continue to investigate, yet another case just like this one. need to cut millions of dollars from the budget and some fear the plan on the table could hurt the quality of education for students. >> let's look from the senior high school. tiffany students are taking a stand today. >> they are, john and leona. they're protesting these cuts, they say they're not happy about the possibility of losing their teachers. ere, the schools programs and some of these buildings: let's show you how this plan sits out right now: we know that the ohio department of education say that is $15 million needs to be cut from the budget over the next two years the school board has proposed americaning
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elementary schools down to eight. now the school district is made up of parmaa par ma height and and mill hill, we know not only the proprois happening today, the reason why is because there was a special meeting being held right now at the high school today. that begins at 5:30. the student protest is happening an hour before. live in parma, the first and only televised vice president usual debate will take place in prime time tonight. >> the debate between pence and tim kayne will be in formville, virginia. it will be divided into nine time segments of about 10 minutes each. cbs correspondent will moderate the debate and ask the candidate an opening question
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to respond. she's the first asian american journalist to moderate a national debate, you will find right here on channel 3 at 9:00. >> 34 days until election day, it is a tight race for white house. according to latest poll, don al trump is leading hillary clinton here in ohio, the margin is five points. so it is still a tight race in ohio very much in play and as always, ohio is the focal point for both hillary clinton was in akron yesterday, today it is the trump campaign exampling to buckeye state. we will have all the -- today he pickpick up on endorsement in cleveland. >> yeah, that endorsement may help grow that five point lead with the latest poll and it is down to accent the endorse amount as the forker mayor rudy julia know.
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after he accept this is formal endorsement from the capp. he also picks up the enforcement between the fraternal order of police. she raised some concerns about supporting the candidates. it is the first time they have broken separate to make an endorse example trump critic zach reed renounced giuliani's visit >> cppa is engaged in excessive force that lived distrust. now, you come out and endorse this individual. mr. chairman, it is a slap in the face. he went on to say that next week he listens on introducing a resolution to the council to go back on this endorsement, john from the cppa. he said it is not a good thing.
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slap in the face. he's hoping that it will pass and they can really distance themselves and point a finger at the cppa for making an endorsement at the presidential campaign. thank you so much. >> new information this morning in a series of murders that span several counties. we report that sean has been charged with two cups of murder and confessed to another. now they released a new sketch of a woman they identify. he met with -- he reportedly confessed cokilling a woman in 2005. he told police he could not her name. mishave -- the woman sol her mother a magazine subscription and he got angry and killed the woman when his mother did not get the magazine. of death row inmate by using at three drug combination.
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death since an inmate struggled and and gasps his designation. he raped and and business his girlfriend in -- >> >> how here is leona with the morning news feed. don trump while speaking to i grip of veterans in unanimously. >> take a listen. when people and cobat see thinks that you have have you arening zonk. -- trump went on to say he will change the health care system for veterans to make it quote robust. but some groups took issue with his comment saying he impaired mr. veterans are not strong.
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taken out of contest. hurricane matthew is moving across the crib y packing more than 140 miles per hour winds. it can impact the east coast later this week. >> florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for every county. matthew is blamed for four deaths including two fishermen in haiti. they're trying to recover the data recorder from the transit train crash in new jersey. it is located in the front car which is buried by debris and the reporter in the rear of the train was not orworking. it was suppose today store speed and breaking information. one person was killed and more
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record high for the tension year in a row the average total cost is using an out of network d $57. overdraft fees are down while free checking 5:00 downs have increased for the first time since 20009. it is 610 tim. google said to unvail the new smart phone who's expect today be the comp competition and what else they're rumors to have in national taco day with free food and drink. >> >> sounds delicious. >> we need extra time this morning on the drive because it is -- because of fog. patchy, dense fog already, the advisely goes through 9:00 a.m. be ware you can driver a street or two and the fog can change. it is up to 47. 28, and it is going warm up to
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glass. >> >> 61:00. we are tracking our weather and also the latest on hurricane
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tech talk, goingal expect today unvail the smart phones, they're holding an event in san francisco, where it should show that's replace it is nexus. it could cost more than $600 at the high end of the market. google may also unvail a home to compete with amazon echo and
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they also have taco day. as for deals, they're offering a free drink with salsa. you have to sign up for loyalty program and moe's is suffering a free burrrto. - year americans ate 4.5 billion taco, that's as much as two empire state buildings. >> you don't really just say i will have one taco. >> right. >> that's why. >> we had tacos for dinner i had two tacos and everything falls out. a made a giant taco salad. >> mexican rice and put some saw cream on top of that and pass the cheese, kids. >> obviously our invitation was lost. did you get that invitation?
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invitation. >> i was -- >> where will you have your taco. >> we have areas of fog this morning. we will talk about that and also it is a great taco tuesday, and kids, we're expecting a cool but pleasant wait at the bus stop for you. it is foggy in and warm into the 70s, sos the a perfect day for taco, make it on the stove and don't heat the house up too much because it will get warm today. 67 is the normal high. mid 70s is where we're headed though on this october 4th. a lot of sunshine, once we get past the fog this morning. thank you for yours letting us know what you are waking up to. >> once the fog does dissipate it is a lot of sunshine throughout the day, blue sky
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dense fog advisory, it is for all of northeast ohio through 9:00 a.m., and in spot where is visibilitys are low, lorain, worcester is low at this point along with new philadelphia and dover. you are around around mile which is is descent. as you other downtown it has been no problem at all, again, all subject to change because within minutes we can see those conditions really fluctuate and it is be our dew points and actual air temperatures are close. >> it is hurricane matthew, overnight this has strengthened even more. it is still a category four but winds are up to 145 miles per
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center of the east coast, the margin of error, of course, it is either way at this point. so it is one to watch, florida, carolinas, we will be updating you. this is a a major catastrophic hurricane at point. and that takes us through the rest of your work and school week. we expect a chance of a shower on saturday although it is pretty small at this point. we will fallish into the weekend and it look like 60s and sunshine by next monday. 6:17. here is say check of your drive. get a greet deal at mike bass. >> i am following us on foggy. 76 at u.s. u.s. 224 and as you
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here put you. noodles or big exits buzz of the fog and as we said we're tracking this throughout morning rush: it shall clear account a.m. looking at the traffic map we have the tip cap spot of slow traffic just before the inner belt bridge but a cleared out once you get to inner belt. here is the picture i-90, both inner belt, eastbound and westbound moving just fine. let's check that drive time, on 71 north, into 48 and an eight minute commute. that's normal so we have normal drive times and no accident. >> >> thank you so much. the biggest winners and to -- on whether this fan is a winner or loser but history is definitely not on his side. look at this. seen here is knoll brown, die
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tatoo that reads holy crowd, first broken 2016 world series champions. this is for a team who hasn't won the world series in 108 years. fair favored to win right now and he's very comfort but his wifewifes action, she says he's nuts. that's her exact wet. the only good things is that it was free. he won a radio connest. we will see if the players are spent their weekends coming it and supporting the youngest planers their name. they see the high school players at the game. that's awesome. that showshows community spirit. my thanks to lisa for sending the story and the photo. those are biggest winners right
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nominate your champion or all star, spend me the picture and story. or tweet them to me at john,ay world series champions. >> you may have to change the year. >> i love it. >> all right. 6:20, cracking down on fake reew make sure customers aren't being followed. holly. >> with. the fabulous fall guy from robin in akron, just amazing as we take a beautiful sun which you are from picture. robin say i would love to change the season. this a great tim ofier, we will
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all right. 6:24. one of the biggest crack downs is underway at amazon. >> we are talk about reviews. >> yes. >> and this is a very perhaps, dare i say honest approach. you would think that amazon would want to crack down on all of those positive review, type of products are. and it was revealed by bloomburg last month that more than investigate their purchase by going to i get amazon prices a lots of the time. when i don't i am looking at the prerues like you and amazon wants to make sure they're honest. they will tracking down. i don't accept a dime of
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companies but a lot of viewers are happy to post that preview in exchange for a purchase. they announced a new policy saying no way and i support that. that's great. if you are interested in determining on your own who remembered a review is fake i have a cool resource. it is not spot on all of the time but it is called fake >> yelp review or amazon and using you whether or not a review is correct or possibly fake. >> bear that in mind but a great resource and what amazon is doing right now, very you anemic for a lot of, i think it could affect their purchases. >> how can they possibly tell that it is fake? i mean that's the individual at a computer. >> i think now they're watching
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claim codes to other people and those codes create the track. that's my personal opinion. >> trying to make it as honest as possible. >> thank you. >> >> testify here is holly. >> thank you. we are forecasting a foggy start but a sunny finish. we will see a lot of sunshine. it will be delayed for some of you, the dense fog advisory. go to 9:00 a.m. we are in the 50s. it will warm to near afternoon. >> we hit 71 in hopkins yesterday. on the travel map, the big national store i have of course hurricane matthew, winds are up to 145 miles per hour. so it is still a category four but a five mile increase while you were asleep. the track is bringing it very close to the united states toward tend of week: we will keep you updated. just a reminder, we have the heart walk coming and you we're so excited to see you and hope
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you can't join my team or come downtown to -- you're more than than welcome to just donate. any little bit helps from 8:00 to 10:00 on saturday. >> all right. >> we will see you there. 27:00. college campus clown scare. we look at when dressing like a clown to scare people actually break it is law. >> an inside job, the latest on what happened to kim kardashian during an armed robbery and who
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. >> welcome back. the time is 6:30. holly has the forecast in just a moment but here are the top stories we are following that morning. new overnight, one man was taken was ejected from his car following a roll aftercrash. it happened near east 108th the man lost control of the car and hit a poll before flipping. police on the scene toll us he was take on the university hospital where he remains in critical condition. the city of east cleveland has an operational ambulance thanks to a donation by oakwood village. they donateed it vehicle after
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the road by the end of today. the army corp. of engineers announced late last night that it will dredge parts of the -- celtment has been so they were forced to carry lighter roads during delivery. this has been a controversial issue. the army corp. has not dredgeed it river in over a year now, because of eta concernconcerns the setment is tockic. it is safe t where that will be disposed. >> fog has been the issue. >> how long do you this they will stick around. >> the advisory is through 9:00 a.m. so we ten to see the fog start to dissipate but it can take an hour and a half after sun vise before that really happens for some of you. so that is going to be the case and then we're into a loft
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highs, now. you're all included, this is not just limit today cleveland or bow down 5:00 rock it is muchthan yesterday and visibilities are reeded does -- and dover we've had visibles way under a file and remember, even these are abstain at reporting voice sites. s is very common you run into a three 2 where it is not the case. just allow extra time. viz. it means you can't see a few cars in problem front of you. be care. on the bus stop and kids out this.
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that this. you can see it on traffic map and i know other colors are the orange and red peaks slow downs on your drove and we are seeing 71 north as well as0 east into the inner belt bridge. here is the picture on 90 east. -z you can traffic building up and stop and go traffic into the inner belt. if we look at the drive time, 90 east into 490. it is a 16 minute commute, that's still a normal drive time. and into downtown on 71 h from charlottesville, a a minute commute that's normal a little slow on the generals from 480. that's a three minute delay and an eight minute commute at 6:33. >> also we have an accident on 480 east as you are approaching 77. the right lane is blocked, no delays because of that. back to you. all right, thank you so much. >> it is 6:34. planning to protest potential cuts within the school it.
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today. and lena and john, it is before that public meeting that stun also be out here carrying signs and making sure their voices are heard. they're concerned about the future of this district, with these possible cuts. when you talk about city school, that includes -- and and hill, the plan on the table right now from the school board is no have just one high school in district and only elementary schoolsment. and that meeting begins to night here at the school at 5:30 but coming -- how much the school board will have to cut from budget year over the next two years lana. the clown sitings phenon nonis not dying doing. this video was posted on twitter at kent state chasing
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con campus. kent issues saying they have found no evidence or as a ring are ink three. have admitted to take. similar cases are popping up across the country. so we roached out the learn what punishment people who make creepy crown thread. they're likely misdemeanors but it could be el >> creates a lot of alarm and valuable resurs which could be used better somewhere else. >> each case is different. whether you are arrested could depend on your intent, the time of day or online and social media. all right. it is 6:35. in morning news feed, ferguson protesters won't get millions after a federal judge dismisses a $40 million civil rights law.
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excess tiff force against protesters after the 2014 police shooting death of michael brown the judge say it is plaintiffplaintiffs present malice or bad faith. he condition herring-d they plan to appeal. >> a public memorial service will be held today for golf king, arnold palmer. thousands are expect today attend the service that will be held at st. vincents, that is in -- pennsylvania. vince gill is expected to sing and legendary golfer and palmers rival jack nicholas is expect today speak. palmer died last week at the age of 87. a successful meal delivery service is uninvestigation for- w place safety and violence. blue aapron shifts meals. last year police responded to the plan to several times including three times for bomb
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variety of assaults that have also been several safety problems including fines of more than $20,000 for improper storage of chemicals and employee training violation. >> otle -- he rolled out the new item in fiver test markets in june. they said it was very successful the restaurant web site says that it consists of spicy chicken and rk blended with cuban, chipotle paper and three variations of paprik. >> did you know there were three. >> i did not either. there row go. they're trying to change things up over there. the top trending sister res still ahead. >> first we check in with -- from fitness trackers to smart watch deals beyond the links. we will smarten your wallet after this but first holly is
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good morning. >> good morning to grow, matt. we have some fog and then we clear the skys and talk about a lot of sunshine this tuesday. areas of fog fog do continue to imin of you, and if we have the advisory in place. 74 is the high. normal 67. record high for today is 88. 1971. >> 88 on this very day. >> all right. how about is >> engages at how one. pulled off an emotional
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why didn't we come here first? how long has she had fobo? fobo? fear of better options. oh no...this one... no... this one cure fobo with up to 30% off. 36 months special financing. and free delivery.
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6:41. terrifying details are coming
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her brand new 20 kt diamond ring and now they report that could this have been an inside job? her body guard right here who is always by her side just happened to not be with her. he was escorting kim's sister to a club at the time of the be rapeed and also told paris police according to tmz she begged them not to kill her because she had babies and offered any money she had. >> okay, now this, stunning, images captured by the international space station,
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you can see how huge this storm and how tight that center is which is really showing you how strong this storm is, overnight, 140 miles per hour. it could impact the east coast coming up later this week. >> all right. let's forever duncan has been trending all over. a man proposed to his girlfriend and six hours later he gave her a surprise wedding plan complete with all of her friends and family. now, the have you video and photos were on instragram the last day. i know and it really has hilt home, a lot of people are just falling in love with the story.
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something like a quarter of a million views. >> wow. >> so i mean he was fast. i mean when you find a keeper, just go with it. >> that's right. >> i thought that was fast. >> she planned the whole thing. >> i stayed there. >> i got a list of here's what i am thinking, what do you think? >> she took care of everything. >> why mess with success. >> you found a keeper. meanwhile, matt, still held on to engagement ring. >> i like that. >> today we're proteching your wallet, your heart rate, whatever you want.
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far this month, fitness trackers and for those of you look at me right now you know i go to the gym at least once a year and i am now using that to track my heart rate as a sleep monitor. i sleep during the day. before i show you our intern fell in love with this. >> aside from the disappearance, the display is quite incrediblement if you press and hold screen you can switch between different styles of watches. say i really like that one and to get feature, you slide to the left or right. using -- it tracks fitness, heart rate, sleep monitor, siri. calculator: it is incredible. >> also incredible, the ratings fm people are looking at the screen. the price drop, the deal i found it comes october and unlike the apple watch. this is pretty much the same thing. it requires a recent iphone to
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and android giving social media alert. e-mails as i mentioned the heart rate came a. it is now $357 off. i have just welcomed? black friday get your pricing. adjustment, mechanical batch face, 72 hours of standby, out performed apple watch this is awesome and it it is number one thing on the web site. >> still like it. >> i like how you always say you don't make a commission. i think about if you did how in millions you would have. >> that wouldn't even be a question. i mean, we would be oniony land still broadcasting because we love our jobs but we might be going back and forth on a private jet. >> very good. thank you, matt. holly, you have got
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to the office, paners bread is offering the pink ribbon payables again. had is a great cause, they do this for break cancer awareness month which we're in here, october, and tall bagels a portion testify proceeds go to cleveland clinic and their available through halloween, october 31st. they have her pipits and cranberries mixed >> absolutely delicious. it is for a great cause. >> thank you for dropping those off at the studio today and spreading awareness. >> here a look at what's going off. it is in 50s and it is very seasonal cool but we also have some fog, 56 degrees at 6:46. 7:28. the sun comes up. we will warm into the 70s today. once the fog burns off by
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report and into this evening too. 74 for the high: we hit 71 on yesterday. the record is 88. we're not in record territory but we're warm and trending warm in general for this time of year. the fog dissipates and this is just since last check the dense fog advisory has been trimmed so it is now further south and east that we're seeing most of this. you see how fast these things change. it makes ns visibilities have really been lower further south again. dover, new philadelphia, also worster and lorain you have been reporting low visibility downtown has been fine throughout this morning. so it makes perfect sense to me that the national weather service made that decision. now, again, even patchy fog could impact your commute further north and once it does, we're back to sunshine and sun glare. the other huge weather story
6:49 am
beyond, is hurricane matthew. while you were asleep, this strengthens even more. it is still a category four, but sustained winds are now up to 145 miles per hour. it is moving north at 8 and on this track, it is bring it real close to florida toward the end of the work and school week. not having a direct impact fm something to very, verily. 70s for highs for us right on saturday we have got shower chances and we cool off behind the front. sunday we're up to around 6 , low 60s monday. we have got the german shepherd enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee with his mom amber and dad ted. they all live in --ville. >> he injoes the park park ain
6:50 am
puppy with a purpose, live. he will be placeed and trained with a local veteran. >> we need to help us name hill. head to or the facebook page to vote. the choice is cadet, cam moe, radar or wags for wags for warriors which is teaming up with us to have his trained. radar is lead sog far. so place your vote. >> okay. >> we will ve name tomorrow morning. >> can i vote? can i still vote. >> sure. >> what are you voting for. >> secret vote. >> before you head out the morning rush. let's check in with tiffany. >> students are going be protesting today about potential clubs, how much the board will have to cut from
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>> we start your morning rush with possible cuts to the parma city schoolst $15 million from the budget over the next two years and today, we people who liver in this community, they will get the chance to voice their concerns. and ask questions about some of the proposal that is are already on the table. now, it is a special meeting that's happening tonight to get some input from the public, also, planning a protest, stuns here just before that meeting. >> they're going to protest possible cuts to staffing, programs, and with some of
6:54 am
an hour before, john. >> all right. the first exam only televised 2016 vice president usual debate is tonight. republican mike pence and tim kayne will meet at longwood university in virginia. the debate will be divideed into nine segment with just 34 day, donald trump is leading hillary clinton by five points in ohio. here is will. john, by donald trump he's hoping will grow a little bit with an enforcement today -- is campaign surrogate, rudy giuliani will be here giving a speech and accept that endorsement. it is the first time they have voted separately to make an endorsement. zach reed renounced the visit and also the endorsement by the police union, he says he
6:55 am
the presidential candidate as you mentioned right now, trump at 5%, above hillary clinton, the same poll shows him as down in a couple of key swing states as well. a lot of area to go with 30 days left. >> another smash and grab, is this a live picture of the damage at the metro pcs store at west 130th near roseburg road. even the damage to building is pretty severe. but the atm is we're told two vans were used to break in including a handicap transportation van. >> thank you so much. right now we're tracking your delays and they're downtown, 77 north as well as 71 north and 90 east. if you delay into the inner belt bridge, a five minute delay, also an accident, 480 approaching 77 adding about two to three minutes for your commute and we are still tracking the fog this morning.
6:56 am
weather verse has trimmed back the fog advisory for a lot of you. that does not mean that you are not going to experience catch which i fog because you are in deed dealing with it as we speak but hopefully it is out of here quicker than anticipated. mostly sunny is what we will see once the sun is up and the fog burns off. sun rise time is at 7:28. we are be up to 74 today. a lot of 70s to you have god a seal. $6 enstill enjoy quality of meet. the fitness trackers and fit for. >> okay. we will see you on the today show. >> have a great day. >> thank you for watching channel 3 new, take channel 3 news with you where ever you go, text wkyc now to download
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good morning. breaking news. matthew roars ashore. the powerful category 4 hurricane slamming into haiti right now with 145-mile-per-hour winds, flooding rains, and massive waves. and this morning, an impact on face-off. mike pence and tim kaine set for their showdown in the first and only vice presidential debate tonight. who's got the most to gain or lose as the duel over donald trump's taxes rages on at the top of the ticket. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? and bound and gagged. chilling new details emerge


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