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tv   Channel 3 News at 430am  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:37am-5:01am EDT

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. ways to save time. music to your ears whether you are short on time or outlets matt has you covered you here to light the way. >> reporter: i like you do. >> -- did that.
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it's kind ironic. what i have is a night light charge port and key to energy efficiency. whether your kids are afraid of dark or you have stumbled on the stairs or basement there are certain areas of your home a bathroom. >> you want the light. >> reporter: exactly. so i have this right here right now where you plug it in. and you get two usb charge ports because why shouldn't a night light ge phone or tablet. i am a big fan because it comes equipped with dust to being dawn led center it knows when it's dark. it's energy efficient and you get two charge ports you can charge two smart phones side byside plug in a tablet. >> it's clean and it looks good. >> reporter: and there are models that have price point that's $2 less but we found the light was not as bright.
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which i like. >> i do too. >> reporter: so at $12.9 #. >> that is must buy. >> reporter: one of my favorite tech deals if you perhaps live with someone that gets up in the middle of the night who wanders or walks in the wall. we are similar apparently. glad your son and my son have so much things in common. this is the outlet for the back you plug it in. one of the questions on social media was does the light need charge and the answer is no. you can put it on auto sense setting to enabled the light to determine. >> i love this thing. >> reporter: really cool a no brainer bargain. >> this is really fun. >> reporter: >> a multitasker. >> reporter: like you but a light. >> channel 3 news starts right now. >> the channel 3 newscast is made possible by the cal vetta brothers floor show time to fall in love again with your
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today. >> good morning everyone. game one for the indians and red sox of the poet sea -- post season is tonight. i will have the message too terry is sending to the rest of the baseball world coming up. tiffany. >> reporter: john local volunteers are gearing up getting ready to head south. we are tracking hurricane matthew this morning lynna. >> ebola lawsuit. why a local dress shop is suing a texas hospital over the ebola scare. now to hollie. >> thanks so much lynna and it looks stunning again today. we have a lot of sunshine on the way up around 7:30 this morning and we are forecasting a warm day. upper 70s to 80s. we hit 78 yesterday. so it came together perfectly. right now you are waking up to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. it will be 64 degrees at 9, 74 at noontime and you can lunch it on the patio again today and


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