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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> reporter: for thousands of items you can choose from east side and west side. thank you. . coming up on channel 3 news today, the man accused of killing three people in a local barber shop is convicted by a local jury and waits to learn his fate. >> election day is right around the corner. feeling a little anxious? i'll help you with some temperatures to t polls. >> plus if you're looking for somewhere to talk your holiday photo, why the -- cleveland signs may be the
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>> it's november 9th. we are days away the election. we're going to give you everything you need to know. in the meantime, kick back, and enjoy your saturday morning >> oh, yeah. >> it is a cooler start. we were out earlier. i had a light jacket, which -- i think that will be perfect for today. >> that's the thing. in downtown cleveland, we're actually in the mid-0s, but further inland it's actually right around freezing in some spots. . i can't think of a better start to grab a cup of coffee, maybe some hot cocoa, one of those big blankets you have on your bed, pull it out, wrap yourself up, and call it a nice morning. 47 degrees on the lake, a quick look at visibilities do untoward parts of us the catastrophe was,
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0 because of the fog outside. so watch out for freezing fog, given how chilly the temperatures are with all that. nice and dry, and that's the way it stays throughout your day today. we're in the 40s through the 9:00 hour. i think that, by lunch time, we're in the mid-50s with highs today in the lower 60s. so from start to finish, a beautiful start to your weekend. , of course, everyone want to know what does it look like game. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks, michael. . that right there is
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cleveland. jay-z and beyonce stood with democrat nominee hillary clinton last night for a free concert. the event was scheduled to begin at 8:00, but was delayed after a police situation around 6:30, which shut down a portion of the wolfstein center. entrance to the event was already limited before the incident concluded. beyonce performed with her husband jay-z before hillary clinton was welcomed on stage. >> and remember, jay memorably should all recall: rosa park sat so martin luther could walk, and martin luther walked so back rack obama could run, and back rack obama ran so all the children could fly. >> free tickets were given out last night near the chi hoe bay countybooks. two days before the election, hillary clinton will campaign with lebron james
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to vote event on sunday, where clinton will lay out her plan to create an economy that works for everyone, in the just those at the top. she's also expected to talk about her vision for america that is stronger together. lebron james endorsed clinton last month. new to pennsylvania. trump took a swipe at clinton's celebrity concert, saying he doesn't need celebrities to fill an arena. while not stars, trump was joined by the parents of a teenage supporter killed in a motor-vehicle accident. during his speech, trump pointed out how critical pennsylvania is to his chances of winning the presidency, and -- the backers to get to the polls. >> that's why we can not do anything that's going to stop it. we have to get out. pennsylvania, you are so important. everyone talks -- pennsylvania, if you win pennsylvania, you're going to win. pennsylvania. >> today he's scheduled to hold rallies in florida,
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left before the election. the tension doesn't so many to stop rising. jasmine monroe is here this morning with some tips on how you can ease the stress before casting your vote. good morning, jasmine. >> reporter: thebook doors are now open for early voters; but if you're feeling a little anxious, you're not alone. if you need some tips with help going into the voting booth, you'll want to take a look at this story today. >> reporter: some voters around the country have been turned away from the polls or re a pleasant experience because of a few things they overlooked. we sat down with georgia's director of elections chris harvey. he says mistake number one voters make is showing up at the wrong polling place. >> so if they're talking with their family members and somebody says, "well i go to the library today during advance voting," they're probably going to go to a different location. >> reporter: make sure you're properly dressed to vote.
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trump ear rings and gary johnson characters are not allowed. harvey says the intention of the law is to remove any undue influences. >> the polling place is a special place. i think it's good that the law recognizes that, and i think it's good that the laws provide that type of sanctity and security. >> reporter: but if you plan to write in a candidate, like mini mouse, you can wear a vote for a mini mouse shirt, e ballot. number three, don't underestimate the time it takes to go through the ballot. >> they think i'm voting for president. they don't realize they have a lot of other people on the ballot, a lot of other herb shoes on the ballot. they need to be prepared to cast their vote on all those things. >> reporter: you can bring notes to help you get through those amendments and special issues. no cell phones or electronic
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mistake number four, waiting too long to notify poll workers of a problem. >> at any point if you have a problem with the machine, you can raise your hand. you can get the attention of a coworker as long as you have not cast your ballot. as soon as you hit that "cast ballot" button, you have cast your vote. >> reporter: some more things you can take into mind before going there: getting a good night's rest right before you cast your vote. you don't want to overload yourself. of course, one more thing: you have to watch wkyc election coverage all day that day. that way, you can have all your updates you need. reporting live in cleveland, jasmine monroe, channel 3 news. >> that's right. we're going to prepare everybody to head out to the polls, have complete election results. jasmine, thanks so much. >> reporter: no problem. now to developing news. the man accused of murdering three people at a warrensville heights barber shop has been found guilty.
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gunned down the owner, an employee, and a customer. a jury will now decide if he will get the death penalty. planning your holiday card? destination cleveland is now offering a convenient way to get a great snapshot of cleveland the cleveland scrips signs have become very popular. today volunteers will be on hand to help visitors take their photos. you'll see them from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at edgewater, and 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 at son sitpark. coming uco 70s hit song "still the one" joins news the studio this morning. how he went from the music stage to the political stage. >> plus the holidays can be a
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>> "we're still having fun, and you're still the one." . >> everyone knows that song founding member of the rock band orleans john hall has released a new member war: "still the one." holding a copy in my hands. he joins us live in the studio this morning. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, marie. >> tell us about the member war. what are you covering here? . >> i cover everything from how i became a musician in the first place.
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be priested. my dad wanted all of his sons to be scientists. i wound up with an actuary older brother and jesuit younger brother, and i wound up writing songs people felt were too preachy. from there to politics, new to music again. i'm back performing and doing what i'm blessed to be able to do for a live >> gary: i was going to say: a lot of people might look at your biography and think, rock and hand in hand. what was the catalyst that drove you to go run for office? . >> i ran for county legislature first, wound up serving a tomorrow there, served three years of school board when my daughter was in high school, two as president of the school board. that's a really great form of catastrophe, because you run as an individual, not as a member of a party. and you have to campaign for a job that you get in pay and no benefits for. but no matter what you decide
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but it's good training for building coalitions and finding common ground, because you have to get anything done. and so, yeah, i'm an entertainer who ran for federal office, as is one of our candidates for the top office in the land. and the one difference between me and him is i served a voluntary job that was difficult for four years, learning how to work >> wow. from here, you're gong go to the rock hall, and you are in the rock and roll hall of fame. when you see -- when you see your material in there, what is that like? . >> well i'm actually not inducted in the hall of fame. >> but you are mentioned -- >> there's an exhibit with me in it. about songs that were used mostly without permission by political campaigns, and still the ones used by
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campaign. and i and the band asked them to cease and desist, and they did. i think tom petty and bono and john mellencamp -- who had their sons appropriated. and i actually was an exhibit once before for founding musicians unite for safe energy, bonnie raitt, my fellow founders of that group. so ah it's exciting. i haven't seen this exhibit before. my first time. and looking forward to it. tonight i'm performing at wilbur's. >> great. what time? . >> i think it's 8:30. >> john hall, amazing to meet you. thank you so much. looking forward to reading the book. i'm sure we just scratched the surface. >> you can find it by going to
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both my music and my book. >> thank you so much. enjoy your stay in cleveland. michael, we want to get over to you. what's that weather going to be like? . >> it would be a great day to read that book if you're just wanting to relax, sit back, perhaps out on the boat. here's what it's going to look like if you're heading out on lake eerie, winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. a slight chopton the water. but we are rain-free. we won't staying that way as we head towards election day. we'll talk more about our chances for the rainfall
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>> matt is going to solve that with this magical motion it really does. i've also heard that it looks like a nice modern tear drop. it looks like a giant hershey kiss. >> yeah. you know, i have seen raises or "raises," however you pronounce it, >> i love it. what it does is magical on its own. it's humid fier, defuser, aroma therapy, and lamp. i know. calm, cool, and collected. let's face it, there's nothing stressing us other than election week now. erg's going to be okay because of this. take a look. this is an item many of you ask
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dry northeast ohio night else. this is great. you don't even need to use it in its led mode, although a lot of people apparently love this. in fact, hugely well rated. it's very rare to see items that are this strong tide to a product like this. i found it for $4 off. it's under 30 bucks, depending on whether you go to it may inch up to 32, >> i have a lot of trouble falling asleep. one of my favorite parts of this is that the colors are amazing. you have red. you have orange, blue, purple, yellow, and so on. another thing that's very helpful is the changer. it allows you to control the amount of mist that comes out.
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aspect, if you just want it for the humid fier, it is a great grab on >> just in time for cold and flu season. we're all going to be stuffed up. >> you asked me a really good question earlier today, the aroma therapy aspect. >> to you put essentially oils in there? . >> the answer is yes. if you want to smell like lavender. good for you. a lot of people say it actually does help them get more calm and collect better, but no one really expects me to be calm about anything, but i am snoring less, according to my wife. >> that's good. >> does-you breathe better. >> it's going to fly off the shelves. >> if you want one, go to >> awesome. going to go, take a nap. thanks, matt. >> you're welcome.
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big game taking place at first energy. it is the dallas cowboys against our cleveland browns. 1:00 p.m. is kick off. 58 degrees with lot of sun for tomorrow. let's talk about today, though,: sunny and dry, a beautiful day here in northeast ohio. and by election day, that's when i think we can see a couple of rain drops here at home. so i might suggest, if you're still able to, to do some early voting. temperatures early in the 30s down towards wooster and wayne county, also tracking a little fog. so freezing fog could be an issue shoe there. akron canton good morning. 40s closer to the lake, not only in the lake, but also eventual. winds generally from the south between say 5 and 10 miles per hour. we're nice and dry now. that's the way we stay, my friend, compliments of high pressure off toward our west. keep it a sunny, dry, but also keeping us cool. notice that northerly component there to the wind, helping to drag down some of
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and tomorrow looking good. so let's walk through your morning. if you're thinking to yourself, "all right. got some lunch plans with friends around lunch time today, looks great for it. dinner plan this is evening, around the 5:00 hour look and feel excellent. we're in the upper 0s, low 60s for highs. overnight tonight through early tomorrow on your sunday morning, again, high pressure still in charge. so we're nice and dry to start off your sunday morning as you're heading out the door to wop by sunday afternoon and sunday evening, things looking great. the forecast for today calling for temperatures low to mid-60s with overnight lows falling into the 40s. your within donation 7-day forecast showing you 60s today, tomorrow, and on monday. by tuesday, i think tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon look good. it won't be until tuesday evening into early wednesday that we bring in our next best satellite for a couple of scattered showers. so again, i want you to do some
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chance begins to creep up on us. so tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m., daylight saving time, you want to make sure to back up those clock from the 2:00 hour to 1:00. so to make it real easy. before you head to bed tonight. just make sure you not only is the your clock back one hour, but consider changing the batteries in your smoke detector and, of course, your carbon monoxide detectors as i knowings right? >> adding that to the to do list. >> i know. >> it's a good reminder. -- most important, especially for us that are going to be up super early tomorrow, you get a full extra hour of sleep, and that feels so good. you know what i mean? we're going to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning. >> the kid don't realize, but the clocks have
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whether it's 6 or 7:00 in the morning, the kids will be up and going around. >> we'll be here. we'll keep you covered. >> thanks so much. it's going to be an even busier thanksgiving at the nation's airports. u.s. airlines, they're expecting more travelers to fly. the airline trade group airlines for america estimate 27 million people will fly worldwide from november 18th through the 29th. that's up 2 and a half percent from last year. the businessest travel day is expected to be sunday after than adding more seats, larger planes, and additional flights. all this week, we are helping you deal with the things that can be overwhelming to us. we're talking the holidays, which is a time of year for a lot of us. joy and stress go hand in hand. but as loren tellerico explains, feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be part of your holiday tradition.
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a time of fellowship, food, and stress. >> i think a lot of people put undue pressure on themselves. >> reporter: stephanie clague runs a popular money and stress management blog, and this time of year she is because say. >> people seem to be really, really stressed out. >> reporter: the number-one cause? . >> the money i'm about to lose. >> reporter: when we break down the numbers, you can see why. spent about $1,800 on christmas alone. >> i think that there's just this underlying thing that you have to spend a lot of money during the holidays, and that is not what it's about at all. >> reporter: these tips can help: number one, budget. >> consider the holidays as thanksgiving, christmas, and new year. >> reporter: if you budget for the entire season is $2,000, let's say, besides now, how much money you're willing to spend on each
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cheat. >> i have kids now, so christmas is way more exciting. >> reporter: which brings us to number two: manage expectations. >> there are times where you can have some honest conversations with your kids. try and involve them in the process a little bit to let them know exactly what you can do financially. >> reporter: you can also think outside the present box and head to a web site like pinterest. >> it is a great way to do things low cost, items people really love th personal touch. >> reporter: number three, plan your meals. collect coupons, and shop overtime. stockpile things early on if you have absolute favorites. for your little things or side dishes or appetizers, if you can buy those ingredients the week of, you're going to find some really great deals on those. >> reporter: and finally remind yourself over and over if you have to what this time of year is really about. >> this is supposed to be the time that we get together with friends and family, people we don't
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occasion. >> reporter: after all no one wants to spend the holidays with a scrooge. wishing you a joyful and stress- free holiday season, i'm loren tallerico. >> holidays are around the corner. still to come, something that's stressing people out: the election. how this political season similar pacting friendships across the >> . >> another world series bet, this time between
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>> shaping up to be a beautiful day; but if you notice, 42 degrees the we're starting out a little chilly. michael is going to have your forecast in just a minute. but first we want to get you caught up on the big three. first, a federal judge is cracking harassing voters. a temporary restraining order was issued on friday. some trump supporters spoke out about being focal pointed. the move comes after the ohio democratic party filed a lawsuit claiming trump supporters conspired to intimidate minority voters so they wouldn't cast their ballot. details are emerging about a man accused of chaining a woman in a storage container for weeks. teams digging on the property found one body friday,
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a registered sex offender with a previous conviction in arizona was arrested and appeared at a bond hearing on a kidnapping charge. more charges are expected. and trending online this morning, lebron james lost the bet. dwayne wade has come to collect. the cleveland cavaliers star may have brought a championship home last year's finals, but he watched the indians fall just short on wednesday night. lebron has to rock a cub uniform that you n there, fittingly, as we play basketball for the chicago bulls, and the mvp friend wasted in time reminding him of this on instagram. >> there are a couple bets like that going around. >> we have the cedar point, and we're going to have to call it the top thrill cubster on opening weekend. i county imagine, between families -- you have family in chicago. i have family in chicago, so --
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here's the thing. it was such a great game 7 to watch. i mean, i was downtown in gateway plaza, and it was -- i mean, it was an explosive environment in a good way. like, when we hit that big old home run to tie up the game, i mean it was just crazy. >> and that series is going to go down in history for many reasons, including how well the tribe played. have to be proud of them. >> absolutely. can we play baseball ball kind of day. only, though, if you suffer from allergies, like i do, you may want to watch out. if you suffer from tree grass, weed, or mold allergens, thank goodness those are nice and low. temperatures outside also low. man, oh, man, you're waking up to 34 degrees in wooster. if you're joining us this morning from akron canton at 36 degrees. and then right along the lake shore, the water temperature is 58.
9:33 am
little warmer. that's exactly what we're seeing in downtown cleveland at 47 degrees, 40 in should be. notice that towards our south, visibilities. this helps us determine where the fog is at down toward us the catastrophe was county, holmes county, carol county, near 0 visibility. take your time if you're driving south along 77. dry now, and that, my friends is the way we stay through the your saturday. lots of sun in the forecast not only through lunch time, but the better half of this afternoon. temps today, low0s. hallelujah. loving everything about that. if you do plan on heading out to the polls on tuesday to make your voice heard and vote count, there's a chance for showers. we'll talk more about that for your forecast in just a couple minutes. back over to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks, michael. unfriended on facebook, uninvited from the
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good old-fashioned "family feud." it's polarizing politics this election year. gail gullarda is telling us what to do if the gloves come off. >> reporter: jabs are traded all the time on the campaign trail. it's nasty. and trick ling down to us. with social media wars and friends and family feuding. >> people are worried about their future and the type of attacks that we're seeing, i think, are just getting to the core of people. >> reporter: psychologist whitney rice says we're way adage don't talk politics, so she warns, if debates get heated at your next family gathering, don't take it personally. >> it's about taking a deep breath. it's about sometimes letting the person go off and not -- and just let them vent. >> reporter: and people have a lot swirling around in their heads. these are images of projected research that delves into the minds of voters. the center for emotional marketing conducted this state of the art research, and
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the subconscious. >> once people make a decision, they become very entrenched in that decision, and if you bring any information to the contrary to threaten their perspective, than you're going to get a lot of push back. >> reporter: but that's a very different scenario for the undecided voters, who might be caught in the cross fires of politics. >> a shows 70% of people lost a friend directly related to this presidential race. plus a look at this
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college football saturday, a big one tonight in columbus. ohio state versus nebraska finally, a big ten prime-time show down at home for ohio state. both teams 7-1. the last two weeks haven't been the best for ohio state. a loss at penn state in prime time, followed up by a win in the afternoon, one not a pretty one. although it's a win, and that's all that matters. ohio state ranks 5th.
9:39 am
2012. ohio state still very much alive for the play offs and national championships, but they cannot lose again. >> i remember the first time i coached against him. i think it was our 1st year here. was it our 1st or 2nd year? you see the white helmets. grew up watching coach across born. ohio state versus nebraska. the whole country will be peeking in on that one. we have a slew of recruits coming in. it's going be a busy weekend. >> it is going to be busy, and it's going to be busy and here as the browns host the cowboys. it was a fun october, talking a lot of baseball, even into november, but now we're back to just talking about who's going to start at quarterback for the browns, and the answer is cody cusler. the rookie will be back at center when the browns host the cowboys at 1. hugh jackson announced his decision yesterday. jackson said he -- keep playing to get evaluation. it makes sense, seems like the right thing to do,
9:40 am
won. 0-5 as a starter. cowboys rookie starter jack prescott is 6-1. something in the making with the browns -- play with carry coleman. the rookie wide out set to return tomorrow. off the injury report. he hasn't plays since week 2 when he caught 5 balls for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns versus the ravens. >> and everything is perfect, healed up just the way i'm excited to get back out with the guys. i know they've been working extremely hard, trying to get a win. so i'm happy to be back out there, and i'm going to help them out. let's talk indians now. the indians exercised the options. carlos santana and terry francona, francona for the next 2 years. coco crisp will be a free agent. mike napoli back. we'll see how that plays out.
9:41 am
chicago, while the indians gave the state of the tribal. chris antonetti met with media yesterday. they're excited about what lies ahead, the bulk of their roster returning. antonetti said the revenue generated in the play offs should improve the roster. this one's going to sting for awhile. >> there are a range of emotions we're all feeling. hate certainly there. i'm not sure that's something th g away anytime soon. we all wanted to desperately win that last game. that won't overshadow the pride we feel in thinking back and reflecting on the team, the resile espn, perseverance they showed through the course of the season. let's move on to the cavs now. they are 5-0. they play tonight on the road in philadelphia. next week on the road, a big moment when they are d.c. we fond out yesterday that next thursday, the same day the browns play in
9:42 am
president barack obama will welcome the champs, a tradition, of course, with championships of many leagues. the cavs play the wizards on friday night next week. and we'll see if the cavs remain unbeaten. are they ever going to lose? let's hope not. lebron, boy, he looks good. that is a big goal for lebron, to get the mvp. all right.
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>> ear worms tend to be fast we are a fairly generic melody than other song on the radio. songs like "new like jagger" have similar patterns. expert say listening to the entire song can acly your brain, which i barely believe. when i listen to the whole song, than it gets stuck in my song. >> exactly. it gets reinforced. i mentioned the song "moves like jagger" and now you're going to get it stuck in your head. i have one for you. you know me. i'm all about my christmas music, and i have finally heard christmas music on the radio. >> did you? . >> yes, i did. and you better believe -- okay.
9:46 am
morning was mariah carey's "all i want for christmas is you." . >> i'm not ready for it. i just wore a jacket for the first time today to the office. >> i know what you mean. today's song ear worm would be "i'm walking on sun." how about that? really going to enjoy your day today. by the way, if you were planning on heading out to the cleveland jazz orchestra festival, it's taking evening. it looks wonderful. calling for temperatures in the mid-50s under mostly clear skies. here's what your forecast looks like over the next 12 hours. again, we are walking. we are skipping. we are dancing all over that sun on your saturday. temps today upper 50s, lower 60s. here's what it looks like now. our friends down toward wooster and wayne county, waking up to 34 degrees.
9:47 am
there as well. we're also detecting a little bit of fog down towards akron canton. so freezing -- freezing fog could be an issue in your neck of the woods as well. closer towards the lake. good morning to you at 40 degrees now. winds generally from the south between 5 to 10 miles per hour. we are nice and dry. so rain will not be an issue, compliments of high pressure further toward r this is a bit early. in geeky meteorological terms, it's called sub say dense. that's sinking motion in our atmosphere. clouds are not able to grow and develop. we have that sinking motion overhead. if you're thinking, "i have a
9:48 am
with grandma," going to out to her favorite restaurant looks something. toward this afternoon, around say the 5:00 hour, upper 0s, lower 60s. tonight, looking equally as nice, and by first thing tomorrow morning, if you're perhaps headed to worship services, i think the morning looks equally nice there, too. then, by your sunday afternoon, we keep things high and dry. so a beautiful week ahead of us. here's what your forecast for today looks like: temps low to mid-60s for in the mid-0s. that's where our normal is this time of year. temperature tonight in the 40s. windows nation 7-day forecast showing you 60s today and tomorrow. by monday we're in the mid-60s, and for election day tuesday, i think heading to the pills for the morning and the afternoon. so perhaps before work and after work look great. won't be until your tuesday evening into early wednesday we'll bring your chances for early showers. just a homicide up: we are
9:49 am
tonight into early tomorrow. hallelujah. >> catch it if you can get it. >> absolutely. that's what i say. just don't forget that, because, you know, you don't want to wake up for, you know, church or whatever. >> that's a long time. >> you're there an hour early. all right, michael. thanks so much. well marvel comics switches gears in its latest big-screen comic-book caption. ''dr. strange" pulled an oscar call inner talent to tell the story superhero. mike wilbur talked with two of its stars. >> this doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: oscar nominated actor benedict cumber batch was thrilled to gin the marvel universe as dr. strange. >> look, i invested in it very early on in the talks. the was a great pitch for this extraordinary universe. there was a lot to be excited
9:50 am
the ancient one, played by academy award winner tilda swinton. >> you wonder what i see in your future? possibility. >> you look through your filmography. >> i dream. i'm a big marvel fan, but i never thought they would call on . >> reporter: "dr. strange" is also a bit different from your typical comic book hero. >> we've seen incredible things. we've seen aliens, gods, and now we have magic. the possibilities are endless. just when you thought -- that frame is is a whole lot bigger. space for even more fun. >> reporter: mike wilbur, nbc
9:51 am
doughnut day? we have peace, love, and little doughnuts joining us next. >> and we're going to have a final look at that forecast.
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>> today is one of two national doughnut days celebrated by doughnut lovers across the nation. the first is -- it's the first friday in judge, and the other day that doughnuts are the star is today.
9:54 am
doughnuts is joining bus morning. so tell us -- i'm sitting here ogling these doughnuts, and i notice bacon on one of them. >> yeah. >> what kinds -- what are your best sell officers. >> so our best seller is -- actually there's a maple bacon. we have a samoa cookie. we have coffee cravings, birthday cakes. if it's your birthday, stop in for some doughnuts. >> what is your favorite? . >> mine is the coffee cake. it's this one there. >> bottom right. friday, june, and then today for national -- >> the first friday in june is the most popular obviously. might as well get two doughnuts. >> these are little, so they're guilt-free, right? . >> they are. >> where are you guys located? . >> we are in west park. camp corner. east rucker. if anyone wants to come by
9:55 am
get the doughnuts? i'm going to try and concentrate on doughnuts, but these doughnuts are calling my name now. let's break it down. quick look at that 7-day forecast. showing you temperatures today in the 60s. we'll call it mostly cloudy, not only today, but also tomorrow on your sunday fun day. by monday temps back in the mid- 60s. chance for some rain on election day. i'm voting for doughnuts. that's what i'm doing. >> can we write in "doughnuts" as the winn president. you guys didn't know, but you're gouge end up written in for president. >> i -- what is this one? that's coffee cravings. >> all right. this is coffee cravings. i'm not a huge coffee guy, but -- >> that's the rule. >> what is this one? is this -- >> you're going to eat all of them. >> i just want to give this a try real quick. >> all right. let's got you eating, stuffing your face on tv.
9:56 am
about. how is it? good. >> i would give you a high five if my hand wasn't so dirty, but this is great. >> thank you so much. happy national doughnut day. thank you so much for joining us this morning. michael would say good-bye, but
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. announcer: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that's educational and informational. the nmore you know on nbc. josh: today on the voyager, i spin some norwegian moves... yeah, i did it, huh? gunn: yeah. josh: to a traditional hardanger fiddle. you guys ready to rock out? [laughing] crafted wool garment. oh yeah, this is my kind of sweater. wow, it is super heavy, huh? e same way the fish was 500, 1,000 years ago. it s the same today. josh: that is so crazy. my name is josh garcia. ever since i was a kid i dreamt about traveling the world by ocean, immersing myself in new cultures and


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