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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  WKYC  October 7, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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miles from the shoreline of sebastian florida. 20 miles from melbourne. >> i feel like our house will withstand the storm and we will be fine. >> what do you base that on? faith? or some education. or a hunch? >> the house was built in 1990s and it has handled the storms that happened 10 years ago. we didn't have any damage whatsoever. i think our house will be fine. >> helping sway things. the parent and, the extended family leaving them wanting to stick around. >> we have quite a few pets. we didn't want to leave them because if we have to go to a shelter, there would be other pets there that we wouldn't what are pets interacting with. >> while highways out of the storm were packed, they never
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on the east coast of florida. >> we believe god will play his part. he will make sure we will make it through. we're praying for everyone in our neighborhood. >> we interviewed samantha through facetime. some people may look at those folks who stick around and rolled her eyes and say, you get what's coming to you if you're not going to take the advice. but they say we have lived through these, look at our blizzards, perspective, we have it covered and were ready to handle it. >> always risky but we wish them the best. you can follow hurricane matthew at where we have a live blog. you can also check out the current live radar and live coverage. in other news new numbers
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the medical examiner announced 52 fatal overdoses in september. due to her when, that no or some combination. that ties the record of opioid related deaths in a single month. 385 have died in 2016. police in lorain are chipping away at the epidemic, busting 30 members of an organized drugging. >> operation concentrated by state and local police who are up against an epidemic with no end in sight. tonight the people who live in lorain had the ears of police 1- on-1. >> this is not a drug dealer it's a death dealer. >> even on the heels of 31 arrests relating to dealers possessing heroin and cocaine,
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>> it seems like you're trying to hold back the tide at times. you can't give up. >> that is a tremendous epidemic in my ward and neighborhood. i had someone who passed away 2 days ago. >> not only do you have drug dealers you have the crimes they go along with the drug dealers. the muggings, holdups and murders. and housebreak it's. it all grows exponentially upon itself. >> finger on the pulse of the people in her church and in lorain. it's also about the lack of local inpatient treatment facilities. >> let's start working on the demand as well. as well as working hard to clean the streets. let's work on people not meeting those drugs. let's get people well and hole. >> the 31 arrests police say
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are refusing to take it. we are pushing for the men and women to be charged with murder. you are killing people. >> in the newsroom writing this story on the arrest of a suspected drug dealer, an apparent drug overdose. that is not unusual. but the irony tonight, not lost on me. this epidemic is real. the fight is on. expect even more arrests in the rain county. -- lorain county. >> hopefully we are chipping away and making it better. the heroin epidemic stretches far beyond northeast ohio. workers at a pizza restaurant in cincinnati jumped into action to save 2 people who overdosed and it was caught on camera. they have doses of narcan, a nurse had it. she happened to be eating at the restaurant. a report shows more people die
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crashes. a local olympic pole filter tested positive for cocaine. the former university of akron shawn barber was allowed to compete is investigators say he ingested the drug inadvertently. court documents say he had a sexual encounter with a woman who snorted cocaine. he did not see her use the drug. a panel ruled he would be allowed to compete and would not face a ban, he could not have known woman to parma were schools are facing drastic cuts after budget shortfalls. the district over spent 3 years in a row for a grand total of $15 million. money for charter schools and purchasing ipads for all the students, the superintendent says it's complicated. >> i am not sure how it happened. but they overspent.
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>> school leaders are mounting an aggressive campaign for a levee. and drying up emergency plan. coming up, infant tub recall. why thousands are being yanked from stores and what you should do. marriott hopes to spruce up its hotels. a wedding before a storm. south carolina couple struggles
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welcome back. tonight in new hampshire trump held what some say is a public practice for the debate. nbc's brian moore has details. >> reporter: days before the town hall debate with hillary clinton trump held what he insisted is not a public practice. >> is has nothing to do with sunday. >> reporter: there was a moderator and time-limited answers. it was all-pro trump. as he was cramming for the next showdown trump suggested he was not. >> forget the prep. me a break. you think hillary clinton is debate prepping?
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wished he launched an all-out assault, -- >> i wanted to keep it on as high a level as possible. >> reporter: as he prepares behind the scenes, running mate is in pittsburgh. >> he knows he has to in pennsylvania. we're not going to let that happen. >> reporter: both campaigns are watching florida, the battleground state whose residents are in a battle for survival against hurricane matthew. that storm and its impact life and property may well forced the candidates to retool messages and schedule as the race heads into the final weeks. we want to tell you about a recall. 86,000 infant bathtubs. the little luxuries whirlpool pulling spot in shower could detach posing a risk of injury.
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reports. the tubs are sold it toys "r" us, and other stores nationwide. from october from october 2012 through 2013. if you have one you are encouraged to stop using the fabric swing. contact the company for a replacement part. walmart has a new strategy. it could be competition for amazon. it's on track to double the number of warehouses dedicated to online sales by the the company's vice president of marketing says the company is doubling capacity. a major hotel chain is focusing on a new direction. the marriott is trying out changes, with special data hotels. letting guests make the final decisions. the downtown charlotte location will serve as the beta for the new features. guests will notice differences right away. skipping the front desk to
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app. >> the ability to check into your room with your mobile device and use the device as your key. >> the redesigned guestrooms offer mobile friendly entertainment options. streaming netflix, marriott says it's more open lobby invites guests to congregate. and guests wanting to break a sweat can attend a fitness class. we want to on hurricane matthew. you're looking at west palm beach florida. you can see the trees swaying. the hurricane force the south carolina couple to change a big plans. they got married today. since they live in the coast of south carolina they moved up their wedding one day. now they plan to ride out the storm. both are firefighters and have to work.
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to catch a flight to st. thomas. congratulations. >> a lot of messy stuff down there. potential for weddings here to have a few raindrops. remember, raindrops are lucky. let's take a look at what is going on. it's all sunshine for the day. will have clouds on the increase , especially late day. if there is a rain chance i think they would start to sneak in lat overnight. temperatures in the 70s for the afternoon. nasty weather in the plane states. this ahead of a cold front that will bring rain friday night into early saturday. things will then clear out. once the front clears we should see drier weather. breezy as well. let's get you started today. sunshine with winds out of the southeast. noon temperatures in the 70s. the cloud cover, high clouds
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topping out close to 80 as the winds stay out of the southeast. by 6 pm a few sprinkles possible. partly cloudy skies for northern ohio. most of us in the upper 70s to 80s for daytime high. slowly sinking back into the upper 60s for the evening. late evening into overnight we will bring slight rain chance. as the front gets closer to us, by late saturday, there you see it, 5 am saturday with watch what happens, this is a:30 and noon. the rain is out and the cloud cover will be out. a brisk northwesterly wind will be here. we could have lake effect clouds or rain showers and sprinkles that linger in the afternoon. the temperatures only be in the upper 50s to near 60 saturday. at least it's not looking like a washout.
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the 1st pitch looks pretty good. lots of sunshine, partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. will warm back up through the afternoon. the rest of the forecast into the weekend does have rain chances on saturday. cool temperatures sunday. next week gets back to sunshine and 70s like nothing happened. i think we can get used to this. >> earlier this week we were talking about rain in boston for game 3. >> the same friend coming here is going to go through boston. timing that front, are likely than not they will have to deal with wind the game on sunday. a big honor this evening. the park system has won the prestigious 2016 national gold medal award for excellence in park and recreation management. the recognition comes as cleveland metroparks prepares its centennial year.
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>> what a night at progressive field. still going on. the indians lead is down to one. 5-4. batting in the bottom of the 8th. they have their leadoff man. the red sox made it right in the 8th inning. the red sox left the tying run at 3rd. cody alan struck out hobart and again the indians are getting now in the bottom of the 8th inning with a man lead. the indians exploded in the 3rd inning. rick hit 3 home runs. the catcher hit 1, jason kipnis it one and the next man up lindauer a homer. progressive field was rocking. right now, with cody alan in their trying to close it out. coming up in the 9th inning. 5-4 autumn of the 8th. indians holding onto the lead. which takes us to gain number 2
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the indians can hang on and win this one, it's looking good. cory is ready to pitch in game 2. tomorrow afternoon at progressive field. he says he is fit and ready. he is 10 days rest. he has that quad muscle problem and he is ready. >> i think they know what i want to do and they know what i want to do. they are good club. it comes down to execution. it's not a secret or trying to trick one another. it's a matter of going out there and i will try to keep witches and they will try to hit mistakes. >> tomorrow afternoon 1st pitch 4:38. david price makes multimillions of dollars. he has never won a postseason games. the red sox will meet him tomorrow. in the other american league divisional series, texas
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toronto leading 5-0. a solo home run by upton. the blue jays when big. 10-1 the final score. they leave -- lead one game-0. which takes us to the browns. new england patriots on sunday afternoon. that game at the home of the browns. the only when was team in the nfl. a tall tom brady comes back after a four-game suspension and new england is 3 and 1. cody kessler is ready to go. 3rd start of his career. one touchdown and one interception, and that hurt in washington. he is not going to look to the other sideline and say, i'm going up against tom brady.
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you control how you perform. that has helped me to not make the moment to big. focus. study the playbook and go out and make the plays. >> good news for the browns. a young pass rusher karl, a rookie broke his hand in the baltimore game, he is going to come back and play. he will wear protve hand -- cast on his hand and that will help. >> a lot of tom brady fence. you are telling us joe haden is my favorite quarterback. >> you described the ballpark as electric. >> it was. when they hit those 3 home runs in that inning, it was unbelievable. i remember one time albert hit against the orioles and the
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another look at west palm beach. hurricane matthew is poised to hit close -- coast of florida. >> it is they are. wind gusts are picking up. we have had some reports of trees down. and small damage. but that is expected to increase . >> to put this in perspective, 100 people died in the caribbean. from the storm. stay safe. we have you covered all night in tomorrow morning. we will see you soon.
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breaking news tonight, life-threatening danger here on the florida coast. millions are bracing for disaster. a category 4 monster closing in. kill you. time is running out. >> late today, urging pleas for residents who are refusing to leave, get out, evacuate before it's too late. tonight forecasters warning of widespread devastation. an unprecedented system threatening to wreak havoc for 60 straight hours up the eastern seaboard. states of emergency and mass evacuations all the way to the carolinas. tonight we're with families who are ignoring warnings to
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our team is in place. we have extensive coverage. alroker with the very latest storm track. "nightly news" from the storm zone, begins right now. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from melbourne, florida. good evening from the central florida coast, where we are just hours away from a direct hit by what officials are calling an unprecedented, even historic hurricane. already killed over a hundred people in haiti, regained strength, as expected, earlier today, and is forecast to come ashore here overnight as a category 4 storm, the second highest strength, with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour near its core. 2 million people have heeded the warnings to evacuate. 19 million people will be impacted by this storm. its slow march means the southeast coast
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60 hours or more. our team is in place up and down the storm zone, plus al roker with the latest tracking, but first to miguel almaguer in palm beach. you're south of me and i understand you're feeling the leading edge. >> yeah, lester, good evening. the weather conditions here are really deteriorating. when we first got here this morning, there was a light breeze. now the wind is hammering us and the rain has been coming down in buckets. florida, the carolinas and georgia are under a state of emergency. now is just a taste, just a precursor of what's to come. tonight, matthew is lashing the florida coast. the first violent punch in what could be a catastrophic knockout blow for the region opinion. >> if it's this rough now, god help us. >> reporter: the category 4 storm is barrelling in. up to 15 inches of rain and a life-threatening storm surge, up to 11 feet in some places. >> this storm will kill you. time is running out.
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deploying 500 disaster workers, water, cots, and food are on the way. mandatory evacuations ordered in parts of the carolinas, georgia, and florida, where the president's already declared an emergency. still, some like megan faircloth refuse to leave. >> i'm from florida, why would i evacuate? it's exciting. >> reporter: but tonight's extreme threat to life and property, impact -- devastating to catastrophic. certain areas could be unhabitable for weeks or months. utility teams are on stand by. some hospitals are bracing for a wave of patients. >> we're doing the best we can. the great thing is, we have excellent staff that have all participated, pitching in, we have people staying the night and gearing up for any type of emergency that
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responders expect casualties. >> i talked to my detective captain earlier today and i asked him, do you have body bags? are you prepared for mass casualties? because if people do not leave and we get 140-mile-an-hour wind gusts in some of our mobile home places, we are going to have fatalities. >> reporter: with little time to prep and many stores bare, nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled. this map shows cruise ships diverted out of the storm's path, and themeks disney world shut down for only the fourth time ever. thousands of families are also scrambling to shelters. >> wanted to come here. >> why here? just for extra protection, to be more secure. >> reporter: tonight with conditions getting worse, matthew is taking aim at the u.s., where millions are now bracing for impact. forecasters say the conditions we are
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it's a worst case scenario, they say. if the weather intensifies later on tonight as it's expected to, windows could explode and debris should be flying through the air. police say it's safe for us to be here now, but lester, in just a few hours, they want this entire area clear. lester? >> all right, miguel, we are all going to be monitoring the conditions here. let's go to al roker, he's been monitoring every moment of the storm as it barrels towards us. lay it out for us. this unusual forecast k at up the coast. >> that's right. including a loop the storm may take. you can see the eye making its way through the bahamas. you can see the feeder bands coming in up and down the florida coast. it's still a category 4 storm with 140-mile-per-hour wind and the forward speed picking up, northwest at 14 miles per hour. this storm may not make landfall. it may parallel the coast. the eye is only 15 or 20 miles wide. by friday afternoon
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jacksonville, and then saturday, it continues off the coast of south carolina and off the coast of north carolina. by sunday, it starts to make a u-turn and head south. and by tuesday, it's headed back towards florida. here are the effects. storm surge is what kills the most people in a hurricane. over high tide, one to three feet in miami, ft. lauderdale. to melbourne and savannah, seven to 11 feet above high tide. carolina coast, four to six feet. and winds, you can see the areas in white, those are hurricane-force winds pounding the shoreline from west palm beach, melbourne, and on into the georgia shoreline. and rainfall, we're talking anywhere from six to ten inches, to up to a foot of rain or more. lester, we're talking about this going on as you've mentioned for hours. we need people to heed the warnings and get
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point, they won't be able to. >> all right, al, you paint a vivid and scary picture, thank you. as we mentioned, some two million people have been urged to evacuate ahead of market matthew's impact. residents are fleeing the comfort of home for the safety of shelters or hotels. ron mott is up the coastline in daytona beach with more on the mad dash to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: moving out, heading in. for denise and thous neighbors, finding shelter from the storm was priority one today. >> i've never been through a hurricane. so this is all new. >> reporter: schools like this one, turned into safe havens for more than a million displaced floridians. >> i've had ten million calls from my son, so i'm really trying to get settled somewhere, so he knows that i'm safe. >> reporter: the mass exodus, perhaps the biggest evacuation in the state's history. city buses scrapped normal routes to transport people from the danger zones. long gas lines for those rolling out on their own.


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