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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 19, 2016 3:37am-4:07am EDT

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trajectory in this race is some unknown incident, because at this point, i think everything feels like it's starting to settle into concrete here. the only time we've seen anything move at all is when we heard the words of donald trump in that videotape. that's the type of issue that would have to pop up to actually change the direction of this campaign at this point. >> who has more riding on tomorrow? >> oh, it's donald trump by a mile. he has to have a great debate, almost a in order to change the direction of this race. >> all right, chuck todd, thank you very much. we'll have full coverage and analysis of tomorrow's final presidential debate in las vegas, starting at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific right here on nbc. turning now to iraq and the american-supported campaign to take back the city of mosul from isis. president obama said today what troops on the front lines have already discovered, it's going to be a
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according to plan, but are warning about what isis may do overseas in retaliation. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in the region and spoke exclusively with the general leading the american effort. >> reporter: how's it going? >> it's going well. >> reporter: in his first interview since the offensive to push isis out of mosul began, major general gary valesquey said his troops are providing air support and heavy artillery, but not leading this momentum, they know it, and they want to get there as quickly as they can. >> reporter: we followed iraqi troops to the front line to see for ourselves. we made our way to the newly liberated village of hud. she's happy said a man ush approximating his 80 grandfather. she's happy to see the soldiers. but why were these people carrying white
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have moved on, even though villagers say there are still isis fighters here. and what we saw next was a war planner's worst nightmare, entering this sunni village were shi'ite militias. in a country that's seen civil war between these two sects of islam, it's a dangerous mix. but what happens here could have international consequences as well. general valesquey is concerned tha retaliation for losing mosul, isis could launch terror attacks on targets in the west. >> that's what we're worried about from my perspective, back at home, when mosul falls, how are they going to try to deflect the attention? >> reporter: but for now the troops are focused on the task at hand. mosul is where the so-called islamic state or caliphate was born. >> there's not going
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beginning, and these are just the first of what aid agencies could be more than a million people driven from their homes. they suffered under isis, now they're paying the price for yet another fight for mosul. while u.s.-backed iraqi troops are advancing toward mosul, isis is saying that nothing is wrong. its propaganda today putting out images of people at work, eating cab ab in the city, life as normal. >> richard engel, thank you. back home, much of the eastern half of the country remains in the middle of a fall heat wave this evening, while new york was one degree short of a record new high for this date. highs for this date were set throughout the northeast and down to texas with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. more of the same is predicted for tomorrow when dozens of records could be shattered yet again. indian summer in full swing. now to the brutal
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mexico. a federal judge who reportedly played a role in joaquin "el chapo's" guzman's extradition process to the u.s. was shot in the back of the head in broad daylight while taking a jog. >> reporter: the shocking surveillance video shows the judge jogging when a gunman runs up from behind, pulls a handgun, then the trigger. a point blank judge, a 37-year-old mexican judge was reportedly involved in the extradition process of drug king pin joaquin "el chapo" guzman, and other high profile cartel members. addressing the nation, mexico's president promised a full investigation. el chapo is behind bars in federal prison, but experts say he still has connections to order brutal hits. last month, mexico's
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sons were behind an ambush that left five soldiers dead. el chapo's lawyer says the widely feared drug lord who escaped from prison twice using tunnels like this one, was not involved in the murder. the judge also presided over other cartel cases and had not requested personal security. >> mexican drug trafficking organizations have a strategy to corrupt high level government officials, take my silver or take my lead, and it's been very effective. >> reporter: with el chapo facing extradition to the u.s. next year, the investigation into this brutal hit is just beginning. a crime designed to send fear through a nation doing exactly that tonight. miguel almaguer, nbc news. there is news tonight for millions who depend on social security. don't expect a big raise coming next year. retirees will get a .3% increase in monthly benefits, that
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recipient. the average monthly social security payment now $1,238. the cost of living adjustment will be small because inflation is low and that's due in part to low gasoline prices. still ahead tonight, a warning for parents, an alarming rise in overdoses and deaths from a new drug more powerful than heroin being purchased by teenagers legally online. also, he has a way with words, this is why the nobel committee
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across the country, paramedics are seeing a rise in overdose deaths from powerful drugs legally bought online and shipped to teenagers in the mail. the drugs are synthetic opioids, stronger than heroin, and chemically designed to get around laws in the united states. one of those drugs is called pink and it has a small town in utah story now from gadi schwartz. >> reporter: in park city, utah, pain and disbelief. >> i feel lucky that our last words were "i love you." >> reporter: they were only 13, two best friends in middle school dead, reasons still under investigation. but police suspect a new drug more than twice as powerful as heroin that you can legally buy online. >> our students that have been involved, we know that they were shipping packages to friends' house.
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city schools, students were calling it pink and secretly talking about it over snapchat. >> we looked at computers, social media, and started to see a trend. the term pink kept popping up. >> reporter: now worried parents are warning their children about the drug, a synthetic opioid. >> reporter: melissa davidson's daughter jane said pink and the deaths of the two boys are all her classmates can talk about growing number of unregulated chemical compounds being shipped to the u.s. from abroad. eight killed in florida this year, over 50 deaths nationwide while only four states have made it illegal. the dea now pushing for new laws to ban the chemical compound, while the most effective protection may start with conversations between parents and their children before it's too late. >> you know, i just worry about you. >> i can't imagine the
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with just -- just like not being there one day. >> one bad decision can have permanent, life-altering consequences. >> yeah. >> reporter: for now, this mother hopes her love can overcome a drug's deadly pull. gadi schwartz, nbc news, park city, utah. and up next here
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>> announced last week that american music legend bob dylan had wob the nobel prize in literature, the news spread around the world and just about everyone had something to say about it. but dylan himself, a man of memorable words, has chosen to remain silent. we get the story from nbc's keir simmons. ?? >> reporter: awarded the world's highest literary honor, tonight it's unclear if he'll go to the
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generation saying nothing about the accolade. >> i think him not responding to the nobel committee, it's really in the spirit of his creative life. >> i've never been that kind of performer that wants to be one of them, one of the crowd. >> reporter: after the nobel committee received no more than a friendly collaborate, they're given up trying to track him down. back in 2001, he did accept a for best original song. his speech was 16 seconds. >> this is quite something really. thanks, curtis. thanks, hollywood foreign press and thank my band, the record company and everybody in my family, and that's about it, really. >> reporter: tonight, those who questioned honoring a musician with a nobel say if he's not going to show up, he shouldn't get it.
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>> he does it for him. he plays and he sings and he does it for him. ? ? the times they are a changing ?? and while none of them are lucky enough to be nobel prize winners, a new group of big musical names will soon be in exclusive company. the nominees for this years rock and roll hall of fame class includes journey, tupac, chaka khan, depeche mode, jane's addiction and more. the inductees will be announced in december. when we come back, inspiring america. we'll show you what what happened when a college turned its losing football team into a winning farm team. "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by pacific life. helping generations of families achieve
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finally tonight, a small college in texas did the unthinkable in that state when it got rid of its losing football program. but in its place, the kids found another way to grow and see their efforts make it all the way to the big
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tonight's inspiring america report. >> reporter: it's said in texas, the state religion is football. but at paul quinn college in dallas, the team was so bad they didn't have a prayer. >> we couldn't afford football. >> reporter: so when the school brought in a new president, he shocked the lone star state, by getting rid of the game, and replacing it with a farm. >> turns out it wasn't very popular with the football players. >> i've got swid charred -- >> reporter: the farm manager helps students grow while learning to tend to crop, all in exchange for cash and college credit. >> it's about teaching them accountability, about how to show up on time, ready to work. >> for the actual pea -- >> reporter: the yield, 30,000 pounds of organic produce. >> there's no access to fresh produce within a mile radius. we serve as that hub for fresh produce for
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to dallas non-profits and sold to local restaurants, but by far, the biggest client is the home of the dallas cowboys. ending up in kitchens right here at at&t stadium. >> when did you guys pick this? >> we picked these yesterday afternoon. >> very nice. >> that's really, really cool. >> reporter: today the school that kicked football out is feeding football fans. >> we believe in it. this is something that was effortless and it makes a lot of sense, and t partnership with them. >> reporter: this fall, the farm is flourishing and enrollment is up. >> to know that if you work hard, if you apply yourself, you can make a way out of no way. >> reporter: a winning season on the field, tilling instead of touchdowns. steve patterson, nbc news, dallas. that's gonna do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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. >> just hours from the third and final presidential debate. the candidates prepare as president obama tells donald trump to stop whining. a gruesome daylight attacks digs calls. a parent's worst nightmare. a stranger tries to steal your child while your not looking. america talks to the leader about the exclusive for removing isil. >> they say chow at their final steak dinner "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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away and both candidates layout their closing arguments, with hillary clinton utilizing third and bernie sander's firing up supporters in neighboring arizona, mike pence and donald trump stoke fears of a ricked election. >> they want to even try to rig the election at the polling booths where so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common. then they say, there is no voter fraud in our country. >> voter fraud is real pockets around this country and voter fraud disenfranchises every american, republican, democrat, independent and it cannot be allowed. >> and the "new york times" this morning reports trump has called on supporters to turn out in droves on election day to monitor polling place, intimidation and fears of minorities. president obama is now taking trump to task using some of the
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saying trump is waging a campaign to delegitimize an election. >> i have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the elections process before votes have even taken place. there who would suggest somehow that you could even, you could even rig america's elections. i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go make his case to get votes. >> if the last debate was any indication, tonight will certainly have it's own level of drama. the trump team now announcing the nominee will be bringing president obama's half brother, malik, a trump supporter to tonight's debate, along with
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benghazi victim. while clinton will bring meg whitman the h ceo and mark cuban the owner of the mavericks. six witnesses are coming forward to corroborate published allegations that donald trump attacked her back in 2005. stone stoyanov said he pushed her up against a wall and forced his tongue down her t she was on assignm. melania trump denied the allegations in an interview and has so far says her billionaire husband did not do that. nbc news has not incidentally verified any sexual assaults against donald trump. when it comes to his 2005 "actress hollywood" comments caught in a hot mic moment. his daughter is speaking out, saying, quote, my father's comments were clearly inappropriate and offensive and
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this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the american people. she's not the only one, howard stern now distancings himself, saying during his show, even he has never we heard or used the vulgar word he uttered during that 2005 video. >> trump's rival hillary clinton is facing a series of embarrassms as controversies dog her campaign. with 20 days to go until election day, clinton's team is looking to dea onslaught of the pesky e-mails that continue to be released by wikileaks. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton arrive physical las vegas, the site of tomorrow's final debate showdown as the clinton team prepares for the home strep t. strategy, in the debate, stick to issue, try to ray peer presidential, no matter what donald trump does, also dealing with fallout from the stolen
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sanders a dufus for international climate change deals. another, three months before clinton had the nomination, he called food groups, dividing them by race and gender. on the list, apple's tim cook, bill and melinda gates. sanders at the bottom of the e-mail in a category all by himself. despite those e-mails. he send bernie sanders to arizona, going for a win states. michelle obama going there thursday. an fbi agent said he felt pressured not to label one of clinton's e-mails classified a. charge denied by the fbi and state department. president obama weighing in. >> i think you've we heard directly from both the fbi and the state department that the accounts that have been put out there are just not true. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. make sure to tune in tonight for
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9:00 p.m. eastern. the president and first lady michelle obama invited matteo renzi to the white house. mrs. obama receiving spectacular reviews for her rose gold versace gown she selected. and gwen stefani arrived with date blakehe performed. and jerry seinfeld, chef mario batali doing double duty. using fresh ingredients from the final harvest of the white house kitchen garden. if you are keeping store, they hosted more state dinners than george w. bush but fewer than the clintons. here's what president obama had to say about his final dinner in the white house. >> welcome to the final steak
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but, in the immortal words of a great italian american, yogi berra, it ain't over until it's operate. authorities in mexico are investigating a brutal and shocking execution caught on camera. a federal judge that played a role in joachim guzman's extradition process was shot in the back of the head while jogging. it's sending s that country. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> the shocking under surveillance video shows a man joggings, a gunman walks up from behind, pulls a handgun, then pulls the trigger. the shot blank execution. the 37-year-old mexican judge was reportedly involved in the extradition process of drug king pin el chapo guzman and other


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