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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2016 3:08am-3:30am EDT

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clouds and hillary clinton. will that energy translate into turning out the votes. he is planning to put $10 million of his own money into late tv advised in swing states and that includes an ohio. >> hillary clinton was in kent on monday, she's coming back friday. does she really need to an ohio?>>reporter: we have said, she does not have to when it but why she spending so much time here. if she takes ohio, she could checkmate or roadblock any chance she arguably has the better organized, more coordinated ground game and she appealed to voters at kent state, friday she will be here in a big concert in cleveland. she needs to win cuyahoga county to have a shot at winning ohio. many thought she could rack up the numbers that obama did twice. >> matt stocco early voting. out of those numbers
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cuyahoga board of election and there is an early voting drop comparing this to four years ago. 8% less in early in person voting versus four years ago and 15% drop so far and requests for by mail ballot. that could change, in cuyahoga county that's not good news for hillary clinton. mcdonald said the sheriff's office and the fbi are tracking social media monitoring for possible disruptions on election day with self- appointed watchdogs from the trump campaign. >> it's hardly to believe it's only a week away. >>reporter: after 600 days, i think we are all weary. for those of us who grew up in
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99,000 of you watched on facebook as the money abraham took us -- amani abraham took us inside.>>reporter: we are at the main entrance of the now former rolling acres mall. the parking lot used to be filled with thousands of shoppers on a weekly basis. now, behind those doors all that's left are memories.>> a lot of flashbacks. >>reporter: personal to george weitzel who stumbled upon the area where he made one of the biggest decisions in his life. picking out a ring to propose to his now wife of more than 30 years.>> my hands are feeling sweaty already, my hands were sweaty when i went in.>>reporter: it's memories like his that leave so many sharing stories of the former rolling acres mall on social media. a new chapter for the area, crews have begun a more than
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>> we are taking that structure apart with a large backhoe and we will sort the material.>>reporter: it was clear to see the slow deterioration of the mall, the seats in the movie theater were soaking wet, covered in mold. an escalator is now laced with broken glass. this fountain is where people would come to make a wish. this place will soon disappear and now we are left with making one last wish, to see if this property will transform into somethgr there are endless possibilities for akron. >>reporter: amani abraham channel 3 news. i'm looking for jewelry, cash, guns. >> burglars are targeting your home. coming up, the jackpot sign they look for in your driveway and the first place they go
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they can strike and minutes. burglars breaking into your home to steal cash and valuables. >> to help you avoid becoming a victim. the investigative team from our
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has mailed questionnaires to burglars now serving time. >> kyle iboshi has rare insight to what burglars are looking for and where. >>reporter: getting in is the easy part say burglars. often through an unlocked door or smashed window. then, the race is on. burglars have just minutes to ab in 10 minutes. >>reporter: we turned to jerome a career criminal who has turned his life around. what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for jewelry, cash, guns. anything that will be easy to sell and isn't big. >>reporter: as part of a prime -- crime prevention project.
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burglary. they answered anonymously explaining what they look to steal that includes jewelry, caught cash, guns. one burglars said an nra sticker on a car bumper equaled lots of guns to steal. often burglars start in the master bedroom to search beds, drawers, closets and boxes. every inch of the bedroom. >> we always hit the bedroom, there willbe closet or under the bed. you will have the jewelry in the bedroom. guns are usually in the closet. >>reporter: when asked where they look, one burglars said everywhere. from the stove and freezer to the fish tank and toilet tank. the only thing to slow them down was a home alarm system. if it went off most would leave immediately. the only other deterrent was a
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bite. >> if it's a really big dog with the big voice, you want to get out. a lot of times, the dogs just bark. if you feed them a bone or some food they will eat.>>reporter: the burglar say the most important thing for homeowners is to prevent a break-in in the first place. keeper curtains open, cut back the trees and bushes, make home visible because you don't want to be an easy target. >> that house is perfect. >>reporter: in portland, i'm kyle iboshi. make sure you pick up your mail, if you are gone have your neighbors picked up. several burglars did surveillance before breaking in.
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and perhaps a hidden tree. here's news for bargain shoppers. amazon is getting a head start on the busy holiday shopping season. today, it launched its black friday deep discounts. amazon says it will offer tens of thousands of deals with new ones coming as often as five minutes. they woke -- there will be 20 deals in a single day. you can find the deals now through december 22. the holidays have returned to starbucks. their holiday beverages are available but they won't be served in are green designed with people in mind. they are designed to celebrate the community, unity and encourage us to be good to each other.>> [ laughter ] i have no
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frank, take it. high clouds going on for the morning, temperatures in the 60s. mostly cloudy through the evening rush. temperatures likely to be back in the 70s, another beautiful day. i pointed this out before, we still have this cloud pattern this is important stuff because it determines how the weather is going to be moving across our area. you can see how these-clouds originate back here in texas and move right up in this region pattern over the ohio valley. it won't dip south, this bridging pattern, this bubble is a sign of heat and that heat you can see here on temperatures that are still toasty. we are sitting at 70 degrees now, you can see the 70s back here. louisville kentucky set their all-time record more -- warmest
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degrees away from the warmest day ever in november, in cleveland. this is some toasty stuff we have going on. if we put this pattern back in play, these clouds are associated with the frontal boundary that is draped across the central united states. it will follow that same pattern. we will get warmer temperatures but we have increasing moisture. that will lead to some rain shower chances for us. the morning will be up by midday we have right back at 70 degrees. don't be surprised if once again, we get those car thermometers around eight or -- 80. the-clouds will preclude us from getting too far into the 80s. our forecast models tend to be conservative, it does look nice and as we are looking ahead to the possibility of a game 7, it does look like we will stay dry
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watching. those rain chances will sneak in as the frontal boundary gets closer. as far as the forecast for tomorrow, high clouds to start clouds will pick into the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, we are back into the mid and upper 70s. 50s with showers on thursday, we clear out and we stay seasonable as we had through the weekend with dry conditions as we fall back.> chair for you. >> i'm telling you, i'm
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and now, the mercedes-benz of bedford's sports report. on clinch night, it is instead cups night at progressive field. they lead by a score of 9-2 in the 19 inni to go but the cubs got their bats going and they got them going early off of josh tomlin. kris bryant has had four hits and homered in the 1st. lonnie chisenhall and tyler getting miscommunication. two more runs scored and they were in a 3-0 hold right away. a grand slam by shortstop, addison russell in the 3rd gave
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lead. russell has six runs batted in and anthony rizzo just at a two run homer in the top of the 9th and the cubs leave 9-2. jason kipnis has a big game, he has three hits in the game. what this probably sets up, channel 3 sports is projecting game 7 tomorrow night, the greatest night in sports especially if we win it. first pitch time is at especially if we wi major league baseball will only have one more game left in it season and it will be at progressive field tomorrow night. corey kluber would be on the mound for the indians tomorrow night. here is the tricky part, this would be the third time that the cubs have seen him and the second time in a row they have seen him with him only having short rest. three days rest. normally he would get four days rest. he would be pitching on his
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the second time. if he pulls this off and winds, mickey did it for the tigers in 1968 and bob gibson didn't the year before that in 1967. that's pretty heavy company. kyle hendrick's on the mound for the cubs. it does not matter when the cavs play, you can tell them to come to the queue at seven or six or get five guys together at 2:30 pm and they win. they played at 6:00 tonight to get the early start, so everybody could get settled in. mike donley be missed and lebron missed. he put that when down he had 19 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists. gavin long from long-range in the cavs lead over the rockets 5-5. love had 24 and five rebounds. kyrie irving hit a three, he had 32 points in the game. the cavs are undefeated as they win 128-120. trading deadline has come and gone in the nfl in the browns
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that's it. joe thomas is still around, joe haden is still around and it looks like the bronx will get their top draft for each. corey coleman is ready to play. he had a broken hand that stayed in practice after the second week of the season. he has been cleared to play in it will be great to see him in there. >> we there with the guys. i know they are working extremely hard. i'm happy to be back out there.>> college football, they released the rankings for the college football playoffs, the top forget in. alabama, clemson, michigan, texas a&m. the buckeyes are sixth but they can still make it to the playoffs. they have to beat michigan,
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wow. next tuesday we are projecting some of the battleground states.>> i can't wait for that. have a great night. we will see you tomorrow. thanks for watching channel
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tonight, the final week frenzy after days on defense, clinton comes out swinging and trump responds, as both campaigns hit the home stretch. tonight the battleground map, where it stands, with time running out. gas shortage fears. a massive explosion knocks out one of the
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america, used to supply over a dozen states. drivers could end up paying the price. windows warning. microsoft's new alert to customers about hack attacks linked to russia. and tonight what nbc news has learned about putin's efforts to rid russia of a big american name. the pot vote. marijuana on the ballot from coast to coast. red states, blue states, supporters of legalized weed, hoping to turn them green. and hot in clevelan fever, can they win it all? "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. seven days to go until election day and both hillary clinton and donald trump are on the offense and on message. clinton trying to pivot from the surprise fbi e-mail probe, to make an appeal to women


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