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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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worthy, and now, on the 70-degree night in late october, they are on the doorstep of being world championships. . will it be jason kippis? or that marvelous -- andrew miller, and cody allen? they say the clinching game is the toughest win. well, cleveland, we are there. channel 3 news at 7, live from the world series starts now. the station that sees it possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by the calvetta brothers floor show. it eels time to fall in love again with your home. and now channel 3 news at 7. >> and welcome to the night the indians can win the world series. a look outside progressive
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but if the indians win tonight, that will be the biggest night that beautiful ballpark has ever seen. they've had all star games and playoff games, but never a world series championship, and the indians can do that tonight. a look inside the ballpark, which is buzzing, and has been, really all day long. batting practice has been crammed with members of the media from all over the world to see if the chicago cubs can get off the deck and tie the series to an epic 7th and decided game, or is tonight the night that the indians finish off the cubs and claim their 1st world title since 1948? . jim donovan along with you from the beautiful view of the rooftop of the -- museum with progressive field right in the background and ready to go. and it will burst with excitement in just about 1 hour's time.
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amazing story. he gets the start tonight. back in august, he was giving up fly balls that were going out of the one. he could barely stay on thenias' roster, and yet they fixed him. vicky callaway saw something in his breaking ball, fixed it with his mechanic, and now he's been unhittable. certainly the cubs would agree with that. he was tough to hit on friday night at wrigley field. if he can do it again tonight, he will be a world series hero. >> he's been doing gives us a chance to win every time -- >> everyone has faith in him. he's -- he's been pitching well for the last two months, and, you know, everyone loves playing behind him. he works quick, throws strikes. everything you want in a pitcher. and he competes, and it's definitely fun playing behind him. >> the cubs are going to hand the ball to a big-time winner. he is the defending national league cy young winner, and he was the winner in game 2
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on a brutally cold, windy, and damp night. he is jake arietta. and the indians had trouble with him. they couldn't get a hit off him for the first 5 innings of the game. he was, as they say, effectively wild in that game. he had the indians guessing, and the indians have to have a better approach against him tonight, and arietta will try and keep the cubs alive with his 2nd win in the series. and now for more on the set up for game 6, we go inside join super dave chadowski. >> reporter: thank you. what a night pick be. this is rare air. we've never experienced this before, indians hosting a game 6 of the world series. they've never had home-field advantage in the world series. back in ?95 and the heartbreaker in ?97, those games were on the road. it's a huge advantage. the indians have been great here at progressive field all year long, 5-1 in the
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celebrate here tonight, it's something they haven't been able to do yet. for the central division title. the indians crunched and -- then they clinched in boston. then they clinched in toronto. tonight, they could win the world series right here at home. terry francona is going with his normal line up against right hander. just maybe it's cocoa crisp. remember he hit a home run in that clinching game in detroit and then again in boston. by the way, y crisp's birthday. we'll see if the indians can get it done here tonight in game 6 of the world series, and a beautiful night inside progress field. back to you. >> thanks very much, dave. the first ceremonial elementary school pitch tonight by a great indians pitcher. he legit musicked the indians when they opened up this brand-new ballpark. from nick rag way, el presidente, dennis martinez, who had years with the orioles
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with tex poes. then john hart said, "we need an established pitch we are all of this young talent," and they brought in dennis martinez, who clinched the pennant for the indians in 1995, beating randy johnson in the kingdom in front of about 60,000 fans for the mariners. he throws out the 1st pitch tonight. that should be a great. no. now, as i always like to say on the news at 7, we're excited to bring in a new segment, as our new entertainment reporter chris tumm joins us. it was a who's who. we saw joan and john. >> unbelievable. >> eddy spreader did a great job singing "take me out to the ball game." . >> reporter: that's right. we have baseball. we have the weather, and also we have "entertainment tonight," and when we have that, we look to cue the music a bit a. little play into our next broadcast. not just audio-visual entertainment. we know that -- is from chicago, and cleveland is trying to push back now with
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power. and there's some rum bling, nothing confirmed that we very well may see this face and this voice tonight. . indians officials tell us it is not confirmed, but there has been talk that charlie sheen may very well be in the building tonight. nothing, as we say, has been dotted or crossed, but wild thing may be there. you can only imagine if charlie sheen popped up. then look at who else might be coming on down tonight. jimmy chukerry, a staple of cleveland sports through the years. there he is at the cavs finals. he will be in the confines of progressive field. the man who loves to give away big money may be there as they give away a big trophy tonight. charlize theron, we have confirmed she will be in
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exactly what her cleveland connection is. if you find it it, let us know. al robinger, perhaps channel 3's most esteemed alumni will be here. he's doing some weather forecasting for them, and we may see him before this evening is through. will that celebrity fire power translate into anything? hard to say. but when that cavs game wraps up, too, expect to see those players hit that tunnel right under the gateway plaza, hop up, and again juice the crowd once jerusalembotron. >> going to back to drew carey, 1999, when the browns came back, their first game against the steelers didn't go well. drew carey went center stage and brought the browns out of the tunnel. >> he's been an amazing booster for this city far very long time. >> reporter: maybe we don't want him to do that. >> through you go. >> reporter: thanks very much, chris. now watch parties are abound all over the area.
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house, and check in with hillary goldsten. people are ready to celebrate not only in progressive field, but everywhere in northeast ohio. >> reporter: i would bet all across ohio. and we found all kinds of fans, even a scout for the indians. yes, they are fans, too. the one thing they have in common, jimmy, is that they want a win. so do you think tonight's going to be the night? . >> i do. i'm you know, obviously chicago's really -- really great line up. but i think, you know, josh on the mound and our line up gives us a really good chance. >> i still think people are excited about the cavs, so it kind of has rolled over into the baseball season, and hoping for 2 in one year. >> it's great for them to grow up from the beginning. they've learned about, you know, having a championship city in hometown. especially with the cavaliers and now the indians.
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downtown. their mom is sick. she might get mad at me. >> reporter: that's one thing -- sneak your kids downtown for what could an historic night here in northeast ohio. now, i will tell you -- disclaimer when we're in these plays. the enthusiasm always translates to how loud it gets, jimmy. just keep that in mind as the night progresses. >> reporter: thanks very much, hillary. and when we come back on the news at 7 on the night signs us up. what josh johnson has to do against the tough cubs order tonight. and nana is back. will the indians send the cubs
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>> please let this be our time. i can feel it. . we're outnumbered by cubs fans. doesn't matter to me. i want to fly the flag. rally together one more time. game >> reporter: this all started for the indians as it does every year out in arizona, where they commence training camp in the desert. let's go inside the pitching match up. specifically with young josh tomlin. what he has to do tonight and what changed for him. here's fca's jensen louis. >> a lot of it is the sequencing. so many types guys can fall in love with one pitch. getting to that curve ball earlier. got a little cuter happy, missed out over the middle of the plate.
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half of the season. >> reporter: a lot of people say jake arietta can't be better than he was in game 2, but that he was effectively wild in game 2. tell us about that. >> it didn't help that it was 40 degrees and nobody was running the bat rack. you're going to see the first time around if he's got his fast ball working. interesting to see where joe west calls balls and strikes. notorious for what we call a breathable strike zone. indians must stay discipline. don't chase the off sp get his pitch coming up. >> reporter: so the curve balls realize they got to get the lead early. they put kyle schwarber to the 2 spot. >> if you look at the top there with schwarber, rizzo, i think it's a good game plan for the indians. >> reporter: realistically, if the indians get the lead, how long does frankona
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if the indians win the 5th inning or the 5-inning battle, they're going to win the series. >> reporter: okay. so there you go. remember how they have shortened the game. can you imagine being in your rookie year and you're on the brink of winning the word series. amazing. that's tyler niquin's story. >> reporter: jim. thank you. tyler naquin. here we go. game 6 of the world series. wh meter? . >> i think everybody's got a little bit of nervous. i think it's exciting. two good baseball teams about to go at it for game 6. going to be a lot of fun. think it's all the work has been put in. whoever's going to win is going to win. you have to fend the baseball and pitch it. >> reporter: how important is it to get off to an early start? you guys much better when you have that lead. >> they feel more comfortable, a lot better when they get out there an earlier lead. obviously i feel better. >> reporter: how about the
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you clinched in detroit? you did nit boston? now you guys have a chance to do it in front of the hometown crowd. >> we'd love to. as bad as we wanted to win nit chicago, either way we wanted to win this thing. i think even our fans feel the same way. to be able to do it in front of the home crowd, that would be amazing, exciting. it would definitely put on a good show. >> reporter: have you felt about what it would feel to win? have you dreamt about it? this is incredible. >> absolutely. everod good luck tonight. there you go. tyler na quin as the indians get set for game 6. 1st pitch just about an hour away. wouldn't it be something, jim, if they can do it in front of the indian fan base? it would be incredible. i'm dave chudowsky inside prodroves field. >> reporter: you said it. when we come back, kanana thinks it cubs are going to go home empty handed. we hear from her coming up.
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>> joss here on the news at 7.
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me. appreciate it. i did sombers crunching. ready? here we go. today is november 1st. 11/1/2016. >> you're right. >> if you add 11 plus 1, that's what? that's 12. you add 20. that would be 32, because you carry -- that's 16. you get 48, and that was the last time, of course, the indians won a world series, 1948. so by the numbers, we should win tonight. >> that's an interesting math, but i'll go with it. country singer is here tonight to perform "the national anthem." you might know him from his single "wanted," which sold over 3 and a half million copies. hayes plays some 30 instruments, and won the country music association awarded for best new artist of the year back in 2012.
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she's 104 years old. she watched the ?48 team win, and she believes it is our turn again. >> i want to win this one. they can wait another year for it. they waited this long. >> reporter: so she said, and it's going to happen. >> reporter: i think it is going to happen tonight. i have a really good feeling it's going to happen tonight. when i was walking over here, there was someone right behind i thought betsy chain was dressed like she was going to be playing right field, because chisenhaugh -- but betsy was in uniform, ready to go. i was very, very impressed. >> it's really more of the mike schlessinger look. put me out there, terry. i'm ready to roll. the weather could certainly not be better for this game.
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good. it's coming our way. temperatures are currently in the 7 0s still across much of northern ohio. as far as the bigger picture goes, there's a storm system sitting out to the west of us. that storm system will venn killly bring us some rain. that is most likely to come in as we go wednesday night into thursday. in the meantime, we're just kind of sitting pretty. we've got temperatures that will be 70ish through the game this evening, and it does look like we'll continue with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. and as far as window nation 7-day forecast goes, it looks fantastic. we have temperatures that are going to be right back into the 70s for the day tomorrow. we will get the rain coming in with that cool front on thursday. and then it will be cooler as we head into the weekend. don't forget, sunday is the time change, but, boy, oh boy, that sun is going to be shining. back to you, jimmy. >> reporter: all right, betsy. thanks very much. when we come back, the cubs perspective from
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>> and now the bedford sports report. >> reporter: when we were at -- doing our shows last week, we had a chance to meet up with peggy kaczinsky who covers the cubs in chicago. she didn't think the cubs were coming back. she thought they were going to wrap up the world series at wrigley field. now she's back. >> it's so funny. when they're on the winning end of it, they say -- win when i ear not on the winning end, they say, "we don't believe in momentum." i actually do believe in
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the offense. once their bats get going, they see a pitcher second time around, they usually are much better. i think that was the key against -- >> reporter: so kyle schwarner is in the line up tonight. >> how about that? batting second. imagine the pitches now that they're going to have to give chris brian and anthony rizzo. this is going to be interesting to see what tomlin does tonight. i think the cubs are hoping that that home run pitcher is back. not that guy that last week when the wind was blowing out and pitched a gem. >> reporter: yeah. very good on that. tell me about jake arietta. what do you think tonight? . >> jake arietta has been up and down all season long. he didn't have complete command. he had gave up a couple of walks right away in the 1st inning. but the thing about arietta is he is so strong-minded that if he wants to place his pitches, he can place his pitches. and i really would give him the
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well i'm sure peggy packed the bags, so she's planning to stay for a 7th game, right? . >> yeah. i think i better call the hotel, yeah. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. all right. so that's the chicago perspective. now, i've got some breaking news for you, and that is that "the today show" is going to originate their broadcast from downtown cleveland at the winking lizard right in downtown cleveland tomorrow morning. so they want all of you ins all your indians gear tomorrow, as the doors will open at 6:30 tomorrow morning, as cleveland will be the center piece of "the today show" on nbc and right here on channel 3. the stage is set, everybody. 1 more win, the toughest win to get, you bet. but when they get it, we'll be there to cover it for you. so long. we'll see you tonight if the indians win the world
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?? ?? was mariah's rrlationship ruined by a no sex before marriage rule? >> mimi time. >> yeah. >> they were living separate lives so why was mimi's fiance writing love letters just weeks -pago. >> that was husband justin theroux bashing brad pitt? plus "dancing with the stars" making grown men cry. we have backstage stories we never heard. >> i didn't realize i had such an impact on him. >> heidi klum's clone. >> i wish there were more of me. >> how she pulled off her mostenec halloween costume ever. >> she was toddlers and tiara's biggest star ever.


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