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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tiny snowflake at the end of the 7-day forecast. thank you, betsy, and we have advice on keeping your body on track when we set the clocks back this weekend. i'm russ mitchell. jimmy is off tonight. in about an hour, jay-z will perform at a rally for hillary clinton. the campaign is to encourage moreafrican-americans to vote, and there is rumors that his wife will be there as well. >> reporter: you are right, with a lot of star power being
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hillary clinton's campaign, specifically, with katy perry in pennsylvania tomorrow and they have pharrell and even j- low on the trail for clinton. but a bit of breaking news. the secret service had to rope off a section here and that is an ongoing situation. we went up stairs to grab some sound and it back until just moments before the newscast. we were unable to determine what it was. but we will keep you up to date here and online, and wolstein center has thousands of people chanting here, a transparent effort to try and get more black americans to the polls. we'll see if that holds true,
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see you at 11:00. donald trump is making stops in pennsylvania. he made a stop in wilmington ohio, and both trump and clinton are selling themselves and slamming each other. trump charged that clinton may not be able to serve. >> she is likely to be under investigation for a long time concluding in a criminal trial. >> we need to say trump has no proof anythi happen. both candidates have full schedules until election day. we have learned that the fbi is check out information about a possible al qaeda attack on the u.s. on the eve of election day. investigators are reviewing information and they mentioned new york, texas, and virginia as potential targets and stress they regularly assess all possible security threats ahead of major events. in the meantime here at home, longs were line to vote
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weekend and monday at board of elections across the state and still request an absentee ballot by mail. the deadline is noon tomorrow. completed ballots must be postmarked by monday. tonight, new at 7:00, an old akron nursing home is giving new hope to victims of domestic abuse. it's designed to bring peace to those who were caught in violence. the summit county battered women's shelter hopes it's a pl >> i'm walking through the new concept of domestic violence shelters where everything is in one place. needs have changed. victims have changed. summit county has one now not only a model for the state but the nation. star took her 3 children and left her domestic abuse situation a week ago.
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will be walking into. >> it's like a luxury hotel room. you walk in the room and forget for a second your problems. look at that. report of report of 41 bedrooms can house 150 people. the city of akron gave the old nursing home to the shelter. >> it's not just a shelter but a place to start your new life. it's a place to put in perspective what happened and move on to a life of peace. and all begins here. >> reporter: it's not domestic violence survivors. >> elder abuse or trafficking. >> i know thas not -- that is not a salon. i haven't been to a salon for years requirement for families and pets, everything needed to start over is here. >> when you can't get the stuff that your children need, you know how hard that is? you don't get a shelter vibe. you get a home vibe.
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survivors moved into the location by december 15 but they need help from the community. they have a register at target where they need basic items like towels and sheets. if you would like to help i have a link at monica robbins, channel 3 news. we have a recall alert. samsung is recalling 3 million top load washing machines because the top can fly off when you're the machines were sold from march 2011 on. consumers can get a repair kit, and meantime, you are urged to use the delicate cycle for washing bulky items. folks will be serving up pricey vegetable this i s -- vegetables this holiday season.
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$66 $66 collard greens not including shipping. three weeks until black friday, and tonight, we have a door buster for you. that's right. an early deal as matt granite tells us that is undestructable. >> reporter: tonight, a 3 in one deal. i don't care if you buy it but i check every deal it's legit. this is a speaker phone and bluetooth screaming and claims it's indestructible that i put to the test. on this side, there is a usb output. just take a lightning cable and we are going to power and charge an iphone 6 plus from the same speaker that is now going to play music. i want to point out this is
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it's also waterproof. still working. you feel the christmas spirit? >> i do. >> reporter: this early door bust or which is hugely well rated, i found it under $50. check it out and you now know where to go as we count down to black friday. back to you. >> that is a wild man. the paris las vegas report is ck outage forced everyone out of the hotel. workers cut into the main base of the electric line. generators failed to come on. no one was hurt and firefighters had to rescue folks trapped in elevators. still to come, the browns get cody kessler back to take on dallas, and check it out. you know that song. rocker john hall in the house.
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music. we'll talk with him about. it the news at 7:00 returns
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wow. you know this guy, john hall. what a career he has had. the founder of the band orleans, a u.s. congressman in
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"still the one." you know that one. his book right here, "still the one, a rock and roll journey from congress and back." there it is. welcome to cleveland. good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> you are in town for a concert. tell me about that. >> i am doing an event at the rock and roll hall of fame in the afternoon >> you had a fascinating career and will continue too far a fascinating career with orleans and janis joplin a nd bonnie raitt. and congress d your interest in politic -- politics go way back? >> it started with philisophical lyrics and i ran for the county legislature and ran for the school board when
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that's the purist form of democracy. you don't run as a member of the party but as an individual. no matter what you do everybody is mad at you. you have no salary and no benefits and you leave your family at the dinner table and go down to the administration building and stay up until midnight. >> i gotcha. >> i learn more about building coalitions and compromising and how to put together a group of people. >> 2011 you correct? >> yes. >> this is fascinating to watch your career. when i was a teenager i worked at an abc affiliate and the theme was "still the one." what was life like back then? >> it changed quickly. we went from northeast, new
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melissa manchester across the country, and we were with jackson brown and his "running on empty" tour and people thought we were a west coast band and we were like the eagles or west coast sound band when is we were really a northeast club and jam band. >> i have about 20 seconds left. let me get into the book. what do you hope people take away from this? >> that they own -- tribute to their own democracy. you can run for office and work for non-profit but get off the couch. >> give me 10 seconds of something new. >> all right. john hall. thank you. and appreciate it. good luck.
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coming up, fall back. almost time to set your clocks back an hour. we'll tell you why it will do you more good not to spend the extra hour sleeping, and plenty of sunshine on this november day. betsy's weekend forecast is up
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the news we have to tell you about. they are celebrating in chicago after the cubs' world series victory parade made the way through the street this is afternoon. the parade began at wrigley field and down the magnificent mile and ended with a rally at grant park. folks lined up to see the players and commissioner's trophy. the win ended the cub's 108- drought. the ne justsaying. tomorrow night before you go to bed, set your clocks back one hour, and sleep experts say use the extra hour in the morning do something instead of sleep. [laughter] yeah, right. theysay it's important that your body's natural sleep cycle is not interrupted. tell make you more tired. strong thunderstorms in parts of arizona today created
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river indian reservation. the thunderstorm dropped heavy rain and hail. beautiful and interesting to see but nasty. and you are talking about a snowflake a week from today? a snowflake, "a" snowflake. it's in the forecast. and i put it out in twitter before and i am getting the emoji of tears and it's beautiful though. tonight, mostly the rule. notice there is not a lot of cloud cover across the buckeye state or to the west of us, and there is not a whole lot of cloud cover period east of the mississippi. things will be changing but we in a persistent pattern that keeps us basically cloud tree for -- cloud free for the next several days and then bring a cold front for us on election day but dry. and that's good news.
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the 40s and at 8:00 a.m., we'll be shooting into the 50s and landing in the 60s for the afternoon. if you still have the boat in the lake or near the lake, you may want to put it in. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. a bit of a wind chop tomorrow thanks to the westerly wind at 15 but they go slack on and and waves clean up, and it will be flat and beautiful smooth sailing ro erie. here's a look at the forecast. we'll go from last to right. don't go from right to left. everyone is going to skip and do that but i'm going to go left to right. sunshine for the day tomorrow and 60s. 60s and sunny as well, and we have the time change and we'll fall back. i'll be sleeping in. i don't want care what the experts say. i want my extra hour of sleep. 66 on sunday, and partly cloudy skies and a slim rain chance on
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we'll have any problems as far as the weather goes. back to the mid-60s on thursday ahead of a cold front that will be dropping temperatures on friday. we'll have rain showers on friday and then friday night we will bring lake erie lake- effects into the forecast and it looks like that will go from a rain/snow mix to possibly snow showers especially east of cleveland in the typical lake snow belt areas as the is still a pretty good looking mid-november, early on november forecast. >> we have been lucky. >> today's record low temperature is 16 degrees. >> is that right? >> keep it real. >> keep it real. real, real good. thank you so much, betsy. the cavs are the nba champs, of course, and now they have something else to
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hi, everyone. let's start with the browns. if you bet your friend josh will start to sunday going up against dallas, you lose. they are going with cody ceaseler, back and starting at
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the decision was made public today and kessler is the guy, not just for now and for sunday but it looks like moving forward, jackson said he needs to keep playing him to evaluate him. kessler is 0-5 as the starter and the browns are 0-8 and looking for the first win. a huge night in columbus tomorrow. the buckeyes host nebraska at 8:00. both s two weeks haven't been the best for ohio state. they beat northwestern 24-20 last saturday and ohio state ranked 6th and nebraska, 9th. ohio state still very much alive for the playoffs in the national champlionships ionship -- championships but you cannot lose again and you cannot make another mistake and you have to
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left to be played. i understand like, you know, last year, we were in it. and then a game in no move and we were not in it and then a year before that, we were not in it and then won a couple games and we are in it. it all depends. >> it depends on when you lose and they lost at the right time. i repeat, don't lose again. the cavs don't lose at all. they in philadelphia tomorrow night and we found out their schedule is busier next week. next thursday they will visit the white house. president obama will welcome the 2016 nba champs, a tradition, of course, with champions of many leagues. the cavs play the wizards, 5-0 after beating boston last night and the browns in baltimore on
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and you know, russ, we were so close to having the indians going to the white house and that didn't happen. we talked about them at 6:00 and more on them at 11:00. and quickly, we talked about how much more money the indians made. are they likely to use that to hire a free agent? >> i don't think show so. it hasn't worked in the past and they do a better job with getting guys like napoli and turn things >> west. -- and a wonderful weekend in store? >> beautiful, in the 60s. thank you. e.., it will e--e, it will be up next. >> we have tacos in the
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?? ? tonight, an "e.t." exclusive, mariah carey's first interview since her split. >> people don't want to believe me. i'm telling you the truth. >> while other shows are talking about mimi, we are talking to her. >> they have no idea. >> so what's really going on withs >> you can't put it on me. >> then michael buble's heartbreak. what we just learned about his 3-year-old son's cancer battle. >> you are scared all the time. you can't ever think of a world without them. >> plus new dancing drama. we are with injured pro sharna. is she out for good? anything. breaking news about another injured pro. and -- ?? >> is carrie underwood's


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