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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the final sprint to the finish now under way, both campaigns in full attack mode. advantage clinton, but battleground polls too close for comfort. tonight, what to watch for in the final days. nbc news exclusive. america's top secret weapons of cyber ready to take action ainst russia, and intelligence sources tell nbc news, we're already inside. horrific discovery. a woman missing for months, found alive, chained up in a storage container. a convicted sex offender under arrest, and tonight, another grisly find. and exploding washing machines. another warning about samsung. hundreds of top-loading washers suddenly blowing apart. tonight a massive
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"nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening from our nbc news election center. this are four days to go. and tonight donald trump and hillary clinton are playing the end game. they head into the final weekend of the race battling through a deafening echo chamber of polls. hyper focused on the states and the voters they think can turn their way. for trump, it means electoral speed dating as he races to nearly a dozen states between now and the election. while for clinton it's a strategic defense to what she hopes if a firm path to victory. andrea, good evening. >> good evening, lester. the pace is picking up, hillary clinton hitting three major cities in battleground states. the clinton team revealing what they hope is a winning streang going into this final weekend.
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tonight trying to protect democratic territory. rallying voters in states barack obama won easily four years ago. in pennsylvania -- >> this is one of those make or break moments for the united states. >> reporter: and michigan, where her lead now has narrowed to four points. the clinton team's closing strategy emerging. first, keep going negative. clinton in full attack mode against donald trump for his business and tax practices. >> i don't know how he lives with himself. doesn't he see? doesn't he see what we the millions of moms and dads struggling to make ends meet, balance the demands of work and family? or does he just not care? >> reporter: second, turn out the base. in a race where top aides tell nbc news, they see few voters still undecided. clinton hoping to boost african american turn-out, with disappointing early voting numbers in some battlegrounds. the president out in north carolina again tonight for the second time in three days, making it personal.
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that is the best send-off you could ever give me and michelle. >> reporter: and trying to hold back the crowd shouting at a trump supporter. >> i told you to be focused and you're not focused right now. don't boo. whoa! >> reporter: the campaign also targeting suburban men and women at a rally with pharrell williams and bernie sanders. but tonight, bill clinton raising eyebrows with this shot at melania trump. >> for anybody in my life, as i did for his wife going out giving a speech, saying, oh, cyber bullying was a terrible thing. i thought, yeah, especially if it's done at 3:00 in the morning against a former miss universe by a guy running for president. >> reporter: the sprint to the finish now on, the clintons
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election eve. nbc news, andrea mitchell. >> reporter: this is peter alexander in hershey, pennsylvania. >> we have to rebuild our country, folks. >> reporter: trump's strategy to turn red regions even redder. looking to ouf set by boosting turn-out among white working class voters. >> the trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving ohio and from leaving america. >> reporter: trump counties that mitt romney won by wide margins. including thursday night rallying backers at a farm in selma, north carolina. 17,000 in attendance. the nominee on stage with veterans. >> and these great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss, i don't think so.
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>> reporter: here in rural pennsylvania, trump supporters claim they've been let down by the washington establishment. >> this year, we have someone who is not the establishment, and that's why they're all getting in line. >> reporter: trump's aides tell nbc news, he'll hit ten battlegrounds in three days, including left-leaning states like nevada and michigan. also returning to the trail, sarah palin, with stops in michigan and north carolina. and just released, trump's closing ad, striking a populist tone. >> the only for our country is us. >> reporter: at trump's events, anger toward hillary clinton is boiling over. former new hampshire governor john sununu shouted, execute her. >> now, you don't need that kind of stuff, really and truly. >> reporter: tonight, trump aides say he'll be targeting blue and battleground states. the fact that his schedule is still all over the map, shows that the campaign is
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sort out its best path to 270 electoral votes. >> thank you very much. let's bring in the moderator of "meet the press", chuck todd. let's pick up on what peter was saying there, this path. if you look at the itineraries of these two candidates, what do you see? >> the schedule is king. that's what it tells you here. it's a focused strategy for clinton. just four states she'll be hitting multiple times. florida, ohio, new hampshire, and pennsylvania. philadelphia, cleveland, pembrok pines, this is a targeted strategy to gin up the african american vote. this is the thing they worry about most. if they have a low turn-out of african americans, it could flip pennsylvania, cost them ohio, and in razor-thin florida. watch what happens when i add the trump itinerary to this map. as you see, trump is going everywhere, almost coast to coast, from florida to nevada and a bunch of places in between. and it goes to the issue that peter brought up, which is this.
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270. he knows how to get close, if he can sweep florida, north carolina, ohio. but he's looking for another state. he's trying colorado, they're going to try new mexico, they're going to try anywhere. that schedule screams to me, they know they're behind and they know they might be blocked. >> all right, chuck todd, thank you very much. this will be our home here for the next several days. a program note, our election night coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 paci concerns over possible russian interference in this election, a hacker calling himself goose fer 2.0, has issued an ominous call to action to fellow hackers for election day. but if russia were to launch a cyber attack as americans vote, the u.s. is ready to retaliate. tonight our cynthia mcfadden has a look inside classified u.s. plans for cyber warfare. >> reporter: tonight, nbc news can report
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secret cyber weapons the united states has had in place for several years, to take action against the russians. according to a high-level intelligence official and top secret documents, reviewed by nbc news, the u.s. has penetrated the russian control systems in key areas, including telecommunications, the electrical power grid, and even inside the kremlin. admiral james staff reedies, formerly nato comm. significantly better on the offensive side than any of our opponents, but they're catching up quickly. >> reporter: how to these these 21st century weapons, colonel jerry brown. >> there just aren't any hard and fast rules set. there are no definitions. this is one of the things we struggle with in international law. >> reporter: so cyber war, if i can use that phrase, is still the wild, wild west. >> cyber war is undefined. >> reporter: but the
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in 2003 during the first wave of the war in iraq. temporarily turning off the power grid in baghdad. adding to the war's shock and awe. how is it done? >> the techniques that you use for espionage, are almost exactly the same techniques you would use to engage in a cyber attack. you gain access to a network. you'd establish your presence on a network, and then you're poise said to do what you would like to do with the network. >> reporter: some arguein could lead to dangerous escalation. >> but i would argue at this point given what we have already seen from russia, we had hit the point of requiring a response, if we see a significant cyber event on election eve. >> inside the obama administration, the hope, these cyber weapons will not have to be used. >> it's a new world, isn't it? >> indeed. >> all right, cynthia, thank you 37. today in south carolina,
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disturbing discovery in as many days. a body was found in the same property where authorities say a missing woman was held captive for months. found alive in a storage container. nbc's gabe gutierrez has late details for us. >> reporter: today as investigators swarmed a sprawling compound in south carolina, another chilling discovery. >> we did find a body in a shallow grave on this piece of property around 10:00 this morning. >> reporter: this a day after sheriff's deputies found kala brown alive. since august, along with her boyfriend charlie carver. authorities say brown was chained by her neck and ankle. today the owner of the property, registered sex offender todd kohlhepp was charged with kidnapping. prosecutors expect more charges. >> it's unbelievable how much ammo he had in those buildings. >> reporter: his neighbor said kohlhepp kept to himself and
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property. >> it's unusual to be fencing in 95 acres in a quiet neighborhood like this. >> it's great just knowing that she's alive and i can go see her and hug her and tell her how much i love her. >> reporter: but authorities say brown saw kohlhepp shoot her boyfriend. the one found today has not been identified. >> it's something out of a horror film. it's not something you expect to hear about in real life. >> reporter: the couple had dinner august 29th at their vanished. after several weeks, mysterious postings appeared on carver's facebook page, suggesting the couple was fine. police were able to track brown's phone to this massive property where tonight a search on under way for more victims. a verdict handed down today against "rolling stone" magazine. a federal jury found "rolling stone," its
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defamation with actual malice over a 2014 article alleging a gang rape on the university of virginia campus. the story that shocked so many concerned a girl identified as jackie who claimed she was brutally sexually assaulted at a fraternity party. but several inconsistencies later became apparent in the story and "rolling stone" retracted it months later. and another major trial, the bridgegate scandal. two former allies of chris christie found revenge scheme to cause a traffic jam on the george washington bridge in 2013. christie, who leads donald trump's transition team, was in charge, but as our stephanie gosk reports, his bridgegate troubles are not over. >> there are some delays out there. >> reporter: the four days of traffic at the george washington bridge, created a nightmare three years ago. today a jury found new jersey governor chris christie's former deputy chief of staff,
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former port authority director bill baroni, guilty of conspiring to deliberately create the chaos. prosecutors allege it was a form of political retribution against a local mayor. >> it lends credence to the cynical notion that people have that people in government can't and shouldn't be trusted. >> reporter: governor christie was never charged with a crime. >> i had no knowledge of it. and there has been no evidence ever put forward that i did. >> reporter: but it often felt that he was the one on prosecution and defense arguing he knew more than he admitted. david wild steen, a former port authority official testified that he told christie about the plot as the scheme unfolded, during this conversation at a 9/11 memorial in 2013. since the scandal, christie's approval ratings have sunk to historic lows. >> i am proud to endorse donald trump for president! >> reporter: now he's tying his political further to trump. >> i would say this puts a real cloud over
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serve in the trump administration, should that ever come to be. >> reporter: christie will appear in court later this month after a judge ruled that a civilian complaint against him being sent to a pror for possible criminal charges. today christie released a statement repeating he had no knowledge of the lane closures. anything said to the contrary over the past six weeks in court is simply untrue. sef ni gosk, nbc news, new york. u.s. officials say three american service killed after a shooting outside a military base in southern jordan. the shorts were fired as a car carrying the americans was trying to enter the base. jordan is a key u.s. ally in the fight against isis. officials are investigating what happened and trying to figure out who fired the shots. still ahead, a massive safety recall over a potential danger in millions of american homes. samsung washing machines exploding in yet another huge yisis for that company.
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there's another major recall tonight involving samsung, but this time it doesn't involve the galaxy note 7 phones that catch fire. instead, this recall involves nearly three million top loading machines that can explode while in use. federal regulators have reports of nine injuries, including one owner who suffered a broken jaw.
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>> reporter: the photos and videos show extreme damage. >> very loud and very violent. >> reporter: new samsung washing machines, tearing themselves apart mid wash. >> thank god there was nobody in the room, because it probably could have killed somebody. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, micah martin had loaded the washer with sheets. >> about an hour later, we heard a big crash, sounded like the roof was caving in. came upstairs to find the top part completely oe >> reporter: the tumbler exploded out of the washer. the machine warped and spreaded, parts scattered on the floor. >> the top, the lid, the barrel had completely came off its hinges. i've never seen anything like it. it's like a bomb went off inside the washing machine. >> reporter: today the consumer product safety commission said it's recalling nearly three million washers, after receiving 733 complaints. so far, nine injuries, including severe
6:49 pm
with a broken jaw. >> i'm concerned that somebody is going to be near one of these machines when the top blows off and they're going to get killed by it. >> it's that serious? >> yeah, i think it could be, absolutely. >> reporter: the 34 models were sold at major appliance stores from march 2011 until now. to find out if your samsung washer has been recalled, find the model number and enter it you can a lid or a new washer. until then, owners are encouraged to use the delicate cycle. we're back in a moment with a big buzz over a famous face coming to the "snl"
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or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ? ? the final jobs report before the election is out. it shows employers
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october. the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%. the most encouraging news, hourly pay also increased. the latest report makes a record 73 straight months of job growth. >> meet the history-making face of cover girl. nora afia, the first woman to ever wear a hijab in a cover girl advertisement. new campaign alongside such big names as sofia vergara and popstar katy perry. and an announcement that set social media ablaze today from our friends at "saturday night live," comedian dave chappell will host "snl" on november 12th, along with musical guest a tribe called quest. the announcement is met with surprise after he left his own sketch comedy show in 2003 and for the most
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millions of fans hailed hometown heroes and new world series champions, the chicago cubs. because they've been waiting to throw this party since 1908, you better believe they went all out. our kevin tibbles is there. >> reporter: the chicago blues. cubs style. a blue sea of home colors, for the world series champs. they have the trophy we found a star. a party more than a century in the making, even for a kid. >> it's not 108, but it's a lot for me. >> reporter: they even dyed the chicago river blue today. >> go cubbies! >> welcome, look at this thing. >> reporter: the city estimates some five million people of all walks of life came together. >> this is history in the making. >> reporter: the magnitude of this victory, not lost on the players. >> every single person
6:58 pm
won the world series with us today. >> reporter: long suffering fans, not forgotten either. >> thank you, and congrats. you guys are world champs. >> reporter: just up the street in a greasy burger joint, whose original owner cursed the cubs 71 years ago when his pet goat was booted from wrigley -- is the curse over? >> the curse is over now. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a team celebrated for a flies the win flag proudly. ? we're singing go cubs go ? and that's going to do it for us on a friday night. daylight savings times occurs this weekend. don't forget to fall back one hour this weekend before you go to bed. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc, news for watching and
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and coming up, a big rally for hillary clinton in cleveland. jay-z is in the house. the clinton campaign is hoping that will bring voters to the polls. we'll have that story. and black friday is three weeks away but we have your first door buster deal. betsy? the sun will be shining but
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tiny snowflake at the end of the 7-day forecast. thank you, betsy, and we have advice on keeping your body on track when we set the clocks back this weekend. i'm russ mitchell. jimmy is off tonight. in about an hour, jay-z will perform at a rally for hillary clinton. the campaign is to encourage moreafrican-americans to vote, and there is rumors that his wife will be there as well. >> reporter: you are right, with a lot of star power being


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