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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 18, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EDT

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some progress being made. >> that's right, frances, what we are seeing actually from yesterday is the kurdish forces were able to move from areas east of mosul. now they're within striking distance of the city, itself. this is iraq's second largest estimate while the iraqi forces and the iraqi military were able to move into surgeon parts of the city, we are seeing something of a pause today. we haven't seen any movement quite yet. is these with theles tend to unfold. they work in a medieval offensive way. they encircle a city like this, which is how the with theles went in fallujah and ramadi last year. they closed off the area around the city and gradually penetrate into the center of the city. while this mansion so save the iraqi security forces, it can
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city like mosul. it extends the agony about to be in the city, frances. >> hitting ground, but tur u curious to see the impact that is to come. nbc's matt bradley there for us. thank you. in the town of lexington, kentucky, thousands gathered for the slain daughter tyson gay, trinity and her father excle released a sea of pink and purple ploons in the air. trinity was killed outside a restaurant early friday morning. it is believed she was an innocent bystander caught in cross fire. three men were charged, they have pleaded not guilty. they are saying sorry for the minority treatment in the united states t. president of
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formal apology at the organization's annual conference. >> there have been times when law enforcement officer because of the laws enacted by federal, state and local governments have been the face of oppression to far too many of our fellow sids. >> cunningham says today's officers are not to blame for the past but hopes for unity among minorities and police and to break the cycle of mistrust and to build a better, safer future. just ahead, it is ato we'll reveal it straight ahead. first, bill karins is dealing with a major heat wave. >> it's not just here, it was 100 degrees in dodge city, kansas. four record broken and more record heat from texas to new york. nashville near 90. memphis 89. louisville 86. close to a record there. birmingham in atlanta, close to their record highs.
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bingham thomp, new york. now, here's a closer look at your day ahead. you can see who cooled you a a little bit. amarillo about 77 degrees. the heat is present for northern portions of alabama. a little cooler in maine and new hampshire. other areas of new england will be very warm this time of year. burlington at 80. pretty impressive. >> thank you. plenty more ahead, including this survivor of a crash speaks out after seeing his life saving rescue. that's next. rescue. that's next. ?? if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active...
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more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. >> more than 50 inmates escaped during a prison riot n' sao paolo, brazil.
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they are connected. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> always impressive with the entire rocket successfully blasted off from virginia the unman rocketed cair carrying cargo t. launch of the 14-story rock previous version exploded. new details this morning about dramatic human chain rescue effort that saved a man in a burning car t. driver who has no recollection of the accident had to be tased and handcuffed because he was shot and combative. >> god bless you all very much. thank you. >> that was him watching it, his emotional reaction, the officers
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free him after his car crashed down an embankment and caught fire. tim only suffered minor injuries thanks, to all those good smar osamaritans. airbnb is holding a contest to go to romania. you will spend overnight in a transvainia fortress known as there are velvet trimmed coffins to stay in. one house rule, no garlic or garlic scented items are allowed. i don't know about mirrors. right. people lectureing photos with their friends, can you go es the
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rubble in are aleppo. we'll have details ahead as early today continues. ad as early today continues. ? at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ?? just stop by walgreens. ?? then sit back and enjoy the savings. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day.
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zplmplts zplmplts fast forwarding today, nine states have voter registration deadlines for the presidential election. they include florida, kansas, maine, maryland, minnesota, nevada, oregon and west
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you can register on election day. the president and first lady will host their final state dinner for matteo renzi and his wife. about 400 guests will dine by qui side by chef mario vitale and listen to gwen stefani. and zieper makeup. find out if you are paying too much for the look you love. people love tweeting about food and posting favorite food, favorite drimplths here's your top ten as well. coffee heads the list followed by beer, pizza, starbucks, ipa, boxer wine and and down to ice cream, barbecue ching and it's always cool to do that i like the backdrop of the sunset. net flicks seems to have set the
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nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. netflix shares dropping 20% in after hours trade. this after the company surprised the street when it came to its subdescribeer numbers. they were about 50% higher than expected. this was in large part due to strength overseas. but netflix also is holding on to u.s. subscribers, despite a price hike. that was key. earnings are passi overall, good news for netflix. they said they expect to pick up spending as well. elsewhere in tech, goggle is upgrading flight and hotel searches. they're making it a bit easier, not just to grab a bargain, but to make sure you lock them in by telling you within they expect certain fares to expire.
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section. ford announcing monday it will idle production of its top selling f-150 truck at its kansas city plant one week t. company saying it will idle production at three other plants. these are temporary moves. it will raise concern, perhaps about peak car volumes in the united states. >> nancy, thank you. just ahead, amy schumer supporters, plus is bob sillen ducking out on his surprise? ducking out on his surprise? come on, dad. ( ?? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? ? talkin' 'bout my, my love ? you ready, dad? ? whoa-ooh ? ? ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ?
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>> welcome bang. this lady is scheduled to perform here in new york city, amy schumer. she is speaking out against many trump fans in tampa kind of upset. watch this. >> i know you choose your life. you choose who you want in your life. it's you can be whoever you want. >> people were booing about her blistering lines about donald trump. some 200 people walked out. then led to twitter to let amy know how they feel. many supporting donald trump say they came to the show to get a break from politics, but with
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politics. seam skrumer said all-tampa. she was za hoping to say something amy schumer-esque. >> it's that time of year. when it's over, we will be happy to move on. >> will bob dylan show up to accept his n the "wants to different them a cash prize for leicester, he was awarded. you can say it's all proceeding in the wind. >> it's about that time. this is "early today." at time. this is "early today." more "stay" per roll.
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