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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EDT

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orning. two weeks to go. the presidential race enters the homestretch. a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton with a solid lead, but donald trump is not buying it. >> it's called voter suppression because people are -- oh, gee, trump's out. folks, we're winning. we're winning. >> while the clintonampaign focuses on winning both the white house and congress. breaking overnight. a river rapids ride at a popular theme park malfunctions, killing four people, two of them thrown from their seats, two others trapped inside, as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. manhunt. a frantic search for an oklahoma man accused of shooting at least six people, including two police officers.
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media. this morning, inside the desperate attempts to track him down. and game on! the world series begins tonight. a match-up of baseball's lovable losers. the chicago cubs and cleveland indians. no teams have waited longer. a combined 176 years in the making. we're live with fans in both cities "today," tuesday, october 25th, 2016. >> announcer: this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. world series day. this is so exciting! >> it is the fall classic. these two teams, imagine the excitement in chicago and cleveland this morning as they're getting ready to put
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>> 7:00 a.m., they're ready to go. >> they're playing for these long-suffering fans. you know what else they're playing for? >> what? don't drop it. please. this is the actual world series trophy? >> that is the world series trophy. we hold it until one team wins it. >> i love it. you know what people don't know is that you wear those white gloves for the show every day. >> not allowed to touch it wi >> so exciting. stakes are high, of course. but there is another match-up gripping the country right now, battle for the white house. state of the race, 14 days to go. at a late night rally donald trump insisted he's leading citing a poll he describes as the most accurate, a poll that shows him up two points. >> according to our new nbc news survy monkey weekly tracking poll, hillary clinton holds a six-point lead among likely
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trump has several events planned across the state while clinton will speak to young voters at a broward college rally. starting with nbc's hallie jackson in tallahassee, trump will speak tonight. >> reporter: good morning. today it really will be battleground florida with back-to-back rallies in this must-win swing state for hillary clinton and for donald trump. trump is pointing to the enthusiasm at his but now his campaign's unveiling what you could call trump tv as the gop nominee goes after what he calls the rigged media and the rigged system overall. with just two tuesdays to go, donald trump's outwardly optimistic, but maybe not totally realistic. >> we're leading. number one. folks, we're winning. we're winning. we're winning. >> reporter: virtually every major poll shows otherwise, something trump himself
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in the polls but not by much. >> reporter: trump's trailing hillary clinton nationally, and by a slim margin in must-win battlegrounds north carolina and florida. now, stoking speculation he's laying the groundwork if he loses for an all-trump network -- >> welcome in to trump tower live -- >> reporter: his teaming debuting its own nightly broadcast on facebook. >> we're excited to be bypassing the left wing media. >> reporter: they're not calling it t like it. >> this idea of a trump media empire, are you allowing yourself to imagine that scenario, too, during this? >> no. everybody's talking about it because i have so many voters and they're so committed. >> reporter: still caught in a controversy, the gop nominee denying a new allegation of sexual misconduct from an adult film actress whose lawyer, gloria all-red, is a long-time clinton supporter. trump now raising eyebrows with
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i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. >> reporter: increasingly defiant, trump is sticking to his strategy with what he calls a rigged system. a report from the federal health agency shows insurance premiums for some consumers will rise an average of 25% next year. >> yet another double-digit spike in your premium for obamacare and it doesn't work. >> reporter: the administration argues things are better now than before the law was passed. most voters in places like florida, the site of dueling rallies today. and in new hampshire where a feisty elizabeth warren on the trail with clinton resurrected trump's debate night dig. >> what we want to do is to replenish -- >> such a nasty woman. >> on november 8th, we nasty women are gonna march our nasty
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get you out of our lives forever! >> reporter: a more confident clinton campaign spreading surrogates across the country today, including president obama on late night tv. >> when you watch the debate and you watch donald trump, do you -- do you ever laugh? do you ever actually laugh? >> most -- most of the time. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: through it all, the republican in-fighting hasn't gone anywhere. now ourew monkey online tracking poll shows a majority of republicans, 57%, believe that that friction could actually threaten trump's chances at winning the presidency. after his rallies in florida today, by the way, he heads to washington tomorrow, spending some of his limited time before election day opening his new hotel in d.c. matt? savannah? >> hallie jackson up early and on the trail this morning, thank you. steve kornacki, there are so many different polls.
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theirs. donald trump says don't believe any of them -- except the ones that show he's doing well. show me what we need to do. >> you see these numbers with the decimal points and everything. if it looks really exact, that's because that is what we're trying to do. this is the average of every poll out there. on the clinton side you'll have a poll that has her up 12, trump will be promoting one that says it is a dead-even race. when you merge it all look at the election. it is a lead for hillary clinton of close to six points. that obviously a significant lead. donald trump would need movement in his direction. it is always better, i think especially in crunch time in a campaign, you don't look at the one poll that's 12 points this way or one that's five that way. if you average them together, that's sort of your compass in a campaign like this. >> if you go back to the primaries and they did hypothetical match-ups between hillary clinton and any number of the republican candidates,
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match-up going way back into the spring. >> if you go back to june, may, april, those numbers clinton versus trump, she had a lead double digits in april. but you se 3%, 5%. the common thread in this race has been donald trump has not been ahead since it's been hillary clinton in the race. >> many republicans are looking past donald trump and looking to house and senate. start in the senate and talk about where she stands now and her chances of bringing it back to democratic control. >> let's take a look at the senate battleground map. right now the republicans have basically a 54%-46% majority. the democrats have a lot of opportunities on this map. this is where hillary clinton was yesterday. she was in new hampshire. you have a republican incumbent there. hillary clinton may be favored in that state if she can carry the democrat, that would be a pick-up. democrats are also looking at
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good about. a lot of democrats think they have that senate race in the bag there. wisconsin's another one. look, if you just got those four, if you're the democrat and hillary clinton wins the presidency, those four alone would give you control of the senate. the one wild card on here democrats have to worry about -- it's this state, nevada. harry reid, the democratic leader, is retiring. this is the one democratic senate seat right now they are at risk of losing to republicans. >> no question, republicans are most worried about losing control of the senate right now. real quickly, give yours the lay of the landth it would have to be a huge wave for republicans to lose control of the house. >> it would. take a look, this is the balance right now. republicans -- this is the highest number republicans have had in the house since 1928. republicans when they won this majority two years ago said it was wave-proof. democrats would need to pick up 30-plus seats, they would need to win in very, very republican districts. if this is a ten-point or more presidential race, i think it comes into play. if it isn't, very hard to see.
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>> i'm exhausted! steve, thank you. now to another story. a theme park tragedy that happened overnight. at least four people were killed in australia when a popular ride malfunctioned. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely has the latest on it. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this was one of the star attractions of australia's biggest theme park. billed as one of the safest rides at the park called "dream world." ?? >> reporter: the thunder river rapids ride has been thrilling visitors at the park for 30 years. today, tragedy as one of the rafts overturned throwing two passengers off, trapping two others on a conveyor belt underneath. >> obviously kids were onboard screaming while their mom was like trapped under.
7:11 am
i'd rather not talk about what i saw. >> she came out hysterically crying. then two people that work her took her away and the little baby. >> reporter: rescuers tried to save lives but two men and two women died at the scene. >> one of the rides had sustained some sort of malfunction causing two people to be ejected from a ride, another two people were caught inside the ride. >> reporter: one eyewitness was american gold in rio. dude, he tweeted, just got off a ride 15 minutes ago that has one person seriously injured and two others trapped. but this ride had problems earlier. people were stuck as the artificial river was drained. >> we were told that we had to wait a minute because there was a bit of a maintenance problem. we got stopped for 30, 40 minutes, people were probably in the water floating around. they completely drained it all,
7:12 am
>> reporter: it was later declared safe, a decision that proved fatal. >> well with be this ride was known as one of the tamest family-friendly. it even took children as young as 3 years old. now it's one of the deadliest. dream world say they're deeply shocked. their park is now closed. clearly they face some very serious questions. >> thank you. horrible story out of pakistan where a gunman stormed a police training center monday killing at least 59 people. more than 100 others were wounded. pakistani officials say between four and six gunmen opened fire as they rushed that building. many of the police trainees were killed when the gunman dtonated explosive vests. officials say an al qaeda group is responsible. police say a 38-year-old with be mike the vance, shot and injured two police officers on
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patrol car. he live-streamed his getaway on facebook and taunted police along the way. >> if you want to know what's up next, stay tuned to your local news. >> police say vance then stole another car injuring and shooting another woman in the process. that car found eight miles away and inside the home police found the bodies of two of vance's relatives. police believe he switched vehicles again and was last seen driving a he is considered armed and dangerous. a controversial request from the pentagon. it involves cash bonuses given to service members, but now the military wants that money returned. nbc's morgan radford is in los angeles with more. >> matt, good morning. this story goes back to at least 2007 and involves nearly 10,000 men and women from the california national guard. now they were recruited to join up at a time when the military desperately needed to bolster its ranks. now the pentagon wants that
7:14 am
those folks really aren't in a position to pay. when the military needed more troops to help fight wars in iraq and afghanistan, the california national guard started handing out bonuses of $15,000 or more. >> this was for my first deployment. >> reporter: robert served two tours of combat duty in iraq, and now he is being asked to return his $20,000 bonus. what went through your mind when you first got that letter saying youd >> anger. we didn't do anything wrong. we just stepped forward, we volunteered, we signed on the line, we did our duty. and now they're slapping us in the face for it. >> reporter: thousand is of soldiers like him were signed up by military recruiters. in some cases those recruiting officers knew the soldiers weren't really eligible for enlistment bonuses but signed them up anyway.
7:15 am
management pled guilty to filing false claims totaling $15 million. three other officers also pleaded guilty to fraud. >> bonuses went from a small group of critical skills to almost everybody that was joined was eligible. in a lot of instances, soldiers would get paychecks that were far and above greater than their normal pay. >> reporter: rather than forgiving the bonuses, which were in some cases improperly handed out, the guard assigned auditors to track down the money, saying in a statement, "the california national guard does not have the authority to unilaterally waive these debts." even though those who signed up and got bonuses didn't do anything wrong, the auditors found a total of $37 million may have been wrongly paid out. since the "los angeles times" first reported the story, elected officials on both sides of the aisle have criticized the pentagon and are now calling for change. >> well, that's disgraceful that we would ever treat those men and women who came to the call
7:16 am
>> reporter: for people like deandrea, the relief can't come soon enough. have you paid any of this money that they've requested? >> no, i haven't. i haven't. i don't plan on it either. i plan on winning. >> well, a pentagon spokesperson tells nbc news that the senior leadership of the department is looking very closely at this matter, adding that national guard units in other states may also be facing the same issue. matt? >> morgan, thank you very much. a historic building billow of smoke and flames. it was all caught on camera. firefighters were already on the scene when pressure from the fire blew out the front windows sending a cloud of smoke shooting from the building. it happened late last night. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> you use your parking brake when you park? >> sometimes. proof this morning you should always do that, especially whether on a hill.
7:17 am
a man pulled out on the shoulder of the road to talk to a truck driver. got out without putting the brake on. moments later found himself chasing his runaway car across several lanes of a busy highway. >> yes, i always put my parking brake on. >> you usually look both ways when you are crossing a big highway. >> crazy. good morning. what's shaking in the weather? >> we've got some crazy cold weather in the northeast. parts of new england on the chilly side. much of the country weather. but this jet stream dip brings throws temperatures down. look at windchills. it feels like 29 in binghamton. 36 boston. 43 in philly. burlington, 30 degrees. in fact, tomorrow it is going to be even colder. 24 million of us under some sort of frost/freeze watch or frost advisory and a hard freeze for parts of the northeast. then you look at midsections of the country, look at how warm it is going to be. over the next several days, cheyenne, you're going to get up to 76 by thursday.
7:18 am
thursday, new orleans, a high of 81. and it warms up even warmer as you get into the weekend.
7:19 am
>> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, the ex-wife of former subway pitchman jared fogle is now suing the fast food giant accuing the company of turning a blind eye of disturbing complaints against losers gearing up for tonight's opening game of the world series. we're with them live in cleveland and chicago. yeah, we've got the trophy here in the studio.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, october 25th, 2016. you know what that means? game one of the world series tonight. fans of chicago and cleveland already packing in the their respective cities. >> you mean bars? >> yeah, bars. ahead of tonight starting the world series. when you haven't won the title in decades, not a chance you get that often, why not just live it up. inside the fan frenzy in just a moment. >> can you just imagine, 12 hours from now? >> vegas, baby. let us get a check of today's headlines. former pennsylvania attorney
7:31 am
bail after convicted in august of leaking grand jury information to the media to embarrass a political rival, then lying about it under oath. she was the first woman elected pennsylvania's top prosecutor. she will remain free while she appeals. overnight, four people were killed in an accident in a popular theme park in australia. the thunder river rapids ride malfunctioned ejecting two people from their raft. two others were caught inside the ride. the park's ceo says the pk find out what went wrong. let's not forget politics. out this morning, the newest nbc news survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton up six points ahead donald trump. >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states.
7:32 am
@realdonaldtrump. at least i will go down as a president. >> a phone drop moment. >> exactly. president having a little fun on "jimmy kimmel" live. just dropped the phone at the end of that. let's get back to that historic world series match-up between the cubs and the indians. long time coming for both teams and their fans. who are anxiously awaiting tonight's first pitch. we've got both cities covered. he's in cleveland. ron, what's going on around you there? >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. you know a lot of the buzz coming in to the series has all been about the chicago cubs and how they haven't won in so long. well, it's been a long time here as well. right, fans? >> woo-hoo! >> the cubs have won the pennant! >> the cleveland indians are
7:33 am
of baseball's perennial punch lines, the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians, ever the underdogs, about to take the field, ready to take a swing at rewriting history. but when the story of this world series is told, only one of them is guaranteed the last laugh. the indians last won the fall classic all the way back in 1948 coming close twice in the '90s but falling short both times. the cubs had waited nearly 40 years longer, more than a century -- 108 years, if you're >> go, cubs, go! >> reporter: their historic meeting has created a fever pitch among diehard fans. >> i don't even know how to describe it in words. i feel like we're still sleeping. we're going to make up and it may not be real. >> listen to the roar of the crowd as indians take the field. >> reporter: their stories that of legends. world series crown would pit them beside the city's ruling king, lebron james. >> it's over.
7:34 am
>> reporter: -- who returned home and delivered on a championship promise. tonight, lebron and the cavaliers will get their championship rings right next door to where the cubs and indians search for their glory. >> it is a day that will go down in history for anyone that lives here. they will never forget it. >> reporter: of course, as the excitement soars, so are ticket prices. right now they are too pricey for the average fan. some of the best seats for tonight's game pushing at wrigley, even more, creative cubs fans thinking outside the batter's box. offering tickets to the chicago run of the broadway smash hit "hamilton" in exchange for world series seats. now if the indians can pull this off, this will only be the second time in american sports history that the basketball and baseball champs have come from the same town. l.a. did it with the dodgers and bakers in '88. as they say in rome and
7:35 am
>> by the way, if it is a question between "hamilton" tickets and world series tickets, "hamilton" is going to be on broadway for a while. we do not want to leave chicago out. let's go 350 miles west and check on the mood of fans in chicago there. they're up early there with nbc's sheinelle joins. little pep rally going on? this thing is massive. i know there are fans in cleveland who really want to win, but trust me -- in fact, let me use my little ladder here. i want you to see the size of this crowd. there are fans all over chicago
7:36 am
chicago. we're having a pep rally. they opened the doors at 4:00 this morning and it is packed! take a look at this crowd! there are two years -- two years you into ed to keep in mind. 1945 and 1908. 1945 the last time the cubs went to the world series. but 1908, that's the last time this city has seen a championship. i want you to meet some of these fans. they got up at 4:00 this morning. first of all, it is a family there are generations who have never seen this before. look at this little guy! tell me his name, mom. >> beckett. >> this is beckett. tell me this. what would it mean for your family -- wait a minute, we have little brother, too. >> jamison. >> jamison. tell me what it would mean for families like this one all across the city of chicago to take this thing all the way home. >> it would be huge. for all the fans. >> matt and savannah, this is the bleacher preacher.
7:37 am
all the way? >> we don't have to dream anymore. it is a reality. four more wins and -- whoopie! >> a little go, cubs, go. ready -- go! go, cubs, go! >> go, cubs, go! go, cubs, go! >> bring us back some swag, too. >> tamron has the world series fever in the orange room. >> my goodness. you think those people were excited in both of those live shots, wait until you hear this. the excitement for the world series building online here in the orange room. this is the coveted trophy that will be presented to the winning team. what every cubs and indians player has in his sights as well as the team fans. but guess what? i'm going to faint. we have something even more exciting for baseball fans this morning. we have our hands on tickets to
7:38 am
game in this historic series, and they could be yours as part of the world series super fan give-away. head to to share a video, a picture of what makes you the ultimate cubs or indians fan and why you deserve to go to the big game. we want to see all you got. get the family, get the dog, get granny, get the uncle. everybody you know. two tickets to the world series. they are yours. remember, game one of the world series between the cubs and the indians takes place tonight, 8:00 p.m. er it is a big thing in the orange room, guys. >> can we get three tickets and i'll go with? >> you need a chaperone? i'll baby-sit. so huge. huge! >> loving this, tamron. thank you very much. we'll have more on the series in a little bit. now let's get a check of the weather. >> speaking of the world series game, the first two games in cleveland, progressive field.
7:39 am
one, partly cloudy skies, 46 degrees. but we've got some rain coming for tomorrow so we'll be watching that very closely. we've got this system coming out of the midwest today, out of the rockies. it is going to be pushing further to the east. as it does, we look for strong storms from minnesota all the way into chicago today into tomorrow. moving into thursday, more rain is moving making its way into the northeast. cold enough where we could see some snow in the upper elevations of upstate new york and new england. rainfall amounts through cleveland. we are looking at about an inch of rain. but the heaviest rain will be back from eastern iowa on into central wisconsin.
7:40 am
>> get that weather any time you need it, check out the weather channel. progressive field, no roofs. going to be interesting. coming up, airline safety videos have gone from dull to dazzling. but why are some passengers now saying enough is enough. jared fogle's ex-wife suing did the sandwich chain know about, and ignore, the issues that landed their pitchman behind bars. behind bars. but fi ?? the moments that connect us don't happen overnight.
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stunning lawsuit against one of the world's largest fast food chains. >> jared fogle's ex-wife is now suing subway claiming that company knew about disturbing allegations against their pitchman for more than a decade and kept them secret. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning subway is facing a lawsuit from the ex-wife of its former star pitchman, jared fogle. >> when the fbi banged on my door on july 7th, 2015, i thought it was the worst day of my life. >> reporter: last year, fogle charges of child pornography and having sex with minors. >> i have a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old now ask me every day about jail and where their father is. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed in indiana claims subway exploited fogle's family despite knowing of allegations that jared was a pedophile. >> the defendants even marketed him as a family man and used katie's likeness and her children's likenesses without
7:46 am
>> reporter: fogle skyrocketed to fame as the face of subway's healthy eating campaign which included visits to schools. but a former journalist who knew fogle and is mentioned in the lawsuit says he told her about his sexual encounters with minors. >> gender didn't make a difference to him. the younger, the better. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, fogle's ex-wife contends subway knew about at least three allegations of misconduct, one as early as 2004, but turned a blind eye because he was the cash cow. subway severed ties with fogle last year shortly after the fbi raided his home, saying fogle's actions were inexcusable and did not represent its brand. a spokesperson now tells nbc news "as this is pending legal action, we cannot provide comment." >> it is unlikely that a court is going to give the ex-wife money simply because subway didn't contact her earlier. >> reporter: the suit is asking for unspecified damages.
7:47 am
and the father of your children is a child predator and knowing that his job involved him visiting schools on a regular basis is devastating. >> reporter: mclaughlin also says she would have never married fogle if subway would have reported him. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. just ahead, are you being given the wrong antibiotics for common conditions like a sinus or an ear infection? dr. oz has alarming results of a new study that you real will i why the smithsonian is "over the rainbow" about its effort to preserve dorothy a he ?? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ?
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, donald trump down, but insisting he's not giving up. as senator elizabeth warren goes in for the kill. >> he mouthful of tic tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. >> so where do things really stand with two weeks to go? plus, bad medicine? a new report has some startling news about prescriptions in america saying half of patients treated for common infection are getting the wrong antibiotic. dr. oz is here with what you need to know. ? we're off to see the wizard
8:01 am
home. dorothy's iconic ruby slippers saved. we'll tell you how much they raised "today," tuesday, october 25th, 2016. >> good morning! >> woo! >> we're sisters in the city from san diego, california! woo! >> it's my dream to be on the "today" show! woo! >> woo! it's 8:00 on "today," it is tuesday, october 25th, 2016. and we have a great crowd out here on the plaza.
8:02 am
now. people have got their hat and gloves on. >> wintry. >> you don't think it is wintry? >> it is a little chilly. >> it is going to get worse though. especially come december, january. tamron in love with ita garten. she's going to make filet mignon. >> this is my girl crush of all time. speaking of delicious food, we want to get into the thanksgiving spirit. we need your help. we are calling it "today's" turkey trot. we're literally going to be running all across the country in search of the next thanksgiving super chef. so if you know a foodie with a recipe to share, we may give them a surprise from one of their favorite celebrity chefs. to nominate them, go to
8:03 am
that's why he or she should be considered. remember, it is a surprise. >> this is the best thanksgiving dinner, best turkey recipe kind of thing? >> all kinds of stuff. sides. anything. >> you have no idea. we'll get back to you. time for the "news at 8." i'm kristen welker. there are now just two weeks left in the race for the white house and hillary clinton is largely maintaining her lead over donald trump, up by six match-up. trump responding with a full arsenal of attacks. >> reporter: with time running out, donald trump trying to come from behind, turning up the heat against hillary clinton monday while barnstorming in battleground florida. >> the best evidence that the system is rigged is the fact that hillary clinton, despite her many crimes, was even allowed to run for president in the first place. >> reporter: and despite national and swing state polls
8:04 am
insisting victory is within reach. >> this is a movement like they have never seen in our country before. >> you see these polls where they're polling democrats. how's trump doing? oh, he's down. they're polling democrats. >> reporter: but earlier, some mixed messaging as trump admitted he is trailing clinton, comparing his campaign to the united kingdom's vote to leave the european union. >> i think we're going to have a brexit situation. you know, that one was behin somewhat behind in the polls but not by much. >> reporter: but the math and map is getting tough for trump. our latest nbc news analysis of early voting shows as of monday, more democratic affiliated voters have turned out than republican affiliated voters in 9 out of 12 battleground states. an increasingly confident clinton set to campaign in florida today. after stumping in new hampshire monday with trump antagonist, senator elizabeth warren. >> he thinks that because he has
8:05 am
can force himself on any woman within groping distance. >> reporter: seizing on trump's comment from the third debate. >> such a nasty woman. >> on november 8th, we nasty women are gonna march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever! >> reporter: clinton relishing warren's role as attack dog. >> she gets under his thin skin she exposes him for what he is. temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: underscoring clinton's confidence, she's increasingly shifting her focus beyond trump to down-ballot democrats, rallying support for democrat maggie hassen running against republican senator kelly ayotte in new hampshire. >> unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to
8:06 am
campaigns in florida today, is debuting a nightly broadcast of sorts on facebook leaving some to question if he's paving the way for a trump network if he loses. clinton will also be in florida today where so far early voting shows women and latinos are casting ballots at higher rates than in 2012. >> kristen, thank you very much. also on the campaign trail, donald trump taking aim at the affordable care act saying obamacare doesn't work. his comments came monday after the administration confirmed will go up sharply next year by an average 25% across the 39 states served by online exchanges. many consumers will only have one insurer to choose from. administration officials stress that subsidies will help lessen the effect of those premium hikes for a lot of people. coming up, wait until you see what one tennis player decided to do mid match. and then chris hemsworth's perfect response to some rumors
8:07 am
we'll show it to you. but first, we've got dr. oz on some troubling new research that shows you are probably being prescribed the wrong antibiotics. we if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source
8:08 am
humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your rheumatologist.
8:09 am
8:10 am
comes to you and your medication. according to a new report, not only are antibiotics being overprescribed, but at least half the time people with sore throats, ear infections and sinus infections get the wrong antibiotics. dr. mehmet oz is here to walk us through it all. so this is double the problem. you and i have talked about the overprescription problem in the past. now we've got the wrong antibiotics as well. >> if one-third of the time you get antibiotics when you really do n now shows of the times you are getting them, half the time ss not the appropriate first-time therapy. >> what is going to be the impact on my health if i get the wrong antibiotic for the wrong illness? >> you put a bunch of things up on the screen. first of all, when you overprescribe you get side effects. one of the biggest ones, we have a trillion or more bacteria in our gut. you kill off all that bacteria.
8:11 am
auto mun problems. imimmune problems. we are moving into a post-antibiotic era, at a time when we can all routinely do implants for joints or heart surgery. without antibiotics, it is almost inconceinconceivable. >> sometimes a patient walks in and says, doc, i need a z-pack. they use that as almost a generic term for antibiotics. and sometimes doctors are >> of course. it is america -- more is better, right? it is actually the opposite. you want to take the smallest amount of anything you can take. the shortest dose of the weakest drug. if i can take an amoxilen, why whack me with a z-pack. 10% of people may be allergic to penicillin, may need more powerful drugs.
8:12 am
with the old-fashioned weak stuff. >> what about people who say i have a virus, you need a antibiotic. >> sore throats, ear infections are all viruses. why take antibiotics if you don't need them? if you are hacking and coughing for more than two weeks, i get it. but before that, use topical therapy. >> don't we need to know the difference between viruses and bacterial infections as well? >> yes, please. viruses don't get treated with antibiotics. viruses are they'll call symptoms but you can't treat them with the antibiotics. i wish we could! but we can't. >> thank you, doc. catch more of this guy weekdays on "the dr. oz show." check your local listings. now, let's get a check of the weather from al. >> big storm from the pacific northwest causing a lot of rain and by the end of the week gets all the way down into southern california. in the meantime, heavy rain making its way across the northern plains. very mild from the southwest all the way into the southeast.
8:13 am
northeast, >> check us out on today show radio on sirius xm channel 108. now, let us "trend" everybody. hoda is here. what start this tuesday with what could be the latest pet peeve among flyers. is it the baggage fees? maybe not getting that full can of coke?
8:14 am
airlines have been showing before takeoff. they are getting super flashy. this one from air new zealand really makes the point. i mean is it a movie or a cheesy cop comedy? no! it is an airline safety video. delta and american have all gotten in on it. >> i like it. >> the "wall street journal" says passenger actually have a message for the airlines. enough with the wacky safety videos. they say they are distracting. they say the final actually lost amidst all the gags. besides, research has shown people remember the jokes, not the instruction. >> isn't it the thing that if you have them laughing, you have them listening? >> what's the harm? >> i always wonder how much those elaborate movies cost them and could they save me money on the ticket if they did a simpler -- >> get the whole can of coke. >> exactly. >> that's what makes horse
8:15 am
annoying little chores. right? are you actually spending a lot of time doing things that you don't have to be doing? the guardian newspaper says, yes. it's come up with a list of 40 things you can stop doing right now. these are things that for years you've been told you had to do. >> like what? >> funny you ask. all right? flossing. we talked about that. you like the way it leaves your mouth feeling? okay. having a landline. >> you need that. >> no, you >> remember blackout in new york? >> your phone will always work. your cell phone won't. >> you always want one that isn't a plug-in phone. when the power goes out, you need one of those old-fashioned phones. >> no! >> she's like, operator? >> i want to talk to aunt bea! >> we need to drink eight glasses of water a day. apparently they say no, you
8:16 am
you get water in other things you consume. pressing that close door button in an elevator? probably doesn't do any good. washing your hair every day. every couple of days is good. stretching before exercise. >> yeah. >> no? >> you don't have to? >> apparently not as much as people think. >> if i exercised, that would be likely. >> touch your toes. >> are they player who was determined to win at all costs. here she is. she was behind during a recent finals match in singapore trailing the defending champ. she turns things around. she decides to just cut off her ponytail. she asked for a break and a pair of scissors and off it went. she just started snipping off the whole braid.
8:17 am
kooky. right? well, it worked. she went on to win the match. afterwards she said the o ponytail had been bothering her so she just did what she had to do. >> it is the reverse of samson. >> excellent sunday school novel. >> what does samsung have to do -- oh. samson. >> it's the landline phone. all right, tamron. "popstart!." >> we h today. >> first an update on the story we brought you last week, the unusual initiative to save a piece of hollywood history. dorothy's ruby slippers from ""the wizard of oz" hoping to preserve them. the smithsonian launched a campaign to preserve these. $300,000. officials reached that goal. thanks to more than 5,300 supporters in 41 countries around six continents. but the smithsonian isn't done.
8:18 am
preserve and display the scarecrow costume. interesting. next up, could you imagine if this year's presidential election was hillary clinton versus the terminator? >> i was just thinking that! >> it would have been if arnold schwarzenegger had his way, arnold telling ad week magazine, if i had been born in america i would have run because now this was a very good time to get in the race. remember, schwarzenegger was the republican governor california but he says he won't support this year's republican nominee, donald trump. the man schwarzenegger replacing as the host of "celebrity apprentice." the show returns january 2nd. should be an interesting incarnation of it. chris hemsworth have been dogged by reports of a divorce. he and his wife posted this photo. his wife is there next to him. the caption says, looking for a new wife according to the publication "woman's day" and other misleading outlets. honey, you still love me, right?
8:19 am
hashtag thanks for the heads up. >> is that his wife or his bicep? look at that thing! >> his arm is massive. >> that's like my waist. >> give it one more shot. >> now we have more of our special series "winning at all costs." we are focusing on some of the risks and dangers facing today's young athletes. >> jenna bush hager is here with more on that. >> good morning, guys. yes, sudden cardiac arrest can happen because of an underlying heart condition or from blunt trauma to the chest. now a group of parents are trying to save kids' lives and the memories of the children they lost.
8:20 am
school. young, invincible, and full of life. >> she was so looking forward to everything. she was so happy. it was like she was coming into her own. >> reporter: she played soccer since she was 5 years old. >> she said, "i love you. i'm going to go out and get dressed for soccer." then she left. maybe a half-hour later the phone rang and it was one of her teammates and they said jenny fainted on the field. click. i'm thinki fainted on the field. i don't know, dehydration, did she have a concussion, a brain bleed. >> reporter: but it wasn't a lack of water in her body or a hit to her head. it was her heart. it had just stopped beating on the soccer field. sudden cardiac arrest. >> the doctors kept coming in and about 9:00, 10:00, he came in and he said i'm really, really sorry. and my world changed forever. >> reporter: jenny had passed
8:21 am
but it was only after she died that michelle learned her daughter had an undetected heart defect since birth. >> when you talked with the doctors in the hospital, did they say that she could have been saved? >> they said the only chance that she would have had to survive is you need the shot from the defibrillator and you into ed it quickly. so could she have survived? yeah. >> was there a defibrillator anywhere in the area? >> no, there was nothing. there was nothing. >> he collapsed on the basketball court from a sudden card >> he passed away of sudden cardiac arrest while swimming. >> takes the blow to the chest, got up, collapsed. >> reporter: like michelle snyder, every one of these parents has also lost a child to sudden cardiac arrest. they are all part of the group parent heart watch. >> sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone's child, and it is everyone's cause. >> reporter: unlike a heart attack where blood flow to the
8:22 am
cardiac arrest literally stops beating cutting off blood to the brain and the rest of the body. but there is a chance of survival. >> sudden cardiac arrest is really a survival event. if we can recognize it promptly, get the defibrillator around use it as soon as we can. >> reporter: dr. jonathan drezner, a university of washington sports cardiologist says the chance of survival jumps to over 80% if a defibrillator, also called an aed, shocks the heart in the first few minutes. raise your hand if youhi helped save your child's life? >> that was, to me, the first time i even thought that a kid's not going to have a heartbeat. >> reporter: 12-year-old josh thibedeau did not get a life saving shot to his heart immediately after collapsing from soccer. turns out josh, like jenny
8:23 am
defect. the family screened all of their other children after josh's death and found a lethal heart condition in their son adam. >> only because josh passed away adam has that chance. adam's playing soccer now and doing great. >> reporter: but his mom, deb, is always feet away with an aed. now these parents are fighting to ensure the places where children spend the most time, schools, are equipped with an aed, always available and accessible. our research shows only 16 states require an aed in fun lick schools. but even so, we found some of those states don't specifically say they have to be on every playing field or require someone trained to use them. >> those of you that are from massachusetts, if i walked in to a public school, would i see a defibrillator in every school? >> not necessarily. we hope you would. it is our goal to make sure that
8:24 am
schools in massachusetts do not have an aed. they've been working with state lawmakers to push for what they call commonsense legislation. a bill putting an aed in every school. >> i'm here because my son's not. >> reporter: the bill has been stalled because of lack of funding. >> the state doesn't like to tell schools that they have to have things that are not funded, but then they don't have funding to provide. so it is a little bit catch-22. >> how hard have you had to fight? >> years and years. which makes us really mad. because aeds are $8,000. >> this is where her heart stopped. it makes me feel closer to her. >> reporter: with michelle's help, the field now has an aed. >> i can feel peaceful knowing that another child isn't going to die because there wasn't an
8:25 am
cardiac arrest in the first place? all the patients we spoke with said their children had passed their physicals but were not screened for heart conditions which is typically not part of the sports exam in kids. so obviously they need to raise awareness about screenings in ekgs as well. these aeds cost $800 to $1,000. so these parents say, yeah, that is expensive. but if every kid brought in their lunch money or had a bake sale they could have fields or lunch rooms across the country. >> you want them close by, too. it is just those critical minutes. >> they really need to be on fields. >> jenna, thank you. coming up, we'll shift gears. we've got the barefoot contessa here with one of her favorite go-to recipes. and who is going to break
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now at 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it is the 25th day of october, 2016. we've got a really nice crowd out on the plaza on a brisk morning. but you know what? >> here she comes. >> it feels great. we're awaiting the arrival of savannah. >> i don't move as fast as i used to.
8:31 am
>> we are also excited because there are a ton of babies in our green room for the next segment. we have the hottest new baby gear. it's really cool. all this techie stuff. it is babies galore in there. in honor of her new cookbook, "cooking for jeffrey," ina garten is here. she's going to teach us how to make one of her husband's favorite dinners. it is that time of year when we aet it is "today halloween" and our "today" family is going all out, like never before. morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it is halloween. >> our costume reveal is going to be epic. >> if you are in the neighborhood, cam on down to the plaza and join the fun. >> oh, watch it, buddy. >> we're ready for the big reveal. >> nice costumes.
8:32 am
>> monday we'll be celebrating one of our favorite holidays so tune in for the big reveal of our halloween costumes. or better yet, come down here all decked out in your favorite -- we ready? we're inviting all of you back, all of your friends, everyone. in costume. >> "today halloween" or "matt wears a dress" day. let's get a check of the weather from al. we start off with a gorgeous day today in the east. a little on the chilly side. mild in the southeast, gulf coast, southwest. but wet weather makes its way into the pacific northwest. tomorrow we expect to see more strong storms around the upper great lakes. unseasonably mild through the southwest. heavy rain moves into the pacific northwest. a little cool here in the northeast with plenty of sunshine but picture perfect down through the southeast and
8:33 am
>> get that weather any time you need it. check out our pals on the weather channel on cable. we mentioned world series starts tonight. cheer if you're a cubs fan who thinks cleveland's going to win? all right. well, ron mott is with the cleveland fans. >> he's not just anywhere. he is at the winking lizard this morning. with him is a 104-year-old fan.
8:34 am
>> long time to wait, guys. good morning again. look, lebron james of course is the king of cleveland. i have the incredible fortune to be with the queen of cleveland. this is emily, better known around here as nana. she is a life-long cleveland indians fan and if you can even believe what your eyes are seeing, she is 104 years young. she remembers the 1948 world series championship team from here. i have to ask you, nana, which team is be, 2016 team cleveland indians? which one is better? >> gee, i couldn't tell you. >> i like them both. that's ditic. >> i like them both. >> take a look at the shirt, guys. just one more -- i can't even mention that word. win one for nana. you want them to win one for you. >> i want them to win one before i die! >> win one for nana!
8:35 am
here. we've got the daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter. so i have to ask you, lori, tell me about her history with this team and how much she's inspired all of you guys to rally around her and the indians. >> well, she's been a life-long fan. but when she turned 100, she just said i really think i'm ready to throw out that first pitch. she practiced for weeks ahead of time. the wind-up pitch. she wasn't little old lady underhanded. she made it over the pitch. 102 she honored pasepasqel. >> mitchell's ice cream has made a sundae for this week for the world series. it is crackerjack sundae with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, indian sprinkles.
8:36 am
>> nana, we love you! >> let's talk about the mood of fans in chicago. sheinelle is at harry caray's. >> reporter: this is a pep rally. the doors opened at 4:00 this morning and it is packed! now the game doesn't start until 7:00. are you guys going to run out steam? here's my question, is anybody going to work today? what's going on with this beard? you're not going to shave until you win the world series? >> exactly. >> is anybody going to work today? okay. so we have super fans and we also have cubs royalty. we have kerry wood, you pitched 12 seasons. good afternoon -- good morning.
8:37 am
team. you got within five outs of getting to the world series. now here we are 2016. it is a loaded question but what does this mean to you? >> it is not just me. it is generations of fans. generations of ex-players. we've all gone through this. our families went through this together. we all tried to be that team that could do it. and fought for it. and for me, it was just emotional to see that last out the other night and just 108 years of emotion going into it. just the anticipation what we were all expecting. and the excitement and the city's been buzzing ever since. >> you talk about the agony of it, 1969 you guys were close as well. >> yes, we were. but the other night i tell you what, as he said, it was so exciting and i'm so proud of the chicago cubs and the organization. they have really done well this year and we're proud of them. >> what do you say to fans not just here in chicago but all around the country? i was telling you guys my husband is a diehard fan. i think he broke the couch. he was jumping on the couch saturday night. i think he cried.
8:38 am
wedding and he cried. what do you say to the fans who are here today who are just right along with you? >> i tell you what i think about. i think about the fans that did not get to be a part of this that have passed and are not with us now. because so many of them were just terrific cub fans. >> i tell you what, let's end this on an up note. can we do a little "go cubs go"? let's do in chicago! what do you say? cubs are going all the way! go cubs go ? ? go cubs go ? ? in chicago what do you say cubs are going all the way ?? >> nana! >> okay. this is so exciting. i don't know who to root for, it is so awesome. our world series super fan
8:39 am
cleveland and one in chicago. we want somebody to win these tickets. head to you got to prove to us you are the biggest cubs or indian fan. tell us why you deserve them. some lucky fan is going to get them. all right. up next, pay attention. we're unveiling the best new baby gear on the market. . but first, this is "today" on
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are back now at 8:41 with "expecting today." this morning the latest and greatest products to make life easier for new parents. >> chastity post, you have our undivided attention for this one. we have some gorgeous models and they're little babies! >> this is for all, inspired by you guys and all the wonderful new mommies out there. we have some incredible stuff to make your lives easier.
8:42 am
stuff. >> this is amazing technology. first we have little liam and his mommy. >> stealing the show right now. >> the hatch baby smart changing table. this is changing table traditional changing table combined with a smart wireless scale. so it weighs your baby every time you put it on it. it gives you all these great health metrics. you can tell if you're breastfeeding how much the baby actually ate. >> does it connect to an app? >> yes, it connects to an app right it will keep all this data for you. see? little liam on the app? >> that's amazing. >> it will also keep track of your diaper changes so you can just e-mail all this to a pediatrician. now get ready, guys, for this. this is the fever frieda i-thermometer. it is like a wireless thermometer and a really smart baby monitor had a baby. show us this little wireless
8:43 am
all night long, every four seconds, it is going to take a temperature reading so if the baby is sick you don't have to wake the baby up. you can also set a temperature alert so if your baby's temperature goes above a certain level, then it will wake you up. you don't have to stay up all night. >> that's amazing. >> dylan, you've got a learn. >> i was just checking on her. >> this is really incredible. hot off the presses, the snu, the smart sleeper. it was created by dr. harvey clark. this is genius. it was developed to help simulate the sounds and the sensations and the movement of babies in the womb. >> she's loving it. look at her. >> she loves it so much.
8:44 am
like going back and forth. >> what's so amazing about this, it adjusts to cry levels. so if the baby cries more, then it is more motion, more sound. when the baby calms, and it is one of the safest sleepers there are because it comes with a built-in swaddle and itsleeper t turn over so it is always in the safest position. >> she looks a little fussy, now look at her face. she's so happy! oh, my gosh. >> so it's just another really genius way to make sure and dadies sleep and babies sleep. >> baby seems happy, too. >> you'll see me throwing this on my back on my way out the studio today. this is a portable travel bed for babies aged 1 to 3. what's so great about it is -- >> i picked this up before. it is really light. >> so cute. like a little tent.
8:45 am
in-laws, there is always a bed for little one. >> now get ready for this, guys. this is the for moms self-installing car seat. anyone who has not struggled with installing a car seat. >> you had me at hello. >> so this connects to this genius app. it talks to you. i'm a tech zero and i could set this thing up. so it installs itself and it constantly monitors. so if it is not in the perfect position, it willrt it is from 4moms. it installs itself and makes sure it is in the optimum position for baby. >> this should be like a baby shower for dylan. >> let's get the car. >> you guys, time for some cuteness over here. this is the sound bug. it is a portable white noise maker to help soothe baby. it acts as a bluetooth speaker
8:46 am
california record a lullaby. >> these, monograms baby converse! have you ever seen? from stitch nola. we've got one for little vail and also an "f" for your baby coming. thank you, notes. one for mommy, one for baby. >> and stamps, too. >> personalized stamps from minted. >> vivian. it's physically impossible to carry an umbrella, push a stroller. so two moms from brooklyn invented a way to do it. it connects to the stroller. so fun. >> the whole thing is amazing. i feel like this is the showcase showdown of "today show babies." thank you, babies. >> congratulations, you guys. and to all of you mommies to be
8:47 am
coming up next, we have a tasty recipe for filet mignon from ina garten. but first, this is "today" on
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back with "today food." it is a very big treat this morning because the barefoot contessa, ina garten, is here. today called "cooking for jeffrey." filled with recipes her husband requests most often. ina, always great to have you here. how are you? >> so happy to be here. >> after 40-what-years of marriage. >> 48. >> 48. jeffrey finally gets a cookbook. >> he does. >> is food one of the secrets to a long, happy marriage? >> i think what it is really about that cooking for him is really what my career was about. he loves what i cook, he encourages me. that's how i started cooking. injust love doing it. it is wonderful.
8:50 am
you when he doesn't love something? >> so far he hasn't told me he doesn't like anything. i think he's afraid i'll stop cooking for him. >> we are making a filet with a wonderful sauce. >> filet beef, mushrooms, mustard, those are the important things. and shallots. >> you can't just throw a filet on the grill or stove. you have to have technique. >> i take the filet beef. it's tied so it keeps it in even, compactit it cooks evenly. dry with a paper towel because you want it dry. brush it with a little oil. just like this. and then i'm doing it the way steakhouses do it which is what you do, you sear it. then you put it in the oven. >> explain why searing is so important? >> because it keeps the juices in and makes a nice crust. sea salt and black pepper. that's it. dip it in, it goes right in the pan. >> you want to be generous with that. >> exactly.
8:51 am
that's exactly right. >> you don't do the edges? >> i do the top and bottom. it is just fine. remember, the sauce has a lot of flavor in it. takes about two minutes on each side. then we have some that are sears. >> let's take a look at this now. >> these are all seared. they're going into the oven. this is what steakhouses do, put it in the oven, 400 degrees for 8 to 12 minutes. perfectly cooked. 120 degrees, put a perfect every time. that's going to go in the oven. >> let's make our sauce. >> we take the pan that we made the steaks in. it has all the flavor in it. i'm going to deglaze it with some cognac. >> we have our tasters down there, including your girlfriend, tamron down there. >> oh, ina, this is so delicious. >> then i put in shallots.
8:52 am
>> this smells so good! >> does that smell great? >> yeah. >> then i put in cream. let that simmer a little bit. it will thicken up. i use two kinds of mustard. regular dijon mustard and i use coarse mustard. i love when something looks like when it tastes like so you know it's got mustard in it. just put those in. that's going to simmer away for a few minutes while the steaks are in the oven. >> then over here. >> this this is what the sauce is. that goes right on the steaks. then what we do is we have saute mushrooms which is -- >> what kind mushrooms? >> cremini mushrooms. and voila! dy it all by myself. >> this is because of the cream and the sauce, it is a little bit heavier. i want to talk about what you
8:53 am
thick? >> i like it sliced thin. there is a fork here. you might need a knife? >> no, no, no. are you kidding? >> i made a kale salad with caesar dressing. it's got pancetta in it, croutons and parmesan cheese. >> guys? >> this is about as good as it gets. >> i have to say, i love the sauce but the filet is so perfect, you don't even need it's so flavorful. >> it's perfect. >> the salt and pepper makes all difference in the world. >> ina just side you need a knife? i cut it with a fork. it's fantastic. congratulations on your tenth cookbook. congratulations to jeffrey as well. >> he's such a good sport. >> he is a good sport. but he eats well. why shouldn't he be? ina is going to be back with kathie lee and hoda a little bit later. catch that live in just a few minutes.
8:54 am
of course, all today's recipes on our website, we'll be back in a minute.
8:55 am
how good was that? >> heaven. >> the kale salad was even better! >> slice the filet and put that
8:56 am
up? >> fall fashion. >> why the pink coat which i wore earlier. >> the peacoat. >> pink. p-i-n-k. and cool ways to have dress up your family's jack-o'-lantern.
8:57 am
8:58 am
ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program.
8:59 am
r before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back.
9:00 am
take," tom hanks making a big scene. you won't believe what he did for a fan. plus, pumpkin palooza, spooktacular finds that will blow your mind. all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning, october 25th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron and dylan. >> how you doing? >> i started my morning off right. but yesterday welcoming me back, dylan knows from my love of an
9:01 am
more crisp than apple. >> i like it -- was that in your office yesterday zp. >> it was. but i didn't share it. >> i was like this is a mystery. >> i brought that home. >> apple crisp is not something that photographs very well. >> but that's okay. >> tastes good. >> i'm glad you liked it. don't know if you would say it tasted bad. >> i would not have posted. >> well good. thank you! >> you're so co-voter. covert. yo 20 hours later. >> as a consolation prize, ina garten. >> yeah. >> the barefoot contessa, your food fairy godmother. >> it's like glenda the good witch. you needed a book. >> they didn't give me one. >> that's why i'm here.
9:02 am
the way you made it by searing it, then putting it in the oven, just a simple crust -- >> was the crusted black pepper? you know, listen. jeffrey. on the days that he's not available -- because he works -- he has a long commute. he's a really smart guy. he does a long commute. if >> i call you? >> i'll come. >> i'll be tamron's back-up just for the record. >> i love you, jeffrey. >> you'll be back on. >> when you walk like glitter should fall from the sky. >> there you go. >> if that's not enough. >> what else? >> the world series trophy is here! this is very exciting.
9:03 am
look at this. the commissioner's trophy. of course, we've got -- we've got the cubs and indians playing game one in cleveland, progressive field. listen. >> how do you ship something like that? >> does it have a case? >> like the hope diamond. you can't even touch it. you have to have white gloves on to even touch it. >> here are the gloves. >> i heard somy say that it's almost impossible to pick a team in this because these are two great american cities. i'm going with chicago. i lived there ten years. but i mean think about what's happening in baseball tonight. it's so huge! >> it's historic for either team. that's why it is hard to decide. >> that's why it is still america's favorite past time. >> is it as soft as you think it is? >> it feels so good. yeah.
9:04 am
>> does the genie come out? >> not only have we our hands on this but we also have our hands on tickets to the chicago and cleveland games in the world series as part of our world series super fan giveaway. head to and share a picture or video of what makes you the ultimate cubs or indians fan. why you deserve to go game. you can see the game tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox. >> they moved up the ring ceremony for the cleveland cavaliers. it was supposed to be later this evening. they moved the time up for 7:00 eastern so it would not interfere with the game. >> that's smart.
9:05 am
we showed you nana, 104-year-old fan for the cleveland indians. adorable. adorable. >> the thing that's so crazy, first of all, trying to get these tickets are just nuts because they got those robot -- >> you have to verify that you are a human. >> that's what i don't understand. as a human i'm trying to type in the code that they put in there. i can't understand the code half the time. i swear it is a script f. i think. not sure. >> they keep resetting it. do you need more just like "ms." >> i really think -- there have been legislation trying to stop these block sales of tickets. they go on and -- >> it is so disappointing. >> you go to ticket master, they buy tons of tickets and then normal folks can't get the tickets. >> even if you have certain credit cards they let you presale. i did that for like beyonce. it was still by the time i got there, like this is it. but there is always tv and we
9:06 am
tonight. it is going to be great. this tom hanks rap. what is this? >> from "big." this is interesting. just collection this out. okay? >> the space goes down down baby down down to sweet sweet baby sweet sweet don't let me go shimmy shimmy cocoa puff ?? ?? three more times. >> wow. that's classic scene. >> that's the best scene ever. >> from "big." >> okay. so what happened now? >> tom's doing an interview with these youtuber, wesley chan and philly wang. he was asked about one of his most famous scenes and tom after all these years proves he's still got it. >> let's see it. >> the space goes down down baby
9:07 am
cocoa pop shimmy shimmy rock i met a girlfriend triscuit! she said a triscuit! a biscuit! ice chrome soda pop vanilla on the top! ooh charlene walking down the street ten times a week i said it i said it i stole my mama's credit. i'm cool. i'm hot. sock me in the stomach three more times. >> look at that! >> he said it wasm summer camp. however -- >> you memorized it? >> for some reason it was just one of those things that i memorized when i was a kid. i put it on my answering machine for a while which i'm sure was fun for people to call. not that i got a lot of phone calls. >> we have video? >> i got it. >> this is live. >> down down baby baby down the roller coaster sweet sweet baby sweet sweet don't let me go
9:08 am
cocoa pop shimmy shimmy rock i met a girlfriend triscuit! biscuit! i meant it i said it i stole my mama's credit i'm cool i'm hot sock you in the stomach three more times. >> i have been waiting my whole life to do that in front of people. i wasn't even thinking. >> yesterday! >> i talked to him about david hilarious. >> that scene from "snl," my daughter, courtney, who works here has been at our house -- >> come on. >> she was -- come over for dinner and was going on and on about dated pumpkins. you've got to go on to and check out the clip. >> courtney, what did you tell him? are you miked up? just yell.
9:09 am
david pumpkins. it's pretty good. >> google it while we go to break. just ahead, guess who's hitching a ride in james cordon's car pool karaoke? my my baby baby shimmy shimmy cocoa pop -- thank you. lady gaga and we have your first look before it airs toni ? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! there's a story behind my skin. my only makeup? true match. only true match has l'or?al's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed.
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9:13 am
? oh call it a bad romance ?? >> lovely. not ideal for driving, but i do feel alive. >> he's so great. that's so fantastic. you remember who the first car pool karaoke guest was? >> no. >> mariah carey. >> really. >> that's right. >> and guess what? she was spotted riding shotgun again. this time he was wearing a christmas sweater. so could it be a -- >> "all i want for christmas." >> remember when i went to her home and hung out with her. she calls herself the queen of christmas. her christmas trees actually have real flowers. she wrote that song on a casio by herself. >> she would never have to record another song again. million million million zillion -- >> she used a casio.
9:14 am
bottle flipping thing? >> we tried it. i feel like we tried last summer. we failed it. >> you did it though, didn't you? >> i did. i couldn't do it. >> there you are. >> boom. couldn't do it. >> the table was really small. >> well, i still couldn't do it. >> is it back? >> it is. i don't think it's gone away but it's really getting steam up. a duke basketball player takes it to the next level. now this guy, he's not just anybody. he's their star player, chase jeter. he attempts this during their basketball season kickoff. crowd goes nuts. >> let's see it. >> chase jeter! ?? ?? >> that's incredible!
9:15 am
it, if he didn't nail it, that would have been a little uncomfortable. >> that looks like a movie. >> maybe you ought to try it on the floor. >> no, i'm just not that good. >> another guy tries it. his own basketball inspired bottle attempt, tries this on social media. >> that is so -- >> oh, is no! >> okay. oh, that's so funny. no one was injured. >> other than his pride. >> nobody got hurt. >> i'm so glad that was caught on camera. >> you almost got hurt fashion wise. >> oh, my god. so yesterday -- i want to quickly thank estee lauder. they invited me to their table
9:16 am
harlem. i went to the event. how about i went to the event last night and didn't know it was a black tie gala. i had no idea. i got out of the car. >> you looked like you were wearing -- >> no, i wore a dress that i wore to work a few weeks ago. i walk in and it was one of those moments where you're like -- i want a -- there was >> when i get an invitation to a black tie optional, i ask 100 people what does this mean? >> optional means you can wear cocktail. the thing was, this wasn't optional. there were men in black bowties. i just ran to the table, i sat down. it was a beautiful evening. congratulations to them. thanks to estee lauder, but i have learned a lesson. black tie optional -- we should do a segment on that for the holidays. black tie optional -- guys have it easy. for women you can still wear a cocktail dress.
9:17 am
claim -- >> when guys see black tie, it's -- >> here we go. >> me? me try it on the floor? >> be careful. >> it is full. i don't really -- no. i don't know why we thought that was going -- i don't really even know the technique. >> i think you start from the okay. doesn't work that well. i'll move to weather. >> weather. weather. >> let's see what we've got for today. very mild stretching from the southwest all the way into the gulf coast and the southeastern atlantic states. heavy rain making its way into the upper midwest. look for some showers northern new england. world series tonight, game one, progressive field. partly cloudy. 46 degrees and then we're looking at tomorrow some rain
9:18 am
>> i'm going to try it. good grief. is there technique? wrist? oh, that was close. >> running man. >> show it, show it -- boom! >> that's your latest forecast.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
erybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. so you go to the market and there are still a ton of pumpkins to be decorated. here with creative ideas, the lifestyle director at "woman's day" magazine. hey, i've never seen used to decorate a pumpkin. >> we're starting with some monsters you can find lurking around the cemetery. but this one is made from materials from the sewing supplies like button eyes, ribbon, eyebrows, then we took a zipper to make this cool mouth here. you just pin it in place. use the highlighter to trace inside. take it off, carve it, put it
9:23 am
guy. tooth picks. you have your monster, you want a gnarly smile. add toot pick teeth. stick them into the carved mouth. something different for the eyes, try a half gourd on top with some thumbtacks. we etched these eyebrows using a linoleum cutter. this is something fun that adds a lot of detail that everyone should have at home. >> i lik >> what is creep your. carve the eye shape in the front, then a big hoping hole in the back so you can fit in the painted white half pumpkin. >> i'll keep an eye out for you. >> we've got the scary pumpkins and the kids' version. >> lot of fun.
9:24 am
>> we took an owl. we're poking holes in the top to give this pumpkin some candy lollipop hair. doubles as a display on your front steps. trick-or-treaters can grab them before they go. >> you also have your candycorn eyes. add those with hot glue. take strips of corn husk and dip them in water, secure them with a paperclip. then once they set,ou unwind them to create these awesome curse. a little straight pin. >> i love it! tamron's got no-carve. >> this spider web is made from a metallic doily. cut it out with an exacto knife. mod-podge. it dries clear. seals it in.
9:25 am
you're going to want to use a paper towel to set it. >> tell me about this. >> this is probably our fastest and easiest technique. you have a big pumpkin, glue them together, hot glue them in place. >> fall fashion must-haves after your local news. i love this. ?? at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d. oints on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ?? just stop by walgreens. ?? then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar,
9:26 am
and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable.
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9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
well, this morning on "today's style fashion," essentials for the fall. we brought in our style squad. liliana vasquez, jill martin and bobbie thomas. liliana is kicking it off with a coat i need in my life. military jacket. we all have pea coats from past seasons but this year take it up a notch by going for the army green version. striped detail on the sleeve. see the accents? super military. $169 available at shearling. this is a classic. super stylish. this is available for only $60 at lord & taylor. i like that it is cropped
9:31 am
petite body. >> pink, you know i love pink coats. >> a p coat is the way to make a statement but update it with this pink coat. millennial pink is this pale shade of pink. the color of the fall. $70 at old navy. >> i am convinced any time you put on a black coat, you can put on a pink coat. >> printed coats go for an oversized plaid. this is from bebe dakota. $150. >> this is like the wrap coat. it is back. >> it is also called the road coat because it hits you right at at midi length. jonathan channeled his inner top gun with this quilted bomber. they've been around forever but it has a little bit insulation
9:32 am
also available at zara for $99. >> i see ladies with the little silk dresses with the bomber on top of it. >> all about the mix of masculine and feminine. everything you want to wear with a coat from gloves, hats, scarves, "today" contributor jill martin with the must-haves for fall. let's start off hat wise. >> starting with the pompon hat. huge trend right now. this is from they have all these fun fall should be fun. $50. everything here is about $50 or less. the floppy hat, huge trend from talbot's. always great, a classic look. again, under $50. then h & m. the fedora. a sleek look. wear with a jean jacket, a leather jacket. these are from you are a big fedora wearer.
9:33 am
jones or -- you call this a knife? this is a knife. >> you are indiana jones. but for women and men, that's a big one. lot of variety, a lot of different colors. then these are fingerless gloves and they can turn into mittens in the winter. for fall that's great, $4.99 at those also turn in to mittens. then on the bicycle, you can get your grip. then when you get to your location and they're cold. okay. trend in scarves. chunky, knit, plaid. that's the big trend. and blanket scarves for women. my pal christina is here and can show you the classic way too tie the blanket scarf so it does not look sloppy, it looks chic.
9:34 am
and you are all set. it takes a simple t-shirt to a sizzling look. if you are looking for hot hand bags, "today" contributor bobbie thomas has you suffered. you celebrated a birthday over the weekend? >> thank you so much. thanks for being with us here. >> thank you. talking about the handbag. i will say i got a really great handbag for my birthday. to do handbag homework for you, these are the trends to note. softer bags areac season. particularly the hobo. the hobo has made a huge comeback. we've seen this. it is more comfortable. it is nice to see some of the softer shapes coming in. this bag in particular i love that it looked structured but it is soft. only $29 from zara. a great classic color so add a pop to any outfit.
9:35 am
second trend you should focus on. >> mix and match? >> yeah. the guitar strap was everywhere. gucci, valentino. i can name all the big trend-setting designers but you can find this price to interanywhere. what i love about this trend, if you have a summer clutch, this happens to be from you can update that bag to become a really great day bag and just add a strap to kind of winterize it or g an evening look. this is a trend that you can find everywhere. you can buy guitar straps or steal from your kid's saxophone or -- >> also embellishments are big. >> embellishments are everywhere but the backpack is a modern classic. my husband was all about wanting a leather backpack to update his briefcase. that's what makes it an adult
9:36 am
hands free with babies. this is a great chic option. i will say even this backpack has a really great padded insert for your electronics. so it is not just a nylon kid's book bag. >> it actually has some structure to it. >> you mentioned el bellishment. the one trend i will say you will see everywhere, whether you love it or not, pins, patches and more. you can zip off the clutch with this to get three-in-one. i have everything listed up next, what are you doing with all that candy and chocolate your kids get on halloween? wait until you see h go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount.
9:37 am
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? ? you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel and cloaked in chocolate. you never wondered? [ whoosh! zap! ] [ glass breaks ] aah! [ male announcer ] try both. pick a side. twix. >> announcer: candy creations is created with our sponsor. snickers. snickers is halloween satisfaction. there's probably a ton of candy and chocolate in the kitsch and you'll probably have
9:41 am
we'll show you how to make your treats extra special. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get started. >> i ma i had some little halloween creatures, all the clasic guys. we took favorite little candy bars. poke a popsicle stick. i'll dip it into the green. i'm going to show you how to make the frank enfrankenstein. >> i use you can find at party supply stores and baking supply stores. i'll give him a little hair by dipping if these. i'm using other candies like sprinkles and stuff for the eyes. then these peanut m & ms make a really good monster nose. >> love that. >> and the shoestring licorice, how cute! that's my monster.
9:42 am
ghosts. just use what candy you have around the house. you can even pipe on white to make a mummy. >> little doughnut bats. >> these are no-bake because i used store-bought doughnuts. makes it super easy. you just get to the fun part, decorating. i'm making them into bats. i use chocolate doughnuts. to make the wings, i use cupcake papers. i always have extras from baking. i snipped into these wing shapes. i kids can help with this. i'm going to take the wing, paper wing, then i'm going to use the knife just to poke it in. right? then i take marshmallows. and little mini marshmallows. >> for the teeth? >> yeah. you can even use -- >> where did you get the eyes? >> those are also available at party stores everywhere. craft stores.
9:43 am
holes. it is like an easy cake pop. stick a straw in it and tuck the wings. this is using all the extra candies down, spread it on some wax paper lined cookie sheet. chop up extra candies -- >> it is like candy bark. >> exactly. then you can break it up and make party favors. you can even make little individual bark tops. >> that's great. thank you so much. that's terrific.
9:44 am
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awareness month and i had the privilege of visiting safe horizons rose house where on any given day, there can be 100 children living there with their moms. while i was there i sat down with musician dave navarro who opened up about his own heart breaking experience with domestic violence. >> what was it like to walk into the shelter and see kids? >> i walked in here and the first thing i saw was a 3 or just broke because that could have been me. if this place had been here in 1983, my mom could have come here. and to see these little innocent lives who have already lived through some pretty terrifying stuff. that's heartbreaking. i'm so sorry to be here, but thank god you're here. >> reporter: dave navarro knows firsthand about the shame and
9:49 am
an ex-boyfriend when dave was just 15 years old. >> as a grown man i can look back and go, what 15-year-old kid is supposed to know how to handle this? but it still lives with you, the guilt and the shame. and i think speaking of shame, that's one of the things that kept my mom silent. >> in his documentary, "mourning son," navarro delves into the >> my mother's death was always shrouded in darkness. it made it so i could walk away from telling the story closer to her than i had been. my mom really tried to protect me from what was happening. so i really didn't know much until it was too late. i later learned that she wanted to look into a shelter. i don't know how far she got down that road. >> hello, safe horizon hot
9:50 am
are you somewhere safe where you can speak freely? >> when they decide to leave is when they are most likely to be killed. the abuser escalates their behaviors to threaten them out of making those decisions. >> having this little tricycle here, just symbols of childhood everywhere. and it speaks to how many children are here. how many do you ha children. >> reporter: safe horizon runs eight domestic violence shelters in new york, this one, rose house, is the largest. kelly, there is one of the most important rooms at the shelter because of the number children who end up here. >> most people when they think about domestic violence think about the adult survivor. forget over half of our beds are filled by their children. >> people visualize and think, a shelter, as being just that.
9:51 am
a safe place for the night. but that's not what a shelter is. >> we want them to come in and know this is a place where they can be safe first. >> reporter: here each family gets its own apartment. this is an apartment with a kitchen. >> it is a place that our residents can be proud of. >> reporter: while living here the domestic abuse survivor discovered a hidden talent -- art. >> that is her and her son walk ugg toward the light. she described that as what this experience in shelter has been like for her. >> we disguised her voice. >> youoo how do you feel now that you know you did it, you made the choice? >> i am in control of my own self. i should not allow nobody to treat me like that. i feel strong. i feel very strong. >> another survivor agrees. >> it's not my fault. why is it my fault that i love? we all are human.
9:52 am
just as i was. >> when you look at your future now, what do you see? >> i see nothing but happiness. >> reporter: navarro wants to share that message, too. >> there is a way out. and it is possible to have a rich fulfilled happy life in spite of whatever trauma we go through. i've survived domestic abuse, murder, drug addiction, i am so grateful to be on the other side of that. u' and nothing is insurmountable. >> such a powerful message. safe horizons work is so important to me that i appeared in one of their psas. i've set up a fund in honor of my sister who was murdered at her home in texas. no suspect was named and the crime has never been solved. this week dave navarro will receive an inspired difference award right here in new york.
9:53 am
stepped up in any way they can.
9:54 am
9:55 am
so ladies, what do you have coming up? >> we have the barefoot contessa. >> we love her! >> and we have elvis.
9:57 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee ings gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, everybody. welcome. it's booze day tuesday. october 25th, and spanky tuesday, but -- >> oh, no! >> hoda doesn't cooperate. can't make any promises. >> that's -- >> little mix. >> shout-out to my ex. >> if you've broken up with someone and want to get all of your tension out, listen to this song and watch the video. a good one. >> really? >> yeah. a good one. >> a great show today. guess who's in the kitchen cooking up a family favorite,


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