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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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alyssa good evening -- began. alyssa good evening. >> reporter: hi russ it happened on this field on saturday. like you said this was a game between 10 and 11-year-olds. on one side you had the aleer-- elyria pioneers and other sippled ram of northridgeville apparently parents -- other side rams of northridgeville apparently parents are what is responsible. >> he is spitting up blood. >> reporter: john dickson with the elyria mini pioneers says it sta w the field between players. >> you know it went from a to z quick. >> reporter: refs ejected the assistant coach from the other team. he apparently came back dickson says one of his players said that coach punched him in the stomach. knees not making it up. somebody did punchp him. >> reporter: and -- punch him. >> reporter: and that's not all. >> i heard the n word initially heard them calling them aholes. >> reporter: parents mothers,. >> mothers were saying that. >> reporter: after what
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their kids play the elyria mini pioneers and decided to forfeit in a statement the northridgeville football league said the parents cited safety concerns. >> our kids never did anything wrong. other than win. >> reporter: on saturday, the other teams will finish the season while the league leading pioneers sit out. >> i feel sorry for the league and for our kids and our parents because they work so hard to be a part of something and earn something and to have it taken >> having to tell the kids they don't get to play in the super bowl is the hardest thing to look at their faces, and seeing them cry. >> i think the kids of the elyria that worked so hard to get to the point deserve better. >> reporter: i spoke to chris with the the northridgeville football league and he said he doesn't know if a coach did pun. player but this is investigated by the northridgeville police department and he does say
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coaching with the games tomorrow because he was ejected. one more thing a good note for the players with the elyria meny pioneers though, the parents and coaches they are throwing them this big party tomorrow since they don't get to play in the game and they are asking for any other teams that might possibly want to play them tomorrow, the league says that they will be receiving trophies all of them and they did end up winning a championship title. back to you in the studio. >> more to come on this raymond thank you. hillary clinton is in town tonight and bringing some heavy star power with her. jay-z and beyonce will hold a concert in an effort to get young black voters to the polls. this is happening at the wolf steer center. hillary is there live and joins us live. >> reporter: jay-z will be here
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with candidate officials with hillary clinton campaign whether or not we are going to see an appearance from beyonce, but i can tell you russ there are long lines wrapping around the center lots of people turning out coming to the event all the tickets were free. and those tickets as you know were given out last weekend. and there were long lines at the board of elections and the campaign says this is a deliberate and very transparen vote among very specific constituency and that is black american voters. and also to engage voteers who may not be particularly political to try to get them involved and get them to turn out to vote. now in terms of that star power, bebeion say we heard could show up. -- beyonce we have heard could show up and we have seen a lot of people on the campaign trail for hillary clinton including katy perry who is supposed to
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they are hoping the last-minute last ditch attempts can in fact turn out a big number of people to vote russ. >> h lare we will see you at 7. again the clinton's campaign is to make sure that more young african americans vote and it's a segment of voters she needs to win on tuesday. tom ber sees here to break things down -- beres is here to break things down. >> reporter: donald trump is ahead in the polls in ohio at for hillary clinton and democrats to have a chance at overtaking him, well, they will need big margins in very democratic cuyahoga county maybe 3 to 1 to have a chance at winning the buckeye state that takes lots of african american boats and this turnout is lagging behind what she needs. just a few more days of early voting and many early voters in cuyahoga county are african americans. like rose ford.
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and she has a history of really working for all people particularly minorities. >> reporter: lots of stories and numbers crunching indicate the african american turnout is not near what it was twice to make barack obammate first black president -- about a -- obama the first black president he voted for clinton. >> everybody is not enthused about anymore. don't think. >> reporter: from clinton's campaign boss. >> african americans are an important part of theee electo i lot at stake in this election. the donald trump made racist devisive bigoted comments. >> reporter: some clinton backers blame republican driven changes in early voting meant to reduce minority votes. >> we used to have a golden week to actually come down and vote register and vote at the same time. they cut that out. >> reporter: monday, congresswoman brought clinton to cleveland to the soul cafe andfriday night she will be on
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beyonce but will their fans be her voters. >> 99% are going to hear the concert but my hope is that 50% of that 90% will then get off their butts over the next few days and vote. >> reporter: clinton's hopes of winning ohio may depend on it.i spoke with a respected activist and radio commentator in cleveland's african american community and he is for clinton but told me "we are just not excited there's no excitement behind the election. a lot of millennials are seems kind of forced. >> hillary clinton will be in town monday is that correct. >> reporter: sunday he will be here sunday but the details of when and where are not released. >> tom beres thank you. a federal judge in cleveland issuing an order against anyone including donald trump supporters from harassing voters some trump backers sek appointed poll watchers he. dem vats say they got what they
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poll watchers. democrats say they got what they wanted. >> the good news is voters shouldn't worry about that. and that was the whole purpose here. >> a lawyer for the state republican party said there are and were no plans for illegal intimidation. and donald trump campaign in councilp mode in a -- crunch mode in a 10-state tour. today he is in the southwest ohio and florida and new hampshire. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't what a mess. what a mess. >> tomorrow trump will be in florida north carolina nevada and colorado. and we want to invite you to be a part of the conversation and connect with us live during these newscasts. we are introducing a interactive experience that's easy to use. all you need is a phone a tablet or computer with an internet connection. brandon simmons shows us how to participate. >> reporter: here's an he can ample of how it works.
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the first debate the question will pop up on your smart phone or computer at the same time we ask. that's where you will simply pick an answer and watch live as we calculate the results of the bottom of the screen. at the end of the story we will show you who had the most votes on tv and also on your smart phone. it's that easy. but keep your device handy throughout the entire newscast because when we are not asking questions, there will be other information that is related to the story that's also on air. that's it again pull now and follow along. >> so tonight we will start with a hot topic here it is. we want to know who are you voting for. again go to right now, and weigh in you will be anonymous and we will share your answers in about 5 minutes. back at 6 waiting to folks. where -- vote. folks are waiting an hour to
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on the nbc nightly news. >> hello, russ from the nbc news election center ahead for us the closing strategies revealed clinton and trump and how they plan to seal the deal. a follow-up to the exclusive reporting in the threat of election day cyber attacks what we have learned about the u.s. penetration of critical russian networks. and the massive recall over exploding washing machines we will tell you more when we see you back here for nbc nightly news after channel 3 news at 6. and still to come on channel 3 news at 6 forecast which has a whole lot of sunshine and one little snowflake.
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new tonight a jury found douglas shine guilty of murder three-- muringering consider murdering three people-- murdering thee people at a warrensville barber shot he gunned down the owner and a customer. the jury decide if he gets the
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new verdict in the rolling stone trial. in the lawsuit former administrator nicole eramo said it made her look bad she is seek 7.5 million in damages. an ohio mother is charged with manslaughter after allegedly rolling over on her baby while asleep. 24-year-old danielle dusch was indicted on several charges the 2 month owed died from suat mother was under the influence of a general aircraft form of zine action. michael buble confirmed his 3-year-old son has cancer. his toddler noah is undergoing treatment and he and his wife are argentinian being a rest say they will put the careers on hold to foe -- actress say they will put their careers on hold to focus on their son's health. now back to the decision 2016 coming in the bottom of
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interactive poll tonight's question, who are you voting for. go to now to weigh in. meantime, when it comes to casting your vote, summit county voters face challenges at polls including wait lasting for hours -- waits lasting for hours. amani abraham joins us live with news on what is causing the problem. amani good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening russ. yeah, we are outside where it's been a steady stream of voters come into th board of election office. and right now, about 50 people still in line and it was a busy day to say the least. and you had good luck if you found a parking spot. when you plan on heading out early to vote, chances are, you are doing it to avoid the long lines. >> lines everything i imagine on tuesday are going to be terrible so. >> reporter: that's why hundreds were out voting today. but most were in for a
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hour so, improbable about 45 minutes. >> it was a lot of people out here this morning. >> reporter: the average wait time this afternoon was between 30 minutes to an hour. at times completely packed to where it was near impossible to find a parking spot. the longer wait than expected but it's been a unique election season bringing out voters who don't want anything in their way of casting their ballot. one person even avoided our cameras because they were on the clock at work. but even with the process and makes election day a little easier to get through. >> i wanted to get it done and get it out the way. and therefore i can sit back on tuesday and just wait for the results. >> reporter: now here we are still open for about 3 30? more minutes at the board of election office. and early voting is still going on this weekend. so if you didn't get a chance to vote you have time. for summit county hours for you saturday they will be opened
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and sunday 1 to 5 and on monday again, 8 to 2 p.m. and, of course, tuesday is election day. reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom amani abraham channel 3 news. >> thanks a lot. it's now 6:16. betsy is here and boy, that was a tease. a snowflake? >> there's snowflake in the forecast. >> okay. >> i know. don't panic. it's november. >> well that is true. but it's been so nice outside. >> it has been. and days coming up. >> okay. >> and then there's the little snowflake right at the end. let's look at the what's going on with the forecast. here's this evening. it will be cool temperatures fading into the 40s. westerly breezes will be light mostly clear skies. as far as november evening standards goes it's pretty much posh and think as we go through the rest of the night that's going to be the trend just clearing and cooling. we did see clouds today that courtesy of the lakes but the clouds have since faded and we
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that drier air stretches way, way back into the plain states so a lot of sunshine will come our way. and temperatures believe it or not are expected to be on the mild side. being see the warmer air that's out to the west of us as well. this just above average air will continue to move in and so our temperatures for the next week or so will likely average in the 60s. it's not too bad for us. we have a few clouds that will linger as we go through the night by 9:30 you can see temperatures in the 40s and midnight hour will be down around the 40 gr some 30s. and in the early morning we could see the mid-30s creeping up especially on the typically cooler areas farther off to the south. but once the sun comes up tomorrow, i think we will see lot of sunshine and temperatures will be boosting quickly into the 50s by midday. and we will top out in the low 60s across the area mid to late afternoon. once we get into the evening, those temperatures will once again start to fade and that's going to set us up for a beautiful evening and, of
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by midnight tomorrow night right around 50 degrees. and then to start sunday, i think we will be in the 40s. could have clouds that just peripheral clouds that will hang around in the morning that scours out as we move into the afternoon. we are not expecting any rain. as a matter of fact, we are expecting more sunshine and temperatures that will once again be in the 60s. if you are lucky enough to have the boat in the lake it locks like a beautiful weekend for it. westerly wind at 10 with one to 3 footers tonight. 2 to 4 footers tomorrow most of the highest of the waves is east of cleveland. variable light wind on sunday with flat conditions that could be beautiful that water temperature officially off cleveland. that's at the crib the big orange things 3 miles offshore. 40 feet down it's 58 degree water. so the fish are biting. window nation forecast has 62 and sunny for the day tomorrow. we may have clouds hang willing around -- hanging around. we fall back an hour on sunday a great time to change the batteries in your smoke de-- in
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carbon monoxide detectors and weather radios. mostly sunny mid-60s on monday. election day right now looks to be beautiful. partly clouty skies -- cloudy skies temperatures in the mid- 60s. partly cloudy conditions wednesday and thursday next week and there you see it russ, 50s with the big blue arrow going down and yes, rain chances will be around on friday. now here's thing. the cool are air gets here friday evening. and continues to pour in friday night that. air is coming from th a northerly breeze and that would be then lake-effect. so most of the chance for that little tiny snowflake way at the end will be east of cleveland in the typically colder that's where we get the snow first areas of the lake- effect snow. >> we have been so spoiled this fall. >> so spoiled this whole summer and fall. >> i love it when you say the crib when i got here five years ago the first time you gave the temperature at the crb i said that's a personal forecast.
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>> three miles off.
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and now the window nation sports report. >> dave is here and season departing word from the tribe. >> we look to the future now because that's what we have russ as it is all over for the indians. game # of the world series set fewer different day for the
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second parade in 2016 it was the state of the indians. they met with the peed-- media a wide range of emotion pain clearing one of them but they won't let that overshadow the pride and what they accomplishedhe said the revenue generated by the playoffs pushed to the final game of the world series should generate revenue to improve the roster but don't look for a big free agent splash. you never know when this opportunity is going to come again everyone. ahead. >> the thing that gives us confidence is that we have a bulk of the roster returning. we have key decisions and some key free agents and ic. >> napoli and roger davis specifically but the vast majority of the roster will be here and that's great foundation to go into the off sea heson with and what to build upon. >> and you have francona to build with. the indians exercised the option for 2019 and 20 on the
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decision they have been talk about for a while he hasn't what season in 4 with the indians 11 and 4 all time and should be al manager of the year. carlos santana is official thethey pick up the club option for 2017. 12 million he was great this past seasonp indians loved how he played and the team approach and had 259 with 34 homers and 87rbis. you heard him mention napoli who is a free agent and said they would like to bring to offer a qualifying offer at 17.2 million. coaccept for one year. he wants to come back but coget more on the market. he was great in the regular season but may have cost himself cash in the playoffs. i hope he is back. chris sp free agent the indians told him they won't exercise their 13 million -- crisp is a free agent. indians told him he they won't exercise their 13 million
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saying bye but brantley will resue activities in december and is expected to be ready to go for spring training and he played 11 games after two shoulder surgeries but there you go. the cubs parade everybody. the amazing how we were so close to having this ourself i thought that the other night walking about both locker rooms 5 million how do they come up with the number. first title since 190 #. think -- 1908. let's move on to the feel better. >> sadness no. >> thanks. >> browns and cowboys here on sunday. browns look for win number one. dallas favored by a touchdown. hue jackson rookie kessler will start and it looks like moving forward, for a while jackson said he needs to keep cease throar evaluate him. he comes back to face 56-1 team. >> they are very you know smart, fast football team. and their motto is going to
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and they are always in the right spot. >> cavs are off and get ready for the sixers tomorrow night. they are 5-0 after meeting boston next thursday they will visit the white house. president obama welcomed the 2016nba champs and a tradition but one i never seen in cleveland. cavs play wizards then he on friday. >> end on a positive note. >> -- ended on a positive note. >> i li >> i haven't known anywhere let's do it. >> that's right. traveling shoes. >> that's right. david myself and snowflake over here at 7. >> it's next friday there's only one. >> lester is up next. >> only one.
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tonight, the final sprint to the finish now under way, both campaigns in full attack mode. advantage clinton, but battleground polls too close for comfort. tonight, what to watch for in the final days. nbc news exclusive. america's top secret weapons of cyber ready to take action ainst russia, and intelligence sources tell nbc news, we're already inside. horrific discovery. a woman missing for months, found alive, chained up in a storage container. a convicted sex offender under arrest, and tonight, another grisly find. and exploding washing machines. another warning about samsung. hundreds of top-loading washers suddenly blowing apart. tonight a massive


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