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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 4, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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side. and what she said about her role as first lady is raising eyebrows tonight. virtual kidnapping, a terrifying twist on an old scam. tricking people into thinking their loved ones have been abducted, demanding ransom to get them back. and curse reversed. tonight the crowd goes wild in chicago after a heart-stopping win for the ages. "nightly news" begins right now. fro world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we begin with an nbc news exclusive about election day, just five days away, and the deep concern that has the nation's intelligence services on edge tonight. with all of us transfixed on the tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump, we've learned the government has been quietly, but urgently, taking unprecedented steps to deal with the possibility of cyber attacks, designed to
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election into chaos. and would-be attackers may have already offered a disturbing preview. nbc news senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden has details. >> reporter: officials in the department of homeland security, the military, and the intelligence community tell nbc news the u.s. government is gearing up for an unprecedented effort to protect the country on election day. according to multiple intelligence sources, u.s. officials are deeplyce and preparing for some sort of cyber chaos next week. current and former officials say an attack on critical infrastructure, including the u.s. power grid is one of three worst-case concerns. one highly placed intelligence source told nbc news, your vote is safe, you just might not have any lights. also on the worry list, a large-scale denial of service. in other words, part of the internet goes
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and transportation in swing states. but intelligence sources and a senior obama national security official tell nbc news, they believe a more likely scenario is that hackers from russia or elsewhere, will try to manipulate twitter, facebook, and other social media platforms, to sew confusion and chaos. of parallel concern is an 11th hour release of fake documents, implicating one of the candidates in an time for it to be fact-checked. and it isn't just the russians. multiple intelligence and law enforcement officials tell nbc news the concern is just as much about non-state actors, hackers, political activists, and criminal mischief makers. while multiple intelligence officials tell nbc, they have no specific warning about an election day attack, they also say they consider the massive and sophisticated internet disruption last month a rehearsal or an
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real thing. >> the activity that occurred on the 21st of october, has been seen by many in cyber security field as potentially a drill, associated with a real event. it had all the signs of what you would consider a drill to be. >> reporter: intelligence sources tell nbc news that the united states has communicated red lines to the russians through diplomatic and back channels regarding just how seriously any cyber by the u.s. the president has been briefed about his options, if there is some sort of cyber attack, and i should say, lester, all the experts we talked to say the public should be comforted by these preparations, including the ones they hope never to have to use. >> well, these are disturbing scenarios, but let's get down to brass tacks, my vote, your vote. is there any fear that the tally could somehow be tampered with? >> so the intelligence sources we talked to said they believe it is highly unlikely
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>> all right, cynthia, thank you very much. meantime, as the feds brace for election day, the candidates are bracing as well. criss-crossing battleground states, at this point and it's all about turn-out. on the trump side, a rare appearance today by melania trump, raising eyebrows with her message. and on the clinton, once again getting a boost from the president, pleading for his supporters to turn out for clinton in five days. we have it all covered mitchell in battleground north carolina. >> good evening, lester. aides say hillary clinton is not going to be talking anymore about the fbi and those e-mails. but here in north carolina, there are problems. some african americans say they're not inspired by her. others say when they try to vote, they can't. tonight hillary clinton in battleground north carolina, going hard after donald trump. >> imagine having a president who demeans
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disabled, insults african americans and latinos. >> reporter: all part of a coordinated final sprint to turn out the base. president obama in florida. >> anybody who is upset about a "saturday night live" skit, you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. you can't make excuses for this stuff. this isn't a joke. this isn't survivor. this is isn't "the bachelorette." this counts. >> reporter: tim kaine making a pitch entirely in spanish in arizona. [ speaking spanish ]. >> reporter: but top clinton aides telling nbc news north carolina is key. if clinton's ground game can beat trump here, they say he'll have no path to the white house. but to win here, she needs a higher african american turn-out than she's getting. in a state a federal
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restrictions that target african americans with surgical precision. >> the other side's strategy is it to scare people and intimidate people from going to the polls. >> they couldn't find you on the rolls? >> at all. >> and you had just voted? >> in the primary. >> reporter: 18-year-old federica smith went to vote with her mom, but says she was taken off the rolls for the general election. >> i was just like, maybe they don't want me to vote. >> reporter: 100-year-old grace hardson said it happened to her too. >> i didn't feel >> reporter: the president calling it discrimination. >> this 100-year-old woman wasn't alone in the list of people the republicans trying to banish. >> reporter: they're now saying thousands of african americans were removed from voter rolls by republican challenges. >> more than 40 states have similar challenge provisions. >> reporter: a federal judge hearing the case on wednesday, who has
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the judge said it was an insane process. >> that may be something the general assembly wants to look at. but county boards of elections are just carrying out their roles in their duty. >> reporter: president obama here returns tomorrow, he won here in 2008 by just 14,000 votes. andrea mitchell, nbc news, raleigh. >> reporter: i'm katy tur. five days out and for the first time since her rocky convention giving the softer side of donald trump. >> he certainly knows how to shake things up. >> reporter: raising the curtain on what she would focus on as first lady. bullying, notably on social media. >> our culture has gotten too many and too rough. we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> reporter: her words, a contrast, as
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a campaign around personal insults, often lobbed on twitter. >> little marco rubio. >> he's a sleaze, in my book. >> reporter: melania was trying to convince women in the crucial philadelphia suburbs, her husband, who watched from his plane, deserved their vote. pennsylvania still proving to be a hurdle for trump. the latest poll shows him down four. same for north carolina, where trump is down three. both states, must-wins. staying on mge rallies. last night, admitting that he can be his own worst enemy. >> stay on point, donald, stay on point. no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. >> reporter: today in jacksonville, falsely alleging clinton is under criminal investigation. >> the fbi is investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation
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>> reporter: a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news after an initial look, the case has not moved an inch in months. tonight a worst-case scenario is being discussed in some republican circles, talk of a special prosecutor or impeachment if hillary clinton does get elected. lester? >> katy tur in north carolina tonight, thank you. let's bring in nbc news political analyst nicole wallace. as we've said before, you've been there. five days from the election. >> right. >> you've only got so much money, so much time. you want to beta what do we read into what happens now? >> so here's where we are right now. the window is closing for both campaigns to introduce any new arguments. and they have both settled on closing messages that have been effective. hillary clinton and her super surrogates, including the president and mrs. obama, are prosecuting a case against trump's temperament, his character, calling him unfit to serve. but trump has also landed on a closing message that was successful for him in the primaries, that
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people, that it's time for something different, that it's time for an outsider. he finds himself on offense. the problem as we talked about last night is the map and the math. and the path for him is dem graphically and structurally very difficult. >> all right, nicole, thank you very much. >> thank you. a program note, our election night coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 pacific. decision night in america, we hope you'll join us on tuesday. we turn now to a tragic day for u.s. forces overseas. two american service members were killed, four while supporting a night raid against a taliban target in afghanistan, according to do senior u.s. military officials. soon after their choppers landed in kunduz, they came under gunfire. the u.s. responded with air strikes, which the afghans claim killed as many as 30 people. the long-suffering
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108-year world series championship drought in extra innings last night against the cleveland indians, and it was a nail-biter until the very last out. our kevin tibbles was in chicago where history has just been made. >> reporter: 11:47 p.m. central time, the exact moment pigs flew, and hell froze over. >> they finally won it all! >> reporter: and the chicago cubs won the world series. 108 years in the making but the oft-called loveable losers did finally win. delirious die-hards, like actor bill murray, danced. while tens of thousands took to the streets outside wrigley field. the champs and their world series trophy got back to town just before dawn. and tom johnson opened a beer he put in his fridge 32 years ago in anticipation of this day. >> it smells like hell. >> reporter: for more
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to make do with the phrase next year. well, next year's now. there will be a contender next year and the year after and it won't be about breaking the curse. it will be about being one of baseball's best teams. >> go, cubs, go! >> reporter: the wave of cubby blue hasn't stopped. pilgrims pinching themselves, come to see if the miracle was even true. it was even predicted 23 years ago by a young california student in his year first, michael lee wrote. today, a new generation will never know what it's been like around here since 1908. >> you will never know the anxiety and the angst of all the years. >> reporter: tomorrow a ticker-tape parade. the chicago cubs, 2016 world series champs, it's got an unfamiliar ring to it. kevin tibbles, nbc news, at wrigley field in chicago. >> and a late night for a lot of us watching on the east
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disturbing twist on a scam thousands have fallen for. thieves tricking you into believing your child has been kidnapped for ransom.
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>> we're back with a new scam that the fbi says is growing. snaring victims over the phone with terrifying details of how they've kidnapped a loved one. the fbi calls it virtual kidnapping. here's nbc's tom
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mexico came while wendy mueller was working in the kitchen. it sounded like her daughter away at college crying frantically. mom, i'm scared. i don't know where i am. >> reporter: then a man's voice. >> we have your daughter. we snatched her off the street. if you do everything we say, you'll see her again. >> reporter: it was the start of six hours of terror. >> i became pretty hysterical, started crying and please don't hurt her. >> reporter: the caller warned her not to hang up or call the police, to withdraw $10,000 from her bank, then start driving. >> he was saying things like, take your next right, and there will be a western union on the right-hand side. >> he was tracking you on google maps? >> yes. >> reporter: directing her to locations across virginia to wire the money to bank accounts in mexico. you're thinking, i'm just trying to keep my daughter alive. >> yes. i'll do anything you
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>> reporter: terrified she was being watched and tracked, she did as she was told. the fbi says it's a growing scam. the con artists, usually in mexico, find family names on social media to target their victims. >> they are really getting more and more skilled at creating the level of anxiety with the individuals they're talking to over the phone, to really make them believe that their family members, their loved one is being held against their will. >> reporter: the fbi's personal information posted online. if a virtual kidnapper calls, demand your loved one is being held by asking something only they would know. >> he knew the buttons to push on any mom. >> absolutely. what's your precious than your child? >> reporter: it wasn't until her daughter texted during the scam what wendy realized her daughter was safe. but her money, gone. and police believe it's unlikely, the
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found. we're back in a moment with what science just revealed about why some songs get so stuck in your head.
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a horrifying discovery in south carolina, where police say kala brown, a woman missing for two months has been found alive, chained inside a s property owned by a register sex offender. that man is now under arrest, and police are digging up his property after brown revealed there may be four bodies buried there. brown disappeared in august with her boyfriend, he remains missing tonight. a new warning from doctors this evening about your kids and all the salt they're consuming. cdc researchers say nearly 90% of children surveyed are consuming too much sodium in their diets.
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road. high levels of salt are consumed mostly during dinner, hidden in food like pizza, burgers, bread, and even soup. ever get a song stuck in your head? keeps going round and round? now science has an explanation as to why some tunes are contagiously catchy. a new study claims it's a combination of fast tempo, easy to remember lyrics and repetition gaga is at number one, followed appropriately by kylie minogue's can't get you out of my head and journey's don't stop believing. i won't stop humming it. when we come back, a woman fighting to pull her neighborhood out of ruin -- and winning. "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by pacific life, helping
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finally tonight, we visit a small city that once had big things going for it way back when ford opened a model t plant there. then, like the surrounding city of detroit, it fell on tough times. but our rehaima ellis introduces us to one woman on a mission to bring her city back to life in her latest installment of "inspiring america." >> reporter: this is the sound of hope in michigan. a city being reinvented one broken building at a time. >> reporter: mama shoe is leading the way. >> somebody had to do it. and this block was totally abandoned. >> one of my most favorite things. >> reporter: her mission began after the tragic loss of her 2-year-old son jacoby, killed by a hit and run driver in 2007. >> it was the worst day. it was the worst day. >> reporter: she transformed her grief
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neighborhood. this once prosperous city, now plagued by drugs and crime. fire chief kevin kony says she's turning it around. >> she came around here and spruced this whole neighborhood up. >> so are you independently wealthy, mama shoe? >> i wish. i sold fish sandwiches for $5 and saved up money in a cigar box. >> reporter: she bought an old house for $500. >> still needs a lot of work. >> it >> reporter: when words spread of her effort, donations poured in. even ellen degeneres noticed. >> i mean, what you're doing is so incredible. >> reporter: the difference is startling. this lot before and now. a park in jacoby's name. plans also include ball courts, a garden, library, and a cafe. energy efficiency is part of her mission too. luma solar donated the panels for this building. a safe place for kids
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go after school. >> i feel really special. >> hit it! >> reporter: mama shoe turning blight into beauty, healing herself and her neighborhood. rehema ellis, nbc news, highland park, michigan. >> one woman getting it done. that's going to do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and
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the fbi is investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state s up for sale in violation of federal law. >> campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. >> the nation heads to the polls in just four days, but could real action on election day be all about cyber chaos? >> a south carolina woman missing since august is found alive, chained inside a container like a dog. a registered sex offender has been taken into custody. game over, the soccer team


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