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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 5, 2016 3:08am-3:30am EDT

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bindings and quiets moms fears. >> i feel safer. we want to tell you about a new initiative at channel 3 that will allow you, our viewers to be more protect did -- connected than ever. it is easy to use and all you need is a phone, tablet, or computer. with an internet connection. >> reporter: here's an example of we may ask you a question during the show, like who won the first presidential debate? question will automatically pop up on your smart phone as the time we asked. that's where you will simply take an answer and watch live as we calculate the results at the bottom of the screen. at the end of the story, we will show you had the most votes. it is that easy. keep your device handy throughout the entire newscast. we're not asking questions, there will be other information
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that is that, pull out your smart form and tablet, go to and follow along. year ago, hot topic. who are you voting for? go to and way and. you will be anonymous, and we will share your answers in a
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problems for samsung but not over phones, a recall of top loading washing machines
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unexpectedly during use causing injury. there been more than secretary -- 700 reports of this. nine injuries have been reported including a broken jaw. they can get a free repair or rebates. after you vote, businesses want you to reward yourselves. they are offering election day deals. this is at krispy kreme shops, you can get also a free cup of coffee at participating stores. there's a list of all the deals on our website do you ever get a song stuck in your head? it could be a scientific reason why. researchers explore why some songs can stick and art brains more than others. earworms are faster with a generic melanie. songs like moves like jagr and
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patterns. experts say listening to the entire song can help it stop looping in your brain. got a check this out -- youtube video turning heads. a six-month old colorado baby is waterskiing. she cannot walk but she can master the skill of waterskiing. how do you feel about it? she was ready says the parents. >> life takes a measurement of risk and reward. >> her dad was a life charred -- guard for years and could save her is needed. she practiced on the kitchen floor with a contraption he built himself. she has a specially designed lifejacket also. planning your holiday
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become very popular. volunteers will be on hand to help take the photos. you will see them from 11 -- three at edgewater and 11:00 to 1: 30. >> you will have to put the weather is always beautiful in cleveland. semi one of those. will make a montage and the weather center. that would be cool. >> every november 5, ohio. >> temperatures in the 60s, i feel we can have another major event coming to cleveland this week. >> we have not had enough for you bent the? >> just the election. >> this is not been good enough for you? >> [ laughter ] i'm recovered now. will be able to relax and kick back and enjoy the nice
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40 after in youngstown. we are definitely feeling a chill. clear skies helping out with that. we are not alone. you can see these purples and blues. these are 24 hours temperature changes that are dramatically cooler than when they were yesterday. you can see this pocket here, and that is also associated with clearing skies. cold temperatures, clear skies, and this high pressure is dynamic. it will be with us for time. very slowly, it will motor off to the east. apted it does that, it will have more heat coming in. will have temperatures in the coming week to be above average. in your hour by hour forecast you can see the wind direction here. tomorrow morning, 8 am you can see 32 degrees. 35 and 38 in mansfield. mostly sunny skies will be the
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southwesterly winds, 10 -- 15 miles per hour we will be in the low 60s, for afternoon highs tomorrow. on the flipside, because of those same cool, and clear skies we had tonight, we will cool off once again as we go through the evening tomorrow. going back into the 40s at 9:00. baby some passing clouds as we get into the morning cuppa temperatures will be on the chilly side with 30s -- 40s. i sunday. we are looking pretty nice, upper 50s and 60s. a lot of folks are being at the game. abutting -- abundant sunshine for sunday. temperature in the low 60s. at least the weather will be winning! there you go. it will get into the 60s until
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if you're going to be out and about, tonight the one -- three footers will kick up to two -- for footers. by sunday, it will be a flat wave pattern that is great news. it does not look great for sailing, but it is a good go. the seven day forecast -- low 60s as we had through the weekend. by the weekend we get into monday, we're still looking sunday, and temperatures in the mid-50s. partly cloudy skies come in, and a for wednesday, we will be partly cloudy in the same for thursday. then, there is friday. do not get to panic yet, it is one snowflake and at the end. will start with 50 sky have rain showers, cool air comes in in lake erie revs up. a lot of that snow chance will probably be friday night and saturday night.
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next week in significantly cooler. >> it out and take advantage. >> there's no excuse not to vote -- vote on tuesday. coming up, will the browns
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they are all tough. this one, especially tough. >> i hear you might tailgate? >> and you might bring a -- win. who starts the quarterback for the brown? cody kessler. the rookie we'll be back. who jackson announced his decision. jackson said he needs to keep playing him for evaluation. it makes sense. it seems like the right thing
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cowboys rookie is 6 -- 1. they will have something in the making with the browns rookies? he hasn't played since week 2, and had two touchdowns versus the ravens. >> everything is wanted to. i decided to get back up there with the guys. i know they have been working extremely hard. trying to get win. i'm going to help them out. a huge night in columbus tomorrow, finally a prime time big ten home game for the buckeyes. the last two weeks have not been the best for ohio state, they lost a penn state and followed up with a win.
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ohio state ranked 5th. 2012, ohio state's life for the playoffs. and the national championship. but they cannot lose again. >> i remember the first time i coached. you see the white helmets and i grew up watching coach osborne. we see the whole country will be peeking in on that one. there to top 10 teams. we have slow recr in, and it is going to be a busy weekend. >> game changers, but to you by ohio university. high school student -- football. and liquid stadium, this is a game changer number 62. how about a 4.55. first quarter, evan, gets hurt. cell -- 0. saint edwards.
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too much for the panthers. goes on to win in the final score is 42 -- 7. amazing to think how much different downtown would have been different. instead, of another parade, we had another event. they're excited about what lies ahead. the experienceof the bulk of their roster returning. the revenue generated in the playoffs should improve the rosters. the future is bright, yes. but i say no guarantees. this posting for a while. >> there are range of emotions that we're all feeling. pain is certainly there. we all desperately wanted to win that last game. that won't overshadow the pride
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and reflect on the team. they showed perseverance drought the course of the season. frank had a losing season with the tribe. 11 for all time. in the world series. he should bal manager of the year. they need to pick up the club options in 2017. carlos santana at antonetti said they would like to bring back my lee. he wants to come back, but he could get more on the market. it was a party on the regular season, but not enough on the postseason. chris will become a free agent. he would not exercise is 13 million club option for 2017. he homered in the clinching
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michael brantley to not be on the team with his teammates. brantley will resume baseball activities in december as expected to be ready to go in spring training. i have to show you this, sorry. an estimated 5 million in chicago will see the parade first time since 1908. amazing, that could had done here again, but oh well. avenue's art in philadelphia as they get next thursday, the same day babe plays and visit the white house. >> the game will be here next thursday on channel 3. who traveled with the team?
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it has been one heck of a week. enjoy the weekend it will be
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tonight, the final sprint to the finish now under way, both campaigns in full attack mode. advantage clinton, but battleground polls too close for comfort. tonight, what to watch for in the final days. nbc news exclusive. america's top secret weapons of cyber war.
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against russia, and intelligence sources tell nbc news, we're already inside. horrific discovery. a woman missing for months, found alive, chained up in a storage container. a convicted sex offender under arrest, and tonight, another grisly find. and exploding washing machines. another warning about samsung. hundreds of top-loading washers suddenly blowing apart. tonight a massive recall, an alert for millions of families. right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening from our nbc news election center. this are four days to go. and tonight donald trump and hillary clinton are playing the end game. they head into the final weekend of the race battling through a deafening echo chamber of polls. hyper focused on the states and the voters they think can turn this close election


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