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tv   Channel 3 News at 430am  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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yes, we promised that if you watch this morning show and you are on my deal list you will get every door buster in stock, we will count them down. >> preserving thanksgiving. >> do you remember i showed you a four in one, diffuser, humidifier, sleep, today let's go with a little bit of a three in one o durable. take a look. on this side right here you can see there's a usb output. all i need to do is take whatever connector you want and in this case we will power and charge an iphone 6 plus have from the same speaker that's now going to play music.
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it is also water proof. still working. do you feel the christmas spirit. >> i do. >> it is durable. it is a power bank, speakerphone, hugely well rated. 578son is what i found on sell for $80. you can see it is very well rated. they have it for $80. i have it for $49. >> because you are awesome. >> thank you. get your choice of color, wireless streaming, just an amazing three in one going line up for. if you want to check this out,. >> i like the yellow. >> a bunch of color option which is is also rare to see. >> did you like when i smashed and soaked it. >> i thoroughly enjoyed it. >> if you want to see more of that, it is a door buster so it will sell out. >> thank you, holly. >> we wish you a merry friday. channel so news starts right now.
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el it is time to fall in love again, with your home. now, channel 3 news today. >> right now at 5:00, entertainment and politics collide, coming up, what's happening today with just days until the election, john. >> all right, tiffany. cyber mayhem, what the government is doing to prevent -- >> mood swing, acne, depression, why men may not be tough enough to handle a new form just saying. >> we have got the research, holly. >> you boys. we will talk more. you should see john's face right now. >> he's doing the eye roll. >> we're getting the eye roll. >> actually i am napping. >> and that. i know that's a shocker; right, ben, can you relate? we have got friday. here we are tgif and the weather looks like it is going get better and better as day continues.


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