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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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's ohio's 18 electoral votes in play. ohio's one of so-called
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election. each candidate is targeting the buckeye state. >> donald trump is open ohio compared to hillary. ohio is crucial to his campaign. although still important for clinton, ohio is no longer make or break his campaign says she can reach 270 electoral votes without ohio. but she still focused here. the scheduled to appear this friday they visited cleveland last saturday.>> they sent me to places where the opponent is strong. >> reporter: the clintons are buying for college and minority crowd but trump is also fighting for them. he said this to a cleveland browns in september after a visit to cleveland arts and
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and their terrific. they have a great future, they'll taking my job someday. truck with a slight lead, trump and his running mate have decided to spend the next several days in other states that could decide the election including florida, colorado and pennsylvania. secondly we were trying to figure out where we could be, we all said let's go to cleveland! >> reporter: one week until we see who wins the state of us in cleveland, it's clinton was one of the ultimate endorsement. donald trump added 10 million advertising in swing states like ohio, and needed move since more than 21 million people across the country have already voted, democrats showing up in higher numbers. authorities are checking social media for signs of possible election date problems according to the top man. the fbi county sheriff keeping tabs in light of donald trump's urging backers to watch polling places to make sure the elections not rate. so far, no signs of planned disruptions.
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comfortable casting ballots. the watchdog -- no one talks will be allowed their polls. cuyamaca county early turnout scorecard is lighter than years ago. there's 100,000 cast as opposed to 160,004 years ago. not good news for hillary clinton as she needs a big margin in this county to carry the state. he stayed true to his word, john kasich said he would not vote for donald trump. now we know that's true. governor kasich voted absentee. a spokesman rebuild, he voted john mccain for president, a wasted but symbolic vote. we're told kasich voted a straight republican ticket. former republican candidate ted cruz cast his ballot today. crews told her sister station that he voted straight ticket republican and that includes voting for donald trump.
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it's all about turnout. senator rob portman is hoping to keep his seat. he faces underdog challenges. paul polls predicting a double- digit win for portman with two candidates squared off at a debate last month. obamacare was among the topics they discussed. one wants to repeal and replace it because of rising costs and insurance companies pulling out of the market place. 91% increase, that's the average increase for families i support obamacare. a big difference between the two of us. >> they also butted heads and many other topics including gun control, area immigrants and environmental relations. the biggest issue on the ballot is not in the spotlight. cleveland voters would get to decide whether there should be a proposed income tax hike. the mayor telling me, their big benefits if it wins the painful cuts if it loses.
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income tax hike in 35 years. from 2 to 2.5%. it would bring in $84 million next year about 40 million going to balance the budget and fill a hole. our sidewalk survey than most people saying thumbs down or wanting more specifics. >> i would say no. >> it shouldn't go up on tax. >> i am skeptical because if it went up, what would it do for me , would it add something beneficial to the community? jenna would pay improvement cost hiring 63 new offices next year , a balance prevention strategy hiring more building inspectors and workers for the abatement program to catch up. with all the new jobs and developments, even the mayor asks,
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how can you be so prosperous and don't have any money? >> reporter: the answer a loss of $150 million over the last five years because of state funding cuts. >> we are forced to do what we did not want to do as a last resort. truck of the mayor avoiding scare tactics but painted a grim picture for the >> we're talking about hundreds of layoffs. talking about significant reduction in information of some services. the business community back to the spec campaign donations not exactly pouring in. >> what you need to do with what you have. >> reporter: expect a big final push if this fails every cleveland resident will feel it. cleveland's come back right could hit a pothole. a liquid, voters face a
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halt the closure of liquid hospital. these scenes from late last year with voters decided to close should proceed. opponents are back with issue 64, others try to derail the shutdown. yes the boat backs the closure decision, no vote for reopening could disrupt it. under the deal, hospitals being replaced with a family healthcare center and around- the-clock emergency department, critics argue real hospital could survive with another operator, place in the cleveland clinic and the city deserves more, 400 million, place in the cleveland clinic and the city deserves more, $400 milliaw tied up in court. voters will decide the fate of crumbling school loadings in the riverside school district. if the structure it for l2 schools is feeling with cracked paint, missing floor and ceiling tiles and water damage. issue five will allow the district to build to larger elementary schools and close several. it's a 1.9 it's a $1.92 million bond levy causing taxpayers and
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three other big districts also have levies on november 8 ballots. cleveland's issue 108 is a $15 million renewal levy and maria, voters will decide on issue 107, be worth 4.2 million and cuyahoga and summit county, voters will decide on issue 40. 9.97 9.9 7 million $9.97 million renewal levy. >> how many americans plan to vote this election? according to the data increase from 20 years ago. in 1996 about hundred 27 million americans registered to vote in 2012, a grew 246 million. this year, as of mid-october, there are 200 million registered voters. coming up, voter mistakes to ensure your vote counts, election day we will tell you
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attracting millennials, seeing the final push to get young voters and how that could make a big difference in this election. getting rid of election anxiety, how a golf course helps voters relieve the stress of the presidential race with
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joining me, politics writer henry gomez in, nest mark peca >> thanks for coming by. >> give me your assessment. the real clear politics still has trump with two percentage point lead in ohio. hillary clinton still waging a vigorous competitive campaign. where is the race today? is it still winnable for hillary clinton? >> when you're looking at early vote numbers and the polls. demographically the state looks good for donald trump because he is strong and some of these white working-class communities that typically vote democratic. hello clinton has a superior ground game, superior get out the vote operation that will be best positioned over these final days to identify who has already voted, who hasn't, which of those need to get to
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that's her hillary is better suited to turn out her vote as opposed to donald trump>> this is not so much about grand organization, it's about enthusiasm. >> absolutely not. >> four years ago, these final weeks, but only hosted some of the largest crowds repulican's ever seen in ohio. the enthusiasm was electric. mitt romney still ended up losing. anybody that tries to use ow dreaming. >> the two things that were, crowds and yard signs don't vote for domestic henry's advice on that. >> do they kill clinton is regarding the state as the ultimate checkmate to donald trump. she blocks any path to the white house. >> she doesn't need ohio. we talked about that before.
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if you take ohio, it's virtually impossible given where the polls are in individual states to take the white house. >> i think trump at this point is letting it right in ohio. he spending sometime this week in new mexico and wisconsin and michigan. all states that should go to the democrats. he's either trying to throw a hail mary in one of those states hoping he sitting on a lead in ohio or you know something the rest of us don't. right now, it doesn't look like he's back in the state until friday. >> his ballot, writing for john mccain. is he sending a message to establish republicans, will that make any difference? with actual any votes for or against trump? >> i don't know that i'll make a difference in ohio. i think that writing which won't counts toward a final vote in ohio. >> it's sheerly symbolic.
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john kasich was pretty thoughtful about his process. he's delivered and did not decide until he filled that ballot out yesterday. for him, it's a safe choice. you take john mccain, you honor a war hero, party nominee and have no hillary clinton, gary johnson baggage carrying over for the next life. >> that wants to point away from trump? >> no. he's been on the opposite side and trump supporters have rallied around the fact that they're not with kasich. kasich represents the establishments in their minds, it's kasich looking ahead. he's a guy with a long-term plan. >> cuyahoga county is crucial. how big a margin does hillary clinton need in cuyahoga county. she the approximate roughly what brock obama did. she doesn't have to win it by quite as much as obama did.>>
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she is to come within striking distance. three or four points i think. the 270,000 vote lead in cuyahoga is typically with issue for. that's a marker. they need to hit that or above. i can't remember what overall i had the last two elections but it's not threshold peca >> it may not be the firewall it once was. when we talked about it before, every clinton will do better in delaware county then brock obama did four years ago. she will do better in some of these suburban counties for the higher educated voter isn't comfortable with donald trump. there aren't as many votes in those counties. some of this will be offset in other places just like donald trump pickoff votes in trouble the democrat would normally get.
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get out the vote effort is coming to cleveland. that helps drive in the debate. saw big push over the past weekend with souls to the polls in the organized effort to take voters who like to votes to the polls, >> the big get out and vote excavation point. >> patel will be told to stay. thanks for coming. back with more after this.
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some voters are saying they've been turned away from the polls. our reporting and unpleasant expense. it's all because of a few things they overlooked. here is latasha gibbons with the story. >> reporter: some voters have been turned away from polls or report not having a pleasant experience.
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we sat down with george's director of elections. he says mistake number one, the show at the wrong polling place. >> after talking with family members and someone says i voted in the library and nobody to vote on election day they will go to a different location. >> mistake number two, make sure you're properly just about. that means hillary clinton ponytail holders, donald trump earrings or caricatures are not allowed. harvey says the intention of the law is to remove any and to influence. >> the polling place is a special place. it's where we go to extra size one of the most basic rights. it's good the law recognizes that. the laws provide that type of sanctity and security. >> if you plan to write in a candidate like minnie mouse,
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mouse shirts such is not printed on the ballot. mistake number three, underestimating the time it takes to go to the ballots. that can cause frustration and confusion. >> they think and vote for president middle lies you've got a lot of other people on the ballots, a lot of other issues. they need to be prepared to cast their vote for all of those things. >> you can bring notes to help you get through and maintenance and special issues but no cell phones or electronic devices are allowed inside the polling location. >> mistake number for waiting too long to notify coworkers of ob machine or you're confused, you can raise your hands, get the attention of a poll worker as long as you're not cast your ballot. as soon as you hit that cast ballot button in your votes goes in, you have cast your vote. emx exciting time for young voters. many vote for the first time ever. a dallas school made a class effort. eligible students awarded buses, with a polling place for
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never forget. >> that's what went to my head. i've made a difference. my mom and dad will be proud. i voted. i finally voted. it was really good. >> it makes me so happy to see these young people have the motivation to get out and vote. because they are our future. >> teachers and volunteers helped register 70 students develop. they hope it will inspire teens to make their voices heard for years to come. with just six days before election day, both candidates will tell you every vote counts. the push to get the millennial vote is perhaps more intense than ever. we caught up with some young voters out to support hillary clinton. >> we are proud that they are out exercising their rights to vote. they're getting involved in the process. you can't ask for anything better than that.
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to reach out to young voters. i can you had a chance to meet hillary clinton before the rally. >> she has the apathetic millennials of people that there of decision will affect them. you have people, what a time to be alive and be in college. >> to the time when there's so much information that can sometimes leave voters confused. take for example, the fbi's recent release of a petan remitted investigation. it's up to them to peace through the information. >> i tried to do my research to find, get down to the truth. i did my research and it doesn't bother me. >> it's more than just research for millennials, the political talk is an opportunity to open discussions and get the answers you need to make an informed decision. >> just showing up to events, owing to an event can be the
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help. >> coming up, swing away your stress. golf courses come up with a fun way to prove lead anxiety from this election season.
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ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. in east texas a driving range is offering relief to stressed out voters. the owners of alpine golf course say shoppers can take
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nominees. the giant bales of hay have hillary clinton and donald trump's photos attached to them. >> it alleviates some stress. puts a little fun into it. obviously it's a very serious situation. i thought this might lighten the load. >> the owner says he's had a positive reaction that helps some people just come and enjoy the comic relief.>> thanks for joining us we'll be discussing the election more saturday night on between lines at seven. you have a great night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vince vaughn. patton oswalt.
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roots crew. >> questlove: 563, iowa! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! [ cheers and applause ] that is a crowd! that is a great crowd right there. welcome! looking good. looking good, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it, baby. [ cheers and applause ] this is it. you're here, you made it! you made it. you're here. we've got a fun show for you.


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