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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will say i love my windows and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: with two games in the books the world series back to square one as they head to chicago. what happened to the tribe last night and how do they fix it? details coming up. the indians may be headed to chicago but big political players will be in northeast ohio today lynna. >> all right and more money for me. simple tricks to help you save money at home. hi hollie. >> hi. and a great thursday morning to you. it's thursday october 27th and it's raining. most of you waking up to a lot of wet weather breezy weather temperatures in the 40s right now. and it's going to remain rainy
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great piece of advice. lots of patience on the roads. the showers around and more scattered towards lunchtime. topping out in the 50s and fall back into the upper 40s towards the evening. we could talk leftover shower chances around 5 tonight. and you will see the next several hours the trend is for reiny weather. we look at -- rainy weather. we look at what's happening on radar and it's been coming down in spots. you know pretty moderate to heavy. we have got a band of heavy rain showers that from cleveland south into medina and you in approaching akron another area of heavier rainfall. this is going to slow you down on top of the rains we have the winds lots of leaves and it gets slick so make sure you are thinking of the things as you leave this morning. mayfield lyndhurst it's pouring at this point in time and as we look ahead on future view by 9:30 it's quite a bit of rain but into the afternoon things become more isolated.
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downpours are having aa impact. at 6:01 i am tracking multiple accidents. just like this i-90 west near detroit road a spin out because the roads are slick. a vehicle spun out-and is blocking the left lane i-90 west at detroit. out have to scoot over to the right. no delays because of that but use caution as you are traveling. west 140 street between lorain and triskit and it was closed earlier because of a crash so it's a tricky commute so use caution and give yourself extra time. we are not seeing big delays. john and lynna back to you. all right. the world series is all tied up this morning after the chicago cubs beat the indians last
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field. >> so the cubs get what they wanted. they wanted at least a split and now the indians have to win at least one out of the next 3 in chicago. will ujek is live with more. hey will. >> reporter: good morning. it was the indians first home post season loss this year and if you believe it, terry fran conia's first world series loss. he was 9-0 before last night. indians were hoping to get a 2- 0 lead to chicago but you knew it was not going to be that easy. it's the world series and cups are -- the cubs are just passionate about being here as the tribe. rizzo ropes he one to the right field corner. the throw to second left bryant score and cubs get a 1-0 lead and bauer racked up 29 pitches in the first inning. top 3, 1-0 cubs. kyle lines a center and rizzo scores without a throw. 2-0 cubs. top 5, 2-0 cubs and runner on first and he he slips and falls
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triple for zobrist and indians had no answer. arrieta dealing and he a no hitter through five innings and 5-1 win for the cubbies. francona said they were lucky they only lost by 4. >> we give up 9 hits and 8 walks and 2 errors and we only gave up 5 runs. we probably are pretty fortunate because there was traffic all night. you know for us to win we generally need to game and we didn't do that. >> reporter: so kyle hendricks gets the nod coming out with a leading major leading 2.13era. josh tomlin goes to the hill on friday to counter him in chicago. tomlin is going to be emotional his father who is dealing with a spinal condition will be in attendance. so everything set for game 3 wrigley field on friday. >> and, of course, new strategy now because the pitchers will
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deal with as well. will thank you. now the series is heading back to chicago it looks like the cubs have big advantage with the pitching matchups but tarry francona patched this together -- terry francona patched this together. it's tomlin against kyle hendricks in game 3 tomorrow night. game 4 saturday night, francona announced he will go back to cliewber to pitch on short -- kluber to pitch on short rest. he told francona he will be ready and will face john lackey of the then game 5, right now it's penciled in with bauer against lester giving him a full rest as indians will look to get an early lead and get miller and the bullpen involved early. the numbers are against them but again, terry francona has done this before. there's no reason why they can't do it at wrigley this weekend. today is the travel day. indians have a workout at wrigley and game 3 tomorrow night.
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time of 8:08. politically focus is back on northeast ohio today. tiffany tarpley is here to explain what is happening 12 days until the november election it's coming fast. >> reporter: the count down is on in the clon -- and the clinton trump camps are working battleground state. the latest poll tracker shows national averages with hillary clinton leading the way we know, this has been a tight race. and proof of how key ohio is might be reflected in donald trump's schedule today. you see it here. stopping first in springfield and then toledo and onto ashtabula county specifically spire in geneva tonight. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will be at lorain high school this afternoon with minnesota senator al franken but look at this picture. kaine is already in the buckeye
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progressive field last night with senator brown. so you may be wondering who is kaine rooting for. he is an indians fan but hillary clinton says she is a long time cubs fan and it's a party divided and i tried to do research on trump and didn't find anything. we will see if he tweets me back. >> okay we will see. thanks so much tiffany. it's 6:07. a shooting at a local housing complex sent two men to the hospital overnight. more than 30 arbor park housing complex on the east side. there were several shootings there yesterday according to police and into the night. the overnight incident left one man shot and the other with a dislocateded shoulder. both were taken to metra health medical senter. hazmat crews were busy cleaning up a fuel spill at hopkins airport a spokesman says a frontier airlines plane began to spill fuel undergoing a maintenance check.
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the spill it. didn't impact airport operationsch the plane was scheduled to take off later this afternoon. no injuries from the incident. after a controversial move, apple has an alert about a new product. >> and well a football team made up of 13-year-olds has been kicked out of the league all because of one player. see anything wrong with the photo by biggest winners and losers co hollie. let's talk we have reiny weather and your commute condition a bit of a challenge this morning. it's really moderate to heavy rains and a soaker to start. we have wet roads and leaves down and its breezy. temperatures in the 40s and wind chills in the 30s as you wake up. could have a few leftover showers towards this evening. we will end up in the 50s today. we will talk about the weekend forecast and chat about the halloween forecast. look ahead to trick or treat and getting real close.
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6:12 right now a secret wedding for olympic swimmer michael phelps. he quietly married now wife nicole johnson on june 13th before the rio games and kept it under wraps the whole time. et wedding was in -- the arizona where he bought a home. he is retiring and will serve as volunteer swim coach at arizona state. apple announced a delay with one of the products back in september. apple made the controversial move to make the new iphonewithout a headphone jack and that's when they announced they would be selling air pods wireless ear buds that will sell for 159 dollars. those were supposed to be available this month but now apple says they are delayed and that they need a little more
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customer ready. no timetable was given when they will be released. there you go. >> all right they wanted to make sure they were ready. maybe that was a little bit of a dig. >> maybe when you read the press release saying yeah we don't want to release a product before it's ready. >> yeah. >> for the public maybe. hi hollie. >> hi. you will be happy to know my exploding phone has been sent back. >> good. we have been trying to take pictures. >> fireproof box ceramic fiber lined fire proof box. >> they will be okay. >> there you are good. >> it came with gloves. >> did it really? >> yes. >> and a fire department. hi hollie. we have got rain how about that i will put your fire out lynna. plenty of showers this morning. temperatures are in the 40s and we have got a rain gear at the bus some of the it's a soaker
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pouring rain. getting reports from a lot of you on twitter and facebook and instagram thanks for all of those and plan on a wet morning drive. a slow morning commute because of the rain. danielle reports accidents and all kinds of things because of the weather. breezy and cool and overcast otherwise jackets today for sure. but we have a warmup on way. we will look forward to that. 57 is where we end up today. only 48 yesterday. and it's going to have a raw damp feel throughout the day. i think that will be midd upper 40s to near 50 degrees this evening. and the stretch for winds well, it's going stay breezy throughout. 15 to even 20 miles an hour sustained today. higher gusts will be a possibility and with the winds combined we have got wind chills to report especially east right now where we are seeing wind chills in the 30s. ashtabula and youngstown. other than that, it's all about the rain. so like i said, you will need
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bulk of that east side of cleveland and then also in to summit county north of akron we have heavy rain and it will be moving into portage county geauga county and chesterland and all dealing with the weather and that you know has been the past several hours and those leaves coming down too. i was talking to our partners at wtam, one of the guys that works there said leaves got stuck in his car and you know his because leaves were in there. so you have to be careful this time of the year when that happens too. and it makes it slick. look at the ran approaching akron at this point. so, a pretty moderate and you better believe that will slow things down. lorain saw really heavy rain earlier. it's a lot lighter at this time. and on future view tracking the rain is steady through the morning. getting into the afternoon chances are still there but it's much more scattered and isolated. same thing for this evening.
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sunshine in the window nation 7- day forecast for tomorrow, a seasonal friday. upper 50s for highs. saturday, that's no joke. 70 degrees. unbelievable. and sunday we are back to rain chances with low 70s. halloween is monday. weather looks great highs in the low 60s. bring on the costume parade at school trick or treat time 50s. that's pleasant for this time of the year. and then we are warming things back up on drive. >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. welcome to your thursday. well it is a tricky commute this morning because of the rain showers. now we start in medina county's wayne county the board he near the border because -- border near the border because state route 92 is closed near 39 because of an accident. you can take wooster northwest as a detour option.
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accidents mostly to the west cleveland's west side west 130th street near bel air and i- 71 northbound near west 25th street. we are not seeing delays because of this and the crash that crash on i-90 west near detroit has cleared. but again use caution this morning because it is a slick commute. john and lynna back to you. thank you. time for the biggest winners and losers in sports. youth football coach has been fired and his team kicked out of the league all because of one player. this is a tough lesson for a group of 13 and 14-year-olds. here's the player questioned number 84 and here's why the entire team is no more. i mentioned the league is for 13 and 14-year-olds. turns out this player is a man. he is 19. he's the older brother of one of the players and because they were losing at halftime, the
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suit up and play in the game. the entire program is 60 can be of 60 kids is suspended including the cheerleaders. okay so the coach is my biggest loser for frying to pull this off -- trying to today pull this off but do you penalize the cheerleaders and other kids who had no idea it was going on. every team in the league is out. that's in the program. so, maybe a little far on that punishment but, the coach is paying the price for trying to pull this one. here are my biggest winners keystone flag football team finished an undefeated season by winning the championship. they won 6-0 in overtime and beth says by the wail thanks beth for the photo, the whole team came together and played as one team. also beth's brother is our own director matt. hi matt. >> hi. >> and his nephew blake is on the team. there wee we go. >> that's tough lesson for the kids. >> you know there's kids who
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and cheerleaders kicked out as well. >> yeah. >> that's a little too much. >> i think a lot of people would agree. 6:19. after the break money saving life hacks for your home as we help you keep more money in your pocket. hollie. >> so excited for the life hacks. they are back. fantastic fall is the photo on your tv. this is taken in north royalton. john thanks for sending it in. how beautiful is fall here. i mean really. >> love gorgeous colors and the leaves are coming down with the breezy weather this morning. it's really raining in spots. thanks for all your posts on
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right now it's almost 6:23 and in the more money for me
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home. >> household life hacks you have seen them all over. we tested three cost cutting moves to see if they work. it seems like a never ening chore piles get bigger and so does the electric bill. according to the saving energy website it cost 50 cents to dry a load of laundry for 45 minutes. the average household does about 7 1/2 loads of land ray week. that comes out to be 200 dollars a ye >> there's dryer sheets. >> reporter: you could spend 20 bucks for drier balls to keep clothes moving in the drier or half that and make your own out of chemical free wool yarn a medium load of towels took 43 minutes in the dryer the same load with 5 balls of yarn 35 minimum cutting the drying time by 19%. now to the dearthy dishes. those dishwasher tabs are convenient but not cheap.
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detergents get a f from environmental groups. so how about making your own. there are a number of homemade recipes but many contain bore action which banned for food use by the fda ecofriendly has a recipe that's safe. 4 ingredients washing soda baking soda sea salt and lemi shine which is most licit rouse acid. look at the silverware. milk does a goody good but not for the wallet. so don't milk it's true. for up to 2 months according to the dairy council. just make sure you pour a little out of the container to give the milk room to expand. does it taste weird? >> no is it supposed to. >> reporter: the next time there's a sale, stock up or put it in the freezer if it's close to the expiration date for all the household tricks head over to the website where clicking on more money for me means more money for you. >> those were my girls they
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frozen. >> no. >> and you got a slice of my life they are doing the eye rolls really mom you are the weird one. okay. if you have household life hacks or any kids stories let us know on wkyc facebook page or tweet me. >> may not trust you when you go to the freezer next time. tomorrow matt will show us,000 save money. what it means for warranties and what you should never buy used as the money for me series continues there. you go. there's rules. tracking rain. still raining. we have got a lot of wet roads and we are talking highs in the 50s today. it's 40s as you wake up and it's breezy too. so we have got the combo going on. temperatures will fall back into the upper 40s towards the evening and i think we will end up 50s midday into early afternoon before we fall back. on the travel map you can see the rain showers what about the weekend? because tomorrow is friday after all. i got a lock at the forecast coming up forecast -- look at the forecast coming up.
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denver and 08 in vegas today. and the southeast is look pretty nice with sunshine and 80s. we will look ahead to halloween coming up too. back to you. >> all right. we are going to look ahead to christmas. people wait all year for this. when you get the first sip of grabbing lakes christmas ale. . >> matt granite and greg dee d was not scared. >> right. >> yeah. we will get to the bottom of this as they visited one of the area's most popular haunted
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right newt 6:30 welcome -- right now at 6:30 welcome back i am john anderson. >> i am lynna lai. hollie is track rain coming down but first the man accused of k patel during a robbery in cleveland heights pleaded guilty. he will be sentenced tomorrow. daveion perry shot and killed palet while he worked at a mr. hero owned by his family. perry remains in jail on a million dollars bond. many companies are lealletting employees wear tribe gear to work metra health asked employees not to wear wahoo apparel saying it goes against val yiewfs spreect and
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and employees won't get in trouble for wearing it but the commissioner says he will be meeting with the indians owners to discuss the future of wahoo. christmas to day -- holiday spirit will be on tap in cleveland. great lakes brewery is hosting the christmas ale first pour. brewer santa will deliver and tap it at clen:30. it's free and -- 11:30. eds free -- it's free and opening to >> speak of pouring it's come down. and we have the rain for the -- speaking of pouring, it's coming down. and we have the rain for the day. a raw feel and today is starting off the same way. breezy too. rain showers text -- expected steady this morning and will be more scattered and spotty into the afternoon hours. but we are still talking about downpours and with the winds we
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it's pretty slick. we have radar and showers through cuyahoga county west and east side. and into geauga and medina summit and portage seeing the showers. ashtabula has seen heavy rain. this is going to continue and be pret they persistent as we head through the morning commute. as we look ahead into the -- pretty persistent ands -- as we head through the morning commute. as we look ahead into the afternoon the chances will be there but it will be and miss. still breezy. you will need the jackets and have the umbrellas handy today even this evening still spotty showers showing up before things wind down. we will look at the weekend forecast and halloween. any slow downs danielle? not big slow downs but we want to show you road conditions i-76 at south arlington street in akron and as you can see it's a slow commute but no accidents and no
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central interchange. we have 172 state route 172 closed near state route 39 because of an accident. your detour is wooster northwest to get around that. and we are dealing pretty much with the wet roads and seeing a number of accidents to the west 171 north at west 25th and west 130th at bellaire and we are seeing an accident i-09 east at west 44th street. here's the picture in the area. we are not picking the see any big delays on 90 between avon and downtown cleveland. so so far, normal drive times. now back to you. is not world-- >> the the world series -- the world series heads to chicago after the cubs tied it up.
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progressive field where he probably wishes he was in chicago because the weather is better. >> reporter: that's where they are headed to and they wanted to go out 2-0 after the first night win in game one but you don't get what you want and i think the indians knew it was not be as easy they were hoping to grab two wins but they have to go to chicago now. it's tied up at one game a piece because of last night game 2 was the script flipped on the indians. around they got on bauer early. he had 29 pitches in the first inand got up about 2-0 and a triple from zobrist and then 3- 0 cubs. arrieta dealing with no hitter through 5 innings. cubs get the 5-1 win and the first world series win in 71 years. indians first home loss this post season. francona first world series loss ever. he was 9-0 heading into last
6:35 am
chicago. fans of cleveland down but hopeful. >> just didn't seem to have it. >> they didn't have enough energy like yesterday. yesterday they came out fired up and today it was like they had the game won. >> arrieta came out but the starting pitchers can muddle us through. >> reporter: francona decided to bring kluber on short rest fome blame him after his dominating performance on game 1. that game 4 for kluber start will be saturday and another one sunday before they head back here if necessary to cleveland for game 6 and 7. now here's lynna with the morning news feed. >> thanks will. and toppling u -- topping your morning news feed scary moments for subway rideers in boston during -- riders in boston during the rush hour. part of the train fell off the
6:36 am
overheat. cars filled with smoke but never caught fire. because the doors wouldn't work passengers had to kick windows open to escape. five people were tyken to the hospital for smoke related injuries. taken to the hospital for smoke related injuries. a pilot was arrested after trying to fly drunk. rapid city police were called after the pilot showed up smelling like alcohol. sky west says the pilot is on administrative leave and has been removed from flying duties during the investigation. flight was delayed for more than two hours replacement pilot had to be found. a professor from a higho university threat -- ohio university threatened det lind wanted to know why a student checked in for attendance but was gone. the student responded with this picture saying i am be completely hon of the my dad gotus tickets for the world series and i didn't want to miss attendance and did do my
6:37 am
wrote back that looks like an impeckable excuse no repurcussion go tribe. that exchange has gone viral espn and the networks are trying to reach out to them. >> i have no problem with that. >> sure. >> come on. 6:37 greg dee has the day's top trending stories. he will be joining. >> but first matt granite. >> reporter: i have your key to350 degrees protection. you won't believe the price. you won't believe the gadgets and i can't believe the rain. >> it's pouring matt. and we have got rain for the drive this morning. which means extra time on the roads if you are going to leave grab the umbrellas raincoats. it's gook breezy overcast -- it's going to be a breezy overcast day. does the rain stick around for the weekend? we will look at that and the
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good morning. what's treening this morning we are talk ding trending this morning we are -- treening this morning we are talking -- trending this morning we are talking about the tribe and i am look through your tweets and i love how the world series is around halloween and many of you getting in the spirit. this one always down in columbus of course the tribe statewide and the fans carving out the pumpkins with the cloveland c i've seen great pumpkin tribe and the world series berth so make sure you are tweeting them to me at greg dee weather on twitter and instagram. shout out to progressive field. that's a mob blog who loved the food at progressive something we know. they said they loved the hot dogs. this was my favorite the one with the fruit loops on it. it's an eye cared taste -- acquired taste but it's pretty good if you are going out there
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this world series the game one had the highest ratings in 7 years on tv a big celebration there for cleveland and, of course, cubs and indians fans. and check out this. pro boxer sean porter at the game and i love the way he got there. he did it on the rta didn't want to pay parking fees i like that. that's my kind of guy that's how i would go. send your weather or hashtag rally together as the tribes continues in the world series against the cubs. >> ratings have been good. you know who is happy there's no game tonight? deana fell. >> yeah. >> here's matt granite. >> reporter: we are watching out for your wallet and we are the official money saving station and i received ana number of requests for surveillance protection that spikes before halloween when
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protection at black friday pricing. take a look first at the camera in action. i want to point out that although most intruders don't look like the intern casey you can control the camera simply swiping across your smart phone from anywhere in the world. absolutely love this. it has a tremendous night vision feature in pitch- darkness see things on the property up to 32 feet away just like you're seeing right now with the intern casey. this is an inferior version of the brand new camera that just finished testing. what we have right now is even better. not just for security but great for checking on the the elderly and nanny cam a baby monitor -- camera-- cam a baby monitor. you can add this to the mix 80 off free shipping not a paid product i don't care whether or not you buy it but this is greatbefore the holiday deliveries shows up many of which goes missing.
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covered. >> you always do. you need someone to cover you today because the showers are coming down. rainy breezy and as you wake up heading out to the bus stop let's make sure to get the kid in the raincoats and have the umbrellas. there they are. ready to go. 40s as we are waking up. we will end up 50s today. yesterday we hit 48 degrees. 57 i think midday into early afternoon. and temperatures will actually fall back into the upper 40s to evening hours. and we are planning on steady rains through this morning. and very breezy weather throughout the entire day. sustained wind from 10 to 20 miles an hour. southwest right now eventually switching to the west. we have a few wind chills that are 30s east. that's raw weather right? and it's damp feeling and we have a lot of leaves down from the breezy conditions. the rain showers look i said
6:45 am
a soaker along the lake shore from overnight while you were sleeping and into the morning. we are seeing showers inland as well. we have rain right now that stretches both west and east side and south into akron. right now to the east, it's light rain around mentor and ashtabula more inland as opposed to lake shore geauga county getting hit and akron on north side you have showers and into lorain county where we have showers west lake into cleveland and on the east side too. as we track on future view by the afternoon things become a lot more hit and miss. so i think we will get more breaks compared to this morning. still overcast. we are not going to see a lot of sunshine today if any at all. but we are plan on it making a return for friday in time. 7 this evening still a few leftover hours to the east. so you will need the umbrellas through at times today.
6:46 am
and back to a mix of clouds and sunshine for friday. and getting into the weekend 70 degrees on saturday. sunday, rain chances higher with highs in the low 60s. halloween is monday. the weather looks great. partly sunny 62 the high. by trick or treat we should be in the 50s. we will keep you posted. doggone weather time at 6:46 it's lola and yep, loves to watch the indians going into the world series. lola is from jackson township in stark county. thanks to karen for sending her in. >> super cute. >> halloween is monday as you mentioned but we are getting a jump on it. we have been getting into the halloween spirit. we thought it would be fun to send other members of the morning show crew to a haunted house. >> greg dee matt granite and intern cody took some cameras and got it on video.
6:47 am
>> they are waiting for you. >> i don't want to go forward. >> the next one. >> i will walk here a little bit. so far it's fine. greg you want to change places. >> they are above you and next to you. >> that was scary too. >> go tribe. >> oh. >> oh. where are they? >> this is not fantastic. >> this is what interns are
6:48 am
>> i got you. >> why are you following me now. don't you have kids to tend you at the bus? man. why are you following me now. >> what's great is cody started a new dance craze. >> yeah. >> all over. >> yeah. >> that's good stuff. >> you boys have fun. >> a little bit you know. >> where were you. >> haunted schoolhouse. >> yeah. >> down in akron and 7 floors of nothing but there. >> wow. >> oh. cody your friends are here. >> cody how does it kneel you weren't scared at all. >> no it was excitement. >> yeah. >> he is the man. >> we weil realized the big enjoyment was making cody go first. >> seeing his reactions and knowing what's coming before we
6:49 am
cody we appreciate your help. >> they are so moon they didn't tell you they told us that these guys were coming can and they didn't tell you. >> yeah. >> they had to tell me i might accidentally swear. not that i ever do that. >> this is or way of showing our appreciation for your hard work. >> right. >> boys you can take him now. >> all yours. >> here's your chance to check out the same haunted are. bye cody think caller -- the third caller right now wins ticketsi hope he comes back. >> it was the end of his internship anyway. >> on to the next.
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welcome back to channel 3 news we begin the morning rush with the world series. indians handed the first home post season loss year. tarry francona the -- terry francona the first series loss he was 9-0 into last night. one is roped into right field. the throw to second lets bryant score. cubs go to a 1-0 quick lead. bauer racked up 29 pitches in the first inning. chicago kept tacking it on and indians couldn't get anything going. arrieta had a no hitter through 5 innings and they get a 5-1 lead and now tied at one, they head to wrigley for three starting with friday night. tiffany. >> reporter: the trump and
6:53 am
on battleground states and today, it's all about ohio. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will be in who are raib -- lorain at lorain high school urging supporters to get out and vote early. but later in the evening, donald trump will make his way to northeast ohio but he is going east to ashtabula county a rally set for 7 at spire in geneva and we are 12 days until the november a shooting in a housing complex sent two men to the hospital overnight. more than 30 rounds of ammunition were fired at the arbor park housing complex on the east side. police say there were multiple shootings there yesterday. hazmat crews were clealg cleaning up a fuel spill this morning a spokesperson for the airport says a fronter airlines plane began to spill fuel during a maintenance check. crews responded immediately. airport operations were not affected.
6:54 am
danielle. tank you i've been tracking -- thank you. i've been track multiple accidents onth one i-9 # 0 --i-90 eastbound cleared out. 90 east as you try to get into downtown cleveland it's a 10 minute commute on 90 east. ten minute delay on 09 east 2 minute delay on 71 north and 7 minute delay on 77 north into downtown. hollie. >>th we are tracking rain so this morning breezy rainy and otherwise overcast skies today. highs in the 50s and 40s as you wake up. looking ahead, to warmer days again this weekend, especially tomorrow we are back to sunshine and it will be seasonal upper 50s. 70 on saturday. and that's pretty phenomenal. rain chances return sunday. halloween looks good. partly sunny and nothing care ski -- scary in the forecast. low 60s. trick or treat should be 50s
6:55 am
guys. -- guys. hi matt. >> reporter: i don't know what is distracting you. we have another surveillance video item on black friday pricing. what's going on over here. >> it's our deal of the day. >> reporter: oh free scares. . >> i really give you credit you went through the haunted house because. >> he snorted in my ear. >> signed of affection lynna. >> yeah a lot more of that >> right now, let's go in our bubble lynna. >> reporter: the epic video is on >> you can hang onto that i lost my -- >> i lost my woman card. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news take channel 3 news and weather with you whenever you go text wkyc to 25543 now to
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numbers game. three new polls, three very different stories. is hillary clinton ahead in a romp or is it a statistical dead heat? the candidate hitting the road for the first time this morning with first lady michelle obama, leaks dump show even her own campaign staff worried about potential conflicts at the clinton foundation. commuter chaos. >> i'm going to open the door. just calm down. >> smoke fills a train in boston with frantic passengers trapped inside, some kicking out windows to escape, at least five people


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