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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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confident. the indians' confidence is defineed by this guy, corey kluber. he takes the ball for the third time to face the cubs and for the second time, and the cubs haven't been able to touch him. he knows it's a 5-inning race for the lead and then he will hand the ball to miller who will understand that to allen. and that's and the cubs' confidence, their bats are hot. whoever wins, the cubs and indians have made baseball america's pasttime again. millions are watching the series. while the world may be in love with the cubs, cleveland has the indians' back. we're live from the world
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. for the final game, it's game night but a precious night, game 7, flocks of people standing outside. the lucky ones making their way into progressive field for 7. 7 and i describe it as a tight ballpark. last night for game 6 and the indians up 3-2, it was festive. everyone thought that the indians would see the world series title. not so, tonight, game faces on for cubs, indians and all attending. hi, everybody, as we welcome you to channel 3 news at 7:00. again from the rooftop in
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front door of progressive field. this is it. the cubs 3 wins, the indians 3 wins. the first to get to 4 in a winner take all game 7, they get the trophy tonight and the indians love the matchup even though they blew a 3-1 lead in the series. corey kluber is that good, an ace to the absolute highest point of the definition of an ace pitcher. he is a cy young aw year and they have supreme confident on the mound. kyle hendrick on the other side, he has always done dynamite at wrigley field. but hendricks, he has the lowest era in the national league. so really at the outside of game 7 it's all about the pitchers. the bullpens for both sides are
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to the 9th and win the ball game. jensen lewis, we talk about the indians feeling so good with corey kluber ready to start. >> it's amazing where the season has come from. if you said in spring training, the guy who said you start here and end here with a chance to win it all, i think you will take it. >> this is the third time that the cubs have seen him and he is on short rest. does that he is undefeated the third time he faces a team but a good omen for the indians. a rested bullpen. he is not thinking he has to go all 9 innings and just get a lead early and pin his ears back. >> the cubs had much better at bats. >> in two games they scored against kluber, miller, allen, pretty much non-existant.
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quicker? they could have been scoring 100 runs and it wouldn't matter as long as kluber executes. >> what about their guy, hendricks, really good. i thought the indian his a good approach against him. >> it's his first post-season start on the road and i think that will factor in. new territory. easy to pitch at home with the home crowd behind you. >> so they have a lot and they wondered why they went to him last night and he is okay tonight. >> i think you are seeing the buck showalter factor. they wanted to nip it in the bud and he is ready to go. 20 pitches last night and don't foresee him having trouble tonight. >> if hendricks has trouble, jon lester is ready. >> that's fine but i don't think it's an optimal place for
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this. so the indians if they can get to hendricks in the first three innings, that will be the game plan regardless of lester or not. >> if you're the indians you want to put last night behind you, 1st inning, 3-0 and then gave up a grand slam to russell and really out of it at 7-0, and you are the cubs, finally, our big hitters got dialed in and that's a good sign. here's mike matchup. >> yeah. we gave yourselves the opportunity to close it out. it will come down to one game. we will come out here and leave it on the field. >> so there he is, mike napoli and he's at 1st base for the indians tonight as they get set. they did make an outfield change. i would advise them to do it and they did it. davis will play tonight in place of naquin.
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tonight. the later the game goes, the game moved up from 8:08 to 8:00 w. more on 8 -- and with more on that, betsy meeting with the weather officials. hi, betsy. >> hey, i just gave an update to the commissioner and his staff about the timing of the rain later tonight. we are thinking the rain chances will go up after 11:00 but really ramp up te and game conditions are important here. this is the last time progress i have field will be prepped for baseball this season and right now it looks like it's game on for game 7. i am in a photo pit behind home plate where i get to hang out and you can see the cameras. these are here to get one pitch, 1 catch and the celebration between the pitcher and catcher who will win tonight. jimmy? >> betsy's other job is to
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being the bunt sign and steal sign and things like that. thank you, betsy. we are going back inside progressive field and super dave who is one on one with the indian's left fielder coco crisp. >> thank you, jim. in the indian's dugout with coco crisp, game 7, the world series, indians versus cubs, a chance to be epic. >> game 7, how about that; gh who would have thought we would have been here in this moment in front of our fans with the opportunity to make history? it will be a good one. these guys, a great team. cubs and we are still losing and having fun. it should be a good one. >> what a pitching matchup. first, how good to have corey kluber, your ace some and then you are going up against a guy that is darned good. >> the whole pitching staff is good. and they did a great job, and so is our pitching staff.
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means a lot to us. he is coming off a short rest but i think he will be fine. the off days help out during the playoffs. we look for him to be the guy, unfortunately for him but for us, we can have him out there. >> how about another homerun in a climping game for you? you have done. >> i am just hoping to do anything to help the team. >> coco crisp, good luck. thank you so much. we'll see what happens tonight, game 7 of the wo inside progressive field. jim, back to you. >> the ceremonial first pitch will be thrown out of tonight by indians' slugger jim thome with the unveiling of the jim thome monument outside progress ive field, a great hitter, a great guy, and he had a couple tours of duty. the crowd will be roaring when jim thome throws out the
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and we thank the host. this has been a great vantage point. chris, if the indians win, it will be the first time since 1948 and you have a great story about that team. >> history is everywhere tonight, and we love our dates and love 1948 and there is a man that history remembers fondly in cleveland. he was buried at 9th and carnegie long before the ball park was constructed across the st the 1948 victory. the name of the man we want to talk about, chief thunder water, an indian icon quoted saying in 1948, may the best warrior win as long as they are from cleveland. shortly after, we beat boston in boston, and his burial site is across from the ballpark. we spoke with his grandson saying that the supreme chief
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corner. cleveland has the cemetery across from progressive field. >> yes. every time you park near peterson nut company, and there is so much history there, and heart stopping moment. this is the last time we'll be on a perch. but i want to ask tonight, what is this comparable to you? walking around here, anything that you can compare this to? >> i baseball, it's a marathon, 162 games just to get in and through the playoffs. that's the beauty of the game. nobody thought this team in april when the snow was coming down on the red sox on opening day would get here but that's the beauty of baseball. you can get hot, get hold and get hot again. this is comparable to the browns in the afc championship
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broncos. >> i think the energy is unbelievable. >> it is. it is. thank you. >> and we come back, in the movie "major league," the manager set -- set said get me vaughn. and he did. charlie sheen comes to cleveland and next, we'll take you to texas. corey kluber's hometown where they are really routing for the
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inside progressive field, the crowd filing in.
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and indians will play baseball's final game of the season. there are no more temperatures. tomorrows, game 7 of the world series tonight. any player playing in the game tonight all grew up as little boy wanting to play in the major leagues and world series. for a guy like corey kluber, his home town, coppell, texas, they will be saying remember the day when he was pitching for the hometown little team? mike leslie from wfaa dallas, texas has the story. >> kind of like a hero for us, on and off the field. >> reporter: cleveland indians' pitcher cory cliewber is having a special world series. >> he locates so well he gives you few pitches to hit. >> reporter: kluber will start in a do or die game 7 in the fall classic. >> i think it shows how much cleveland thinks about him.
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if he can win today, he joins a special club, 3 wins in the world series. remarkable. >> reporter: a dozen years ago, kluber was pitching on this mound and tonight in cleveland, he could be named world series mvp. >> it's crazy seeing a guy as a kid in high school and growing up and seeing the guy from the same hometown so successful. you i mean, they may not have known who he was before this, but they know there is a coppell guy in the world series. it's really neat to see. >> reporter: kluber could become the 14th pitcher to record 4 wins in the world series. the first, randy johnson in 2001. >> i would be saying to myself i hope we can stall him but if i'm in the indian dugout, i am
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>> reporter: for channel 3 news, i'm mike leslie. >> thank you, mike, and it's all on him tonight, and he came to lend support, wild thing, charlie sheen is in town and heel be southern californiaing with our sarah shookman next.
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all right. here's the shot of the flavor around downtown cleveland and progressive field. there she is the home for game 7 of the world series tonight. indiansand cubs, and hopefully, later on tonight we can say progressive field, the home of the world champion cleveland indians. there's work left to be done. we continue on channel 3 news at 7:00 and we go just across the street, a little bit down the street, blocks to the hairy buffalo and sarah shookman will join us and i thought hanging out with chris ty was cool but you were hanging out with charlie sheen and that one ups me. >> first of all, hanging out with chris is pretty cool and charlie didn't give us more than a few minutes of his time so i can't say we were buddies
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at burke lakefront airport and he was brought in by two local businessmen in cleveland who working to get charlie in town. he came in by private plane and was greeted by the media and fans who can't get enough of the wild thing. have you followed the series? >> i have indeed. it was in the middle of the 14 game friend there is a dark horse team in the al. look out for cleveland. >> reporter: he said actually, he has followed the tribe since the "major league" days 21 years ago and he came here with the glasses but he didn't break them out. >> did he bring tiger blood? the wild thing is here and we will totally switch directions and tell you about someone who
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thing. 104-year-old nana who witnessed the indian's win in 1948 and she is still all in. >> i hope they do it tonight. >> and we certainly hope so as well. she's been there from the start and got us going and charged up has an agent. >> nana has been all over the place and it's good to have her on board and cheering for us. >> i wonder if chris has put jim donovan in a headlock since he said the unkind things. jimmy, you okay? [laughter] >> you're reading it like a book, russ. sarah a -- sarah, chris now
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thanks so much. time to go inside for a check on the weather with michael hitting lead off, taking over for betsy who is at progressive field and we have to stay dry. yes, we do, and i think we will, jimmy. temperatures in the 60s from start to finish through game 7. there is a chance, though, that later this evening and as betsy was saying earlier, after, say, the 11:00 to midnight hour temperatures in the 60s, and we are dry, and here is where the rain is towarding chicago, illinois, all of this racing towards northeast ohio and it gets here, not so much during the world series but more so after the world series. so note the time stamp after the midnight hour when we're expecting the rainfall to move in. window nation's 7-day forecast, 50s on friday and jimmy, a gorgeous weekend ahead of us,
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day for a parade. jimmy, back to you. thanks, michael. when we come back as we always do on the world series show, peggy kusinski with her cub
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it's a cub scouting report as we do every night with peg kaczynski. will the cubs finally get to corey kluber? i kluber has been mag mag -- magnificent. if they can get to his arm early, but then you have the bullpen to worry about. the indians are in favor if they keep the scoring down because the bullpen is so strong but if the cubs' bats come alive early like they did yesterday in the 1st and 2nd and 3rd innings, then i think
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hands on deck and jon lester said if you need me i can go. >> joe madden said he will take lester out of the fen he needs. -- pen if he needs to. this is it. what are they holding their arms for, to win something they haven't won in 108 years. >> it's been a joy having you and you have been so great. i mean, the donovans, we are going to invite to you thanks giving this ye family. >> i appreciate that. cleveland, you guys have been so great. the parting gift of a world series trophy? thank you, cleveland. that's it. 1 game. game 7 of the world series. we'll celebrate with the indians later tonight.
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