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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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now. >> channel 3 morning newscast is made possible but calvetta brothers floor show. time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. >> the indians return to the alds in style with a win in game one over boston and getting rade for game 2. all you need to know if you missed the game and if you are going today coming up lynna. >> and record setting numbers a deadly month for cuyahoga county as the reaches new heights. >> and tracking the storm. hurricane matthew expected to make landfall in the eye of the storm moving north. hollie is keeping an eye on that one plus our weekend weather. >> yes, and you know it's just sitting off the florida coast. we will have the latest on matthew and how about this day, you want to just sum it up in a nutshell. sunshine upper 70s. we will probably hit 80 degrees at hopkins today. we hit 8 1 yesterday so it's fabulous friday we have another
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afternoon. go tribe. it looks like the weather is going to be amazing. so a lot of sunshine this morning and into the afternoon. 72 degrees by lunch and again we are talking well above normal highs for this time of the year. and with that 80 degrees at 5, i think we are living the good life this friday and with the game being earlier you know lot of you probably thinking dinner plans downtown, and stuff like that. you can hit the patios east 4th street will be great. so many options football tonight. let's not forget about football. the weather is going to be fabulous for that too. clear skies as we wake up. we are tracking that cold front all week. we have been talking about cooler air for the weekend and it's going to pass through overnight into tomorrow and maybe a little sprinkle kind of passing by a few spritz a little light shower. i don't think that's a big deal but you will notice the temperature difference for sure. we will see how low we get but first, let's get a check on the commute with greg we will talk
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greg. >> reporter: watching that carefully good morning. because of the game earlier this afternoon, there will be parking bans again around progressive field so make sure that you are planning accordingly. coming into town especially into dinner 6, 7:00 while the game is going on you may find the parking is at a premium tonight. more so than maybe typical friday night. around cleveland we are all green right now. on all the major thorough ways. 271 on east side. reign county good morning. smooth out of wellton and stark county 77 northbound out of canton into akron looking good. airport delays with the hurricane off the coast if you are traveling around the country today, chicago, atlanta, new york and dallas, all green no major delays reported. that's the latest look at the traffic now back to you. >> thank you. new this morning a cleveland police sergeant taken
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>> the two car accident happened around 1:30 this morning when avan collided with the sit they patrol car at east 40th and east 140th and st. chair. the driver of the van was questioned and given -- st. clair. the driver of the van was questioned and given field sobriety test. no word on the sergeant's condition or the exact cause of the crash. it's a victory friday. cleveland celebrating today as the indians won game one american league divisional series against the boston red sox. >> how about this they have a lead and cory kluber goes today. that's how you start a series. >> reporter: it is john and a great feeling to get the win and your ace has not pitched coming up today. he got the night off last night trevor bauer got the start for tribe and was good enough to get the win. the manager back in the
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season win since the 2007 game 4 of the alcs against the boston red sox. let's look at highlights and start in the 3rd inning and they are trying to battle back 3 home runs in 9 pitches. perez and two others going yard. both starters bauer and porcello exit before the 5th turning it over to the bell c's. boston was within one and the tribe turn to allen for a 5 out save. one out top of the 9th. two outs one on allen gets pedroia swinging they celebrate alongside 37,000 plus of towel waving indians take game one the players after the game said boy the fans really made this a night to remember.
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life for sure. a great job and the crowd did a fantastic job. they were here early and the red and the towels and energy in the stadium. >> the screaming from pitch one to the last pitch it was unreal. if this is what october looks leek i want to play every single year i love it. >> reporter: record setting night for the indians a franchise record for most strikeouts by the team. and game the bullpen did grit and held what the lead what they needed to did and turn things over to cory kluber who will take the hill tonight first pitch david price gets the nod from the bo sox as indians look a 2-0 lead before going back to boston guys. >> we are ready. thanks so much will. 5:05. new numbers show that deadly impact of heroin in cuyahoga countych the medical examiner -- county.
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at least 52 fatal overdoses in september because of heroin fentanyl or some combination of the three drugs that. ties the number for the number of opioid related deaths in a month. at least 385 people have died from opioid drugs in 2016. to lorain county police are chipping away at the epidemic busting more than 30 members of what they call an organized drug gang. operation exodus was a coorte police who are up against the epidemic with what experts say has no end in sight. and city council members say the community is ready for it to stop. >> the neighborhoods are refusing to take it. the police are refusing to take it and we are pushing for the men and women pushing this garbage in our communities that not only are persecuted by charged with murder. >> lorain police say they are not giving up on fighting the epidemic and this bust is a
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the national weather service downgraded hurricane matthew to a category 3 storm this morning but still warnings of life-threatening conditions as the eye of storm moves closer to the coast of florida. >> among those actually riding out the storm without leaving and heeding the warnings a family originally from worcester in wayne county. samantha green and her family live less than two miles from the shore expected to be one of the hardest hit areas of matthewch they say they have ridden -- ridden out these before and havefaith they and their house will survive and the pets play a huge role in the decision. >> we have quite a few pets so we didn't really want to leave them because if we had to go to some kind of shelter there are other pets there that we wouldn't want our pets like interacting with. >> well, she tells channel 3
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ohioans may roll their eyes at those deciding to stay there's not a person on their block that decided to pack up and leave. and coming up later this morning, we will take a closer look at hurricane matthew. nbc jay gray will be live for us from daytona beach florida. time 5:08. to parma where the schools are facing drastic cuts after major budget shortfalls. apparently the district overspent 3 years in a row by a grand total of 15 million dollars. they are looking for for charter schools and purchases ipads for all the students. superintendent carl hilling says it's complicated and school leaders are mounting an aggressive campaign to promote the levy and drawing up a emergency plan to present to the state. heavy hearts in euclid as loved ones remember a high school football player who died after a hit during a game a viewing for 17-year-old andre jackson will be held today from
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the funeral service will be held tomorrow. jackson was hurt during euclid's game against solon and later died from an intestinal tear that was caused by the hit. we are just one month away from the election and both candidates hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready for the next presidential debate sunday night. p' president is spending time in the area today. mike pence will be strongville later this morning at 10:30. he is set to have a town hall style meet willing at the strongville recreation center on royalton road. doors for event open at 8:30. this visit will be pence's first event alone in the cleveland area since he first became trump's running mate at rnc. trump will be back in ohio next
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have a preview of sunday night's campaign and she will also tell us how hurricane matthew could be shifting the campaign trail schedule as we head into the last 30 days. john. time is 5:10. in the morning news feed, the wreckage of that commuter train that crashed in new jersey last week has now been removed. the ntsb announced the train had sped up and was going twice the 10-mile-per-hour speed limit just before it crashed into the terminal during hour. the ntsb says the train's engineer hit the emergency brakeless than a second before the train slammed into a bumping post at the end of the rail line and then flew into the station's waiting area. one woman was killed and more than 100 others were injured in the crash. google self-driving cars hit another milestone. two million miles on its autonomous testing odometer. that seems like a lot but
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completing the job of making computers drive better than humans. a handful of accidents involving google's cars have been the result of human negligence on the part of other drivers. time 15-- time is 5:11 watt mart -- walmart has a new strategy. >> and wedding plans changed to avoid huan forecast calling itcity. 80 degrees the high and a beautiful day. question is what about the weekend? we have been talking about the cool down so we will see how cool we get as we take a look ahead and what about matthew. the very latest since you've gone to sleep channel 3 news aback after this. get coffee brewing and breakfast going. lay out the suit for the day
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welcome back. time 5:14. walmart has a new strategy to win over customers and mean stink competition for -- stiffer competition for amazon. they will double the warehouses dedicated online sales by the end of the year. vp of marketing says they double the capacity allowing it to send to a majority of u.s. population in just one day. according to the supply chain consultants in the last year walmart has installed new technology such as automated product sorting and improved item tracking as it works to
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amazon. hurricane matthew force as south carolina chapel to change plans. they got married. see the wedding was scheduled for this weekend but since they live on the coast of south carolina they moved it up. now they plan to ride out hurricane matthew. both are firefighters so they have to work. once matthew passes they hope to catch a flight to st. thomas for the honeymoon. oh gosh. we wish them well. >> right. okay. we will going to switch gears and talk more about at the bus stop we are excited for football and baseball and there's a lot going on this evening and upper 50s to near 60 as you walk out the door. here's a look at your friday of the welcome to it. and it's going to be a great -- your friday. welcome to it. and it's going to be a great day. 4:38 start for the indians game. it will be bright by first pitch and upper 70s falling back into the mid-70s
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brag about again enjoy this day. it's going to start to cool off. we have got the cooler weekend and maybe a couple sprinkles as we get into your saturday. on future view we are tracking a lot of clear to partly cloudy skies later today. i think football weather this evening is going to be phenomenal and it looks like as we get into the overnight hours and you are going to bed we could have a few these passing sprinkles or really light rain showers as the cold front approaches which is to west. and with that, will come the cool are air. we will look at that in minutes on your extendeded forecast. but more importantly i mean all eyes are focused on matthew. and this thing is just battering the east coast of florida. the eye is literally sitting in the gulf stream keeping the momentum. that is category 3 hurricane. and it's riding up the coast of florida. and what had happen today is more intense rain and storm surge and wind damage obviously.
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see a little closer -- you can see a little closer end we are talking. outer rain bands are going crazy on places like melbourne orlando daytona beach. and as it continues to move northward, more of that expected. jacksonville is getting hit so hard right now with heavy rains. and a lot of times we see tornadoes with hurricanes. they are pretty minimal as far as intensity but wouldn't be surprised if we start to see tornado watch boxes pop up throughout the state of florida as we the coast florida south carolina georgia included and then kind of does the curve thing and the loop around is still a possibility. so as we get into early next week, that is something we will have to watch very closely. but first things first and that's obviously flights canceled and i've got to take this seriously. you hear about people that didn't take the evacuation orders and you think what were they thinking because it's dangerous storm. and it's going to take sometime
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damage as it continues to make its way up the coast. a category 3 at this hour and that eye has got plenty to feed off of. so i don't see this you know weakening this morning at least. in the extended we could see weakening as it gets closer to land but we will keep you updated. window nation 7-day forecastexpecting a high around 80 today and here's the cooler air. 64 tomorrow and we will have a small chance of a shower. i am not concerned about a big rain chance 30% but breezy cooler and 60s, sunday looks lovely heading into early neck week. hart walk is -- heart walk is tomorrow and we want you down there so we will walk over to the expo to have great time there. aid big day. support it. and let's get rid of heart disease altogether. greg. let's get rid of problems on roads today too. >>wkyc traffic brought to you by mike bass ford get a great
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mike bass ford. >> reporter: we are doing fine with that so far. roadways are looking fine a couple things to look forward to this evening. plenty of parking bans around progressive field this evening as the game starts at 4:00 and continues just after 4 and continues into the evening. now most of the region is fine this morning. we are not seeing any accidents or slow roadways. i want to tell you that the oft bound lanes of i-90 will be closed through 6 this morning. if you have they are reconfiguring some of the signs and the lanes and that will happen on and off until everything is finally reconfigured and ready to be opened. so that's 490 to 77 northbound is where you take if you are coming into downtown before 6. otherwise everyone else looks good. west side drive looking fine so far. that's the latest check of the traffic now back to you. >> thank you. back to hurricane matthew and hollie had the stats showing where the storm is going and i don't know if i ever heard warnings like we heard yesterday from law
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and also our officers will not go and rescue you during the middle of storm. they want people to get out. >> yes dire situation. so let's get the latest from florida and nbc jay gray is long a-- live along daytona beach with the latest. what's happening jay? >> reporter: good morning lynna john a real mess and getting worse. look at the conditions. the wind is gusting very severe at this point. the surf continuing to grow as this storm churs off the shoreline. churns off the shoreline. matthew is in many areas overwhelming. >> we are seeing the impacts and it's a monster. >> reporter: violent winds sheets of rain and a growing surf with the potential in some areas of a storm surge up to 11 feet. >> i am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm.
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to get caught up in. >> reporter: electricity has become a luxury for many in the strike done 10,000 lost power and that number is expected to grow. more than 11 million along the east coast are currently under a hurricane warning. airports across the region closed. businesses boarded up and shelters filling up. >> i been in florida all my life so i know how bad it can get. >> reporter: it's bad now and likely will get even worse. emergency officials say the stor life and property and -- extreme threat to life and property and as many as 10 million possibly losing possible for weeks. the extreme conditions in florida a warning for those in georgia north and south carolina. matthew continues to move along the east coast. and continuing to get worse here in fact in the next couple
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things deteriorate even more and this storm it will continue to move up the coastline. there's a chance it could loop around and it would be weaker but cause problems here again early next week. that's the latest live in daytona beach john back to you. >> i don't know if you can hear me with the wind but police officers said they were not going to put themselves in harm's way to save people have you seen any law enforcement out there? >> reporter: no you know i checked earlier and the st were completely clear. even of law enforcement and you are absolutely right they say those that decided to ride this thing out, they do so at their own risk because at the height of the storm they can't put officers in jeopardy. they will rush in and help when they can but not when the conditions take a turn for theworse like they are doing right now. >> jay be safe and i know that sounds selle because you are in the mid -- silly because you
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thanks. it's almost 5:23. we will have much more coming up throughout the morning. that's a massive storm. and it's going to stick around for a while. we will keep following this
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all right. 5:25. a lot to talk about with hurricane matthew. and our weather too. i mean we have a big game today. >> we do. this is afternoon baseball and hey, hollie.
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tricks when we start talking about 4:30 in the afternoon. >> that's a good point. >> right. >> especially and hopefully if you are from boston. >> and we are sorry about that. >> can we get the sun tilted in their eyes. >> kind of sort of. can't see that ball? oops. it's going to be a good one. we have got temperatures topping out near 08 and by the time the game starts i think we will be in the upperp 0 -- 70s with the -- upper 70s with the earlier start time so it will feel trick and temperatures mid-70s throughout the game but beautiful weather for us with partly to mostly sunny skies and off you list -- obviously getting dark as the game comes to a close. on the travel maps we are talking you know hurricane matthew being the biggest story battering florida as we speak. and we saw a live report from jay gray out of daytona and it is just insane with the rain and wind and storm surge a real concern as it continues to ride up the east coast of florida
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will keep a close eye on this because we have seen i mean think about the past couple days. and how many little fluctuations there have been in the track. so, it's going to be something to watch as it goes up the coast and has impact on georgia as well as south carolina before making a curve. that's the thinking at this point. >> thanks hollie. 5:27 right now. and still ahead, walking to work. we have an update on the story that touched a lot of how an employee's 5 hour walk to work inspired a local
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welcome back to channel 3 news today we begin the rush with the indians with a big win in the alds against the boston red sox a great morning to be a indians fans hoping it will be
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hours away. that first pitch at 4:38 tonight. but in case you missed it last night because it went pretty late let's look at highlights from last night's game. francona with the tribe facing former players pedroia and ortiz. the bottom of the third red sox what 2p 1 lead but indians launched 3 solo shots on 9 pitches. perez and kipnis going yard to give the indians a lead they wouldn't give up. they go to gets pedroia swinging late in the 9th. 37,000 plus towel waving tribe faithful ready to go and they will be back for game 2 as we turn to our ace corey kluber and now here's greg dee with traffic. >> reporter: good morning will as you get out there this morning, the i-90 bridge eastbound closed until 6:00 this morning. another 30 minutes. and if you are coming into downtown today, same parking
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yesterday evening. because the game starts early those of you not going to the game will be impacted by seeing fewer parking spots for the regular friday night plans. closing this weekend portions of access from i-90 to 77. one of those you will not be able to get on i-77 southbound from i-90 westbound downtown. to get around this you will have to go down to 71176 south to 4 -- 71, 176 south to east big detour from 90 to 77 south. roadways look fine downtown cleveland. 271, 480 looks fine turnpike towards lorain county looking good coming in on the west side. into downtown cleveland. from 71 and 76 looking good. 71 into summit county out to the east side looking fine as well. good morning akron. looking at low volume right now around downtown. 77 is good through cuyahoga falls. heading down 77 towards canton we are fine this morning.
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there. the weather is looking clear as well for a check on that let's go over to hollie. >> greg thanks so much. and a quick check on the track of matthew to start because greg is going to go in detail about this momentarily. so if you are just waking up and tuning in and wondering what's going on and what's the latest the storm is literally at least the eye just off the coast of florida. but it's getting hammered with rain right now and winds and storm surge is going to be an issue and you can see the track takes it up th through south carolina and eventually curves it back around. we could be dealing with this thing for sometime. now, as we transition back to our weather as greg mentioned an awesome day. we have got 80 degrees the high and lots of sunshine on the way. it's going to be beautiful for baseball later on. it's going to be great for football this evening. and it's really really pleasant fall morning as you wake up. upper 50s to low of 0 -- 60s. 72 by lunch today.
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to be just wonderful to be downtown afterwards get a little dinner. you can do the patio thing for sure. clear as can be and we have got a front to watch for the weekend. so what this is going to do is cool us off. i think the shower chance is going to be at a minimum so, we are talking you know 30% chances. the rain doesn't concern me but a i think what you will notice is we get into tomorrow and sunday, and it's quite a difference in the way it feels. we will take a look at minutes. but right now with more on hurricane matthew sns you have gone to bed last night greg has details. >> all right indeeps-- since you have gone to bed last night greg has details. >> reporter: all right. hurricane nicole off to the east is not going to bother us but this is going to influence the way matthew goes. it is going to make the loop. 120-mile-an-hour storm. it's a category 3. the model tracks have really come
5:34 am
it is just going to curve right up along the coast here so it's not the just affecting the small portion of the southeast. it's moving through much of florida, the entire georgia coast and much of south carolina before finally turning east and heading away from north carolina. though national hurricane center track takes that same loop yes it may reloop back into florida though i think if eye it does do a-- if it does do that it will be a weaker system just a worst is still to come with the system and that's the georgia and south carolina coast. as matthew head up -- heads up the coast and makes the turn the folks will experience a constant east wind that will basically pile up water not just at the coast, but as you head up into georgia, there are plenty inlets and rivers here and will is going to be flooding far inland into georgia and some of the places around the georgia coast have
5:35 am
years. the last hurricane that hit savannah directly the late 1880s. that's how long it's been since the folks have seen a tropical system move. it's 34 miles to the east of melbourne florida now. there's the eye. two eye walls one in the middle, a bigger one on the outside and just take a look at the winds. current wind gusts down in melbourne 64 miles an hour. daytona beach now gusting to 60. and up towards ck they are not seeing the gusts yet but look at the rain coming into the area. one big problem with jacksonville it's not on the coast but on the river and there are lots of bays and inlets innorthern florida the watter will pile up into and again northeast florida has not seen a direct hurricane landfall of this intensity in decades. many folks here have no idea whether their property will flood.
5:36 am
eye opener to the florida east coast and georgia about how ready they are for this type of a system. we will keep tracking it throughout the rest of the morning as it heads up the florida coast and social media. guys back to you. >> thanks so much greg. you know more than 11 million people are along the east coast are under a hurricane warning. and the national-- you know what, okay i am sorry. we are going to do this story first. all week long we ohio man who walks 5 hours to and from work every day. and we do have some great news to share with you this morning. thanks to the the community rallying around him he can finally afford to buy a car. channel 3 news carly flynn morgan has the story. >> i am amazed it hamming. >> reporter: he can't believe -- happening. >> reporter: he can't believe his story he walked 8 miles to
5:37 am
tuesday but that location closed and he couldn't find something close that paid more than minimum wage. so he took a transfer with the company to mentor walking 18 miles five hours to work. one day a police officer offered a ride. a kind stranger inquired about the gesture and his wife posted about it on facebook. thousands of shares and dollars later kevin will soon own a car. >> i am very grateful and i am glad so many people aring ar >> reporter: restoring pool's faith in humanity and plans to pay it forward. >> i will try to offer as many as i can ride because i know what they are going there and what they are trying to do so i want to help them like everyone is helping me. >> and that's carly flynn morgan. kevin doesn't have his license yet since he's never even needed a car until now. he plans to apply for his license as soon as today and he will use the money raised to buy the car and plans to use anything left over for car insurance and other car expenses.
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focusing on a new direction. marriott is trying out changes in a special beta hotel and letting guest make the final decision on which ideas are worth keeping. >> the ability to check in to your room with your mobile device and actually use that device as your key. >> redesigned guests room offers mobile friendly entertainment options you can stream net fliex through the tv mayorot -- netflix through tv and the lobby is for relax and there's a fitness class all thanks to your smart phone. 5:38. coming up, presidential candidates gearing up for the next debate. nbc tracie pott the explains how hurricane matthew may impact the campaign trail. >> before hitting my fan cave of the week we made a stop at the owner's bakery. my browns expert is in the baking business for 25 years and been a browns fan even
5:39 am
5:40 am
hurricane matthew doesn't seem to be having an impact on sunday's presidential debate but certainly the candidates are talking about it. >> yeah tracie pott it is live in washington with more on that. and plus how hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready for the second face-off this weekend. good morning tracie. >> reporter: good morning.
5:41 am
elizabeth bideen and clinton and trump get ready for the debate with the storm looming on sunday. donald trump''s estate is in the path of matthew. >> everyone in the path take care of yourself and got out of the area. >> reporter: he spoke at new hampshire town hall he insist was not practice for sunday's town hall debate. event is on despite the storm. trump's running mate predicts he will win. >> he speaks from his heart and mind and the american people hear him loud and clear. >> reporter: hillary clinton was spotted at a hotel near her home in new york. she is behind closed doors getting ready for sunday. while tim kaine looks ahead to the final debate in nevada. >> the closing debate the hotch stretch right here in las veg -- the homestretch right here
5:42 am
very good. >> reporter: but first sunday, the political dang shortly after hurricane matthew bear les ashore. now we know -- barrels ashore. we know florida is a important political state but the governor rick scott says he is not extending the deadline for voter registration there that deadline is tuesday. >> appreciate it. 5:42 right now. let's go over to hollie with a look at our weather. >> i know it's a nice morning. >> we are going to be there this weekend. >> we shall. the convention center. >> the big expo is coming up. >> that's right. channel 3 health expo. >> can i say a little rumor that's out there. >> yeah. >> you know who else will be there? radar. >> for real? >> radar is going to make a stop our puppy. >> that's our baby john. >> he has a busy schedule. he will try to make it in the afternoon. >> he will be signing autographs. >> we will be out there and we can't wait to see you.
5:43 am
so, it's going to be a great day. speaking of great days, just take a deep breath and welcome in tgif. more sunshine and 62 at 9:00 and we are down to 59 right now at hopkins and it's 5:43. we will be low 70ate lunch and i think 80 the high. 81 yessed a hop cns so beautiful -- yesterday at hopkins so beautiful weather. it's an early start time for the game today i am sure you areaware 4:38. upper 70s for first low to mid-70s towards the end of the game. beautiful through today and lunchtime is great to hit a patio. you can get errands done and not worry about the jacket. we are sun sit they for sure. cooler for the weekend and we have been talking about this through the week and maybe a little sprinkle for saturday. and as we track on future view you will see that later today when we start to notice a little more partly cloudy skies, getting into tonight i
5:44 am
approaches we could have a few passing showers or really light sprinkles. and then it looks like the cool down takes place. in the meantime, it's nothing but sunshine on the way as we start off the day. and here's the front. so, the thinking is this. as we get into tomorrow, you're going to notice a good 20 degree difference. we are talking highs in the 60s. it's kind of where we are right now right? in many spots so although it's much more seasonal or close to on change. it's going to be a change for sure. the latest on matthew as we have been tracking this morning it's a category 3 very strong hurricane with winds at 120 miles an hour. moving northwest at 14 the eye is off the east florida coast. but, the rains are really battering central and northern florida at this point. and as we get closer in i mean you can see from melbourne up into orlando and daytona and
5:45 am
hit with the heavy rain -- hit with the heavy reign bands from 6 to 10 inches of -- rain bands from 6 to 10 inches as the hurricane tracks up the coast and georgia south carolina and then it will make the curve. we will be watching closely through today and, of course, into the weekend if there are deviations or differences we will pass those along but it's dangerous storm and we have been stressing than emphasizing that throughout the morn that throughout the morning. we hope residents take that seriously and we will keep you updated for sure. window nation 7-day forecast, 80 today, and 60s tomorrow so it's big change even though it's back to normal. small shower chance not a big deal for saturday. and lots of sunshine heading into the end of the weekend. and early next week and now we have got sunshine with not doggone weather. >> the faces are looking for
5:46 am
the apl first patches is very laid back. loves to kind of be you know the royalty of the house but patches does not like dogs. let's get rid of the dogs and i will be a lot happy if you want to adopt patches very sweet loveable kety cat who loves to cuddle and next footsy is 6 years old and came from a house with a i see a theme all about me and the attention i can get two very sweet good looking kitty cats that will make great friends and so let's visit the apl this weekend. greg. >> reporter: all right john thanks so much. on the roadways this morning as you head out tonight to remember with the indians game in town again starting early. traffic will continue high right after the rush hour and also parking spaces will go quickly around progressive field in downtown just be ready
5:47 am
side of the bridge is closed they are doing some reconfiguring to synds and -- signs. there will be some closures that will affect you this week. that's 90 to 77 southbound that ramp will close and that will stay closed 7 p.m. friday to 7 p.m. saturday. the detour is counsel 176 to 480 eastbound a long detour. the other closure is going to be trying to get on from downtown. you will take east 14 tot prospect. i will tweet the information and put it on my facebook peage so you can have it as -- page so you can have it throughout the weekend. that's the latest check on traffic. browns against tom brady and patriots sunday at first energy stadium. pay patriots favored by 10 1/2 points. the browns joked it's been a
5:48 am
on brady this year. well you could look at anyone of the super bowls he played in. this game doesn't look good. how many has he won? 12? >> stop. >> seems like it. a quick trip to the babyingry before the base -- bakery before the basement. breads and beyond backry in parma and all turnovers here are good. so are the cakes cookies muffins and pumpkin s checked out the bakery. look at this the babyingry delivers. aren't you glad you came back this week. >> let's get this segment over because i am ready to eat. >> tell me about the man cave it's christmas in here. >> christmas all the time. i have a beautiful tree with collectible ornaments and nice painting from the 64 championship christmas village
5:49 am
flag that was flown over southeast asia. my son is in the air force and newspaper articles and pictures with the players and i go to training camp every year and try to get pictures and i have the coach this year. >> i feel a good vibe now it's new england week let's play a game i will show you a photo tell meet first thing that pops in your mind. let's start with this one. >> genius. >> genius okay here's the next one what do you th >> greatest. >> wow. you are giving a lot of praise being nice to new england this week. what's going a happen. >> give meet toughest game of the year. >> i know you can do it. >> coming off a loss like that belichick giving hem him a week to -- him a week to prepare new england 30 cleveland 10. >> but i've been wrong before. >> mike has been wrong too.
5:50 am
>> this football game is going to be a massacre. but i am picking the indians to beat the red sox in 5. >> okay. that sounds pretty good. >> i will take it. >> are you ready to eat now? >> i've been ready to eat. >> bob thanks so much. >> thanks a lot. >> we will feel so good monday win or lose appreciate it.thank you. >> yum. >> how about that? >> so find my pick at my facebook page and let me know about your fan cave. let me show that off and bo you to have a special treat. >> i love this. >> from the bakery. >> i love you bob. >> bob i love you. >> those are his yummy pumpkin rolls. >> oh. >> this is better than diamonds. >> i don't know if i would go that far but bob you are awesome. >> look at that. >> how about that. >> cream cheese frosting. >> who is your favorite coanchor today. >> john you are. >> you are a sweetheart. >> thank you bob. time is 5:50.
5:51 am
>> to the real gem matt. >> reporter: i will be there tasteing that momentarily. after the break, a 99 dollar unlocked contract free iphone killer deal. yes. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa!
5:52 am
yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
5:53 am
5:54 am
time 5:54 today a top rated smart tone is unlocked and almost free. >> what's going on here? >> heaven. >> is it real. >> it's it you will like it. it's amazing. >> reporter: it held its own against the iphone and it's the cost of an iphone case. seriously. >> good example. >> reporter: thank you very much. before i show you the price or why i am excited. watch the brand new moto g4 play which is beautiful. in a test again the iphone. take a look.
5:55 am
6s let's press play for both phones at the same time and the motorola phone exact within seconds and they lote load the same app they load fast and moatrollar can hold its own the difference is this is over 600 dollars and this is 99. on instagram same thing. this was faster. amazing. that's cool. yes. this 99 dollar phone that is unlocked guaranteed to work with every major carrier beat the iphone in a couple speed tests. it's 99 dollars people. not 600 not 700 dollars. it's water resistant and has the same ram as the new iphone 7. so, is there a toonie catch? yes, is there a toonie drawback? -- tiny drawback yes did i find
5:56 am we have almost crashed the website based with the number of people trying to lock this in. lynna what ha do you think. >> it's -- lynna what do you think. >> it's fast. >> reporter: it is fast. it outperformed the iphone with regards to the toonie catch or toonie drawback you may think it's not a big deal and i have those listed on >> thanks matt. >> very good. >> it's friday. 5:56 the day's top stories are straight ahead. >> we will check >> reporter: indians get the win last night in the game one of the alds against the red sox a great feeling in cleave lnd today -- cleveland today. we have highlights to get you set for game 2 coming up. >> the latest on hurricane matthew jay gray joins us with the latest conditions and they
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show time to fall in love again with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. >> right now at 6, tracking matthew. we have the latest on the path of the hurricane as it heads towards the u.s. >> reporter: indians pull it out for game one of the alds. we have highlights to get you ready for game two hours away. coming up guys. >> will and a local olympian test positive for drugs. details on yes will be able to compete in the sum are olympics. -- summer olympics. it's 6:00 here's the latest hurricane matthew now a category 3 is already pounding the florida coast.


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