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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. on this sunday night, attack on isis. the start of a large new offensive to drive the troop out of iraq's second largest city. tonight, richard engel 23 days to go. where the issue stand against the sexual conduct against donald trump. testing the limits. exclusive reporting from inside north korea. free of pain, the new treatments offering patients none drug alternatives to conquer their sufferings but paying
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story. this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. good evening, a pivotal moment tonight in the fight against isis. the northern city of mosul has been a symbol of isis strength of a place of more than two years w. unprecedented support from the u.s., isis could be pushed out of that stronghold. richard engel is live tonight, good evening. >> reporter: we are on an iraqis military base south of mosul. the offensive to drive isis from the city of mosul could begin very soon. this will be an iraqis defense with iraqis troops actually
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with american troops at a supporting role providing air strikes and artery. with that extra fire power, it is not an easy mission. there is 1.5 million civilians are trapped in mosul. isis is not allowing people to leave and preferring holding them as human the city is booby trapped. as we were driving, we came across a wall of black smoke. isis had set them on fire, the oil wells as it was pushed out of a small town in mosul. american officials feared that isis may have worsen from mosul. >> richard, thank you. we turn to
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hillary clinton with a growing lead over donald trump. here are the numbers. clinton now holds an 11 point advantage leading trump 48% to 37% among nationwide. what does it mean for the candidates. our strategies, we begin our report with halie jackson. >> a totally rigged. >> new sign of the split between what donald trump is saying and what his own advisers say he's saying when he argues the system is rigged. >> what donald p frankly what appears to be the monolith i can support of the support of the national media for hillary clinton. >> this is not election official at the precinct level. . except trump is talking about exactly that. tweeting hours later, the election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media, adding also at many polling places.
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kind of voter fraud is not existing. that does not stop trump as he launched on "saturday night live" as the rest of the media. >> talking about rigged elections is a way to safe face and have something to blame when he comes up short. >> new polling shows he's coming up short. after a week of nine women accused him of groping a them without permission. nbc has not independently verified which trump insists it is not true. >> i believe my friend donald trump when he tells me he did not do it. >> trump's team argues the bigger story is not covered of the wikileaks of hillary clinton's e-mails. the story appears in the latest newspaper this week. the latest document of speeches that clinton
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sack. >> you cannot assume they are all accurate. >> clinton's campaign not authenticating the e-mails blaming russia and more to come. >> with trump hitting democrat, he's slamming his party's own leader. in a tweet today, house speaker paul ryan does not know how to win, picking a fight with the nation's top republican, one day before the rally. lets dig into our new polls and what it tells us about our candidates and the voters. mark murray is with us for that. with so much focus with trump's treatment with women, lets start with the gender break down of our polls, what does it look like? >> hillary clinton has a 20 point lead. this is what we have seen of our wall street journal polls and it is twice the
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margin of romney in 2012. hillary clinton is doing well among women voters. >> what about support based of the race of the voters? >> that's less than romney's 17 point lead in 2012 in barack obama. hillary clinton has a 16-point lead against non-white voters. she's close to have the big lead that we street journal poll. >> the big story of the "access hollywood" video dominated the headline for this week. how much are people paying attention to that and how much does it affect to the race? >> 95% americans said they heard or seen about the story. 32% and about third of voters think that
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withdrawn from the race. the totalities, the news stories the last ten days have taken a toll on donald trump but not to the point where people want him out of the race. mark murray, thank you very much. as you imagine allegations against donald trump created many dilemmas for evangelical voters. our kristen welker found on this a lot of evangelical voters are having trouble with donald trump. >> evangelical voters took to the polling. his focus is not only religion but also politics. >> as it pertains to the presidency of the united states of america, character matters. >> while rodriguez says many conservatives feel that donald trump will make a best choice for
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troubled him. >> what we hear is horrific. you cannot defend it. now, some are turning away from the republican candidate. online poll of all evangelicals showing trump only had one point lead over clinton from the group down from 12-point in july. >> the god i believe in cares about people first and donald trump does not care about anybody b >> democrats trying to capitalize. tim kaine visiting an evangelical church today. [ speaking spanish ] >> some evangelicals are lashing out. many of their leaders are not pulled their support. >> tony perkins calling trump disgraceful but is still voting for him. >> i am going to vote
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president of the united states. >> a group of students are outraged, they are tired of being associate with one of the worst presidential candidates in america history. even trump's running mate mike pence is signaling he wants to see a force full apology. >> governor pence is all but begging him to do that. >> trump is now hoping to hold on one of the pillars of the party. >> kristen welker news, washington. one more disturbing note about the 2016 campaign tonight, a republican party in orange county, north carolina was fire bombed last night causing major damage but no injuries there. the republican party says an explosive device was thrown through a window. someone painted, republicans do not leave town or else. an attack of our democracy.
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unacceptable. donald trump blamed hillary clinton supporters for that. >> for who ever becomes the next president, one of the biggest national challenges is responding to north korea and it is increasing alarming tests of nuclear devices and missiles. another missile test on friday night and it is not about to stop as bill neally found in his exclusive reporting from north korea. >> reporter: two days ago, another north korean tests. it shocks the world of its fourth and fifth north korea's nuclear tests. >> translator: there maybe six or eight nuclear tests. >> you will not back away and stop your nuclear tests. >> translator: no, he says we won't back
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american un ambassador visited last week and calling it extremely grave. >> this is a threat of mankind. >> north korea is more dangerous than ever. >> its troops facing u.s. forces across volatile korean border. >> this is not just the front line of an unfinished war. this is a flash point of a new conflict over north korea's nuclear weapon programs. tensions are running high. north korea claims its program because the u.s. flew new bombers near its porter this summer. it fears of the leader, kim jong-un. >> it is even threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. >> translator: if we
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our country, he says, we'll strike first. there is no evidence north korea cannot mountain a nuclear head missile or reaching any u.s. state. >> so far, they failed to detour kim's nuclear drive. the hard question is what will? nbc news, north korea. now, colin kaepernick was the starting quarterback today for the first time this season since adding to the national conversation of social in justice of that controversial protest. once again he kneeled as the national anthem played in buffalo new york and many fans were not happy. >> it was returned of the field met with the course of
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colin kaepernick, started the first time in buffalo. kneeling against the national anthem as a police officer saluted behind him. kaepernick's silent protests met with high praise and hostility. today he arrived wearing muhammad's t-shirt. >> i think people are realizing taken place in this country. across the country, similar protests from professional athletes to high schoolers, even supreme court ruth gingsberg weighed in. >> much of the focus is back on kaepernick's game, he made clear that the message is in place. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. still ahead
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can we effective. >> it is a simple task. the pain made it impossible for michelle to put on shoes >> how long have you been in pain? >> ten years. >> she spent ten years in a wheelchair and got hooked on painkillers. >> i had a great job. i feel like everybody s me. >> her doctor implanted a device near michelle's spine which uses electrical pulse to block the pain. >> 90% of the patients will relief the pain. today, michelle is able to walk and can do household chores. >> it makes no sense to me. >> they don't feel
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me to stay on the pain pop. >> alternatives to painkillers like nerve stimulaters and bio feedback and therapies are denied coverage. >> it is difficult to get authorizations for a certain treatments than it is to simply to write medications. >> the trade group says coverage decisions are based on strong evidence. these alternatives really work. >> michelle is fighting for coverage and united nation the the -- using the device. >> if i can put on shoes, i can walk across the yard and making the kid dinner, that's what i want to do. making progress one step at a time. when we come back, step at a time. when we come back, our
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that's the scene of the sky this weekend. it is only supposed to get better tonight. a spectacular super moon, one of the most impresve nasa says this will be the closest full moon of the year and the closest full moon of the 20th century. >> here on earth, social media has played a big role in this presidential election especially twitter in donald trump's campaign. so we wondered what is it like when regular people get retweeted
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jacob soboroff. >> donald trump likes to retweet messages to followers. twitter tells me according to his data that they sent me, he's done it around 27 times. >> this is you, huh? >> ben carson is now leading the polls in iowa and issues in the brain and hashtag, trump #g sanders' supporter when he sent his tweet about a year ago. >> and then what happens? >> i put my phone on this and a minute later, it beeps and it was trump retweeted. my reaction was surprised that someone was running for the president of the united states not only has time to read my tweet but also retweeted. >> trump deleted nicholas's tweet after
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offensive. another tweet caught trump's eye at 11:00 p.m., steven dean, tweeted i can see at tony's shorts. he's very unstable and might leave for candidate soon, too. >> he took your message and sent it out to his 11.5 million followers. >> he frequently mcdonald's. >> what was that like? >> you know immediately when you turn on your computer in the morning that you had hundreds and hundreds of notifications. >> do you think that's a good thing from a guy that could become president? >> i think that's great. he has said that he's the voice of us. he wants to do right by us so why not from time too time retweet a little guy like me.
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? ? there is an unusual hunt going on in san francisco complete with a map and clues all part of a volunteer to join the right program serving kids. it had a lot of people finding mysterious messages and bottles all around the world. >> in a san francisco alley of a bottle. >> it was a child's half written tale.
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>> an invitation through a campaign calls "save our story." it is known as 826 valencia, sparking a city wide treasure hunt. there are dozens of bottles that are filled with clues and riddles and ryhmes. you may just come here and stay and to find the the process of discovery is a metaphor that you go through tutoring students. >> tucked behind this door is a classroom that students can roam free, those lucky to expect for duty at this magical place >> when i write, i feel that i can get out every emotion inside of me. >> kids empowered by their words and finding their voice. >> as blue as the
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>> students can tell theirstories, they can go anywhere. >> transforming a message in a bottle and wandering imagination that everyone deserves. >> scotty shorts. >> that's nbc nightly news for this sunday night. up next, football night in america is the indianapolis colts taking on houston, texans. lester holt will be i am kate snow
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tonight, in houston, it's the texans, hosting their division rivals, andrew luck and the colts, on "sunday night football." they are the reigning afc south champions. >> we did it. >> now, back in first place to start the new season. >> win on three, one, two, three. >> win. >> but the loss of one familiar


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